Monday, March 30, 2015

Runny diary

I was going to do a runny diary of the I heart radio music awards. Then the first award for best lyrics came on and the nominees included Sam Smith, John Legend, Ed Shereen and the winner was Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift won an award for best lyrics. On an actual "awards" show. In real life. I realized at that point that this was the worst show ever made. So I fast forwarded through most of the rest of the show. FF to the layperson. Here are some highlights. Kelly Clarkson don't give a fuck how fat she is. She looks like she ate Kelly Clarkson. Iggy Azalea might be irrelevant in a year. She does the same thing in every song. Megan Trainor is yahuge. Ya.....Huge. I really really really really am trying to learn to tolerate country music. Really I am. But I can't. I'm sorry. Whenever is comes on, I try to "appreciate" it, but I end up changing it after a minute. Sue me.

Beisbol is almost here. Giants won't win this year. I'm picking a Blue Jays/Nationals World Series. Gross. The Yankees and Red Sux will fight for 4th/5th place. The Breer's will finish in 4th or 5th and I will win $30 from Mize.

NBA finals will be Cleveland and Houston. I've seen 7 minutes of nba all season.

NHL finals will be LA and Pittsburgh. I've seen zero minutes of hockey and don't even know if those two teams are in the playoffs.

Kentucky will win the NCAA title.

I'm going to Arlington this week. I hope I see the changing of the guard.

Friday, March 13, 2015


So this happened on the Twitter masheen last night

It's pretty awesome

Will Ferrell yada yada yada.  Thus far, I've only seen one piece of footage of him making a play. I want to see more.

I think we've discussed the Eagles slightly less than the national media.  I don't think they'll be any good. 8-8.


What's your preferred taco at home? Ground beef? Chicken? Steak? Pork? I like chicken best. They feel healthier and kinda fancy.
What are your go-to toppings for tacos? I'm a simple man. Cheese, lettuce, Ortega hot taco sauce. Man, I really hate when grocery stores don't have the big bottle of the Ortega hot sauce. Anyone else tried the retail Taco Bell sauces? If you haven't, don't. They suck. They don't taste anything like they do from Taco Bell.


I love this current Bucks team. The Edens & Lazry are building this team the right way. They're gonna be scary good in a couple years. Making the playoffs this season actually disappoints me. I wanted another high lottery pick/a shot at Jahlil Okafor. Oh well, at least Jabari will be back next year.
Khris Middleton. That dude is fucking good at basketball. I loved when he got "thrown in" the Jennings trade. Turning a shoot first PG with a shit FG% into Middleton, Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, and Miles Plumlee is fucking amazing.

The 2015 Milwaukee Brewers will not finish 4th or 5th in the NL Central. Thanks for the $30, Keith. I think I'll put it towards a new pair of sneakers.


It's been a long time since I've had to bail out the the shower in the morning to shit. I know Jug cares.

I bet it's the coolest shit in the world to be a millionaire. I mean, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want whenever you want. I don't understand why so many of these CEOs, and top end execs bother to keep working when they've been making a few/several/many millions of dollars a year for the last 15 years. What's the fuckin' point? Just quit.

Shit, if I even made 35 to 40k, I'd be out here stuntin' on motherfuckers. System in the whip, actual furnishings in a nicer apartment(not too fancy though), able to travel for a vacation, sheiit.

I wanted to post my favorite Ed Sheeran song/video, but I couldn't find the version I wanted. It's "Don't" off his VH1 Storytellers show. Instead I'll throw my second favorite one. This is "Thinking Out Loud". I dig this cat's music.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino