Friday, December 30, 2011

The End of December

A year ago I posted this:

i forgot to post

Sorry about the streak Freak.

Not picking meaningless games.

I'll take the Rams on sunday night. And Faith Hill.

Happy New Years Eve.
Posted by El Padrino at 9:35 AM "

And while the audience is limited I think LOV deserves better and it's gonna be 2012 don't forget, according to the Mayans shit is about to get real. For that reason LOV deserves a solid post.

First a year in review.

Outside of the death of Osama Bin Laden (Navy Team Seal Six what up) nothing really nuts happened (Arab spring? please, they replace a dickhead with another dickhead). We didn't have a Captain Sully moment I mean. The hilarious death of Kim Jong il was pretty newsworthy but in the "everything else not politics section this year" was pretty boring.

Well Weinergate was pretty awesome. /EP.

We pulled out of Iraq the same time Herman Cain pulled out of another former secretary.

Let's face it politics suck anyway. All of them are egomaniacs that can't keep their dick in their pants. Or old lesbians who should be playing bingo in their nightgowns. Or big gay communists.

Some things happened and continue to happen in Economy land but no one outside of me and blue care about it. So I'll skip that.

The internet got hotter. TV's will soon be live, like in your face LIVE.

Apple hypnotized people again. Steve Jobs died because he thought he was smarter than everyone else when it came to treating cancer. He would have died anyway, pancreatic cancer has the highest kill rate but it didn't have to go down like that Steven. Wish there was an app for cancer.

Never Forget, 10 years later.

Gabrielle Giffords and the horrible Arizona shooting.

Casey Anthony how ya doin.

Some young british douchebags got married.

Tears for Japan.

Charlie Sheen lost his shit. That was fun. #tigerblood

Rebecca Black, Kim K, Mob Wives, Extreme Couponing.

The rapture was fun.

No more space program. :(

Tornadoes win comeback player of the year. Jesus those things fucking suck.

Most of the news from 2011 was sports talk. Which is fine by me. We endured two pro lockouts, one of those resulted in missed games. The Lombardi trophy came home, the Larry O'Brien trophy alluded enemy #1, the Cardinals somehow did what they did in 2007 and it worked again, weird I know and O:FB had a lapse in judgement in the NHL.

O:FB woke up and raped the Red Sox with an epic, historic and hilarious collapse that cost people jobs, Bud Light, sleep and fried chicken.

Braves collapse was pretty suite.

Al Davis dies 40 years after he died.


If I said conference realignment would you know what I meant?

Sweater vest gone. Urb in.

Vancouver riots. Those crazy Canadians.

Down goes Frazier.

Womanz soccer was pretty suite.


The sickest March Madness tourney of my lifetime. 3 double digit seeds were in the final four. Some dude named Shaka was involved.


um >>>>> ::pointing to elephant in room::

This sad story out of Penn State.

Switching gears.....

My take on New Years Resolutions and New Years Eve/Day in general.

I think it's funny when people say they want World Peace as if they even know what that means. World Peace doesn't exist. Christians only know World Peace as the time period before Adam took that bite of forbidden fruit. The only piece I'm aware is from the ever loving jingle break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar. And if you're an aethiest then shit you ALREADY know world peace doesn't exist so no one needs to tell you.

Working out, eating better, etc. resolutions always crack me up. Because of the sheer laziness of the resolution #1 and because it means for 3 weeks in January you won't eat carbs or you'll do some pushups every morning for a week. Then it's over. So lame.

A real resolution comes from imagination. Creativity. Example, this year I want to focus on my self education. I'm going to learn another language and read five books on the economy to better understand it and get my real estate license. Or this year I'm going to enroll in cooking classes, learn to salsa and re-dedicate myself to my wife. ROMANCE!

Things get taken for granted daily. Wives and great people are some of those things. One of the only good things about new years eve is remembering those things and trying to remember...going forward not to misremember them. Make sense?

I wake up, kiss my wife and kids tell them I love them and go to work. I try to live a drama free life, I try and not be a shitty person to other people and I try to eat relatively well. I do this all year round. And as a shocker to you all, I agree with Keef. New Years is overated. It's overated because there is no meaning. A Happy New Year doesn't even exist, it's like world peace. As anyone in the history of mankind ever gotten through a whole year being happy every fucking day of one year? Outside of Hugh Hefner of course. No. Of course not. A rainy day could ruin a Happy Year.

Have a happy AND healthy new year! Oh thanks for the jinx asshole. Now the hypochondirac side of me is worried about this sinus headache turning into a brain tumor. It's just another day people. The first day of the first month. Nothing more. Sure this sounds old and like the late great Andy Rooney and so what. I'm getting old(er).

My view has changed on alot of things. I used to hate coffee. Now I don't. I used to be able to drink a 12 pack of beer and feel like a million bucks on Tuesday. Our bodies are shit. I hope you all know this. Either way I don't give a damn about your new years resolution so save it. (unless it's super creative and/or makes me laugh)

Happy New Year assholes.

Onto the picks.....

Another slate of meaningless games, and they want to expand to 18 games. Child please.
Three games to care about. Giants/Cowboys - Bengals/Ravens - and Denver/KC.
Few other games have implications but these three are the ones to watch. First one obviously for all the NFC East marbles, essentially a playoff game. The second one is a playoff game for Cincy and the third is Neckbeard hoping to stick it to Tesus and the potential of Tebow hosting a playoff game vs the Steelers.

122-109 is my record. Off we go.

Green Bay +3.5 - Matt Flynn is no joke. NS.
St. Louis +10.5 - Last cry for Spags.
NYJ +2 - More painful if they win and another team fucks them.
Minny -1 - Back-up QB's are sort of important. Teams know this.
Buffalo +11 - Dumbass spread.
Carolina +8.5 - another dumbass spread
Philly -8.5 - Eagles 4-1 favs for Super Bowl 2012
Indy +3.5 - Believe it or not the Colts are better than Jax.
Houston +3 - They need some momo here....
Atlanta -12 - They do not want to see Saints in round one.
Baltimore -2 - Want division crown
Steelers off board I'd take steelers
Denver -3.5 - Neckbeard fails.
San Diego +3 -Final nail in the Al Davis coffin
Arizona -3 - home team

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go Bulls!

I'm tired...and hungover.

fmjug's dad orders a smoked turkey every year during the holidays from some place in Tyler, TX (I think). There aren't many things that taste better than this smoked turkey...good stuff!

Her parents are having a new years eve party this weekend. They throw good parties, should be a good weekend.

I won one of my $$ leagues this past weekend...suite.

Remember pay phones? Those were fun. When did you get your first cell phone?

Two more days of work then I'm off for 18...suite.

Lp gets the last post of the year...make it good.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

slow news week

when the lead story on sports talk radio is that Rex Ryan said he'd take Peyton Manning in the draft ahead of know it's a slow week.

The NBA is back, didn't realize that I missed it until the games started up again...that was nice.

Lots of sledding was done over the last few days. bgblue1 is a daredevil on the sled, she'll be a great skier.

That's all

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TCS cuts

Rev and freak get cut from the TCS. That should surprise nobody.

Monday, December 26, 2011


It's 2:00 am, I just got home. I have to be up for work in 4 hours. This is my post. I might post more later. I might not.

Friday, December 23, 2011

111-104 - Santa is a good handicapper

Merry Christmas to all. My favorite Christmas memory is flipping out when I went to the tree to see a beautiful Night Rider bike. It was dope. Can't wait to see how excited my daughter gets when she sets her eyes on her pile. It's what it's all about.

And the food. Cookies.

Here are picks. Stocking Stuffers.

BUFFALO +3 - Home Dog Me. Again, if Bills win, and Chiefs win. Next week America gets it's Sunday Night Tebow game. Meant to be.

CINCY -4 : Bengals eat Cardinals ya know.

Jax +7.5 - Nothing to see here.


PATS -9.5 : They smell the one seed.


Minny +6.5 : Ponder has balls.


BALT -13 : Roll that shit smoke that shit.

Chargers +2.5 : are hot right now. HOT.

Philly +2 : Fuck Dallas.

SEATTLE +2 : doesnt lose at home, San Fran starts to "rest"

GREEN BAY -13 : Oh my.

Atlanta +6.5 : not scurred of Mercedes Benz Chocolate City Feces Dome, said Matt Ryan.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Festivus!

I was going to finish up my Christmas shopping last night, but some of fmjug’s friends came into town so we went to dinner with them…good people and good times. Now I’ll have to finish up my shopping tomorrow night. I always leave it to the last minute, oh well. Happy Festivus!

Christmas plans…There is always some drama with expanding families around this time of the year. Everyone wants to see everybody and still keep their Christmas traditions going and it never works out like everyone wants. Luckily we were able to avoid that drama this year. On Christmas Eve I’m volunteering to work at my church during two of the early services, then dinner with fmjug and both our parents. After that we go to a Christmas party, and then to church for the 11 PM candlelight service. Christmas day we’ll probably go to church with my parents, then dinner that night with my side of the family. Sports and presents! Bulls open that day and the Bears play the Packers. The Bears game won’t be pretty. Fmjug’s family is doing their Christmas on the 26th this year, so we’ll do that on Monday. What’s your weekend look like?

I’ll be one of the few in my office next week, only three days though. Then I’m off until Jan 17th…suite!

Happy hour tonight with some friends to watch the Texans game.

That’s really all I have to say right now…GO!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Channukah

or something.

muslims hate this week, not only do we have christmas, but the jews have their holy week as well.

I think i'm ready for Christmas. Got the in-laws coming in to town today. Today is the last day of work for the year for blue. He's taking the meiz approach of not giving a shit anymore.

Funny that tem missed Kod in the TCS. I guess kod is so small in stature that he's like an FCS (1-AA) school.

One bad thing about having a new boss, is they think they have to prove to everyone how smart they are. Do your job, nobody cares that you're an idiot, you already have the job. And here's a little hint, don't make enemies on your team within the first 3 weeks on the job, we'll quit protecting you. Fucking woe.

Giving all my annual review to employees this week. Made one chick on my team cry yesterday. At least she didn't get fired.

I'm excited for the NBA to come back, gives me something to watch during the week now. I'm about sick of watching House Hunters every night.

Speaking of house hunters, my neighbor just quit her job so she could take some relaxation time. She wants cmblue to team up with her and start flipping houses. In this market. Well, whatever keeps the wives happy I guess.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TCS Standings

First of all, no these don't have to add up to be a .500 record. Sometimes you play a Blog Championship Series team. Not all games are against Blog Bowl Series teams.

Second of all if I forgot someone it is because I wrote this in about 5 minutes.

Keith 12-0. Just a juggernaut. Day in and out. Posts during the day, posts at night. Two time (maybe 3 I dunno) defending TCS champ. How do you beat him? Send him on a vacation I guess.

El Pad 10-2. Plays hard until about the middle of the 4th qtr. Then just goes home. Usually has built up enough of a lead in games that it doesn't matter, but sometimes lets games slip away late. Had keith on the ropes in their game, then let him off the hook.

Jug 9-3. Solid outings most weeks. Basically a good all around team. Capable of hanging in there with anyone. Dropped games to El Pad and Keith and Beth. He stared at her tits too much.

Meiz 9-4. Started off realy strong at 9-1, but lost his last 3. Why did he play 1 more game than everyone else? I dunno. Thoughts around the league are that his new job has affected his play. He's really going downhill fast.

Blue 8-4. When his wife doesn't hold him back he is tough to beat. Somehow pulled off an upset of El Pad. Praised Tebow for the win.

Spiff 6-6. A linking monster equals big play ability. A threat to score from anywhere on the field. Doesn't have much of a defense. Seems to take those plays off. He'll just wait until it is time for the offense and unload some dem tits. You can never count out dem tits in the TCS.

Tyler 6-6. Wedding time got his season off to a poor start. Damn womans*. Has shown spurts of greatness. Work seems to keep his head out of the game at times. Needs to focus more on what counts.

H 5-7. If woe or inviting me to events in Rhode Island scored points he'd be unbeatable. Has the ability to throw up huge numbers, but instead like Tyler focuses on work. Some nekkid pics of band groupies could score some big points for him.

TP 5-7. More bum punching and less work will lead him to a title. But there are only so many bums around that you can punch.

Beth 2-10. The only person with the ability to win the TCS with one post (unless spiff has some pics of her too). She won't use that card though. Usually scores on her opening drive of the day, but then peters out. She has lawyers to do.

Freak 1-11. Only beat Rev. It is thought that he is dead, but I see him on X-Box.

Rev 0-12. Insufferableness doesn't score points. Posting only after Philly teams do something good is poor form. It is sad to see a legend of the blog fall so hard.

Monday, December 19, 2011

All dogs go to heaven

Really really sad day today. Lots of tears shed around here. We had to have Tressel, our 3 year old Weimaraner, put to sleep. Such a freak accident, too. He ended up having this. We were at a brunch in the morning, we got home about 2:00, let's the dogs outside, and he was the healthiest dog in the world. We're guessing he just drank a shit ton of water from a puddle that had formed on the side of our house. Then he was out running around and his stomach must have twisted. 90 minutes later we had to make the decision to have him euthanized. He went downhill so fast, it's crazy. When I noticed he was in pain and acting strange I took him to the emergency animal clinic. They took an xray there and his stomach had twisted and was about 10 times the size it should have been. The 2 options we had were to have an emergency surgery done, for $5000, that had a 50/50 chance of working. And if it did work, the chance of it happening again was high. The other option was having him put to sleep right there because he was going down so fast. So I had to call cmk at home and told her to come to the hospital and say goodbye to him. We both just sat in the room with him for 10 minutes and bawled. They asked if we wanted to be there when they put him to sleep, but neither one of us could deal with that. It was tough enough just sitting there with him, and him howling because he was in so much pain and having foam dripping from his mouth. So they took him to the back room and that was that. I'm so heartbroken, I loved that dog so much. He was a little shit, he got into a lot of things, he did some damage to things in the house, but then he would come up to me and lay on my lap and all was forgotten. Every night when I get home from HD at midnight, he would hear the garage open and would run downstairs and meet me by the refrigerator because he knew that I was going to give him an ice cube. It's weird not having him around the house now. It doesn't seem real, mainly because everything transpired so quickly. I can't believe he's gone. RIP buddy. You're gonna be missed.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Die Hard is the best Christmas movie.

Pet Peeve: Always asking for something when you go out because your too fat and lazy to get it yourself.





COLTS (win)











Thursday, December 15, 2011


Weekend update: Friday night I'm going to a Houston Areoes hockey game with a bunch of people from my softball team...should be a good time. Saturday fmjug and I are heading to Austin. Gonna hit up some good BBQ, and go to a go see this guy down on 6th street. We'll probably end up staying at the same hotel we did for Summit II. Sunday we'll head down to San Antonio. She wants to swing by Sea World and see the Christmas stuff, and do some shopping down that way. We'll head back to Houston, with a pit stop at the Shiner brewery on Monday. This trip was originally scheduled because I was supposed to be a character witness for a friend of mine in a custody case on Monday. The trial has been postponed, but we're still making a road trip just because.

Do you have your plans for New Years Eve figured out yet? This will be the first year that me or one of my brothers isn't having a New Years Eve party, so I'm a free agent. A friend of mine may have people over...might settle that for me.

Have you heard the Jeter story on sports talk lately? Apparently when he brings chicks back to his place for the night he will arrange to have a car take them home the next morning. In the car is a gift bag full of signed Jeter baseball memorabilia. I thought that was hilarity. What would you leave in a gift bag for a chick?

The Kimmel bit where they record kids getting bad Christmas gifts was funny.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

up all night

that's an awful show on NBC. Who'd have thought that Maya Rudolph (the only good part of the show) Christina Applegate, and Will Arnett wouldn't be funny?

Anyway, I was up all night with a sick kid...puked on me 4 times, which is awesome. (s)

Because of that, this is all you get

TEBOW! I've actually grown weary of the constant national dissection of Tebow and tebow mania. It's almost as bad as the Bert Farve coverage. Bottom line, they'll lose this week to New England. H i'm assuming we have our standard bet, do I get the points?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Is it me or did the molestation news just sort of go away real fast? It's like the news companies either got sick of reporting it or they decided America was sick of hearing it. Either way I'm glad...I was sick of hearing it. I'd rather they tell me what happened after the lawsuits are finalized.

I haven't been watching enough NFL lately. I need to remedy that. I have been playing enough video games though. Krishna, what is that battlefield game you want me to play?

BTW auto correct for meiz is apparently Krishna. Wft?

Cmtem ordered 100 Christmas cards to send out. She asked me how many I wanted to send out. I said 10. I don't get many cards, so I don't want to send many. I guess I'll be sending some this year. Keith will get one because I know his address.

Cmtem made cookies this weekend. I ate a lot of cookies. Now I need to diet or I'm going to become diabetic. Oh and breathe right strips apparently stop me from snoring. So that's good news for summit 3. (It's December bro)

Monday, December 12, 2011

3, 2, 1 Contact

Remember that show from when we were kids? Or in freak's case, before he was born. God, we're old. But anyway, that was a grate* show. I watched it all the time and learnt lots of science stuff from it. Then they had that little vignette called The Bloodhound Gang during each episode. Whenever there was trouble, they were there on the double. If you had the crime, they had the time. They were the bloodhound gang. They kind of creeped me out a lot because they always had really creepy old people and really creepy ghosts in the trees and stuff. But still, quality television programming. I miss being a kid.

You know what I hate? Well, lots of stuff. But in this case, I hate when people (ie, New Yorkers) say Santy Claus. That's just being lazy. You know, kind of like when someone says taste instead of tastes. Make that 1/1000000000th oz of extra effort and say Santa. Capisce?

I'd talk about football but fantasy is done for me and the goddamn Bengals are choking now. 60ish days until pitchers and catchers report.

I think we have a ghost in our house. Weird stuff happening in the last week or so. First, our garage door wasn't working right. One morning we were getting ready to leave and the door would only go up about a foot before stopping. So I had to disconnect the opener from the door and roll it up manually so we could get the cars out. The next day I got home from work early and went to fix the door and all of a sudden the opener worked again and I didn't do anything to it. Then, one of our terlets* broke. We have those push button water saving devices on them, and the one in our bathroom broke. I flushed it and I could hear the water running 10 minutes later so I went to push the button again and it was broken. Like, it wouldn't do anything. So I had to turn off the water at the toilet so it would stop running. So, this weekend I boat* all new innards for the toilets, get home, and all of a sudden the button works again. No rhyme or reason. Weird shit going on.

It's 11:45, I should go to sleep.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Getting Sandusky'd at work

I'll post picks later. I have too many meat orders to process.

Can't stop the bleeding.

Cincy -3 over Texans
What's kept the Texans winning is the #4 defense in the league. But Ohio in December is cold and shitty and the Bengals are not playing the Ravens or Steelers.

Detroit over Minny, no line willing to give 6.

Tennessee +3.5 over Saints
Just going with the opposite percentage.

Philly over Miami, no line I should be getting 5, 2 if Vick plays

KC +9 over NYJ
Jets giving 9 is hilarity. Pray for a pile on TD late like last week if you take Jets.

New England -8 over SKINS

Atlanta -2.5 over CAM

Tampa over Jax, no line dont care

Indy +16.5 over RAVENS
When Detroit went 0-16 that year did you know that they covered the last 6 games they played. It's called desperation football. Like when a team is fighting for their playoff lives but the exact opposite.

DENVER -3.5 over Chicago
Tebow/Urlacher collision gonna be suite.

AZ +4 over San Fran
Losing focus already.

Oakland +11 over GREEN BAY

SAN DIEGO -7 over Buffalo
Chargers probably won't lose again this year. Perfect. Keep Norv around for another losing season.

SEATTLE 40, Rams 13.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


I almost forgot it was Thursday. I’m usually a little off on weeks after a drill weekend as far as what day it is.

Weekend update: I’m not doing anything Friday night, which is nice. Saturday fmjug and I are taking her parents and my parents to dinner for chicken cutlets and to some show downtown, I think it’s called Winter Wonderland or something like that. It’s got a Christmas theme to it, that much I do know. Sunday we will probably do some Christmas shopping, then its football time. Blue, standard bet, final Y! line?

Suite moment last night with Kod and Mize…all they were missing was the double slap man hug. Summit III. AJA, Good luck with everything today Mize!

Good to know Sandusky is in prison and can’t afford bail. Maybe he will get beat in prison by some inmates.

I need to buy some Christmas music. My parents listened to Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole when I was growing up, so I like that stuff among others. “I noticed you threw the token black guy in there, nice move.” – Jason Whitlock

I have nothing else to add today and need to get to work…GO!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

girl look at that body

i work out

today is Pearl Harbor day. Never Forget. What a different time in American society. 70 years ago today. I wanted to talk about heroes and stuff, but the truth is, back then everyone enlisted because of patriotism, and duty to their country. The Ted Williams story was the rule, not the exception. My grandfather's brother was in the company that moved through Italy on Patton's march. He's got stories. I've been to the USS Arizona memorial in Hawaii, it's a sad place. Even sadder is all the fucking japs there taking pictures of their biggest victory. Hey douche, it's not like I go to Hiroshima and take pictures of the shadows burnt into the concrete.

ok enough of that.

Imagine a world in which Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck are both on the Colts. Now wake up and realize that Manning will be traded if the Colts draft Luck. I'm of the belief it would be better for the Colts (if manning is healthy) to trade the pick and acquire a bunch of stuff because having a great QB surrounded by a bunch of crappy players usually results in zero superbowls. Ask Archie Manning.

Boise State is going to the Big lEast for Football. Which I think is a huge mistake. It's an obvious cash grab, which I'm fine with, but much like the move to the MWC, it's only a small step better than the conference they were in before. There isn't much to the big Least once WeVa leaves, because Pitt is already gone and the conference was shat before.

I've had just about enough of this for today, just remember:

i'm sexy and i know it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

tem ideas

First....sources say the Lakers want Howard and Paul? Wow. What fucking team doesn't? That isn't news. Every team in the league would love to have those two players on their team. Sources also report that the Houston Texans would love to have Aaron Rodgers.

Second today is my birthday. Yay me.

Now. Tem idea. Voting rules in America need to be radically changed. Voting used to be something people were excited about, well not anymore. So we need to get people excited about it again. How do you do that? You pay them. That's right, I think we should pay people to vote. It'd be great if everyone thought voting was so awesome that they'd do it for free, but they won't. So:

1) pay the people to vote. I don't know, how about $100 a person in Pres years, $50 in non pres?

2) make people take some sort of test to show they actually know what they are voting on. this will probably drive more voters away, but hopefully the $$$ brings more in than it drives away. the test doesn't have to be difficult, but just something that proves people know what the issues are.

3) if you are collecting social security you can't vote anymore. if you are collecting social security you are probably old. if you are old you are probably crazy, cranky and crazy. no voting for old crazy people.

There ya go. 3 steps to a better voting America.

Now onto sports.

UFC talk:

Seriously, Bones Jones will run right through Machida. 1st Round KO. Machida looks funny when he is KOed. Be prepared to see it early.

Silva is ducking Sonnen. I 100% believe that.

Mir fight will be boring.

Tito Ortiz is not the people's champ. That name is dumb.

MLB talk:
Francona on TV. Guess he just traded jobs with Bobby V.

Sources say that the Pirates would love to have Pujols.

Monday, December 05, 2011


Teeeeboowwwwww!!! Like jug said, talking with mize about Tebow is like arguing with a women*. He has his argument and he doesn't listen to (read) what anyone else has to say about it. There is no rationale behind it at all.

Tiger won. Good for him. He must be banging dirty skanks again. Good for him. Now let's see him win something that matters.

It's going to be cold here this week. Highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. I don't mind. I mean, it is winter, right?

So the next iron chef won't be the female Guy Fieri. Bummer. (S)

BCS is so goddamn whack. Last week I wasn't totally against a Bamer/LSU rematch because there weren't any other undefeated teams left. But after seeing OkSt fucking destroy OU on Saturday night, I feel like they should get the shot at LSU that Bamer already had. I really don't think there are any other teams besides OSU & Bamer that could hang with LSU, but I think OSU got screwed out of it. Because now, if Bamer wins, the whole argument becomes "Well, they beat each other so which one is really better?" Eff the BCS.

TP, FU/tOSU bet, meow.

I kind of want to go to Vegas to watch ASU, except that Boise is going to beat them by about 42 points. I don't really want to see that.

Y! Bowl Pick 'Em
Group ID: 10940
password: tits

I think need to buy some Neil Diamond tickets this week.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Titans +1.5 over BILLS
Chris Johnson has sucked balls for most of the year. But he sat out most of the off-season and probably just impregnated hoodrats and smoked pot. So the sucking balls was expected. He seems ok now and Buffalo is missing two key defensive lineman. Man the Bills thought they had something this year huh. What a kick to the nuts.

CHICAGO -7 over Cheifs
Defense and special teams get it done for the Bears who are just trying to stay afloat and in this Wild Card race.

Oakland +3 over MIAMI
The Dolphins secret is out no one will take them lightly going forward but the rushing game of the Raiders is just serious right now. It's a game of ten yards people. If you control the line of scrimmage you control everything else. Listen to me. I have gems.

Denver +1.5 over MINNY
Can't wait for Tebow to run over Jared Allen. Why is Denver getting points here? Cuz it's in a dome? That favors the Broncos speedy defense moreso than some fat half naked bald fake Viking guy waving a flag while riding a motorcycle. Jesus this line is awesome. Wish I was betting.

Indy +20 over NEW ENGLAND
Alot can happen in a football game to be giving 20 points. I'll take it, less risky than giving. Hopefully Tom Brady breaks his leg or something trying to wedge his foot into an Ugg boot.

Cincy +6.5 over STEELERS
Bengals haven't fared well ATS vs the Steelers in the past but the past is gone man. This is a new Bengal team. They have what they call, spunk. Moxie. I think they hang around.

TAMPA BAY -3.5 over Carolina
Wonder what the line would be if this were at Charlotte. Cuz this game is a pick em.

Jets -3 over REDSKINS
Skins have no WR's and a pretty bad passing game. I don't see how they dont get smothered by a team that needs to win out.

Falcons -3 over TEXANS
Houston is reeling right now. I wouldn't sleep on the Falcons going forward they have only one loss in past 6 games to New Orleans who they get again the day after Christmas. Outside of that game they play the Jags, Carolina and Tampa. It's possible they could end up a #3 seed and host a playoff game or two. They'll need Turner however to shake this nagging groin injury which could be an issue.

BROWNS +6.5 over Ravens
Classic Ravens this year. They play down to their opponent and when the lights ain't on they are an average team. 1:05 start. They'll need a comeback to win this game and probably get it because the Browns are bad.

Not picking the Giants game. Just to note the last time they faced an undefeated team they won. You may have heard about that game. Also, before that game they stopped the undefeated 1998 Denver Broncos season. Needless to say the 72' Dolphins are all Giant fans.

ARIZONA +4.5 over Dallas
Dallas has gotten 4 in a row but the last two were labor intensive and Romo nearly gagged on both of them. They have a huge game ahead of them staring them in the face maybe this is a trap game, Arizona can run the ball.

SF -13 over St. Louis
Think my boy might get fired.

Detroit +9 over SAINTS
I think unlike the Giants the Lions will cash in on some red zone opportunities and be in this one.

San Diego -2.5 over JAGS
Time for the Chargers to win 4 in a row to close out the year. It's Wayne Fontes part two.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Jug's Life

I picked up some Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale last night...not too bad.

Thanksgiving was a cool weekend. fmjug, her family, and myself went to OK to visit her family. During the weekend we took a trip to AR to check out the wedding chapel we'll be getting married at next year. The hotel where the reception is at was on one of those ghost hunters shows and is apparently haunted...could be suite. Cool town and all in all, a very cool weekend.

Watching TUF on DVR right now.

Five weeks until my trip to Steamboat. Could be like a preliminary bachelor party since fmjug has no interest in skiing. Either way, it will be an excellent trip...Blue knows. I've been the last two years on this trip/music festival and they have been some of the better trips I've ever taken.

Speaking of bachelor parties...I'm planning mine for January 21. One of my brothers is in the Naval Reserves and he is leaving for Kuwait on Feb 1 for 8 months. He won't be there for the wedding, so I wanted to have the bachelor party early so he could be involved. It'll serve as a going away party/bachelor party. Nothing major either...a keg of beer and some liquor at my house with some beer pong and other drinking games with my brothers and close friends. Good times! If any LOVers are on Houston then, let me're invited!

The wives of my other two brothers are both Jug gets a new nephew and either a niece.nephew next year. The only thing that suck about that is one of my sister in laws is due right around the wedding, so she won't be there and she was supposed to be a bridesmaid. I don't care because I'm pumped to have another nephew or niece, but fmjug is a little upset. Freaking women! I'm just not sure if I should spend $10 or $20 on gifts (tem).

Damn...Dodson knocked his ass out! He dropped like 6 fists before the ref knew what was going on. Nice!

Should I have one more beer or not? I should...

That's all I have tonight...go comment!

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino