Thursday, September 30, 2010

18 games??

So an 18 game season? I'm fine for leaving things just as they are. Its all about the $$ though, so its going to change. I just worry about how its going to affect fantasy football. Am I going to have to expand rosters in my league? What's a longer draft mean to the owners? Do I increase the buy in?

Blue...get some kind of cell phone pic of the hot receptionist for us. Stage an office photograph or something...make it happen. Otherwise we may start to doubt her existence.

AL Cy Young award debate is intersting to me. The big debate seems to be over how important wins are. I'd have to say its a less important stat than the others in consideration. If you add weight to the mix then Price is out, so that leaves Hernandez and Sabathia. Sabathia is a Yankee, so Hernandez wins. See? Its a lot easier than people are making it.

Another one of Freak's Tour de France winners tested positive for PEDs. I've already mentioned cycling more than I should have.

That's how they roll in Temhio.

I'm taking my talents to work.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ain't nothin but a white trash party

What's your perfect meal? I'm guessing EP's includes burritos and fingerling potatoes.

This week's movie of the week is The Social Network. Starring the kid from Adventureland. It's the story of the fagbook founder and all his woes as he became a billionaire. EP doesn't have time for this movie. But don't be surprised if the Eisenberg kid gets an oscar nom for it.

The nuggets seem content to keep Carmelo for now. I don't blame them I guess. If they can get him to play hard and get out to a great start, then make a move for a big guy near the trade deadline, maybe they can "Kobe" him. Remember when kobe wanted traded?

Nothing to see here, keep moving along.

Chiefs, are they for real? Lets wait until they start playing some decent teams, and no i don't count San Diego as a decent team yet. They're decent in the 2nd half of the season. I like the Falcons all of a sudden in the NFC. Sophmore slump is over for Matty Matt Matterson. If Turner stays healthy (AHIIK), they could be the surprise NFC team this year. Not the fucking Bears, their QB is a pussy, and pussy QBs don't win superbowls. Hey Dez Bryant, i bet you wished you wouldn't have been too much of a man to carry pads now. "Who's the bitch now".

Why do I hate the NHL? If you could see just one concert and then die, who would it be? For me it would be Nirvana, just because they broke up the band and don't have any plans for a reunion tour. How much do radio personalities make? I think a lot, but what do I know? Isn't radio pretty much dead?

Ok my random talk is pointless and over now, I don't have any more random questions in my head for today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

regularly scheduled program

My stupid phone keeps telling me I have a new email, but then when I check the thing the email is one I already deleted. It can’t remember that I deleted stuff. Pisses me off.

Random WVU talk

They aren’t as bad as I thought. I feel like the fans in Major League when they decide that the Indians aren’t that shitty. Except nobody is screwing Renee Russo and Rick Vaughn ain’t walking through that door. They might win the Big East, which isn’t a big deal. Last time I said they would be an SEC doormat. Now I think they’d be a 6th place team in the SEC.

Random Buckeye Talk

Apparently OSU fans think they have 4 of the top 10 RBs in the nation on their roster. All they talk about now is how the third string guy needs more carries and the first string guy too and how Pryor could run for 100yds every day if he wanted to...I guess OSU fans want to see the triple option out there. Of course I guess I would too if the other option was watching Pryor throw the ball. He is getting better, so now instead of a F, he is a D+.

Also it is funny to hear Buckeye fans watch TV and hear the things that other stadiums do and then instantly say that the other team ripped their stadium off. For example, at OSU games when the opposing team hits 3rd down the stadium noise is a big gong sound. They do this at WVU games and Marshall games and IU games and Bama games and probably at 58% of the games around the nation. But Buckeye fans think they invented it. Damn Buckeye fans and their thinking.

Family Guy Talk

Watched the new episodes of Simpsons, Cleveland Show and Family Guy on Sunday. They were all pretty bad. Family Guy was a whodunit. I did not guess whodidit, but I totally knew what would happened at the end. That would make sense if you watched it.

Fantasy sports talk: ________

Lost in my $$$ league last week because I benched Marshall and Vick. Poor coaching. I had some good coaching early on, but failed miserably last week. At least it wasn’t the playoffs. PLAYOFFS? It’s still early, gotta win games now before I think about the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?

Is _________ hot ?

Mira Sorvino

Sometimes she looks smoking hot, but other times, not so much. I think the answer here is that she used to be hot and with the proper makeup she was smoking hot (so not smoking hot, got it /as.) but the years haven’t been as kind to her and we would have hoped. So now she is just good looking with a ceiling of hot given the proper makeup. Aging is a bitch.

NFL Talk

Polian says 18-game NFL season is done deal….sigh, I hope not. I love me some NFL, but I do not want to see an 18 game season. I guess I enjoy the status quo. People are always changing stuff just for the sake of changing it. That annoys me. Some would say I am anti-progress, but I think it is more of not wanting to mess with a good thing. 18 games just means more injuries, which means more teams playing without their best players in important games. It also means more games I don’t really want to see. Are the Pats and Jets going to play 3 times a year now? No. The Pats are going to play the Rams and I just don’t care. The teams I want to see play each other pretty much always do. Pats/Colts, every year it seems. 18 games is going to give me Colts vs the Bucs. I guess it will be nice to see the Bucs play near me, maybe I’ll go. But whatever.

So let’s keep 16 games because I want to and let’s put back to the way it used to be. Also the new way Facebook (don’t have time for that shit /lp, blue) treats game updates is dumb.

I still dislike Rick Reilly. A lot.

That is all.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I saw tem

I hate coming back from vacation. Cmk tolt me she was ready to come home but I could have stayed for at least another week. Chicago has so many activities!

The bus trip from Chicago to Columbus was a story itself. Jesus, what a freakshow that place is. I was expecting that going in, but it more than lived up to the hype. In the station itself we saw a woman who was coked out of her mind, a Mexican dude who had an electronic monitoring device on his ankle, a dude who seemed like he was autistic walking around for 3 hours, a bus that was oversold so like 10 people didn't get on and they caused a ruckus for about 30 minutes, 3 black chicks who couldn't have been older than 17 and one of them had a 2 year old who was running around screaming and the 3 of them were egging her on, employees there who could not care less about helping anyone, and a black dude in the bathroom who tried to sell me a gold chain WHILE I was taking a piss. The bus ride was 8 hours, and there were like 7 or 8 stops on the way, in places like Gary, IN; Lima, OH; and Kenton, OH. Each stop, someone got off the bus. And it's not like we stopped at a bus terminal. We were stopping at goddman gas stations for these people to get off. At one stop, we switched drivers, so our driver pulls in behind a gas station and gets off the bus. We sit there for 10 minutes before the new driver gets on. Not sure what was going on during that time, but we probably could have taken the bus ourselves. Fucking awesomeness all around. I'd nerve do it again, but for 1 time it was hilarity. As we were sitting in the airport terminal waiting to board our flight back to Phoenix on Sunday, cmk looks around and says "Wow, it's amazing to see the people here compared to the people on the bus. I guess stereotypes are that way for a reason".

I saw tem @ the tOSU game. Actually, he saw me first. He was there with femtem but she was with some other folk so they weren't with him when I saw him. If that makes sense. Either that or she doesn't exist. But tem axed what me & cmk were doing that night and I said going to dinner or something and he made a "you should check out the zoo" joke. Cmk gave him a ::lions & tigers & bears::. When we walked away I splained to her the zoo joke and she said "Wow, Milwaukee must be a boring place". NS

I gave tem some free beer tokens for one of the tailgate parties so hopefully he went and got femtem drunk.


Shitty softball team lost 12-5 but good softball team won 28-12 last night. I was a combined 7 for 8 with a walk.

Man, my Notre Dame xnij worked to perfection. S

Cincy's magic number is 1.
Hey, so is mine. /mize

That is all

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 3 Picks

I wanna sleep on Katy Perry's tits. Like rest my head. Can we talk about the Mario Williams/Reggie Bush draft for a minute. I was wrong. Much smarter to draft Mario. I think that is obvious now. I mean Bush is a fine player but he's really a late round pick if that was done over. Looking back the Texans had a monster draft that year. Aforementioned Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Owen Wilson and tackle Eric Winston. I love looking at old drafts. Cortland Finnegan was a 7th round pick out of Samford. Dude is lockdown. That's sick. And of course Colston, who was picked 3 spots from being Mr. Irrelevant.

Non NFL talk now. What's the most annoying home chore? Do you pump your own gas or is that illegal like in NJ? How many slices can you eat? Have you ever had a wet dream? Do you like the taste of pumpkin? Fuck-Marry-Kill : Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Oprah. GO.

P.S - If we don't hit Sperta today, TODAY, we will all be subjected to shaving the ugly hairs off of Tem's dick.

Record : 6-10

Week 3
San Fran (-2.5) @ KC - Niners played the champs pretty damn close. It's obvious the Chiefs are a better team but The Arrowhead win vs the Chargers may be the highlight of the year. I still think they are a below .500 team so I will trust that instinct and give points on the road. Tough call. Alex Smith could get rattled at the Head.....but Willis is going to eat Cassel's ass.

Detroit (+11) @ Minnestoa - What? 11 points. Wait. Has Vegas watched any football yet? Is Steve setting the lines? Detroit is clearly a better team with a real defensive line and a real threat at running back. Shaun Hill is adequate enough to hang around for 4 quarters. Vikes get off the schneid but not by more than 11 points.

Cincinnati (-3) @ Carolina - Pretty obvious Carolina is the shittiest team or one of the shittiest teams in the league.

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-10.5) - Ravens usually handle their business against teams with a losing record. They also have a nice Sept. ATS record and they covered both 09 meetings, rather handily I might add. I see no difference in the Browns this year so see no reason to change strategy here.

Tennessee @ Giants (-3) - Just see the Giants rebounding here. Nothing else really to analyze.

Pittsburgh (-2.5) @ Tampa - Look Tampa, you got two wins. One vs the Browns and one vs the Panthers. Two teams that may combine to win 2 games all year. It's time you graduated to the big boys. Freeman running around making plays.....ssshhiiitt, I fully expect to see a Monday spiff link of him getting suplexed to the ground by Harrison or Timmons.

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-4) - Simple, home team. Keep it simple. When the game is at the Georgia Dome take the dirty birds. Atlanta is a bad road team.

Buffalo @ New England (-14) - Pakcers did it, so can the Brady's. It's lay wood week here at the El Pad's!

Dallas @ Houston (-3) - Can't wait to see the sheer panic on Wade Phillips face come press conference time after the 38-24 loss to the Texans. Maybe Romo will wear that gay fucking hat he wore last week. Hey doucher, you live in Texas not London. Asswipe. P.S. Mario Williams.

Washington (-3.5) over St. Louis - I don't really have much to say about this one. I'm glad it's not the Fox game of the week?

Philly (-3) @ Jacksonville - The Vick Story continues. Good seats still available in Jax by the way.

San Diego @ Seattle (+5.5) - 12th man gets it done. Chargers don't fare well on the road early. Upset special.

Colts (-5.5) over Broncos - Colts always lay into Denver. Like everytime they've ever played. Ever. Including playoffs.

Oakland (+4.5) over Arizona - I can't bet against the Tom Cable Bowling Shirt. It's too fucking awesome. Between that and his haircut I can't take it. It's so funny. He also reminds me of Dan Connor aka John Goodman.

NY Jets @ Miami (-2) -Jets have yet to beat Miami under Rex Ryan and Miami is 8-1 in the past 9 games vs division opponents. They are just as tough as the Jets on D and have a slightly better offense right now.

Green Bay pick tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cowboys Suck!!!

Sadly I haven't loaded my pics from last weekend to my computer yet, so pics will have to wait until next week, however, I had a wicked awesome time at the game and over the weekend. We had 7 of us riding up there in the Minniebego, we left around 10 AM on Saturday morning with beers cracked. We did the self guided tour of the stadium when we got there. That meant they let us roam the field and go to the cheerleaders and players locker rooms. That led to this exchange:

stadium employee: OK, you all have about 5 more minutes in the locker room, the cheerleaders need to come in here and change.
Jug's friend: Oh we don't mind!

We went to a plave called Bone Daddy's for dinner that night.

Next morning we got to the tailgating around 9 and tailgated for just under 3 hours. There was a lot more Bears fans there than I thought there would be...we travel well apparently. I read some quotes from a couple of players saying they were impressed with how many Bears fans showed. IN YOU FACE Cowboys! Tailgating was fun, game was AWESOME! Cowboys fans were gracious in defeat. Jug is not a fan who talks a lot of shit to the Cowboys fans, but he does celebrate with the other Bears fans. Good times...good trip! Next trip is a ski trip in January.

Random question...why does campbells put so many damn carrots in their soups? Does a soup really need to be 65% carrots? I wish they had carrot free versions of their soups.

Reality TV sucks!

Houston Texans have looked good on the field so far this year, and bad off. They currently have 2 of the 4 players in the NFL that are suspended for drug use from what I heard on the radio yesterday. Kubiak seems like a good guy and runs a good program, but players need to be smater* than that obviously...especially when this is supposed to be THE year. Losing their left tackle for 4 games right before they face the Cowboys and Demarcus Ware is not what you'd call good timing. With that said, I would really love to see the Cowboys go 0-3.

Blue, can you just email me the cock pics you were going to use next week?


Me too!


I think that's all I have today...TPS piling up! Dammit!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wanna be on the cover of Forbes Magazine

Standing next to Oprah and the Queen...what up Oprah.

Michael Vick is going to be the starter in Philly. O:FP is really starting to heat up, and I think I like it.

Another active Bronco died...the "ring of death" almost has as many players as the "ring of fame" now. sheesh. Don't think i've ever heard of a pro athlete committing suicide before. Anyway, he was well liked by the players..blah blah. What are they going to say..."i hated that dude, i'm glad he died".

Twins clinched..good for them, now they can promptly get swept by the Rays...good work guys.

Rockies basically played themselves out of any chance of a final was a hell of a ride though, they made late august/early september fun around here.

Not a good week for the Broncos to be dealing with a "non-normal" practice schedule...I'm sure that Peyton Manning will understand and take it easy on them...maybe he'll only throw for 5 tds instead of 7.

Braylon Edwards is a douche

If the JETS could only play the patriots every week, they'd be undefeated.

The Chefs are getting too much hype, but good for them. I like it when teams aren't always awful (yes, i'm looking at you Lions)

Josh Hamilton has broken ribs...maybe should have figured that out like 3 weeks ago, huh? Some awesome doctors they have on the team there in Arlington.

speaking of doctors...Dr. James Andrews is the team doctor for Auburn. It's kind of funny to see him come out off the sideline when a guy is seriously injured. Happened in the Clemson game and clemson's doc was looking at the guys leg. Jimmy comes walking out and watches them treat the player. I wonder if the doc was like "oh shit, it's Dr. James Andrews, i hope I don't mess this up", or was Jimmy there just to say, hey, I know you'll be coming to see me in a week for a second opinion so lets just get it out of the way right now.

Jimmy Andrews side note, cmblue had her knee scoped by him back in the day. He wasn't as famous then, but still, that knee is probably stronger than the other knee that never had surgery on it.

Ok. Tem threw down the gauntlet yesterday. Here's mine, if we don't get to Sparta this week, next week, i'm posting naked pictures of dudes.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm looking forward to that scene in the Fighter movie where Amy Adams fights the other chicks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

As. is on vacay

Although he seems to post a lot from his vacation spot...must have good wifi access.

How about Notre Dame...Brian Kelly has them fired up, well on their way to that 6-0 start that as. predicted...or not...maybe he was gnixnij them....i don't know i'm not columbo

NFL games were played this weekend, half the teams won.

Rockies blow a save...can't be doing that shit in a pennant race, even if the ump blew the call on a double play that would have ended the inning...bring on replay.

My guess is that Tulo is on steroids or has a corked bat. The only 2 guys in modern history to hit 14HRs in a 15 game span, both were roided up, and one crawled through vent shafts to get his corked bat back...or sent a monkey to do it, can't remember, but Joey Belle's head probably wouldn't have fit through the vent shaft.

Ok that's enough for a spot start.. i hate all of you


Baltimore @ Cincy (+2) - Cincy is the pick here if for no other reason that the Ravens pretty much played a team with absolutely no offense in Week 1 and the season for their secondary really starts now. I think don't think Baltimore gets revenge for getting swept last year by the Bengals until Cincy visits them later in the year.
(1-0) Correctomundo.

Miami @ Minnesota (-5.5) - I'm going with the Vikes, home opener, 9 days rest.
(1-1) Favre is old.

Chicago (+7.5) @ Dallas -I think Dallas wins by a touchdown. So I have to take Chicago. The Cowboys cannot pass protect yet. Hopefully that will last.
(2-1) Dallas is beating themselves at this point and we should revel in it.

Philly (-6) @ Detroit - Vick. I'm buying it.
(2-2) What a comeback.

Arizona @ Atlanta (-7) - I honestly think the Falcons are going to destroy the Cards. So bet accordingly.
(3-2) Told you so.

KC @ Cleveland (-2) - You are literally are not in Kansas anymore. (SSSSS) Once the Chiefs step off the plane and realize they are in Cleveland is the moment they will lose the game. Has there ever been a city that's so depressing to the opposition that it negatively effects the way they play. That is great home field advantage for the Browns. Cheifs won't be able to take Arrowhead with them.
(3-3) Shit Cleveland gets depressed when they are at home cuz they cant leave like KC can.

Buffalo @ Green Bay (-13.5) - Two TD's is alot. Bills have a decent secondary, Grant is out not sure how good Jackson actually is as a feature. But I'm still rolling with the Pack. They were destroying a better football team last week until the Vick Experience took over.
(4-3) They still have a RB problem.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (-5.5) - I'm going with the Titans. Steeler defense impressed last week but I don't think Dixon has a road win in him. He is athletic but he kind of sucks at quarterbacking.
(4-4) Dead wrong about the Steeler D.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-3.5) - Panthers always in this series. Until Tampa can stop the run and I don't give a shit who starts at QB for the Panthers.
(4-5) Break up the Bucs.

St. Louis @ Oakland (-4) - Oakland gets back to the easy part of the schedule.
(4-6) Suicide win but no cover.

Seattle @ Denver (-3.5) - Not sure if San Fran played really really bad or if Seattle played really really good. So I'm just going with the home team. Even though Denver sucks at home in general. Which is odd. Really odd.
(5-6) Yep Seattle sucks again.

Houston (-3) @ Washington - Texans finally played 4 quarters against the Colts huh? Still weird seeing that final. I seriously doubt Foster will run for 231 yards vs the Skins but I do think the Skins offense is offensive at this point. So I will roll with Houston.
(6-6) Skins O not offensive yesterday but their secondary was.

Jacksonville (+7.5) @ San Diego - Worse line of the week. San Diego looked awful Monday night and are historically a bad September team. Jaguars play well away from Jacksonville because they hate blackouts.
(6-7) Couldn't have been more wrong about this one. Jags now outscored 99-16 when they venture out west.

New England (-3) at JETS - Damn the Pats looked good. And damn the Jets ended being whi we thought they were. Or at least who I thought they were. New Meadow will be loud but the Jets deserve to go 0-2. They talked too much shit. I like crisis mode.
(6-8) Well, you figure it out.

Giants @ Indy (-5.5) - When's the last time the Colts were going into week two 0-1? Don't look now but the Colts haven't won a game since the AFC Championship game. Sure 4 of those games were pre-season but so what. They need to get off the schneid. Bad week for my G-Men to pay them a visit.
(6-9) Like I said, bad week to face the Colts. Nothing to see here. Move along.

New Orleans (+5.5) @ San Fran - Not exactly what Alex Smith and the Niners had in mind for week one. And seeing the champs in week 2 has to sting the nostrils a bit.

Talk about it. MMQB.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Football Picks and Sausage.


Baltimore @ Cincy (+2) - Cincy is the pick here if for no other reason that the Ravens pretty much played a team with absolutely no offense in Week 1 and the season for their secondary really starts now. I think don't think Baltimore gets revenge for getting swept last year by the Bengals until Cincy visits them later in the year.

Miami @ Minnesota (-5.5) - I'm going with the Vikes, home opener, 9 days rest.

Chicago (+7.5) @ Dallas -I think Dallas wins by a touchdown. So I have to take Chicago. The Cowboys cannot pass protect yet. Hopefully that will last.

Philly (-6) @ Detroit - Vick. I'm buying it.

Arizona @ Atlanta (-7) - I honestly think the Falcons are going to destroy the Cards. So bet accordingly.

KC @ Cleveland (-2) - You are literally are not in Kansas anymore. (SSSSS) Once the Chiefs step off the plane and realize they are in Cleveland is the moment they will lose the game. Has there ever been a city that's so depressing to the opposition that it negatively effects the way they play. That is great home field advantage for the Browns. Cheifs won't be able to take Arrowhead with them.

Buffalo @ Green Bay (-13.5) - Two TD's is alot. Bills have a decent secondary, Grant is out not sure how good Jackson actually is as a feature. But I'm still rolling with the Pack. They were destroying a better football team last week until the Vick Experience took over.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (-5.5) - I'm going with the Titans. Steeler defense impressed last week but I don't think Dixon has a road win in him. He is athletic but he kind of sucks at quarterbacking.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-3.5) - Panthers always in this series. Until Tampa can stop the run and I don't give a shit who starts at QB for the Panthers.

St. Louis @ Oakland (-4) - Oakland gets back to the easy part of the schedule.

Seattle @ Denver (-3.5) - Not sure if San Fran played really really bad or if Seattle played really really good. So I'm just going with the home team. Even though Denver sucks at home in general. Which is odd. Really odd.

Houston (-3) @ Washington - Texans finally played 4 quarters against the Colts huh? Still weird seeing that final. I seriously doubt Foster will run for 231 yards vs the Skins but I do think the Skins offense is offensive at this point. So I will roll with Houston.

Jacksonville (+7.5) @ San Diego - Worse line of the week. San Diego looked awful Monday night and are historically a bad September team. Jaguars play well away from Jacksonville because they hate blackouts.

New England (-3) at JETS - Damn the Pats looked good. And damn the Jets ended being whi we thought they were. Or at least who I thought they were. New Meadow will be loud but the Jets deserve to go 0-2. They talked too much shit. I like crisis mode.

Giants @ Indy (-5.5) - When's the last time the Colts were going into week two 0-1? Don't look now but the Colts haven't won a game since the AFC Championship game. Sure 4 of those games were pre-season but so what. They need to get off the schneid. Bad week for my G-Men to pay them a visit.

New Orleans (+5.5) @ San Fran - Not exactly what Alex Smith and the Niners had in mind for week one. And seeing the champs in week 2 has to sting the nostrils a bit.


Fennel makes sausage sausage. Dismissed.
Chicken sausage, kill yourself.
Lamb sausage french kiss me.
Veal sausage, don't do it.
Pork rules.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh yeah, its Thursday... much do you think shipping is on the Heisman Trophy? Standard shipping, no overnight.

/Reggie Bush

I'm going to Dallas for the Bears/Cowboys game this weekend. It should be a suite time. We are doing the self guided tour of the stadium on Saturday, tailgating early on Sunday, and heading back on Monday. I'll post some pics next week. Based on last week's games, I don't see how the line for this game is so high...but whatever. Its going to be good times. We plan on being out there 5 hours before the game.

I'm enjoying Rev's countdown on Facebook of the amount of games the Phillies have to clinch their division...ETEO.

We got next!


Tom Brady calling out his fans...IN YOU FACE Aitch!

That's all I have for today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I could really use a wish right now

Not much to talk about. Broncos made a big move, acquired 5 time pro-bowl RB Laurence Maroney. Wait..what's that, he's a no-time pro-bowler? I'm shocked.

Rockies made a run and now shit the bed, thanks for suckering me in, you stinkin losers.

Heard some old school Ice-cube on the radio on the way home. Anyone else find his lyrics unrealistic now, considering that "dough boy" now makes movies like "are we there yet". That's gangsta. He didn't even have to use his AK in that movie...douche.

Speaking of NWA rappers, what the hell happened to Dre. It looks like he started working out with Barry Bonds.

September is half over, so far it's lived up to the hype, unlike Notre Dame.

Some chick won a primary in Delaware. Who fucking cares about Delaware, really?

Ok, that's all i've got for today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Advanced Business Analysis

I wish I could use teething as an excuse for being cranky. Babies get to use it, but I don’t think they appreciate it. I mean you can basically do whatever the hell you want. Cry at 3am, teething, throw a temper tantrum, teething, break a vase, teething. I think I might try to commit a crime and then use teething as my excuse.

Until about last year I thought that Alabama played in Brian Dennehy stadium. I figured he was a big contributor to the school or something. I am dumb. Also, by the by, Brian Dennehy looks like what I picture Rev to look like in several years.

Random WVU talk

They suck. They are 2-0, but I feel vindicated nonetheless for taking my “they’re not going to be good this year” stance. Other WVU fans said I was wrong, but it is looking like I might be right. The QB (Geno Smith) looks like a good decision maker. I am excited for him. But the O-Line is weak. Very weak. They are bad. Good thing they play in the Big East. In the SEC they’d be a doormat.

Fantasy sports talk: ________

I’m going to jump on the Todd Heap bandwagon now. I am hoping he is back. I am dropping Shockey for him. Or at least trying to. I have a bad waiver wire position…how is that determined by the way? I haven’t picked anyone up, I am 11 of 12 and I had the 9th of 12 picks in the draft. Shouldn’t I have started with like the 4th waiver position? WFT?

Anyway, I have to get another QB too now to handcuff Kolb. Orton will be available in most leagues so I am going to try to nab him. I have Palmer who will be my starter, but Kolb looks like junk. I got suckered in. I am a fool.

Is _________ hot ?

Kaley Cuoco

She is the chick from the Big Bang Theory. I think she is kinda hot. I guess that is the Lebron way out of making that decision. Fine. I’ll man up. She is not hot. She has that attainable look to her which is nice, but she also has something funny going on in her face. And I can’t figure out how to pronounce her last name. So, I’ll call her good looking, but not hot. Sorry Kaley, better luck next time. And while we are at it, she is out of my league for sure, but that doesn’t make her hot.

Tennis Talk

Nadal won the US Open. Good for him. That is a career slam. He seems a lot shorter than he is. I think he is listed at 6’1”, but dude looks like he is 5’9 ½”. Maybe lots of other tennis guys are really tall. This is too much tennis talk…. No it’s not /Beth

By the by, my 2GB of RAM worked wonders for my computer. It is as fast as something that is really fast.

Also, El Tardo wrote something about Durant. In summary he wants to give Durant a BJ, then toss his salad, then another BJ.

Go comment.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I need a vacation

Week 1 of footyball is almost in the books. Bangles looked like shit. Gints looked decent. Houston comes up with a big win. 49ers shit the bed. Bears & Skins barely walked away with wins. Tennessee looks like they're gonna be tough, but it was the Raiders they played. Rev is getting Vick chills.

Holy crap, did you see the end of that WNBA game? /rev

The motor on my AC went out this weekend. Being in a house that's 90°+ is bad. Having a preggo wife in that same house is awful. I felt bad for her. But then she went shopping all day on Sunday so I didn't feel as bad. Good thing we renewed that home warranty last month. ns

UM is back in the top 25. Denard Robinson looks like he's gonna be pretty suite. Can he throw, though? That is NS. I have seen him run all over the field but haven't really seen him throw at all. I'm not hating, just don't know if he's got an arm. I really hope UM isn't getting all their fans riled up and then shit the bed the rest of the season like they did a couple of years ago. NS When UM is good, college
footyball is much better.

TP probably had a good time seeing the OU/FSU results.

Went 0-2 in softball last night. The first team we lost to was called "BAMFS". Seriously. And every dude on the team was a douche bag. A bunch of 21-22 year olds that yap the whole game. They only had 3 OFs in the 1st inning so I led off and hit one down the RF line because noone was over there, and I'm rounding 1st and the 1B says "Your* a dick". Rec league softball is the better. Shitty softball team lost by like 15 runs, also. So it was a long night.

LP, I need a name/pic change for the ND bet.

Next Monday I'll be in Chi-town so someone can someone throw up a spot start? Please & thank you.

That is all.

Friday, September 10, 2010

El Pad's 2010 Football Preview (AFC Style)

Fuck it let's start with the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Since fat boy can't shut his pie hole I'll start simply by saying they are the third best team in that division. GAURANTEED. Miami wins that division. Pats finish with 9 wins, not enough to make the playoffs (O:FB) and the JETS with or without Darielle Revis (update, with) will finish 3rd with a .500 record. Eat it Jet fans. Point blank this is a QB league and you blew last year's shot at doing the 2000 Ravens impression, when no one saw it coming. This year will be different. The North I still see the Bengals doing well because the Ravens pass defense spooks me. The West is the Chargers to lose and the South is the Colts to lose too. Neither team will. Honestly the Chargers might get a scare from.....Da Raiders?. It's gross.

On to the analysis.

AFC East

Fins (11-5) - Dolphins are the most complete team in the division. Don't laugh at me, it's true. Run the ball. Check. Pass the ball. Check. Play good defense. Check. Solid special teams. Check. Good coach. Check. They are just fucking solid. They won't beat you 50-3 or even rack up crazy stats. They will just beat you. Straight up and old-fashioned. 7 of Parcells 8 picks this year were on the defensive side of the ball and they signed Karlos Dansby and he's only 28. Mike Nolan may suck at head coaching but he is a stud defensive coordinator. I think Henne will only get better and has a powerful arm that is very accurate. Marshall is happy and married or something like that so he'll be a beast. They have Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo twice and the Browns on their schedule.

Another Dolphin Nugget : Dolphins beat the Jets twice last year. And split with each of the other two AFC East teams. In the Fins 9 losses last year they lost by an average of 5 points.

Pats (9-7) - Brady and the offense will be fine. With or without Welker, if he holds up even better if not it really won't matter becuase this team for once is mightily flawed on defense. First they cannot get to the QB. Bunta-Cain led the team in sacks with 9.5 and after that almost no production. The secondary is green, as in young, not as in Kermit. Bill Belichik's coaching is going to have to be spot on for them to keep up. If not the offense will have to just out-score the competition week in week out. Not the best formula for success. And hard to do against teams like Baltimore, San Diego, Minny, Pit, and Green Bay.

Another Patriot Nugget : Fred Taylor looks good. Dude is incredible and has had a Hall of Fame career. I can see him being a money player down the stretch for New England.

Jets (8-8) - I pretty much destroyed them in my opening paragraph but I can provide more color if you wish. The Colts slapped them around until they sat everyone so really this team was not a playoff team. They are built like a playoff team, which explains the success they had in the playoffs but are NOT a playoff team. I don't know if that makes any sense but it does to me. Mark Sanchez cannot be trusted. Is Shonn Greene an every down back? They jettisoned three high quality veteran leaders in Faneca (I know his pass protection was suspect but dude is a running block pancake machine) Feely and Thomas Jones. The Pace injury is huge. Back to Sanchez, he was ranked 28th in the league and didn't even throw a TD a game in the 2nd half. Your not winning in this league by just running and playing defense well. Ask John Fox.

Another Jet Nugget : Jason Taylor is the active sack leader with 127.5 but avg only about 5 sacks in the past two years.

Bills (4-12) - Tough division for them. Especially this year, they might go 0-6 against the division alone. The o-line wasn't addressed in the off-season unless you count the starters returning are healthy than a year ago. Either way they allowed the 2nd most QB hits in the league. Trent Edwards is the QB and Chain Galey is the coach. I have no idea what this means but know it's ending badly for someone.

Another Bills Nugget : First 5 opponennts, order doesnt matter : Ravens, Pats, Fins, Jets and Packers. Helloooooooo 0-5.

AFC West

Chargers (12-4) - Wayne Fontes couldnt even fuck this team up. The division is booty. I must say if there is a team that will make San Diego bead sweat it's Tom Cable's Raiders. Don't laugh. Chippy team, playmakers all over the place, strong defense and a HUGE upgrade to QB. Russell sucked something fierce for me to say that Blacktard is a huge upgrade but back to Whales Vagina. They win in December, which matters and they have a cupcake schedule. Despite missing Vincent Jackson the Chargers will be ok.

Another Charger Nugget : They play the NFC West and reside in the AFC West. The farthest EAST they have to travel is a December game in Cincy.

Raiders (9-7) - Great draft (weird), great off-season (weirder). What the fuck! Real solid defense, enough on offense and a pretty easy schedule. Official sleeper status in my book. I'm in shock so I can't really type anymore.

Another Raider Nugget : Still in shock, move along nothing to see here.

Broncos (7-9) - I don't understand McDaniels and I've gone back and forth on this several times. He's either really really smart or really really stupid. And I don't know. Just based on the roster I don't think they are good enough for a winning record. They are old on defense, suspect at WR and already have some injury bugs with the running backs. They also suck at home which is new to Bronco fans. Denver under McDaniels have at the least started out strong only to fade down the stretch. They again have a bit of a tough schedule out of the gate (after Jax and Seattle I mean) so I'm interested in seeing how well they do early.

Another Denver Nugget : If healthy, Jamal Williams is a force. This should shore up the 26th ranked run defense from a year ago.

Chiefs (6-10) - If you are celebrating the return of Weis and Crennel together again you have a bad team. Honestly they look to be on the rise with an influx of young talent. Right now though they are still developing. Take Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey for example. Too big dudes perfect for the 3-4 to occupy blockers. But they disappear at times and tend to leave their lanes. Crennel will help but for this year they'll have to continue to rebuild, teach and practice hard for the future. Cassel stunk last year, he'll need to improve or he might be gone. One thing Pioli does well is cutting ties quickly with underpefroming players no matter the contract. He did it in New England.

Another Chief Nugget : Shocked and surprised the Chiefs are not Kod's favorite team.

AFC North

Bengals (10-6) - What a roster. Tank, Pac-Man, TO and already had crazy Ocho. They should sign Kyle Turley, Jose Guillien and Gary Sheffield just for the hell of it. You know who is missing for realz though. Rae Carruth. Would have been a good signing. Either way it's a strange mix but I think it works. I think Palmer has a 4000 yard season, maybe 25 TD's vs 12 picks. Nice rating. His brother backs him up so that's cute. They defend the pass real well which is good in a division with Baltimore who will throw the rock this year and Pittsburgh who have become a throwing team since Bettis retired. Despite liking Palmer this year I worry about the vertical passing game, Ocho is a posession receiver as is TO and rookie Shipley is not a burner. Unfortunately Chris Henry is not walking through that door cuz if he did I wouldn't worry about the deep threat on the team. I think they have enough balance with the run on offense though to overcome that with play action.

Another Bengal Nugget : They were 6-0 against their division last year. I don't expect that again but even going 4-2 would be good for them this year.

Ravens (9-7) - Maybe I'm way too concerned about the defense because a number of people really like the Ravens this year. But they were the worst team in rushing the QB last year. That's a fact which might not seem true but it is. Dead last in sacks. Also it's without Ed Reed for 6 weeks, already lost their best corner and the other two cornerbacks are coming off ACL injuries. Maybe I'm not way too concerned. They'll need to get to the QB alot more this year if they want a shot at the playoffs. I don't see it. This division is relentless, one of the best in the league. If Ray Rice wasn't so incredible I'd put the Steelers ahead here and drop Baltimore to 7-9 but he is just a wrecking ball that controls tempo for Baltimore and takes alot of pressure off a still young Joe Flacco.

Another Ravens Nugget : Did I mention the kid they drafted to shore up the pass rush cracked his skull this summer falling down some stairs?

Steelers (7-9) - Tough division to have to start your backup in the first 4 games. About those 4 games they are home against Atlanta, @ Tennessee, @ Tampa and home against Baltimore. Ben comes back to face Cleveland after a bye then on the road for 3 consecutive tough road games. Miami, The Superdome and Cincy. If he's even a little bit rusty it will cost them. The Browns are not a cakewalk this year too. Even the defense is as stout as it was last year it just seems like a challenge the Steelers are not going to be able to meet.

Another Steeler Nugget : Steelers were awful on special teams last year. They allowed 4 kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Browns (5-11) - Will the passing game be any better? It was pretty terrible last year. And Delhomme can't be the answer a year removed from chucking 18 picks in 11 games last year. Like I mentioned with Tampa, and especially in this division, this team just doesn't have the zorses to compete.

Another Browns Nugget : Or another brown nugget. Get it? HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Sorry, They had 2076 total passing yards last season. Re-read that.

AFC South

Colts (13-3) - Insert 2009 preview here. It's hard not to pick them to go to the Super Bowl every year but it's too easy to do just that. So I won't. I'll be cute for the sake of making it interesting. They throw the football better than anyone. When they want to run, they do that well too. Depsite being last in the league in rushing they also tried the least. It seems when Manning audibles into a run it generally is successful. The defense is fine but really the offense is the teams best defense. And they get Anthony Gonzalez back, combined with Collie and Garcon the rich just get richer.

Another Colts Nugget : Tony Ugoh experiement is over. He was released as I finished this up. Drafted to replace Tarik Glenn he just never panned out and secretly Manning hated his guts.

Titans (10-6) - Chris Johnson. This team will go as far as Young takes them. He is the key to this team. Playing with a dynamic back like Johnson Young has to figure out how to beat them when 8 man fronts and safeties creep up anxious to stop CJ. Also important the receivers stop dropping the ball. I think former Rutger standout Kenny Britt has a breakout year. They have one of the best coaches in the game today and the defense is pretty solid all around.

Another Titan Nugget : Johnson also caught 50 balls last year for 503 yards and 2 TD's. Maniac.

Texans (8-8) : The Redskins of the AFC. I pick a variation of 9-7 (7-9) or 8-8. And usually I'm right. If this game was just about passing the rock they'd win alot. But it's not. They turn the ball over alot, they have a tough schedule and Schaub lost his "brilliant" offensive coordinator to Washington (Mike's kid Kyle). They'll miss Cushing the first 4 games of the year and he was fantastic last year.

Another Texan Nugget : Leinart = nugget = turd.

Jaguars (3-13) - Garrard sucks. When will they realize this? He bamboozled them into an extension that pays him more than Tom Brady (Brady soon to sign an extension). MJD is banged up and they have no pass rush. Del Rio could be out of a job after this year.

Another Jag Nugget : 5th toughest schedule in league based on winning percentages.


Dolphins, Chargers (bye), Bengals and Colts (bye) are your division winners

Titans and Raiders (tiebreakers) are your Wild Card Winners

So I had the Packers coming out of the NFC and I'm going to pit them against the Dolphins who will beat the Raiders, Chargers and the Colts to advance. Crazy I know. If not the Colts will win and beat the Packers. Plan B we'll call that.

Plan A :

Pack/Fins Super Bowl. Pack win.

Enjoy the season!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

El Pad's 2010 Football Preview (NFC Version)

First up the NFC since we have the Saints opening up at home against the Vikings on Thursday night. And if you don't mind (why would you) I'd like to start with the Saints and the NFC South. First let me just say they will not repeat. Nobody does anymore. I do think they will contend and think they will win the division. Any team with Brees on it has to be considered amongst the contenders. He is like a short Peyton but with shit on his face. Hate the Vikings this year, just think they had some great luck last year and don't think they will have it again. Also think the Packers will win a game against them as well as the divsion. Hate the Favre situation again and he isnt going to last. Impressive streak could come to an end. Think the NFC East is still a two team race, Giants and Dallas. Reid is a terrible coach and no one agrees because of their playoff successes. Think Dallas is super talented but I'd rather go to war with that German kid in Saving Private Ryan, the one with the ammo, then with Romo. Love the Niners out west. Which is bad because alot of people do. Now that Leinart is cut though I actually have to re-consider the Cardinals. Although Anderson is not very good. But he does have a Pro Bowl year to his credit. Now onto the ANAL-ysis.

NFC South

Saints (12-4) - Pretty much the entire roster is intact. You have to remember they were undeafeated until week 14. Picking another unproven NFC South team over them at this point is silly. Even if the division winner changes every year. They will have to improve their pass defense which was 29th in yards allowed in order to make another deep playoff run but they still have playmakers on defense who can turn the game around. Last year the Saints produced 8 defensive TD's and while 3 of them where produced by an ailing Darren Sharper his replacement Malcolm Jenkins is no slouch. They added some depth at key positions and still a possess a nasty home field advantage. But again this is a QB league and Brees is one of the best.

Another Saint Nugget : Saints/Cowboys is the Thanksgiving game. I am thankful for that.

Falcons (10-6) - Many pundits are picking them over the Saints but I'm not. Hate pre-season hype like this. It's the same when the Texans keep getting picked over the Colts. Fucking nonsense. That Saint team was no fluke. Atlanta may sneak in with a Wild Card though. They are tough at home and can score. The offense looks really good, assuming Matt Ryan continues to improve and bounces back from a pretty bad sophmore year, not so sure what happened there. They HAVE to be better across the board on offense than last year where they ranked almost last in all three categories. Mike Turner looks awesome, back to form so that will help and Tony G is ageless. On the defensive front I'm not sure Dunta Robinson is a fix-for-all move within the secondary that ranked 28th in the league in 09 and they have to play better on the road to able to compete within the division. They lost 5 out of 7 road games last year. Coach Mike and the GM there enter year three together, usually a good formula for success, if they made the right moves. We'll see.

Another Falcon Nugget : Former first round pick Jamaal Anderson was moved from the pass rush, DE, position to the interior line. Could rejuvenate his career and rep.

Panthers (6-10) - They still boast one hell of a running game so that will be annoying for teams to defend. They have no passing game whatsoever. Other than Steve Smith the WR corp is laughable. Matt Moore is not the long term answer although he has won some games for Carolina but they wouldn't have drafted Clausen if they were sure about Moore. John Fox is a lame duck coach and that never works out well. I question the move they pulled with Beason going to the weakside LB to make room for PSU standout Dan Connor in the middle. Beason was a nightmare for opposing offenses and led a top ranked defensive squad in tackles. I think the league has shifted a bit to a passing league and you simply can't survive very long by just running the ball. You'll win your share of Sunday battles but it won't get you very far.

Another Panther Nugget : Carolina has 4 of the first 6 games at home.

Buccaneers (5-11) - Well you aren't going to throw on the Bucs as they boasted a nice ranking last year in yards allowed through the air. On the other hand it's no secret how the Panthers beat them twice last year. They were ranked 32nd against the run. Hence the McCoy pick. Leaning on a rookie however is a questionable strategy at best so I don't anticipate that stat to change much. They will be an improved team but they simply don't have the zorses to compete. The WR corp is way too young especially when paired with a young, developing QB in Freeman and the coach is a joke in my opinion. Not a fan of that hire at all. They tried to go the Mike Tomlin route but it's not going to work out quite as well.

Another Buc Nugget : Ronde Barber's 14th year with Tampa.

NFC North

Packers (13-3) - I worry about one thing and one thing only with this team. Will they be able to protect Aaron Rodgers. The offensive line has a little question mark coming into this season and that really is the only concern. They allowed 51 sacks last year. That just can't happen in a division with Peppers, Allen and now Suh. Even with that shaky o line Rodgers was the second best QB in the league and figures to improve this year. It's scary, I remember seeing him sitting in the green room for hours until Green Bay called and I remember Favre snubbing him year after year. I remember the retiring and unretiring Favre did to the Packers and how Aaron handled it. I'm pretty much saying I have a man-crush on this dude. The defense should be totally acclimated to the 3-4 now and have playmakers all over the field that nabbed them a top ranked unit in 2009. The playmakers include the ageless and current DOY Charles Woodson. They must beat Minnesota at least once and they will, on their way to the division title.

Another Packer Nugget : I want to pick them to reach the Super Bowl but skunkpatch destroyed that already so I can't now. I'm totally fucked because I don't think the Saints will repeat (I guess I can have them lose the Super Bowl but don't like that either) and no NFC East team will win the Conference that leaves a NFC West team. No way that's happening. Packers in the bowl.

