Monday, April 30, 2012

Feels like summer

Fuck blogger. I spent 30 minutes writing a post, had it saved, then hit preview to make sure there were paragraph breaks, and I come back to the post window and it fucking didn't save any if the content. Woe fucking hoo. Let's see if I can remember what I wrote.

I know summer doesn't officially start for another two months, but it feels like it is already here. I worked out in the yard yesterday for about 4 hours, and I had to jump in the pool because I was getting so hot. And I got all sunburnt and shit. And the pool was really fucking cold. Like, nuts in your stomach cold.

Aubrey O'Day is probably the most awful person in the history of persons. She is such a terrible human being. Yes, I'd rank her below Hitler, Sadam, Osama, and Jeffrey Dahmer. For those of you who are watching the Celebrity Apprentice, you know what I'm talking about.

Cmk and I went and saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen on Saturday night. I've gotta say, it was a pretty good movie. I saw the previews and they looked alright, but the movie was better than I expected. Cmk & I have a date night thing once a month where we'll go to dinner and a movie and I'll pick the movie one month and she'll pick it the next month. May is her month, and I know she's going to pick that goddamn Nicholas Sparks movie that is coming out. Shoot me.

NBA playoffs started this weekend. Derrick Rose tore his acl, and the Clippers came back from about a 50 point deficit and won. I couldn't tell you anything else that happened. NHL playoffs are also going on right now. I only know that Boston is out and Phoenix is still in.

I just turned on SportsCenter. This is the first time I've watched SC in at least 2 months. oh suite, the Celtics lost too. This is the year of O:FB. God bless us everyone.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Knicks 7 seed Heat 2 seed

Mad trades in the first round.  Good draft.  The Jets do it again.  The Bills are hilarious.  Is there even a WR you are afraid of in he AFC East? 

Goodell give out BRO HUGS.  I mean he is hugging these men like I plan on hugging my son when he graduates high school.  Damn Rog loves him some man love.

Weeden to the Browns, interesting.  That's all I have to say about that.  He is 3 years older that Colt.

Some people hate Gruden but I think he is fantastic on this Draft show.  I've never once gone to NFL Network.  The draft is my absolute favorite.  I love it.

Chandler Jones to New England.....they've had enough of seeing the Giants run roughshod on Tom Brady.  Bout time they took a pass rusher that could have impact on a football game.  Good pick and way to trade up for it.  I like it.  Then they trade up again for the linebacker.  Nice first round.

I see a few Gingers in the Weeden household.  Wow just looked at Weeden's numbers again.  Good lord.  I like the fist pump Brandon.


Why do sailor uniforms have to be so gay?

USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!! gets me everytime.

I'm having some chocolate and a glass of wine now.  I like that pairing.  I really like chocolate.  Love it.  Just love it.

Rams are going to do well in this draft, I like trading down that was a good idea, Blackmon was enticing but they need bodies.

Dave DeCastro is all like brahhh, what the fuck brah this is not cool brahhh.

What the fuckl was RGIII wearing?  Man black people are hilariously hilarious at fashion.

Did you see the beginning of the draft they showed some Arab kid with like a tumor on his face in a Colt jersey?  The fuck was that?

Thought the Bears would take a lineman, Rieff or DeCastro.  Thought wrong.

Fucking Cowboys. 

I need a lamp in the living room for mood lighting.

Man remember when we said Damn Bama got like 5 first rounders on that Defense.  Well, almost.

Shit the Steelers got some great fucking value there.  Shit that was suite for Stillir nation.

Texans pick is dumb this dudes name is Whitney.

Yo you hear the crowd saying WHAT Stone Cold Steve Austin style!!! Ha I love it.

Now be honest, you wouldnt want to see the Knicks oust the Heat in the first round?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wasn't the draft a couple of Mondays ago? /freak Summit talk: I may not have an active role in planning it this year, but I wouldn't mind Nashville. "Just gotta run it by Marissa." AJA...I've got a few trips planned this year, so it works out that I can make it I should be there. This new format for writing posts is odd...haven't gotten used to it yet. Let's see if they worked out tem's paragraph issue. There should be a new paragraph starting right...NOW! Let's address this: "Miller 64 is the second best beer on Earth." 1. no /cmblue 2. gross! 3. That is coming from a Miller Lite drinker. 4. The best beer on Earth is free beer, so Miller 64 being the first named beer after 5. My head hurts just from thinking about Miller 64 (that and Bud Select). A friend of mine and I helped his co-worker move into an apartment last weekend. The dude moved here from Germany. German furniture is really heavy, and he moved into a 3rd floor apartment. There were three pieces of furniture that took 4 guys to moved up those stairs because they were so heavy. He did give us some good German beer and some Check* beer. I would like to brew my own beer one day. I've always wanted a kegerator, but I think that window is passed. I'm not sure its a good idea for me to have a keg in my house at all times. I don't tend to keep a lot of booze in the house as it is. Brewing my own beer would be better. Jug Lite, AmberJug, Jugweiser, you see where I'm going with this. Jug 64!!!! /mize no Weekend plans: Work this weekend and next actually. Friend's birthday and bbq after work on Saturday. House update: My house still hasn't sold, but people are looking so that is encouraging. I hope once summer gets here it will sell. fmjug and I looked at some new housing developments last weekend, and will looked at pre-owned homes this Friday after work. She really wants a brand new house, but we'll see. Anyone know anything about Gehan Homes? That was one builder that was offereing some good incentives. Better late than never with this post...GO!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ask ron ron

H from Boston: Ron Ron, everyone always gives me a hard time for being so angry. I'm a death metal rocker, but I have a heart of gold and very sensitive. How do you deal with all the criticisms, and did anger management work for you?

RR: MH, you don't let bitches get you down. Be who you be. I didn't like the anger management movie, Adam Sandler is not funny, but that my cousin vinny chick is hot. Don't bottle it up inside because then when you let the anger out it ends with a brawl or a cheapshot elbow to someone's head.

MK from Scottsdale: Ron ron, all my friends make fun of me because I can't hang out anymore. How do you deal with letting your posse know that you're just too busy and too important for them now.

RR: I like to feel impotent. People respect me because i've got lots of cash. I can get any woman I want. Does that answer your question?

AL from Brooklyn: Ron Ron, you're a NYC guy. Can you let everyone know how NYC is the greatest city in the world?

RR: (nodding head), well except for Lisbon Portugal...have you seen the bitches there?

SS from the OC: Ron Ron, i'm a huge lakers fan. I'm sad to see you're going to miss the next 7 games. Can you tell me what's wrong with Albert Pujols? Go LAKERS!

RR: You said Pujols. Hey man, pooholes are exit only in my opinion. The 7 game suspension sucks...but the great thing about it is that I only miss one game check, because we don't get paid shit during the playoffs. Cheapest, cheap elbow i've ever thrown. In the meantime i'm going to be partying it up at the local bars in the OC during the playoffs, so keep an eye out on my twitter @askronron, and come party with me. You'll recognize me, i'll be wearing my jersey.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Good Lord it is Tuesday already? Time flies when you are spending all day working. Keith must just blow through the week. Sunday was about 11 hours at the new house moving stuff in and painting. Monday was 9 hours at work and then 5 more at the house. Today will be the same thing. The good news is that I haven't been bored the past two days . The bad news is that I am dead tired already and it was only two days. Hopefully we finish soon though. Nothing stirs up shit in a relationship like moving. Two days of moving means two days of fighting. Does pilates have anything to do with Pontius Pilate? As a catholic I think I should know this. Hockey playoffs are in week 3 I think and still in round 1. Pens lost so I am pretty much done paying attention. I was only kind of paying attention anyway. I don't have a csil. I feel like I am missing out, but I'm probably better off without one. The best of both worlds is just hearing about csil from Keith and letting him deal with it. Meiz should send his resume to blue so that blue can critique it. Also what is farm and fleet? Like a store? Do they sell bait? Draft is in two days, ill be at a concert instead. It'll be fun, but ill be checking the phone for draft results. I hope the Bucs don't duck up their pick. I think as long as they don't pick a QBS they'll be fine. The WR, OT, RB or DB all work for me. So far their GM hasn't called to ask me what I think, so hopefully he reads the blog. Ok, I'm done with this crap for today.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shit show

I just got home, it's 9pm. I slept 30 minutes last night thanks to csil mega drama and another bitch snoring all night. I'll talk about the weekend in the comments. But I'm going to sleep now

Friday, April 20, 2012

not sure why this didnt post at 7am, 4-20-2012

My gift to you.

1 Indianapolis Colts – QB Andrew Luck STAN Fancy that. The white guy goes first. Where is Sharpton?

2 Washington Redskins (from Rams) – QB Robert Griffin III BAY Shanahan old demented ass gonna fuck this up.

3 Minnesota Vikings – OT Matt Kalil USC Good thing for Matt having gone to Southern Cal, when they move there it'll be suite.

4 Cleveland Browns – HB Trent Richardson ALA True need combined with top prospect = perfect for Holmgren. Normally you don't want a back this high and honestly they can grab Claiborne or Blackmon instead and then a David Wilson later in the first round but I don't think they pass on a stud like Trent.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Morris Claiborne LSU Not the Honey Badger. Not the Honey Badger. Not the Honey Badger.

6 Rams (from Redskins) – WR Justin Blackmon OSU This guy is no joke.

7 Jacksonville Jaguars –DE Melvin Ingram S.CAR Raw but a physical specimen.

8 Miami Dolphins – QB Ryan Tannehill TX&AM
Apparentely this Tannehill kid is a #1 pick in any other year. So value here for the fins.

9 Carolina Panthers – WR Michael Floyd ND Getting Cam some weapons.

10 Buffalo Bills – OT Riley Reiff IOWA Big white man from Iowa is the pick you want if you need a lineman.

11 Kansas City Chiefs – NT Dontari Poe MEM Cameron Poe's cousin. No brainer.

12 Seattle Seahawks – ILB Luke Kuechly BC This guy is going to be a very good player for a very long time. Nice pick Petey. Cowboys were drooling over him. Smart football player.

13 Arizona Cardinals – OG David DeCastro STAN Boring. But effective. Someone needs to learn how to cultivate a lineman tree so you don't have to draft them. At least the tailors stay busy.

14 Dallas Cowboys – CB Dre Kirkpatrick ALA It's no secret you can pass on the Cowboys. Formidable pick. Solid player. This is either an interior defender or a secondary pick.

15 Philadelphia Eagles – DT Fletcher Cox MSST Philly is shocked he is around, he's been a hot stock lately. Carolina was widely believed to take him with the 9th pick. They love Brockers too.

16 New York Jets – SS Alex Barron ALA Any defensive player from this Bama squad will do well in Rex Ryan's system. Mike Pettine is half the brain behind that by the way. Look for him to get a HC job sometime soon.

17 Cincinnati Bengals (from Raiders) –CB Stephon Gilmore S.CAR Marvin loves corners. Loves them.

18 San Diego Chargers – OLB Courtney Upshaw ALA Have an issue with names that can be used on boys and girls.

19 Chicago Bears – DE Quinton Coples UNC Bust.

20 Tennessee Titans – DE Whitney Mercilus ILL Again with the name. Bust #2. Titans should go Glenn here.

21 Bengals – OG Cordy Glenn UGA The fuck is a Cordy. Anyway the scouting report says he is a nasty motherfucker. I like that in my lineman.

22 Browns (from Atlanta Falcons) – WR Kendall Wright BAY Pats like this kid, need his playmaking ability but so do the Browns and they pick before them so O:FB. Julio Jones worth it Atlanta?

23 Detroit Lions – OT Jonathan Martin STAN That Stanford line was pretty fantastic. Like the lineman pick here for Detroit most people think they go Hightower or Nick Perry here. I think they continue to build around Stafford. It's a QB league.

24 Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Dont’a Hightower ALA Linebacker. Steelers. Make sense doesn't it. Thought about Stephen Hill here because they are losing Wallace but I think Hightower is perfect for the 3-4.

25 Denver Broncos – DT Michael Brockers LSU Cowboys almost picked him, Eagles like Cox a point or two more on the draft board. So Denver gets a guy who surely could have went 10 picks earlier. Nice value. He is a bit of a project but he is a fucking load of a man.

26 Houston Texans – WR Stephen Hill GT Bout time to get another threat on the field to help out Andre. Loss of Williams you could see a reach here for a DE.

27 New England Patriots (from Saints) – DE Nick Perry USC Pats have ignored the DE position for quite some time and after losing a ring to the Giants twice in 4 years, a team flush with DE's, maybe it's time to start developing one. Problem is he is a borderline first round prospect so at 27, Bill might just go value here instead of the small reach.

28 Green Bay Packers – DE Chandler Jones SYR Another reach, Jones was a 4th round projection once the collegiate season ended. He has had some solid workouts and really has impressed the scouts. He has a freakish similarity to Giants DE JPP.

29 Baltimore Ravens – C Peter Konz WISC Wisconsin, like Iowa, grow lineman too.

30 San Francisco 49ers – OG Kevin Zeitler WISC Back to back. I also like Mike Adams here. Would not surprised to see Harbaugh fight for Fleener. I know they have Davis. But what New England has done with Hernandez and Gronkowski is a blueprint in a copy cat league.

31 New England Patriots – SS Harrison Smith ND Pats need to shore up the secondary. Since Barron went to the Jets this is the best available here. Jenkins crossed my mind Belichick can probably straighten that lil dick out.

32 New York Giants – OT Mike Adams OSU Personally I'd take the TE from Stanford. Fleener. Or Jenkins. The Giants leadership would right that ship. But I think Reese goes best available and technically Adams is best available here at 32.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foul ball!!!!

Rev is still a posting fool on Facebook. I happened to stop by his page yesterday and saw that he had caught a foul ball at a Phillies game. Apparently he was pretty pumped about it, because there was about a dozen posts about it, including video and this gem below. I'm not sure what qualifies as a catch...or whatever...but you be the judge. Either way, Rev is now in possession of a MLB foul ball.

Of course, we all knew that Rev was a baseball talent...remember this? Look at the form. I show this pic to people on our softball team when they have problems hitting...we're 0-3. We may need a bounty system.

What you may not know, is that Rev was eating a plate of sushi at the time he got the foul ball. Apparently there is an app he downloaded where he ordered sushi at the ballpark and had it delivered to his seat. I don't eat sushi, but I'm sure the sushi at the ballpark is second to none (gross).

I found out that the ESPN streak for cash has an I can streak from my phone. I'm not doing any better...but I don't forget as much.

This guy seems credible...and he looks like a chubby Nick Swardson.

I didn't live in Houston when the Oilers skipped town. However, I was here when they started up again with the Texans. I guess I'd consider the Texans my AFC team for that reason alone, but I don't have any emotional investment in them if that makes any sense. I cheer for them and enjoy it when they win, but if they lose it doesn't bother me any. I say all that because it looks like the Vikings are getting close to crunch time. I don't think I'd have a good reaction if the Bears ever left I'd feel very bad for Kod (and a few other friends who are Vikings fans) if they were to leave. So Kod...if they do end up leaving, where do your rooting interests go? Do you follow them to LA? Do you become an NFL free agent? Does MN ever get a team again like Houston and Cleveland did, and if so, do you go with them? I always Texans fans that they will move to LA and become the LA Texans. That would be suite.

OK, that's all I've got...Go!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

old man and the sea

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game in MLB history yesterday.

He threw a pretty good game too, or so I heard, i saw about 2 minutes of it after he was already out of the game.

Started league basketball last night at the gym. First time playing any kind of semi-competitive (including pickup games) basketball in about 9 years. I'm ridiculously sore. I've also learned that my mind still has all the basketball awesomeness I used to have (got me a season of NAIA ball), but my body just doesn't react as quickly, or do exactly what my mind asks of it.

One douchebag on our team, shot everytime he touched the ball, no matter where he was, and usually it was about 3 feet behind the NBA 3pt line...he made very few shots. There were times i literally had just made it over half court and he had shot the ball. Oh yeah, he's also about 6'4 and didn't play a lick of defense or rebound, letting the other team's big man just dominate.

Then after our game was all said and done and we lost by 20, the commish comes over and says "i know it wasn't on the schedule but you guys have another game tonight at 9:15". So instead of playing 45 minutes of basketball, we played 90 minutes...oh and a couple of guys didn't show up, so we didn't have any subs. But, ha, we actually won the second game. They had a guy who liked to launch NBA 3s as well.

Anyway, it's pretty cool, they keep stats and post them online and crap after the game.

That's probably enough. NFL schedule came out...who ya got?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

post 1565

Met a huge hockey fan chick yesterday. She knew every player in the Rangers/Senators game. I've never met a girl who knew that much about any sport. It was at my buddy's house. I'm gonna ask him if he is banging her.

Almost met a chick Saturday that apparently did dip. She apparently put a ward in at the bar. Or so says the guy who asked Cmtem for my phone number. He thought we should do dinner sometime.

House closing in 55 hours. Keith knows when it reopens.

Anyone else buy chocolate milk from the store? I used to be a Nestle Quick guy, but now we just get the premade cheaper stuff. It gets the job done. Also apparently it is a good recovery drink for after workouts.

Big UFC fights this weekend. I have Evans winning, even though my head says Jones. I'm going with Evans to take him down and ride him for 5 rounds. He best not try to stand with Jones.

I don't like this Thursday football draft crap. I want to get drunk and watch. I'm not el pad so Thursday night drunkedness* is not a good idea. I'm excited to see who goes where though. Actually more excited than usual. At first I didn't want the Bucs to draft Richardson, but I am warming up to it. I'll be ok with the WRITTEN, the TH, the dumb CB or the OT. Anyone else and there will be issues in temhio.

WNBA draft was yesterday afternoon. I think that says everything we need to know about that league. Their draft was a Monday afternoon.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I used to read Word Up magazine

I'm not feeling creative today. So this post will be like every other one I've had.

Going to Vegas this weekend for the shitfest. I will use mize's advise* and get my phone connected to the twitter machine. I am also going to have my Flip camera on my self at all times so there will be some YouzTube moments. Can't wait!!! And the fact that she's already creating drama makes it even better.

I went out to the clubs in Scottsdizzle on Saturday night. It was me, NY dude, and this dude from Laos who works with us. I haven't been out in that scene for about 8-9 years, so it was cool. But it really was uneventful. I got drunk as fuck, but it was pretty low key. The best part of the night was when we were leaving one of the bars, and NY Dude made a bad comment about NY. I said that I know a dude from NY and he thinks NY is the greatest place on earth. NY dude says "well your friend in NY is an idiot. Only women think NY is the greatest." that made my night.

I really don't have much else to say. There was some golf and baseball and basketball and hickey* this weekend. I watched all of it except the golf and basketball and hockey. And I really only watched one baseball game, Cincy vs Washngton in Sunday because the MLB package is free on DTV right now.

I hope this week goes by quickly.

Friday, April 13, 2012

addicted to animal shows lately

I am not drunk.  Had work tonight. 

In all seriousness why does MLB still allow Jamie Moyer to pitch.  Is he not blocking a younger pitcher out there?

I wanna go face to face with Hannah Storm.  Just that my face will be my bizalls.  Lights out.

Machete is a ridiculous movie.

When I get a house I'm getting an Ostrich to gaurd the perimeter.  They are the best fighting bird on the planet.  They can run 55 MPH.  One kick to the face can actually kill you.  If stuck in the right spot. 



My favorite Italian pastry is a Sfogliatelle.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Castro sucks! /Ozzie

Who really cares about Petrino's phone records? Everyone knows he had an affair and he has already been fired. He's got to work all that out with his wife.

Bynum had 30 rebounds last night...that's a lot. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! /bmh

I don't like Steven Tyler as a judge on American Idol. Even before he speaks, he looks like a clown in the clothes he wears. Then it gets worse when he speaks.

Jug's house update: Not good right now...still no showings on my house. I've dropped the price once already and will consider trying to lease it out in the near future. That's not really the route I'd like to go in, I'd rather just be rid of it. fmjug and I are going to start looking at house tonight with our realtor.

I may or may not be going to San Antonio this weekend. fmjug's sister is ready to have a baby, and her due date is Friday. We'll head out there if she has it by Saturday. I like road trips.

No /Axel Rose


I want to go to a baseball game soon.

That is all...go!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Redeye flights suck

I'm sitting in the airport in Hawaii waiting to go home. Fucking crying babies.

I'm going to be useless tomorrow, maybe moreso than normal.

Rockies suck, nuggets suck, it's all around suck here.
Found an awesome taco truck, kalua pork tacos are the bomb, ate them three times in the week I was there.

Other than that the food was subpar, I was in a non touristy area so no fancy restaurants. I did have a great burger from the gas station near my dads condo.

Rained the whole week too, but that's ok, we were remodeling the kitchen, so we had shit to do anyway.

Hawaii is far.

I could live there though.

Petrino is a douche, I guess karma finally caught up with him.

To answer tem's porn question, I like the back room casting couch ones. I know they're not real, but when I was in school I had that idea,but was too much of a pussy to try and pull it off. Plus I like avoiding jail.

That is all, aloha and mahalo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hedgehog style

What's your favorite big band?

Baseball is like 4 games in....somehow I don't care. Playoff hockey starts soon. Pens vs flyers should be a good series. I say flyers in 6. I don't think the Blue Jackets made it this year. They are the opposite of good. They need contracted.

Ozzie guillen is in lots of trouble. Big chance he just resigns today. Apparently Castro is the Cuban Hitler. Or so says Dan LeBetard on TV today.

I worked out this morning. I told Cmtem if I worked out in the morning then I got to motorist her tonight whenever I wanted to. She underestimated how easy it is to bribe me. Either that or she knew exactly what she was doing.

Went to home depot to look at lawnmowers. They were not cheap. I just want one that cuts the grass, where do I find that? I don't need one that drives itself or cuts the grass into fine particles that go in a special bag. Just give me one that cuts the grass and leaves the grass on the ground. I am ok with grass on the ground.

How is blue's job search going?

How is meiz's job search going?

Don't send any thank yous. /LP

Golf sucked me in Sunday, I almost wanted to play it again. By Monday night that feeling was gone. Golf sucks.

Warren sap has had a good job for like 15years in a row and still is bankrupt? Wft?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Bubba Gump

The Masters was pretty suite yesterday. I like Bubba Watson, it's cool that he's made it this far and never had golf lessons. He learned how to golf from his dad. Good for him.

Has anyone seen that commercial for where the girl is sitting in class and her military dad walks into the classroom and surprises her? I've seen it probably a dozen times and every time it chokes me up. I couldn't find the actual commercial, but here is the video of it.

The first full weekend of MLB has passed. The MESS are 3-0 and the Braves are 0-3. Congrats, LP. I'm SAS that bolth the Mess and O's are 3-0. I guess that means the Twins are as bad as I thought they would be. How's that for jumping to conclusions? Th other awesome thing is that the Red Sux are 0-3. Hooray beer!

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was great. We had cmk's family over here. Along with my mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and grandpa. I made some bomb ass sangria, my famous cheddar bacon deviled eggs, the ham, and spinach artichoke dip. Cmk made some awesome chocolate cupcakes with a Cadbury egg in the middle. Those were dope. And everyone else broat* something too. We had tons of food, it was great. What was the best thing you had to eat yesterday? I think mine was the cupcake.

I have been growing my beard out for about 2 weeks. It's so fucking itchy, I hate it. But we're going to Vegas in 2 weeks, and they want to do an 80s theme so I'm going to let the beard grow until then and then rock a stache in Vegas that weekend. I was letting the neck beard grow too, but I had to shave that shit yesterday, it was annoying me.

I think my favorite heavy metal song of all time is Enter Sandman. What's yours? No, I changed my mind. It's One by Metallica. Yeah, that's my favorite.

Friday, April 06, 2012

i travel with a roll of quarters like a boss

im hungry im so fat i ate two dinner tonight wft

did mary j blige really have that ad pulled because a black women + fried chicken commercial is racist? cuz that's hilarity imagine other people and sensitivity around ads?  like picture sofia vergara pitching goya products.  or michael j fox selling shake weights


man i crack myself up

shame you dont kjnow a kanye song
he's a douche ::slang term for african american:: but he can rap

i dont get people that dont like rap, even though im white, the whole fucking thing is confusing i know

dwight howard is like a bitch what's his deal?


opening day was all over the place, what an great way to ruin a time honored tradition

Drinking update: my mom is in town we qre drinking together tonight, she has chosen to go with a classic rum and coke while i have chosen beer, win with dinner and now back to beer


fuckimg cap lock

Happy Easter christ has risen

Easter menu
antipasto, fried calamari, shrimp cocktail
chicken marsala over rigatoni
grilled lamb rip chops, potato cakes, broccolini salad

1st place feels good

rip kid

flexa time to have sexa

Thursday, April 05, 2012


Still blockt...yet I can get to to write this post. We'll see if I can actually publish it. I don't like posting from my phone too much. I'm almost willing to pay for the .com site again, and pay mize back his $10 for the .net. Does anyone out there have my work email address? Try sending me a link to the comments page...last thing to try I guess.

Mess are tied for first right now...enjoy Lp. The White Sox as well...good times!

I watch American Idol...I hope the Phillip Phillips guy wins.

Golf starts today or something. I don't watch golf, but I listen to enough sports talk to know whats going on. I like that Tiger won his last tournament before heading into this weekend. The silly "Would you take Tiger or the field" question is out of hand though. Settle down.

RIP Dimebag

I was the first one in my office this morning, so we're listening to my music for a little while. I hope they like Cross Canadian Ragweed.

I couldn't name one Kanye song...NS. (I don't want...your life. /Lp, Mox, and Mize)

I have a complete 3 day working on Monday next week because fmjug is off. Suite!

I think that's all I have right now...Go!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012



Flo rida is my favorite rapper right now. He doesn't need no shitty pitbull to help him sell albums. He's got great songs to workout to.

on my way to hawaii today, without cmblue. so i've got that going for me.

remember how great brandon knight was last year at kentucky? yeah that's what that kidd-gilchrist guy is going to be in the league..nothing.

trying to load an itunes giftcard to my itunes account, keeps telling me it's already been redeemed. WFT?

.net makes LOV seem like it's all fresh and new

RG3 told the colts thanks but no thanks, who's the bitch now jim irsay.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

kentucky won

I watched the first half then went to bed. I didn't think Kansas had enough to come back against Kentucky. I would have watched the second half if it wasn't too late. Damn halftime was like twice as long as usual. Stupid TV. In any case Kentucky winning made my bracket picks respectable. Not sure where I ended up but it wasn't last. After a couple rounds I was in way last place.

Vegas weekend again. The ACM awards were pretty cool. The audience was interesting. We had nosebleed seats, I wore a button down and some jeans, random person next to me had jeans and a T shirt, next to her were two girls in evening gowns and two dudes in suits. Next to them was a hooker and a guy in a suit. Next to him was a girl with jean shorts and a flannel shirt. Then another set of people in formal wear. Quite the array of levels of dress.

There really wasn't anything going on during commercials. It was mostly just stage guys getting the stage set up. Then the voice guy would count down and tell us when to cheer.

Almost got in a fight with a guy in front of me. He was a big scotty mccreary fan and did not like it when I said that means he has a vagina. His girl was a Spanish*. She laughed a lot. Cmtem was not happy with me though. But later on she agreed that I was correct and that if you are a big mccreary fan then you have a vagina.

Fan voted awards at real award shows are dumb. I would have bet a Brazilian dollars Taylor swift would win the big award. Whoever has the teenage girl vote wins fan voted stuff. Tem voted once. 14yr old girl voted 1,000 times.

When is the NFL draft? When is the Yahoo MLB draft?

Baseball season started already, but not really . That's wierd.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Beisbol preview, AnimaL style


The Rangers are gonna win the West. They lost CJ but they can still mash. And I think Yu is gonna put up #s equal to what CJ did last year. I'm not thrilled about Neftali moving to the rotation. But they have a proven arm in Nathan at the back end of the 'pen. The Angels made all the splashes this winter, which will get them a wild card spot. The As and Mariners bolth* suck. Mariners finish 3rd and the A's finish last. They have zero offense and just above zero pitching.
I'm going to pick the Indians to win the Central. It's probably a dumb move. Obviously the Tigers are the muscle in that division. But the Tribe have some young guys with a ton of talent who don't know any better. It'll be a close race between Cle/Det through the dog days of summer. KC also has some young talent and they'll finish 3rd. Twins will finish 4th and CWS will finish in last. Sorry Jug. They are really bad. And they still have Adam Dunn and Alex Rios. Yikes. They're making about $169 million* between the two of them this year. *estimated
AL East is going to be a fight as usual. Since I'm always on the Yankees' jock, I'll take them to win the East. Tampa will finish runner up. Sucks for them. They should move to the NL East. Everyone is picking the Blue Jays to shock people and make the playoffs. I won't be that bold, but I think they'll finish 3rd. Their offense is solid but they still need some pitching help. Red Sux will continue with O:FB and finish in 4th. And everyone will be happy. The O's are the worst team in the AL. They will finish approximately 78 games behind Bnew York.
Verlander beats the Angels in the wild card matchup.
Tigers over the Yankees, Rangers over the Tribe.
Tigers over the Rangers in a rematch of last year's ALCS.
Tigers/Giants WS will be boring as he'll.
Tigers win the World Series and mize joins another Detroit bandwagon.

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