Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music makes the world go round

So I've been listening to a lot of music lately. It amazes me how people are so connected to songs from their youth. For example, i've become just like my uncles or my dad in the fact that I think all rock music today is shit. I even found myself telling somebody that the early 90's was the golden era for rock music. I realized that I sounded just like the douche who talks about zepplin or cream or some shit and how they were so much better than anything in the 80's. Well the 80's sucked. Think about it though, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Soundgarden to name a few. They were cranking out great songs that if I hear them today they're still awesome. For example, "flies in the vaseline" by STP..."one time a think* occurred to me, what's real and what's for sale, blew a kiss and tried to take it home". I have no idea what that means, how come things that are real aren't for sale? But it rocks. "two times and it has rendered me, punch drunk and without bail, think i'd be safer all alone, flys in the vasoline we are, sometimes it blows my mind, keep getting stuck here all the time"...again no idea. As far as I know this song is about Scott Weiland doing a ton of heroin...but this was an awesome song.

Moving on...Music also brings back memories. Everytime I hear a song that was in a movie, I instantly think of that movie. Great example I talked about the other day, "don't wanna miss a thing" by aerosmith, instantly think of Blades of Glory. I heard "forever young" the other day and instantly thought of Napoleon Dynamite..same with that song that's at the end of that movie. Although it's been in a ton of other sucks me everytime. Maybe I just think of movies that have Jon Heder in them though?

Last but not least, my favorite thing about music is fucking up the lyrics. Role Models taught me that Kiss's song is "rock and roll all night, and part of the day". Love that line.

Today's assignment in my most shamfordian way, is what "old" song sucks you...what movie song instantly makes you think of that movie, and which lyrics do you fuck up all the time on purpose?

Ok done

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There I spelled it without WT.

Now onto things even less important...

Chicks Hoops

That Baylor chick is tall. Real tall. She also sounds pretty manly when she talks, but I think that is what happens when you are that tall and a chick. I imagine her childhood was rough....of course having seen her punch that one chick I don't think she got into too many fights. She doesn't know how to punch. Now the Blount dude from Oregon, he knew how to throw one.

MMA Talk

Speaking of punches, Carwin punches hard. And he uses anvils. His gloves are the biggest in UFC. I am pretty sure they are bigger than Lesnar's. At worst they are the same size. He has monster hands. I bet he can't clip his own finger nails or open up a can of beer. His hands are too big and the clippers/tab are too small for him.


McNabb to the Raiders makes a lot of sense. Almost too much sense. If the Raiders get McNabb I think he can get them to about 8 wins. That would be good for them. Maybe he could even lead them to the playoffs. I think Oakland is an OK team with a shitty QB. If they add McNabb they'll be an OK team with a good QB. Good enough to get to the playoffs. Oakland fans rejoice!

Report: BC fires coach Skinner after 13 seasons

I thought he was the principal at Springfield elementary?

Nets top Spurs to avoid NBA's worst record

I figure either the Spurs were all hurt or playing a back to back. Also they had this same headline when the Nets beat Sac or Det last week.

Work Talk

I hate it when people ask me for things I should have had finished a long time ago. I'm mad busy you. I don't have time to do everything.

So in light of needing to do stuff. Go.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Autodraft is the worse

You can't spell Wrestlemania without WT. It was an entertaining show, but other than 1 or 2 matches, I spent most of the time watching the ghetto fabolous* trash around us. There was the kid behind us who had to describe every move as it happened. It sounded like he was on the phone doing play-by-play for whoever he was talking to, but I turned around and he was just talking to his friends. Then there was the big Larry the Cable Guy looking dude sitting in front of us, who gets up and turns around and says to me "Tungstun carbide?" I sit there for about 5 seconds trying to figure out wft he's talking about, then I realize he's talking about my wedding band. So I say "Yeah", and he puts his hand up to show me that his is made of the same thing, like it's some rare form of metal that only 2 people in the world have. Then later in the event, he turns around and says "Hey, do you think Vegas has lines for these matches?" I give him a ::Tim Donaghy:: and say "Um, probably not since it's all fixed". He looks at me and says "You think?" and my buddy says to me "Dude, that was the dumbest fucking question I've ever heard" but it was kind of loud so I am sure the other dude heard it because he didn't say anything to us the rest of the night, not that there's anything wrong with that. And finally, the lady sitting behind us who didn't make a sound all night until the last match with the Undertaker. Apparently she really liked him. She was screeching the entire match, it sounded like someone was killing a cat. The video below is what I was able to get when the match ended. As I said in the comments last night, at one point in the match it lookt* like the Undertaker would lose and I turned around and she was crying and holding her son and saying "It's gonna be ok". She's the "It's still real to me, dammit" person. But in all, it was an ok event, worth the $25 for the ticket. I don't watch that shit on TV anymore, but it was Wrestlemania so I had to go. I'm a people watcher and that was the optimal place to do that.

In other news, college basketball is still going on. 3 teams I really could* care less about and Butler. I guess my rooting interests are, in order, Butler, MSU, Wava, and Dook. At least regular season beisbol is almost here.

Speaking of which, the LoV keeper draft was yesterday. Autodraft was pretty suite (eteo). It gave me Huston Street and Brandon Lyon as my relief pitchers and gave me 18 position players for my bench. Thanks Obama! (temside note: Why does Firefox but the red line under Obama, like it's misspellt* or something. Firefox must be managed by Fox News.)

Let's see, what else happened this weekend? UFC was ok. No great fights. St. Pierre is unbeatable right now in that weight class. I'd like to see him move up a class. That's all I'll say because I know everyone but tem hates UFC. (temside note #2: tem, I'll pay up the UFC bet starting Thursday because I have to finish paying off the bet with steve. See aitch, you lose a bet, you pay it off)

No softball last night for me because of the rassling event.

That is all.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 8

Wheasel lost because he already picked all the teams that were playing yesterday. He might suck. Everyone that picked that already lost a game lost again. Freak and TP on Kansas State. Meiz, Kod and Tem on Kentucky. They also might suck.

Beth and Spiff were forced to take the only team of the four they hadn't picked, and it came up roses. They are still alive.

Beth and Spiff alive at 7-0. EP and Freak are 5-2. Meiz, Blue, Keith and Wheasel 4-3. Kod is 3-4. Jug, Tem, Tp and Zeke 2-5. Steve and Tyler 1-6.

Games today

5 Michigan State
6 Tennessee

1 Duke
3 Baylor

Saturday, March 27, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 7

Beth and spiff keep chugging along, picking Michigan State and Baylor. Lots of people have stopped picking, giving themselves losses. Losing picks made were by Wheasel and Kod who both picked OSU.

Beth and Spiff alive at 6-0. EP and Freak are 5-1. Meiz, Blue, Keith and Wheasel 4-2. Kod is 3-3. Jug, Tem, Tp and Zeke 2-4. Steve and Tyler 1-5.

All records are correct or your money back.

Games for today

2 Kansas State
5 Butler

1 Kentucky
2 West Virginia

Pick, you tards.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Big East sucks

This is the worst tournament. If you can play one sport, professionally, which would it be? For me it'd be basketball. Because the groupies are better, the millions are there and if you are really good you might end up with a gold medal. I'm running late so you are gonna get a freakian effort. No worries though, next week you get 1500 words on the national league. Pumped. Fantasy baseball $$ league I kept, Kemp, Scherzer, Garza and Tulo. I discarded Reynolds. Tough pick but he struck out 223 times which is -223 points. One point taken away for each KO. I don't want to deal with that shit. Butler won like 22 in a row. So fuck it. I guess. K State game was on too late for this east coaster. I be tired boss. Iggles will trade McNabb. Rev, your thoughts. Don't know where though. If I'm Mike Singeltary I'm all over that shit. Petey Carroll is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. Spags should take a shot at McNabb too. He's got a good 5 years left. I love the draft. And the maneuverings it brings. No outback last night btw. I'm still fit.

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 6

I'm thinking Tem went with the reverse jinx strategy leading to his loss by picking Washington. Blue and Keith picked Syracuse. Who lost. To Butler.

Beth and Spiff alive at 5-0. Meiz, Blue, Keith, Wheasel, EP and Freak are 4-1. Kod is 3-2. Jug, Tem and Zeke 2-3. Steve, Tp and Tyler 1-4.

Slap on the wrist to Meiz who apparently picked Wisconsin twice. Bad Meiz.

Changed records to show non picks as losses. Because no pick is still wrong.

Today's games

2 Ohio State
6 Tennessee

3 Baylor
10 Saint Mary's

5 Michigan State
9 Northern Iowa

1 Duke
4 Purdue

Pick away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 5

Texas A&M killed kod. Wisky knocked out Meiz and gave Jug another loss.

Beth, Blue, Keith and Spiff alive at 4-0. Kod, Meiz, Wheasel and Freak are 3-1. Jug 2-2. Steve 1-1. EP 3-0. Zeke 2-1. Tyler 0-1.

On to the matchups.

1 Syracuse
5 Butler

2 West Virginia
11 Washington

2 Kansas State
6 Xavier

1 Kentucky
12 Cornell

Healthcare, NFL OT and Erin Andrews.

Ok, so Obamacare has passed through the house. Fantastic. I don't want to start a political slapper on a sports (sort of) blog, but I thought this was pretty interesting. This was posted by a friend of mine on my Facebook, and I figured it was worth a read for those of you not on Facebook. Just some food for thought...

"I know its long, but read it. written by DR. Richard Reese

Massachusetts is considered the Bluest of the Blue States, the Elite of the Elite, the Leaders of the Liberal Health Reform Band. It is the state where President Obama received his law school education, where Senator Edward Kennedy has fought for a single payer system for 40 years, where Obama’s closest health care advisors, Dean David Cutler, PhD, of Harvard and Robert Blumenthal, M.D., of Massachusetts General and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology,reside, and where the nation’s first “universal health plan” was spawned and has been in operation for three years.

Yet, despite this political firepower, something seems to have gone askew." Massachusetts health costs are the highest in the land." Despite the highest concentration of physicians per capita and lowest rate of uninsured among the states (2.6%), people are having a hard time finding doctors, especially primary care practitioners but other specialists as well. Bay State residents are flocking to high-cost emergency rooms for care in unprecedented numbers. And all of this in an affluent states which is supposed to set an example for other states to follow.... "

New NFL OT Rule

The NFL enacted a new OT system for use during the playoffs, and will discuss in May whether or not to implement it during regular season play as well. For those of you who don't know the new rule, it will allow both teams to have a possession in OT if the team that wins the coin toss only scores a field goal. If the second team scores a TD, game over. If they, too, score a FG, then the game continues with sudden death rules. An opening drive TD ends the game, as does a defensive or special teams score. I would like to go on record as saying that I HATE this new rule. I think it is symptomatic of the wussification (it's a word) of America. It's the little league mentality, extended it to pro sports, where everyone has to get their turn and everything has to be "fair." This whole debate heated up when Brett Favre choked in the 4th quarter against the Saints in the NFC Championship. He threw a crucial pick late in the game, and the Vikings never touched the ball in overtime as the Saints won on a FG on the opening drive. Well, here's the thing. If Favre hadn't made a selfish play, the Vikings probably wouldn't have won that game. Also, if your defense can't stop the opposing offense from getting into FG range, then you don't deserve to win. Point blank and period.

Erin Andrews

I don't know how Tem and Keith can say ^^^^ she ^^^^ isn't hot and still claim to be straight. Her nose?? Really???

Looks just fine to me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too much snow

Sorry for the late post. I woke up to 12" of snow this morning, so I went back to bed. Office closed...snow day...hooray

NCAA tournaments has been the better this year. Good games, guys showing ballz. Funny names. Enjoy it, it might be the last time.

I've been interviewing a bunch of people. Interviewing is like dating, at the end you tell them "we'll be in touch" or "talk to you again soon" when you know they suck and that you'll never see them again. Then there's the people who you hit it off with and basically fuck on the first date. Then it's all awkward on the 2nd interview and there's all these expectations and all you can do is picture them naked, basically ruins the relationship...I don't know where i'm going with this, i'm jus sayin.

Baseball starts next week or so, so we've got that going for us.

Carry on.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Commercial Nazi

First of all sorry for the late post. The intrawebs here was broke. It got fixed.