Vikings (9-7) - I think the Vikes will struggle, stumble and eventually fall on their face this year. I don't hate the Vikings at all and never did. I do hate the color purple though (not the movie, although Blue hates the movie cuz he's a racist) I just think last year they got lucky along the way and don't think it will continue. Favre a year older with a bum ankle, rough first 6 games with Detroit sanwhiched in (Champs, Miami, Jets, Dallas, Green Bay, New England) Sidney Rice injury, weak secondary and did I mention Favre is old? Sure it took awhile but the great Brett Favre might be on the decline. The fact that they can rush the passer better than most teams will keep them in the hunt all year long. I think the wild card winner comes from the NFC East so looks like Minnesota will be missing the playoffs, a harsh reality for a team thinking they are only one 43 year old grandfather away from a Super Bowl Title.

Another Viking Nugget : Adrian Peterson thinks he has solved his fumbling problems by "holding it high". He leads the league in fumbles with 20 since his 2007 rookie year. Of those 20 he's lost 13 of them.

Da Bears (8-8) - So many new faces, schemes and what ifs going on. New coaches in Martz and Tice, new schemes along with those new coaches, can the defense stay healthy (namely Urlacher), can Peppers live up to the huge contract? Tough division opponents in Minnesota and Green Bay. Can the offensive line, forget about Cutler, pass protect the way Martz will expect? Back to Cutler, can he be the accurate, timing, QB Martz calls plays for? The 2010 Bears are like a family who got married, had a baby and bought a house all in the same calendar year. Very busy. Also Lovie Smith on the hot seat if things go awry.

Another Bears Nugget : You probably know this already but Cutler is coming off his worse year ever as a pro, still young so not real alarming but you should know this. 60% completion rate (not bad but had slightly higher two years in Denver), 26 picks and for some sabermtetrics I checked Football Outsiders for his DYAR and it was -222 (Defense Adjusted Yards above Replacement), explained here. Basically he was not real meaninful to his team when compared to other QB's in the league. Basically he sucked.

Lions (6-10) : Better team, better players, Papa Johns! Sorry, got confused for a minute. God damn commericals. This team is gonna crack some bitches in the head yo. Mr Schwartz is putting together a very formidable defensive line, one like he had in Nashville, to rush the QB and stop the run. Two key compenents to playoff caliber teams. Stafford HAS to improve with those weapons he has (he was last in DYAR stat by the way) and Burelson was a good signing. Should draw some of those double teams off of CJ. Lions may finally be on their way to actually winning some games.

Another Lions Nugget : Lions were -18 in Turnover Ratio last year. Yikes.

NFC East

Cowboys (10-6) : Not so hot pre-season and already some injuries but the Giants have the same issues. Overall both teams are solid, maybe closer to even each other then they'd like to think. Dallas's offensive line is aging and Colombo is hurt as is Kosier. It's a long season and the depth there is questionable but the Cowboys really came down the stretch with guns blazing in 2009 so they have to be the favorite here. DeMarcus Ware and Spencer can really get after the QB and Felix Jones might put together a "Marhsall Faulk" like year. With Washington getting better, the Giants looking like another 10 win team and the Eagles always being a tough game no matter their record it looks to be another dogfight for the division. Throw in the fact that they each have to play the Packers, Vikings, Colts and Texans. Tough schedule. I'll concede the division to the team I hate the most though. Begrudingly. And by a tie-breaker.

Another Cowboys Nugget : America's team (barf) have 5 primetime games this season.

NY Giants (10-6) : I get all the criticism the Giants are getting. If you finished the year the way they did you have to see it. They were awful down the stretch. The running game was mediocre and the defensive line was underachieving. No fire, no brimstone, no real leadership (we miss you Strahan!). But make no mistake. Tom Coughlin saw it too. And understands how to fix it. He's never had back to back losing seasons with this NY Giant team, in fact he's only had one losing season at all (his first). The last time he actually had two losing seasons back to back was the last three years in Jacksonville. Shortly thereafter he was fired as you may recall. But that was after a stellar 4 year run that resulted in 4 playoff wins. This guy knows how to fix shit. Perry Fewell the new defensive coordinator gets to play with a finally healthy Justin Tuck and a stable of young athletic defensive lineman. Antrel Rolle will make a difference in the secondary and it's time for Corey Webster to make the "leap". Throw in the fact that Brandon Jacobs is angry and Bradshaw is the homeless man's MJD and you have an offense that is quite dangerous. Eli has weapons on the outside too with Nicks, Manningham and the controlled route running of Smith.

Another Giant Nugget : Signing Rosencopter was a huge deal. Despite Eli never missing a start Rhett Bomar needs some more time on the practice squad and less time on the field of play.

Redskins (9-7) : I feel like I pencil in the Skins for 8-8 every year. I also feel like I say that every year. Anyway the Skins are back! This team vastly underachived last year, they were not a real 4-12 team. Add Mikey Shanny and that roster and I'll give you 4 wins just on principle. The 5th win you'll have to earn. Tough schedule, tough division but the Skins will not be going away. They can rush the passer very well with Orakpo and Carter. Maybe a slight adjustment to the 3-4, usually takes a year or so, but the defense has always been stingy. McNabb starting a new life in Washington and you know he wants to beat the Eagles badly. Can't wait for that game. Wonder if the Philly punk ass fans will even give this guy some props when he comes to the Linc. The Haynesworth situation is a disaster. And Shanahan doesn't give a fuck he's stone cold. I don't think they can throw the ball very well or consistently i should say, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to run, but the WR corp is whack. I thought Devin Thomas was going to finally step up but he got outplayed by some unsigned rookie. Galloway is the starter opposite S. Moss so that is all you need to know about those guys. Can McNabb elevate their game and be the leader they need on offense? Maybe but for year one, a 5 win improvement with big time upside to wreak havoc in 2011 is as far as I'll go for the hogs.

Another Redskin Nugget : I hate them the least out of the NFC East foes. By the way that first game against Philly is in Philly, Oct 3rd, Fox 4:15 EST start. Enjoy.

Eagles (6-10) : Somebody has to be the doormat. I have no powers over Operation Fuck Philly so don't look at me. I didn't even write this preview about Philly. The powers that be took over my digits and banged this out. Fact is the Eagles go into their first game against the Packers with 12 rookies and five new players from other teams. Andy Reid says he isn't worried about that. I am though. We've never met, mainly because I don't hang out in 24hour Chinese Buffets but that's not the point. Oh and they traded away a Pro-Bowl caliber QB WITHIN THE DIVISION, whom they've been married to for 11 years for 2007 2nd round pick Kevin Kolb. Unproven player for a position that needs the opposite. Eagles do have some ballplayers at various other skill positions so they will win some games and get blown out not too often but over the long run Andy Reid will be answering diffucult questions instead of failing at being a parent.

Another Eagles Nugget : Last 9 games, in order : Indy, @Wash, Giants, @Chi, Hou, @Dallas, @Giants, Min, Dallas.

NFC West

San Francisco (11-5) : They lost alot of close games last year. That figures to change. Singeltary is preaching physical, smart and mental toughness. It's working. This team is built to his strengths now and you can sense it. They play in a weak division, the weakest in football I believe and have a favorable schedule outside of the division opponents. Good defense and running the ball. If Alex Smith can be efficient and make some plays on his own the team has a good chance to make noise. All signs point to that happening. Coaches are saying he finally understands the offense down to the laminated play charts and plays faster than ever.

Another Niner Nugget : Two kids on the o-line in Davis and Iupati. Especially Davis (Rutgers) but Singletary likes what he sees and really tested him during the pre-season.

Arizona Cardinals (9-7) : I had them down for 7-9 until Leinart was cut. That's how bad he sucks. Anderson is erratic yes but a better pocket passer than Matt and had a stronger arm. With the weapons he has at his disposal the Cards will be ok. If the I'm the Whizzanator I'd rely heavy in former OSU standout Beanie Wells but I'm not and he won't. At least that's not what he's shown in the past nor in this past pre-season. The defense is physical and quick but inconsistent. The secondary got scorched the past 4 games of the 09 season including playoff games. They don't have Warner to bail them out anymore. A pretty balanced schedule will help them get 9 wins and fight for a Wild Card spot.

Another Cardinal Nugget : Leinart's college career = 64.8% completion rate, 99 TD's, 23 INT's, 10,693 Yards. His NFL career = 57.1%, 14 TD's, 20 INT's, 3893 yards. Bust.

Seattle Seahawks (5-11) : Carroll has made it clear he did not like his roster when he took the job. Trading, releasing or ignoring several former Homgren guys Carroll is blazing his own path with this team. Unfortunately that will take some time and in the NFL taking time = losing seasons. I don't know the identity of this team yet, no one really does, but they have to run the ball better. Hopefully Leon Washington can help, Justin Forsett looks very capable and Julius Jones is reliable if not durable. Ganther provides some thump. Hasselback if healthy is more than fine but he's health has been declining for quite awhile now really has no playmakers. What's troubling is the franchise LT (Okung) is already battling a high ankle sprain. Going to be a tough year for Carroll but that sumbitch is a happy dude so it probably won't bother him much. If he can prove to his bosses (and city, great fans) that he knows what he's doing maybe they'll let him stick around and build this thing out.

Another Seahawk Nugget : Seattle only had two sacks over the last 5 games and lost all three ends. Tapp was traded away, Cory Redding left via free agency and Pat Kearny retired. Aaron Curry we are looking at you.

Rams (2-12) : This season is soley about the developement of rookie QB Sam Bradford. Wins won't be there but this could still be a happy ending for Spags and crew if Sam can prove he can play at this level. Just like Stafford did a year ago. Stephen Jackson is a beast but a beast on a bad team. They don't have nearly enough weapons for Bradford right now, especially after losing Donnie Avery for the year.

Another Ram Nugget : Rams have won 6 games over the past 3 years.


Division Winners : Saints, Packers, Cowboys, Niners

Wild Cards : Giants, Falcons

Cowboys won't play in the Super Bowl, Giants won't either although I'd like that. I really don't want to take the Packers due to the stench Skunkpatch left on them but I have too. I don't think the Saints get back there to defend the title. So Packers are your 2010 NFC champions. They will play.....................wait for Friday. You'll be shocked.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life is no Nintendo Game

Blue feels like he's been missing for the last 2 weeks and will be the rest of this week. Too much travel for JetBlue the last few weeks, it sucks. Oh well...woe

Thoughts bout the BSU/VA Tech game...I didn't read anyone elses thoughts and don't really care. Boise looked pretty good. #3 team in the nation? I don't know, not sure. I was impressed that they went into that stadium and won. I was impressed with tyrod taylor...a lot...even if dudes he was throwing to were wide open pretty much every time. Was not impressed with the lack of discipline for Boise State. It was a sloppy game for both teams and Boise got lucky. Biggest difference...the calmness of the QBs. With a minute left and you just need to get into FG range to put it into OT and you have 2 TOs...TT you need to do a better job of checking down the middle and taking the open man and moving the way do you need to pick up 30 yards in one play...reaks of desperation, and in my opinion, the only reason that VA Tech didn't win. BSU has always played a ton of man coverage on the outside...that's why they have dudes in the NFL now that played CB there because they're used to being put out on an island.

BTW...congrats to Revis...he deserves the money, too bad he'll probably get hurt in week 1 or 2 because his body won't be ready for full contact.

Too many people named John Clayton and Chris Mortensen like the Packers to win the NFC...which means they won't make the playoffs...sit on that and spin Meiz.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Post Is Late - Get the EPT To See If It Is Knocked Up

I got jumped by TPS as soon as I walked in the door today. Not cool. And my computer is a piece of shit in the mornings. Someone please explain why my computer is mega-slow in the mornings, but fine in the afternoon. I don’t think the additional RAM is going to help much.

Random WVU talk

They suck. Almost got into a fight with an old toothless guy when he overheard me tell my friend “well WVU certainly has lots to work on before they play Marshall.” Old toothless guy told me that “that was a shut out and we take very much pride in that. Ain’t nobody scored on us today, how’s Marshall gonna score if ain’t nobody can score?”

His argument was pretty sound so I just ignored him, then he said “and Geno had about 400 yds passing today, that %*$#er can throw that ball around. Nehlen’s got us lookin’ good.”

Then I told him Nehlen isn’t the coach anymore, hasn’t been for about 10 years and that Geno had less than 300 yards and I think the 3 or 4 turnovers we had were bad. Then his toothless son took him away.

Another fun conversation was explaining to the dude behind me why when WVU fumbled the ball out of the back of the end zone that Coastal Carolina got the ball on the 20….he insisted that since Coastal Carolina never touched it that it should have been a touchdown….

Fantasy sports talk: ________

How did the LOV drafts go? I missed them because I was watching the Navy game. Or doing something. Navy ran for a ton of yards. That triple option offense is pretty fun to watch (IMO). Navy shot themselves in the foot too much. Clearly should have won, but that is the way it goes. They didn’t. Maryland will beat WVU when they play.

OK this post is way late, so I am just putting it up. Deal.

Friday, September 03, 2010

one more week

Cannot wait for baseball playoffs cuz it will mean the Mets season will officially be over and I can stop tasting throw up in my mouth everytime I watch them. The way I see collitch footyball is OSU playing for a national title against Boise St. Boise will beat Va Teach* next Munday*

Arkansas will have a bettor* record than Flo-rida.
John Clay will win the Heisman to avenge Toby.
Texas will lose three games.
Notre Dame will also lose three games.
As will Michigan.
Landry kid from Oklahoma is a STUD this year.
Iowa fucking sucks.
Miami is a legit contender.
As are the Horned Frogs again.
Dion Lewis could be a NFL back right now.

Yes I watched USC at Hawaii, kicking it old school son. I used to watch all of Hawaii's games because they were the last action on the board. Shit I miss gambling. Them and Boise St. so I knew about Boise and the turf years before they were a darling. Face. Shit I even threw .10 on USC kid. Your boy is back!

Cliff Lee is fucking with his max contract.

Strong sexual content.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

90210 is 9/02/10. I imagine every radio station has said something about that, so if you didn't you know. This may not happen for another 100 years, so enjoy it.

I'm a little late in posting today since I woke up earlier and yogged. I do more before 7 AM than most people do all day...except Beth.

Lp tweeted last night that if he were rich he would hire a midget to shave his ass. First off, Blue does this already. The midget comes twice a week because apparently Blue is pretty hairy. Second of all, that is a really short midget.

Mize tweeted yesterday...about 2500 times. If tweeting were a yob, Mize would be Donald Trump.

Busy weekend ahead...gonna be suite! Softball tonight, date tomorrow night, Labor Day party Saturday night, fantasy draft Sunday and Monday night. All of those things have beer in common.

That's all I have for now.

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"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino