Wednesday, August 31, 2011

business as usual

College football is back starting tomorrow night. Idaho hosts Bowling Green, i'm sure you're all going to be glued to the Altitude network watching that game, right?

Doesn't it say something about the sport when in one offseason like 10 major programs are in trouble with ncaa rules violations? I blame the BCS, if it wasn't for those cocksuckers college football would have a playoff and none of this would be happening.

Mike Vick got a 2nd $100m contract. If he was going to kill any dog today, i would wish it was that pitbull guy, just out of principal. That guy sucks. cue the loquacious ramblings of meiz as to the inherent qualities of pitbull and his shitty music.

Yes, i just used a .25¢ word.

I watched the video of the metrodome being re-inflated...meh. I think the collapse was a lot more fun to watch.

The NBA players (especially the superstars) have enough money and enough pull, they could start their own league. Just look at what's happening at all these "exhibitions" they're having. Tell me that a league of like 8 teams all stacked with superstars playing a 40 game schedule wouldn't sell out everynight. Tell me that ESPN wouldn't jump all over that with a TV deal. Maybe if Lebron wasn't so busy being a douchebag all the time, he'd figure this out.

congrats to all getting married and knocking up their gfriends...pretty soon LoV will have transformed from a bunch of idiots with nothing to do, to a bunch of old idiots trying to avoid the realities of their lives.

Signup for crap on yahoo:

NFL Pick'em
ID: 38251
PW: tits

NFL Survival
ID: 15797
PW: tits

CFB Pick'em
ID: 13594
PW: tits

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tem views

A Dancing with The Stars lineup I would watch:(not paired with the person they dance with, I don't know the professionals names)

Betty White
Lou Holtz

Yao Ming
Tall Chick From Third Rock From The Sun

Chris Berman
Jenn Brown

Charlie Sheen

Britney Spears
Carlton From Fresh Prince of Belaire

Hugh Hefner
Betty White Again - She gets two shots

Fantasy Football Update:
I drafted WRs in the first 4 rounds. Then I didn't draft any more. I felt they were the best players available. We'll see how it goes. My RBs suck. Ced Benson and more shit.

OSU Football Talk
Only talk around here so far is how many wins Fickell (sp?) needs to get to keep the job. Nobody says anything lower than 8, but a lot of people say 8. I think that is BS. 8 won't cut it at tOSU. He needs at least 9, probably 10 wins to stay.

WVU Football Talk
Apparently with this new offense anything less than 4K yards passing out of the QB is a failure. I think he will get there no problem. It'll be interesting to see how they do this year. They should be favored in all of their games except the LSU game. They have LSU at home. I think the most interesting part of the season is going to be seeing who they lose to that they shouldn't. Basically what game pisses me off the most.

OK, I've got work to do.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Runny diary

It's that time. MTV music awards.

9:45 I don't know who this dude/chick is on the opening. I thought it was an Andrew Dice Clay impersonator, with the slicked back black hair and smoking a cig.

9:48 holy crap, I guess it was Lady Gaga. I wouldn't have guessed that in a hundred years. Now she's singing some dumb song. She's so disgusting to look at.

9:55 wow, that was long. Now some black guy is on stage. I don't know who he is either. He is megaunfunny. He's complaining about not being axed to host the show. Hey bro, it's because you're not funny or entertaining. Take your YSL belt buckle and get the F off the stage.

10:00 first presenters are Jonah Hill and Nikki Minaj. Jonah Hill weighs a buckofive. Nikki Minaj is wearing some ridiculous shit. Cmk just said "really? She's so stupid. What the fuck is she wearing?" They are awarding best pop video. Wow, Britney won. NS. I didnt know she was still "singing". In celebration, K-Fed just had another kid.

10:06 Rob Dydrek has a "new" show coming out called Ridiculousness. It's also known by its original name, Tosh.0.

10:09 Kanye & Hova on stage performing right now. Mize would rub one out to this. There were 10 bleeps in the first minute.

10:13 Shaun White & Miley are presenting for best rock video. Foo Fighters win. Good for them. Score one for the old people. TP is happy. He loves him some Foo.

10:17 Jack Black, Will Ferrell, & Seth Rogan on stage right now to present best Hip hop video. Nikki Minaj wins, still wearing her riDQulous outfit. Cmk: "she looks like such a fool. She thinks she's a black Lady Gaga."

10:20 I think the funniest thing so far is that there is a band on stage every time it goes to commercial. The lead singer is a chick and she's sitting in a chair with a cast boot thing on her foot. It's awkward.

10:22 can't wait for Beavis & Butthead to come back. NS

10:25 Kanye & Katy Perry win best collaboration. Wow, she's hot, but KP is really annoying when she talks.

10:27 I don't think I would fuck with Rick Ross.

10:29 Fucking Pitbull is in every hit out there. If you're a musician, get Pitbull in your song and it'll go #1.

10:30 Adele performing now. I'm not gonna lie. I like her music. Sue me. She's like a mellower version of Alanis Morissette.

10:39 Kim K presenting best male video. And the winner is......THE BIEBS!!!! He doesn't want to thank only God, but Jesus too. He looks like Ellen Degeneres with his haircut now. Fucking homo. He'll come out gay one day.

10:43 I can't stand Chris Brown, but boy can dance.

10:45 Gaga is doing some tribute to Britney now. Britney is still pretty hot.

10:49 speaking of hot, Beyonce is on stage performing now. She's still top 5 for me, after all these years.

10:53 goddamn, after she finished her song, she opened the jacket she was wearing and showed a baby bump. Buzzkill. But maybe her kid and H's kid can go to school together,

10:55 best new artist goes to some black kid I've never heard of. I was hoping Foster the People would win.

11:01 some band called Young the Giant on stage now. Nerve heard of them but they sound alright. Dude is holding 2 microphones, don't know what that's about. They're from Irvine though, so Spiff probably knows them

11:10 best female video goes to Gaga. I didn't know dudes could win female awards. Thanks Obama!

11:17 Tony Bennett on stage talking about Amy Winehouse. I think he's 104 years old. But he looks the same as he looked 20 years ago. Old.

11:21 Katie Holmes' skeleton is on stage to present video of the year. Wow, remember when she was cute? Fucking Scientology. Video of the year goes to... Katy Perry. Man, she's such a weird chick. Super cute, though. But fucking weird as shit. She has a box on her head for crissakes.

11:25 Lil Wayne closes out the show. His new album drops today. I'll probably goes out and download it illegally. Dude is talented as fuck. Motherfucker needs to pull up his drawers, yo.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I wanna make bank bro

I've finally accepted 2007. It's the year the Mets died. There is no going back. Accept it and move on.

Maybe I can build a sports pshychologist business. Where I help people move on from sports tragedies. Like gut punch losses. The Matt Dodge punt game. Sonics Game 5 vs Denver. MJ Flu game. Craig Ehlo game. etc. Guiding you through a sports crisis. It can be under the umbrella of El Pad Stocks and Sports LLC.

Those foot steps you hear is the football season drawing closer. Gid-dee.
Next week AFC Preview. If I pick your team to do well I apologize. But AJA you should thank me.

Why does Marc Anthony pull in so much ass. Is it because he can sing latin music? That has to be it. He has this song called Preciosa. I listen to it sometimes. It's incredible. Even though I don't speak spanish. Try it.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Lights Suck

I've been hitting way too many red lights lately. You know on your commute there are the ones at major intersections that you expect to hit, but I've been hitting the random ones that rarely change...its getting irritating. I prefer yellow lights, because they want you to take it slow.

Speaking of red lights...when some people stop for red lights, why do they stop 3-4 car lengths behind the people in front of them? This is especially annoying when they do it in the left hand turning lane that breaks off from the other lane and can only hold so many cars. Get your ass up there! I don't get that.

Fantasy drafts starting in a week and a half...can't wait! First draft is at Hooters. I've hosted the last 4 years, but wanted to try something new this time around. I saw their setup, looks cool. At live drafts, are you "drafts with a laptop" guy, or are you "drafts with a magazine and list of players" guy? I'm magazine and list of players guy.

I know I said I'd do it last week, but I'm going to call and confirm our reservations for the summit and make sure I have the rooms for Sunday. I won't have a chance to call until after lunch. We have 4 people staying Sunday night...original summit members if I remember right? TP...summit status? I've got 4 rooms right now, but I think we can just use three to sleep in and have a booze and party room right next to keef's room. Maybe some Diet Pepsi too.

I'm not going to be the psycho who buys bottles of water /Lp

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spot start

I'm on vacation so this will be short, lmc.

Hanging out with little kids on the beach is always fun. They get excited about everything.

Some earthquakes happened. East coast one got all the pub, but people died in the one in Colorado. Stupid east coast bias.

I guess I'm rooting for the breers in the playoffs this year.

Jug was to busy getting engaged to come see me while I was in houston,he has another chance on Saturday.

No. /fmjug

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We've said it before

We've said it before, but let's say it again. Little League World Series is fun to watch. I was watching Aruba getting stomped by Chinese Tapai (or however that is spelt) but the Aruba kids were dancing around and just having a blast. I doubt the Bengals do much dancing this year on their way to 2-14.

I do have one gripe though. Stupid announcers are promoting Dairy Queen stuff. The new slogan is "it is RidDQlous" you know, like you say ridiculous, but you say DQ in the middle. Some smart advertising guy thought of that. Anyway, fucking Nomar and friends in the booth never say it right. They just say ridiculous without the DQ stuff. Idiots are getting paid lots of money to say it right, but nope, not gonna do it.

Stephen Strasburg is still doing rehab starts in the minors? How long is he going to stay down there? I bet his teammates love it because he is loaded and they have to reap the benefits of his cash. Like instead of eating at McDonalds he takes them to Pizza Hut.

NYGiants need some Dbacks. El Pad suit up...and you are calling the plays.

I had something else to talk about that was bothering me lately, but I forget what it is. Happens every week. I think about something to bitch about and tell myself I'll remember it, but I never do. I have a terrible memory.

Oh wait I remember what it is. It is political talk. I guess this places me somewhere in the realm of a republican or something, but I am getting sick of people bitching about rich people buying stuff. Like someone just bought some sort of fancy ass boat and people were saying "he could have donated that money to charity and helped people." Now I am not anti charity, but really buying that boat created some fucking jobs. I think I'd rather have people create jobs than give money to some guy so he can get drunk. Buy the big boat and help create some jobs. I'm not saying don't give any money to any charities, but come on people, every time something comes out in the media where people make money you gotta bitch about it?

And I am not even sure some of these charities don't just waste the shit out of their money. I see things in the paper where some local billionaire (yes we have 1 in columbus) donated like $10M to the soup kitchen. Then two weeks later the soup kitchen is out of food...What the fuck? They just got $10M and they are out of food already? I know what happened, they wasted that $10M faster than the government would waste it. They bought a new building with the money and now they are out of food. Fucking idiots run charities and fucking idiots run the government.

So in conclusion, buy some big ticket items to create jobs and the next time you see the local soup kitchen lady tell her that the next time they get $10M either buy a bunch of soup with it or buy a Yacht.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Congrats jug!

Condolences. /mize

So now the Summit has become a bachelor party for 3 and a baby shower for 1. Crazy times lie ahead. H better bring an extra bag to carry all the diapers back. 1 month until summit weekend.

You know what I hate? Well, a lot of things actually. But one thing reminded me this weekend how much it bugs me. I hate when Mexican people, especially news people, feel like they have to over emphasize their accent and the way they pronouce their name. There was a lady on the news here, her name is Amanda Hernandez. She introduces herself, in a heavy Mexican accent, as "mon-duh" "air-non-daze". Then she spoke in a perfectly clear English accent after that. Bitch, you aren't fooling anyone. Your name is A-man-duh Her-nan-dez. That shit irks me.

Had my $FNFL draft yesterday. I am officially pumped for footyball now.

Ive probably said this before, but I'm ready for summer to be over. We are gonna have 110+ temps this week. Shit is getting old. But this weekend we are going to have some people over for a BBQ. It's basically gonna be friends of mine from HD who have families and they'll bring their kids over to swim. Yep, I'm that guy now. I just hope it exceeds mize's cookout from last month.

Crazy. Dude is one of those wing walkers who was teeing to move from a plane to a helicopter and lost his balance and fell like 200 feet.

That's all, I guess.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Juke Box

My favorite play in baseball is when the right fielder guns down a would be fool at third base. It's just exciting. For multiple reasons. Oh but especially when the hitter is trying to get a triple. Because then it sort of mashes up my second favorite play with my favorite play. Triples are cool. But when the right fielder cocks (lp fans out there) back and throws a laser from right nailing someone, shit is cool.

My favorite play in football is when the QB gets rocked. I like sacks I guess. (me too, /meiz) But really I mean bombs (long passes) are nice. And pick sixes are cool, fucking blocked punts rock. Football is just awesome even a coaches challenge is fun sometimes. Kickoff and punt returns, ah, if you've seen one you've seen them all. But sacks to me are like a treat because let's face it they are somewhat rare and every once in awhile the QB gets hammered and is out for the year. Like Romo. Good times.

My favorite play in basketball is no doubt the coast to coast destruction block. Hate to say it but Lebron does this the best. Where he just flies the length of the court and throws the ball 20 rows into the crowd. Shits cool ya know.

My favorite play in hockey is when I change the channel. Ha. Just kidding. I sort of have a love hate with hockey and I do enjoy it from time to time. But my favorite play is boring, it's the one timer goal.

Keef you doing a Top 25?

kid talk for a minute, bgep needs shots for school tomorrow. It's going to be hell. She flips the fuck out when a needle comes out. I have to physically restrain her. It sucks.

Concussions in baseball, maybe thats why Judy Bay is terrible now?

I hope Lada Gaga dies.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No /cmblue

I didn't watch any sports or sportscenter last night, but sportscenter was on while I was at the gym running. I happened to look up during the White Sox highlights. I can't hear the TV or read the captions, all I saw was Buehrle throw a pitch that was hit for an RBI single. Next shot was the Indians pitcher throwing a pitch for a strike 3. I didn't need to see much more, sometimes you just know.

I heard Jeremy Maclin thought he had mono, but it just turns out he was really bored.

I was supposed to look up Summit II hotel information for this post. I forgot to do that, but I'll do that before I get off work today and add it to the post.

Booked the condo for our Steamboat ski trip in January yesterday...suite! We have a ten person condo and will be there roughly 8 days.

Tonight I'm going here to see this guy. He plays a lot in Texas, but not very country sounding to me. Excellent song writer. On Saturday night I'm going here to see this guy. On Sunday I'm playing in a softball tournament to benefit a local family...we will probably lose.

Can't freaking wait for football season to start. I have a draft to plan. Draft week is always fun. Three drafts in 4 days for my money leagues starting the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and ending the night before the season starts. I spend $250 a year on fantasy between the three leagues...what do you spend? We should make the LOV league a money league one day. We need 12 teams in there first, and less flex positions.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spot Start Blue is Killing Cats

"Cats mysteriously disappearing in Colo. town... "

Ok so we got Blue covered. Kod's gonna be pissed at you.

Kevin Nash is back.

I wish i was going to the Summit. Barring a miracle I will not. Keef can gloat now.

Obama is on vacation again.

This was an elightnening story: Honeymoon

10 year ann this year for sept 11th, just a heads up.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So why is

So why is saying fuck you to someone a mean thing? Aren't you really saying you hope they get laid? Getting laid is a good thing. Or at least can be. I mean what if I said fuck you and then Jennifer Aniston fucked you. You'd be a happy guy or girl in Beth's case. Shouldn't we yell rape you at people? I mean most people don't want raped, it is the bad kind of fucking. And as we all know, you can't rape the willing, so J. Aniston ain't raping anyone here. So I say to the SUV who cut me off today, rape you, bastard.

In more important sports news Thome hit his 600th. I don't see how he doesn't make the HoF. I mean maybe he roided, maybe not, but to my knowledge he hasn't been implicated once. I know his average and stuff is low and he wasn't a stellar fielder, but he is the 8th dude to hit 600. He should be in. In other HoF news, when is Frank Thomas eligible? He is a first ballot guy right? He had like 2 or 3 MVP awards and I think he got to 500 HRs? Did he?

Mike* Sanchez would have gotten his ass beat by Rex Ryan. Seriously. I mean I know Rex is like 20 or more years older than Mike* and Mike* is a professional athlete, but no, Mike* can't beat Rex up. He could beat Buddy Buddy dead? Either way, dead or alive, Mike* Sanchez could beat up Buddy Ryan.

I'm gonna read the Simmons Mailbag II. I hope it is OK.

If you couldn't tell work has been busy for me lately. I am not sure I like it. Getting paid is nice, but the work part sucks. I really think I would be a great lottery winner. I know how to make the money last and not waste it and I am really good at not working. I am easily entertained and thus cheaply entertained. I get mad at all the lotto winners that blow their money in 2 years. Rape them. They suck. Let me win $200 million dollars and I can show them how it is done. Then I can write a book. How to Win $200 million and not blow it in 2 years.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday LOV

5 years ago today some knuckleheads decided to start a revolution and what spawned from that was a little thing we like to call Lordz of Vengeance. If it wasn’t for the douchebaggery of one KC, this place probably would never exist. So, thanks for being a giant bag of douche, KC. I hope you’re sitting in some “law firm” in Dubuque, IA, getting a handy from John Mills III.

On 8/15/2006, there were 3 posts. Post #1 was submitted by rev, axing where all the peeps were at. There were 3 comments, and Tem had our first ever comment. The second post, about 10 minutes later, had too much Floyd Landis talk, and a few comments trying to coordinate this fine establishment. Post #3, about 30 minutes later, was a 2 scroller by freak (RIP) talking about Floyd Landis. This generated 30 comments. If I was just an innocent bystander right now, and you told me that a blog started 5 years ago and for most of the first day the hot topic was fucking cycling, I would tell you that blog is not around any more. And you had the zeke and freak connection bolth* believing that Landis didn’t dope. You could see in our early days that LoV predictions were grate*. Zeke (RIP) was definitely dominating the conversation in the first 2 posts. That motherfucker better comment today. I miss that sonofabitch. NS

I know post #4 was on 8/16, but I am going to mention it for a few reasons. First, the topic was college vs. pro footyball*. On one comment, freak talks about the NFL being better because there is less disparity between the top & bottom teams: “Like how often does a Navy beat a Notre Dame compared to how often a San Francisco beats a New England.” Made me LOL! But also in the comments, Jay Scott (RIP) mentions that a dude in his footyball* league basically tricked the league so that he could have 2 teams, then he made shady trades between the 2 teams so that one team would be stacked. This is hilarity because for ass* long as I’ve known, trades in fantasy leagues have to be approved by either the commish or the rest of the league. Jay Scott asks what the punishment should be, and the consensus from the group is that the guy should get a kick in the nuts by everyone in the league. But then Dikembe Meiztombo chimes in with “That football stuff's total BS. I'd totally fuck that dude up. I would be totally relentless. Chide him every chance you get. I mean it. Make that dude feel like an absolute shit eater. and slap him if you ever see him. He's got HIS hand in Your cookie jar. I'm seriously riled up about this.” I dunno why, but that shit made me laugh, knowing what I know about mize now. So don’t fuck with mize’s Twitter, hats, or the fantasy league of someone he doesn’t know.

So what have we learnt* in the last 5 years? Boston & Philly fans are the most insufferable people out there. New Yorkers are self proclaimed better at everything than anyone else. Knowing is knowledge. Broken engagements are apparently more common that originally thought. Life on an Indian reservation is fucking crazy, yo. Jothes are acceptable attire for just about anything. Sometimes a chick (NOT! /zeke) can know more about sports than a guy (mize). Some people take bed skirts way too seriously. If you have any skeletons, a Mexican-Asian will find them. A chubby little choir boy can become a successful freelance boom mike holder. Using NS & S can probably bring world piece*. And finally, despite the miles between us all, a group of knuckleheads can gather together every day and bullshit about random things from sports to politics to entertainment to religion to world history. We all might have our different views about things, but I think despite all the ball busting that goes on here we all respect each other’s opinions. Yes, myself included. NS I wouldn’t trade this place for anything. I can't wait for the Summit next month.

Anyway, here we are 5 years later, still going strong. We have our down periods, but they are usually short term. And, fortunately or unfortunately, someone else’s misfortune is normally the catalyst that brings us back to grateness*. So raise your glasses everyone, here’s to what’s been a grate* 5 years. Pour one out for those soldiers who we’ve lost along the way: MOV, MVN, whocares, EB, steve, freak, zeke, iam, stiggy, Jay Scott, The Champ, and Dan the Man. I intentionally left out Weasel III and teej.

Here’s to at least another 5 years!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lets do this Friday

Random sports talk. Tiger still sucks.
Pre-season was on last night. It sucked me. Hard.
The Mets suck but shit they can be fun to watch. They used to suck and be boring. Sucking and fun is the better.
Diamondbacks huh. NL West always is tight.

Are all Porn stars bisexual? I say yes. And I'm talking chicks not dudes meiz.
Because all the chicks I've seen do chicks and dudes. Some just do chicks exclusively.

For any ketchup fans or users do you ever buy NOT Heinz. I don't. Just asking. Sometimes generic products do just fine but sometimes the generic or cheaper version or Hunts I guess in this case is crappier and you can tell.

Don't you wish Nintendo would re-release the Gameboy but just like it was. Same bit, black and greenish screen with 10 classic games bundled for like $100. I would be all over this. I don't want any fancy graphics on my gameboy. I want tetris. And super mario bros and paperboy and rbi baseball.

Chap stick is a tremendous invention.

I think it's a shame the Shake Shack burgers are ridiculous but the fries suck. It's mind bottling.

It's time to start researching for NFL preview. It's time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

booze talk

Good LOVAD last night...things we learned:

H thought Tem drank the most at the Summit last year. (including Diet Pepsi /jug).

Mize hates unwarranted gifts (weird).

H blacked out once from booze, but never gets hangovers.

Keef is "I used to drink a lot sometimes, but now I don't because I'm older and have a family and responsibities but I'm going to judge you for drinking a lot because now I think its dumb" guy.

Just kidding, I've cut back some too. Remember, I jumped off a bridge once. My problem with drinking in general, not just alcohol, is I drink a lot. If there is a drink in my hand I'm going to finish it and probably quickly. That could be a beer, a water, a diet doesn't matter. If I'm out at a restaurant and they keep filling my water glass I'll have 7 or 8 glasses of water while I'm there and not even realize it. Mix in some keg beer and it might get a little over the top sometimes. Anyone else have that problem?

On a side note, we should all bring Mize a gift at the Summit. I think he would appreciate it.

No plans this weekend...kind of nice. cgjid is going back to school next week. Now she will be working Mondays and I'll have most of them to myself...kind of nice. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with her but having time to do my own stuff is cool too. I also get to hang out with my nephew more.

Roku box isn't too bad. I messed with it some Monday night and will some more this weekend. I watched a movie on netflix and a tosh episode on Hulu with one issue. The Tosh episode froze at one point, but I just hit play on the remote and it started up again. You can play Angry Birds on the big screen. As far as the news has a lot of the ESPN ones. I was at the gym around 4 and saw PTI was on. The new one was on Roku within 3 hours. I'm not exactly sure how long it takes Hulu to put new episodes on after they air, but I heard the turnaround time is decent. I don't watch much live TV anyways...usually stuff on my DVR.

OK, I'm done.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The show goes on

There were some sports yesterday. Chris Johnson is a fool, he'll pull a hamstring in week 2 and that'll be that.

ESPN's power rankings for the NFL came dee fricken da

College football practices have started, lots of expectations and cheating going on right now.

Is it cheating if you don't get caught? yes /cmblue

LA city council approved a new stadium to attract an NFL team. They can't break ground until they actually have a team though...let the bidding begin. Vegas has the Jaguars as the prohibitive favorites, followed closely by the Chargers and the Vikings. Don't count out the Saints.

All this talk made me think, maybe the NFL is ready for more expansion, just not in shitty cities like Jacksonville. San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Toronto...those are the 4 I could see happening, where else?

Saw this the other day at CostPlus World Market.


/meiz & EP

That's about it..go forth and be merry.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

TPS Shit Storm

Man, walk in the door today and it was a TPS shit storm. Everyone needs some info from Tem.

I don't really know what is happening in the world of sports right now. I know football kind of just started, but the initial rush is over for me and practices just aren't doing it for me. I need some games. I think thursday is the first game. I'll be in a car driving to Albany. That'll be fun. Got a wedding to go to this weekend. I might get to give a toast. Fire away with your best toast action...

This post sucks. Tee Bow is #2.

Monday, August 08, 2011

H already read this

Cmk is watching Real Housewifes* of Bnew Joisey right now, so I guess I'll write a post.

MLB is down to about the final 7 weeks or so. It's good to see tight races in all but the NL Least. I'm rooting for a Rangers/Breer's WS now.

Totally sucks that kod can't go to the summit.

Hey Eldrick, tell me how my as. taste*. /Stevie Williams

This weekend was busy as shit. Had to trim back my Palo Verde tree in my front yard,clean the pool, check my sprinklers to make sure all the leaks were fixed, fill in all the holes and re-lay the bricks around the fence poles, install a new light, towel bars, sink faucet, water shut off valves, and A/C register in the guest bathroom, and fix a piece of drywall and paint it where the goddamn dog tried to dig through. Believe it or not I like doing all that shit. I probably wouldn't like to do it all the time though.

I can't wait for college footyball. I think practices start this week. I hope ASU isn't the suck this season. Their defense should be redonk again, but once again the offense will be questionable. If they don't win at least 8 games, I say get rid of Erickson. Then they can hire Tressel. (s)

Speaking of, I'm also pumped to see the new Big 1(2)0 setup with Nebraska and a title game this season. I think the 'huskers are gonna be solid this season. I'm looking forward to seeing tOSU travel to Lincoln this year.

Who is doing a college footyball preview this season? I know I've done it the past couple years does anyone else want it? I like doing it but if someone else wants it, go for it.

Kid talk for a sec. Skip this paragraph if you wish. Bgas. turnt 6 months old this week and it's like she knew that and decided it's time to start getting around and trying to get into shit. How do I stunt her growth and ability to do shit? LP, what did your parents do?

Caput Mundi? Shocking!

Blue, 3 day bet on the Reds/Rox?

Friday, August 05, 2011

Next Time, We Eat A Rancor

I guess I'm spot-starting again

I'm currently listening to The Black Guy Who Tips podcast. I thoroughly enjoy it, and have for a few years. Give it a whirl. And it's definitely NSFW.

Fuck the Saint Louis Cardinals and fuck Tony LaRussa. Keith, I wear a seven and a quarter.

There's pretty much no way I'm gonna lose more weight than H by the Summit. I'm probably just gonna eat less and drink more water and drink fewer sodas.

I've been seriously thinking about playing softball for the 1st time in over a decade. I probably can't even hit home runs any more. I think I prefer having warning track power in softball, because the majority of the good leagues have home run limits in them. That, and the restricted-flight balls.

I'm pretty jazzed about the Kanye & Jay Z album that's coming out. Yes, I will actually pay for it, and have listened to "Otis" about eleventy billion times.

Have I mentioned that YouTube is a pretty tremendous place to download music from? Not for full albums, but individual songs that I like.

I want a giant box of Nerds like Dana White has. Goddamn, I love Nerds.

I guess I'm gonna fill out Costco's ridiculous online application again since they're opening a new store in Pewaukee at the end of October. Pewaukee is kind of a haul to make for a Costco job. Speaking of work, I'm something like 95% sure the HR people just throw out the applications I put in for open positions in other departments.

I need a haircut pretty bad. I feel like I look kind of ridiculous.

Do you guys watch the Epic Meal Time videos? I love 'em. There are bloodshot eyes in every one they make. I hope they can keep coming up with new shit. I don't even mind the shameless sponsorship shit they do in the videos sometimes.

I guess we need one more for Fantasy Football. Somebody should sign up. Or Kod & Rev could co-own a team. They could be the Lincoln & JFK of LoV Fantasy Football. Lincoln, Kennedy. Lincoln Kennedy?

I guess that's enough for now. I really didn't have anything to say. Go comment.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Sorry this post is so late. I contracted the fence guy to write it for me, but we all know how that goes.

I keep seeing articles about these NBA players who will "consider" playing overseas. Do it...quit talking about it. Wussbags.

For anyone who didn't read the 15 comments on LOVAD last night, Mize and H are having a biggest Loser compeTITion between now and The Summit. They are supposed to weigh themselves today, and then weigh in again at The Summit. I have no idea how that is going to happen, some kind Visionquest type of weigh in scene or something like that. Someone needs to put this on Lordz of Wagers. There is nothing on the line but personal pride...but none of us have much of that anyways, right? It is unknown if Rev will be allowed in the compeTITion.

I'm not really thrilled with the moves the Bears have made so far this off season yet, but I'm holding off more judgement until I see how they pay off. Their O line was horrible during the first half of last season, and somewhat respectable during the second half. They let Kruetz walk over 500k and I question that. They could have given him 1-2 years. He calls all the defensive plays and all the guys really look up to him. The funny thing that is at least half true. I hope I'm pleasently surprised by Roy Williams, but I don't have high hopes for him.

I'm working this weekend, nothing exciting.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Orton Mania!!!!

Word is Tebow is not good enough. I'm excited for the Kyle Orton era to continue. (s)

NBA decided to sue the players for "unfair labor practices" basically saying that they're not negotiating in good faith because they're planning their decertification and telling players to go play overseas. Whatever.

Where in the hell did the Heagles get all this cap space? Did I miss something somewhere? And why is it that as soon as McNabb leaves everyone wants to play there? Coincidence?

Philly is an awful place...basically so is the entire NorthEast.

Rockies season in a nutshell sunday and monday. Started pitches a great game, they have a nice little lead, and then boom, gone in an instant and they lose. It's always a different guy too...oh well fuck them, i'm ready to see these pomegranite and white kids they traded for.

Final season of entourage has sucked so tit shots, nothing...i won't miss it when it's gone.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Serious Ink

Rex Ryan sports some serious ink on his leg. Who knew? I'm not totally shocked by that though. I would be shocked if the following people had some serious ink:

Tony Dungy
Chris Berman
Peyton Manning
Ray Lewis - just kidding
Chick that wrote the Harry Potter books
David Letterman
TP - It'd be hilarity if he showed up at the summit sporting a body 80% covered with tats
Blue /NO cmblue
Eryn Andrews

So some witness in this SF Giant fan beating died of a reaction to a peanut? Sounds fishy to me. Seems to me like it'll make the made for TV movie a little more profitable though. Maybe the dudes that got arrested for it are Mexican Mafia there a Mexican Mafia?? They don't seem as organized as the Italians or Chinese.

So my AC was broke this weekend. That sucked. Guy came out on Monday to fix it. He was there sometime between 12 and 5pm. These time windows these people give are ridiculous. He called ahead of when he got there. I was going to stay at work until he called, but I decided to just go home and wait. Anyway, he called basically from my driveway. Thanks for the heads up.

So some coil needs replaced because it was leaking freon. Parts are under warranty. But I had to pay for more freon and labor. Total bill is like $700. Fuck the AC guys. AC guys are like the Mexican Mafia. Unknown, but very sneaky.

Sad to see the Pirate talk go away on WWL. Was fun while it lasted though. They are keeping games close, but can't win anything. I guess their luck has run out.

Keith fence guy talk is hilarity. Why is he calling you again if you asked HD not to send him?

OK we had work drama I had to difuse so this post is late and not as good as it could have been. OK, well it is just late, it isn't any worse than normal. The drama was one guy asked another guy to do something, but the second guy told the first guy to do it. Then the first guy went off and almost cried. In the time spent arguing about it they could have made the phone call they needed to make twice.

Monday, August 01, 2011

It's August bro

It rained for like 30 minutes last night. That's like more rain than we've had in the last 6 months. But now my back yard is a muddy mess. Woe.

Did anyone else not named Beth watch the swimming world championships yesterday? I dunno why, but whenever swimming is on tv it always sucks me. The US won a shit ton of gold medals, too. So, good on them. Speaking of swimming, me & cmk were at dinner on Saturday night and were talking about if bgas. was a top notch ath-a-lete when she grows up (ahik*), what sport would we want it to be. The top 3 were swimming, volleyball, and tennis. The bottom 3 sports were WNBA, gymnastics, and LPGA.

Final Destination V? Really, Hollywood? Really?

Cmk is watching Three Sheets right now. I haven't seen this show in a minute. But our boy Zane is at Oktoberfest in Germany. That is on my bucket list. Being at Oktoberfest in Deutschland has to be the better, no?

The MLB trade deadline was alright, as far as the action. Bluebaldo went to the Tribe. I don't think that will put them over the top, though. Fuck Philly. They'll win the east but they ain't gonna win it all. The Yankees didn't get any big names. Hopefully the Bedard trade is a Larry Andersen 2.0 trade for Boston. I'm pissed Cincy didn't do ANYTHING at the deadline. They have a good farm system, go get another starter or a leadoff guy. Fucking Drew Stubbs is a #6 hitter, not a leadoff guy. I LOVE the moves that Texas made. They now have the arms to make another WS run. I am a little surprised they gave up on Chris Davis, though.

Philly is now thisclose to surpassing Boston on my I fucking hate that city more than life list. I hope Vick tears his ACL in the preseason, I hope Halladay needs elbow surgery soon, and I hope Hunter Pence gets beamed in the ear hole. I'm going on record now and saying that if the WS is Boston vs Philly, 1) I won't watch, and 2) I'll root for Boston. I just threw up in my mouth.

So are we out of debt yet?

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino