Friday, February 28, 2014


Hey baseball!  Ozzie Smiff take your meds bro.

Fucking Mets.

Dandy Sandy thinks they can and should win 90 games this year.  I'll continue once you guys stop laughing.


My problem with suite potato fries is you can't dip them in catchup* and I want fries I can dip in catchup*.  You feel me?

Oscars?  Yes even though I haven't seent* any of the movies.  Same ol story.  Just hope 12 years a slave doesn't win everything because fucking slavery.  Gravity seems like it should win something.  Maybe like best director cuz that shit look cray.  Christian Bale seems good at his profession.

In wrestling news Hulk Hogan is back at WWE and the WrestleMania 30 host.  Also this WWE Network sounds like it's the shit.  And Ric Flair turnt* 65 this past week.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte is a small ass city.  Two lefts and a right and you clear of the city.

2014 Witchita State > 2007 St. Joes


Never answer your wife truthfully when asked "would you fuck her".  Especially if you're are me. 

Always make eye contact with the bus driver as you pass in front of his idle bus.

Eat more fruit.  Specifically citrus.

If the opportunity presents itself, get hurt at work.

Watch as much as TV as possible.  Same thing as reading a book.

Have at least 4 ounces of hard liquor daily.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post 2026

Graph 1

Is this the end of posting? Probably not. But it probably should be. I wonder how many good posts we have had....probably 100 or so. That's not too bad I guess. In other news it sucks that Spiff died. RIP.

Also Harold Ramis died. He was pretty funny in the late 80s and early 90s. I don't think he did too much recently, but that is OK, he was 69 and probably just enjoying life instead of working. I don't know though, maybe he stopped being funny. Either way he used to be funny for sure. I'm sure lots of people will miss him. I won't really because I never knew him. I don't think you can miss someone you never knew.

In other news

"Mt. Gox, once the world's biggest bitcoin exchange, looked to have essentially disappeared on Tuesday, with its website down, its founder unaccounted for and a Tokyo office empty bar a handful of protesters saying they had lost money investing in the virtual currency."

All I have to say to that is what did you learn?


first four in:

Florida, Witchita State, Syracuse, Kansas


I don't think there is much news to be had. Fucking winter.

Friday, February 21, 2014

south carolina

Just got home from a 12 hour drive. Whoa.

Three things I learned.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Why does the top of the page material have so many spaces in between lines?

Why does my college send me emails saying "In addition, McBride Field has undergone a major renovation and overhaul of the bleachers, bringing them up to safety code...."

Why do I kinda want to get the UFC fights this Saturday?

Why am I even bothering posting anything at all?

Friday, February 14, 2014


You guys know Valentines day is for suckers right?  God I hope none of you spent any money on Valentines day. 

Any of you ever get amazed by the sheer amount of food we have at our disposal?  Did you ever give thought to the fact that some countries don't have enough food to feed their population?  Ever worry we would have that problem?  Seriously how many fucking chickens do we slaughter in this country?  Shit stops me in my tracks sometimes.  How many fucking cows?  That's why other countries be eatin protein here in America we would never consider (mainstream merica').  Like horse.  Or donkey or reptile or other small fowl game.


It's not even cold in Sochi.  This Olympics is the worse.

Tem I also like JPM.  Little more speculative.....because they are basically a criminal organization but they make an enormous amount of money.  JPM is BEAST of Wall street and they are done with the legacy bullshit so no more fines.

Pitchers and Catchers.

One of my favorite things about sports is when guys retire.  Especially like when guys cannot go out on their own terms.  I don't take pleasure in that but I like the stories.  I like the drama surrounding a guy who is say 40 years old still in prime shape but just cannot compete anymore at the highest level for any sport.  NLF that age seems to be younger.  Like a 32 year old running back is almost done.  All good stuff.  A lot flame out.  Depression, drugs, bankruptcy....some successful in the sport as a coach or gm or some role in a pro organization...same fade to *bolivian.  I eat up all those stories.


Street Dreams will be loosely based on a young Nasir Jones in the early '90s making the transition from underground act to Hip-Hop phenomenon.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MJ had more kids

Jordan had 2 more kids. Apparently he wants to litter the world with his genes.

Supposedly the Texans are down to Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel. Blake Bortles has the hot girlfriend, granted she's not so hot in the face, but she's got the best body money can buy. She's the one in the sunglasses

apparently she likes to take pictures in the nude some a little bit too...she's some sort of modelish girl

If we learned anything, hot girlfriend/wives means you'll be a sucky QB. Examples, Christian Ponder, Ryan Tannehill. You might mention Tom Brady, but he was already a great QB before those chicks came along.

USA women's hockey lost to the Canadians.

Winter Olympics has been very blah, I usually get into the winter Olympics, but can't stand to watch more than like 30 minutes.

Atlanta is closed for business again today. Filob had a job interview in Nevada that he was supposed to fly out for today. His flight went through Atlanta and was cancelled, so instead of trying to figure out how to get re-routed, milob said "fuck it", and cancelled the whole thing. I think she just doesn't want to move to Nevada.

Anybody else watching True Detective on HBO, it makes Louisiana look like a shithole.

This is what all airline safety instructions should look like:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Monday

Did Spiff quit and/or die?

I am also a fan of female snowboarders. They usually have great legs and backsides. I'll miss Gretchen Bleiler.

Does anyone else think it's sad that in 2014, a gay football player is still a big deal? If he can play, who cares what he does in the privacy of his bedroom?

They just better not let him get married!
/religious people

I did not watch one minute of Olympic coverage this weekend.

A-Rod giving up his legal fight is hilarity. I hope he finally shuts up and goes away for good. Get "injured" and collect the insurance money, let the Yankees move on, and say goodbye. No one wants him around anyway, including his own union. Remember when it was a foregone conclusion that he'd be the all time homerun king? Awwww.... too bad, so sad.

Was supposed to have a date on Saturday, but I got blown off. She's a redhead... I should have listened to Keith.

Go. Comment. Rejoice.

Friday, February 07, 2014


I could sworn I read in the comments that the broncos should have adjusted better by calling a few inside double moves or going empty set.  whoever did I give credit.  it's funny to me sometimes as fans watch the game unfold and often scream or pick up on something and mention it to the crew that you think why cant the coaches figure this shit out on the fly....I mean the broncos had a whole 35 minutes to think through their strategy and even thought percy took the rock to the hizzy on the opening 2nd half kick off by no means SHOULD they have been out of it....a double move, a sluggo or a stop and go or a double hitch instead it was one screen after another, how many fucking screens did they run?  So much for Gase being a rock star candidate prodigy he got his dick broken off ans shoved in his mouth by Bevell the other rock star candidate prodigy.

enough of that off season time, early favorites for next year
Chargers / Packers

I was thinking about this cop thing when I was younger like my first year on Wall Street I fucked around and considered taking the cop test I would have made detective by now.  No regrets just bullshittin.  My daddy was one of NYC's Strongest (Sanitation) and everyone used to ask me if I was going to be a garbage man too I always thought why would I do it never dawned on me that my generation of kids always ended up doing what there fathers did, like all the kids I know now are working in the profession their daddys were in.  Cops, Fireman, Accountants, small business owners, I'm like the only one who blazed his own path.   I'm a trailblazer.  ha.  gems.  Sometimes I wonder what life would have been if he were alive today, maybe I would have been a garbage man.....

sorry got a little dusty in here with that, I'm on my 5th beer

sidenote I would have chosen the homicide division even though sex crimes are the best crimes I couldn't handle the mental part of a rape interview, just brutal

or armed robbery, those are cool sometimes

here let me rank divisions
Homicide (solving murders quickest way to top pay or lt. sgt., chief, etc.)
Armed Robbery / High Value Theft
Computer Crimes (so boring I bet)
Securities Fraud / White Collar division
Car Theft

Narcotics is the bottom of the list - high chance you will be killed by a Mexican drug cartel also just join the DEA if you want in on drug crimes, federal benefits better.....

Sochi.  You think shit if Yugo-fucking-slavia (no longer around) can host an Olympics WHY NOT US?  Take notes Pyeongchang Souf Corea.

Thursday, February 06, 2014


Is LOV ready to go to one post a week? Is that how its going to end?

Seeing headlines like "US warns of toothpaste terror threat as competition begins at Winter Olympics" would make me feel great about traveling to the Olympics.

We got a little hail this morning.

Signing day came and went, my boss' kid signed with Colorado State. That's all I know. He called our whole squadron in one day before leaving and had us watch his kid's ten minute recruiting video in hopes he would motivate us. I have a ten second video of my kid lifting his head up that motivates me.


Monday, February 03, 2014

Thoroughly Enjoyed The SB

condolences blue but I'm a lifer when it comes to rooting against Pey Pey

been wanting to see this chick's tits since seeing her in White Collar and they did NOT disappoint:
dem fucking super duper noice tits
*she has no ass, if you were wondering

RIP Phillip Seymour hoffman, he will always be remembered for his role in along came Polly, as white chocolate, the rainmaker and sharter. now who's next?

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino