Monday, September 20, 2010


Baltimore @ Cincy (+2) - Cincy is the pick here if for no other reason that the Ravens pretty much played a team with absolutely no offense in Week 1 and the season for their secondary really starts now. I think don't think Baltimore gets revenge for getting swept last year by the Bengals until Cincy visits them later in the year.
(1-0) Correctomundo.

Miami @ Minnesota (-5.5) - I'm going with the Vikes, home opener, 9 days rest.
(1-1) Favre is old.

Chicago (+7.5) @ Dallas -I think Dallas wins by a touchdown. So I have to take Chicago. The Cowboys cannot pass protect yet. Hopefully that will last.
(2-1) Dallas is beating themselves at this point and we should revel in it.

Philly (-6) @ Detroit - Vick. I'm buying it.
(2-2) What a comeback.

Arizona @ Atlanta (-7) - I honestly think the Falcons are going to destroy the Cards. So bet accordingly.
(3-2) Told you so.

KC @ Cleveland (-2) - You are literally are not in Kansas anymore. (SSSSS) Once the Chiefs step off the plane and realize they are in Cleveland is the moment they will lose the game. Has there ever been a city that's so depressing to the opposition that it negatively effects the way they play. That is great home field advantage for the Browns. Cheifs won't be able to take Arrowhead with them.
(3-3) Shit Cleveland gets depressed when they are at home cuz they cant leave like KC can.

Buffalo @ Green Bay (-13.5) - Two TD's is alot. Bills have a decent secondary, Grant is out not sure how good Jackson actually is as a feature. But I'm still rolling with the Pack. They were destroying a better football team last week until the Vick Experience took over.
(4-3) They still have a RB problem.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (-5.5) - I'm going with the Titans. Steeler defense impressed last week but I don't think Dixon has a road win in him. He is athletic but he kind of sucks at quarterbacking.
(4-4) Dead wrong about the Steeler D.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-3.5) - Panthers always in this series. Until Tampa can stop the run and I don't give a shit who starts at QB for the Panthers.
(4-5) Break up the Bucs.

St. Louis @ Oakland (-4) - Oakland gets back to the easy part of the schedule.
(4-6) Suicide win but no cover.

Seattle @ Denver (-3.5) - Not sure if San Fran played really really bad or if Seattle played really really good. So I'm just going with the home team. Even though Denver sucks at home in general. Which is odd. Really odd.
(5-6) Yep Seattle sucks again.

Houston (-3) @ Washington - Texans finally played 4 quarters against the Colts huh? Still weird seeing that final. I seriously doubt Foster will run for 231 yards vs the Skins but I do think the Skins offense is offensive at this point. So I will roll with Houston.
(6-6) Skins O not offensive yesterday but their secondary was.

Jacksonville (+7.5) @ San Diego - Worse line of the week. San Diego looked awful Monday night and are historically a bad September team. Jaguars play well away from Jacksonville because they hate blackouts.
(6-7) Couldn't have been more wrong about this one. Jags now outscored 99-16 when they venture out west.

New England (-3) at JETS - Damn the Pats looked good. And damn the Jets ended being whi we thought they were. Or at least who I thought they were. New Meadow will be loud but the Jets deserve to go 0-2. They talked too much shit. I like crisis mode.
(6-8) Well, you figure it out.

Giants @ Indy (-5.5) - When's the last time the Colts were going into week two 0-1? Don't look now but the Colts haven't won a game since the AFC Championship game. Sure 4 of those games were pre-season but so what. They need to get off the schneid. Bad week for my G-Men to pay them a visit.
(6-9) Like I said, bad week to face the Colts. Nothing to see here. Move along.

New Orleans (+5.5) @ San Fran - Not exactly what Alex Smith and the Niners had in mind for week one. And seeing the champs in week 2 has to sting the nostrils a bit.

Talk about it. MMQB.

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