Thursday, March 18, 2010

NCAA Tourney 2010 Suicide Day 1

A refresher on the rules. Every day of march madness there is a slate of games. From that slate, you pick the one team you are confident will win. You get it correct, you stay alive. You may only pick a team once. Picks are due in before the game you are picking starts.

Since no one will probably make it the whole way, keep picking every day, we'll see who has the longest streak and who has the best record.

Here's today's schedule:

12:20 PM ET
10 Florida

12:25 PM ET
6 Notre Dame
11 Old Dominion

12:30 PM ET
2 Villanova
15 Robert Morris

2:30 PM ET
4 Vanderbilt
13 Murray State

2:40 PM ET
2 Kansas State
15 North Texas

2:45 PM ET
3 Baylor
14 Sam Houston State

2:50 PM ET
7 Richmond
10 Saint Mary's

4:45 PM ET
5 Butler

7:10 PM ET
9 Northern Iowa

7:15 PM ET
1 Kentucky
16 Eastern Tennessee State

7:20 PM ET
6 Marquette
11 Washington

7:25 PM ET
3 Georgetown
14 Ohio

9:30 PM ET
1 Kansas
16 Lehigh

9:35 PM ET
8 Texas
9 Wake Forest

9:40 PM ET
3 New Mexico
14 Montana

9:45 PM ET
6 Tennessee
11 San Diego State

Just make your picks in this post, and comment for the day on wheasel's. Any questions, just ask. Let the madness begin.

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