Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving day picks

Happy thanksgiving, looking forward to some crazy football and lots of beer today.

Black Friday has lost its luster to me.  Maybe it's because I already have everything I want, but for the most part, the deals just seem stupid anymore.  I'm not going out at 6pm or 8pm tonight to get call of duty for $7 cheaper.  If you don't have a TV by now, you don't deserve one even if it's super cheap.

Last week was a much better week for me, I went 9-5 and moved my record up to 75-64-4.  EP did not have a good week going 3-10, but overall is still better winning percentage wise at 73-56-4.  I'm thankful that I now have more wins again, even if it took me 10 more games.

Eagles +2.5 vs Lions
I don't think the eagles are as bad as they looked last week, and I don't think the lions are that good either.  Lions used to have an advantage playing at home on Thanksgiving day, but now everybody plays on thursdays at some point during the week, so everybody had their thursday prep schedule.  Sanchez will look to atone for his last thanksgiving debacle, so I give them the best chance in winning this game.  They'll take this one 27-24.

Panthers +1 vs Cowboys
In what world is a 10-0 team the underdog against a 3-7 team.  That's just stupid.  I've seen a lot of people taking the cowboys this week, but that's because Romo is back, and they barely beat the dolphins last week.  Panthers have Cam, and a great defense.  Should win this one pretty easily 28-10.

Bears +8.5 vs Packers
Packers at night at home, is a very good play.  I don't think the Bears can win this game, but 8.5 is just too many points.  The Bears have played everyone tight lately, and I like what Cutler has going.  Not sure why Fox moved away from langford last week, but I think he has a big day.  Packers win by a FG 27-24.

Raiders (pick'em) vs Titans 
I'll take the raiders here for no reason other than I think they're due.  Titans are better than their record, but the raiders are the better team.  Should win this one pretty easily.  I like Derek Carr to throw 4 TDs and get the ship headed in the right direction.  Raiders win 34-27.

Bills +7 vs Chiefs
Bills only lost to the Pats by 7 in New England.  So the line setters think the Chiefs are as good as the pats, got it.  This is a stupid line.  The chiefs have been playing better, but against a bunch of shitty teams.  The bills get right and maybe they don't win, but they at least keep it close.   Hell I'll take the bills to win.  24-23.

Bucs +3 vs Colts
Bucs are playing really really well.  The colts should not have won last week, if it wasn't for Matt Ryan and the entire Falcons team imploding, the colts don't win.  Winston has started to really prove he was worth that first pick, and other than the fact you're always afraid he's going to make a big mistake, he's got some really good weapons around him.  Dirk Koetter has done a great job of setting him up for success.  Bucs win 31-24

Giants -2.5 vs Skins
G-men are better than the skins.  That's all i've got.  Giants 27-14.

Texans -3 vs Saints
This is probably wrong, Saints defense will probably be better with Dennis Allen calling the signals, although the raiders defense wasn't much to right home about when he was there.  Texans defense has been playing better, and I said I wouldn't pick the texans again this year, so there's that.  Texans win this one  38-21.

Vikings (pick'em) vs Falcons
I'm off the falcons forever I think.  The vikings are coming of an ass beating, and are a much better team than they showed last week.  They'll get back to feeding the machine, and playing good defense.  The falcons just find new ways to lose every week.  Vikings win 24-21.

Bengals -10 vs Rams
prayers for steadman bailey.  Feel bad for the dude, very lucky he isn't dead.  You can take the kid out of the ghetto, but whatever the rest of that goes.  At some point, you think these millionaires would learn they can't hang with the hood rats anymore.  but i digress, it's not his fault, nobody deserves to get shot in the head, except maybe Aaron Hernandez.    Bengals have been frustrated the last couple weeks, and should get back on track.  Throw it to AJ green when in doubt.  Rams are a mess, and they let their QB finish the game last week when he couldn't even stand up.  Bengals win big at home 42-20.

Jaguars -4 vs Chargers
Chargers are too one dimensional right now.  Jags are playing really well lately.  This one is probably wrong too, but early game, eastern time zone wins out over the jags maybe not being the better team.  Jags win 31-20.

Jets -3 vs Dolphins
Jets have been a huge disappointment the last few weeks.  I don't have a strong feeling either way about this game, so i'll take the home team and lay the points.  Jets win 24-20

Cardinals -11.5 vs 49ers
Cardinals are probably the most impressive team in the NFC right now.  49ers are still starting Blaine Gabbert right?  2 TD win for the cards here, 28-14

Seahawks -3.5 vs Steelers
This is a pretty close game.  rematch of a superbowl.  Seahawks need this game more than the steelers do.  I think home field makes the difference here, it may be a closer game but I think the seahawks win anyway, 24-20.

Patriots -2.5 vs Broncos
I wish this wasn't the case, but I don't trust Osweiler to beat Brady and Belichick.  A normal team, i'd say couldn't overcome losing Edelman, Lewis, and possibly Amendola, but Brady and the pats are not a normal team.  Seems like this game is always in New England, so since its in Denver, the crowd should be raucous.  Pats defense is better than the Bears was last week, and Brady gets rid of the ball quick enough to neutralize the broncos pass rush.  I'll take the Pats 24-20.

Browns -3 vs Ravens
Ravens without flacco and forsett, really?  Browns have won games with McCown, and probably have more talent on offense than the ravens.  The Johnny football era has ended, and so has the Mike Pettine era in cleveland.  I'll take the browns to win big-ish, 28-10.


Meiz said...

My buddy was able to get today's games teased to this-


Thanksgiving teaser: Eagles +8.5, Panthers +5, Packers -3 (+160)"

El Padrino said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Give me the eagles, cowboys and bears

Aitch said...

Happy Thanksgiving, assholes.

Aitch said...

"Brady gets rid of the ball quick enough to neutralize the broncos pass rush."

Without Edelman and possibly Amendola, this might not be the case. His quick release comes on timing routes with those two plus Gronk, who's been getting a double and bumped relentlessly. Those quick release passes might not be available to him.

Meiz said...

It's the Pats. The quick hits are always there.

Blue said...

H is reserve* xnij the pats quick passing game

Blue said...

Well didn't pick the lions game even close

Blue said...

@jcollins205 three team teaser looks in doubt

Aitch said...

"It's the Pats. The quick hits are always there"

Not if your starting WRs are Lafell and Harper.

Aitch said...

"H is reserve* xnij the pats quick passing game"

Negative. Just objective analysis. I didn't say they can't win.

Blue said...

So you're saying they'll win, got it

tem said...

Eagles suck

tem said...

King of crossing routes will be fine.

tem said...

Eagles D is terrible. They don't even know their assignments.

tem said...

Happy Friday

El Padrino said...

new picks up

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