Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Prediction Update

We all know that Tem predictions are generally very unreliable. Even things that are 50-50 I'll score way below 50% on even over numerous tries. So let's see how I am doing so far:

El Pad becomes a Patriots fan out of respect for Tom Brady
H gets a Tom Brady tat
Rev dies
Tyler moves out of CA
Meiz gets laid 3 times
Kod marries and divorces again without anyone here knowing
Beth watches This is Us and cries
Keith fights one of his kids' teachers
Blue moves out of CA
TP takes up fly fishing
Jug catches a raccoon and pisses on it

Seems like I nailed it with Meiz and Beth. Kod I think I got pretty damn close to reality. So far no good on all the other ones. So I'm giving myself 3/11 on this section which I think is solid. These aren't 50-50 items.

Warriors win NBA title
Cardinals win World Series
soccer team wins soccer title
WVU makes suite 16
UCONN wins girl's bball title
North Carolina wins men's bball title
Michigan vs tOSU decides the big 10 title
an NFL team finishes the regular season undefeated
no current UFC men's champ will be the champ at the end of the year except Johnson.
all current women's champs will be the champ at the end of the year except dutch lady.
Mr. T will not win Dancing with the Stars

I've done much better on this one. Warriors won the title, WVU made the sweet 16, North Carolina won the men's title and Mr. T did not win Dancing with the stars. The North Carolina call and WVU were good calls. Warriors was not a tough call. Missed the UConn women though which seemed like a gimmie at the time.

Cardinals winning the WS doesn't look good at the moment.

The UFC picks seem on target so far although Cormier got his title back via a dumb Jon Jones so that might end up costing me.

Rest of them are still up in the air. Except soccer team winning soccer title. Totally nailed that one.

On ones that have been determined I am 5/6 which is outstanding for me.

This could be a new era of good Tem predictions.

I hope the last commenter from the prior post likes this post as much as they did the last post.


Tyler said...

I look into housing markets in other states from time to time because California is expensive and we're either going to be nuked or destroyed by an earthquake fairly soon.

tem said...

If you move in 3 months I can count it as another win.

Keef said...

I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but the tem prediction was in prime form on election night last November. I was in Ohio for training that week, and I met tem at a bar on election night and he said something to the effect of "NFW Trump wins, if he does it will be the biggest surprise of my life after 9/11."

kod said...

Looks like I may have made the second round of auditions for Beat Shazam....or maybe I'm being scammed. I don't exactly remember submitting an application, but it sounds like something I'd do after several beers. That show is grate!! Either way, should be pretty cool!! Lined up a call with the "casting director" this week. Stay tuned....

JFreak said...

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