Sunday, November 29, 2015


Oak -1 over TITANS
Just think Oakland is better.  Throw out the 1pm thing for now.  Going to Minny Soda was a rough one but the Vikings are good.  The Titans aren't any good.  Amari Cooper with a ya huge day.

Buf +5 over KC
The Chiefs at home are tough to go against, especially when they are playing well but Baffalo is a time that can put that crowd on their shoulder like a chip and surprise some people.  I like the Bills in an upset to win. 

INDY -3 over Tampa
Tampa has been surprising but I think the Colts may have found something finally.  What division is worse?  AFC South or NFC East?

Giants -2 over WASH
Skins can jump back in the race with a win here.  Lol.  But the Culliver injury on Thanksgiving has to sting the nostrils.  Imagine how it's Thanksgiving, can't wait to eat grammas yams and pies OH GOD I TORE MY KNEE APART!  Man that sucks.  Plus ELI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cousins and you all know this.

Saints +3 over TEXANS
Can honestly see the Texans winning but and it's a minor but, the fact that this is indoors on turf.....close to home (short flight) I think the Saints have a shot here.  Typically the Saints on the road west of the Mississippi on grass are just awful but the elements here favor them and they are better, not sure what Romeo Crennel was able to use to motivate that defense but they are playing a lot better.  Real test today. 

Minny +2.5 over FALCONS
Vikes bounce back, watched Green Bay shit the bed on Thursday helps motivate this team to rise up.  Falcons are trending downward.

St. Louis +9 over CINCY
9?  With Gurley and Aaron Donald on the other side?  This line is blasphemy.

JAX -4.5 over San Diego
Hello OVER46.5!  IF the Chargers can find a WR to dress that can actually play.  Poor Rivers.

NYJ -4 over Miami
I'm a -6 on the confident scale about this pick.  But I can't take Tannyhill in this spot.  Desperate team at home looking at today's game to spring them forward down the stretch. 

Az -9 over SF
Man what a mess left behind by poor management of this franchise.  You think Bill Parcells was easy to get along with?  You think Bob Ross didn't treat his production crew like shit?  I SAID YOU SHOOT THE PRETTY LITTLE TREES UNTIL YOU CAN'T STAND NO MORE SHITBAG!  Successful people are typically assholes.  It's ok, part of life.  Deal with it and shine the gold.  The hedgehog ain't a head coach man.  Cmon.  Shameful what happened in the bay.

Steelers +3.5 over HAWKS
Inconsistent defense/secondary facing a high powered offense.  What's the worst that can happen?  By the way when they are good they are called legion of boom, what about when they are bad? 

New England -2.5 over DEN
Would like to see Denver here knock them off just to hear a week's worth of sportstalk about manning / osweiller controversy but I don't see it.  It will be Brandon LaFell or Brandon Bolden or some jerk we never heard of.  It's the system guys, not the players.

BROWNS -3 over Ravens
No one cares. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving day picks

Happy thanksgiving, looking forward to some crazy football and lots of beer today.

Black Friday has lost its luster to me.  Maybe it's because I already have everything I want, but for the most part, the deals just seem stupid anymore.  I'm not going out at 6pm or 8pm tonight to get call of duty for $7 cheaper.  If you don't have a TV by now, you don't deserve one even if it's super cheap.

Last week was a much better week for me, I went 9-5 and moved my record up to 75-64-4.  EP did not have a good week going 3-10, but overall is still better winning percentage wise at 73-56-4.  I'm thankful that I now have more wins again, even if it took me 10 more games.

Eagles +2.5 vs Lions
I don't think the eagles are as bad as they looked last week, and I don't think the lions are that good either.  Lions used to have an advantage playing at home on Thanksgiving day, but now everybody plays on thursdays at some point during the week, so everybody had their thursday prep schedule.  Sanchez will look to atone for his last thanksgiving debacle, so I give them the best chance in winning this game.  They'll take this one 27-24.

Panthers +1 vs Cowboys
In what world is a 10-0 team the underdog against a 3-7 team.  That's just stupid.  I've seen a lot of people taking the cowboys this week, but that's because Romo is back, and they barely beat the dolphins last week.  Panthers have Cam, and a great defense.  Should win this one pretty easily 28-10.

Bears +8.5 vs Packers
Packers at night at home, is a very good play.  I don't think the Bears can win this game, but 8.5 is just too many points.  The Bears have played everyone tight lately, and I like what Cutler has going.  Not sure why Fox moved away from langford last week, but I think he has a big day.  Packers win by a FG 27-24.

Raiders (pick'em) vs Titans 
I'll take the raiders here for no reason other than I think they're due.  Titans are better than their record, but the raiders are the better team.  Should win this one pretty easily.  I like Derek Carr to throw 4 TDs and get the ship headed in the right direction.  Raiders win 34-27.

Bills +7 vs Chiefs
Bills only lost to the Pats by 7 in New England.  So the line setters think the Chiefs are as good as the pats, got it.  This is a stupid line.  The chiefs have been playing better, but against a bunch of shitty teams.  The bills get right and maybe they don't win, but they at least keep it close.   Hell I'll take the bills to win.  24-23.

Bucs +3 vs Colts
Bucs are playing really really well.  The colts should not have won last week, if it wasn't for Matt Ryan and the entire Falcons team imploding, the colts don't win.  Winston has started to really prove he was worth that first pick, and other than the fact you're always afraid he's going to make a big mistake, he's got some really good weapons around him.  Dirk Koetter has done a great job of setting him up for success.  Bucs win 31-24

Giants -2.5 vs Skins
G-men are better than the skins.  That's all i've got.  Giants 27-14.

Texans -3 vs Saints
This is probably wrong, Saints defense will probably be better with Dennis Allen calling the signals, although the raiders defense wasn't much to right home about when he was there.  Texans defense has been playing better, and I said I wouldn't pick the texans again this year, so there's that.  Texans win this one  38-21.

Vikings (pick'em) vs Falcons
I'm off the falcons forever I think.  The vikings are coming of an ass beating, and are a much better team than they showed last week.  They'll get back to feeding the machine, and playing good defense.  The falcons just find new ways to lose every week.  Vikings win 24-21.

Bengals -10 vs Rams
prayers for steadman bailey.  Feel bad for the dude, very lucky he isn't dead.  You can take the kid out of the ghetto, but whatever the rest of that goes.  At some point, you think these millionaires would learn they can't hang with the hood rats anymore.  but i digress, it's not his fault, nobody deserves to get shot in the head, except maybe Aaron Hernandez.    Bengals have been frustrated the last couple weeks, and should get back on track.  Throw it to AJ green when in doubt.  Rams are a mess, and they let their QB finish the game last week when he couldn't even stand up.  Bengals win big at home 42-20.

Jaguars -4 vs Chargers
Chargers are too one dimensional right now.  Jags are playing really well lately.  This one is probably wrong too, but early game, eastern time zone wins out over the jags maybe not being the better team.  Jags win 31-20.

Jets -3 vs Dolphins
Jets have been a huge disappointment the last few weeks.  I don't have a strong feeling either way about this game, so i'll take the home team and lay the points.  Jets win 24-20

Cardinals -11.5 vs 49ers
Cardinals are probably the most impressive team in the NFC right now.  49ers are still starting Blaine Gabbert right?  2 TD win for the cards here, 28-14

Seahawks -3.5 vs Steelers
This is a pretty close game.  rematch of a superbowl.  Seahawks need this game more than the steelers do.  I think home field makes the difference here, it may be a closer game but I think the seahawks win anyway, 24-20.

Patriots -2.5 vs Broncos
I wish this wasn't the case, but I don't trust Osweiler to beat Brady and Belichick.  A normal team, i'd say couldn't overcome losing Edelman, Lewis, and possibly Amendola, but Brady and the pats are not a normal team.  Seems like this game is always in New England, so since its in Denver, the crowd should be raucous.  Pats defense is better than the Bears was last week, and Brady gets rid of the ball quick enough to neutralize the broncos pass rush.  I'll take the Pats 24-20.

Browns -3 vs Ravens
Ravens without flacco and forsett, really?  Browns have won games with McCown, and probably have more talent on offense than the ravens.  The Johnny football era has ended, and so has the Mike Pettine era in cleveland.  I'll take the browns to win big-ish, 28-10.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Amazing how Black Friday as evolved.  From an innocent way to categorize an especially profitable day in retail to running ridiculous sales a full week before Thanksgiving.  America is the best and the worst at the same time.

Singles Day in China is bigger by the way.

Fucking China

Are there any players in the NFL you miss?   I was thinking with Peyton on his way out, I'm going to miss watching him.  Started to think of other players I miss.  Steve McNair.  Tough dude.  I miss Warren Moon going back to my adolescent days watching with my Dad and Pop Pop.  Randal Cunningham even when he was killing my gmen.  Miss Mike Alstott because he was a wrecking ball.  Miss Easy Ed McCaffery.  Joy watching his son running in Stanford.  Miss Barry.  You know there was only one Barry.  Speaking of the Lions miss the Wayne Fontes firing clock, will they pull it out on Turkey day and save his job?  Enjoyed Willie Roaf Beef!  I can go on and on.

Big boxing match this weekend.

Props to Frank Beamer coaching his last game in Blacksburg this weekend.  Great leader.

I think Brian Windhorst smells like cold cuts.

Oak even over DET
We'll see if the Raiders are for real.  If they can't go on the road and beat the Lions then they are mediocre and not a playoff contender.

Colts +5 over ATL
If Atlanta had a pass rush I'd take them but I think because they don't it doesn't matter how old and not mobile Hassy is.  They keep it close.

Jets -3 over HOU
The Jets have matchups all over the place.  They should beat Houston pretty good.  That d line should be able to dominate up front and I'm sure Bowles will make it rain blitzes.

PHILLY -5.5 over Bucs
I thin Sanchez runs that offense better than Bradtard.

Denver even over BEARS
Cutty has been lights out.  No Ware but I think the Broncos have enough defense to really give that offensive line problems.  And I like Osweiller.  Think he'll be fine and I think they'll be able to open up the playbook a bit and call a more aggressive game.  There are throws Peyton just can't make anymore.

St Loo +2 over RAVENS
Baltimore got robbed but put themselves in that position with what I've been saying all year.  Horrendous secondary.  Once the Rams get their playmakers going the Flacco's won't be able to keep up.

Dallas even over MIAMI
Romo makes all the difference in the world.  Boys get off the schneid.

Skins +8.5 over CAR
The later it gets, the tougher it gets.  Margins become less and less.  Give me those points.  If Kirk Cousins scores and does that Cam dance, the internet will fall apart.

SD +3 over Chiefs
I'm zagging because everyone else is zigging.  Apparentely KC is bout to go on a run straight to a division playoff game because they have an easy schedule and they have been playing well as of late.  One more tidbit, retiring of Tomlinson's jersey at halftime. 

MIN even over Green Bay
Game of the week.  The Packers are really struggling, getting nothing from the RB position leaving it all on Rodgers.  WR's can't seem to get open consistently and the defense is on the field way too long.  Meanwhile Peterson is hitting his stride and that defense is big and nasty.  Changing of the guard.  I believe in purple.  Hope Kodiac130 is watching.

San Fran +13.5 over SEATTLE
It's like the handicappers WANT Seattle to be the Seattle of old at home.  They have been putrid at home.  Wildly inconsistent on defense and even more inconsistent on offense.  That offensive line is a problem.  I don't know how the Niners are going to score points but I think the spread is too high.  Would lay 8-10. 

ARI -4.5 over Bengals
The first flex of the season!  Remember when Carson Palmer quit on the Bengals?  That was fun.  I think the Cardinals secondary might be the best in football.  NS. The Red BB gun is going to struggle.

Buf 8.5 over NE
You think Amendola is a little pissed EVERYONE including Brady is all like well you can't replace a Julian Edelman.  He basically runs the same routes as Edelman.  If you didn't give them a name or number they would look like the same WR.  Maybe Edelman is quicker.  Anyway Rex has one less thing to worry about so he can maybe try and for real cover Gronk.  See what happens from there.  Problem is the Bills need to find out a way to score points.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

woody the wood picks

I went 5-9 last week and I'm now 66-59-4.  don't listen to me anymore.  EP went 9-4,and is 70-46-4 listen to him.

Craziness all around. The stuff going on in Paris, heightened security at all sporting events, people are blowing up planes again.  People are threatening to blow up planes again.  The Lions are winning in Wisconsin. Tiger is coaching the Ryder cup.  and his blood is giving HIV to Charlie Sheen. Just a great time to be alive.  I'm probably in the minority here, but I think this is a case where genocide is actually justified.  It worked with the nazis (i think), so lets just wipe those fuckers completely off the planet.  Be done with it.  (not the packers and the lions, but i'm ok with all the others)

Also the NY attorney general sent me an email and asked me to cease and desist on DFS advise*.  Other than Langford, most of my advise* was awful anyway.

Jaguars -2.5 vs Titans
I like Blake Bortles.  I like Marcus Mariota.  This could be the best division in football in two years. If the Jags win, and the Colts and Texans lose (both likely), the Jags would suddenly be in 1st place. This is my sneaky favorite team to watch on Sunday's weird. Anyway, I think the Jags are the better team here, this will probably be a shootout, and i'll take the home team.  38-35

Broncos pickem vs Bears 
The Brock Osweiler era begins in Chicago, against John Fox and Adam Gase, and Jay Cutler.  I'm in the "I think he'll be OK" camp for Brock.  He's probably better than most backups.  Worst case scenario, he keeps it close.  They'll run the ball, the defense for the Bears isn't very good, so a good place to get your first start.  I've changed my answer on this one about 4 times now, so i'm going with the team that has the better defense.  In the end, I think the D gets it done.  I mean if Tebow can win games in the NFL, then Osweiler should be able to, right?  Broncos 17-10.

Raiders -1 vs Lions
Raiders are weird, they're good, and they're bad.  The Lions didn't look great against the Packers, but the packers looked awful.  So i'm going with the Raiders here.  I'm hoping the Raiders get back to running the ball, and using Amari Cooper.  I think they have enough this week though, 28-21.

Falcons -5.5 vs Colts
Colts will probably win this game because I can't pick anything right.  The falcons have been awful the last 4 weeks, the Colts had their biggest win of the season, and then a bye.  I like Hasselbeck, but he's like 43 years old.  I think the falcons figure it out 27-20

Jets (off) vs Texans
I doubt Hoyer is going to play, i don't pick the texans in any game anymore, which maybe burns me, but I hate them.  Your trash talk game is very weak, JJ Watt.  The jets have had a couple of bad performances in a row since playing the Pats pretty tough.  It's time they get back to running the rock and blastin fools.  And throw it to Brandon Marshall more #fantasyreasons.  Jets win in a low scoring affair.  15-12 (all field goals).

Eagles -5.5 vs bucs
I like Winston, he's got some moxie.  But it's tough for a young kid to win on the road, especially in philly.  Bradford probably won't play, but I think Sanchez is a very capable backup, and he's been in the system a while now.  Eagles will run the ball, Ryan Mathews actually is the better running back here, but they paid so much for Murray that Chip will keep forcing him the rock.  I think the eagles win this one going away.  31-17.

Rams +1 vs Ravens
Rams huh? Got your asses handed to you at home last week.  Now we're going to start Case Keenum.  Who wasn't awful when playing for the Texans in the past. The Ravens just don't have anything offensively or defensively.  They have a lot of pride, but I think that Gurley runs all over them, and Keenum does enough to win the game for the Rams, and that solid D-line.  Rams win 21-17

Cowboys pickem vs Dolphins
I guess Romo is coming back.  He'll make a difference for this team, he's gotta be better than Cassel or Weeden right?  Doesn't he have the worst directv commercials of all of them.  I mean, his aren't even funny.  Cowboys season is probably over already anyway, and the Dolphins will be after this game.  The fish just don't have it.  Cowboys win 24-23

Panthers -8.5 vs Redskins
Kirk Cousins won't have a perfect QB rating this week, guaranteed.  So you go from playing 7 on 7 to playing a panthers team that you can't complete a pass against.  Cousins will throw a couple of picks, and he always loses when that happens.  Panthers are sneaky good.  Their offense is under the radar, their defense is stout, their dancing is on point.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they could be in the NFC championship game.  Panthers win by scoring 4 tds, a FG and a safety and a 2 point conversion, 34-17

Chargers +3 vs Chiefs
I'm probably smoking crack here.  But the chiefs are feeling to good about themselves after beating the Broncos.  The Chargers are coming off a bye, and gotta be feeling the heat.  This is one of those games where I pick whoever is home, and that's the chargers.  31-28

Packers pickem vs Vikings
I sure won't be giving any points for the Pack.  It's gotten embarrassing there.  But their backs are up against the wall now, do you really think A-rodg is going to lose 4 in a row?  Me neither.  The vikings are due for a letdown.  Packers 26-17

Seahawks -13.5 vs 49ers
This is probably too many points, but I saw the Seahawks dismantle this team a couple of weeks ago.  Now they're at home, with their playoff lives hanging in the balance.  And Blaine Gabbert maybe for one week, but not on the road against a usually top notch defense. Last week was more about the cardinals than the seahawks, so i'm taking the home team here in a lot.  24-10.

Bengals +5 vs Cardinals
I probably would have picked this game differently had the cardinals lost and the bengals won last week.  Texans just seem to have Andy Dalton's number.  Bengals are too good to be getting 5 points. Too much talent on that team.  I'm not sure who is going to win, so I won't make a prediction, but i'll take the points.

Patriots -7.5 vs Bills
If this was a stupid line, i'd take the bills, but the Pats are really good at home.  And now they have a week to adjust to the Edelman injury.  I still think the OBJ catch in the endzone was a catch.  They need to just change the rule to say anybody who exhibits control over the football with 2 feet down, it's a catch.  Who cares if you take it to the ground, or if somebody strips you, or you have to make a football move, or any of that shit, just catch it, and it's a catch.  That has nothing to do with this game, but the Giants have a bye and I needed somewhere to bitch about it.  Bills aren't good enough to hang with the Pats this year.  34-20.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Det +12 over GREEN BAY
Just too many points

Dal +1 over TB
Dallas's D has been losing these games not shitty back up QB's.

Car -4 over TITANS
Tennessee had the mojo last weekend.  Carolina don't need mojo.

STL -7.5 over Bears
Chicago hangs around but the Rams defense is scary and I bet they like their reputation.

SKINS @ pick em over Saints
I got nothing here.

Miami +7.5 over PHI
Like Lamar Miller being the offense for Miami, Bradford still doesn't look comfortable in this offense

PIT -5.5 over Browns
Don't matter if Big Ben out, Steelers D is playing really well and ranked in top ten.

Jax +4 over BAL
The Jags can spin the rock.  Baltimore's secondary is Jarlsberg.

OAK -2.5 over Vikes
Great game.  Two young up and coming squads.  Like the home team in evenly matched teams when it involves a time zone or two.

NYG +9 over Pats
Either the Gmen find a pass rush with smoke and mirrors or this is a rout.  My heart says they stay close.

DENVER -4.5 over Chiefs
Peyton rebounds, KC is all but done

AZ +2.5 over Hawks
Did Seattle get a new offensive line during the bye?  If not Arizona is better.