So, does anyone else here take commercials way too literally? Or read into them too much? I definitely do. Well sometimes. I watch the Bud Light commercial where the dude's house is made of beer cans and that is OK with me. I mean, there should totally be wires and pipes showing and it would never pass any building code, but I am ok with it. On the other hand there is a Miller Lite commercial where the dude can't say "I love you." Him and this hot chick are drinking at a table and they have 2 bottles of Miller Lite, 1 each, and then she has a 23 ounce draft of Miller Lite. WFT? Who gets bottles and drafts? Nobody really mixes and matches. And they didn't pour the bottle into the glass because the glass was a 23 ounce glass and it was full and the bottles are only 16 I to believe that he poured out some of his bottle into her glass? If he did then there is no point in saying he loves her. She knows it already. Actions speak louder than words. Also the chick is pretty skinny...No way can she drink a bottle and then a tall draft. She'd be hammered.

And that damn KGB commercial where the two skinny dudes are going to sumo wrestle the big fat asian guy....if I am the guy who is using the web I just say the same thing that the other dude said to get away. And since when does anyone google search "I surrender" and come up with "bring it on fat man." totally stupid.

The southwest commercial where the people have "bags fly free" on their chest is good. None of the dudes are really buff, they actually look like airport workers. Of course they'd all be fired for it, but whatever.

/end temrant

Speaking of airports I picked up cgtif from the airport yesterday. I enjoy going to the airport to people watch. You always see someone picking up someone else that just doesn't belong. Yesterday a really old black guy picked up a young asian girl. That made me LOL. Don't know why. Also someone drug their bags across the escalator and it made a loud fart sound. I LOLed at that too. I am a child.

/end tempost

Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Ten >>>>> than Big Least

I'm not gonna talk about politics.

Man, those Big Least teams really must of* been tired from beating up on each other throughout the season. They need to realize that it's all about what they do in March, and that they should all take it easy on each other during conference play. Those poor guys were just too worn down and it caught up with them. There are only 2 teams left, which means that LP lost another bet. zeke, you can let him pay off your bet, then I'll give LP another name/pic for the Big Least bet.

LOV FMLB draft, once again, was gold. I know it's been talkt* about here before, but our drafts are non-stop hilarity. This round broat* us some gold from aitch. He reaches to pick Joe Mauer in the 1st round, then explains his pick by saying that he did it because Mauer is in a contract year and playing for a new contract. This was about an hour before his contract extension was announced, but the fact that it was even broat* up was pretty awsome*. Bittersweet day for kod, though. Mauer re-upped, but Nathan is done for the year. They should sign Rick Aguilera.

So Tiger finally took a question from a reporter. But it was still on his terms. The reporter had 5 minutes and he couldn't ask about the accident or the bitches he fuckt*. But he thinks he did some pretty bad things. Duh. I guarantee he'll do them again in the future. You don't get freaky like that and then just drop it cold turkey, because you know that Ellen* ain't gonna do anything more than missionary for the rest of their marriage.

I got beyinb eas3ed* at a this place on Saturday night. This is news because I rarely drink. Last time I was drunk before Saturday was probably in the fall sometime. Apparently I made a fool of myself. I've used this yoke* before, but if cmk wasn't at that bar with me, there was probably a hundred 21 year old chicks there that I would have never had the guts to talk to. But that night did remind me how much I ♥ Jager bombs.

Fucking softball. This team is awful. We lost by like 20 tonight. Fuck softball. My favorite is when we play a team and there* up 20ish and they still take extra bases. If it was baseball, AHIK*, there'd be some chin music being played.

That's all

Sunday, March 21, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 4

Zeke is knocked out by Villanova losing to Saint Mary's. Jug and Tem were knocked out by New Mexico.

Beth, EP, Meiz, Blue, Keith, Kod, and Spiff alive at 3-0. Jug, Tem, Zeke, Wheasel and Freak are 2-1. Steve is 1-1.

Today's schedule

1 Syracuse
8 Gonzaga

2 Ohio State
10 Georgia Tech

4 Maryland
5 Michigan State

2 West Virginia
10 Missouri

5 Wisconsin
12 Cornell

3 Pittsburgh
6 Xavier

4 Purdue
5 Texas A&M

1 Duke
8 California

Saturday, March 20, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 3

Wheasel was the only person to lose yesterday, picking Louisville.

So that leaves Jug, Beth, EP, Meiz, Blue, Keith, Kod, Spiff, Zeke and Tem alive at 2-0. Wheasel, Freak and Steve are 1-1.

Again, pick one team you haven't picked, before their game starts.

2 Villanova
10 Saint Mary's

5 Butler
13 Murray State

6 Tennessee
14 Ohio

1 Kansas
9 Northern Iowa

3 Baylor
11 Old Dominion

3 New Mexico
11 Washington

2 Kansas State

1 Kentucky
9 Wake Forest

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Hangover

You know one thing I noticed about everyone else on here? You guys don't have to look for a spot when you get home late or at any time for that matter. That's one perk about burbs, shitty cities and track houses. Driveways. It takes me almost 15-35 minutes sometimes to find a parking spot. Most times a block or two away from my abode. It sucks, I've estimated that I've spent 1-35 of my life looking for a spot. That equates to like 7 months. Georgetown/Marquette/Notre Dame. Only the Hoyas are a real Big East team but whatever. Give me the "Big East sucks" overated chants. I'll accept them. Gtowns loss is THAT big. Does anyone else feel bad for all the #13, 14, 15, and 16 seed coaches or is it just me. Man they are really busting their ass coaching the shit out of them boys on the sideline but there is simply, for the most part, nothing they can do. If they are good enough one day they'll get paid. Bruce Pearl looks like a riot. BTW great first day uh boys. ONIONS! Let's hope for a good 2nd day. Why is Luke Wilson so fat and all over the commercials? Big weekend. I don't feel so good. If you can wrestle one animal which would you choose? I would choose a kangaroo. Because it's a disproportioned animal. Like a weeble wobble.

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 2

Steve and Freak were knocked out in the first day picking Marquette and Georgetown, respectively.

So that means Jug, Beth, EP, Meiz, Blue, Keith, Kod, Wheasel, Spiff, Zeke and Tem are all 1-0. Steve and Freak 0-1.

I think you know the drill by now. Pick one game.

2 West Virginia
15 Morgan State

6 Xavier
11 Minnesota

5 Temple
12 Cornell

4 Purdue
13 Siena

7 Clemson
10 Missouri

3 Pittsburgh
14 Oakland

4 Wisconsin
13 Wofford

5 Texas A&M
12 Utah State

8 Gonzaga
9 Florida State

7 Oklahoma State
10 Georgia Tech

5 Michigan State
12 New Mexico State

1 Duke
16 Arkansas-Pine Bluff

1 Syracuse
16 Vermont

2 Ohio State
15 UC Santa Barbara

4 Maryland
13 Houston

8 California
9 Louisville

Thursday, March 18, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 1

A refresher on the rules. Every day of march madness there is a slate of games. From that slate, you pick the one team you are confident will win. You get it correct, you stay alive. You may only pick a team once. Picks are due in before the game you are picking starts.

Since no one will probably make it the whole way, keep picking every day, we'll see who has the longest streak and who has the best record.

Here's today's schedule:

12:20 PM ET
10 Florida

12:25 PM ET
6 Notre Dame
11 Old Dominion

12:30 PM ET
2 Villanova
15 Robert Morris

2:30 PM ET
4 Vanderbilt
13 Murray State

2:40 PM ET
2 Kansas State
15 North Texas

2:45 PM ET
3 Baylor
14 Sam Houston State

2:50 PM ET
7 Richmond
10 Saint Mary's

4:45 PM ET
5 Butler

7:10 PM ET
9 Northern Iowa

7:15 PM ET
1 Kentucky
16 Eastern Tennessee State

7:20 PM ET
6 Marquette
11 Washington

7:25 PM ET
3 Georgetown
14 Ohio

9:30 PM ET
1 Kansas
16 Lehigh

9:35 PM ET
8 Texas
9 Wake Forest

9:40 PM ET
3 New Mexico
14 Montana

9:45 PM ET
6 Tennessee
11 San Diego State

Just make your picks in this post, and comment for the day on wheasel's. Any questions, just ask. Let the madness begin.

It's a hate filled Thursday.

I hate my job. I hate stupid people. I hate fake people. I hate the agenda driven media. I hate agenda driven sports media. I hate the fact that ESPN buries the Ben Roethlisberger story. I hate catty women. I hate snobby women. I hate dumb women. I hate taxi drivers, even though I am one. I hate that when someone calls for a taxi and when I ask them for their phone number, they say "my phone number?" No you stupid bitch, I want you to tell me my number. Ratard. I hate college basketball. I partake in March Madness activities because I'm celebrating the fact that college hoops are almost done and will get off my tv for 8 months. I hate fake people. I hate having to repeat myself. I hate having to repeat myself. I hate New England weather. It was 60 degrees out when I left my house, so I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Now it is 40 degrees out and my legs are cold. I hate that this looks like one of EP's rambling posts. I hate that EP can't spell. I hate that Steve is smarmy. Yes, smarmy. I hate that Beth never posted naked pictures to win TCS. I hate TCS. I'm starting to hate posting on Thursdays. There are many, many more things I hate, but that's enough for now.

Ron Washington used coke. What and idiot. Add Coccaine to my list of hates. He says he only did it once. Raise your hand if you believe him. If you have your hand up, you're an idiot.

ESPN says Tebow had a good pro day. EP says otherwise. Both sources have an equal amount of credibility.

Speaking of Gators, Urban Meyer was back at practice after the shortest retirement in the history of sports. Attention whore.

Cliff Lee was suspended for 5 games. dumb.

This post sucks. I hate it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's day

It's like Christmas today in Bahston. People waking up with the expectation of drinking lots of green beer, wearing lots of shamrocks and seeing some tits and then passing out....all before noon. I like St. Patrick's day even if i'm not Irish. Cmblue is Irish and pretty much hates today. I'm making her dress bgblue1 up as a leprechaun and bring her to'll be great. I also plan to talk with a bad irish accent all day.

I've been too damn busy lately at work. I don't like that. I might have to find a new job, one that pays more with more free time.

I really enjoy eating sunflower seeds. My latest obsession (and by latest, i mean the last few years) is the Jalapeno Hot Salsa seed by David's and sons. Traditional original ones are great too.

NCAA tournament starts tomorrow. Some team that I haven't seen play all year will win the whole thing. Fuck Dook.

I'm thinking about buying a Brady Quinn jersey...a browns one, and wearing it to Broncos games next year.

I know i'm late to the game, but that Tosh.0 show is hilarity.

Ok, i'm done, this might be a perfect example of D- work

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Apple announced today that it has developed
a breast implant that can store and play music...
The iTit will cost from $499 to $699, depending
on cup and speaker size. This is considered
a major social breakthrough, because women
are always complaining about men staring
at their breasts and not listening to them.

Miley Cyrus

I think Miley is a necessary evil. As a nation we need something/someone to entertain the 8-13 yr old girls. If left unentertained these girls would bother/annoy everyone else. So I thank Miley for that. Not that many 8-13yr old girls would talk to me, but if one ever does I can just say something about Hannah Montana and then leave the room.

Girl's Hoops

Is UConn like -700 to win? I gotta bet $700 to win $100? Is it even worse than that?


Beckham got hurt. 4 people in this country cared.

NFL Talk

The NFL said Monday the Giants will play on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12, and the Jets will host a Monday night game the next day.

I seriously hope the weather is nice. If it is raining and the Giants tear that field up then the whole NFL will be embarrassed on Monday. And don't give me this crap about this is a brazillion dollar field nothing can harm it....If it rains hard enough the field will get tore up a bit.

Seems like the easy solution would be to have them play each other....I know that messes with the NFL schedule which is worked out way in advance, but whatever. They probably could have figured something out.

NHL Talk

Washington has the most points, it must be the best team. San Jose is second best, followed by the Blackhawks. Good job guys.

I was gonna do some sort of NCAA preview here but decided against it. Mostly because I am lazy, but also because I am keeping my gems to myself. Actually it was all because I am lazy. I will say this. Big East teams let weaker teams hang around too much. Especially WVU. I wouldn't pick the Big East teams to go far. Of course since I said that it means the final 4 will be all Big East teams....I am a horrible game picker.

Monday, March 15, 2010


That's my impression of Jim Lampley. 2 or 3 people here will understand that.

I should probably talk about the NCAA tourney. I think that tOSU should be ranked higher than Syracuse, but I'm glad that they're not a #1 seat*. A few things of note about the bracket. Obviously, everyone has seen how redonk the Midwest is. I don't understand how the committee does the rankings, because if KU is the #1 overall seed, they shouldn't have this tough of a bracket. Second, Dook* has a potentially tough 2nd round matchup against Louisville. I know they aren't as good as the last few years, but they're still coached by Pitino and he'll have them ready. Of course, all this depends on if they can get by Cal in the 1st round (AHIK*). But Cal was in an awful conference this year, and would of* been the Pac 10's only rep had they beaten Washington in the tourney championship game. The South region is incredibly soft. You have Dook* as the 1 seed, and we all know how they do this time of year. You have Villanova at #2, and they're strug-a-ling* right now, battling through some injuries. You have Baylor as the 3 seed, and I haven't seen them play 1 game all year so I have no idear* how good they are. The only thing I know about their basketball program is that they had some dude kill another dude a few years ago. Purdue is the #4 seed, which is amazing because they haven't done shit since Robbie Hummel tore his ACL a few weeks ago. Without him, they are at best and 8 or 9 seed. So yeah, in conclusion, the South part of the bracket is awful.

Jay Bilas made me laugh during the college bball show that was on after the selection special. He talkt* about how Cornell was a 12 seed, and that if he was a decision maker, he'd have them as a 4 or 5 seed. Obviously, that's a pretty big jump, so I'm not sure what he sees from them that the selection committee doesn't see. I know zeke said that the Big Red were pretty solid, but I have a hard time believing that an Ivy League school should be a 4 seed.

My final thoughts on the tourney is that it seems really top heavy. This could be another one of those years where, for the most part, the chalk will reign supreme. The South is really the only spot I see some big upsets happening. But other than that region, the top teams seem to be much better than the next tier of teams.

Kind of a strange story from Sunday. Maybe not strange, but interesting. OK, not interesting, but it's a story, so fuck you. I went to watch cmk & csil play flag football. Their team is made up of some people that graduated from tOSU, and their team name has Buckeye in it. I think it's Buckeye Backers or something. Anyway, some dude who was playing on the other team was wearing a University of California-Santa Barbara t-shirt. Their game was about 3 hours before the selection show. I thought that was kind of weird. See, I told you it wasn't interesting. I know most of you don't read these posts anyway, so whatever. I'm entertaining myself.

We finally got to play some softball last night. I'm embarrassed to talk about it, because this team I'm on is so horribly bad. We played a team that had 5 guys and 5 chicks...and lost by 1. Fucking redonk. The umpire made 5 awful calls, but I'm not even gonna use that as an excuse because the game shouldn't even be close enough to let those calls affect it. I knew when they axed* me if I wanted to play on this team that it was a really bad team. But hay-zeus*, losing to that team was pretty fuckt* up.

kod, your name/pic is I ♥ poisonous nuts.

LP, keep your name/pic for a few more days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

1 Thousand

Wow. Actually I'm not surprised. If you got a good thing going on why not keep it going. We got a good thing here. It's a juiced up chat room with no web streams of people masturbating. Which is good. Well since this blog started on 8/15/2006 alot has happened in sports. I feel like, for this celebration post, that we should review. You know, being that this is a sports blog of some kind. First I want to shout out a few LOV peeps who have moved on, whether to heaven, hell, prison, asylum, institution or another country. We miss you.

Iamunstoppable, Mound of Venus, Martin Van Nostrand, Who Cares, Stiggy. RIP.
(if I forgot someone than you were forgettable)

Now since 8/15/2006 the following has happened:

Well, first of all, we had our first HDH moment right in the title of the first post. "VIVE LA REVOLUTION". I'm sure Rev meant Viva! And if he didn't then he is french.

Sports 2006 recap
Freak kept mentioning Floyd Landis. So that happened.
The World Cup, the head butt.
Hockey was in the limelight for a gambling ring. Not for the hockey.
Tiger Woods.

Zeke actually pimped Frank Thomas for AL MVP. For thoughts on this we go to a former LOV correspondent, thejaywhite. Jay, whatta got? : "I think sanatan is hte mvp...being a DH should affect the mvp do half the job of the other players...thomas has no chance at it...his average is too low.." --- thank you Mr. White

Rev tried to write an NFL preview. He shut the Colts out of the playoffs. Freak was flabbergasted. Rev also reviewed "Invincible". Good times.

The demise of the Metropolitans began after this sentence, said the night before the Mets took the field against the Cards. "And as a Phillies fan it pains me to say this, but I find myself hoping the Mets win" - REV, nice reverse jinx fat boy. I hate you. The curse of the Rev!

After the crushing Met defeat you all remind me of daily, I said the following. "I don't care about baseball anymore. Beltran your dead to me. This is going to be quick, I have a serious test to take in about 6 hours that I am sure I will fail. And I already wasted half the night on the pathetic Mets who made Jeff Suppan look like Warren Spahn. Go fuck yourself St. Louis." - El Padrino

On 12/3/06 Zeke said he was no longer a CFB fan. We all know how that turned out. Exact quotes : "I won't watch a minute of CFB until there is a playoff." and this beauty "That's all the recap I got. Call me whatever you want but don't call me a CFB fan anymore." Awesome.

Sports 2007 recap
"I'm going to go ahead and call Akili Smith on Russell. We'll see if I'm right. " - Freak 1/11/07

Beckham signs that 5 yr/ 250MM deal, spiff links the fake Tim Tebow girlfriend and I successfully (and for probably the last time ever) saw my pre-season prediction come true, Bears-Colts played in Super Bowl XLI. Colts won. Other 2007 Champs : Gators (TP saw it in person), pats go undfeated (wait til 08 recap for ending, lol), Rockies with a crazy run to make the show, swept by the Red Sox (O:FB starts then), Bonds passes Hank, Spurs beat the Lebrons, Pavlik wood for Meiz, Tiger Woods, Mighty ducks ?, Chris Henry in trouble (dead, btw), Lane Kiffin and Gators and K-Fed.

January 23, 2007, Post #150 and it's Tem. It's his first post. It's solid.
Rev died rumors dominate the winter/spring comments.
Rev takes to the post on April 22, 2007 to shut us up.
Tyler with a guest column on NBA that was so good.
Nappy headed ho's and an albino squirrel.
Kermit covers Johnny Cash. It's awesome. Mills appears.
Soprano debate, prince chills and piss ice, jug era. Kobe wants traded.
Me and blue had babies. Mitchell report.

TCS!!!!! Keith makes his presence known. I think zeke quit.

I tried to stay at keef's house for Super Bowl 42.

Sports 2008 recap
The Giants beat the Pats. That's all that happened. Great year.

Zeke came back. Keef got married.

2008 is when we really took off, with LOV-isms and myths. Like retard Steve, keef the as., my ridiculous hdh moments, deke was picked on relentlessly, tp is old, beth was a whore, blue is rich, etc.

Carried on well into 2009 and today.
We'll call 2008 the year of the schtick. Also we lost Iam. And weazy. Pick the good one.

Sports 2009 recap
Gators, Lakers, Steelers, Yankees, Tarheels.

LOV prospered in 2009, continued the 2008 success with near 700 comments daily. We laughed, we cried, we laughed again. Some people got funnier, some people got assier and some people got weirder.

You know if there is one theme that I can say LOV has or one word that describes LOV I think I would say HILARITY. We are like internet stoogies. Sure we'll throw in some sports every once in awhile but we'd rather talk about food, habits, porn, sex, drugs, news, obama, snakes, movies, music, marathons, piss ice, cheese heroin, burrittos, airplanes, earfquakes, tits, dong, nerds, tps, freezing rain, tacos, slow-cookers, chili recipes, cereal, steroids, insufferableness, homeless, green shirts, jorts, cribs, tuna fish cans, cheese, carrots, gooks, russians, step children, lysol, jail, lawyers, blowjobs, fat people, cheez whiz, socks, boogie nights, rotten kids, bands, shirtless eli, naked potter, weasels, helmets, blacks, fleischmanns, man boobs, dragon tats, grape soda, cranberry juice, bbm's, condo's, hdh, prince chills, fuck deadspin, fuck axe, px090, bait, ^^^, this, TCS, cms, hsil's, sd's, gilfs, mcnuggets, arbys, nyc, dead people, happy hour, beer, watermelon patches and tits.

Here's to 1000 more.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


H is being Meizy tonight. I mean, he practically begged me to spot start for him today. He interrupted me with an IM while I was busy becoming a fan of "Can this dung beetle get more fans than Glenn Beck?" page on Facebook, and asked me to spot. I'm an important guy with stuff to do. I also have almost nothing to say.

But I suppose I can take 10 minutes to acknowledge history. I'm expecting great things out of post #1000 tomorrow. I will propose a grammar pool for tomorrow's post. If you take ElPad's post tomorrow, copy the whole thing, and paste it into Word, I am setting the grammatical and spelting* errors it finds at an over/under of 11.

You know what? In all seriousness, it never fails to amaze me that you're all still around. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not amazed by the fact that this thing of ours is still active. Then, the amazement passes, and I go back to looking at status updates of bored Facebook housewives.

I don't see a lot of interesting news out there. I spent a good portion of today listening to Howard Stern's "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant". If you have the means to hear it on a replay this week, I highly recommend it. If Howard's website wasn't down at the time of this writing, I could link to some pics of the contestants in bikinis for you. Check it out later.

There really isn't much going on in sports either. The beisbol games don't count yet. NBA and NHL are over a month away from playoffs. March Madness isn't until next week. Mel Kiper is being thawed out from his cryogenic freezing chamber for his one time a year that he is something resembling relevant. Dick Vitale should be done thawing in a couple of days.

On, 4 of the 5 featured free agents on their front page were Jake Delhomme, Terrell Owens, LaDanaian Tomlinson, and Larry Johnson. If this were 2005, we'd all be going apeshit over this.

Speaking of going apeshit... do your thing. Get 1000 comments on post #999. Or don't.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim Died

It's true. Drug overdose. Nobody cares about the Coreys anymore. If I had been betting though i'd probably had to risk 160 to bet on Feldman being the first to die. Teddy Duchamp was a crazy mofo. Anyway, the other Corey died. He was in my favorite movie as an early teen, License to Drive. Probably saw that movie 20 times in the theater. A drunk, passed out Heather Graham, the coreys, and good clean fun, what's not to love?

Moving on. The NBA schedule makers suck. Something that gets talked about some, but not a lot is the fact that now that they only have 2 or 3 games on Thursdays, it's creating a ton more back-to-backs in the league. Back2Backs are really tough when you have to travel on the 2nd half (even if you're coming home). The league winning percentage on the 2nd half of a back2back where the team had to travel is .364, and there are a ton of them now. The nuggets have 9 back2backs where they have to travel. In contrast the 72 win Bulls team had 2. It would be one thing if all the teams schedules were the same, but the Lakers have fewer b2b than anyone in the league, not shocking or surprising they have a great record. Is all of this much ado about nothing...probably, I made up most of the stats (ok all) but it proved my point.

That strasburg and fairchild kid threw yesterday. He probably throws most days, but yesterday was an actual fake game. I guess he looked legit. It'll be awesome to see him toil in DC for a few years and then jump ship to Boston or NY and then his arm fall off. At least the Nats have a reason to come to the ballpark every 5 or so days.

Free agent signings are huge underway in the NFL. I'm hoping somebody makes B-marsh an offer he can't refuse. It's a lot to give up for dude though, not only do you have to give up a 1st round pick (seattle would be the 6th pick), but then you also have to pay him like 9 or 10MM/year. I'm guessing this all ends with him coming back to the Broncos and signing the tender, in which case they trade him for some wheat germ and creatine.

Last but not least, the defense wrapped up their case in the trial of the dude who murdered Darrent Williams. Its very confusing, lots of shady characters making deals to give testimony. I've seen interviews with 2 dismissed said he'd vote Guilty, and thought everyone else would too..the other (who chose to remain nameless) said he thought it was obvious that the prosecution didn't do enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that dude was the killer, so he'd let him off...this is Denver's version of the OJ trial..stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Big East Tourney

It's that time of year again. Time for the best basketball conference to have its tournament. Which means it is time for me to make some picks and get pretty much every one wrong.

First Round

USF (9) vs DePaul (16) - DePaul doesn't suck quite as bad as you would think the last place in the league would, but they suck enough to lose this game. USF moves on.

UConn (12) vs St. John's (13) - How in the world did UConn finish 12th? Well they lost a lot of games they should not have. Expect them to make a decent tourney run, they are better than 12th. UConn moves on.

Seton Hall (10) vs Providence (15) - Seton Hall rolled Providence at Providence. Seton Hall is a little better than you'd think. Seton Hall moves on.

Cincinnati (11) vs Rutgers (14) - Kenyon Martin isn't walking through that door, but it doesn't matter. Cincinnati will win anyway.

Second Round

USF (9) vs Georgetown (8) - I didn't pick any upsets in the first round so I really want to pick one now. But I won't. G'Town has their diabetes guy back and he is good. I have no clue why diabetes made him miss a game. Was he about to lose a leg? Anyway, G'town moves on.

UConn (12) vs Marquette (5) - I can't wait any longer, gotta pick an upset so I am doing it here. That's all the juice UConn will have though. They'll be spent after this one and still on the bubble for the big dance. UConn wins.

Seton Hall (10) vs Notre Dame (7) - The winner of this game migh punch their ticket to the big dance. I have a feeling that a rested up Notre Dame team will be a little too much for Seton Hall. Enjoy the NIT Seton Hall, Notre Dame moves on.

Cincinnati (11) vs Louisville (6) - Louisville has a ton of momentum after knocking off Cuse. They'll put it to horrible use and barely beat Cincinnati. Edgar Sosa is in his 10th year right now so he has the experience to pull through at the end. Louisville moves on.


Georgetown (8) vs Syracuse (1) - 'Cuse will destroy whoever they play here, they are gonna be a bit mad after their last loss. Syracuse moves on.

UConn (12) vs Villanova (4) - 'Nova will send UConn packing. People will argue for a couple days about whether or not UConn belongs in the big tourney. 'Nova moves on.

Notre Dame (7) vs Pitt (2) - Pitt is ripe for an upset here. Why? I don't know. Probably because I dislike Pitt. I think my Pitt hate is blinding me. I'll go with Pitt for the win.

Louisville (6) vs West Virgina (3) - WVU should win this game. Which means they will go behind by more than 10 points and then come back. I hope their comeback is enough because I am picking them to win. WVU moves on.


Syracuse (1) vs Villanova (4) - I have the top 4 teams in the semifinals. I doubt that will really happen. But we all knew my picks were gonna be wrong anyway. Syracuse wins this one.

Pittsburgh (2) vs West Virginia (3) - WVU beat them once and should have beat them again, but didn't. I refuse to pick Pitt over WVU though. WVU wins.


Syracuse (1) vs West Virginia (3) - I'll go with the complete homer pick. WVU wins!

OK that post took a lot longer to type than I thought it would. I wonder if I will even get 2 games right today....

Monday, March 08, 2010

Oddibe McDowell

Remember that name? Beth probably does. That was my favorite beisbol name from the '80s. That's 1980s, TP. I don't know why that name popt* into my head, though. Must be because it's beisbol season.

Speaking of which, I watched some grapefruit league ball this weekend. Was watching the Yankees/Jays on Saturday. Some dude on the Yankees was batting and the announcers talkt* about how it was his birthday and it would be suite if he got a hit, then BAM!, he gets drilled in the head with a pitch. Not a glancing shot, either. 94 mph fastball with a direct hit, and I guess it left the imprint of the seams on the helmet. Good times. I only say good times because he didn't die.

Just read a good peace* on WWL about Hank Gathers. It was 20 years ago that he dropt* dead, crazy. I think I was in 7th grade, but I remember watching that game when it happened. And then seeing Bo Kimble shoot his FTs left-handed after that was pretty cool.

Conference tourneys this week. Hopefully there will be some suite buzzer beaters in some of the smaller conferences. Seeing those small schools go crazy when they reach the tournament on a last second shot sucks me every time.

I don't know WFT the Bengals are doing when they say they're thinking about signing TO. Doesn't make cents* to me. They already have a WR who needs a ton of attention and whose best days as a football player are behind him. Don't get me wrong, I ♥ 85, but they don't need TO. I wouldn't mind if they ended up getting Marshall. Arguably the top WR in the game, I think it's worth giving up a #1 draft pick for him. Who are they gonna get with a 1st round pick that's better than him?

Sucks for Joe Nathan. Spending some time in FL for spring training and he has to go back to Minny for tests on his right elbow.

I mentioned this yesterday, but the 30 Clubs in 30 Days on MLBN is pretty suite. Yesterday I watched the one with the Pirates. Seems like they have some good young talent in the minors. They had a shit GM in the early '00s that couldn't draft worth a damn, so when you add that to the fact that they didn't spend money, then you get their results. But Huntington seems to have a good plan in place and has done well in the draft, so who knows. Maybe tem will see a .500 Pirates team again in his lifetime. AHMIK

I hope it stops raining today.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

Cromartie is a Jet. Panthers cut Delhomme. He was terrible. Clears the way for Vick. John Clayton is excited about the uncapped year. Shut up. No way footyball goes on strike. You ever wonder why the sea foams? Is it the salt? March Madness is soon. I can go to Knicks/Nets tomorrow if I want but I think I'd rather get donkey punched by a gorilla. You guys know I lost my virginity on a bean bag in a walk in closet inside a mansion when I was 15 right. Blood everywhere. WE GOT A BLEEDER! Awkward. Don't you hate when you forget to charge your phone and you leave it on all night. Baseball is actually happening again. Tickle me pink. CMK doing a running diary of the Oscars. Now THAT, would be gold. Oscar odds if you care : Over/Under 45 seconds for Meryl Streep's acceptance speech. Looks like Hurt Locker and Avatar will win Best Pic. I don't think I've seen any Oscar nominated film this year. How sad. The snooze button was abused this morning. I called CMEP cantankerous last night. I got a ::merrimans:: on that one. Good times. Car insurance sucks. Especially in NYC. Rates too high. Cost me more. So post 1000 next week huh? Wow. What will I do. The pressure is mounting. I want some lard bread right now.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Post 994

Yup, we're getting close to 1,000 posts. Even though I haven't been here from the jump, I still take a little bit of pride that we have kept this blog going this long. Kudos to you all. EP is going to have the honor of post #1,000 next Friday. Hope he has something good planned.

I'm pretty sick, so this post may suck.

#23 Maryland upset #4 Duke. I don't follow college hoops, so I don't know if this was a big upset or not, nut the rankings suggest it was, so I will go with that.

Another earthquake hit. This time a 6.4 magnitude quake in southern Taiwan. Mother Earth seems pissed lately. She must be on the rag. Someone get some chocolate! Seriously though, lots of earthquakes lately. This is probably a sign of something. Not sure what though.

NHL trading deadline came and went. A lot of players moved, but none of any significance really. Overall, it was a pretty disappointing day. I think NHL GMs haven't quite grasped how to handle the salary cap era in the NHL. Seems like no teams had the cap room to make a big splash.

Meiz wanted me to mention the Leborn is sick, so here it is. I hope he feels better soon.

I really have nothing else. This post sucks and I don't care.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tent City is coming

so maybe when the mayans made the prediction that the world would end in 2012, they weren't too far off. The only problem is that they couldn't predict that we would have the technology to withstand devestating earthquakes and Al Gore. But i'm sure the people in Chile are probably thinking the mayans are pretty smart.

We are selling our house next tuesday. We got one of those PODS to store our stuff in until our other house is finished being built. We're actually paying somebody to buy our house from us, that's how sick of it we are. There really isn't anything interesting there, but it's filler.

I think Lindsay Vonn just fell again.

March Madness is right around the corner, because it's already March. And then there is the March Hare, and the mad hatter, and dick vitale. I don't know who is going to win the tourney this year...shocker, it won't be Gonzaga...they are the Boise State of CBB. They play in a shitty conference and can occasionally play with the big boys, but not this year.

The NBA is in its stretch run too, Lakers and Nuggets in the West, Cavs and Magic in the east...the rest is just a bunch of shitty teams.

NFL, free agency period starts this Friday...excitement abound...I could live with the Broncos drafting Jimmy Claussen...I don't think he'll be there at 11, but if he is....well he won't be.

MLB spring training is in full swing. The Rockies have a ton of hype, which means they'll win 78 games...

You're killing your father Larry.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

SS Panty Dropper

That's the name of the pontoon boat some dudes used to own. They lived by exfemtem's house. They had about 5 guys living in a 2br place. It was odd. They had the pontoon and a van that had "Panty Patrol" written on it. The van even had a badge painted on it. These guys are either the coolest people ever or not. Well I guess probably not, but they might be cool. I'll never know now. They sold the van and the bought* and moved away. Also I moved.

Let's talk assholes

I know it is hard to determine if someone you have never met is an asshole or not, but that doesn't stop me from trying. Like George Clooney, I don't think he is an asshole. He seems like he would be a cool guy. Andy Dick on the other hand seems like an asshole. Dan Patrick seems like an asshole. Ryan Reynolds seems cool. Jay Leno, seems like an asshole, Conan cool, Letterman, not sure. Anyway....I don't know why anyone in the NASCAR media won't say it, but Danica Patrick seems like she could be an asshole. I have never heard her take the blame for one of her wrecks. Every time she wrecks (which is alot, more on that later) it is 100% someone elses fault. Now I don't know if she is playing the media because that's what they want to hear or if she really thinks that every time she rams into something that it is 100% not her fault.

Now, onto her frequent wrecks. She wrecks a lot. I think in her 3 NASCAR tries she wrecked twice. Once she hit a guy who was just getting up to speed. She of course blamed him 100% for it, but really I gotta say it was all her fault. When is the last time you saw any of the good drivers hit someone getting up to speed?? Johnson, Gordon, Martin, Stewart, Harvick, etc these guys probably have done that once combined. Wrecking into someone getting up to speed is not something a talented driver does.

I am glad to see the INDY season roll into here because it means no more Danica talk in NASCAR. Now she can go cause wrecks there and blame it on the other person.

Let's talk about WVU

Double bye in the Big East tourney is nice, but when the Big Dance rolls around they are going to be on upset alert. I bet 90% of brackets have them losing in round 1 or 2. They constantly fall behind by 10+ points and they try for about 24 minutes of game time. That won't cut it in the tourney. I hope Huggy Bear bitch slaps them into playing a full game sometime soon.

Shopping list

Q tips
Body Wash
Frozen Pizza
mac n cheese
pierogies (sp?)
buffalo meat
pork chop
queso dip
bagged salad because i am lazy

Well it is 4 minutes past when I am supposed to be at work and I am still at home. I am an asshole like D. Patrick might be.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Boo Canada

I'm not a big hockey fan, but that gold metal* game was pretty HDH - not taking into account the final score. Canada jumps out to a 2-0 lead and the U, S, of A battles back to tie it in the final :30 of regulation. Canada had way too much talent to not win it all. You could tell the difference in talent during OT when it was 4 on 4. I don't remember seeing the US have a decent scoring chance in OT. Then Sidney the vagina cream scores the game winner. What a douche he is. I'm curious to see how many Canadians were tuned in to that game, too. I heard that 70% of Canadian TVs were watching the first US/Canada game last week. I'd bet at least 90% of them watcht* yesterday's game. That would have been suite if the US could of* won it (AHIK*).

The closing ceremonies were awful. I was sitting there with cmk watching them and during the last part of it, when they had the giant hockey players and mounties and inflatable beavers and mooses*, cmk looks at me and says "This is the gayest thing I've ever seen".

Some things I'm gonna take away from the Winter Olympics
- Shaun White is pretty redonk on a snowboard. He's head and shoulders above everyone else in what he does. LP made the comment "retards can ski". Maybe, but not can a retard launch 20 feet into the air on a board whilst spinning and flipping. I'm pretty sure retards can run too, and Summer Olympic runners don't do crazy aerials.
- I'm positive that Mary Carillo has a big dong. The dude has a deep voice, man hands, a man haircut, and fucks women.
- Canada still sucks
- If you can steer a bobsled, you can win a gold medal even if you're a fat pig. Dude should not have been wearing that spandex outfit.
- Ice skating has nerve* been gayer
- There are more cute chicks in the Winter Olympics than I originally thought when this started. I'd eat burritos with Lindsay Vonn and Cheryl Bernard.
- Curling is either a sport that you can't turn off or can't watch more than 2 minutes of. There's no middle ground.
- If your* a band who's from the city that's having the Olympics, and you want to perform in the closing ceremonies, all you need to do is make a song that says "Whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, (insert city name)" - over and over and over and over and over again.

NFL Combine was this weekend. Cincy QB is the only one that threw. Tebow ran slow, but he jumpt* high. Some WR from Clemson ran really fast. And none of it will matter when it comes to how they perform in the NFL. If they suckt* in college, they'll suck in the NFL.

Top 3 college teams lost this weekend. This is good for a number of reasons. One, I like Jim Boeheim, and his team will be #1 now. Second, this means Duke will move up 3 spots and will make the 2nd round NCAA exit that much suiter*. Third, this means March is here, which is MADNESS!! My pre-conference tourney final four is: Syracuse, Tennessee, Maryland, Kansas.

After the closing ceremonies, I left the TV on NBC and that Marriage Ref show was on. There were a few LOL moments, but it was the first episode so they probably had the best ones on there, which means that the rest of them will suck. But one of them had a dude who was fighting with his wife because his dog died and he took it to the taxidermist to have it stufft*. WFT? And he was like a foot shorter than his wife. And he was from Caput Mundi. Fucking New Yorkers.

Fuck Canada.


Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino