Wednesday, November 30, 2011

porcupines are stupid

especially ones who eat corn and talk on youtube

i'm very much tired and jaded

tebow makes things better

braxton miller might be the next Tebow...or Chris Leak

I hope the broncos go all in on this option thing and draft Robert Griffin III from Baylor as Tebow's backup.

NuBA is about to be back. Doesn't sound like anyone cares to see some overpaid dudes cry and whine and flop.

Bad news for the NuBA when Nene is the top free agent available.

I hope everyone has a merry christmas.

cmblue's birthday is friday, bgblue1's is Monday, bgblue2's is in two weeks. plus christmas...this is the time of year I have less money than meiz

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urgent Emails and other hate and don't understands

I hate when people in the office always tag their emails with that damn red exclamation point. Everything you send isn't urgent. Whip de fucking do, you sent another email. Good for you.

I hate that I lost 3 FNFL games by a combined 6 points. 2 point losses are the worse*. Except for 1 point losses, those are the worser*.

Del Rio got fired mid season. I hate when NFL teams do that. Unless you have someone to bring in now what is the point? Was Del Rio hurting recruiting? Are more people going to buy tickets now that you have an interim coach that 2 days ago was the Defensive Coordinator for your team that sucks?

I hate LinkedIn.

I hate emails asking me to attend some conference in some town I never heard of. Here is a tip...if you want people to attend your conference pick a town people have heard of. No, I don't want to go to your conference in Outer Falls, Kansas. Other than being in Kansas somewhere, I have no idea where that is.

I like getting paid, but I really hate work. I wonder if I could work out some deal where I win the lottery and don't have to work anymore.

I don't hate being called lazy. If the shoe fits....

I don't hate the fact that the group I wanted to win the Sing Off actually won the Sing Off. My picks for those things are usually as good as my UFC picks.

I hate when people trim their nails at the office. It is generally old people. I wonder if when I am old I'll do shit like groom at the office.

I don't like it when people misuse the word good in conversation. Most of the time they mean "well." I slept well. It isn't I slept good. Good is not an adverb. Dumbasses.

I'll never understand why some people want to fuck little kids. I don't get it at all. I'm not sure I hate them because I think they must be really fucked up in the head and that isn't their fault. But they probably should be locked away forever or just killed. Or at least sent to a farm where there are no kids and they can possibly be taught not to want to fuck little kids.

I don't understand how tOSU AD still has his job. Although the rumor amongst rich people in town is that he won't soon and they will soon have a new AD and tem will be pissed about their choice.

I think the Taco Bell commercial with the steak thing is the first one where someone actually eats the Taco Bell food. In a couple other ones they make eating noises, but no bites are taken out of the food. In this one there is bites.

If the Harold and Kumar movie was about Taco Bell instead of White Castle would it have been the same?

I think the White Castle Headquarters is in Columbus.

Cmtem and I want to move closer to town, but all those houses are old and have no places for technology. I guess we could remodel a lot. Sounds like work. Work I am not qualified to do.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Keith couldn't post today because he was super sad about tOSU losing then super happy about them getting Urb.

Keith couldn't post today because he went to Denver to bask in the glory of Tesus.

Keith couldn't post today because he fell in the pool and is lost forever.

Keith couldn't post today because hsil was crying too much about her lack of TV.

Keith couldn't post today because he is too upset about this Bernie Fine stuff and can't beleive the way the story is going.

Keith couldn't post today because csil stole his computer.

Keith couldn't post today because his nose is broken.

Keith couldn't post today because bgas. rules the roost now.

Keith couldn't post today because a mexican at HD is holding him for ransom.

Keith couldn't post today because WalMart tripled their Franzia order for the holidays.

Keith couldn't post today because of his face.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after

I am thankful for my picks.
I am thankful for my kids.
And wife I guess.
I am thankful for my cock.
I an thankful for HDTV and digital music.
I am thankful for the Tebow.
I am thankful for beer.
And wine.
And whiskey.
I am thankful for toilet paper.
I am thankful for porn.
I am thankful for ziploc bags.
I am thankful for gas grills.
I am thankful for butter.

Minny +9.5
Cincy -7
Tampa +3
Indy +3.5
St Louis
Jets -9
Houston -3.5
Chicago +4.5
Seattle -3.5
Tebow +6
KC +10.5
New O -7

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good night sweet prince

In Honor of Kyle Orton, i'll list 8 things i'm thankful for at the end of this post.

Speaking of Orton, why would the bears, who have waiver number 30, put a claim in on him. If he falls through to 30, why not just let him go and try and sign him as a free agent. You know San Fran and Green Bay aren't going to claim him off the waiver wire.

I'm thankful for the two bgblues, they're a lot of fun

Thankful for Tebow of course

cmblue should be on the thankful list somewhere I guess

Thankful that LOV keeps me sane, even the insanity that is meiz.

How does meiz follow like 100 people on twitter? I follow 12 or so and it fills up my phone, no time for that shit.

I'm thankful that BYU isn't going to the big east. That means Boise STate probably won't go too.

I'm thankful for Boise State's kicker this year. If it wasn't for him, i'd have to be arguing everyday now about how BSU deserves a shot at the title game, and that would get boring

Ok, i know that's only 6 thankfuls, but Orton always dissappeared in the 4th quarter anyway, kind of like Prince James.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Thanks

More thanks in this post...but first.

I heard that the Emmy's are basically voted for on one episode. The actors send in one episode and the Emmy voters watch it and vote for best actor or whatever based on that one episode. If that is true, that is stupid. Can you imagine if the NFL voted for their MVP that way? I guess if they did Arian Foster (from his 100yd rushing and 100yd receiving game) or Drew Brees (for his like 6 or 7 TD game) might be the MVP. Emmy's are dumb....maybe.

OK now onto a list of things I am thankful for:

1) family, including cmtem. especially cmtem.
2) hooded sweatshirts. love those things.
3) a job that allows me to post blog stuff during the day.
4) this blog allowing me to post half posts later than normal.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's give thanks

In case y'all didn't know, it's Thanksgiving week. it is during this week that we celebrate seizing this great land from the, not call center. We celebrate this in only a way that we Americans know how. By eating a shit ton of food and probably wasting even more. By watching footyball. For some of us, by getting an early morning game of rough touch footyball in. And by spending time with family that we moved away from because we can't stand being around them. USA! USA! USA!

So what are you thankful for? Here is my list...

First and foremost, I'm thankful to have an wonderful family with a great wife and awesome daughter
I'm thankful to have great parents that are always there when I need them, and when I don't need them
I'm thankful to have a cool place like this to help get through the week full of stresses and bullshit
I'm thankful for Sofia Vergara's cleave
I'm thankful that none of yous get too offended by the shit that I say, because in reality I like to stir the pot, not offend people
I'm thankful that I don't live in a country where people blow other people up
I'm thankful I didn't go to a Jerry Sandusky footyball camp when I was a kid
I'm thankful that I have health insurance
I'm thankful every morning when I wake up and get to walk into bgas' room and see her standing in her crib with a huge smile waiting for me to pick her up
I'm thankful that every year some of us can meet up and be idiots with nothing better to do at a bar
I'm thankful that Boston, New York, and Philly are all battling over who can be Operation: Fucked the most
I'm thankful that cool dudes like LP really aren't stupid, they're just bad typers
I'm thankful that even though all of my teams lost this weekend, life still goes on
And finally, AJA, I'm thankful that I "know" each of you all. You're all real good people.

I guess the voice of UGA died this weekend. Sorry Beth.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Whoever this Pat Shurmur guy is sucks. Another loss closer to Holmgren the walrus stalking the sidelines in the Dog Pound next year. Jax has an underated top 10 defense AND a top 5 back in the league. The Browns have none of the above.

DETROIT -7 over Carolina
Suh gonna chokeslam Newton. I got this down as a stone cold lock so throw the key away and count the hundreds. (POUND THE PANTHERS. /KEEF)

Tampa Bay +14.5 over GREEN BAY
Just a hunch they'll struggle, come from behind and win by 8 or so. Tampa 12-3-1 in past 16 road games and 8-3 in past vs Pack. Different Pack I know but you don't win by 40 every week folks.

Buffalo +2 over MIAMI
Three weeks ago this spread would have been Miami getting 7, now the Bills are getting 2. Thank you Tony Sparano!

Oakland -1 over MINNY
Nervously on the Raiders here because of the porous pass D the vikes have right now. But this could be one of those Adrian Peterson games. So watch out. I'm only picking this game because I have to.

Dallas -7.5 over SKINS
Cowboys hitting their stride just in time for a shot at the division. Skins are buried already.

Cincy +7 over RAVENS
I like the points here. Baltimore has been inconsistent all year, Flacco has been bad at times and the Bengals have balls now. Andy Big Balls Dalton is a fearless little red pistol who can make it rain and Benson has carried the Bengals past Baltimore before. Running right into the teeth of that defense. Bengals have won 3 of 4 while losing by 6 the last meeting.

Seattle +1.5 over RAMS
Two beasts going at it in beast mode. This game is Stephen Jackson vs Marshawn Lynch. St. Louis have some awful ATS numbers and have struggled to win the 2 games they got in the W column. Seattle is a slightly better football team right now. Putrid ass division. This is a vodka soaked tampon division.

SAN FRAN 10.5 over Arizona
Niners got Baltimore and Pittsbirgh left to play, that's the only meat on the schedule bone left. Good luck playing meaningless games for 6 weeks though then being sharp for Divisional playoff weekend.

ATLANTA -6 over Titans
Falcons bounce back big time over Tennessee. And they need this big time to stay in the hunt.

CHICAGO -3.5 over San Diego
That defense is playing so well right now. And with Rivers making it rain interceptions it could be a long day for Chargers. 8-8 or worse I bet the fire Turner. They're already at 5 losses, potentially 6 if I'm right about this game.

I'm not picking the Giant game. You pick it.

NEW ENGLAND -14.5 over Cheifs
KC is done, they had their spurt. It's over. Haley will be gone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Game Day?

I have my foundation repaired yesterday. Since we have been in this drought I started noticing 2 cracks in my walls on one side of the house. As soon as I thought of foundation repaired, I was worried it was going to be several thousand dollars. I was happy to know it was only going to be $1600. I know nothing about foundation repair, but I figured digging under one side of my house and jacking it up would take a good portion of the day. They were done and gone in about two hours. Cracks closed right up. Now its time to call a realtor and see what I need to do to get my house on the market.

College Game Day is at the University of Houston this weekend. I think my brother is planning on going...he is an alum. I'm debating. Sounds like it would be fun...but he wants to get there around 5 or 5:30 AM. Drinking in the morning is fun. Manmosa's (mimosa with a shot of vodka) are always good...but waking up before 5 AM does not sound good. I'm getting old. Wait, waking up before 5 AM never sounded good.

Astros to the AL. This move makes sense. I imagine some of the Astros fans will piss and moan about it because it kills their rivalry with the Cardinals, or whatever Central team...but the Astros don't have a true rival. The fans like to think they do, but they don't. Since they suck so bad and are starting from scratch, they can start to build an AL type team and put Carlos Lee in the DH spot until his horrendous contract is done. It will also put them in the same division as the Rangers and that will be a better rivalry than anything they've had to this point. Houstonians pretty much hate anything Dallas anyways, so they already have a good start. Plus now the White Sox will play here every year!

That's about all I have today...Go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Butternut Squash

Had to drop the dog off at the vet this morning, which means I then set in traffic for like an hour and a half..

Now McQuery stopped the alledged assault? Make up your mind dude.

How stupid does Penn State look right now? How dumd* does Sandusky think the world is?

Thursday night football this week...TEBOW! (they'll lose)

Called the TCU win over Boise State..heartbreaker, they key on the missed FG that would have won the game but the 3rd string running back fumbled with 3 minutes to go in the game and the ball on the TCU 20...should have locked it up. Also dumb, Peterson decides with 18 seconds and one timeout, and the ball on the 20, to play for the FG? WFT. You have a Heisman candidate at QB, and kicker who's kicked 3 FGs all season. Maybe see if you can't get it closer, or score a TD. (end bluerant)

Oregon is really fricken good

i watched so much football this weekend i think my head might explode.

Coach K won something, and then he slapped the floor.

Steve is very excited

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Post

I have no idea who is in charge of when to start contruction on certain roads around town, but whoever they are they are retarded. The whole west side interchange of Columbus is basically under construction now. So of course they have like 10 miles of lanes closed, even though they are only doing work on about 2 miles of road.

The signs are hilarious too. They say things like I-70 Right Two Lanes. I-270 All Lanes. Then when you get to the merge point only the far right lane works for I-70 and only the left two lanes work for I-270. Some guy in a Mercedes was stuck in the mud ditch from where he tried to drive across a few lanes and a median to get on 270.

Fucking traffic.

In sports news Green Bay is pretty good. I think I'll try to get Aaron Rodgers on my team next year. Although he always looks either slightly excited or confused. He has funny eyes. There is a lot of eye ball in his eye.

So now this Sandusky guy didn't rape the boys he just played in the shower with them and touched their legs? Their third leg? oh and the McQueary guy or whatever totally did put a stop to the act. I like how after like a week everyone's story is going to match.

UFC ratings were apparently above expectations. I guess that probably means expectations were pretty low. AJA though I guess FOX and the UFC are happy. Maybe next time they'll show two fights.

Lots of ads for testosterone on the radio these days. Cmtem is a pharmacist, she does not like it when I joke about getting on the testosterone pills. I think we should buy El Pad a bunch of the pills and see if he gets all buff and then dominates his Football league even more.

OK, I'm late so go talk.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Philly sucks

Operation: Fuck Philly is full steam ahead, and I couldn't be happier. They blew their nineteenth 4th quarter lead yesterday, to a team with a horrible defense and a QB named John Skelton.

I was gonna write more but cmk just walked in the door from being in Cali. So go comment and stuff.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mad Footyball Yo

Big Thank You to all the veterans who have served this country and sacrificed so much for this great country. Man hug.



New Orleans over ATLANTA
I'm still under the impression that the Saints are a better football team than everyone in this division AND that the Falcons rode an incredible amount of luck last year to a 13 win season. Also New Orleans is the top offense in the league in total yards. Second in points.

Pittsburgh -3 over CINCY
I think the Bengals are a nice story. And I was wrong on them and I guess I was wrong on Marvin Lewis too. However they aren't going to win this division and the Steelers have covered this spread 7 out of the past 9 meetings.

St. Louis +2.5 over BROWNS
Man this game stinks. If you go by the trends both teams are just awful ATS. Browns are 0-6-2 in their past 8 home games vs the spread. But St. Louis is 1-8 in the past 9 games overall. So something has to give. Edge goes to the better coach. Chris Longs throws McCoy to the ground a few times and Cleveland turns the ball over 3 times in a loss.

Buffalo +5.5 over DALLAS
Bills have been cover dogs all year long I'm not abandoning them now. Plus we never trust Dallas to give points to a team with a winning record. Right?

INDY +3 over Jacksonville
Against all the wisdom I have right now. Colts get off the schneid. Win game. Even though the Jags have a top ten defense, quietly, I think it's just one of those games where the Colts are tired of being punching bags and deliver a few blows of their own.

KC -3 over Denver
Man did KC look like shit last week or what. Miami was poised to get a win and played tough in each loss so it wasn't a total shock but to get dominated like that was strange. Tebow waltzed into the Black Hole and beat the Raiders last week but that team seems like it's falling apart. I'm not seeing him play well two weeks in a row, especially on the road.

MIAMI -3.5 over Skins
Right now the Dolphins are a better team. And everyone knows it.

PHILLY -9 over Arizona
Spread is off because of Kolb's status but does it really matter? Vick loses to physical teams, good defenses and snitches. Arizona has none of that kryptonite.

TAMPA BAY +3 over Houston
Like Tampa in this game. That is all.

CAROLINA -3 over Titans
Chris Johnson should retire. Ricky Williams runs harder than he does and he's like 40 with a gazillion miles on those spurs. Hopefully Finnegan and Steve SMIFF slapbox in this one.

SEATTLE +6.5 over Ravens
Classic letdown game.

CHICAGO -2.5 over Detroit
Bears are suddenly a good team again. Forte beastin' and Cutler is playing well, even behind a bad line he's making plays. Detroit took game one early in October at Ford Field and Chicago is going to return the favor at Soilder Field. 4:15 game too, fans will be juiced.

Giants +3.5 over SAN FRAN
I really didn't like the Giants here, travelling out West after a big win but Alex Smith throwing into the teeth of this pass rush scares me.

New England +1 over JETS
Three in a row? When is the last time the Pats lost three in a row? Will the Jets trust Mark Sanchez one day? It's New England's time to win, these teams have gone back and forth now for 3 seasons.

GREEN BAY -13.5 over Vikes
I mean yeah it's a big number. But I can't bet against the Packers right now. They played a real shitty game defensively last week in San Diego. That won't happen again, at least not this week at home on Monday night against a division oppenent.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jug's take...

JoePa fired last night…probably was a good idea for them to announce it at night when college students are up and drinking. This post will be pretty much all about the PSU stuff. We are all very opinionated about it, however, if you haven’t read the indictment, I highly encourage you to do so. Obviously those protesting last night did not.

I’ll start with McQueery. He should be fired too. I have more of an issue with him doing nothing at all to stop the act while it was taking place. I understand being in shock because that is something you just never expect to see. I also understand the instinct to protect people, especially people who can’t protect themselves like that ten year old boy. At a minimum McQueery should have called the police right then and there. If he was going to close the door to the shower, it should have been to get a baseball bat or something. McQueery’s father issued a statement saying that his son “is a good and strong kid, and did what he was supposed to do”. No he didn’t. He absolutely did not. I am quite certain that if McQueery was the ten year old boy, then his father would not find those actions acceptable. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. We all have a responsibility to watch out for kids, maybe not in a legal sense, but as human beings.

JoePa…JoePa is the biggest name in this whole thing, so naturally he will get the most attention, and rightfully so. It’s his show. That doesn’t mean he is getting most of the blame. Remember, the guy who did it is in jail and will be for a long time. I can understand how tough it would be to hear that someone you’ve known for years is fondling young kids in the shower. You don’t want to believe that. However, if McQueery was as distraught as he says he was, wouldn’t you think there might be some validity to what he was saying that would require more than a phone call to your boss? At least follow up? I do understand he did only what he was legally required to do. I feel that Kod was expressing that last night, but I also think that Kod feels he should have done more too... Not sure that came across. Sometimes laws protect the guilty, not the innocent. I absolutely believe that JoePa is sincere when he says he wishes he would have done more. It’s sad that he didn’t. However, how often is the truth actually better than what was initially reported? Right now they are still sifting through the cover-up. It’s going to get worse.

A small, sad side note is how is career is coming to an end. I know he did a lot of good for kids and the community over the course of his career and that stuff hasn’t changed. The terrible part in this is the trauma those kids endured because so many people failed them, and the emotional problems they will have for the rest of their lives because of it. A guy called into Cowherd yesterday who had been abused as a kid and talked about the lasting effects. It was a powerful phone call, the guy was almost in tears at points. I don’t get too caught up in a lot of stories in the media, but this one makes me angry.


On a lighter note…4 day weekend for me. I have a double header softball game tonight followed by NFL football at somewhere that serves wings. Tomorrow morning I’m going to my mom’s school with my brother (he is in the Naval reserves) for a Veteran’s Day event they have there every year. After that, free lunch at Hooters. Saturday I am going to a turkey fry. Fmjug’s dad and a bunch of his friends and family (all guys) get together at this time of year and fry turkey’s for the holidays and hangout and drink. Good people and good times. Sunday the family is coming over for the Bears Lions game (bet Mize?).

And go…

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NBA Lockout is over!!!!

EteO. Kind of funny that Jordan made a comment during the last lockout that if Abe Pollin couldn't get the wizards to make money he should sell the team (honest Abe was one of the people pushing for reform in the last cba). Now Jordan is basically saying the same thing. I think the deal gets done and it ends up being 51/49 split.

I also hate that they use the term BRI. They should use Basketball related revenue, or BRR. BRI implies that there can be some sort of offset to the gross revenues, but whatever, it's a bunch of highschool educated people running the player side.

Have you ever seen an old man who caused a car accident and the dumbfounded look on his face, like "what the hell just happened" and the family is all thinking "we should have taken the keys away from him years ago"...and there is a dead kid because of the accident. Or after the accident, the passenger in the car with the old man goes and sexually assaults the other car's passengers...yeah it's kind of like that.

I hope the Broncos claim Albert Haynesworth off waivers.

I hope Arkansas or Georgia beats LSU

I hope tem is happy and still married

I hope

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Monday, November 07, 2011

Congrats to Temwr87

Howdy, kids. So tem is married now. I think. I mean, I haven't seen anything that says he didn't do it. But I also haven't seen any confirmation that he went through with it. So I think I'm just going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Welcome to the sex twice a month club. It's really grate*.

My favorite part of the weekend was learning about kod's gambling strategery. Actually, I lied. I had sex this weekend (half the monthly allowance), so learning about slot machines was my second favorite part. I would like to learn more about kod's methods but I'm guessing that's the only thing that stays in his closet.

I mentioned it over the weekend, but the sketch on SNL of Kim K's divorce was hilarity. If you didn't see it, here it is.

Who Dey! Watch out!

Jug, your name/pic that mize posted was That's my quarterback

The ending to the AZ/StL game was probably the best finish to a really shitty game that I've ever seen. It helped that AZ's D was filling in on a bye week for my $ team. And even though I had Chris Oingoboingo in my lineup instead of CJ.2K, my team still racked up the most pts for the week. Yay me. Maybe I'll move up from 7th to 6th place.

I boat* that TV deal for hsil yesterday. She doesnt have a credit card so I boat* it and she'll pay it off. This could end badly (S). But I went to buy it online yesterday and it said sold out online. So I looked at local stores and only like 3 stores said available in store only. So I called the one closest to my house and they had 1 left but it was $499 instead of $479. Still a good deal, though. Good talk, Russ.

I think it's supposed to be like 38° here tonight. That's chilly. I love it. Bring on winter. I can't effing wait for the holidays.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Overall 56-54

What's your favorite place to put it?

A) Belly. B) In Mouth. C) Face. D) Leave Inside. E) Asscheeks

Tough I know.

BUFFALO -1.5 over Jets
One of the ways to beat the Jets is to use spread formations something the Bills have done this year a great deal. And they've done it well.

Seattle +11.5 over DALLAS
One of the reasons the Seahawks beat the Giants was because they were able to make some plays in the passing game for huge chunks. They also had some good special teams play. A staple of a Pete Carroll football team. One of Dallas weaknesses is the secondary. Seahawks will hang around. Spread is too high.

Atlanta -7 over INDY
Caldwell should be fired. For real son. He is a poor coach that had his ugly pimples covered by the Peyton Manning shine. He's awful. His staff is awful. His face is awful. Everything is awful.

KC -4 over Miami
Sparano should have quit last year when Ross was flying around the country trying to suck Jim Harbaugh's ass out. Now he'll be fired. Hopefully soon. Shit is painful wathcing him cheer on his guys after only allowing a FG after the opposing team had 3 penalties on the drive that set them back.

NEW ORLEANS -8 over Tampa
Brees normally doesn't have shitty back to back weeks. Also the Rams seemed to want that game A HELL OF ALOT MORE THAN the Saints that day. Stephen Jackson hulked up early and never hulked down.

San Fran -3.5 over SKINS
Remember when they talked about the Skins possibly winning the division? That was fun.

HOUSTON -11 over Cleveland
Browns are bad. T-minus one year til Holmgren is on the sidelines.

Cincy +3 over TITANS
Benson back, Cincy has a very good, very underated defense. I was dead wrong about this team. I think this is an easy win. I don't believe in anything the Titans are doing. They'll get a handful of wins but won't beat a solid football team.

OAKLAND -8 over Denver
Tebow going into the black hole is some scary shit bro. Scary shit.

NY Giants +8.5 over Pats
Spread seems high to me, probably because I'm a Giant fan but last I checked the way to beat New England is to get to the quarterback. Even the hapless Cowboys held Brady in check with this strategy. Last I checked Giants do that pretty fucking well.

St Louis over Arizona
Looks like Kolb will be out. Wouldn't change my pick. I'm willing to give a TD here. Check out Rams schedule. Now San Fran is running away with this which was unexpected but Rams can still get 6 wins or so out of this next stretch. They played possessed last week.

Green Bay -5.5 over SD
Rivers sucks. Norv Turner sucks. Rodgers gonna make it rain footballs over there in Whales Vagina. Rex Ryan was right. Total waste of talent the past 5 years over there.

PITTSBURGH -3 over Ravens
Revenge game. I mean you remember the week one whupping the Ravens layeth down right? Shit don't fly in Mike Tomlin's house son.

Chicago +8 over PHILLY
Philly dismantled Dallas. Whipty doo. Chicago can play defense about a gazillion times better than Dallas. Man the Fat Ryan twins are so underated.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tem K.

Just a few more days until the Tem wedding, that means just a few more days left for a temgagement to take place. The odds are -160 for the wedding to take place, so that's where I'd put my money. Good luck Tem! In 72 days you could pull a Tem Kardashian though.

Guy on the radio this morning: "There is a report out there that Kim Kardashian is willing to give the ring back, but Kris Humphries said he doesn't want it. Kris...buddy, you play for Minnesota, that's as close to a ring as you're ever gonna get. You should take it back." Thought that was funny.

I was about 90 minutes late to work today...extra sleep was nice. I started doing Lp90X workouts again...sore as hell from Plyometrics. That's not as nice.

My posts have been short lately (LMC /Lp), but TPS has been hectic. Maybe next week I'll write it the night before.


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Justified laziness

Are guys who test video games lazy or geniuses?

I went trick or treating until I was 18(ns)

For as good as Cam Newton is, they're still 2-6

Does anyone else think it was coincidental that larussa's best players were all connected to roids? I think that increases the suspicion around pujols.

If you missed the story yesterday Kevin Durant is just a cool kid.

I think im starting to miss the NBA. There isn't shit on during the week now that beisbol is over. Just means I have to listen to how awful tebow is a whole lot more often. You know that Shanny's last year here the broncos had the 2nd ranked offense in the NFL? Now it's a combination of what the fuck and holy shit.

Jack in the box has really good fast food burgers.

I agree with tem, save the timeout, who gives a shit about 5 yards unless it pushes you out of FG range or something.

Cmblue is taking a Spanish class, Ron Burgundy speaks better Spanish.

No new jobs out there for blue, or meiz.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino