Friday, May 29, 2009

It's 6:48AM, EST, and I have to post something.

Not so fast my friend. What great quote from Corso. Get well buddy, Ineed like 5 more years of your hilarity on Saturday mornings, mush or no mush your hysterical.

Well, Bron bron's might lose Sat night but it won't be in front of thier fans. He sort of made sure of that last night. Mo Williams has a tattoo of a pitbull on his shoulder. The tattoo's on these NBA players has really gotten out of hand. Especially since they only play til like 35-40. Don't they realize that those things are permanent. I know I'm not breaking news here but you could barely see them. Is that why they get more than 5. I mean what's wrong with 2 or 3. You really need 18, and all above your waist? Delonte West looks ridiculous. And something is wrong with his face. When is the neck tat going to go out of style?

Nuggs will force a Game 7 tonight. Lock it up.

Terrel Owens hates the Cowboys. So the list now includes the 49ers, the Iggles and the Cowboys. He'll hate the Bills soon too.

Speaking of Cowboys, they don't win 8 games this year. Mark it down. Also did I hear they got the 2010 NBA All-Star game at the new Stadium? That ought to be a real spectacle.

Stan Van Gundy has to be the worst dressed coach ever. It doesn't help that he is way shorter than me, clocking in at a tiny 5'6 (and a half). Dwight Howard must look like Gulliver to him. His reactions to non call's rank up thier with D'Antoni.

Big Z got 6 games. That's alot. He's a dick though so whatever.

It's official David Ortiz blows. Good drop keef. I'm a fool.

NY Times little piece on Trevor Hoffman, I like Jack Curry's work

I just sneezed on the keyboard. It was unexpected. I should go now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whedon minimarathon

So I've been watching Joss Whedon projects for the past some odd hours.

First happened Dollhouse. Eliza Dushku is hot. I think it's going in the right direction. Supposedly on the DVD there's a new pilot and finale.

New came Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. In the commentizaries, NPH suggest taking a shot every time he does a crazy blink. I would/would not recommend it. Would if you plan on being drunk. Would not if you don't. Dr. Horrible is quite funny. Plus good music and NPH and Nathan Fillion. Felicia Day has a great day.

I said it last night, but Zambrano throwing out the umpire was absolutely awesome. That ump needs to be suspended. The ump definitely initiated the contact. I never saw how far he threw that ball, but I like to imagine it landed in the left field bbleachers. I remember distincting the Cubs announcers talking early in the year about someone killing hte Gatorade machine. And then it happened. Sweet.

Firefly was the last of the Joss Whedon mi-ma (that's mini-marathon for your cretins). I'm okay with the space western theme, but I think Joss takes it too literally. At some points it's just too much. It should be more subtle. Nathan Fillion is great. He's the only reason I watched a few episodes of Castle. Also, the main chick from that show is aitch oh tee tee hot. I hate the country musical interludes.

dAmn, the Lakers won. I'm really hoping for a Nuggest-Magic series, just to piss Stern off. He deserves it. The being pissed off thing.

As Captain Hammer says, "I think this is what pain feels like." and earlier, "Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy?!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


First of all, here is the link of the day. It's a German site but that doesn't stop the fact that it is one of the greatest links in the history of the internet.

Second of all, every weekend should be a three day weekend. Seriously. I got so much crap done over the weekend it wasn't even funny. If it was a regular weekend, I wouldn't have gotten anything done.

Man, Craig Sager closet must be an epileptic person's nightmare.

I was listening to the first part of the game last night on the radio because I was still fighting traffic and I guess Lebron was really low in the post and easily scored. Hubie Brown then said something like, "You can't let him get a pass when he's that far in the paint because he can score on will". It's score AT will, Hubie. Unless you were flashing back to the Bulls teams from the '90s, because back then everyone scored on Will Perdue. Either way, Hubie has offically lost it.

Arod is heating up. He must have some super roids that MLB doesn't have a test for yet. I'm just glad he's on my keeper team.

Matt Wieters gets the call up. I dub thee White Noah and he shall get 40 hits in 40 nights.

So I caught part of that Spike Lee joint, Kobe Does Work. As stated here and on other websites, it's pretty unwatchable. There were a couple of things that Kobe said that made me laugh. First, he was explaining his role now vs. his role in the past and he said something like, "Before, I couldn't do what I wanted to do because I didn't have the personnel to do it, so I had to score". Hey, look Kobe, I know you think it's "your team" and all, but try not to sound like a douche when you're talking about how the team works. You don't own the team, you don't coach the team, and you're certainly not the GM calling other GMs and checking on availability of players and trying to work a trade. You're a player. Just shut it and do your job.

The second thing was when Spike axed him about the triangle offense and Kobe was explaining that it's the best offense ever created and that Phil trusts him and the team and that both the offense and Phil allow them to freelance and do what they do best. This was funny because every time they call a time out and mic it, Phil is sitting there yelling at them, "You guys are freelancing out there! Stay within the offense! Get back on defense! Too much freelancing!" I have a sneaking suspicion that Kobe doesn't operate in the same reality that everyone else on the team does. I wish someone spoke "Kobe" so they could translate "Phil" to him and they would finally be on the same page. Cuz if that ever happened, watch out.

I am contemplating buying a Wii just so I can play Punchout!!

Go to Jug's blog and check out the raccoon damage. It is pretty extensive. Ten bucks says El P asks, "Was that a Webber Grill? I'm just sayin'."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So yeah

So I just realized it is tuesday.

I am dumb.

I'm gonna write stuff until my 9am meeting gets here. It is 9:00am now, so don't expect much.

Nuggets did well I heard. Good for them. Cavs aren't doing so hot. Orlando is a bad matchup for them, but that doesn't excuse their play. I do like how El Tardo was saying the Cavs will sweep and the Cavs will crush Orlando and that hasn't happened. I like it when he is 100% wrong.

Tem meant to post pictures of his memorial day weekend party back home in WV. But tem forgot today was tuesday so the pictures are still on the camera...maybe tonight. The redneckness of it all is awesome.

UFC on saturday night was cool for those of you who care. Machida is my favorite fighter so I was glad to see him do well. He punches so freaking accurately. He doesn't hit the hardest, but he hits right on the button so often. Hughes/Serra was boring and I forget the other fights. Maybe the event wasn't as cool as I thought.

NASCAR ended their longest race of the year after about half of it. Why they insist on running races when they freaking know it is going to rain is beyond me. It was like a 100% chance of showers and the NASCAR dudes said "fuck it, we drive fast, maybe we will beat the rain." Then at about lap 10 it started raining.

OK meeting time. Sorry for this shitty post. I am a terrible person.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mondays off are suite

Happy Memorial Day everyone. BBQ some dogs & burgers, drink a beer or 8, and remember why you have today off. And if you don't have today off...well...IN YOU FACE!!

Some sports happened this weekend. Orlando has the LeBrons up against the ropes right now. Cleveland is lucky that it's a 2-2-1-1-1 because it gives them a chance to possibly play at home to avoid elimination if Orlando can win the next game (AHIIK).
UFC PPV was really bad on Saturday. I am not going to order another PPV because every time we get it, it's awful. Is it possible that the light heavyweight champ can successfully defend the title one time? And none of the undercard fights were all that great.
I didn't watch any racing, but saw that Castroneves won the Indy 500 again. It seems that winning the Indy 500 > than spending years in prison for not paying taxes. Some girl who the media keeps trying to tell me is hot finished 3rd.

Now, enjoy some patriotic photos. Communist this, retards.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Random but worth it.

Hey you guys remember those sports arena pictures/posters where they put your name on the jumbotron or scoreboard? Like this. So corny.

LaLa says they said the N word. ESPN keeps telling me that Kobe and Carmelo are super best buds and wonder how they keep the competitive edge from destroying their friendship. It's really insightful. As far as the game Nuggets executed down the stretch and got that coveted home split. I think blue, who is pessimistac by nature, is underestimating this team. While we all know they can score points I think what people are missing is that they play excellent defense. They know how to use fouls, especially Kenyon Martin. The foul on Ariza (so happy the officials didn't overeact and call a flagrant) was playoff perfect. Guy dunks on one of your guys, goes to the hole again, gets put on his back. Fucking poetry right there. Love it. Two solid games now, Nuggets had a shot in Game 1, won Game 2 now go back to the rape capital of the world. This is going to get gooder.

After this weekend it will be time you really look at your baseball team and assess whether or not they are going to be pretenders or contenders. Two months of baseball is a good barometer.

Interleague play this weekend. So stoked for Tigers - Rockies I need to spray my dong with a boner repellant.

As I get older I realize while I love baseball dearly, footyball, clearly is my favorite sport. I just miss the shit out of it right now. Distant third is basketball followed by hockey, scrabble, lasertag, slamball, indoor soccer, wwe and girls beach volleyball. Oh and pool but the womans circuit. Something about a slender woman bending over a table wielding a long stick.

Did A.C. Green get married? (researching)
"Green is married to Veronique Green. The two were wed on April 20, 2002." Blessed be.
He must have 187'd that poontang in the limo on the way back to the heezy.

There are big car races Sunday. Tune in. I ain't gonna lie, I don't follow car racing but if I were allowed to be taken out on the track and in a car to zoom around the raceway at 200MPH I'd be pumped. Just can't watch that shit on TV. Like fishing. I enjoy fishing, but would rather paint a room than watch that shit on TV.

Brady Quinn has an edge. Get the fuck out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clippers win...

...the lottery.

[Note - this is posted by Beth for Tyler since I missed his draft earlier.]

I don't know if Meiz is going to post anything, so this is a backup post.

So, the Clippers get the first pick. It's no secret they're going to take Blake Griffin, dude representing the Clips had a sports jacket on and on the inside it said "1" on the left and "23" on the right. So, unless they get a crazy offer, they're pretty much sticking with that pick.

Because I live in L.A., I have followed the Clippers for awhile. It's not like I'm a fan, but in the 80's and 90's, when there wasn't as much basketball on national TV, you watched the Lakers AND the Clippers if you were a basketball fan. So, I've got some history with the team.

So, I'm sorry Blake Griffin, buy you're in for some disappointment. Because you're the Clippers #1 pick, you're either going to be a good player on a terrible team and then suffer some kind of catastrophic injury (see Manning, Danny) or you're going to be completely overrated and wash out of the league inside of five years (see Olowokandi, Michael). I'm sorry, that's just how it is. I'm hoping you'll be a good player, but we won't know for a couple of months or years.

Clippers have some work to do. Their front-court is loaded and expensive. They need to move someone. It's going to be interesting to see what they do and what they get back. Do they dump guys for cap space for 2010? Do they trade someone for some bench players? Do they acquire picks? I dunno. NOBODY knows. It's the Clippers. Anything and everything is possible.

They do have an interesting team with a good mix of young players and veterans. Thornton is nice, and I thought Gordon was going to develop into something big when they picked him (I picked him with my last pick in the FNBA draft and then traded him to Keef for Gerald Wallace and a TDILoVH post. Keef then dropped him and Tem came up on loot. Nice move Keef). So a threesome of Blake, Thornton and Gordon is pretty strong, they just need the rest of the team to stay healthy, which is a tall order. They've got Camby for another year and Barron Davis for another four years, and if they can play 75+ games, the Clippers might be able to make a run for the 8th seed. Throw in a good trade or two (and I stress GOOD) and they might be able to move up.

On glaring weakness is coaching and the front office. Mike Dunleavy is just terrible. Either keep him as the General Manager or the Coach, he can't do both. I would retain him as the GM, he's just gawdawful as a coach now. He has no idea how to relate to the players and his plays and play-calling are from the 80's. Time to go Mike.

So, I'm sure David Stern isn't all that happy about this, but hopefully the Clippers can turn this into a positive. I can't believe I just typed that. This will be a debacle.

edit: Meiz did a tour of his house through video. His efforts follow these words

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casa De Blue

Before I get started, here is my Western Conference Finals preview...Lakers in 6, because the Nuggets can't win in L.A. and Kobe is like a bear and will smell Carmelo's menstruation game 6. He's the black mamba, and he's a secret assassin (thanks to Kevin Harlan for allowing me to use that reference). One other news thing of note. Vince McMahon has his fake panties in a bunch because his fake wrestling is getting tossed for the NBA playoffs. He has a legit gripe, and i find humor in the fact that the Pepsi Center administration didn't have an "out" in the contract because they didn't figure the Nuggets would still be playing in late May. But, that being said, Vince will get a handsome paycheck, and hopefully never come back to Denver.

Ok, here's what i'll be giving up to live in a tent in 2012. Starting off in the fridge, i don't even know what we have in there except for, no beer, i know that.

The kitchen, I installed the microwave myself, kind of like a temcurity system.

This is where we eat. Stupid kid gets the chair that faces the TV, that doesn't seem fair.

My TV. 42" Panasonic Viera Plasma. Should have gotten the 50" it fits the hole better (twss). Actually have regretted it every day since i got this one, but i keep telling myself "someday"

This is "my" bathroom. The only one i'm allowed to shit in. And also the only one i took a picture of because it's the only one that matters.

More of our living room, you'll notice the basketball hoop over in the corner and the cage. We treat our kid like an animal, lots of cages...but she can dunk a basketball.

The backyard and the grill. Get lots of use out of the grill in the summer, hate the fact that my backyard has like 40 other houses around it.

This is where all of "my" stuff is. That bed was awesome, but no, we had to have some fancy bed that is all "comfortable" or some shit. If i planned on living in this house for a long time, i might finish the basement, but probably not.

Upstairs, loft area. Where, if I had an xbox 360, or a PS4 or some shit, this is where i'd get to play. You'll notice the many leather bound books, and yes, it does smell of rich mohagany in here.

bgblue's room. She only has like 15 different elmo dolls, it's great.

bgblue's playroom, i tried not to take any pictures of toys, if that was possible.

So that's it. The master bedroom was occupied all of last night and this morning, so you'll have to wait for a picture. It looks like a bedroom with brown walls and a bed. I gotta go take a shower now before i forget.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Beth's place

You know, taking pics of your place to post on LOV is not as easy as it sounds. First off, I am NOT the type that is good at housework (shocking I know!!) so I tried to take pictures at angles that minimized the mess. (No unrealized dirty diapers in my pics like in EP's...) Hell, hiding the sex toys alone took an extra 10 minutes. (s) Then of course there's the "spiff factor". I think it's probably 50-50 that after 3 minutes of him looking at my pics he'll know not only my full name and social security number, but my blood type, where I was born and my cholesterol level.

Ok, before I work on posting my few tame pics, I guess I should talk a little sports. OFB was in full effect yesterday, and after eltardo's obligatory column excusing the loss hopefully we won't hear about the Celts for awhile.

Not sure I can really claim Saturday's Preakness was a victory for females everywhere, unless I want women compared to horses that is. Still kinda neat to see a "chick" win. Of course the people who run the Belmont probably went "oh crap!" when Mine That Bird" didn't win, since their audience must drop at least 50% without a chance of a triple crown winner.

Ok, time for some pics of my place, although technically fmbeth owns it. However I've been staying at it for so long that it's considered "ours", and as you can see from some of the semi-woman touches in it I've contributed to the decor.

First, since it seems to be a LOV requirement for pics, this is the inside of our fridge. Tem, that stuff inside it is what's called "food". If you're looking for beer in this fridge though you won't find it, as that's kept in the garage smaller fridge. (Yep, he wanted a 2nd fridge almost exclusively for beer. What is it with you guys and beer anyway???)

Next is the great room couch & laptop, where my rare at home LOV appearances usually come from:

Dammit, I just realized that while I took a pic of the great room tv, I forgot to email it to myself so I don't have access to it here at work. Oh well, I can describe it instead - 50 inch Panasonic 1080p Plasma with tivo, xbox 360, Wii, and dvd player.

While there were jokes last week about the bedroom being "where the magic happens", here is where it REALLY happens for me, as this is a pic of the bathroom where I put on my makeup. (Note it is NOT carpeted.)

Here are pics from the main bedroom. First is the bed itself:

Then a pic of the bedskirt so tem realizes what a REAL one looks like:

Then a pic of the bedroom tv (1080p Samsung LCD, I think it's 32 inches but not sure). The open drawer is for EP as that's my panty drawer (ns) but I figured a closeup of that drawer might be a bit much for him.

Finally, since I'm sure you are all interested, here are most of my shoes. Notice the rest of the place is a bit haphazard but my shoes are nice and neatly organized.

Ok, that's it for me and my pics. Tomorrow I believe we get to see Casa de Blue, so expect to see tons of baby toys.

Friday, May 15, 2009

El Continental

Shortcut to comments

Without further ado, the greatest apartment you've ever witnessed.

Likka sto'.

Living quarters...


Hallway, into what is listed as a bedroom but really is a closet. To the right is the stairs to go down and out the front of the house.

In the closet, I drew boobs on the xmas tree box. Awesome.

Hats in the closet.

Babies crib.

Fridge door.

Inside fridge.

Freezer, yes those are mini Jager bottles to the right.

First thing you all should see in the bedroom is the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants Football. Fuck yeah!

My nightstand.

26 inch Sharp Aquos.

Magic, you can sense it right?

Where magic REALLY happens.

Recycle goes out Saturday. I need a bigger Recycle can.

Where thy dine.

Yes I pick out my clothes the night before. And yes the high chair is for me not the baby.....

Caught me cooking dinner. Pork chops.

The Balcony, open all hours.

Balcony looking in to the apartment.

That is all. Rip it apart.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Didn't feel like taking pictures tonight. Maybe you'll get some during the day. Maybe you won't.

Nuggets win. Penguins win. Yay for them. Mavs are old, so that's not really an accomplishment. Caps have Ovechkin, so that is kind of an accomplishment.

The Riot is second on the Cubs in homers and they are above .500. Shocked and surprised.

Mine That Bird is at 6:1. Wish I could bet on him not winning. Underdogs don't become juggernauts overnight.

The whole "replay will bring the downfall of baseball" talk was vastly overplayed. Seems everything is running smoothly and it doesn't take that long to change the call.

Turn around

car flip

Mexipack car crash

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted.

This has to be quick because I have to steal internet again and it's not reliable. Stupid AT&T. No cribs today either. It would just be pictures of boxes and blank walls anyway.

80's song of the week, Blue Monday by New Order:

Goddman Magic, can't win even if you spot them 10 points. The only silver lining is that IF they are able to get past the Magic, they are going to get ca-rushed by the Cavs.

Speaking of the goddman Celtics, Big Baby had to apologize to that kid he ran over after he made that game-winning shot the other night. Part of his apology was for being so fat, if he wasn't as big as he is, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Let me get this straight, TBS signed off on a second Tyler Perry sitcom? Fuck you, TBS.

Looks like the Lakers are going to handle the Rockets. At least for game 5. I wouldn't be surprised if it went seven. I like the Lakers for the win, they just seem to be unfocused and on this win-every-other-game business. Not good.

Tim Floyd allegedly paid OJ Mayo cashish when he was at USC. Way to go Floyd. Well, you had a good run, good luck recruiting when you're banned from the tournament for the next couple of years.

The NFL is "considering" playing another game in London in 2010. Lame.

The Jets backfield is a mess. Both Leon Washington and Thomas Jones skipped OTAs. The Jets are a mess. Good luck, Sanchez, hope you have a good knee doctor.

MLB fined Jenks $750 for throwing behind Kinsler. At first I thought it said $750k, which I thought was kind of excessive. But $750? That's it?

Ok, you get one picture. It involves the TV. And yes, I am using my old coffee table until I get a new TV stand:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tem's crib

Shortcut to comments
OK so here we go. Tem's crib. I'll let you know now, there is no movie review. Just my crib. I didn't take any photos inside the room I rent out, or in that bathroom. It's probably gross in there, plus the dude probably doesn't want his shit posted on the intrawebs. Anyway, without further ado, here we go (by the by there are even more pics than keith's crib. I like my new camera, TFB for yous):


This is the front door. This is what people would see if they ever came and visited. Woe.


This would be how you get upstairs. My unit is on the second floor, but has a first floor entry. The stairs help keep the old people away. Old people fear stairs like Tem fears microwaves.


The red car is my roommate's. The black car is mine.


At the top of the stairs are some of my Bucs stuff. Here is a signed ball from 1987 and one from the year they won the Super Bowl...whenever that was. Also I have some Bobbleheads. I think the picture is Brad Johnson and Ronde Barber. I have Derrick Brooks and Mike Alstott too.


When you come up the stairs you go into a little hall way and then come out in the living room / dining room area. The living room is to the left. You can see my roommate's foot and the Stewie doll. Stewie is drunk or something. Also there is a fireplace. I don't know how to turn it on.


To the right is the dining room area. I hardly ever use the table. It's more for show than anything. You can see the door that goes out to the deck. You can also see the end of the baby blue couch. That was in the Florida room at exfemtem's. That's the couch I got. Exfemtem got the nice couch....woe.


This is the deck. It has enough room for a little table with 2 chairs and then room for another couple chairs.


I have a kitchen. Not really sure what it is for. That's not true. Exfemtem tolt me it was for cooking food.


This is where nothing at all happens. The futon in there was in the spare bedroom, but I had to move it when my roommate moved in.


My bathroom is big.


This is just a picture of the bedskirt in the guest room. In the random pics is the rest of the room.


tem's closet


Inside Fridge

Rest of tem's bathroom

Another shot of tem's bedroom. Beth has now seen more of my bedroom than every girl except 4. OK I made 4 up. I meant 2. Not really....I'll actually count. Umm, 14.

Another shot of the Living room. Note the old school nintendo.

Guest Bedroom again

Fucking Microwave

Can you guess which barstool tem stole from a bar?

OK that's it. I am done. Uploading photos takes awhile. Comment away. Or don't.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino