Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl drug, hooker ring busted

Seahawks 27
Broncos 23

Just think when it comes down to it the defense will out play the offense. It's nothing personal I want Peyton to win. I hope I'm wrong. This defense is not 86 Bears or even 2000 Ravens. It's faster though. It's deeper. And it's a matchup nightmare for the best offense we've ever seen IMO. Thought the 07 Pats were the best? Nah son. This Bronco offense was better. Manning was better. The receivers were better. What ended up happening to that prolific 07 Pats team?


Plus watch Percy win MVP. Shit just happens like that.

Tails. Never fails (except when I have cash on it).

Under FG's.

Over interceptions.

Poor Amanda Knox. I'd like to comfort her.

What is Warren Sapp's deal?

I'm pretty burnt out. So that's all I got. Sorry.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lone Survivor

I haven't seen the movie, but I just got done reading the book and I recommend it to everyone, including Tem's reader. Great read! From what I understand the book covers a lot of his SEAL BUD/S training which the movie does not. If you like watching shows on youtube there is a good series on BUD/S training...episode 4 is hell week. Good stuff!

Did Blue start one of those Facebook thingies?

Jerry Seinfeld was on Mike and Mike this morning...he is still funny.

Nothing is funny unless there is vulgarity! /mize


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Apparently ticket prices are coming down.

My neighbor got tickets through the broncos lottery...bastard.

Broncos are holding their press conferences from a boat on the Hudson River.  Which always reminds me of this

There was some weird speech last night.  Some guy talked about a bunch of bullshit, and then afterwards some lesbian talked about even more bullshit.  I watched zero seconds of it.

It's funny to me when places that don't usually get ice and snow, get ice and snow.  It's like the fucking apocalypse.  Cmblue's family in Alabama was freaking out yesterday.  Her cousin had to send their neighbor, in his golf cart, to go pick up their son from daycare.  This shit is hilarious to me.  Then they give me the old, well we don't have the equipment like you do in Colorado.  Who gives a shit.  I still drive in the snow and ice, and I get where I'm going just fine.  Bunch of retards.

Mafia still runs NYC apparently Glad they're having the Superbowl™ in NY/ stay classy New York.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sunday Diary (posted on Tuesday or some other day)

We join the night in progress:

7:37 - Did you know that the pro bowl is different this year? For the past 10 minutes I've been told about it. Also Jerry Rice and Prime Time have the worst fake trash talk I've ever seen. I am like 163% sure Rice brings down the trash talk. Prime Time has a hilarious beard though.

7:39 - Grace Potter national anthem. Umm, not good. Probably worst I have ever heard by a professional singer. It's raining, I bet that threw her off her game.

7:42 - Rule change, teams change possession at the end of each quarter. 1st and 3rd quarters get 2 minute warnings too. I like this.

7:44 - First play, short armed throw by Brees. He looks funny throwing. Tilts his head so he can see out of the bottom of his facemask, always funny. Second play, sack, Brees blows out his knee. Not really, just a normal sack.

7:45 - Near sack, team Prime Time came to play. I guess. 3 and out for team Rice.

7:46 - Dumb Viking doesn't fair catch it, gets tackled right away. Umm, hey the special teamers are like the best players in the league, maybe you should fair catch it.

7:47 - I is cold and snowy here. Every county I have heard of has cancelled its Meals on Wheels. Also Columbus Day School is cancelled.

7:49 - Jordan Cameron catches a pass from Andrew Luck. Has a heart attack; first pass he has caught from a real quarterback in a very long time.

7:50 - Worst Beast commercial I have ever seen. Stock price should drop this week.

7:51 - Fuck whoever is bringing apples to tailgates and throwing them at people. Suck my dick Redd's Apple Ale.

7:53 - Flea Flicker, fools nobody, Desean Jackson scores anyway.

7:54 - cmtem just asked what I am doing. She doesn't get it.

7:59 - Another 3 and out for Brees. He is throwing poorly today. I don't think he is taking this seriously. JJ Watt is though.

8:01 - Flipped it to the Grammy's. No idea who this is. Beyonce? Yeah Beyonce, go me. She looks wet, maybe it is raining at the Grammy's too. Aside: El Pad wants to be this chair Beyonce is on.

8:04 - Team Rice has good field position now, must have missed a turn over or something.

8:09 - Back to Grammy's. LL Cool J is talking, is he the host? Why is he talking about everyone? Is he just saying as many names that he can? Aside: Pink has fugly teeth and the living Beatles' wives are hot.

8:11 - Umm, I like Anna Kendrick's boobs but when she talks it goes downhill. But the boobs are nice. Best new artist: Blank Stare, Blank Stare, Blank Stare, Kacey Musgraves, Blank Stare. Winner is Blank Stare. Blank Stare's bitch is crying a lot. She is happy. She is going to make more in the divorce now. I would have gone with Kacey Musgraves for the award.

8:14 - Back to football: No idea how Team Rice didn't score. Jamaal Charles just got blown up by his own teammate. Like real life teammate.

8:17 - Bud light 2-2-14 commercials are weird. I know what is coming that day, it is a well known event.

8:21 - bgtem is at the age where she can mimic me as long as I don't use words. Screaming is fun. cmtem hates it when I get bgtem screaming.

8:23 - 1st QTR change of possession means that timeouts get used now, in the 1st QTR for the 2 minute drill. This time out rule is built for Marvin Lewis. Keith knows.

8:24- End of QTR INT, fun return. Laterals and stuff. Fun.

8:25 - Grammy's: Hunter Hayes. Is this a country show? He isn't singing a song I recognize. He sounds bad. Young Country people usually do sound bad live. Taylor Swift used to sound horrendous live. Now she has improved to OK. Hunter Hayes has a ways to go. He seems short too.

8:28 - Football: not a bad crowd at this game.

8:29 - Watt said he was going to go to the Olympics. Umm bad idea. Like 90% chance something blows up there.

8:40 - Decent amount of hitting in this game. It is unlike any Pro-Bowl I have ever seen. In other news I got some shitty work email. I responded in a shitty manner. Monday might be fun. I am tired of their shit.

8:43 - Strip sack, INT. Fat guy rumbled for awhile, got caught from behind. 1st and Goal for one of the teams. I don't remember which team is which. Score is 7 to 7, I missed a TD for Team Rice.

8:53 - Had to change the diaper genie. Apparently it couldn't wait. Don't get married. Anyone. No sexy time, changing diaper genies all the time, it is fucking terrible. It made me miss a TD in the pro-bowl game. THE HORROR.

8:57 - Work emails still are pissing me off.

8:58 - Another poor throw by a QB, this time Rivers. Maybe the QBs should practice more or something. Timing with these receivers they've never played with before is terrible.

8:59 - Grammy's: Black guy singing. He is good. No idea who he is. Babyface? Is that a guy still? Is this lil bow bow all grown up?

9:00 - gonna let bgtem hit the keys.

0vyy7hyu8yyyyyyd t898u77y18
20000000 m87 ,-. /[.c'g[

9:03 - Family Guy time. Peter, Joe and Quagmire are hunting, Peter shot Quagmire. Hilarity.

9:07 - Good episode so far. Peter and Quagmire broke up.

9:08 - Brian's son is on TV, dual plot episode. That's nice, some shows don't even get one plot.

9:13 - Joe Pesci joke. Ha.

9:14 - Nobody has Brian's novel. Ha.

9:14 - Rape joke. Ha.

9:16 - Baby raspberry inappropriate location joke. Ha.

9:16 - Brian got fired. Like 3 minute job for him. Ha.

9:18 - Brian stole the food. Ha.

9:21 - Meg Shriner's Convention joke. Ha.

9:25 - Very special Family Guy joke. Ha. Zach Sawyer.

9:26 - Quagmire gets to shoot Peter so they can be friends again. Ha Joe did it. Then Quagmire shot Peter's head. Lesson learned.

9:28 - Pro Bowl: 14-14 start of 3rd. Fumble 1st play. Good job Shady.

9:29 - Team dark jerseys are still playing, team light jerseys not so much.

9:31 - Chris Collinsworth loves it. He loves it. Al Michaels just dropped a "histrionics" spell check says it is a word. Histrionics. No idea what that means.

9:35 - Grammy's. Old people singing. Maybe a Beatle? I dunno. Average age on stage is 103. It sounds poor. It is the not the Paul Beatle. Although Paul might be in the background on Keyboard. Shot of Steven Tyler in the audience. He looked fucked up. Death is in his near future. Poor guy.

9:36 - Award for something. Blank Stare, Jay Z, Jay Z, Blank Stare featuring Mary J Blige, Blank Stare. Winner Jay Z.

Time to attempt sexy time. I'll fail. Probably change course and watch porn then go to bed.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammys runny diary

And here we are again. Live via DVR. Another runny diary of the Grammys. I hope Daft Punk is performing tonight. I love those guys. (SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)
The show opens up with Beyonce spreading her legs on a chair. Her momma got ass, too.
Cmk: do you think she's pretty?
Me: yeah, I think she's fucking hot.
Cmk: ok then. But yeah, she's gorgeous. If I was a black chick, I'd wanna look like her.
I might have to come down here after cmk goes to bed and rub one out to that performance. But I'd have to finish before Hova gets to the stage.
Oh cool, Ladies Love Cool J is hosting again. He's wearing the same fedora as he wore last year. I hate when non comedians try to be funny. It's kind of painful.
Oh look, Daft Punk is sitting in the crowd with those fucking helmets on. I don't get it. It's not like you're mega stars. You can't pull that off. You have one song on the radio, and that song is more overplayed than the Chicken Dance at wedding receptions.
Pharell stole the man in the yellow hat's hat. And he painted it brown. Musicians are weird. First award is best new artist. There is zero chance that Mackelmore doesn't win this. Z.E.R.O. None.
And the winner is. Kendrick Lamar? Wtf.
Sike. Mackelmore. Can't wait to hear him get on his soapbox like he always does. I like his music, but I don't like when he accepts awards.
Next up, Mize's crush, Lorde. I love this song. Bgas1 gets pissed when I sing along when it's on the radio. And she's telling me to stop right now. I didn't stop so she came over and shushed me.
Lorde is fucking hideous looking. She's got some good music, but she's definitely got a face for radio. And she's not much of a performer at all.
I better slow down, this is getting long winded.
Oh, perfect timing. Hunter Hayes is performing now. All I know is that he's country. Time to FF
Next up, best pop group performance. Fucking Daft Punk. Fucking Pink. Fucking Rihanna. Fucking Robin Thicke. And Daft Bitches wins. I hate them so much.  I like Pharell, but Daft Punk is sofa king stupid. We get it, you're musicians, you're weird. Where is the theater shooter guy when you need him?
Katy Perry's turn. I like this Dark Zorse song. A lot, actually. At least until it gets overplayed in 1 month. She needs to release the hounds, though. I hate when they're caged up.
Chicago & Robin Thicke seems like a weird combo. Does anybody really know what time it is? It's actually kind of appropriate Robin is singing with them, because his 15 minutes is almost up.
I figured Blurred Lines would make its appearance here. Is it weird that the Chicago guy is twerking in front of him?
Keith Urban and a black guy. Good thing I haven't caught up with the DVR yet. Sorry tem & jug. If you want to read about country in a runny diary, then do a runny diary of the CMAs
John Legend's turn. I don't think I know this song. FF
Kevin Hart is tiny. He would have to look up to LP.
Best rock song. The Rolling Stones are up for this award? And Black Sabbath? And Paul McCartney? Wft? Winner is,  Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl.
LL just had trouble saying success story. Those are hard words.
Taylor Swift's turn. You know how much I hate Daft Punk? Multiply that by 6 1/2 and that's how much Cmk hates Taylor Swift. Every time they show her on screen Cmk says under her breathe "ugh, I can't stand her"
Me: do you want to watch this?
Cmk: ::stank face:: um, nooooooo
Bruno Mars is such a doofus.
Time for Pink and her penis to perform. This is a pretty cool performance, though. But there is zero chance she's actually singing right now.
We go from a performance that looked fun to a performance with fun. ISWTGDT. Fun guy has a mustache. He should be singing in a van right now. Cmk just dropped a "ewww he has a mustache. No no no no"
Best pop solo performance goes to Lorde. She's so awkward. And so homely. But she can sing. So she wins.
Black Sabbath is really old. And they're introducing Ringo Starr. Is this a geezer Grammys or something? FF time
Jamie Foxx is hilarity. He blamed it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. He's crushing on Beyonce right now. That has to be awkward if some dude is talking about your wife if your sitting right there.
I don't know what award this is, but Holy Grail won. Now Jay-Z has to go get the award from the guy who was just creeping on his wife. But they're bolth black so it's cool.
Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons is another weird combo. I like the dragons. I'm sure tem likes them. I don't like KL with the dragons, though. Eh, I guess it's decent enough. It's all bleeped, though. And Cmk is pissed because Taylor Swift is the only person standing and dancing.
Imagine Dragons is one of the few musical acts that I think I like their live music better than the radio versions
Whoa, that chick in the crowd had a goatee. Oh sorry, that was Stephen Tyler.
Live country music. You know the drill by now.
I hope there isn't any more country. DVR is almost caught up now.
Paul McCartney on stage now. DVR is all caught up, oh well. I should go put the kids to bed.
Ok, girls are in bed. It's funny, when I put bgas1 to bed, I'll say some nursery rhymes to her and we'll sing some songs. I always find myself wanting to say the Andrew Dice Clay version of the nursery rhymes.
Ok back to the show. It was on pause, so I can FF through this Paul McCartney bit. Suiteness
Gloria Estefan looks old. Probably because she is. Makes sense.
Best pop vocal album goes to...fucking Bruno Mars. He's like 5'3". Maybe that's why he wears his hair so high. LP should try that.
Country music. Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. I can deal with old country. Holy crap, Willie Nelson is talented. I think he's dead, but he's on stage singing. Look at that. Here comes Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton. The old "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong" tune is playing in my head right now. This old dude behind Merle has a white beard that is about 3 feet long. Mamas don't let their babies grow up to be cowboys. I am actually enjoying this set right now. Go me. Of course, cmk just said this has to be the worst performance in the world.
2 country people presenting best country album. I'm having country overload right now. Oh I hope Taylor Swift wins. Nope. The other chick, Kacey Musgraves. Never heard of her. I hope she's 18, because I'd have sex with her. If she's not 18 yet, then I wouldn't.
ok good, google just said she's 25. I'd have sex with her.
Fucking Daft Punk. And apparently Pharell glued on the ranger bob hat tonight because they haven't shown him once where he didn't have it on. I feel bad for Stevie Wonder because he has no idea what clowns these Daft Douche guys are.
This is getting long. Or maybe it already got long. Either way, I'm not done yet.
Cyndi Lauper has nice hair.
Holy crap, this girl has a giant fucking nose. Ginormous. Sarah Burelles(sp) smells better than anyone else in that building. Her nose is so big that she might smell for me, too. And you.
Song of the year. Royals is probably going to win. That's my pick. Man, that Sarah chick's nose isn't getting any smaller. Cmk just said "total jew". And Royals wins. Told you. I win. Lorde is still totes awkward. And not any cuter.
I just realized that there is 45 minutes of show left. Sorry.
Metallica is playing now. They're playing with a world renowned pianist. Pianist is a funny word. I wish I was a world renowned pianist. This is definitely turn back the clock night, though. But they are plying my favorite Metallica song, One. I'm getting One chills right now. NS. Fucking love this song. Cmk is giving me stank eye right now. Fuck her. She said she's never heard this song. Fucking bottles* my mind. This is pretty badass. I think I have a boner right now. Cmk has whatever the opposite of a boner is. She said this kind of music makes her blood boil. She's dead to me.
That chick with the goatee is on stage now with Smokey Robinson. Smokey has had some work done on his face. He can't blink.
Record of the year goes to...fuck Daft Punk. I really wish James Holmes had one night of freedom and was in that building right now. Oh wait, they're French? I couldn't not like them any more right now.
Live performance by Mackelmore right now. He has a suite bolo tie. The bitch singing in this Same Love song is freaking ya-huge. McDonalds thinks she is a beast.
So now people get married at the Grammys? And Latifah is the pastor? Wft just happened. But lots of gay people just got married. Good for them. LP is probably up in arms. And holy fuck, Madonna looks like she's 80 years old. I think she might have had a stroke or something. She looks awful.
Now a look back at people who died. I hope I'm not on that list. The world renowned pianist is back. such a great pianist. Best pianist I've witnessed in a while, actually.
Kris Kross still makes you jump, jump.
Wow, Miranda Lambert and the Green Day guy singing the Everly Bros. Nice. They fucked up the song. Well, she did. He said "I've been turned down" and she said "burned". Stupid bitch. Learn the words and then figure out if you want to be fat or skinny, and stick to one of them.
Album of the year. Jesus, what is Alicia Keys wearing? Winner is, fucking Daft. I hate awards shows.  These fucking clowns. Good thing this is almost over. If I was French, AHIIK, I guess I'd want to hide my fucking face behind a stupid helmet, too. But seriously, this whole "the robots want to say" shit has gone too far.
Now it's time for some rock in* roll. Dave Grohl, NIN, Lindsay Buckingham. I'm not really entertained by is, so I'm done. I'm tired. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Turbo Tax

It's over. Greedy fucks ruined it.

Read San Fran is opening up the countries first "Cat Café". FUCK YOU.

Wife told me not to drink while I have this cold thing going on I argued that alcohol actually helps the common cold. I lost. So now when I make tea I add whiskey (hottie toddy). And she just thinks I have a cup of tea. I win.

If I were on chopped I'd so dominate. (blowhardy?)

waffles, shrimp, beet juice, lemon soda
20 minutes on the clock and go
Waffle fried shrimp with a suite lemon dipping sauce and a beet gastrique. I win.

Where do you put the dipping sauce of your choice or ketchup when you buy the go cup from KFC?

Going to see my stupid sister in February. South Carolina will never be the same once I'm fucking done with it.

You know you have a thick Brooklyn Italian accent when the Mexican cutting your cold cuts don't understand you.
Yeah can I get a half a pound of brahzoot.
A wha?
brahzoot, half of pound the parma one
oh prosciutto.
yes sir.

Everytime I go out to eat and I see a couple sitting on the same side of the table (sitting next to each other) I want to go shit on their table.

Richard Sherman is alright by me.

#1 offense vs #1 defense.....last time, I'm sure ypu all know this it's all over the coverage....wide left, Scott Norwood.

Percy could be huge for Seattle....

Ran the preliminary numbers, think I owe Federal just a little bit though. Fucking Obama.

I wanna punch the Wal mart guy in the throat. Rollback deez nuts faggot.

my birthday is next year, thinking about picking up some new headphones any suggestions?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Do you hunt? I have a neighbor who keeps asking me to go hunting with him and his friends. I work one weekend a month and we just had a kid, so its hard to pick up for a weekend and go. I have never been a hunter though...never did it growing up and never got into it as an adult. I know they drink a lot of beer out there and I would enjoy that, plus when my neighbor gets to drinking he admits things like him believing man never landed on the moon.

Its been a long time since I've been here for that, but I did get a kitchen pass for next weekend to go here to see this guy open up for these guys.

I normally look forward to the media coverage of the Super Bowl and all the radio row interviews, but I'm dreading a week of Richard Sherman stories stemming from his interview last week. I have no issue with his interview...just dreading the week of coverage.

TPS sucks today...that is all.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Did you know

Did you know....brought to you buy oldspice...the weirdest commercials on earth. "smellcome to manhood"

Did you know that the weather in NYC is shitty?

Did you know that Peyton Manning can't play in shitty weather?

Did you know that the weather in Seattle is shitty too?

Did you know that meiz doesn't have a self-cleaning oven?

Did you know that the two teams in the Superbowl ™ both reside in states you can legally buy weed?

Did you know that is just a coincidence?

Did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?

Did you know that the zoo is closed?

Did you know that Ryan Leaf was only pretending to be a fuck up, but then became one in real life?

Did you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?

Did you know that Richard Sherman is a Stanford grad who is actually literate and well spoken?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people think?

Did you know that the Nuggets have the Knicks unprotected #1 pick this year?

Did you know that the Knicks are tanking to get a good pick?

Did you know that the weather is so shitty in NYC that they actually have contingencies to play the Superbowl ™ on Saturday or Monday if they need to?

Did you know that Katy Perry has great tits?  I bet you did know that one

Did you know that Kate Upton also has great tits?

Did you know that Verlander reminds me of Zoolander?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Find out today

Did H ever get out of traffic?

Did Meiz get his oven clean?

Did Keith change all his knobs?

What did El Pad do on his day off?

Is Blue going to the Super Bowl?

When is the next PJ concert?

Is Kod still alive?

Do Tyler and Spiff live near each other?

Has Jug been peed on yet?

Did you know that Freak plays FIFA on Xbox 360?

Find out the answers in the comments.

OK probably to not all of them.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Bowl Set

should be fun. Seattle O is sketchy

didn't know had today off til last week, suite

Friday, January 17, 2014


You know what freaks me out? This ad on the Subway for Eye Donors. Man that freaks me out, some other person seeing life through my cold dead eyes. Are any of you dirtbags organ donors?

All the pros pros are calling this one for Brady and Belichick but Vegas still has them as 6 point dogs. That's a lot. So much on the line for Peyton it's a legacy game. Does Del Rio sell out the secondary to stop the run? This is a fascinating game. More often than not this weekend is better then the Super Bowl. Not because there are two games but because the matchups are juicier.

Seattle has had the Super Bowl swag since week 1. But there is something about the way the Niners are playing. Something is clicking. And the time is right for clicking. I really hated the way Russell Wilson played last week. I thought he was terrible. He will need to be better if they plan on beating the Niners.

Man Heath Ledger was so money in The Dark Knight.

When this is all said and done can we ring up Hernandez for the Unabomber?

I wish like movie distribution companies would consider a product or service that streams movies out in theaters to homes across the country. I have to think this out but basically you offer pay per view type service but for the theatrical release. I would love to see American Hustle but have no interest in going to the movies to see it. I get it may threaten the very existence of the theaters which is why I'm admitting it needs some thinking but it's a solid idea I think.

I have a dream.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raise My Glass


I don't think its a bad thing that the Browns are the last coaching job available. Its not like the new coach will have to go on recruiting trips. I think its a bad thing that thing that the Browns are the Browns. It looks bad that they fired Chudzinski after one season, probably scares away some candidates.

American Idol talk...I like the additional of Harry Connick Jr...the judges are much better than they were last year.

4 day weekend, thanks MLK!

Good to see iam is still alive!

Dammit...I forgot my lunch at home.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Manning vs Brady XXIIV

I've already grown tired of hearing about this upcoming AFC championship game.  Cmblue is a patriots fan, and has been trying to convert the kids all week.  If she keeps it up, I'm taking someone else to the game on Sunday.

Apparently Peyton Manning likes Bud Light.  I think that's just because he's smart and knows they are an official NFL sponsor.  Because if that's true, he has shitty taste in beer.  The craft breweries here in Colorado are all up in arms about this.  I don't think he drinks Bud Light, he's just a crafty spokesman.

Busy time of year in the blue household.  Kids start ski lessons in a couple weeks, will be nice to get back to going up to the mountains every weekend. 

I don't get the Jim Caldwell hiring.  They were obviously waiting to interview Whisenhunt, and when he took the Titans gig, well, we got our 3rd choice.  I still think McDaniels would have been an amazingly good choice there.

So this is what Indiana basketball has become, we storm the court when we beat a conference opponent?  Bobby Knight is rolling over in his grave.

Fucking Tesla and Elon Musk, just killing it out there.

They played the who would you rather be, Brady or Manning game on the radio yesterday, that's not even a competition.  But everyone agreed that DiCaprio wins in a landslide. "Like a supermodel's vagina, let's all give a warm welcome to Leonardo Dicaprio"

Seahawks roll this weekend

H - are we betting on this game?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jagged Mice Foam

So apparently H lives the life of someone in a movie. Shit happens to him that I just don't see happening in real life to people all that often. I probably just lead a sheltered life. I know people will say it happens all the time, but I really don't know anyone who had that happen to him and then found out because she was logged into facebook on his computer. fucking facebook /LP

tOSU fans are all sad now that their team lost. They all knew it was coming, but they are sad anyway. tOSU will be alright, they have great defense.

WVU basketball is maybe not as good as I had hoped. They hung in there against OK State, but then Texas blew them out. I think that loss to OK State was a soul crusher.

WVU football is in shambles. Tons of players are not even enrolling for the Spring semester. I can imagine that Coach H can be grating, especially if you are losing a lot of games, which they are. Geno was apparently a lot better than we thought.

Saw on Facebook that some chick is really rooting for Wilson or Manning to win the Super Bowl. Or Brady. Please let it be one of those guys. They are the best and they deserve it. Well that is like 75% of the field, so I would say the odds are with you. In other news congrats on the Super Bowl win 49ers.

Arod legal fees have to be ridiculous.

Seahawks are blocking fans with CA addresses from buying game tickets. Seems extreme. I mean how many aren't already sold to season ticket holders? Having said that I guess in baseball like half of the fans getting beat up stories are with CA teams, so maybe you should keep the CA folk out. They fight too much.

Some chick made the Olympics in figure skating even though she fell like 3 times in the Nationals. I guess they don't just have to pick the winners. Whatever, I barely heard the story. The part that was funny was that she said she fell because she wasn't ready for the big stage and all the lights and people got her nervous. Good thing the Winter Olympics don't have any fans at them...what? the opposite? Well she is fucked.

Do you call fucking a skinny girl with flat boobs nailing the wall?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Runny diary

Here we are again at the as. mansion for another Golden Globes. I like globes, but I like them more tan than golden.
Tina Fey & Amy Pohler are hosting. They're funny, for chicks. Apparently I'm either a woman or a gay man because I'm watching at home. That makes you all gayer or womener for reading this. This monologue seems too forced, but it's funny enough. At least it's not that British dude hosting again, so they have that going for them, which is nice. 
Martin Scorcese seems like a cool old fuck. 
I didn't know Parks and Recreation is still on the air? Who knew?
Ha, that was a funny George Clooney joke. You guys missed it.
They just showed one if the Somalian dudes from Capt Phillips, and they said he's from Minnesota. It's weird how many Somalians are in Minny. What's up with that, kod?
Planet Hollywood is still a thing? I thought that went bankrupt years ago. 
Ok this monologue is getting better. You guys really are missing it, though.
Ha, Tina Fey wants to fuck the goddamn Somali pirate. I don't blame her. He has great teeth.
Cmk just crowned me because I said "who's that?" about a dude presenting an award and it was Channing Tatum.
J-Law won the first award for American Hustle. I think I want to see that movie. She's not at cute as I remember. Too bad. 
Mmmmmmmmmila Kunis. That is all. She fine.
Some lady just won for a tv show and took about 2 minutes to get to the stage. Now she doesn't know how to give a speech. She said shit, but they bleeped it too early so you heard the shit part. That made up for the last 5 minutes of my life she wasted.
There is a Jewish guy on stage now. I know that narrowed it down. You should be able to figure it out.
What the fuck is with every winner taking forever to get to the stage? At least they correctly bleeped this ghostly emo bitch.
Awkward moment. The teleprompter was showing the wrong shit or Jonah Hill and some cute blonde. But the blonde didn't know how to improvise so it was just awkward.
Walter White guy won lead actor for a tv drama. Nerve seen that show, but I hear it's great. Some day when I'm old I will watch it.
Breaking Bad wins best tv drama. Nerve seen that show, but I hear it's great. Some day when I'm old I will watch it. So what does the Hollywood foreign press do? Fucking foreigners.
Bono won an award for a movie song. Not Sonny Bono. He died years ago. He was doing a straight slalom ski run. Is Bono gay? He's just wearing an earring in his right ear. Maybe he's not gay. But he's definitely a homo.
It's amazing how many of these people win and get up to the mic and have no idea what to say. Speaking in public is your goddamn profession. It's all you do. I don't get it.
I like Olivia Wilde. But she's knocked up. I think she's with an SNL guy. He wins.
Way too many skinny bitches tonight. I've seen more ribs tonight than that one time I went to Tomy Roma's.
Wait, Andy Samburg has a tv show? When did this happen? And he won the globe for it? What am I missing?
Oh, so according to cmk, I am missing at some shows aren't actually on tv, they are only on Netflix. KIK. But I don't think his show is one that is on Netflix. So I guess I'm back to the first square.
Melissa McCarthy is a fucking BEAST. Which makes sense, I guess. She probably eats a lot of McDonald's.
Frozen win for best cartoon. That was a pretty good flick. Actually, one of the better new Disney movies I've seen in a while. See? I like some cartoons.
Emma Stone's lisp bothers me. Like, a lot. A whole lot. Sue me.
Ben Affleck is HAMMERED. Slurring like a motherfucker. He's not even trying to hide it.
Uma Thurman is gross.
So the Samburg show won best comedy series. Has anyone here seen this show? Is it really that good? Better than Modern Family? It's about Brooklyn, so I'm sure LP loves it. That's probably why it won, because CM is the best.
American Hustle is cleaning up. Both chick awards and best comedy motion picture. I guess I'm gonna pick that one for our date night movie this weekend. 
Leo DiCaprio must dip a lot. He has dip lip.
Best drama motion picture goes to black folk. Never heard of that slave movie before tonight.
That's all. Time to go attempt sexy time.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Patch Adams

Having a tough time with these games. So many storylines/things to consider/trends. Great matchups. Seattle at home in bad weather apparently. Carolina home dogs. Cam vs. Kaep. Nothing to lose Chargers. Mike McCoy. Colts/Pats again but no Manning.....Luck. Leaning Seattle, Pats, Niners. Thinking points with Chargers.

Suite at Giants stadium
Box seats at Citifield
Courtside at MSG
Blue seats @ MSG

Plug in your favorite teams. Who ya got. Money no object. Right now it's a tie between courtside/box seats.

Did you guys know Charlie Chaplin was British?

See all these shows about the mountain folk? Temwr87 get your damn family on that shit kid. Ride the hillbilly wave man.

Ever Google yourself?

Gin gonna make a comeback this year. Gonna be in. Gin is in.

Not too thrilled with the environment at work right now. I might look to make a move this year. Maybe. I'm here 10 years in June so it could be time. I do enjoy, topically, what I do.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

poor Biggio

He'll get in next year...I don't think the writers will let him fall two votes shy again. Houston is mad...I'm surprised they're not mad about Bagwell losing ground.

I wonder if politicians will start selling their votes to Deadspin.

I don't have anything else to say.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Post

I've got nothing today.  Broncos probably won't win this weekend.  Patriots probably won't win this weekend.   Panthers probably won't win, and the Saints probably won't win.

last check, aaron hernandez, still a thug

dem tits

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Whatcha footloose and fancy feast

So I went to bed when Auburn was up 21-3, I guess the game got better. Congrats to tFSU, someone here picked that winner at the beginning of the season. They be smart. That guy with the $50K possible winner for Auburn should be pretty bummed. He let some sure fire winnings get out of his hand. I think if he would have placed a hedge bet he would have earned 25% on that money. That is approximately 2500 times more than my savings account pays, so I see why he didn't bother.

WVU basketball won. Woo-hoo. They have an outside shot of being OK this year. Maybe they'll luck into a few wins and make the tourney. If not I hear the NIT is nice. West Virgina won the NIT like 5 years ago, or something. Maybe this year West Virginia can pull it off.

Bulls got Bynum? Cavs win that trade big time in my opinion. Unless those picks are not protected and are next (this) year.

Jameis Winston seems like he is either really funny in real life or a fucking idiot. Anyone know which?

-5 here or something. Feels like -20. Whatever, buy a coat. Unless you are homeless it doesn't suck that bad. Don't spend lots of time outside and you'll be fine. I'm inside, it is 70 inside. If you have an outside job then that would suck too, but honestly I don't really see lots of people working outside in the winter.

Movie review of a movie I have never seen:

I, Frankenstein

I've seen some previews of this movie but I gotta believe that those are the kind of misleading marketing stuff. I heard the preview say "I, Frankenstein" Frankenstein seems to be the dude's name, and the only time you say "I, (your name)" is when you are getting married or sworn in for some sort of job. So this is either some marriage chick flick or it is some sort of political documentary where they are making fun of Obama or something. The preview seems to think there are demons or some shit flying around that this Frankenstein saves you from by punching them and EXPLOSIONS. Well, I kind of read the news and I think EXPLOSIONS like that would make the news. This Frankenstein EXPLOSIONS shit doesn't happen, it must be some dream sequence. So fuck this movie for tantalizing me with EXPLOSIONS when it is really a chick flick about getting married or a documentary. I'm on to your shit Hollywood.

Friday, January 03, 2014

snow. run.

Tims kid. That's all you need. This guy was outside shovellimg in some Nike's. You dumb brah.

I stole cmep d and d gift card. Gonna buy mad $1 iced coffees and iced teas. Don't know babe you must have lost it.

Manzilla is mad gay.

Ludacris was a pretty good rapper.

Still love McDaniels for the browns job.

And I wonder if the vikes wait out the playoffs and poach the niners guy or bevell.

I'm going pack only because I don't think kaep will be good in that weather. You can't run gore 50 times. Lacy younger.

Going Philly. Jets demolished saints at home this year they blow on the road.

Bengals and Cheifs.

These picks don't factor spread. Still studying that. Just winners.

Have a nice day.


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Back to work


I had a nice week and a half off of always it went by too fast. I ate and drank too much. I have two slow days at work this week and then a three day weekend. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino