Tuesday, April 05, 2016

You guys suck!

Seriously, no new post in almost two months???  Leave it to a woman to have to do a man’s job for him/them…

Yeah, I got inspired to do a surprise post for LOV when I stopped by and saw how old the last post was and realized that you foolishly left me with posting access.  Of course since I’m doing the post that means I get to decide what it’s about, so today we are going to talk about periods, makeup, high heels and the Kardashians!

OK, maybe not.  Instead we are going to talk about GOLF.  (That’s why I stopped by LOV to start with, to see if you were talking about The Masters yet.)  In case y’all already forgot I grew up in Augusta and worked at “The Tournament” while in high school, and Masters’ week is still one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Instead of going with my initial idea of listing who I think are the hottest golfers, I decided to give you my rankings for my favorites for this week.  I could go all EP like and spend several paragraphs explaining each choice, but I’m instead doing the lazy (wo)man’s version and just listing my rankings of my favorites with a brief comment or two.  Most of this will obviously be based on how well they’ve been playing lately, but of course is also based partly on woman’s intuition. 

1) Jason Day – He’s won his last 2 starts and 6 of his past 13, including the 2015 PGA, and is # 1 in the world.  A clear favorite and obvious choice as the # 1 favorite this week.

2) Henrik Stenson – This is probably more intuition than based on facts, as even though he is playing very well of late (including placing 3rd and 2nd in his last two tournaments), he has never finished better than 14th in 10 trips to Augusta.  But foreigners always seem to dominate The Masters and I anticipate that he will continue that trend this year.

3) Rory McIlroy – Insanely talented and only needs The Masters for a career grand slam.  My only worry though is that he might want this one a little TOO much (see 2011 Masters final round…)

4) Adam Scott – Everyone thought he’d struggle when he had to switch away from the long putter but it seems like if anything his putting has gotten better.  He’s also been playing amazing so far this year with 2 wins and obviously knows what it takes to win this tournament.  (Spoiler alert, he’d also be right at the top of my hottest golfers list...)

5) Dustin Johnson – I consider this my riskiest pick.  He’s clearly got the talent, and seems to have put the (alleged) cocaine use behind him, but I worry that even if he starts out well he’ll choke yet again at some point.  He certainly has a history of that at the majors.  But I keep thinking that at some point he has to put it all together, and this could definitely be that week.  (Plus, any guy that goes home to Paulina Gretzky gets my respect.)

Conspicuously missing from my list is defending champion Jordan Spieth, but other than his first tournament of 2016 something just seems a little “off” with his game to me.   But then again he always seems to be able to really focus and put it together when the stage is big so he could easily still be in the hunt come Sunday.  A few other random names that I expect to do well this week are Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and Phil Mickleson. 

Finally, there’s the man I can never predict – Bubba Watson.  I’m still doing Yahoo Fantasy Golf and whenever I pick Bubba to do well he tanks, and whenever I avoid him he does well.  I see him as having an equal chance this week to win his third Masters as he does to miss the cut.

BONUS SLEEPER PICKS:  Danny Willett and Rafal Cabrera-Bello.

And since it appears likely that this post may remain as the most recent one for many months, I’ll go ahead and wish everyone a good Fourth of July!

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