Hou +12.5 over BENGALS
Each win will be by less and less.  Winning =  Pressure...... Houston stinks but this is a mess of points.  Hoyer stable and I bet they fixed a thing or two on the defensive side.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

nose picking

Obviously I'm not very good at this picking stuff anymore.  Two straight weeks with losing records.  Maybe I try and get too cute.  Maybe I don't know anything about football.  Maybe Paulie will let me keep my knees after this week.

Apparently daily fantasy is now illegal in New York, so if you are in New York, don't take any of this advise* and use it in any illegal gambling rings.  I'm not paid for these opinions (nobody would pay me, i tried) so FBI please leave LOV alone.

Unbelievable that i'm now worse in picks than EP.  I'm slipping

Unbelievable that the Broncos imploded twice with stupid penalties in the final minute of a game they could have/should have won.

Unbelievable that the Packers have been stomped two weeks in a row....R-E-L-A-X

Unbelievable that the sponsors for the cowboys haven't put pressure on them, like the ones did last year with the Vikings

On to the picks.  Last week I was 5-8, and overall record for me is 61-50-5 (.549)...keeping Paulie at bay for another week.  EP went 8-4 and after a couple of strong weeks is now 61-42-4 (.592), listen to his picks if you're going to illegally gamble at DraftKings or FanDuel in New York, not mine, i'm no good and not paid for this info or endorse gambling at all.

JETS -2.5 v Bills
This one could go anywhere.  I think that Rex typically gets his ass kicked when he starts running his mouth and doing stupid things, so that's why I pick the Jets, plus they're at home.  And the bills are a little banged up, and Revis OWNS Sammy Watkins.  Jets offense is a stinkfest right now, Bilal Powell might be your DFS play this week in this game, or Karlos Williams on the cheap.   Jets win 24-20

Packers -13 v Lions
How about a get right game for the pack?  How come the only team that fired a coach and hasn't seen improvement is the Lions?  Everyone else played better for at least a week.  Maybe with the bye last week, Jim Bob has created some new coolness.  DFS play here is Jimmy Starks, he's taken over the lead role for the packers, Lacy is hurt, and they should be ahead by 3 TDs by the middle of the 2nd quarter and can just run it the entire 2nd half.  Plus the lions run defense blows.  Pack win this one going away 35-13.

Bucs -1 v Cowboys
Not many games this year where the Bucs have been favored.  Not many games this year where the Bucs have the edge at QB.  My DFS play here is run DMC, if he's cheap enough.  Since taking over the starting spot, he's averaging 111 yards rushing per game, plus he's good for a few catches as well.  Jameis Winston might not be a bad DFS play either, he's quietly not thrown an interception in 4 straight games, and he hasn't raped anyone, stolen any crablegs, or yelled cunt in public all season, so that's a win.  I'm taking the bucs here 35-31.

Panthers -5.5 v Titans
Titans had their fun last week.  Panthers defense is about a google times better than the Saints though.  Google is a number, look it up, although i think it's spelt googol or something, but we're not about spelling here, just learnin. DFS pick here is Panthers defense.  Might be spendy, but they're gonna have a return or defensive TD this week.  Count on it, put it in stone.  Panthers should win easily and move to 9-0, bye* the score of 31-17.

Bears +7.5 v Rams
Rams defense is tough at home.  And they have Jim Brown as their running back.  he'd be a good DFS pick, but I can't find Jim Brown in the rosters, so whatever.  Bears have kept every game close.  Cutler doesn't look lost too much, sometimes, but not too much.  He makes sure and throw picks and bad decisions early so they can still catchup later in the game.  DFS pick here is Jeremy Langford (not sure if any of that name is right), but he looked great against a crappy chargers team, and I bet he's cheap.  If this rams pass rush gets going, you'll see a lot of dump off and screens to langford, and he probably marks the end of Matt Forte in Chicago.  he's getting wally pipped.  Rams probably win, but not by a lot, Rams 24-21.  (this is one where I get too cute and think i'm so smart, you should probably pick the other way)

Saints (pick'em) v Redskins
I'll take the team with the better QB because this is going to be a shootout.  I'm probably wrong on this one.  DFS says to pick Willie Snead, but he's too popular, Ben Watson is a good choice here.  The Saints have been using the TE, and figuring out how to live without Jimmy Graham.  Both defenses suck, and Drew Brees seems to have gotten some of his mojo back, so we shall see.  Saints win 42-41.

Dolphins (+7) v Eagles
I don't think the eagles have only won two games by 7 points or more (giants and saints and cowboys) editor's note: that's three.  blue's note: I said I don't think they've only won 2 games, so I was right.  Anyway, Dolphins front 7 will demolish the shitty blocking schemes that the eagles have going for them.  Not sure that the fish* have enough to win this game, but shouldn't be 7 point dogs.  DFS sneaky pick here is Ryan Mathews.  It's a gamble, I know, but then that's why it's illegal in New York.  Dolphins keep it close and win on a hail mary by tannehill to Mike Wallace, 35-31.  (I know mike wallace isn't on the team anymore, just replace that name with jarvis landry)

Browns +4.5 v Steelers
I've now picked 4 straight road teams, all unfavored.  This is why I suck.  I can't reasonably pick Landry Jones, and Deangelo Williams.  I just can't.  Even if they make me use Johnny Football this week, I just can't pick the steelers to win.  It's not possible.  Steelers are goodish at home.  Antonio Bryant is unhuman, not like a zombie, but like an alien.  are zombies considered human?  I mean maybe, but there could be zombie other species too right?  anyway.  DFS pick here is nobody, because this game licks balls.  If you're using somebody from this game it should only be Barnidge, and only if McCown is playing.  Browns win 41-10 (does the score really matter?)

Ravens -5.5 v Jaguars
Ravens coming out of the bye, they're about to reel off 8 straight wins and make the playoffs at 10-6, move on and win the superbowl.  book your tickets to Santa Clara now Flacco.  From a DFS perspective, I like Blake Bortles.  The guy puts up numbers.  Especially if you can get in a league where you don't get negative points for turnovers.  But he runs for more yards than you'd expect and throws for a lot and for TDs.  He's maybe a top 5 fantasy QB this year...i don't know, but it sounds good.  Ravens run the ball, control the clock, and start their 8 game streak here.  42-35

Raiders -3 v Vikings
Consider me a believer in the Raiders.  I'm not a believer in the Vikings.  I'm probably wrong on both accounts, but damn if the raiders haven't been impressive, maybe it's just that they're impressive because everyone thought they would suck, i don't know.  Is teddy ballgame playing?  Dude got knocked out cold, if the concussion protocol allows for him to play this week, well he should just apply for his payment from the NFL's class action lawsuit.  DFS play, if teddy ballgame plays, then lets got with Stefon Diggs.  If he doesn't, you can't go wrong with Michael Crabtree.  Teams are rolling coverages like crazy to try and contain Amari Cooper, and leaving the crabapple open a lot.  Old man still has a little left in the tank.

Patriots -8.5 v Giants
This game, I swear.  I want to pick the Giant so badly.  So so badly, but I can't.  There just isn't a reason other than "eli owns tom brady" or something to that effect.  "coughlin eats belichik's lunch" or some other stupid thing that doesn't make any sense.  Pats are gigantic, enormous chips on their shoulder for this game.  They won't sleep through this one, no way.  DFS play is probably LG Blount, but only because i'm going to sit him this week.  Dion Lewis gone for the season means LG gets a few more looks, but if the Pats determine it's a passing week (and why wouldn't you, did you see what Drew Brees did), then LG is maybe a 32 yards rushing guy.  I mean you could go OBJ or Gronk, but what fun is that, anyone can pick those guys.  In the end the pats have too much here.  49-7.

Broncos -5.5 v Chiefs
Chiefs coming off a bye after their trip to London.  Broncos coming off a stinkfest in Indy where they did everything possible to shoot themselves in the eye.  Broncos are the better team, Manning will break a couple of records for the home crowd this week, as opposed to the home crowd last week.  Broncos defense will be pissed, and the chefs still have Alex Smith, and no Jamaal Charles.  DFS pick here is Travis Kelce maybe.  I don't know, all the options in this game suck.  Broncos win 39-21

Cardinals +3 v Seahawks
Can't believe the seahawks are favored here.  Cardinals won in Seattle last year.  That might not be right, but i'm not looking it up.  They're the better team, the faster team.  The stronger team, the better team.  DFS Chris Johnson.  I'm running out of steam.  Cards win 31-17

Bengals -12 v Texans
Outside of the Patriots, most impressive team i've seen all year.  Also said I wasn't picking the Texans for the rest of the year.  I think this is the week Jeremy Hill gets it going, and rushes for about 150 yards, making him my DFS pick.  Bengals win in a blowout on Monday night, in all orange, or all black, or whatever they wear.  45-14.

On a side note, i've never played daily fantasy and have no idea how it works, so with all recommendations, it's buyer beware, almost like it's gambling (which is illegal in New York).

Friday, November 06, 2015


I like to dunk my kids leftover chicken nuggets in siracha.

and drink beers with that.

bought a BJ's sized bag of Pierogies and have been crushing them

pretty soon I wont be able to ride a motorbike

CAR +3 over Green Bay
I went back and forth on this but ultimately being underdogs at 7-0 is the chipiest chip on the Panthers shoulders who already had a thousand chips on them.  Does that make any sense?  Maybe not but I am legend.  Green Bay is not getting open.  Give home dog getting disrespected with a good defense any day of the week.

NE -15 over Wash
This is the part of the program where the Pats just whitewash everyone.

Ten +9 over SAINTS
New coach mojo.  Extremely bitter on line #2 for Matt Leinart! 

BUFF -2.5 over Miami
This usually plays out to the home and away series split.  Buffalo is home and gets some T-Mobile juice back.  I am worried Rex is looking ahead to Thursday night but think the crowd is that much of an advantage.  Even with Miami's time to prepare.

MINNY -1.5 over Rams
They are billing this as the Old AP vs. the New AP.  I wonder if Gurley knocks his kid around with tree branches?  Norv surprises everyone and leans on the Teddy to get it done.  Tem mentioned Whizzinator being one of those over his head coaches, like he's a great coordinator but not a good HC.  Agree, hundreds like this. I put Norv in that boat.  He's a hell of a play caller.

Jax +9 over JETS
NYJ shouldn't be giving any team that many points.  Especially after just getting smoked.

PIT -4 over Oak
Too young the Raiders to go on the road and get that 1pm victory.  The Steelers defense is coming around and they know how to play without Bell already.

Giants -2.5 over TAMPA
Think the defense bounces back, maybe get a lift from Jason Pierre Claw.  Also I sense the offense is hot, I called it last week.  I think it continues.  Even without Cruz

SF +7.5 over Falcons
Atlanta sucks.  Fuck them.  Fools gold ass niggas.

Manning -5 over COLTS
When is Chuckstrong getting canned?!!!!  With a record to break in front of the team he carried for years this is such an easy call here.  Throw in the fact the Denver D will harass Luck into more shitty decisions I don't think there is a chance in hell Denver doesn't win by at least a TD

DALLAS -3 over Eagles
I think it ends here.  Sadly.  Might as well be vs. Eagles though.  Keep this division shitty boys.  Cassel third week, defense is coming together a bit and Dez fully participating.  I think they should run some wildcat too with DMC.

CHARGERS -4 over Bears
Jeez what a shitty game.  Gruden will slob hard over Rivers.  No Keenan Allen which destroyed my fantasy team. 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

blue's picks a pack of pickled peppers picks

This west coast thing gets me everytime.  By the time I get to work, it's like lunchtime on the least coast.  Also sports are usually over before prime time shows come on here, which is alright by me.

On to the picks...I finally got a thursday night game right, then proceeded to vomit all over the rest of my picks.  I finished the week at 5-7-2, where as EP was 7-4-1, so i'm a little bit angry over here.  I'm now 56-42-5 (.571), still in the money, but not nearly as good as I used to be.  EP is 53-38-4 (.582), so he's ahead of me by percentage points.  But not hockey points, I would be winning in hockey.

Browns +11 vs Bengals
Another Thursday night game i'll get wrong probably.  Never know with Johnny football..divisional foes. I thought i heard somewhere that the Browns have actually won 3 of the last 5 games against the Bengals.  That may or may not be true.  Bottom line, too many points for a team that only scored 16 total last week against a very average Steelers defense. Browns have been close in pretty much every game, that may be a lie, I don't know.  I'm taking the Browns to cover, but Bengals to win 24-17.

Packers -2.5 vs Panthers
This is a tough game to pick.  Panthers were lucky to pull out the win after just about choking it away to the Colts.  I still think the Panthers are a great defense, and then all smoke and mirrors on offense.  The Pack got humiliated on national TV, and are again, a road favorite to an undefeated team.  I think the Packers play pissed off this week, and win a game that could be pivotal into who gets home field throughout the playoffs.  If they lose this game, no chance they'll have home field all the way through.  I'm taking the packers here, in a close one, 24-21.

Redskins +15 vs Patriots
15 seems like a lot of points.  The redskins get paid too.  I'll probably regret this one on Monday, but I think they can keep it closer than 2 TDs.  Pats defense isn't really that good.  Pats will win 34-20.

Titans +9.5 vs Saints
Went back and forth on this one.  Not sure firing Whisenhunt was the right move, but I don't know what goes on in Tennessee.  I mean, sure he's lost a lot of games, but he had Zach Mettenberger for 8 of those games, is that a fair assessment?  Anyway, this line is too high because of the shootout that the saints had last week.  Drew Brees is back, right?  Or maybe the Giants just suck. Mariota should be back, the titans will run the ball this week, and then throw it too. They'll use that new coach mojo to at least keep it close, probably lose. Saints win 34-30 because they are at home.

 Bills -3 vs Dolphins
This one I don't know.  I want to take the dolphins because the bills are only 1-3 at home, and haven't looked good in weeks.  But they have Tyrod Taylor back, and all their weapons on offense are back.  Dolphins got smashed by the Pats last week, and are a good enough team.  This is an elimination game...the loser has no shot at the playoffs, and I think the dolphins when they get behind, have no chance.  I'm taking the Bills here 24-20.

Familia just blew another save

Rams +2.5 vs Vikings
Is it just me, or does Teddy Bridgewater wear the biggest gloves in the world?  I know he has small hands, or at least that's what they said at the combine, so I get wearing a glove for better grip.  But Peyton Manning wears a glove, and it's like a Neoprene reciever type glove.  Bridgewater's glove looks like a ski glove, big and bulky and white. Maybe it's just me...I'm taking the new ADP (Todd Gurley) in this game over the old ADP.  Rams will run the ball and play good defense.  These are two extremely similar teams, but I think the Rams D is just a little bit better.  Rams win a close one 24-23.

Jets (no line) vs Jaguars
I'm guessing there isn't a line yet because nobody is sure who the JETS QB is going to be.  Either way, they've lost 2 straight and are ready to get some ass kicking going.  They get to play another young up and coming QB this week, but it was the running game that killed them against the Raiders.  Jets acted like they could just show up last week and win the game.   Bortles has gotten a lot better, but the JETS secondary will be too tough.   I'm taking the Jets here in a shootout 38-31

Steelers -4.5 vs Raiders
Raiders have been really good the last few weeks.  If the playoffs started today (thank god they don't) the Raiders would be the 5 seed in the AFC playoffs.  The Steelers backs are against the wall right now on the outside looking in, and they lost their stud.  But De'Angelo Williams was good enough in the first two weeks for them, he should be a good replacement for Leveon Bell, and having Ben Roethlisberger back helps a ton too.  Would not shock me if the Raiders went into Heinz field and won the game, but i'm taking the Steelers here 31-24.

Bucs +2.5 vs Giants
Sorry Tem.  The buccaneers have slowly been getting better.  If you take away the monumental collapse against the redskins, they'd actually have a winning record.  Apparently Jameis hasn't turned it over the last couple of weeks.  Doug Martin is looking like a superstar again.  The Giants are an enigma.  I can't trust them at this point.  They haven't been good on the road, their defense is awful, and they don't have a running game.  By the way, hey saints, you do know that Odell Beckham is on the giants right?  It seems like they forgot he was on the team, so they didn't cover him in the redzone at all last week.  cost my fantasy team a win, stupid fucking saints.  #fantasyreasons  I'll take the Bucs to win outright at home 31-28.

Falcons -7.5 vs 49ers
What a mess.  Blaine Gabbert is your solution?  Falcons haven't looked good the last 4 weeks, but this is a get right game against a team in utter turmoil.  I doubt Tomsula gets fired this year, but he should.  Never should have been their head coach to begin with.  Didn't they just give Kaepernick a big contract?  This is an organization in total disarray.  (spell check tried to change disarray to dispensary, not even close spell check).  I'm taking the team with an actual NFL quarterback playing this weekend.  Rams in a blowout 34-10.

This just in, the royals scored again

Colts +5.5 vs Broncos
Ok, this might be a reverse jinx game.  I see it as a trap game for the Broncos though.  The Colts are reeling and absolutely need a win.  Broncos are riding high.  They have lost their last 5 in Indianapolis.  Two things in the broncos favor in this game though, a) they still remember getting their asses handed to them in the playoffs by the Colts last year and b) that defense should get after Andrew Luck, and he's hurt and hasn't been good against pressure (see buffalo game, week 1).  I think the Broncos win this game, but the colts make a late 4th quarter charge to make it interesting.  Side note: Manning can break Favre's all-time passing yards record, and all-time wins record this week.  If he breaks those records, i'd imagine the fans in Indy giving him a standing ovation.  They should, he's a colt for life. He didn't choose to leave, they kicked his ass to the curb.  Broncos win this game 24-20.

Eagles -2.5 vs Cowboys
Matt Cassel, need I say more?

Chargers -4 vs Bears
Both these teams are better than their records.  Bears won't have Forte, which is a huge deal for them.  Puts all the pressure on Cutler and I don't like that.  If Forte were healthy, i'd take the Bears in this game.  I think the Chargers players have been affected by the talk about moving to LA.  I don't think they want to move to LA, LA sucks.  I think it's been a distraction all year, even if they say it isn't.  Phylis Rivers' wife just had their 9th kid.  seriously.  They now have a large enough family to put together a full offense.  I can't imagine having 9 kids, even if I was a millionaire, it sounds awful, and I love kids.  Anyway, i digress.  Chargers win this game 34-24.

Go Royals

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Quick Picks

Not picking the London game, just missed it. 

ATL -7.5 over Bucs
Buccos banged up and not real good to begin with.

CLE +6 over Az
West coast team coming in on daylight savings weekend, Browns are excellent ATS this year, especially at home.

ST LOO -8 over Niners
That front doe*.  Kappy gonna be on the run.

Giants +3 over SAINTS
Home for Eli, OBJ and Randle.  I think they finally explode.  Also a guy named Orleans will get 10-12 touches.  Kid is explosive.

Minny -1 over BEARS
Norv found him a new weapon in Diggs.

San Diego +3.5 over BALT
Chargers usually are dog shit travelling east but the secondary of Baltimore should be exploited by Rivers who is on a sick pace stat wise.

Cincy +1 over STEELERS
Is ben 100?  I'm hearing rain.

Ten +3.5 over HOU
Texans are dog shit, O'Brien and Smith should be gone.

OAK +3 over Nyj
Raiders are streaking here

Seattle -4.5 over DALLAS
cmon son  How does Dallas win this game?

DENVER +2.5 over Green Bay
Bye week did wonders for Peytons health.

Indy +6.5 over CAR
Indy to cover, Panthers move to 7-0

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino