Friday, March 26, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 6

I'm thinking Tem went with the reverse jinx strategy leading to his loss by picking Washington. Blue and Keith picked Syracuse. Who lost. To Butler.

Beth and Spiff alive at 5-0. Meiz, Blue, Keith, Wheasel, EP and Freak are 4-1. Kod is 3-2. Jug, Tem and Zeke 2-3. Steve, Tp and Tyler 1-4.

Slap on the wrist to Meiz who apparently picked Wisconsin twice. Bad Meiz.

Changed records to show non picks as losses. Because no pick is still wrong.

Today's games

2 Ohio State
6 Tennessee

3 Baylor
10 Saint Mary's

5 Michigan State
9 Northern Iowa

1 Duke
4 Purdue

Pick away.


Keef said...

I picked Syracuse, so I'm done

Beth said...

Yeah, Blue did too.

Beth said...

I couldn't remember who I've picked so far so decided to just list them out for everyone. That's how I saw that Blue also picked Syracuse last night and that Meiz has picked Wisconsin twice (rounds 2 and 4).

Beth said...

Here are everyone's picks so far (I'm pretty sure this is right):

BETH - Baylor, WV, K.St., Duke, KY

BLUE - KY, Duke, TN, Oh.St., Cuse

KEITH - K.St., Duke, TN, WV, Cuse

SPIFF - Butler, Duke, KY, Oh.St.,

MEIZ - Butler, WI, TN, WI, WV

H - K.St., L'ville, Butler, WV, KY

EP - Butler, Duke, Baylor, WV

FREAK - G'town, Pitt, Butler, Duke, KY

JUG - K.St., Xavier, NM, WI

TEM - K.St., Duke, NM, WA

ZEKE - NM, Mich.St., Villanova

STEVE - Marquette, Duke

TYLER - Syracuse

KOD - K.St., Duke, Baylor, TX A&M, Cuse


Jug - K.St.

Beth said...

And freak you forgot to list Kod and TP in your post. I think they are 3-2 and 1-4 respectively.

wHeasel said...

ohio state

Beth said...

Shit, after all that I almost didn't make a pick - Mich State.

blue said...

fuck syracuse

i knew better than to pick the big least

Todd Packer said...


I ♥ poisonous nuts said...

Ohio State

(and Beth's right, I'm 3-2)

I'm dumber then a 3st grader said...

mich st

how do i have a loss?

Spaceman Spiff said...


Beth said...

"how do i have a loss?"

Cause there have been 5 rounds so far but you only made 4 picks.

JFreak said...

Geez, I'm doing terrible at this.

I should be fired.

JFreak said...

"how do i have a loss?"

Beth is right, you didn't pick a game on Sunday.

I am picking Michigan State today.

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