Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Well that was awesome

It took me a while to come down from the euphoria of Sunday night.  As EP and H know, there's a whirlwind of emotion and activity. I will say this is the first time that a team that I root for has ever won a championship of any kind.  I could probably write for days on this, but I won't waste everyone else's time.  A few things I learnt this weekend though:

  • driving 64 in a 45 at 1:45 am is frowned upon by the Colorado State patrol
  • apparently robert deniro is only a comedy actor now.  pretty sad really, but he's good at it, and can play a great straight guy old man.
  • Straight outta compton is a great movie, but probably only if you were an NWA/gangsta rap fan.  reminded me how much I loved their music, and hard to believe that a couple of those guys became ginormously wealthy, not to mention Dre being a frickin billionaire now. Also gives some context to Dre's song "let me ride" off of his Chronic LP.
  • Coldplay is the worst ever.  I now understand why beyonce and bruno were added because without them, it's the worst halftime ever.  Not sure that Chris Martin even knew there was a football game going on.  Only thing worse would have been a combo of nickelback and creed.
  • I liked the fact they brought out all the Super Bowl™ MVPs.  Although at about #10, cmblue looked at me and said "there are 40 more of these".  It was awesome to hear the crowd erupt when TD and Elway were introduced.  I looked at my buddy and said "pretty good broncos crowd there, huh?"  It became even more evident when Tom Brady was booed, and the guy from the Seahawks was booed. 
  • I never got my hands on a ticket, but my dad went and reported on the awesomeness.
Now for my game observations:
  • Going in, I had a little bit of faith, only because all the talk was about how great the Panthers offense was, and Cam and etc.  And knowing the guys on the Broncos D, that wasn't going to sit well.  But I still didn't think the offense had enough firepower because of that really strong Panthers D.  If I  was a betting man, i'd have probably picked the Panthers, the number seemed a little high though.
  • When Von Miller crushed Cam and forced the fumble the scoop and score, I started to believe the Broncos had a shot.  
  • I've been a Von fan since his first days here, even when he was being a douche.  I was always so disappointed when he would just disappear in big games. Well that's gone
  • Von Miller is going to be the highest paid defensive player in football.
  • Peyton doesn't have it anymore. If he tries to come back next year, that's just stupid.
  • Panther's D was as good as advertised.  
  • I'm pretty biased, but the performance by the broncos pass rushers in this Super Bowl™ has to go up there as one of the best of all time. It wasn't just Von, demarcus ware was getting home, Cam was uncomfortable the whole game, and if you add the performance against brady in the AFC championship, i'll say without a doubt, that's the best 2 game performance by a pass rush defense in history.  (I  love hyperbole)
  • Cam not diving for his fumble is perplexing to me.  Perhaps he thought it should have been an incomplete pass, but at this time on this stage, how can you take that chance.  It looks more like, he was worried guys were going to roll up on his knees so he bounced back.  Now, i'm not going to blame him on this, a lot of people have ripped him up for it.  But i've seen plenty of QBs not throw themselves into a pile (including Peyton Manning) to try and recover a fumble.  Granted, never in the waning moments of the super bowl ™ 
  • And last, I don't have a problem with Cam getting upset in the press conference.  I know he could hear Chris Harris talking about how they destroyed the panthers offense, and it was distracting.  But that's not even the problem.  It takes me back to when I was senior in highschool.  We lost in the California state championship game to Bakersfield.  Immediately after the game we had to go into a press conference thing where we all sat up there and answered questions.  It was the dumbest thing ever, some guys handled it great, but I was pissed and didn't want to talk about it.  It was probably a bigger deal to me than this loss was to Cam though, because that was the end of my career.  So I had a better reason to be pissed. (s) Eventually, i got up and walked out too.  So I get it Cam, your actions get a pass from me, it's totally understandable, and basically just acting like a 17 year old highschool kid who just lost the state championship.
47 days until pitchers and catchers.  (don't quote me on that)

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Super picks


Over in fg 3.5
Panthers -14.5 +350 (in case there is a blowout)
MVP - Greg Olson +750
Thomas Davis +1500
CJ Anderson +1500
Aqib Talib +2500
Ted Ginn +2000

Denver's defense is great. So I've actually considered this for awhile. But Cam changes everything.  He's the flavored water mix in the commercial.  He can run.  He can pass. He can side step rushes.  He can audible. He can dab. I mean Denver has not faced something like this. Alex Smith?  Closest thing. They can't tee off on him because they actually run the ball. Him included. Think he has 10-12 rushing attempts.  Think Denver tries the spy for awhile. Don't think it works.

I see the game close until late third quarter.  Panthers pull away and send peyton into the broadcast Booth with a third super bowl loss.  Panthers -5.5 ..... 34-23.

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