Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fucking mountaineers

Another WVU loss. Goddman Turkish guy. Turns the ball over too much and shoots too poorly. He looks like some sort of bear hunting lumberjack.....plays like one too. WVU has NIT written all over them.

This year seems to be going by slowly. February has one day more too, so that'll slow it down more. For the first time in 8 years a recruiter called me. Should I call him back? I suppose so. You never know when you'll want to jump ship. Speaking of that, how is Blue's search going? I got a call from a lady in Denver asking me questions about an old employee. She put me on the spot. He's trying for a job in grand junction or grand something. She was tossing interview questions at me about him. I suck at answering them for myself, I'm sure I did bad answering them about someone else.

I'm sure some sports shit happened, but I didn't watch after WVU pissed me off. X-games do not suck me. I can't get into them at all. I view most of that shit as rich people sports. Growing up the only people with skis and snowmobiles and snowboards were the rich people. I always hated rich people sports. Hockey was a rich kid sport so I never got into it. Also practices are at like 5am. No. Fucking. Way.

I wrote this post on my phone. I have no idea what autocorrect did to it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ninjas in Paris

That shi cray

I think there was a footyball game last night. I didn't watch one, but I heard about it. It wasn't the Super BowlTM, though. Although I really don't care about that game this year. Like I said, the only thing I'll be rooting for is my square. But I'm not spending $100 on a square. That's nonsense, LP.

I ♥ the winter X Games. Shaun White is a fucking beast. Did anyone see his last run of the night last night? He had already wrapped up his 5th consecutive gold and he was the last one to go down the pipe. All he does is goes out and puts up a perfect 100 out of 100 score. He's probably better at the super pipe than anyone else in the world is at anything.

I watched a little golf yesterday. Next week the PGA is gonna be here, which is always a good time when I go. But yesterday was grate. Dude was trying to win his 1st PGA tourney and he's up by 3 shots going to the par-5 18th. He hits his third shot from aout 130 yards,puts too much back spin on it and it rolls off the green into the water. Then he three putts for triple bogey, sending it to a playoff. Then he loses the playoff. It was hilarity. For me. Probably notsomuch for him. He still made more money in 4 days than I've made in my life. So I guess the joke's on me.

We had a bday party for bgas. this weekend. Cmk made a ton of cake pops, cupcakes, and a suite bundt cake. That means I'm gonna be eating suites for the next week or so. Hello 200 lbs, it's been a while.

Did anyone see the Lebron dunk yesterday? I hate that guy, but it was a suite dunk. Not Vince Carter over a 7-footer suite, but suite nonetheless.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain makes people run late.

But why? Why is rain so disrupting? It's just water. People are nuts in the rain. They speedwalk speedier, all manners go out the window it's like a free for all to get to work. It's insane. I hate people. Generally speaking.

Bugs Bunny vs Donald Duck

Hype week next week.

Did you see the contract the Tigers gave Prince?

But seriously Miggy at third is HILARITY.

I got jungle fever. And the only prescription is some purple pussy.


Anyone like this band called Rise Against?

My son has been alive a little over 13 months and not only has he never slept the whole night but he wakes up, on average, 4-8 times a night. What a pain in the ass.

Fuck you keef.

Can we do the summit like in May? October is busy.

Take the NFC and the over.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yob stuff: I'm ready for it to be about 9 AM CST tomorrow morning. I am meeting a military promotion board tomorrow morning for a chance at another stripe. I've been studying for it for a couple of weeks. What that entails is getting dressed up in my formal service uniform, reporting to the board military style (salute and all), and then sitting in front of a panel of 4 people who will ask me leadership and management questions for about 30 minutes. I should have went to the conference with Lp. Wouldn't have helped though, the questions will be based on Air Force guides to that stuff...so I need to be familiar with that stuff. All in all not fun, but I feel well prepared. Just ready to have it done. If I get promoted, I'll get more responsibility like Mize...but I'll get slightly more money. I'll explain my weird civilian/military yob situation another day.

Sports stuff: I'm not really looking forward to all the Super Bowl media hype. I think some of the dumb questions the media asks the players is somewhat entertaining. I'll listen to sports talk radio for the first couple of days next week. I have no plans for the Super Bowl yet. One of my friends usually has a party, but no one has committed for various reasons. I'm a Super Bowl free agent. I haven't checked what the spread is since it opened at Pats -3.5. I thought that was high and that the Giants should be favored. I have no rooting interest this year and I'm not making any bets outside of squares.

Family stuff: My brother is leaving for Kuwait on Super Bowl Sunday and he will be gone about 8 months. He will actually fly to Mississippi for some training. He'll get there in time to see the game. Sucks that he is leaving though. He will be missing my wedding, and the birth of two nephews while he is gone.

Weekend stuff: I'm relaxing with some sort of whiskey beverage tomorrow night with fmjug. Saturday morning there is a Men's Super Bowl breakfast at my church. I went last year, it was good times. Good food, they have one of the Texans come out (Eric Winston this year) and a couple former players and local sports writer. Since I have been studying all week and haven't spent much time with fmjug, I told her I'd spend the rest of Saturday with her...probably end up at a concert that night. Sunday I'm meeting some friends at Hooters for a going away party for my brother. What are you doing this weekend?

LOV stuff: Good luck in the finals this week Lp!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wednesdays suck

I'm still devastated by the TCS loss. My fucking kicker sucks.

Obama ripped on congress last night. Basically told them that they suck, and are to blame for all the world's problems

Nuggets have 2nd best record in the west

Dennis Allen abandons the broncos for the hated raiders. I liked the dude, but i hate the raiders...thus I hate him

Fat Prince decided to be like his daddy. I wonder if he can live in his dad's old house in Detroit.

College Basketball, Kentucky is good, syracuse is good, maybe st. johns is good, i don't know, it's january bro, call me in March.

Pro-bowl is this weekend. I probably won't watch it either.

Senior bowl is this week. I probably won't watch that either.

I do like that new show on NBC "the firm". I've always liked John Grisham anyway, and while he doesn't write for the show, the series (so far) has been very similar to how his books work. Only thing is, i don't see how this main character can continue to have a show after this season...c'mon man, how many times are you going to let this happen to you.

ok, this is enough. I'm not earning any points with this crap anyway.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post 1504

Post 1504 sucks.

All sorts of car trouble going on in temhio. Just got to work now, got ambushed by the boss as I walked in...so much for sneaking in. He isn't mad, but now TPS is unavoidable.

In any case I still need to score last nights post from like 8pm on.

OK final tally's are in...

last place - Meiz. He said it himself, he didn't even deserve to be in the finals. He barely made it in and instead of taking advantage of the situation and receiving a TCS prize pack that would have kept him living comfortable for weeks he just didn't try. Perhaps Sysco is to blame as his during the day posts are about 0. Last place and a black mark for future TCS competitions. Final score 33 points.

3rd place - El Pad. Not reading the weekend or even catching up on weekend stuff cost him big time. He was in the lead friday at 5pm, but by saturday was in third. No weekend efforting means no title. El Pad did set the record for negative points recieved in TCS. He recieved -6 points over the week for not knowing the rules, not reading WE (although after his third comment on things that were talked about a ton over WE I gave him 2 points back for the hilarity of him not reading a damn thing) and not catching up while at work. Those points wouldn't have really helped as he finished a distant 3rd. 47.5 points.

Now it is down to Keith and Blue. Blue got off to a great start with liking Family Guy, but Keith had one hell of a run down the stretch. Reese tits and Kathy ass were the equivalent of the Music City Miracle. But with nekkid chicks. Or at least Reese was nekkid. Keith had to work hard too because nobody gave him free points.

Final score was 65 to 64. (Read the rest of this in Bruce Buffer voice). The winner and STILL TCS CHAMP. KKKKKKKEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTTTTHHHHHHHH.

200% honest I didn't want him to win again. But goddman it if he doesn't try. Your TCS prize pack will be mailed out in the usual timely manner. So you'll get it sometime....you'll get it before El Pad gets his beer from H.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Who cares

Congrats to LP & H. Rematch from a few years ago. Just do us a favor and don't be rev for the foreseeable future.

As for me, I could* care less about the Super BowlTM this season. Can't stand either team. I guess if I had a gun to my head and had to pick a team to root for, I dunno, I'd probably pull the trigger.

News channels around here are going apeshit about the Peyton Manning speculation. They all think that it's a lock that the Colts will release him and the Cardinals will jump in and swoop him. I don't know much about salary caps, but I think they're already paying one of their QBs about $60 million over the next 5 years. And it's not even the QB that almost got them into the playoffs this season. It's the one who has that faggy looking chin hair.

Me & cmk watched Hall Pass last night. It was ok I guess. Had some funny parts in it. There was a scene in it that got me busted, though. In one part, dude gets caught checking out some chick's ass by his wife. Other dude says "hey rookie, you're supposed to see the chick coming first, then look the other way in the direction she'll be going so that she has to walk though your vision, then you can check her out". Now, that is my go to move. I started chuckling when he said that, and cmk looks over and said "do you do that?" by that time my poker face was busted so I said yeah I've done that once or twice.

I was going to do a giant post of dats & dems for today, but last night I had the choice of either doing that post or having sex. So you got this POS post. Sorry.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Championship Weekend

Normally these two games end up being the best games of the year. Sometimes the Super Bowl sucks. In my lifetime the games to go to the Super Bowl are good. Sometimes great. When you look at the final four left you are getting two solid matchups. Great defense vs Great offense in the early game. And two storied playoff rivals in the second. The latter most likely in bad weather and featuring a hot team vs a hotter team.

Do you want a Super Bowl 42 Rematch?
Do you want a historical matchup of head coach brothers?
Do you want Brady vs his childhood hometown Niners?
Do you want a rematch of The Kerry Collins/Trent Dilfer Bowl?

The second game looks more promising to be a great one. The Niners fans were rabid last week, grreat atmosphere, don't know if you heard but I'm hearing rain. The Niners are extremely physical, so much so they have like a "pool" in which the hardest hit on film during the game gets the hittor* paid. Donte Whitner wins that alot. Problem with this logic though is when a player bounces off the big hit they score. Nobody tackles anymore it's all about blowing someone up. Good luck with that said Giants WR, Hakeem Nicks.

Running game. Advantage Niners. When the Giants focus on stopping the run, they usually do so. Interesting match-up. No idea what they are getting out of Brandon Jacobs. Jerry Rice called him soft though so maybe that will fire this mule up. A fired up mule is a good thing to have on your team in muddy conditions. Bradshaw picking up blitzes has been Ya-HUGE. He doesn't wait for the blitzer to come to him he attacks the blitzer. Guy is fearless. Would make a great SWAT team member.

Linebackers of the Niners are outstanding. Boley is huge this game. Just about the only backer on the Giants that can cover Vernon Davis. You'll see some Antrel Rolle attempting that too. Davis might be double covered most of the game considering Webster can probably be able to handle Crabtree one on one.

Let me move on before I say something that jinxes the Giants. I'm fired up just writing this.

Pats -7 over Ravens
I just don't see how the Ravens offense keeps up with the Pats. Even against Championship defense I expect New England to put up points. Because how do you cover a racehorse with ape hands (Gronk)? Hernandez and Welker at the same time? Ravens secondary is not that great. The front 7 is the engine. If they get pressure on Brady then it equalizes, if not, jam those guys all you want Brady will find one of them. Everyone hates Brady but he has that fuck you im not losing face going so you gotta repsect that.

Pats have won 9 in a row since the Giants loss. However not exactly murderers row. Philly, Indy, Was, Denver twice, KC, NYJ, Miami and Buffalo. During that same stretch Baltimore is 7-2 with wins over teams like Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Houston. Worth noting.
Also worth noting, Flacco is 49-23 as Ravens starter and 5-3 in the tournament. Not bad, you see why he has struggled with not getting enough credit. Then you watch him sail an open out route for a first down 12 yards down the field and then you realize why. This team can never rely on him to win a game.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Steamboat was fun!

Got some work stuff going on this morning, so this is what you get for now. I may add more later, I may not. If I was smart, I would have done a post last night when I got home. I wasn't smart.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turn the lights back on

I guess the internet blackout scheduled for today, didn't go so well. Oh well.

Tebow played the 2nd half on saturday with torn cartilage in his sternum, a bruised lung, and fluid buildup in his lung....Ok..well he still played like shit.

Jim Caldwell firrrd. Peyton Manning probably next. I'm not sure the Colts want to spend $28M on a QB with a broken neck.

Broncos OC is headed back to Miami for a second interview. In my world, second interviews means you're a serious candidate. Broncos fans are rejoicing because most think that McCoy is a joke and held Tebow back.

Tom Brady is still a fag

IF the gints make the superbowl (AHIIK) I'll make the bier bet.

Nuggets #beatemdown the bucks last night, you know your team is bad when you let Corey Brewer score 22 against you.

Not sure what's going on in Hockey

Pitchers and Catchers report in 28 days. (OK i made that up, but the losers who know the actual amount of days, are just that, losers).

Rockies are gonna suck balls, mark my words...balls

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It is windy

It is windy here and tomorrow is post 1500. I don't think those two are related. But what if they are?

TCS finals start this week. El Pad, Keith, Meiz and Blue made it. Rules are much simpler this time. If your comment entertains me it is worth points, otherwise it is not. Well placed walls entertain me. Dem tits entertain me. Dat asses entertain me. But you only get 1 dem dit and dat ass per day. We don't want 100s of dem tits links. People will get confused as to what this blog is about. By the way, TCS seems to be set up to reward mass commenting again. No penalty for spam. Entertaining spam can score points.

I bought new headphones but can't get the goddman plastic case open. I need fingernails. I just cut them yesterday, so i gotta wait until they grow. Or use a pair of scissors.

Family Guy was about Brian dating a blind chick. I LOLed a lot. I like Family Guy. Liking Family Guy is worth 10 TCS points.

My NFL predictions were pretty spot on last week so let's go again. San Fran rolls the Giants, Patriots roll the Ravens.

Anyone else think they have super powers but they just can't figure out how to unlock them?

I heard me some Mr. Wendel in a bar yesterday. Forgot about those Arrested Development guys. They were cool. I've never watched their show. I guess it is going to be a movie now and coming back after it gets cancelled. You just can't keep Mr. Wendel down.

Mr Jones from that other song by some other band is the guy's penis.

Telling tOSU people that Aaron Craft got Bruce Pearl fired always results in blank stares.

I should go to work.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A diary that runs

Here we go again. Seems like just 1 year ago I was here doing this. Let's get to it. Live, via DVR, it's the 2012 Golden Globe awards

7:32 Ricky Gervais hosting again. I know whonhe is this year. He starts out bashing the Golden Globes, calling them Kim K compared to the Oscars being Kate Middleton. Made me LOL.

7:35 Wow, his jacket is hideous. Probably because he's British. He just made a joke about his dong. LP loved it. RG looks a lot less drunk this year than he was last year.

7:38 Man, Steve Buscemi is a good looking dude.

7:40 Johnny Depp is the first presenter. He's dressed up as John Mayer tonight. Maybe Beth can answer this. What is it about JD that makes the bitches swoon? In a totally non-gay way, he doesn't look to be a grate* looking dude.

7:43 I lied. JD wasn't presenting. The first presenters are Gerard Butler and Mila Kunis. I like her. She is wearing a white square pasty over her nipples, because her dress is see through. I like her a lot. They are presenting best supporting actor. Some old guy I've never heard of from a movie I've never heard of just won. Good for him.

7:47 Ashton & Elle presenting best actress in a tv show. Laura Dern won. I don't know her show. But congrats from your friends at LOV.

7:58 Best tv miniseries. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

8:00 Kate Winslett won a miniseries award. She has nice boobs.

8:05 I don't know why people think Nicole Kidman is attractive at all. I can't stand her. I can't stand any redhead. COLOV

8:08 RG is funnier this year than he was last year. Or maybe I'm just less critical.

8:12 Bgas. is sitting here on the floor, and the crown on tv just starred clapping, so she looked up and started clapping along with them. It's amazing the shit you think is entertaining when you have kids.

8:28 I've decided I am not a huge fan of this show, compared to the Oscars or any of the music award shows. There is too much going on. This show is the awards show version of the Cheesecake Factory.

8:30 Good God, that's Kate Beckinsale's music!! I love me some Kate Beckinsale. She's top 5 for me.

8:35 LP just won an award. Oh, wait, no. That's Peter Dinklage. My bad.

8:45 Ewan McGregor talking now. Apparently he's at the top of cmk's list. Who knew?

9:00 Matt Leblanc wins for best actor in a comedy. His hair is totally gray. No matter what he does, he's Joey.

9:03 Bradley Cooper presenting now. Apparently he's at the top of of cmk's list. Her list is like Steve's list.

9:05 Gap toothed giant black lady just won best supporting somethngorother. Cmk: "damn, her arms are huge".

9:08 Tem's girl Reese on stage now. She looks pretty good. Her hair is all disheveled, like she just got done fucking. I like that look.

9:15 Morgan Freeman is being honored with a lifetime achievement award. They showed clips of a lot of his movies. Goddamn, I'd put his body of work up against ANYONE else in Hollywood. He's a mafuggin pimp.

I just realized, this is the 69th Golden Globe awards. Hehehehe

9:35 Angelina Jolie. Not a Jew. But she's really fucking gross. Hideous. Skeletonian.

9:38 Salma Hayek's tits are on stage. Say hi to everyone.

9:39 Modern Family wins best comedy. Yay. Sofia Vergara. Yum.

9:45 Tem's girl Michelle Pfeiffer. She looks ok I guess. For a 60 year old.

I want to see that 50/50 movie. And Moneyball. And We Need to Talk About Kevin.

9:50 Queen Latifa on stage. The only thing she is queen of is whatever the opposite of Jenny Craig is.

9:58 RG is getting really drunk now. Good times.

9:59 George Clooney wins for The Descendants. That means we got to see Stacy Keibler. Everyone wins.

10:04 The Descendants wins for best drama. That means we get to see Stacy Keibler again. Everyone keeps winning.

Friday, January 13, 2012

In the divisional world, li-ving in a divisional world DIVISIONAL, AL

New Orleans -3.5 over SAN FRAN

San Fran beat two good teams this year. The Giants, early in the year and the Steelers. They split with Arizona and beat the RAMS and Seahawks twice. Out of conference wins include the Browns and Redskins. They have had a great year. No doubt the defense is scary. No doubt. But, they haven't seen a team as good as New Orleans yet. So there is an unknown here. The QB they are facing is on a different planet and can even make excellent defenses look silly. They've been on cruise control since mid December. There only hope is a slow track. And the weather looks to be crisp and sunny so that probably won't be the case. Defense wins championships. I mean did you see the Alabama game Monday night. But this is a different league right now, complimentary defenses that compliment high porwered offenses have been winning in January. We'll put this model to the test at 4:30 Saturday.
Saints 27, Niners 17

Denver +14 over NEW ENGLAND
I mean you have to be just insane not to take the points here. INSANE. Have you been alive the past 10 weeks of the NFL? 14 points to the man who has sparked a god damn national controversy. I mean Merrill Hodge can't even sleep at night he's gonna end up like Percy the Green Mile Gaurd staring out the window of a mental ward in a straight jacket wearing fuzz slippers. I get it. Brady has weapons. They can score. Blah blah. The Patriots defense blows. Belichick won't be a dumbass and leave the secondary naked back there but the Broncos will still gain a bunch of yards. The game comes down to red zone scoring. Pats will score, no doubt because that's what they do, you can't cover Gronkowski/Hernandez AND Welker all at once. Will the Broncos score enough to win?
Pats 31, Broncos 29

Houston +7.5 over Baltimore
Fucking Flacco is perplexed he doesn't get talked about in the same breath as Rodgers or Brees. What a clueless fuck. Anyway Houston has a top ranked D so they hang around. Baltimore can play some D too. Suggs went to Ball So Hard University. That shit cray.
Baltimore 17, Houston 13

You know the deal, especially after they won. No chance I'm handicapping the Giant game. Handicap your face. But it already is. SNAP.

Tell you what though, if i'm right. Giants have no shot at beating the Saints in that fucking dome. None. Lock it up.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Tebow Train comes to Foxboro

So I don't know if any of you have heard, but there is some religious guy in Denver that people seem to be interested in...

Seriously, though, sports talk here has been all about Tebow all week. The thing that I have found most frustrating is that Tebow's supporters can't separate the man from the football player. If you criticize his play, people start telling you how great of guy he is or they say you just hate him because he is religious. Um, no. I think he is a fine young man and a great example for kids, but he still throws one of the ugliest balls in NFL history. But is is working for him, so whatever.

Some sports columnist from the Denver Post was on local radio earlier in the week. I forget his name and I'm too lazy to look it up, but he was the first guy to complain about the timing of McDaniels coming to the Patriots. Then a few days later he wrote a column saying it was no big deal because McDaniels was an awful coach. Talk about riding the fence to stir up controversy. I think this while thing was overblown. If you don't think NFL coaches call each other to get info on common opponents or former teams, you're just naive. Hoodie would have called Jr. Hoodie either way. Just like I'm sure Rex Ryan compared notes with Rob last year before the playoff game, since Cleveland had thumped the Pats earlier that season. It happens, deal with it.

Oh yea, they're actually playing a game! I think that Denver will put up a lot of yards but not necessarily a ton of points. They will need to control the ball and keep Brady off the field. Also if they take care of the ball they might have a puncher's chance. They were controlling the last game in the early going until they started turning the ball over. Oh yea, and don't try to field a punt with 7 seconds left in the half. It does you no good.

For the Pats, I think if they use McCourty at safety again instead if corner that will be a big help to the porous NE secondary. Also, the defensive front has to honor their lanes and try to contain Tebow and keep him in the pocket. You won't be able to stop him from rolling out all day, but if you can limit it, you can limit his effectiveness. Lastly, the offense MUST get off to a good start. They can't have the slow 1st quarter that has been their MO of late. They need to get up earlier, put their foot on Denver's neck and never let up.

Final score: NE 38 DEN 24

On another note, I'm car shopping today. Apparently my company has an employee discount program through Ford, so I will be looking at those first. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fucking Snow

3 hour drive in today...fuck that bullshit.

Who knew Hitler was a Steelers fan?

Supposedly there were over 9500 tweets per second referencing Tebow after the game on Sunday, that's more than the Royal Wedding/death of bin laden/death of steve jobs.

basically was mentioned in 6.4% of all tweets worldwide.


Steelers/Broncos game was viewed by 54.356mm people..most watched non-superbowl game ever, and ranks up there as the 4th most watched tv program (non-superbowl/olympics) of all time.

OK you can resume writing drivel

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No one is home anymore.

WWE launching their own network. One of the planned shows is a reality show with washed up former wrestlers all living under one roof.

2012 is going to be an awesome year.

King of Temhio is missing. Check the milk cartons.

TCS Standings:

El Pad 198
Keef 31
spiff 28
blue 12
Meiz 7
Aitch 0

Tacos and Sex. Now that is a good night my friends.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Good God! That's Tim Tebow's music!!

I'm not going to go all Tebow on you. You all know what happened. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I start the new yob today. And I have no idear what the internets situation is going to be over there. But I probably won't test it out during the first week. I will wait until at least week 2 before I try to get fired.

NCAA footyball "national championship" tonight. Whoyagot? I think LSU takes it. I hope that Alabamer takes it and then the writers vote for Oklahoma State. Actually, no, I take that back. Fuck Alabama. I hope LSU takes it.

MLB announces the 2012 HOF inductees today. Barry Larkin, baby!!!

There is nothing more fun than going to Costco on a weekend. I mean, am I right? (S)

Chuck was pretty good on SNL this weekend. He did a good imitation of Shaq. He made fun of white people. And he dressed up like a woman. The white people skit was hilarity. Here it is.

OK, I gotta go to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Cincy +3 over HOUSTON
The first playoff berth for the Texans finally comes. Would a one and done be grounds for a firing? Probably not. Houston has lost 2 straight to end the year and got beat by a winless Colts team. To say they have limped into the playoffs is an understatement. The Bengals backed in too but have put up a respectable year. Not alot of people other than that locker room thought they'd be playing this weekend so give credit to Lewis. These two teams played in week 14 and the Texans won by a point. It was the last time they would win for the year, luckily they had things in order before then.

Just wanted to throw this out there.

This will be a physical game.

T.J. is not Tommy John.

Cincy is 6-2-1 in past 9 road contests.

Andy Dalton has hair on his peaches. He'll make some fine plays in this game and lead the Bengals into the second round.

Bengals 23, Texans 19


Detroit +11 over SAINTS
New Orleans is entering this game, dare I say, EN FUEGO. But BUT....Stafford threw for over 5000 yards too and Brees TD/INT ratio was 46/14. Staffords? 41/16. Not bad. This team can score too. Either this game will go the way of Arizona/Packers back in 09 or one of these defenses will play above their level. I'm thinking the interior lineman for Detroit will make a difference in this game and force Brees into a couple of bad throws. I still see the Saints moving on because Payton is smart and he'll run the ball 30 times. Detroit gave up 130+ on the ground this year. Only 230 in the air. Bet you didn't know that.

Just wanted to throw this out there.

Matthew Stafford is really John Matthew Stafford.

New Orleans area is expected to be in the 60's. This means nothing.

New Orleans closed the season in style for bettors going 8-0 in final 8 games ATS.

New Orleans 30, Detroit 21


DENVER +8 over Steelers
And I have no idea why. I keep talking myself into Denver keeping things close against better judgement. Big Ben gimpy, no Ryan Clark, Pouncey sprained ankle, no Mendenhall or backup Mewelde Moore. On the road.

Just wanted to throw this out there.

Denver, like Houston, has lost 3 straight. First that has happened in the same playoff year where a team that is hosting a playoff game lost the last 3 regular season games.


Tim's middle name is Dick.

Steelers 18, Broncos 11

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Aitch is a failure

Michael Kay, who if you look up the word BUFFOONERY his entire face is next to it, was going nuts on the radio yesterday because he was the only one on his show who would prefer to be Derek Jeter over Tom Brady.

Now we wish both would die but if you had to choose one who would you want. The answer is simple. Quarterback. And all he kept screaming about was BUT CAPTAIN OF THE YANKEES! Listen dickwad football trumps baseball anytime and all the time. Even though Brady is the devil I'd rather be him than Jeter.

So much for WVU getting blowed out.

Funny thing about raises. God damn taxes.

Carmelo is awesome. The Knicks.....not so much.
I'm on board for the firing of D'Antoni. He is the Mike Martz of the NBA. He needs a great defensive coordinator which I thought they had in Mike Woodson. Maybe they need more time to hair gel.


Fucking Jug.

side dem tits

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is the Egg McMuffin of Posts

Blue kind of threw down the gauntlet with the new manager. While it wasn't an ultimatum, I clearly stated what I wanted to be paid under the new circumstances of the business. Also showing that I was below "market rate" and made a bunch of other really good arguments....I think I find out today what the outcome of that is. I sent the proposal almost 2 weeks ago though, so we'll see. If it doesn't work out how I want it to, i'm on the serious job hunt.

Local media keeps trying to be optimistic about the broncos/steelers game. While, i'll agree that it probably won't be a "blowout", I don't see any way the broncos stay in this game. They might not score A point, and i'm pretty sure you have to score more than 0 to win a game.

College Football kickers are the worst. Even in the pros, I hate the fact that at the end of games or in overtime it seems like teams play for the FG to win it. Screw that, if you're moving the ball, keep moving it, trust your offense, don't trust the idiot kicker. Boise State knows what i'm talking about, and now so does about 3 or 4 other college teams.

Since the BCS games have been fairly good, that means the national championship is going to be a stinker, for sure. I'm guessing nobody other than Tem will be tuning into the rotten orange bowl. Well, maybe Andrew Luck because his dad is involved or something.

The mormon guy won in Iowa by 8 votes. There will be a recount i'm sure. But it's really not fair, mormons have like 12 kids each, so they would have more voting power if some of them are over 18. So when they go to states with lots of mormons (Utah, Idaho, California, Boston*) he'll do well, everywhere else, he sucks.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Good Games

Lots of good games yesterday. It was a good day for NCAA football. A couple of terrible coaching calls I saw:

1 was Richt kicking a 43 yarder in OT on 3rd down. And that was after running a play on 2nd down just to center the ball. Maybe you'll want to get a little closer. 43 yards isn't even a gimme in the NFL. And your kicker was like a 50% kicker this year. Richt is an idiot.

And then 2 was Bielmemanamamama or whatever the Wisc coach is called. Umm, maybe you shouldn't waste timeouts asking about a play that can't even be challenged. It wasn't really even that close. That time out could have helped at the end of the game when your team tried to spike the ball with 2 seconds left. Umm, you can't execute a spike with 2 seconds and still have time on the clock. It just ain't happening. You should have ran a play there. That one is less idiotic than the wasted time out.

With all the good games yesterday that means Mich / VT is gonna be a bad one. Or WVU / Clemson will be bad. Maybe both. Can't have all the BCS games be close.

Oh and Penn St. Thanks for showing up.

Oh and what the hell was with that call in tOSU football game early when the refs gave the ball to tOSU after a Florida fumble?? They ruled it incomplete on the field and blew the shit out of the whistles. The ball was just laying in front of the UF QB and he didn't bother getting it because the ref was right behind him blowing the whistle. Then some fat tOSU guy picks up the ball and it is tOSU ball??? That game had the worse* officiating. 2 horrible calls later went UFs way, so I guess it evened out a bit.

GB / Det officials were terrible too, except totally in GBs favor. Not sure why Titus Young (I think) didn't get the TD call. Officials always err on the side of TD and let it get overturned...seeing as erring the other way doesn't work. Couple bad fumble calls in that game too.

Well now it is back to work. Unless I missed a great link or something Beth is cut from TCS.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy bnewer year

Noone is working today so I won't waste too much time on this. Plus, I feel like dog shit. Woe. I hope this nose thing is worth it.

Giants just drove the final nail in the Cowboys' coffin. Good for them. Tough matchup against Atlanta next week. I think N'awlins destroys the LIONS next week, sorry mize. That's not hating, the Saints are just that good. Playing better than anyone else right now. I actually am happy that Cincy is playing Houston, that's not a bad matchup. That've already surpassed any expectations I had for them this season, so what the hell, win a playoff game or 2 now.

College footyball!!!!

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