Friday, August 07, 2015

Who give a fuck about Cecil the lion?

One thing I'll never understand.  Hunting for trophy.  But I'd never ostracize a person for doing it.  Last I checked this was America.  Keep your outrage limited to parking tickets, dirty politicians, scams, Jehovah Witness preachers and kids who fuck up fast food orders.  For crissakes does everyone need to agree on how a person should live or what to believe in?  Social media makes everything 1000 times worse. 

Oh by the way, shit like this still happens all over the world.
"Bangladeshi blogger who criticised Islam hacked to death..."

And we over here stressing about a dead lion in Africa.

So baseball has been pretty fantastic.  Lots of good stories nationally.  Will be a nice end, good pennant races to follow and interesting matchups potentially in October.
That's all I have to say about that.

August = Arian Foster injury month

is right around the corner.
I draft 8th.  Antonio Brown time

Woodford Reserve is all kinds of delicious. 

Imagine living the life of Aaron Rodgers......Man that guy has it made.  Jeter-esque.  Just pulling out of Olivia Munn and dropping babies on her belly.   All kinds of suite.

Seriously is Rubio related to Alf or something.  Dem some ears bro.

I'm in the minority on True Detective season 2.  I like.

I wish Olympic committee's and FIFA (we know why FIFA does it, obvi) would stop picking third world countries or emerging markets to hold the events.  Brazil, an emerging market, does not have a clean water supply.  It's so bad Olympic athletes cannot even practice in it for fear of catching some mutated disease or virus.  USA is one of the only countries that is equipped to deal with all the problems these games create on day one.  You can hold the World Cup in America tomorrow if you want.  Either all on the east coast or all on the west coast or in between, north or south.  Don't matter.  We got this.


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"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino