Friday, September 30, 2011

Overall 26-18

CHICAGO -6.5 over Carolina
Bears mad. Urlacher angry. Bears home. Rookie QB. On road. Hostile enviornment.

Buffalo -3 over CINCY
Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Titans +1.5 over CLEVELAND
Browns lost to Cincy, beat Manningless Colts and beat an 0-3 team by one point. What am I missing why are the Browns being pushed on us. Stop it.

Detroit +1.5 over DALLAS
Man the Cowboys sucked ass Monday night, still won. But they have a weak secondary and the Lions have a slick passing game. I've said this since day one the Lions are the truth and they are starting to believe it themselves.

Minnesota -1.5 over KC
I mean you can't pick KC under any circumstance at this point. Hopefully Vikes play all 4 quarters this week. Does Leslie Frazier know there are 4 quarters?

ST. LOUIS +1.5 over Skins
What is 1.5 the spread of the week. Anyway it's time the Rams young defense springs to life.

San Fran +8.5 over THE DREAM TEAM
Too many points for a good defensive team. As usual Vick one hit away from Mike Kafka. and don't tell me Mike Kafka is good. Just stop it.

New Orleans -7 over JACKSONVILLE
Too many weapons. The talk is Brady because he has like 100000000 yards already but Brees is also playing out of his mind.

HOUSTON -4 over Steelers
I'm worried in that building the offensive line of Pittsburgh won't be able to protect Rapelisberger. Texans were a stop away from beating the Saints last week.

NY Giants -1.5 over ARIZONA
Kolb knows.

Atlanta -4.5 over SEATTLE
Falcons need this one, won't be easy. Tough place to play and LONG way from the confines of the Georgia dome but Ryan should be able to carve up that secondary.

GREEN BAY -12.5 over Denver
Hate the line. What could I do. Pick the Broncos? The way Orton is playing will not allow me to do that against this defense.

New England -4 over OAKLAND
Pats rebound in Brady's backyard.

Miami +7 over SAN DIEGO
Here's to Miami being in every game, covering spreads and here's to San Diego for letting every team no matter the talent difference, hang around in every game.

NY Jets +3.5 over RAVENS
Emotional return for Ryan and he does emotion better than anyone else. Tough game to pick. Not sure if Jets had a bad game, allowing all those rushing yards, or it's a sign of things to come this year. We'll find out. Ray Rice is good.

Indy +10 over TAMPA
Tampa shouldn't be giving 10 to anyone.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let Tem Eat Cake!

Who would have thought that the 100+ loss Astros would be involved in meaningful games during the last series of the year? Great night of baseball! Two extra inning games, and one that came down to the end of the ninth. The Longoria home run right after O:FB completed their choke job this season. Now H and Beth know how Lp felt a few years ago. I was hoping for two play in games tomorrow, but baseball doesn't get much better than tonight.

The Tem cake story...we went into one bar off 6th street and there was a table full of slices of cake. no one was really by the table, looked as if the party was over. A few of us grabbed a piece of cake...Tem had 3. Eventually a pissed off lady caught us eating the cake and came over to the table and started throwing it all away. I remember some kind of analogy about just walking into a parking lot and taking whatever car we wanted. Not sure if I misremember that one, but if I'm right then apparently in Austin cake is just as valuable as cars. We just had no idea how much tem liked cake...stupid cake nazi. This was in the same bar that Aitch didn't like the chick singing and wanted to take her microphone.

We also learned that tem knows where the Gramatica brothers are at all times, especially Martin. In addition to that, anyone who kicks for the Bucs is Martin Gramtica. Judging from that commercial, the Gramtica boys have put on some weight. Martin doesn't look like Kazoo anymore.

I think my system has just gotten back to normal from all the bar food, beer, and jaguar bombs from last weekend.

No here for this this weekend, Jug is working all weekend.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So the redsux almost blew the game last night. The bravos are limping along, but have Hudson going today. Should be interesting, i'd love to see 2 play in games tomorrow. The AL WC game is going to be at 1:10 PDT and the NL WC game will be at 5:10 PDT, take that east coast bias.

I knew it was bad, but heard the stat today, the Vikings have been outscored in the 2nd half 66-6 in their first 3 games. Talk about not making adjustments...that's a straight coaching deficiency.

BCS looks to lift the 2 team limit for conferences? Fuck that. If these are the "elite" games, i don't want to see 4 matchups with SEC teams in them. I would limit it to only conference champions, make the limits tighter. If they're going to make changes to the BCS, how about changing it to a playoff system.

Our CEO's birthday party was last night. Somebody got him an Anna Nicole Smith impersonator to come sing happy birthday. It was kind of awkward, but also kind of awesome at the same time. He was very uncomfortable.

my new favorite word is humperdink

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bye Ozzie

We'll all miss Ozzie, but it was clear his time was up. I can't imagine he can coach the same team for more than 4 years before all the players and employees get sick of him. Yeah, he is hilarious at times, but at other times I am pretty sure he is mean and unreasonable. And 90% of the time uncomprehensible. In any case, in small doses he is great. But all day, every day....gotta go after awhile.

I watched my DVRs of Family Guy and American Dad from Sunday. Both shows were not that good. Family Guy was OK. American Dad was just effed up. It was like Little Shop of Horrors met Hot Tub Time Machine with that Cee Lo Greene guy thrown in for fun.

Retro Tem UFC Picks:

Rampage over Jones
Hughes over Kosckeck
Anyone non asian over anyone asian

In football news a shitty Cowboys team beat a shitty Redskins team and this means that Tony Romo is elite. He is tough apparently because he had a pin sized hole in his lung that sealed up in a day. I don't know if you guys know anyone who had a punctured lung, but generally they are real holes that don't heal within 48 hours. I am sure it hurt, but he isn't Superman. Plus he has access to pain killers none of us has even heard of. He probably took a pill specifically designed to plug lung holes. Like Fix-A-Flat for lungs.

I'm not sure but I think the Red Sox are choking it away. I am glad we weren't near H when they finally fall behind in the standings. That'll be a rough day for baby mama H.

The summit was awesome. Things we learned:

tem doesn't know how to pronounce pico de gallo
meiz likes normal looking chicks not super hot ones
everything except chilli cups and toast is bigger in texas.
tem snores a lot
all Pats except one guy are bad tippers
chicks in texas generally have vampire fangs or something wrong with their teeth
foreign bartender guy is trying to sell people jaguar fanta and jager
LSU fans are worse at holding their booze than WVU fans are
making fun of H's accent is never unfunny
meiz hates minivans. he breaks them.
Texas has 1,000,000 compact car parking spaces and 5 compact cars

Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick recap

Well, summit weekend is "kind of" over. Tem, jug, mize, & aitch are leaving Austin today. It was a fun weekend, full of hilarity. H getting us kicked out of a bar. Mize saying he's not going to go out of his way to gawk at a chick's ass. (and not out of his way like having to walk across the room. I mean out of his way like turning his head 90°). H giving the death stare any time I cracked a joke. H's ridiculously strong chowdah accent. The speaker phone call with LP at midnight. (he calls me and says he just got off work. I axe if he just finished driving the limo. He says no, I had to work a n***** wedding tonight. I say "a what?" He says "a black wedding". LP is grate). Tyler threw up. Mize really like guys that play the role of the heel. Miz really likes guys. Mize broke the minivan. Jug is the quiet guy. Actually, I think jug is pretty similar to me (NS), maybe a little quieter. H's goal for the weekend was to find a chick to get mize laid, mize wanted none of it. H wanted to fight a girl. He doesn't remember. Tem snores a lot. He also set the room thermostat to 55° and doesn't remember it. H called TP. I don't think anyone called rev because he's insufferable. We walked 5 miles to see 2 UFC fights, on principle. Austin doesn't have any hot chicks that I saw. /aitch. Blue lost our bet so he as to change his pic for a week. I spent too long in the gift shop trying to find something to take back to cmk & bgas., holding up the group. We did jaguar* bombs. Aitch did an H-bomb. H wanted to take pics of us with girls and then put them on FB. NO!! /everyone else. Tyler really wanted to get a rigshaw on Saturday night. Like, really bad. H said if he had 1 cig during the weekend hat we could all punch him in the face. He didn't ave one. Good for him. NS. But mize wasn't a good influence because he had at least 2 packs.
That's a lli can remember right now. It's late.

But here's kind of a funny story from my trip home. I flew out of Austin and had a layover in El Paso. I get on the plane in El Paso, and the flight attendant that is greeting us is milok's best friend. She is basically the one who hooked up me & cmk at the wedding where we met. We're pretty close to her and her family. She ends up hooking me up with free drinks. Nice way to end the weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summit This

BUFFALO +8.5 over Pats
Seems like a silly pick but I've already figured out that if you roll with the Bills every week they will hit 70% of the time.

San Fran +2.5 over CINCY
Niners had a better team down 14 with 8 minutes left. Then choked.

Miami +2.5 over CLEVELAND
Taking the desperate team.

Denver +6.5 over TITANS
Taking the points. The road might actually benefit this Bronco team.

Detroit -3.5 over VIKINGS
The Lions are better. It's a really simple way to look at this game.

NEW ORLEANS -4 over Houston
Texans ain't ready for this man.

Philly/Giants off even though Vick is playing. Giants have lost 6 straight vs. Eagles.

CAROLINA -3.5 over Jacksonville
Gabbert's first start. Newton has some serious potential and has two starts under his belt. The Jags confuse me. I know football and I can barely name 5 Jags off the top of my head. Who are these guys what kind of roster is this?

OAKLAND +3.5 over Jets
NYJ might be 2-0 but they have not played well yet. They'll need to out West because the Raiders are no cupcake. The Offensive line is just that for NY. Offensive. Really bad. And they have no pass rush.

Baltimore -4 over ST. LOUIS
Ravens rebound here on the road. Potential suicide pick.

K.C +14.5 over CHARGERS
They've been outscored like 82-10. Taking the points though because it's a division game and San Diego still struggling on special teams.

CHICAGO +3.5 over Green Bay
They usually split the series, home and home. Bears have some anger and despite the o line struggling they'll piece together some drives and keep Rodgers at bay. Packers aren't going undefeated.

SEATTLE +3.5 over Arizona
I don't lay points to Seattle at home for a division game.

Atlanta +1.5 over TAMPA BAY
Coming off a huge win the Falcons might play shitty or play even more inspired. I choose the latter.

Steelers -10.5 over COLTS
At this point I'm rethinking that whole statement I made about the Colts still might win 6-8 games. Did Dwight Freeny die?

Line for Monday Night is off due to Tony Roma's ribs. Ha.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Another spot start. Good thing the rosters expand in September.

I think there is a trip coming up. It's like a day before the summit. Hopefully no one tears an ACL or ruptures an achilles.

Some guy who was found guilty by his peers was executed last night and people disagree with that. Somewhere kod weeps for this man.

O:FB is even including the Braves (Boston Braves for the early years) in it's wrath. Awesome.

I think I'll have some picks tomorrow. I am off however, just couldn't take being at work while fellow LOV members were frolicking in Texas.

Get at me dog.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spot start

blue isn't available this morning so i'm making a spot start for him because he's a lazy ass.

Summit 2.0 is coming up quick this weekend, can't wait, super excited.

Pac-12 tells Texas thanks but no thanks. Rumor is it came down to the school presidents hate Texas.

Ron Ron was the first one booted from Dancing with the Stars. That might be the worse* performance ever for an ath-a-lete

Eli sucks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Week

Busy week for tem. Flying to Florida today for work. Back to temhio tomorrow and then off to Austin the next day. Like Keith I can't wait. I have a cold though, so I hope that goes away in the next day or two. Plane ride today will suck ballz. Cabin pressure will rock my head.

I'm pressed for time as usual so I will just give you this one thought.

Seeing a fat dog always makes me smile. What is up with that? They are just funny looking and always look like a fat and happy dog. I like it when they are small dogs like dauschunds (sp?). Then they look like a barrel with legs.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Can't wait!

It's summit week, bro. LP, TP, spiff, Beth, get your goddamned tickets. Am I weird to be as excited as I am about this weekend? I mean, it's just a meeting of idiots with nothing better to do, right? Anyway, this is how I am feeling about this coming weekend right now.

This was a fought weekend for my team, real and fantasy. ASU, tOSU, and the goddamn Bengals all lost. The Reds lost at least 2/3 to the Breer's and maybe even got swept, I dunno because I stopped paying attention. My fmlb team is down 7-3 in the championship but luckily it's a 2 week matchup so there's still time. And my $ FFL lost because the guy I was playing against has Romo, Austin, Maclin, Gronkowski, Ray Rice, Mendenhall, and Jordy Nelson. Our league is in its 5th season and he set the all-time weekly scoring record. Fucking woe.

At HD, we have a 2 hour store meeting like once every other month, and last night we had one. Afterwards, some of us went to the bar for a drink because one of the dudes there is a Marine and he's going to Afghanistan for 7 months. Believe it or not, he is the first person I've known, personally, that is in the military and getting deployed. Kind of a weird feeling. I know the dude pretty well, and he just turnt 21. So we did a jaguar bomb and I told him when he gets back that we'll go out for another one. I know noone cares about that story, but whatever. Maybe jug does a little.

Blue, give me a name/pic for the Bengals/Broncos game. And mize, give me a name/pic for the Mayweatheer fight. Whoever posts it first, I'll do that one first. 3 days for bolth.

I think that's enough. TWSS

Friday, September 16, 2011

Picksssssssss (lisp)

BILLS -3.5 over Raiders
6-19 on the East Coast since representing the AFC in the Super Bowl what seems like 100 years ago. Anyone else have trouble remembering what year Super Bowls were? Anyway, Bills are going to be monsters against the spread this year. In the rare game they give out points I'll bite. Playing in Buffalo is like playing on a different continent.

DETROIT -8 over KC is in full effect. Once Detroit gets ahead they will blitz the living shit out of the Chiefs to bury them.

BALTIMORE -6 over Tennessee
Titans had trouble scoring vs Jacksonville, at home with the "best" back in the league. Something tells me they'll struggle in Baltimore.

COLTS +2.5 over Cleveland
I know the Colts are still trying to figure out how to compete without the big fella but Houston smelled blood and went after it. The Browns looked totally out of synch and do not pose matchup problems for the Colts the way Houston does.

Tampa +3 over VIKES
Got nothing. Both teams are eh. McNabb, it's over for you buddy.

Bears +7 over SAINTS
New Orleans win because they need to avoid an 0-2 start and the Superdome will be rocking but giving 7 points to a team that can control the line of scrimmage is high to me.

JETS -9.5 over Jags
Hate the line but can't think of a reason to take Jags so I guess I agree with the line. Just wish it was less for betting purposes.

STEELERS -14.5 over Seahawks
I'd like to meet the guy taking the Seahawks here. Even Pete Carroll's mommy is laying the wood on the Stillirs. Sure they look old and might struggle a bit this year. But hot damn Tavaris Jackson is gonna need a "mental health" day after LeBeau is done fucking with him.

SKINS -3.5 over Arizona
Before Kurt Warner Arizona really didn't travel well and after Kurt Warner that started to happen again. Shanny knows AZ has problems against the run so he'll pound them out like and the Skins will be relevant for the first time in years in the NFC East.

Packers -10 over PANTHERS
Very tempted to take the home dog after watching some Cam Newton highlights. Boy was impressive no doubt. But Dom Capers along with Clay Matthews is a step up from the junk Newton saw in Arizona last week. And nothing is stopping the offense of Aaron Rodgers right now. Guy has like 7 weapons. How deep is that team?

Cowboys -3 over SAN FRAN
Dallas, well Romo, blew that game. I know I know he's the best, he's awesome, he's clutch. Whatever. He sucks ok. But the Cowboys as a team are alot better than the 49ers at this point and they really dinged up Mark Sanchez. 49er line will be tested often.

DENVER -4 over Cincy
Fox doesn't want to go 0-2 here because the cries for Tebow will be overwhelming.

MIAMI +3 over Houston
Pretty much a must-win already for fins. I wish they'd stop ramming Bush up the middle. TWSS. And I hope Houston is practicing outside this week to get used to the Miami heat. Especially since I'm certain they'll be forced to wear their road blues.

Chargers +7 over NEW ENGLAND
That up and coming secondary will be tested and Brady is unnerved a bit by a good pass rush. This game is close, maybe FG close. Potential AFC playoff game preview.

ATLANTA +2.5 over Philly
Matt Ryan cannot let Mike Vick win this battle. He'll need all hands on deck and smart play calling from Mularkey who is one of the best in my opinion. How about Mike Turner off tackle 30 times or so to control tempo and keep Vick sitting. Huge game for Atlanta. HUGE.

GIANTS -6 over Rams
Too many key players missing for Rams. Giants already in desperation mode due to NY media scrutiny.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got nothing

I almost forgot it was Thursday. How does that happen? I worked this past weekend, had Monday off and took a mental health day on Tuesday so my week is off.

One week until the Summit. Suite!

This Ochocino tuite* thing is getting out of hand. I don't know why this is even news. They are still talking about it this morning. That's the power of twitter! /Mize

Bears Saints game on local coverage this weekend. Suite!

Astros set franchise record for losses despite winning the series with the Phillies. You don't usually see the AAA team playing their major league affiliate. Keef, you can give me a name and pic for that bet. Was it a week?

Hollywood sucks with all these remakes. Now they are remaking Point Break. These remakes should be boycotted.

I had Tom Brady on 2 of my 3 $$ leagues this past weekend...that was nice.

One week until the Summit. Suite!

When is the Summit again? /Lp

I miss having the Sunday Ticket.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mr. T was the greatest superhero of all time. They should make a movie based on Mr. T's life. Tell me you wouldn't want to see it.

Went to some business awards banquet last night, my company won their category again. Which means our CEO gets to go to Napa Valley for a week and schmooze with the other winners. I've been to a few of these in the last year, and this was the worst. The food was awful (at least the beer was free), and the MC was pregnant...but there were a lot of hot woman* in their business attire. Forgot how much I like a sexy woman all dressed up professionally.

Tebow or Orton...Orton or Tebow...who cares, they suck either way. I did read somewhere that if Tebow plays 55% of the snaps this year his salary they're waiting until week 10, i guess. I don't buy that, but Orton isn't coming back here next year, Dr. Quinn isn't coming back next year, so figure out if Tebow is any good and then decide on a course of action. Way too early to throw in the towel, but it'll be tough getting to 6 wins if they play like they did Monday night.

Beach Soccer is a sport, and it's awesome. They need stickers for cars about beach soccer.

NASCAR isn't a sport, it's commuting. If you saw someone drive on the freeway like they do at the track, you'd be pissed and give them the finger. I mean, they never use a turn signal, they always cut guys off, sometimes they swerve in and out of traffic, and a lot of times, they pass on the right. They're all shitty drivers.

If the NBA is losing so much money, how about getting sponsors to put their logos on jerseys? Theres some extra caish.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 Minutes

So I have 7 minutes to write this post.

Several Tem thoughts:

1) I don't like it when that beach soccer stuff is on top plays. I don't even know what that sport is. I don't know the rules, I don't know where they are playing. Is it the USA? No idea. Anyway, it isn't a sport. Top plays should be reserved for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, NASCAR if something flipped and exploded and olympic type sports if it during the Olympics or X-games. I might have missed a legit sport, but I know the soccer beach stuff isn't legit.

2) Tom Brady threw for a lot of yards. I guess he is good. My $$$ FNFL team played against him. I still won. Yay for Ced Benson. I have him and Vick. I need to trade for Plaxico so I can have more jailbirds.

3) Bowden had prostrate cancer in 2007. So did my dad. He got little nuclear pellets put in him that killed the cancer. He couldn't go near children for a few weeks. And nobody was supposed to be near his junk.

4) I think that fan bases decide way too early that they don't like their QB. Denver was booing Orton before he really did anything too bad. He was playing OK. tOSU started booing Bauserman even when he was making the smart play. He'd have a 2 man route, both men covered and he would throw it out of bounds. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO from the crowd. WTF? That's what he was supposed to do. Freakin' Pryor would have run out of bounds for a 6 yard loss. I think all the booing got to Bauserman because by the end of the game he was making bad throws. The fans already decided they want Moxton (or whatever) to come off the bench. Bring Moxton in and let Bauserman call the plays. Do what the Colts are 2 weeks from doing with Manning. Maybe Caldwell can coach tOSU once the fans get rid of Fickell.

5) I am 9 minutes into my 7 minute window. Big boss isn't here yet, so the meeting isn't starting. Makes sense.

6) Idiot banker emailed me and told me it is not efficient to keep paying bills late. I told him that if he wants to give us money to pay the bills it would be nice. Or if he wouldn't make us pay down loans so much we could use money to pay bills. Freaking gave him $500K this month and he is bitching because now we are late on a $500 bill. Asshole.

7) OK big boss is here. Go comment and frolic.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Man, what a weekend of football. Been waiting for this for a long time.

I watched a lot of college ball on Saturday. The OSU game suckt ballz. Bauserman is the worst. They really need to start playing the black guy. Filok made the joke that he doesn't have his endorsements yet so that's why they're not playing him. Yukyukyukyuk. Then on Saturday night we went over to hsil's bf's house for dinner. His family was there and they are all huge ND honks. I was rooting for UM in that game because I hate ND more than anything. What a suite fucking game. Actually, it was really just the last 2 minutes that was suite. The rest of the game sucked as bad as bolth of this teams.

Then came Sunday and THE NATIONAL FOOTYBALL LEAGUE! Oh yeah, and fantasy football. Fuck fantasy football. My $ team is loaded and got their ass kicked. At least I'll win money in my FMLB league. Here are my thoughts on week 1 of the season. Fuck Philly. Hahahahaha Giants. Who Dey! Vikings are awful. Same with the Colts. Cam Newton is either better than expected or the Cards D is awful. Rams are brittle. Falcons are overrated. Bears are underrated. Bills are underrated. Lions and Bucs are rated just right. And finally, hahahahaha Giants.

I'm watching this 20/20 show right now that's talking about kids who had a parent who died on 9/11. It's pretty grate to watch, because the kids were basically infants that day and didn't know what happened at the time and really don't remember that parent. So over the last 10 years all they've heard from the other parent is how grate the other one was, so that's all they know. And they don't know the sadness of actually losing a parent, so it's kind of neat to be able to see them talk about a parent they didn't know with such high regard but not be sad about it. I hope that makes sense because it does in my head.

Also last night we had another one of those huge dust storms, but this time me and cmk were going to dinner and drove right through it. It was pretty crazy. We were on the freeway and could see the wall of dust about 10 miles in front of us. As we drove into it, everything turnt an orangeish-brown. It felt like a movie. Visibility was about 50 feet. It kind of freaked cmk out a little. Just a weird thing to see in person.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

What were you doing ten years ago today? I wasn't doing anything special.

I was on my way to work when I heard the news on the radio about the first plane hitting the tower. They didn't have a lot of information at the time and I thought some idiot flew a small plane into the tower. I was wrong.

I got to work and went to a training class that I was supposed to be in all day. By that time the second plane had hit and people were talking. I tried getting to several news sites, but they were all bogged down with traffic. I stepped outside to call my Dad. I wasn't full time air national guard at the time, so after my dad I called my boss over there to see if we were going to be called in. As it turns out, the people in my unit were not called in. There was a few pilots from Ellington Field that did escort Air Force One on that day and over the next month.

Needless to say no work got done that day as everyone was glued to the TV near their office. A lot of us went to church at lunch.

I remember reading Lp's post that descibed what he went through that day. I don't know if that post is still out there, but I recommend the read...I thought it was powerful. My old commander from over ten years ago worked at the Pentagon at the time. After a few days I did hear he was safe.

Two months after 9/11 Alan Jackson Debuted his song, "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" during the CMA awards. Put aside your hatred for country music for 5 minutes and give it a listen, as its a great song and was one of the better moments on any award show.

I remember seeing America Flags all over the place and patriotism was at a high. I imagine tomorrow will be the same for the most part. I'll be at work so I won't see much of it. I will remember what I was doing ten years ago...what were you doing?

Friday, September 09, 2011

NFC version, Fuck Philly

I'm not picking the Eagles or the Cowboys to win the division. Just can't do it. Cowboys suck.

Serious. They suck and are still overhyped. Jerry Jones is a damn genius. I don't get it.

Eagles, ah they needed help and a rookie punter to win the division last year. All the off-season change with barely an off-season to work with will hurt them a bit. And Vick will take a hit and miss two games.

With all that said I am concerned about the Giants this year. They have had a horrible off-season with injuries. I mean like really bad. However they are being picked for 3rd and 4th in the division and that kind of drives me crazy. The good part about that is everytime they are overlooked they go into beast mode. The secondary lost a top corner but they still have a good safety corp and Webster can more than hold his own. The pass rush is what this team is all about and I don't see that slowing down so as long as Pierre Paul and Osi and Tuck are alive and healthy they'll be throwing QB's around. Linebackers scare me. Guilty. I do love the 6th round pick Greg Jones though. Highly productive MLB in the Big Ten. We'll see how that shakes out. The offense will be more than fine. RB's and WR's all over the place. Manning will not throw that many int's this year or ever again really. 25 is absurd (half of them WR's fault) but still.

Anyway since I hate the Redskins the least and if the Giants can't win the division I hope they do. Might be doing it with a 9-7 record though which probably won't get it done. I laughed at the last two sentences. Whatever. I'm just happy it's finally here. You know. Football. I will say this. Giants schedule is brutal 2nd half on down. So if they can get to like a 5-2 or better 6-1.......they'll have a shot.

Fuck Philly.

Onto some progastications now..... THE NORRIS division. NFC North, Packers gonna repeat? Lions ready? Bears back to back playoff appearences? McNabb? Let's do it.

Packers (11-5) - Rememeber the Packers barely made the playoffs last year before they ran away with the silver Lombardi. Bears won the division. But this year, playing a month longer than most teams, they will have the advantage of a short off-season. And they only had one true weakness. Running the football. Ryan Grant will be back and the spark plug James Starks will back him up or maybe even split carries. This makes the team more dangerous and with the blitzing, shifting defense I expect another late January run for the Packers.

Lions (10-6) - Packers sweating. Meiz is jubilant. The media is slobbering all over them. Biggest thing about this team.....they believe they are the shit. They believe they can win. Forget all the talk of how it's the same old Lions or the holes in the pass defense or the lack of depth overall. Every fucking team has lack of depth at certain positions. This team is going to play hard for 60 minutes and knock the fucking snot out of your body. They employ a nasty front four, have a "genius" defensive game planner as a head coach and they can score. Especially through the air. If they can stop the run, watch out. I could be right.

Bears (8-8) - The offensive line is still terrible. In a division where two of your 4 games are in the top 5 in sacks that's not good. There is one gimmie game in the first 8 that they play (Carolina). All other games they figure to be either an underdog or a slight favorite. If they don't run the ball better this year it could spell trouble. I see them falling out of the gate a bit and coming on strong in the end but it will be too late.

Vikings (5-11) - Alot of turnover on this roster. Losing Ray Edwards to Atlanta was huge, Pat Williams is gone. Sidney Rice gone. McNabb is at the tail end of a very nice career and he was an instant upgrade over Tavaris Jackson but the offensive line is shaky at best. And McNabb, like most quarterbacks, really struggles when he has bodies flying around him. Peterson had his worst year last year (still like 1300+ though) and you figure with McNabb behind center teams won't stack the box much so there is a silver lining. I just think they have a tough schedule and with the Lions competing at a higher level now it's going to be tough.

NFC South is ridin' dirty. Got three teams that are highly competitive, up and coming Bucs team, very solid Falcons team and a hungry to prove they are great Saints team. Carolina is rebuilding so non-issue there. In fact if they don't go 0-6 in that division I will eat my pants and post it to Youtube. Not really but really.

Saints (12-4) - True the Saints barely made it to the playoffs last year and true they got bounced by a 7-9 team. But look closer. Maybe they were overrated or unlucky or BOTH. They were never going to duplicate the amount of turnovers they amassed in their Super Bowl year. Everyone talks about Eli's 25 picks but Drew Brees threw almost just as many. The Saints were down to like some guy off the street at running back and 20+ guys missed 36 games combined amonsgt them. Most of them starters. They'll be healthier this year. Hungrier. Make less mistakes. And the Falcons, based on logic, won't win 13 games again.

Falcons (10-6) - Not a 13 win team. Just not. They caught alot of breaks last year. Including the best stat, point differential. They were 7-2 in games that were decided by a TD or less. That is hard to duplicate. Also they had almost no injuries last year. With all that said this team is still a very solid team and stands a chance to win a Wild Card Spot. Matt Ryan has weapons all over the field and he knows exactly how to use them. The Offensive coordinator calls some great games and Ray Edwards is a nice addition.

Bucs (8-8) - Caught some teams by surprise. Caught alot of people by surprise actually. That shitty ass schedule they rocked sure didnt hurt. As for the teams that were actually challenging on that schedule....the Bucs were 0-5 in that game. Basically they beat no one. Stands to reason the league will catch up and the schedule will be tougher so I'm deducting two wins. Freeman looks like the best QB taken in that 2009 draft though.

Panthers (4-12) - I mean rookie coach, new coordinator, rookie QB, how can anyone pick this team to win more than 4 games? Tough division, star right tackle out, NFC North opponents and did I mention a rookie QB with a rookie head coach?

NFC West..... MORE PETE CARROLL please! Something about this guy, his eternal optimism is just over the top. Football needs this guy no matter what you think about him. Harbaugh might have landed a suite job but it's a shit team. Rams and Spags on the rise while Arizona looks to re-claim it's spot as the top team in the West.

Arizona (10-6) - Kolb is no Warner but shit, John Skelton last year? Max fucking Hall? Cmon son. Huge upgrade for Arizona. They had the biggest decline in completion % in history (year to year). With a young stable of WR's and a star WR Kolb should put up some nice numbers especially at home.

Rams (10-6) - The better QB, sorry Pete Carroll. I want you here but you traded for T-Jack instead of signing McNabb or trading for Kolb or for doing anything other than trading for T-Jack. Dude is terrible. Enough about him and more about my boy Spagnuolo. He has the defense barking and a QB on the rise. Question is can Josh McDaniels turn his sytem loose on Bradford this year. Remember that shitty lockout deprived kids a chance to learn and from what I hear McDaniels doesn't dumb anything down for anyone. Plus he's sort of a dick. Some roadblocks early but the team comes into it's own late and challenges for the division. Tie breakers cost them the playoffs.

Seattle (6-10) - Seriously? Fucking Tavaris Jackson. He is trash. A horrible pick by Minnesota and fucking Whitehurst isn't any better. If Marshawn Lynch wasn't around they'd win even less than 6 games. But he's a horse and Seattle plays pretty salty D and have a good special teams unit. Couple that with a sick home field advantage, best in the league and they'll steal a few.

49ers (5-11) - New coach, college no less, 5 new defensive players and still Alex Smith on the roster. Look I like Harbaugh ok, good hire. And this will work out once they get settled on offense. Andrew Luck? Maybe. Doubt it. There will be worse teams. This year they face NFC East and NFC North. Tough. If Smith fails yet again Harbaugh will have to go with Kapernick who I'm certain is not ready to be an NFL QB. Tough first year for Harbaugh.

Byes : Saints, Packers

NFC East division winner over Lions
Falcons over Arizona

Packers over NFC East
Saints over Falcons

Saints over NFC East winner

Saints NFC east champ

Ravens over Saints in the Super Bowl.

Never forget. 10 years ago this Sunday I walked home covered in pulverized people dust. Worse day of my life. Worse than the day my daddy took his last breath in a Florida hospice room. Off the record? I think I will die from some form of cancer because of breathing that in, returning downtown to work a week after the air was cleared by DEP (lies) and working right across the street less than 6 months later. But I don't like to think like that. Hopefully I'm just bugging. All I know is I've gotten more coughs and bronchits diganosis since that day. Prior never even had bronchits once. they say they'll never know the effects of breathing that stuff in until 15-20 maybe 30 years later. All they can say for certain is that it was indeed toxic and hazardous. Anyway the memorial opens up sunday. Please if you ever go to NYC, after you visit me, you should visit this memorial. It's going to bring tears to your eyes even though most of you live hundreds of miles away. It's powerful. I'm sure you've watched a special or too and I don't know how it affects you but I walk past the site everyday, need to, part of my commute. And time does heal all wounds because everyday they add a floor to the new building or everyday I walk by and see what is going on behind those fences I get a little less sad about that day. Anniversary's are rough. I thank god I wasn't there or knew anyone that was (outside of my aunts brother in law, that's the aunt I lived with.... 47th floor North Tower or cmep's friends aunt who perished that day, 101st floor South Tower) because I can't imagine the pain those people wake up with everyday. Death is hard. But death by getting completely wiped off the face of the earth is worse. Most families had nothing to bury. Nothing to help them grieve. I'm rambling. I'm sorry. Just need to mention that. No posts until then and it needed a post.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Football is back!

Really I should stop there, because I'm not going to say anything better than that. I had my last draft last night. On the way to the draft I was listening to sports talk and heard the rumor that Peyton Manning may have had another procedure on his neck and could be out the entore year. He did not get drafted until the 12th round. In my draft the other day he was taken in the 4th.

Dap report: Those of you on twitter may know, but I saw someone dap himself in the mirror at the gym last night. Not a good look...

Mize tweet of the week: "I try not to say I hate anybody, but I fucking hate Lil B. He raps like I did when I was 12."

From that, I picture Mize at 12 like it was in the movie 8 mile...people randomly breaking out in rap battles.

Got a few more restaurant suggestions for the summit. They are The Shady Grove, The Kerbey Lane Cafe, Trudy's (mexican), and Bone Daddy's. I've eaten at Bone Daddy's and Trudy's and both are good. Two weeks until the summit! We didn't get a chance to watch much football at the last summit since we all left on Sunday...looking forward to catching some games. I need to start making a playlist to torture H (not really) with on the way to Austin.

Mize...remember how I mentioned working overseas for big bucks? A guy I work with here in the guard does that. He is a weekend warrior, so he goes over seas for 8 months to a year, then comes back and pulls all his military days at once. He was in Cuba for 8 months recently and made about 90 grand or so. He is going to Afghanistan in about a month to the tune of 240k for a year from what I heard. His plan is to pull a few tours like that and save up enough to go to school full time. Check into that...if ya need some company names I can get that for you.

Dong is a word on words with friends. suite! /Lp

No here for this this weekend, I'm working. Free Sunday Ticket during week 1...take advantage!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

i overslept

Slept in this morning so you just get some quick hits.

Kellen Moore is 39-2 as a starting QB...chew on that. Not too bad for a guy who was recruited as a safety.

Strasburg continues to baffle, has anyone ever had to have TJ surgery twice on the same elbow, maybe he'll be the first.

Texas A&M starts the big shakeup that should have happened last summer but everyone else was pussies but Nebraska and Colorado.

Jags cut a semi-average QB, he's taking his talents to South Beach.

Some celebrity showed her tits

Kim K wants to buy her sex-tape, but so does some other company who is going to release it online for free. (i'm all for the 2nd option by the way).

Back to Football tomorrow night.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Post 1401

Tuesday after a holiday troublesome for a post.

Aitch Talk

Aitch is in a rut. I think he needs to move to the Midwest. He and Meiz can get an apartment together. Maybe they can even rent a house and Aitch can start a band and practice in the garage. Seriously though, he'd save probably $1,000 a month on rent and utilities just by moving. There is a reason everyone else laughs at the people who live in New England. I think New Englanders subsidize the rest of our housing/utilities.

Red Sox lose Beckett (ankle)

Damn pool. I think he is on my fantasy baseball team too.


Race is today at Noon or 11am or something. Watch it. It might be better than work. Maybe. In any case I miss the BW2s that was right next door to my office. I could go there and watch the race and just hang out. But it closed. Now I have NOWHERE TO GO.

Speaking of things closing down, all the Hooters around here are closing. There is one that is right next to Chase's big headquarters or whatever and it is closing. If you can't succeed in that location you just ain't gonna make it. Apparently their food has really fallen off. I live on the other side of temhio so I don't make it there a lot. And a Tilted Kilt opened up next door to it which is apparently the better.


fmtem's family drew for their Christmas exchange. I have no idea what to tell them I want. I guess the limit is $50. I'm thinking something like a huge box of condoms or a bunch of porn. Oh wait, that is the opposite of what I should get. Maybe some sort of power tool or something...

OK, I'm bored. Go and frolic and comment.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Keith is slacking....

I guess that is ok, since it is Labor Day. Am I the only sucker working today?

Some stuff happened over the weekend in sports. Chances are some of it was good. I did not pay attention to any of it. Sorry.

I am having a rough couple of days. NS. Questioning a lot of things in my life. I have some hard decisions to make involving all of it. Let the minivan and gfH is pregnant jokes ensue. But seriously, H is not in a good place, people.

Enough of that crap. No one is gonna comment on this today anyways. Happy Labor Day you slackers.

Friday, September 02, 2011

AFC Preview

The AFC north has been dominated by two teams. Ravens and Steelers. And that's exactly whats going to happen again this year as the Ohio teams are inferior yet again. Especially the Bengals. I got the division shaping up to look like this.

Ravens (14-2) - Baltimore won't have to beat Pittsburgh this year when it counts. They'll handle their business with them early. They've amassed a nice little 4 year run and that has bought Joe Flacco some big time experience. I think they are ready. I think this is their year to win this division, handily, and go on to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Love the coach, love the running back and love the defense.

Steelers (10-6) - Stumble here a bit. They get to the QB better than anyone else, at least that's what last year taught us. But they are still a bit vulnerable to a passing attack. And the blueprint is out, spread the field they cannot cover. The league leading sack unit is a year older, collectively, one of the oldest group in the league. They are aging. In football years the defensive front is dog years old. Steelers don't have a good track record of making the playoffs the year after a Super Bowl run. I say they do because Big Ben is in his prime and he won't allow it but as far as winning a round. I don't know. Also Cleveland takes a game. Finally.

Browns (8-8) - Not bad for a rook coach installing a few different wrinkles to Mike Holgrem's West Coast offense. I hate putting bank on pre-season looks but Colt McCoy has looked pretty good if not serviceable. Very capable of leading this team to some big wins this year. Quickness and good decision making is key to running an offense like this. Hillis can slow the game down for him and the young wideouts. Now they need more weapons but it's a nice start. Stopping the run would be nice too. Browns got gashed every game.

Bengals (2-14) - I mean we all agree so what's the point.

The AFC South has been dominated by the Colts. And every year the Texans are a sexy pick to overcome Indy's dominance and advance to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Yet every year it doesn't happen. And whatta know, experts are picking the Texans to finally overcome and win the division. Again. Not this guy.

Colts (10-6) - Maybe the shine is wearing off here. Maybe. That coach cracks me up, it's like he isn't even alive sometimes. But Peyton is one of those players who carries his team. A hard thing to do in football because of how big the roster is and how many other players can impact a game. If the defense gives up 38, Peyton finds a way to score 39. I'm not worried about Manning. I know he's missed alot of reps and practice but maybe his reasoning for taking so many reps over the years is for times like this when he knows, at his age it could be a problem. They will throw and they will score. They still have great DE's and added Tommie Harris for cheap. Harris is trying to come back from a rash of injuries but looks good and ready. Manning plays week one. No doubt. And 10 wins is all they will need.

Texans (9-7) - I mean they got Wade Phillips. A boneheaded head coach but a fine defensive coordinator. Will his impact, with the length of the lockout, be felt this year? Standing Mario Williams up is risky I think. They improved pass defense in free agency so I expect them to be able to hold their own against the pass happy teams but you worry about Foster (although not that much they are deep at the tailback spot). Schaub puts up the numbers but he hasn't won a big game in his life. Kubiak has done some good in Houston but his teams never get over the hump. He'll be gone if 9-7 isn't enough to break the playoff cusp.

Jags (7-9) - Jack Del Rio teams always play better than you realize. MJD is just awesome. No other way to put it. He's Ray Rice before Ray Rice got drafted. The pass defense is still woeful, not good when Peyton is in your division. They addressed that in the off-season so we'll see if that helps but they still need to find a pass rusher or just a collective pass rush to work off of. Corners can't lock anyone up past 4 seconds. You wonder how long Garrard will hold off the Gabbert. Tough schedule too. Titans slightly worse.

Titans (5-11) - New coach, new qb, new contract for star RB = disaster. Major overhaul on both sides of the ball. With the lockout affecting all the OTA's and "voluntary" sessions offered by the staff how can the players possibly grasp every new element? Even Hasselbeck admitted he's still learning the playbook. He's also one clean shot from being out a month so I expect to see Jake Locker at some point this year.

The AFC East. Damn east coast bias with the damn NY and Boston teams front and center just like in baseball. Tough pill for the haters to swallow but it's a two horse race for sure. Buffalo and Miami are just no match for the Jets or the Pats.

Pats (12-4) - Pats were 14-2 last year no? Why would anyone think they won't win double digits again. After a couple of years struggling on defense Belichik's young defense is finally starting to come to fruition. I mean they were +28 last year in takeaways, hard to duplicate but you'll see a more sound defense front to back. With the offense humming along the Pats are nowhere near falling off.

Jets (10-6) - That defense is still great. Not GOAT but great. So their inability to score won't hinder them as much as some might think. It is a painful offense though. Last year's roster was much better than this years. They lost a huge player for them in Brad Smith. Sanchez is still a long way from what one would call a playmaker at his position. Shonn Greene, jury still out. I will say this. They will not, and I guarantee this, not make it to a third straight AFC championship game. I'm cringing just by putting them in the playoffs. But I'm trying to be subjective here. My anti-Jet sentiment tells me they'll miss the playoffs but my football sense creeps in and says otherwise so 10-6 is enough for a Wild Card.

Fins (8-8) - Defensively this team is good. They'll hang around in most games. It's up to Chad Henne and the offense to score when needed. This team just screams .500 to me. 50% of the time they will fail to score a go ahead late score. Pats and Jets twice is a rough go.

Bills (6-10) - Watch out for the Bills. They will throw a scrugi in someone's suicide pool one week. Fitzy is not a bad QB, smart and accurate and he is armed with some big time speedsters. If they can catch they could really make some noise and be very competitive.

The AFC West was the Chargers division to lose year in and year out and last year they pretty much lost it with another 2-3 start coupled with a team on the rise in the Kansas City Cheifs. Something that didn't happen in the years prior when the Chargers would sleepwalk until week 9 or so. Could they finally reach their potential and threaten for a top AFC record?

Chargers (12-4) - If you look at the roster they have some incredible talent at key positions. Gates, Rivers, Jackson is back, and the offensive line is solid with Hardwick and McNeil. They can score, always have been able to do that. Easy out of the gate schedule will probably benefit this team from falling behind early yet again. Their special teams could not get any worse. Just impossible. So expect that to improve a bit. Can they stop other teams? They can rush the passer and the new defensive coordinator has a decent track record in San Fran. The division is tougher this year with KC still a threat and an on the cusp Raider team and Denver isn't run by a clown rodeo any longer. I still think they win because Rivers is the best QB in the division by a mile.

Cheifs (9-7) - Well they can run it. Which is good. They have a nice little team going on in Arrowhead. I think they are quite there yet in fact they probably lose a game or two from last year. Tougher schedule (Jets, Pats, Colts, Steelers, Packers to name a few) and no one will be surprised. They have 4 primetime games too, not easy for a young team sometimes. If they spread the ball around a bit more when they do throw I think that will serve them well. And like I mentioned before the Raiders and Broncos are not going to be easy wins this year.

Raiders (9-7) - I think the Raiders improve a game here and get some Wild Card talk late in the year. They are very physical. And big. We've seen in the past that teams that play that style win. They just have to have that killer mentality on the road and against non AFC opponents. With the defense and the run game they will be in every game. Keep in mind they swept the division last year. They too have a tough schedule but I think they have an upset or two in them.
Broncos (6-10) - John Fox will restore order at Mile High. I think Von Miller is going to be special. I had a hard time giving them 6 wins because of the schedule but within the division there are some wins to be had. The shift back to 4-3 is going to pay off immediately and I wouldn't be suprised if they are top 5 in the league in sacks when it's all said and done.

AFC Playoffs (BYES Ravens, Pats)
Chargers over Steelers
Colts over Jets

Ravens over Colts
Chargers over Pats

Ravens over Chargers

AFC Champ : Ravens.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Summit II Talk (eyemuffs Lp)

I have no idea how many rooms we have or how many nights we have them reserved, but I think we have some rooms. I do know I got about 5 emails from the hotel confirming or changing some sort of reservation. I'll call a week in advance to check them. What I asked them for was 2 rooms for Friday - Monday and 1 room for Friday through Sunday.

If you are staying two nights, the cost for your room is $119.60.

If you're staying three nights, the cost for your room is $179.40.

Those costs are not including Thursday night. I plan on getting an SUV for our group. If you'd like to donate to that that would be cool, but I can get that. My dad works for Enterprise, so I can get a pretty good discount on that.

Where do you want to go and what do you want to do? I know of a couple of good BBQ places, one was on Man Vs Food. There is some good live music joints out there. I'll check some schedulesI bet there are some good mexican joints up there as well. Keef mentioned paino bar or karaoke and Pete's paino bar on 6th street is always fun. 6th street in general is fun. Mize mentioned finding a nice field with blue bonnets and taking some pics out there...not so sure about that. Keef is bringing Jager (very nice!) and some vodka...thanks Keef! Any booze requests? I'll probably bring some Crown.

My first of three fantasy drafts is this Sunday at Hooters. Never drafted there, looking forward to it. I have another one on Monday and the last one on Wednesday. We draft late. Last year when she was cgjid she didn't have a problem with me being in three leagues. This year, now that she is fmjug, she is like "Three drafts???". Hey...could be 4. Don't ask me to take one away or I'll add another one. I need to avoid the "No /cmblue" situation.


Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino