Friday, July 29, 2011

Some talk about spurts

Talk show sport type folk loving saying Asmoghua. I guess it rolls off the tongue after awhile. Hope the Jets sign him. So that when they don't make the Super Bowl again it will be even more of a collossal failure. Also they lose Brad Smith who was huge for them in both the offense and special teams, they lose Edwards who laugh but he made plays for them too so they';; have almost 38MM a year tied up in two corners but still struggle to score points. And they know teams carry more than two WR's right?

The Fins have a Bush now.

Kolb got Schaub money. Did I miss the Texans making the playoffs since that Schaub deal?

Pats. Fucking Pats.

Do Fat Toads get buried or just thrown in a Lake somewhere.

Remember when the Red Sox sucked hardcore, like in April. That was fun.

Now that the Eagles sign VY every snap that Mike Vick takes Eagles fans will be holding thier breath hoping he doesn't get hurt. Every non Eagle fan will be rooting for TEO.

Greg Olsen trade? Then the Bears sign Roy Williams? The fuck are they doing.

Is Sprohles better than Bush?

Yesterday was bgep's birthday and she's hilarious. When you said Happy Birthday she said Happy Birthday back. Like Happy Birthday to you too. Then she reflected on the day by saying she didn't want to get tall (cue the uncle joey) and she wants to stay small forever. And live in a castle. Kids. They say the darndest things.

Spot Start For Slacker

The Daily Stache must have had a breaking news story that El Pad got assigned to cover. I hope it had to do with dong. That's his favorite topic.

Anyway, off to the races....

Good ol cut n past day from the WWL:

Source: NFL reinstates Burress after jail time
I wonder if the source on this one is the NFL. Why is this even news?

Source: Ochocinco to NE Haynesworth, too
Tem predicts this is the year one of these types of deals blows up in the Pats face. 90% chance Ochocinco does the Shipoopi song after a TD. (what the fuck is that? /keith)

Tiger plans to play Bridgestone

If he plays well all we will hear is that Tiger is back baby! If he plays poorly it will surely have to do only with his injured knee. Fuck his knee and fuck him. It is golfing* for goodness sake, we shouldn't care at all. Golfing is only slightly better than soccer. Maybe tied for last.

Baby stepsReport: Kobe talks Turkey
Seems like going to Europe is the only play the players have if they want to break the owners. Owners are dug in for the long haul and the players aren't. So they'll have to hit up Europe for some cash. I am excited for ESPN to start showing some Euroleague games.

Power shiftCards acquire QB Kolb from Eagles

I bet Kolb does great there throwing to the RB and Tight End. While Fitz bitches about not getting the ball because he was 25yds down field and had single coverage. Check Down Kolb will be a great fit for a team with a star WR. Nonetheless he'll be a high pick in too many fantasy leagues.

Big betDolphins acquire Bush, agree on 2-year deal

Bush is a funny name.

Finally things I think everyone on LOV has done

gotten drunk
had sex
been on a boat
driven a car
watched a professional sporting event live at the stadium/arena
flown on a plane
smoked weed
rewound a movie just to see some tits again
pet a dog

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sources: LOV Summit signs Packer

Right TP???

No /cmblue

I'm heading to Port Aransas tomorrow on the same weekend tropical storm Don is heading in. We spend a majority of the summer in a drought with no storm activity in the gulf...suite luck. The storm is moving pretty quick. It should rain on Saturday, but Friday and Sunday should be nice. Next trip after that is The Summit!

This has been a suite week in sports following several weeks of nothing. Couple of trades in baseball, free agent blitz in football, a no no yesterday, beer league softball tonight. Next up in a few weeks...fantasy football drafts!

Debt ceiling: I say just keep raising it. Keep borrowing money from China, or whoever we can borrow money from. As long as we're playing with Monopoly money, who cares? We'll never have to answer for it right? We'll never have to pay it off or anything right? Is it possible that this spending can ever get under control unless there are major changes (like blue mentioned the other day)? I don't know much about this stuff...learn me some knowledge.

Shout out to Mize...would you ever consider going overseas for a year or so to work? Companies, like Haliburton for example, have many yobs overseas where you can earn $100,000+ a year if you're willing to go. Much of it is tax free, and you really don't have any expenses over there if I remember right. I considered doing this when I was single a few years ago. I know people who have gone on one or two stints over there. Something like that can set you up to buy a house cash, or put a huge down payment on one...or just have money in the bank. Thought I'd throw that out there to ya...


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fun stuff

i'm excited for footyball. even though the broncos are gonna suck, still will be fun to see some head smashing. One weird rule i heard on the radio, if you sign a free agent, even your own free agent, they can't practice with the team until August 4th. They can be in meetings and film sessions but can't be on the field. What kind of shit is that?

The coors light bar exam commercials are stupid. And why do I need to know when a beer is "extra cold". Oh how far Ice cube has fallen, nobody even believes the "character" he's playing in those commercials.

Pirates got raped on a bad call by an umpire in the 19th inning. Oh well, sucks to be a pirate fan, sometimes you get raped.

My boss is the biggest flake in the world. He was supposed to go to a conference this week with a bunch of other people from the organization, some big marketing thing. But at the last minute decided he didn't need to go. Now Blue can't take the afternoon off to play golf Thursday and Friday. This happens constantly though, making plans and then bailing at the last minute. He was supposed to go to a Rockies game with my department earlier this year. I bought the tickets knowing he was going to bail, and sure enough, the morning of the game all of a sudden he was "too busy" to go so we had to eat his ticket.

Update: Carson Palmer is still retired.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LinkedIn, Handicaps and Other Things

I don't get this LinkedIn crap. Apparently I have an account because I get requests all the time from people to be in their network. Then it sends me updates on people I don't know and sometimes tells me what is going on in Real Estate. Is this thing useful at all? Is it just Facebook for business? I don't have time for that shit.

We have a guy who parks his Mercedes in a handicaped spot next to the elevator on the 3rd floor of the garage. Then he walks down the steps into the office. That is when he comes into the office. He is in sales so for the most part he just plays golf. He is apparently really good. Fuck him. He takes that spot so nobody can door ding his mercedes. He had knee surgery like 7 years ago and has milked that tag out of his doctor ever since. I hate him solely for his using a handicap sticker when he isn't handicapped. Fucking douchebag. On the other hand he has a picture of his daughter in his office and she looks good. If TJW were still around I'd fly him into town so he could spit in this guy's daughter's mouth.

Everytime I hear CBA I think Canadian Basketball Association. Not even Continental, I think Canadian. Then I wonder why Canada needs a basketball association.

Michael Phelps is a loser now. Apparently pot is bad for swimmers....but seriously. This was inevitable. He went on the party circuit and lost like a tenth of a second or half a tenth. That's the margin of error in his sport. Too much swimming talk. I'm pretty sure I don't like Phelps anyway, he always has that douchebag smile on his face.

Other ways to tell if someone is a douche:

the way they handle losing
the way they handle winning
size of sunglasses they wear
needless exposure of a body part they think is great (usually abs for guys...oh wow, you have a two pack? damn you must be awesome, but seriously we are at the Olive Garden and a fine dining establishment like this is not the place to show off your two pack)

Random sidenote: my dad has a six pack now, except it is on his chest. Saw it at the pool while on vacation. Beer belly, but six pack chest. Wierdest damn thing I've ever seen. Then he coughed alot because he has asbestosis and cracked a vertebrae in his back.

And finally, I am getting pumped up for the summit. My september and august are packed with shit to do and places to be, but the summit rounds it all out. It should be a blast.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Noone is working for the weekdays

I am starting to hate Sundays now. Whenever Sunday morning rolls around, I get up and think "goddamn, i gotta work tomorrow". Is this what it's like to be mize? I don't want to think like that.

So footyball is back, hey? Let the Favre talk begin. Maybe he & Tiki Barber will be in the same backfield. That would be awesome. I hope hey bolth play in Green Bay. Here are my playoff teams. Jets, Steelers, Raiders, Texans, Colts, Pats, Eagles, Packers, Saints, Rams, Cowboys, Falcons.

Our good ol' buddy Roethlisberger raped got married this weekend. His victim wife is pretty trashy looking. One might even say she looks like white trash. At least that's what it appears by the pics I've seen online. Maybe spiff can find some good ones of her. James Harrison was there. He tweeted that Ben didn't look as good as Peyton Manning. Some random Steelers lady fan was there, almost like a stalker I guess, and said it was the greatest day of her life. Fucking woman*.

Have any of yous seen that show I shouldn't be alive? I'm watching it right now, what a crazy show. Some lady got shot in the foot and in the spine and was laying by her driveway, then the dude who shot her ran over her with his car, then he stopped with the tire on her pelvis and started turning the tire and grinding it into her. And she's sitting there telling the story about it. That had to suck, bad.

LP, I think you meant Bobby Higginson, not Brian. I was going though that list just now. It's funny seeing those names and how a lot of them faded off into Bolivia pretty quickly. Seeing that list made me get out some boxes with my old cards, and here are a few more names that make me laugh now. Todd Van Poppel, Brien Taylor, Kevin Maas, Raul Mondesi, Tuffy Rhodes, Sam Horn, Pat Listache. I can't believe those were all huge names at one point.

So yeah, that Norway shit is crazy huh. What a strange story. A dude that hates Islam goes apeshit on his country. I'm watching you, LP. But man, to go on a shooting spree for 90 minutes before the authorities can get to you is redonk. And I can't believe dude didn't kill hisself. What a sick fuck.

I don't want to end this post on that somber note, so we'll end it with this...congrats Robbie Alomar, Bert Blyleven, and Pat Gillick. The MLB HOF ceremony sucks me every year.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's hot. S.

My favorite players growing up that were not on the team I rooted for. Some of them were not stars. Some are. Keep in mind I was an avid baseball card collector and am sitting on a fortune of stuff now. Probably not worth anything now but still. I got silly shit too. Like Kellogg cereal giveaway Mattingly cutouts and 4 NY Met starting lineup figures. And one Red one. I got some quirky shit.

Ozzie Smith
Barry Larkin
Cal Ripken Jr.
George Brett
Benito Santiago (NS)
Kirby Puckett
The Kid
Will Clark
Kevin Mitchell (Was a Met at one point)
John Franco (as a Red, when he came to Queens I cam in my pants)
Mike Gallego
David Justice
Jim Abbott
Carlos Baegra
Scott Erickson
Todd Hundley (Met leader in home runs, weird)
Tino Martinez (Pre-yankee career)
Rod Beck
Mo Vaughn
Lance Carter
Brian Higginson
Steve Sax
JT Snow
Pete Incanvigila
Larry Walker
Mark Grace
Candy Maldanado
Jay Buhner
The Crime Dog
Eddie Murray
Bobby Bo (then I hated him after he bombed with Mets)
Bob Tewksbury
The Big Cat
Jack Morris
Skeeter Barnes
Julio Franco

I think that's it.

Next week footyball. It's a short list. Speaking of. Can't wait. Normally I'd be troilling cbssports for training camp news like "Aaron Rodgers lofted a beautiful pass into the hands of Greg Jennings in this mornings 7 on 7 drill." Or "Rookie WR Julio Jones made a spectacular one handed grab this afternoon". You see how the players need the have the drama though, woth the Twitter and such. We aint voting until tomorrow. Fine bitch dont vote. You know damn well this is over and wed you'll be in shells with your team running sprints.

Do you ever think about the girl or Meiz the guy who you lost your virginity too. And what they are doing sometimes?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Shuttle update: So Atlantis landed this morning and the Shuttle era is officially over. Somber moment for me. I have several friends looking for jobs, or will be in the near future. There are a lot of people in the Houston area tied to the Shuttle program (also at Kennedy in FL and a few other space centers). From what I hear in inner circles, the next adventure in manned space flight is closer than we think...suite!

Jug's Dad's trip update: My Dad got back from Vegas on Monday. I spoke with him yesterday afternoon and he said it was an amazing weekend...he's still on an emotional high from it. They had about 12 people show plus 3 spouses. I think they plan to do it again in 2 years. Good times!

Random update: I don't like it when people pronounce it "ChipotLAY". Stop it.

"Here" for "this" update: Busy weekend, 3 concerts and a graduation party. I have softball tonight, but unlike tem, I want to play. We have a fun tea, even though we don't win as much as we used to. After the game I'm going here to see this guy. Tomorrow night cgjid and I are going to North Houston with some friends to go here to see this guy. We are staying over night in Spring, TX and going to a graduation party for a friend of ours who just graduated from the police academy. He didn't walk away, plus he can make a lot of cool sound effects. On Sunday we are going here to see an acoustic show with this guy and this guy. Gathering all those links is really more work than I want to put into a post. I'm going to Port Aransas next last trip before the summit.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

big shoes to follow

After that meiz post from yesterday, where do I start?

Nolan Ryan must have been a shitty clubhouse guy. He was on 4 different teams in an era before free-agency. A little known fact about a guy who is considered one of the best ever...he never won a cy young. He only won 20 games, two times in all his career. He went 17-18 one season and led the league in losses. But then he did throw 7 no-hitters, and beat the hell out of Robin Ventura, so he's got that going for him.

NFL season may start this weekend, which is exciting. While I like all the OTAs and updates through the summer, this might be kind of fun with the craziness of training camps.

One bad thing for blue (because he's selfish) they're eliminating 2-a-days in training camp. Which means he'll have to miss work to go watch the broncos camp in the mornings now instead of catching the afternoon camp.

How bout them pirates. Manager of the Year has to be Clint Hurdle, the only other choices would be Kirk Gibson and maybe Freddi Gonzalez. What if you were on the Pirates and ESPN kept saying how "unbelievable" and "remarkable" their season has been. I'd be pissed, fuck you ESPN.

Yao officially retired. Maybe his movie career can take off and they can do a remake of My Giant.

That's about all i have to say today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whore Shoes! or Hope Solo Is Not Pretty

I don't know what to post. Girls soccer blows, and there is nothing particularly notable about the alleged sexiness of Hope Solo. Okay, that was weird. I found a good pic of her, but it was hosted on a celebrity foot fetish message board. I'm not linking that.

Elin Nordegren is dating Rachel Uchitel's ex. Now that's funny.

CM Punk beat John Cena for the WWE title at Money In The Bank on Sunday. It was a fucking sweet match. If you can find it, I suggest watching it. The building was fuckin' electric.

I don't get the Genius shit on iTunes. I have it turned on on my PC, but when I go to turn it on on the meizPod, it tells me that I have to turn it on on my computer first. (Big ups to me for usage of the famed double word, three times)

I feel like since this is a Mize post, it needs pics. We'll see.

I'm gonna fly Frontier into Austin. Arrival is scheduled for Frday @ 11:07 AM, I believe. I'll probably be meeting up with T Dog at AUS & then cabbing it to the Ho-tel. Do Kod and I need to book a hotel for Sunday night? I have no idea.

If I ever won one of those 200 million dollar Powerballs I'd have a lot of stuff to do. Buy a decent house in Cedarburg, buy a party house kinda in the country, buy a hot air balloon, buy a new Mercedes station wagon, and rent out a floor at Caesars in Vegas for like 2 weeks. Then again, maybe I only tell like 5-10 people what happened, and give them 1 day to decide if they want to disappear with me. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

I just read on Grantland that some dipshit that writes for them thinks Cam'ron was/is the best rapper from 2001-2005. Cam'ron is a terrible rapper. What the fuck. Here's the quote :
From 2001, when the first Diplomats mixtape dropped, through his full-lengths, Come Home With Me and Purple Haze, Cam’ron was matched possibly only by Ghostface in rap’s lyrical supremacy sweepstakes.
What a moron. Everybody knows that time frame was dominated by Jay-Z and T.I. You could even put Eminem up there from '01 to '05, but I hate not being able to include the Slim Shady LP, so I don't. That's my favorite Eminem album.

What else?

I'm excited for the Hawkins, Saito, K-Rod, Axford era. That should take a lot of pressure off the Brewers' starters. And I wish to holy fuck that RRR(Runnin Ron Roenicke) doesn't just use K-Rod as the 8th inning guy. Defined roles in the bullpen are stupid. Game potentially on the line in the 6th? Bring K-Rod in. Need to quiet down some bats in the 7th? Bring K-Rod in. Greinke blowing up in the 5th? BRING K-ROD IN. And that's about all I have to say about that.

I guess the NFL lockout is about to end. Florio is reporting that the Packers have informed players to be ready to show up at camp this Saturday.
Update- @AaronRodgers12 "I definitely haven't been contacted about anything in gb this weekend, for the record" Riiiigggghhht...

The Lions will go no better than 9-7 this year and miss the playoffs. I'm pretty tired of my friends and a few other randoms telling me how great they're gonna be. That shit never works out. Look at how long the Texans have been a sexy pick to make the playoffs. It takes a LOT to get over the hump.

I kinda fight with my boss semi-frequently. Does that happen to anybody else? Like when something is really stupid and people just blindly give out stock answers to shit? Like here, this past Saturday. An MA has to place a Saturday will call order. It's for a bag of charcoal, charcoal is a restricted item, so the MA isn't allowed to take it without approval from 1 of 2 people. I tell him he's gotta get the approval and he starts to go through the proper avenues to do so. Fantastic. The Director Of The Warehouse happens to stop in to pick some stuff up for the Fish Day festival and sees that the MA is trying to get approval to take said charcoal. He says "Fuck it, I'm the director of the warehouse and I say the MA can take the charcoal. And if anybody has a problem with it, they can come see me." Perfect. Carte blanche on this one. The DOTW signs off on the invoice and the MA takes the coal.*Note-DOTW is not 1 of the 2 people that can give approval. Dumb rule. We have too many dumb rules and too many supervisors there.* I put the invoice on bosslady's desk to let her know what shook down when she got in on Monday. Then, she starts jamming ME up about releasing a restricted item without approval. I told her exactly what happened and she's still talking to me like I don't know what the fuck happened. I told her it's entirely stupid. How am I supposed to exercise authority that I don't have over one of my superiors? You can't go around and give false authority to somebody when they goddamn know that they have no authority. What was I supposed to do? Fight the guy? No. It was just fucking retarded. I went on about instead of telling me shit I already know, why doesn't somebody go tell the Director's supervisor about what he did. Coming to me about it is going to change absolutely nothing. There. There was the semi-Meiz rant some of you have been yearning for for a while. Back to your regular scheduled spot start.

I got my new horseshoes on Monday. I'm pretty pumped. Gonna see if the Doggfather wants to go up to the Edge and shoot a little with 'em tonight. We pitch our shoes with a turn instead of a flip(They fly flat & spin as opposed to flipping end over end). I'm pretty positive we're the only ones in the league that do so. It's pretty bad ass looking when we're on. Oh, and we might be in 1st place. It depends on whether or not Rodger's team lost a game last week. We've swept the past 2 weeks. Doggy Dogg's been killing it, whereas I've been very average.

My friend Brad chugged a half a liter of Purple Wave vodka at the softball tournament this Saturday. He didn't vomit, and he was already drunk. It was unreal. He also had an eating contest with my other friend named Brad. Vodka Brad won the eating contest by 2 brats and a burger. I'm telling you, this was incredible stuff. Too bad those guys don't embrace the whole "Documenting everything" movement/era. I had some awesome pics that I felt kinda guilty about keeping, so I deleted 'em.

Hey, did you hear? There's a cookout happening this weekend. It will most likely be sparsely attended because people are incredibly inhibited. I don't get that. I've gotten some really lame excuses from people for not coming. What are people afraid of? You've got nothing better to do, why not come hang out with your family, maybe some friends, maybe even *gasp* meet some new people. I hope my guy Buck shows up. Dude is ALWAYS trying some crazy angles to get on some chicks. He told one of the best stories ever three weeks ago. Part of the story involved the words "So I started rifling through her panty drawer for something I could wear." I hadn't laughed so hard in a solid year. Dude's awesome.

Tim Dillard and Kameron Loe suck. I miss Brian Shouse and Seth McClung and Todd Coffey. Shit, did I just rattle off three gingers? I think I may have.

Anybody else have the Em & Royce album? It's pretty decent. Nothing to call home about, though.

I suppose that'll do for now, unless I can come up with something to add. Go comment.

Monday, July 18, 2011

LP likes to eat #

I'm gonna channel my inner Matthew Berry. Here are my projections for the week of July 18th...

There will be a total of 987 comments.

LP will bring up 7 things that were discussed last week, like none of us read the internets while he's gone.

Keef will make 27 smart as. comments.

Beth will make 12 smart as. comments.

Jug will make 19 smart as. comments.

Spiff will link 10 dem tits & dat asses.

Aitch will use lol 4 times.

Mize will complain about BBRod twice.

TP will make a comment about the Mess being messy.

LP will drop 8 "jems*".

Tem will talk about Myrtle Beach with Beth.

We will all give ::flank stakes:: to Myrtle Beach talk.

LP will try to interest us with stories about Ocean City.

Kod will cnp a lot about the furlough.

Tyler will tell us about how stupid the whole "Carmageddon" was.

Blue will talk about tax stuff.

Then blue will buy another house.

H will woe about working a 15 hour day.

Mize will talk about his upcoming BBQ.

The word "suite" will be used 14 times.

I will get bored writing this post.

You will get bored reading it.

LP's name/pic is Look at my horses dong!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

HR Derby Lp


My dad is a Vietnam veteren. He was in the Marines for 4 years and served the better part of two years in Vietnam and the surrounding areas. He has never really talked much about his experience over there. The only story he shared with me was just before I left for the Air Force, and it was a story about his time as a sniper.

About two years ago he was getting ready to retire and went down to the VA to register for benefits. It was shortly after that that he started counseling sessions for post traumatic stress issues from Vietnam. He went to several sessions that he said were pretty grueling, and after a few of those sessions he started trying to find some of the guys he used to serve with. He is not a Facebooker, he doesn't have time for that shit, so he used other service related websites.

Over the period of a few months he made contact with a few guys he served with, one of which he even went to high school with. A few of those guys were in touch with a few others who served together and so on. My dad and his friend thought it would be a good idea to try and organize a reunion, so they started reaching out to the different guys and did just that.

I had dinner with my dad twice over the last week. The first time it was us and two of my brothers. During dinner he shared about 4 stories from Vietnam, things he had never shared before. At one point he broke down a little bit. Last night cgjid and I had dinner with him again. This time he had a year book type deal from his unit in Vietnam, along with several pictures of the guys he served with. He told a few more stories that I had never heard before.

Today my dad leaves for Las Vegas for the weekend to go meet with these guys for the first time in several decades. There are 15 guys, not including spouses, who are going to meet up this weekend. There are also family members of some who were killed in action who are also attending. This is a really big weekend for him, he has no idea what to expect. I think this could really be a turning point for him as far as getting past some of the post traumatic stress isses. I can't wait to hear the stories when he gets back.

Just thought I'd share...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HR Derby Jug

Jug is a slacker. He must have put a ring on it and now is not allowed to post on LOV.

Congrats Jug!

H probably needs to find his own ride to Austin now. FMJug says NO.

British Open Golfing in on. It will not suck me.

I love it at work when people bitch about Cap rates. They all want to sell things with great cap rates. Who the fuck cares? If I can get $70M for the apartment building at a 7 cap or $65M at a 6.5 cap which should I take? The higher $$$ amount. Cap rate is based on whatever NOI you use. Everyone uses a different NOI. Fucking math.

Yesterday at softball I was playing right center. Fly ball to center and I told the other guy to get it. But then I caught it anyway because I had a bad read on where it was going. He dove and took me out, but I held on. Totally my fault because I forgot to call him off after I told him to get it. Tem sux.

I forgot my phone at home today. I bet Jug txted and asked for a spot start. My bad.

I boat* NCAA football for the X Box 360 yesterday. I am starting my coaching career as OC for Kent State. Kent State sux. I lost 80 something to 14 to Alabama. The defense couldn't stop Bama at all. (In this mode I don't get to control the D). Even if I was controlling it, I'd get hosed.

OK go forth and comment.

Jug is lame.*

*unless he got hit by a train again. then condolences.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HR Derby 3

All Star game was last night. Prince Fielder proved he's a big strong man. Bruce Bochy got a good look at his future 1b. Imagine that, Fielder at 1b and Kungfu Panda at 3b. Might be the fattest infield of all-time.

National League won because they take the game serious. I mean, home field advantage for the world series is on the line. I was really disappointed with Brian Wilson's postgame interview. Other than referencing the beard he was way too normal and cliche.

K-Rod traded to the brewers. This should be interesting. Listening to mize bitch about all the walks and blown saves will be fun. The Reds threw out a trade rumor about making a move for Ubaldo. The deal was Homer Bailey and some 1B prospect guy. That's not gonna happen, that might be enough to get Huston Street, but the Rockies will want a Cliff Lee type haul if they're trading Ubaldo.

Speaking of Cliff Lee...thanks for sucking Cliff. Imagine if he had stuck it out with the Mariners...the rotation those guys would have. King Felix, Cliff Lee, Pineda, Bedard and Fister. (i'm assuming they didn't get any of those guys when they traded Lee to the Rangers because i'm too lazy to look it up).

The debt ceiling discussion stuff is kind of interesting. More for the fact that Obama is taking a stand as opposed to just doing whatever. Means shit won't get done, but I liken it to the NFL CBA negotiations, both sides will get some concessions and the deal will get done at the last minute. As a finance guy this day has to come at some point where we have to overhaul the economics of the US government. I think they thought they could just keep burying a hole deeper and deeper. At some point they have to raise more money or cut signifcant spending, but really both.

Ok enough. I'm not going to share the bikini pics from Beth because she's not sucking in her gut and you can see the outline of her penis

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HR Derby 2

So the HR derby can suck me in for about an hour and a half. After that I get bored and go to bed. There is only so much of the same thing I can watch. They need to spice up the later rounds a bit somehow. My suggestion is put obstacles and fire pits and spikes in the outfield for the little kids to run into. That would be entertaining. And let's face it, aside from the one kid who made a diving catch it didn't look like we even had a remote possibility of having any future gold glovers out there. The outfield kids sucked. And there were too many of them. Obstacles would thin out the herd and be entertaining. Win win!

I'm OK with players skipping the All Star game. It is their one vacation during the season. I'd be pissed if someone told me that because I was doing so well that I have to work during my vacation. It is MLBs fault for trying to make the game count and mean something. The point of the game is to give players a break and let them get bombed out of their minds, play a game in front of fans and everyone has a good time. Except now the players have approximately 60 hours of shit to do in a 72 hour time frame. I'd skip it too.

NFL lockout should end before the week is up...didn't we hear that two weeks ago? What is the drop dead date for having a full season? Whatever date that is will be the day the CBA gets signed.

Why would Clemens testify at his own purgery trial? He seems like a douche, he comes off as a douche and if he testifies the entire jury will probably think he is a douche. This isn't a murder trial, so I think "he seems like a douche" is probably enough to convict.

OK I was on fire there, but I gotta do work. The man is keeping us all down. Go get at least 100 comments. Don't let El Pad think this place falls apart without him.

Also RIP Beth. You had a good run.
RIP Freak. I'll still see you on XBox.
Speaking of X-Box my name on there is like tmagers or something. Hit me up.

Monday, July 11, 2011

HR Derby

Happ Monday. I'll be at jury duty today. I wish I could live blog while I'm there. I was going to take my iPad but I don't know what I can take in there. Maybe I'll just live text.

My pick for the derby tonight is Jose Bautista. Long limb, there. I'm not talking about his dong, LP. Oh wait, LP is on vacation. Who is going to carry us this week?

The end of the USA futbol game yesterday was cool. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's woman's* soccer. I turnt it on when it was in OT because I saw on WWL that USA was losing. But the end was grate. And the USA goalie is cute, like h said. And it's America for crissakes. USA! USA! USA!

The ending to the play golfing tourney was also grate. Stricker was dominating, then bogeyed 15 and 16 to go down 1, then birdies 17 & 18 to win that tourney for the 3rd year in a row. Good a stuff. Tiger who?

Football and basketball are still lockt out. Why can't hockey get lockt out too? And wnba. Actually, why can't the wnba just fold like the Mess in September? You all got your marriage rights in New York now. Stop playing "basketball".

Josh Hamilton is still grieving.

Me too.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summit II Talk

I guess we need to get a little more organized for the summit. If you've made your flight reservations, send me the dates and times. You can email, text, or send me a message on Facebook and I'll put something together. I'm going to start asking around about some good bars and restaurants up there as some family and friends went to UT and they'll know a lot more than I do. Any requests of what you want to see when you're in town?

We will be within walking distance of 6th street. I plan on renting a larger SUV...but was thinking we should so 6th street at night. I'll DD during the day. H said he would DD at night...s.

H is flying into Houston on that Friday and will be riding up with me...ETA will be around 2:30 at the hotel bar.

No "here for this" this weekend. I have a lot of nothing going on this weekend aside from attending a small wedding on Saturday. Work next weekend and Port Aransas beach trip the following weekend...suite!

Casey Anthony talk...I have a hard time believing that the justice system failed, I see it more as the prosecution failing. I think its horrible that that little girl was murdered and her mom at the very least had something to do with it. I do believe that a jury can't convict on the premisis of "She had to have done it!"...which is what the majority of the public is basing their opinion on. I believe the same thing too...just think the prosecution failed and not the justice system.

Work is planning a weekend boondoggle of sorts down in Galveston, TX for three days at the end of August. It is a weekend thing, but its paid with per diem and lodging as well. Should be suite...haven't done anything like that here in over ten years.

That's all I have...go.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony is not guilty

Whatever, i'm over that. This was a lot more understandable than the OJ trial in my opinion because there was "reasonable doubt" and I can see how that played out to the jurors.

Ok, moving along

I think the MLB should change the last man vote for the all-star game. I think it's stupid that Shane Victorino, or any Yankee or Redsock, would be in the vote. You know who's going to win. I think the only guys eligible should be from teams that only have one represenative. You know when half the Yankees lineup gets voted in by the fans, its not too fair to vote in another Yankee. Especially for a game that "counts".

MLB needs instant replay, not on balls and strikes, but any other play should be allowed to be replayed. Think about it, would it really detract that much from the game for the managers to have 2 challenges per game, or even just give them one challenge. I get that they could use it to stall for a pitcher to get warmed up, but they stall in other ways currently anyway. Baseball is pretty simple, there's very few replays that I see where I go "hmm i don't know", it's not like determining a fumble, or possession on a catch on the sideline. It's pretty cut and dry.

Who besides Tem knew that the Pirates are 4 games over .500 and this is the best record they've had this late in the season since the early 90's. Clint Hurdle gets to give the Rockies a big shitburger for lunch. They're only a game and a half out of the division lead. I dare you to name one player from that team not named Andrew McCutchen.

Baseball has had a lot of parity this year, even the Mess are over .500...Rockies suck. 17 of the 30 teams are .500 or better right now. 9 in the NL and 8 in the AL, and the largest division lead is only 4 games (O:FP is not going so swell).

Last but not least, I hope Roger Clemens burns in hell and spends the maximum allowable time in prison. His offenses are much worse than anything that happened to a little girl in Florida (s).

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Effing E

Forgot it was tuesday. That's good and bad. One day of work is done but I have to write a post. I had good ideas for my post, but I got drunk and forgot them yesterday.

I have bad beer farts today. I know you all care.

Saw some fireworks yesterday. It was cool. My buddies kid was loving them. He is 2 and just kept saying "WOW" over and over again. He also likes cartoons. And is black. Well mixed. In any case he is teo of As.

Columbus softball scheduled us to have a double header today. Except they released the schedule for that on friday afternoon. After I had left for work. So I just saw the email now. I hope we forfeit them both. I am the anti team player for sure.

Hotdog guy won again. 62 dogs in 10 minutes is gross. I don't care. I don't get it. Don't get me wrong, I don't really care about the starving people of the world and how this is a waste. I just think competitive eating is dumb. Not as dumb as soccer though.

If being gay is genetic why are more and more people gay? Shouldn't they just breed themselves out of it?

Still have no idea why chinese buffets won't give you a knife.

FYI when women are ovulating their Gaydar is really high.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Day off

Happy fourth of July. Go drink and play with fireworks

Friday, July 01, 2011

I love you meiz.

Fucking Horoscopes. You smat* edumacated* peepels* dont beleaf* in this shat* write*? Tell me you don't read the horoscope page and then like apply the message from the Horoscope to your day? "Today you will experience great joy but stay even keeled as gloating is not a good trait". And then you score like a free bag of chips at the vending machine and think it's because the horoscope predicted it. Shit is whack.

NBA went from oh a season will be played to the whole season is locked out. Real quick. And then the NFL talks stalled. I mean this is some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen. They are like politicians. It's amazing. They should all run for congress or something.

I've thought real hard about this. I don't think there is a likka* I don't like. Assuming I can mix it. If I can't mix it then there is one. Gin. But I like Gin and Tonics. Or a Gin Manahattan. I used to hate tequilla now I ruv ruv ruv it. I'm still a scotch and whiskey boy at heart but I've started to acquire tastes for other shit. I just dont understand Wodka. It taste like nothing. Why drink something that has no flava flav? I mean it doesnt stop me from drinking it, occasionally. Very occasionally. Can't remember the last vodka drink I ordered but it was a whilz* ago.

I love beer. I'm probably a beer snob. I look to pair beer with certain foods. I don't care. Beer is a life hobby.

Austin is looking grim. I really want to go. NS. Just can't justify a spendy weekend right now. And that job offer was Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity whack. 75K a year is not gonna get it done company to be named later. Let's see if they bring the heat after the summer. I got fired from the limo job after just two jobs. I did nothing wrong. I just need a CDL license all of a sudden.

So that sucked and it takes a minute to get one. Gotta pass a written test then a road test. I've always wanted a CDL anyway so I'll get it but in the meantime i have to find some additional income somewhere. Gonna turn to the food industry next. At least I'm not a struggling musician like IAM walking the streets of nashville. WADR.

Speaking of musicians I want to learn to play some shit one day. Like a geetar or piano. I want my children to learn that shit too. Especially the chick. Nerve* heard of a stripper that can play beethoven.

Stache doesn't want to fir* me. So that's good.

One more week then vacation. Can't wait.

Happy July 4th Weekend fuckfaces.

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