Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Everything else but...

This will be a Super Bowl free posting.

You got my thoughts last week. You will get more thoughts here in the next two days I am sure. And I am very sure ElPadrino will go into greater depth Friday.

I'll concentrate on news outside the Super Bowl. No, there ain't much.

- Barry Bonds can't even sign a new contract in baseball without a spectacle.

You know what? There's this little part of me that wants Bonds to break the record. I hate Barry Bonds. I despise him. Yet... having to acknowledge him as the all-time home run leader would serve baseball right for allowing the crap that has gone on to go on.

I feel like I have to take a shower for even thinking that.

- Apparently, Donovan McNabb will have a press conference today in Miami sponsored by Chunky Soup.

I expect him to say a whole lotta nothing. I guess we shall see.

However, he had a press conference like this a few years ago sponsored by Chunky Soup at the Super Bowl and talked about how the Eagles needed weapons. Shortly after that, they signed TO.

Oh crap!

- Just caught this item on the WWL...

" Owner Wayne Huizenga said Tuesday that he will not attempt to block the potential return of Ricky Williams to the Miami Dolphins in 2007, but emphasized the decision on the comeback by the erstwhile running back will rest with his football officials. "

Ummm... Ricky Williams was thinking of coming back? Who knew?

And if he does, what round do you think some desperate soul will take a chance on him in fantasy football?

That's all I got. Really, that's it. Slow day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere

OK well screw it, we'll get the D- material out of the way right now:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they had to put Barbaro down, I know, shocking. I'm pretty sure I am the first to report this so why doesn't everyone just take a minute to reflect on what that horse meant to the world.


Baseball: Barry Bonds finally signed his Giants contract, count me among those who hopes he breaks the record this year just so he can retire and go away. I am not looking forward to another summer of steroid talk. I am pretty convinced that he was on something, but then again I am convinced that a lot of the pitchers were too so I am not sure it matters.

Basketball: Nets beat the Jazz by 1. After they lost three in a row by 1. I haven't looked but I am sure there is some Elias Sports Bureau stat saying this was the first or second time (at most) that this has ever happened. In all honesty this isn't even important enough to make a Trivia Pursuit card. The Suns lost for the first time in a long long time. Bron Bron's toe hurts so he is going to probably sit out some games so that he is healthy for the All Star game.

College Bball: I am sure someone played yesterday, but beats me who.

Football: The Super Bowl is this week so I'm gonna use this space to put down my thoughts.

1) Peyton throws more "should have been" picks than I have ever seen. Defenders drop his balls (haha, funny line) all the time. I'm not sure if this is because Peyton is so good that he puts them just out of reach or what. All I know is that the Bears DBs don't seem to drop many balls.

2) I'm not sure Rex Grossman can deal with the pressure of a Super Bowl at this point in his career. Hmm, ditto for Peyton.

3) Marvin Harrison is due for a huuuuuugggggeeee game.

4) The Bears D is good.

5) Bob Sanders makes the Colts D a lot better.

Fuck I just realized that his is exactly the way Peter King would write about his Super Bowl pick. I am ashamed. I am just getting to my pick.

Bears 27 Colts 21

OK let the chaos ensue.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend in review

So this being the first time I have attempted a weekend in review, I get to choose the weekend that might be only one of the most boring in sports. Yay for me!

But a few things went down in a weekend without football. It's amazing what you notice when pro football is not on.

- It's getting to be time to really pay attention to college basketball. I know some of you hardcore fans are already paying attention. This is about the time when guys like me start to wake up and catch up on what is going on. I consider myself not a college basketball expert, but definitely more than just a casual observer.

Biggest weekend news was UCLA losing to Stanford. Yeah it's a big deal. But in college hoops, upsets like these can be overcome better than in football. And since Stanford doesn't exactly suck, it's not that surprising. UCLA will still get their high seed in the tournament. And depending on how the rest of the season goes for them I don't think they are out of the running for a 1 seed just yet.

But in the world of college hoops, it is almost February and it is still too early to be talking March Madness.

- Tiger Woods picked up his 7th straight tour win. 11 is the record set by Byron Nelson. Does anyone believe that Tiger can't get this record? At this point, I think I'd be more shocked if he didn't.

- Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man?
Can ya dig it?
Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?
Right on!

They say this cat Shaq's a bad muther


- Roger Clemens isn't sure yet if he will pitch in 07. YAAAWWWWNNNN!

Meanwhile, Curt Schilling says not only will he pitch in 07, he will pitch in 08.

Schilling's Red Sox contract ends after 07. So that means either he reups with Boston or goes to another team.

And he's already saying he won't go to New York and pull a Johnny Damon.

But... why do I get the feeling that words like that will come back to haunt a guy like Schilling? Especially if Steinbrenner knocks on the door in the offseason after this and pulls out $15 million to pitch one year in pinstripes.

- And one last WTH from the weekend...

A drug running granny

If you had a grandma like that, you could at least count on a birthday gift every year better than a check for $12.

That's all I got today. I'll leave you with a link to a hot babe. Actually, it's ESPN's Tim Legler's wife to be. This is what a 10 year career in the NBA gets you when you're a really tall white guy.


Friday, January 26, 2007

ElPadrino's Posting

I don't know why Blogger is giving ElPad trouble today. It is weird.

Anyway, since I am able to use Blogger, I am posting his Friday stuff for him and for all of you. His words are below.

Why? Cause I care, dammit!



Mavs finally lose last night, Nets lose thier third straight by one point on the west coast.
Dook needed another miracle to win last night, they look more and more like a team that won't be dancing in the sweet 16.
Arenas is hysterical as the link posted on the last thread of comments.
Cowboys have a red-headed offensive coordinator. Weird.
Red Sox finally sign JD Drew, which makes red sox haters happy because he's a bum.

Super Bowl hype will start getting a bit better come next week and I know everyone loves the by golly gosh interviews Peyton gives.Or is it the Brian Urlacher stare at the ground and mumble interview that has got you all fired up?
How bout Dungy's ears? If people could fly that mofo would be the fastest.
Tank Johnson will be in the building as reported here first on LOV, let's hope he keeps his artillery at home.
Over / Under on players getting arrested on south beach this week : 3 (I'll take the under)
By the way, both coaches are black. Oh and get this, both offensive coordinators are white!!!
More on the Super Bowl next week.....................

Some NBA plays for tonight because I love you all and want you to have fine wine and naked ladies.

Suns -5.5 for the first half and Suns -11 for the game
This is easy money considering the Bucks have no one due to injuries.

LBJ -4 over da Sixers seems like a good bet to me as well

Portland / Houston over 179
A score in the nineties, that's all you need.

And the link of the day : Hell hath no fury than a women scorned!Skydiver love

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Go to hell Pachelbel

I finally decided to watch a Pacers game last night. It was the first NBA game I've watched in at least a year. This big trade the Pacers pulled off just re-sparked my interest, I guess. I wasn't that disappointed. Darrell Armstrong looks a lot younger than 38. Marques Daniels looks surprisingly not inept. And Troy Murphy kept draining long Js. It was actual good basketball. I was shocked. Shaq wasn't really a factor with only 14 minutes. The time he was in, he really just disappeared. I imagine he'll step it up as the stamina comes back. Wade made plays you just don't think can happen. He went up and blocked Jermaine O'Neal...JO was just shocked. Pacers ended up winning it in OT after being down 13 in the 4th. Good game.

A real interesting read. The guy was a top CB prospect in Georgia two years ago. He gets charged with child molestation for getting a BJ from some girl 2 years younger than he, even though it was consentual. Now he's serving 10 years, no chance of parole. Just isn't right.

I'll wait 'till next week to start spewing about the Super Bowl matchup.

So I leave you with this:

Youtube was being real pissy when I was trying to throw the video link up, so if it's screwed, don't look at me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Early Super Bowl thoughts...

I figured I'd just throw my SB XLI thoughts out there early. I'll leave the true handicapping to ElPadrino for the Friday before the game. These are just my early observations.

There's one thing that occured to me while watching the games on Sunday and especially in looking at the stats after the fact. The media is trying to make the 85 Bears defense comparison to the current Bears defensive unit. I guess that was to be expected.

This current Bears defensive unit is a great one and certainly a force. But comparing them to 85 is a little harsh to me. And I'll tell you why.

This is purely hypothetical. But as much as the Bears defense dominated the game this past Sunday, do you think the 85 Bears would have let Drew Brees throw for over 350 yards in Soldier Field in an NFC Championship game in the cold? My guess is no.

This defense is stronger against the run than the pass. We know this. They're not bad against the pass. In passing yardage, they were 6th in the NFC and 11th in the NFL. They're not a bad unit. They tend to get a lot of INT's which makes them a big play passing defense and you have to respect that.

But they are a little susceptible to giving up yards against a good QB if the NFC Championship game is any barometer. And they need INT's to succeed which might be tough if the opposing QB tends not to throw them.

Peyton Manning in cold conditions at Soldier's Field probably struggles a little. Peyton Manning in Miami on a nice night, well that's his wheelhouse right there. Peyton in 2006 threw less INT's than any year of his career with only 9. Granted he threw his share of them in the postseason, but maybe you chalk that up to one bad day against the Ravens.

I find it funny that the two teams I probably underestimated the most in my original NFL preview months ago were the Bears and the Colts. I tried to go against the grain and find reasons that they wouldn't go to the playoffs since I knew they were popular picks. I found what I thought were logical reasons for both. Both teams do have their flaws that would keep other teams out of the postseason. And in the Colts case, they had a different flaw than the one I picked. But great teams overcome their own flaws in today's game, and they both did that. I give them credit.

Now, I believe that Peyton Manning is going to overcome his biggest flaw over the years, and that is winning the big game. He already did last week. Now he can really make that flaw history. You win a Super Bowl, you remove that tag forever. Ask Donovan McNabb what it is like to finally get to the big dance after several tries and lose it. I know Peyton doesn't want that.

I've never been a huge Peyton fan. But last week he earned my respect. He came back from seemingly insurmountable odds against a team that tends to put away games like that. And I have a feeling the conditions are going to be ripe for him to succeed on the biggest stage.

The Bears will give him a fight. Probably more of a fight than a tired New England defense did. I expect them to. Peyton needs to find his opportunities and exploit them because they will be few. But I think there will be opportunities.

I could be wrong. As I've proven already, I've been wrong before.

Here's a few extra thoughts...

- I'd like to thank Bill Parcells for throwing the Cowboys into more disarray right before teams that aren't in the playoffs start preparing for the draft. While guys like Andy Reid get to go to the Senior Bowl and start their work for the draft, the Cowboys have to find a coach. They will be behind the 8 ball a little.

TO shot his mouth off yesterday about Parcells. No need to repeat because I'm sure you all know it by now.

It's so nice to see it happen to them instead of us this year.

- ElPadrino... why didn't you think of this?

As someone who managed to get into the Phillies locker room a couple of years ago with a legitimate press pass, I know how the kid feels. I was cool on the outside, but on the inside I was like "Damn, how did I get in here?" I wanted to go right over to Bobby Abreu and ask him to sign a ball. But you don't do that when you have a pass.

All the kid had to do was act cool, and he gets away with it. That's what is amazing. But he blew it.

At least he has a good story to tell.

- Speaking of the NL East...

Jimmy Rollins is calling it already!

That link was only for ElPadrino. 2007 is gonna be fun in the NL East!

That's all I got. HIBACHI!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Post 150...Apparently

So, apparently this is post 150. Clearly not as cool as 100 or 200 or 1,000 but cool in its own right. I think the significance of it ends there, so I'll leave it at that.

As seen in yesterday's comments the Raiders hired Monte Kiffin's son to coach them. I have already forgotten his name even though I just ALT-Tabbed away from it, so that isn't a good sign but, if he knows half as much about the cover 2 as his dad then Oakland should be A OK on defense. Of course they were already good on D so perhaps Davis was just getting someone he could boss around. Who knows....Perhaps the interview went like this:

Al: some question
Kiffin Kid: yes sir
Al: some other question
Kiffin Kid: yes sir

I'm not sure why that Russ Grimm guy isn't getting any head coaching jobs. It must be because he eats too much when the owners take him out for dinner. That can't be good for getting a job. I know when I was trying to get a real job I would always be careful not to order something too expensive and/or messy. It took me awhile to get a real job though, so maybe ordering cheap/non messy food is bad. How the hell did I get on this topic anyway?

In another topic few people here care about NASCAR expanded its chase field to 12 and changed the point system to reward wins more. I guess this is a good thing. I'm well aware this topic bores most people, so I'll stop right there.

Oh and in case you haven't heard the Colts and Bears are playing in the Super Bowl...That might be the 1,000,000th time that joke has been said already. This is why I am a D- writer. Manning's thumb is OK, hopefully the media doesn't make a big deal about his thumb. He is a tough kid, he'll be OK.

Basketball trade season seems to be heating up(lots of rumors floating around the net). For some reason I am a little more interested in Bball this year. Maybe LOV has something to do with it, maybe not. I'm just sayin' I didn't give two shits about the NBA 6 months ago. Anyway, I think we might see some big trades go down. And that means a good SG article because Bball is his wheelhouse. A good SG article means a good tem diary. So this is a win/win situation.

Denver 115 Mem 98. At first glance this Melo'/AI thing might work. I suck at adding, but it looks they combined for 51 points, 13 assists, 9 boards, on 19-31 shooting. JR Smith is probably pissed though. This is cutting into his PT. 1.5 weeks until he starts bitching.

OK, well I am out for the comments section today...figures. So I'll be checking in after some stupid seminar. Don't disappoint me.

We're going to the Super Bowl!!!

"We're going to the Super Bowl!!!"

Over and over, inside and outside the stadium, that was the catch phrase.

I'm still not sure I believe what happened. We were dead. Really, completely dead.

Safe to say, the best game I've ever seen in person, and for certain, one of the best Conference Championship games ever.

And now, the running dialogue from my head. I'm rewatching the game, and remembering what was going on in the stadium. I have no clue what the times were, so deal. I'm entering Rev territory and beyond.

First Quarter

I know Dungy/Peyton and Co. love to have the ball to start the game, but I think we do much better when we get the ball to start the 2nd half.

The crowd was rocking at the start. I hope they designed the new stadium with good acoutics. 'Cause the dome just reveberates the sound.

Brady tried to do Manning's little jump pass. He can't, because he sucks.

I hate Terrence Wilkins. A lot. He scares me so much. He has a horrible ball placement while running, very easy to strip.

Richard Seymour is a little whiner. Calls of "pussy" rained down. Get up on your feet and stop complaining.

Around this time, I note a moron in a Tedy Bruschi jersey 3 rows in front of me. As a homage to Zeke, I yelled "Bruschi is the devil" 3 or 4 times. This was met with a blank stare.

Pats drive the whole field...screw up the handoff on the 4, Colts jump on top of it, and let the ball squirt into the end zone. This is when I began to suspect it was going to be a really crappy day. We get a huge break, then don't do anything with it.

I note, after a 12-yard gain to Reggie Wayne, "wow, the Colts almost never do WR screens." Guess what I hear when I listen to the game coverage? Jim Nantz proclaiming the Colts love to run WR screens. I know we haven't used more than 5 this season. Moron announcers.

Officials did a crappy job of spotting balls all day, and for both teams.

Second Quarter

It's 4th and 6th and Bob Sanders is right at the line. He can only be blitzing. Why is he blitzing? Why are we blitzing? What are we doing? Why do we want them to get a first down? Great...a 27-yard gain. Awesome play call.

Terrence Wilkins is trying to lose this game for us. "DON'T FUMBLE THE BALL!!!"

Single worst moment of the game: I see Manning looking towards the right, everyone's tightly covered. I see that he's gonna try to squeeze it into Marvin. And right as the ball is thrown I see that it's going to be a pick 6. I thought it was over. I gave us less than a 10% chance to come back.

Patriots driving again. But then something amazing happens, a break goes the Colts' way. Offensive pass interference. Illegal motion. Sack. Go from driving in field goal range all the way back to midfield. The turning point of the game. The Pats scored after this, but they never looked near as good.

I was god damn sure that Wayne was pushed. After watching the tape, he admittingly tripped over his own feet. Shockingly, the refs got it right.

Third Quarter

Earlier in the year, I was definitely not a Dominic Rhodes fan. He has been spectacular the past two games. Really proved me wrong.

Marvin Harrison drags his feet better than anyone in the NFL.

Huge 3 and out...Heath Evans is dumb for trying to break tackles.

The ref said "61 is an eligible reciever". Immediately knew he was getting the ball. Secures the ball, huge TD.

The throw and catch on the 2pt conversion was abosolutely amazing. I was looking right down on it. The ball hung up forrrrrreverrrr. It looked way too high for Marvin and way too low for Wayne. Then Harrison makes the perfect adjustment on the ball, twists his body, and ties the game.

A horrible effort on the kick return coverage. It suprised me that fans even kept making noise for the next play.

I could see Reche Caldwell's eyes from the other side of the field and in the upper deck.

Gaffney's heels were on the line when he jumped. That is what happened. Ref whores. At this point, I was fearing that this was the 1996 game all over again.

Charlie Johnson, you are an Offensive Lineman, you don't pick the ball up and try to run with it.

Fourth Quarter

It was only right that we got the same stupid lucky bounce that the Pats did. Fumble on the goal line and the O-lineman picks it up and scores.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Bob Sanders on the ground.

Please don't fumble the ball Wilkins.

Had I known in the stands that Manning's hand was in jeporady, I would have been freaking out even more.

Reche Caldwell is absolutely positively wide open. No one is covering him. The entire stadium is yelling at the defense to no avail. And he gives us the gift of the dropsies. Thank you Lord.

Thank you thank you thank you Dallas Clark. B-e-a-utiful.

It looked at this point that we were just going for the tie. OT scared me to no end. Money Vinatieri.

Huge deal, the Pats after a first down, throw 2 out of 3 downs. Very little time comes off. Peyton and Co. still have a chance.

3 and out for the Colts. It has to be over now. Only 3 and a half left.

Dungy ran out halfway to the hash yelling at the official to count the people in the huddle. Awesome job getting the penalty. Huge.

Bob Sanders is a man. A very manly man.

Wilkins' best move of the night: don't touch the ball at all.

Bryan Fletcher, I love you. Does Ben Utecht make that catch if he's not injured? I'm not really sure. Fletcher is faster, which got him the seperation.

My heart skipped about 12 beats. The ball popped up in the air, and Wayne recovered it. Simply magaical how he got it back. It was just sitting in the air, ready to be batted away from his grasp. I thought the season was over. (horrible roughing the passer call).

Joseph Addai, I love you. Jeff Saturday created the hugest hole ever. Nearly untouched for the winning score. The second loudest noise I have ever heard.

That 2 point conversion is looking huge right now. FG can't tie.

32 second half points. Holy crap.

We finally made a stop on a kick return. Thank you Jesus.

For all the game winning drives Brady has made, he doesn't seem to be a very good clock manager. 14 wasted seconds after a dinky pass.

INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED MARLIN JACKSON YESSSSSSS!!! The loudest noise I have ever heard. Utter pandimonium.

To win is great, but to win like that...there really are no words.

What a spectacular game.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So your telling me that if the Colts win we get to see the Archie, Peyton annnnd Eli Manning face? Wow, sign me up!

USC last night, told you fools. That guy who got fired in NO/Charlotte/OK City got something going on at the new Galen Center. Pac-10 bball seems to be the toughest conference right now.

Ho-hum another Mavs destruction. At this point can't we just fast forward to the Suns/Mavs conference Finals.

BEARS -3 over Saints :
The first stat hat jumps out at me is this : The Saints have participated in 0 games this season when the temperture was below 42 degrees. Zero. Now I know Drew Brees is from Purdue but I betcha he hasn't tossed a football in the cold since his senior season. Will this effect them? It's possible. The turf is probably not going to be as comfy as turf in a dome. The fans will be beyond uncontrollable. Wind will be a factor. Are the Saints really ready (as everyone says they are) to go into Chicago and run, pass, kick all over this Bears team? I'll just say this, the home team in the past 2 NFC championship games have advanced and the home team in the NFC has won 5 out of 7. Home teams still reigns supreme in the NFC.

Also, I think the Bears are due for a gem of a defensive game. They kind of lost that swagger/lust that they had last year and it seems as if it could be coming back a bit. What better showcase than the championship game? And I still like their corners.

Everyone is picking them. That's never good.

One more thing, Saints play man-to-man coverage almost 70% of the time vs. the pass. Which means Rex Grossman and the wideouts will have to make plays on the offensive side of the ball. With two solid runners in Thomas Jones and Ced Benson play action is huge.

And lastly, Robbie Gould.

Bears win, 22-17.

COLTS -3.5 over Pats
It's time. Two safeties that haven't played against Manning. Aging New England linebackers.
Joseph Addai & Domninic Rhodes. Manning's own personal safety blanket, Dallas Clark. The RCA dome. Dwight Freeney. Bob Sanders. Adam Vinatieri.

And you know, you just know that no matter what gameplan Belichik comes up with Peyton will have thunk it, countered it and readied himself for the next plan. He's so close he can taste it. He has the drive that no one in the entire league can match. Impossible to study, prepare and practice more than him. No one comes close. Including Brady.

Chargers had the Pats dead in the water. And they fucked it up by playing bad football down the stretch. Bonehead plays, penalties and mistakes. The Colts simply don't do that.

Colts win 34-24.

El Pad, out.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm a magical pinata.

You know, I was set to come out at take a huge stab at analyzing this game. And I've realized I cannot. My mind has pretty much lost all objectivity. At this point, I'm spending most of my free time every day tracking down what every pundit in the sports world has to say and either chewing them out or praising them.

As far as the setting for the game, it could not be more perfect. Finally, and in a year where they didn't even actually win home field advantage, they have the AFC Championship at home. And it's only perfect that it comes against the team that has been our downfall. The setting just seems too magical, too storybook. Everything's falling into place and it scares the crap out of me.

Way, way, way, way more storylines that I could ramble on about. But I won't, because I doubt it would make any sense. Took me like 15 minutes to write the two above paragrpahs. Brain = scrambled.

In news that is not actually important, we have two things out of the west side of the country. Marty Schottenhiemermererermermer didn't get fired. Shocker. Went 14-2 and kept his job. Who would have seen that coming? Some QB named Colt (not the dude at Texas) withdrew his name from the Draft. Apparently he goes to Hawaii and set some sort of passing record this past season. Whoop-di-doo.

I watched more analysis on the Pacers trade and the impression I got was: says bad, WWL says good, FSN says some crap I don't remember, Local news says good. So I think it's a push. Troy Murphy's coming back to Indiana, where he played college. And Dunleavy apparently hated Nelson, so he probably wants to stick it to old Donnie. Plus, people keep saying Diogu has TUP up to his eyeballs. Most of all, the Pacers got rid of the basket case that is Stephen Jackson. I'm cautiously optimistic.

I'll let the video explain itself.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 10 scroller you've been waiting for...

Actually, it might only be a 2 scroller. And I really think I'm hovering around C+ territory today.

No Eagles talk... I promise.

- Allow me to preview the coverage leading up to the NFC and AFC Championship games...


Somewhere in there, we will get a few discussions about Rex Grossman and Drew Brees. But really let's just get ready for the Brady and Manning Show with special guest, Adam Vinatieri.

Boston friends I talk to now are bitter towards Adam Vinatieri. Maybe it's understandable. He plays for the enemy now. But really, they almost forgot that if it wasn't for his foot, they might not have that run of Super Bowl titles.

It would be some kind of karmic justice if Vinatieri won the game in the last second over the team that decided not to pay him. Or, it would really be karmic justice if the guy who replaced him, Steve Gostkowski, missed an important kick.

It will be fun. I'll have my Adam Vinatieri Pats throwback jersey on for that game.

- Speaking of jerseys, Chris Webber Sixers jerseys are going cheap. You can get your own for $19.99 right now. Probably less in a month or two.

This brings me to an interesting thought. Who the hell is the marketable Sixers jersey right now? Iverson is gone. Webber is gone. Those were the guys who sold the jerseys.

Igoudala? Korver? They make those jerseys, but I can't see anyone paying full price for one of those right now. Would you?

This is why I am switching back to my old Mutombo Sixers jersey if I decide to wear one. But that is only in honor of LOV. I'd do that for you guys.

But this is what kills me... Chris Webber on the Sixers brings them down and hinders them from making deals. Chris Webber on the Pistons gets you headlines on the WWL saying "Webber allows Pistons to make deals".

This is why some teams win championships and some teams struggle to sell jerseys.

- So Sammy Sosa might sign a minor league deal with Texas I see.

Texas... the place where free agents go to die. It makes sense.

I think Sosa realized the steroid era players were not going to get into the Hall of Fame after McGwire didn't get in, so he decided to try to keep playing forever instead. Then he could get into the Hall of Fame as the guy who played baseball until he was 97 years old.

Unless Julio Franco beats him to it.

- The list of candidates to become the Dolphins next head coach is laughable.

Granted, we don't know how Mike Shula would do in the NFL yet. But if it is anything like David did, it wil be laughable.

Jim Mora Jr is already being considered for the job. Dom Capers, Chan Gailey... didn't those guys already have a pro football track record of failure?

There's even speculation that they would go after Marty Schottenheimer if he becomes available.

Keep Miami on the list of teams that we won't have to worry about being good for the next couple of years.

That's all I got today. But really, that's all you need.

Some Drunks

Jimmy loves Heine.

Easy on the Cap'n, Cap'n

Way to go Eli

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's what you've all been waiting for.....

Judging by the freeways this morning I am one of the few assholes in the good city of Phoenix that is working today. Fuck that.

Brady! Belichick! PATS! PATS! PATS! Peyton! Dungy! COLTS! COLTS! COLTS!

I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s AFC Championship game. I’m not looking forward to the week of hype. This is Peyton’s Manning’s chance to make the leap. If he gets by the Pats he can forever silence his critics (or at least get halfway there). Lose again, at home no less, and he’ll be handcuffed to the Dan Fouts/Marino comparisons until he can get it done. And if they do lose how much longer will Dungy get, meaning they’ll have to “start over” again shortly. This is Manning’s best shot to get-r done. I hope he does. I’d love to see all the Peyton haters out there have nothing over the guy. Hi Bill!

And did anyone catch LDT’s post game comments! That’s what I’m talking about. Enough of ath-a-leets talking in clich├ęs. Let us know how you feel. I’m disappointed that some people are ripping on him. Let the man speak his mind. And Marty…..MARTY…..seriously stick a fork in that guy. What’s his post season record, 5-13? Atrocious. This isn’t even a great Pats team that he lost to. Only the Pats and Brady can get away with throwing a potential game losing INT yet it turns into a 1st down for the Pats in the same possession.

I’ll take Chicago vs Indy in the SB.

College hoops is starting to become relevant now that conference play is in full swing. I caught the last 5 or so minutes of the UA/Oregon game last night. Very entertaining. Dare I say the Pac 10 is the strongest hoops conference this season? This Chase Buddinger kid is pretty good. He’s an anti-Dook white guy, meaning, he’s not a stiff.

A little local “flava”. The Cards hired Ken Whizzinator. I keep hearing about how he’s an “offensive genius”. Yet wasn’t Pitt’s offense basically a run game mixed in with some trick plays? Gee-nus.

Alright, in the on-going struggle to raise the LOV’s IQ from the “mildly retarded” range, I present another BOOK REVIEW! Seriously, stop the applause it’s deafening.

Over the weekend I finished Jack McCallum’s :07 or Less. This book chronicles the Suns post season run last season with other stories from the season mixed in. It’s a pretty good behind the scenes look at the Suns. If you’re a Suns fan or paid close attention to their playoff run last season you’ll like the book. If you’re not then this may not be the best read. Not to say it isn’t put together well but being a fan would make it more interesting. There are some good jabs at other teams most notably the Lakers and Mavs. Overall I’ll give it 3 out of 5 Mutombo Finger Wags (4 if you’re a Suns fan).

Enjoy your MLK day everyone! Keep hope alive.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

NFL Playoffs

Might as well throw this up there for the start of the Divisional Playoffs today. Yeah that's all I'm putting up for this post, see EP's comments below for handicapping purposes.

Friday, January 12, 2007

MLK = Violence

Suns whip another "elite" East team.
I won't waste any words on that outfielder in San Fran so forget it.
The AZ Card job looks to be a two man race between Wisenhunt and Mike Sherman.
No leads on any other job's at this moment.

Alpha Dog looks laughable. Got bad reviews. My question : Why is the kid from "Girl Next Door" playing a drug dealing gangsta?
I wanna walk into my boss's office and "Stomp Da Yard". OOOKKKKKK!!!!

Onto the picks..........
CHARGERS -4 over Pats :
How hard is this game to bet? One one hand you have a team that looks destined to win it all. A team with the league's MVP. A team that has a disruptive defense. One the other you have a team that has been there and done that three times over. A team that can methodically make you look dumb. A team with arguably the best QB in the league. Who do you side with? A coach that has never had any playoff success. Or a coach that dominates in the playoffs. If Rivers can stop playing a dumb/ADD/ Southern boy and manage the game I think San Diego wins. Belichik can probably devise a gameplan to stop Tomlinson (never call him LT, there is only one LT) but how is he going to stop the front four, Shawn "Steroid" Merriman, and Antonio Gates? Even Marty can't screw this up. You know why? Because he's delegating. Hot O-coordinator of the month Cam Cameron dials up the offensive plays and MR. 3-4 himself, Wade Phillips cranks up the D. This should be a classic game though. Chargers cover but barely, 23-18.

Seahawks +9 over CHITOWN :
Nine is alot of points. Is it possible Chicago's D and speacial teams play incredible and Chicago wins by 30. Yep. Is it also possible the secondary gets torched and Grossman craps the bed? Yep. When in doubt, take the points. Cold weather means nothing in the playoffs unless your facing a Jon Gruden team. And even they got over the hump (Barber picking off McNabb, sorry rev 2002?). Remember Hasselback took them into GB that year and gave everyone a scare until throwing that pick to the McKenzie to the house. Experience counts, just too much Urlacher/Briggs/Hester. Bears win, 19-13.

SAINTS -5.5 over Eagles :
I just never gave any respect to this Saint team all year long. They buried me in gambling debts at every chance they got. Espeacially when they played in the "Terror Dome". I get it, last year people were shitting on the floors and raping babies. This year it'll be rocking for a playoff game.
I just see the Saints putting up 30+ and I don't think Philly can match it. They have so many weapons. It's possible it'll be close for awhile but they pull away to win 34-17.

Colts +4 over RAVENS :
See I think it comes down to this. It's obvious the Ravens can't stop Peyton Manning. He's carved them up several times with the long ball. And up until last week it was obvious that the Colts couldn't stop the run. Well things change apparently. Resident LOV member (and rabid Colt fan) Jfreak has this to say:

"For the actual game, I think that when the Colts D is on the field is infinitely more important than when the Colts O is on the field. Peyton has handily beaten this defense 3 times in a row. The Colts allow the fewest sacks, and the Ravens are near the top in getting sacks, so that will be a wash. The only thing that matters in this game is whether Jamal Lewis is the 2005 edition or the 2003 edition. The Colts know what to expect out of McNair after his time in Tennessee. So again, the game will hinge on the Colts run D. If they come and swarm like they did against KC, there is no way they get beat."

He's leaning towards Lewis being the 2005 version. The only thing stopping me from predicting the Colts winning more than a TD or so is the fact that Brian Billick is no Herman Edwards. He will be making adjustments if Jamal can't get it going, i:e, play action and so on. Jfreak says 24-14 Colts, I agree but different score, let's say 23-19.

Three day weekend bitches.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stealthy, kinda

So I watched Stealth last night. Jessica Biel almost died, and I almost cried because of it. Losing something that good is a tragedy.

Another Thursday rolls around and I, again, have nothing of value to say. No worries, I'll just ramble on about things till I'm bored.

Adrian Peterson, Jamarcus Russell and Dwayne Jarrett all declare for the NFL draft. You have to figure Oakland is going QB. Preleminary stuff says they have a man crush on Russell. My only thing with Russell...if he was so good, and such a great specimen, why did I first hear about him in the week leading up to the Sugar Bowl? If he was that great, wouldn't he have been in the heisman talk? Wouldn't he have been mentioned more often in national coverage? I'm going to go ahead and call Akili Smith on Russell. We'll see if I'm right.

This playoff weekend, I have many conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I'm excited, the Super Bowl is only 2 wins away, and my team has one of the better QBs in the league. On the other hand, I'm preparing myself for the devestation of another collapse without reason. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, because I know they'll be dashed right away.

And continuing with my new tradition, I leave you with my random video link of the day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back like Jordan... wearing the 4-5

And now, we begin the post Father Hate era here at LOV.

If Blogger hadn't been such a douche yesterday, we would have gotten a final posting from the man I am sure. As it is, we will settle for occasional comments from the man this week. And he knows that he is always welcome back here to chime in if he ever chooses.

Now, onto current business...

- Allow me a couple moments to discuss the Philadelphia 76ers because news has broken that means the rebuilding really begins...

Chris Webber soon to be bought out

Well that really does it. I sure didn't know this was coming. Rebuilding mode for the Sixers has really begun in earnest. Getting that money off the cap will be huge.

I know the Sixers will suck this season. But, if they are going to suck and rebuild, do it with a sledgehammer. Knock the whole damn thing down and go from scratch. And buying out Chris Webber is a big brick to knock out. I actually feel a little relief about this.

Also, I never thought I'd be happy to see Larry Brown in the organization again. As it is, I'm only somewhat mildly happy. As many of you probably know, he has taken on an executive VP job with the Sixers and will advise Billy King.

Maybe he is getting ready to coach again next season. Maybe not. Who really knows with this guy?

My feelings on Larry Brown are very mixed. As coach of the Sixers, he had success. I hated it when he left here and won a title with another team. I took extreme joy in his failure with the Knicks, though that is definitely more Isiah's fault. I have always thought that although he is a brilliant coach on the floor, there is that other side to him that screws over organizations. Believe me, I know the evil side to Larry Brown all too well.

But if he's going to advise the organization, then I hope that "Brilliant Larry Brown" does the job for a while. Because "Brilliant Larry Brown" helps teams and helps them well before "Selfish Larry Brown" kicks in. And the Sixers need a year or two of "Brilliant Larry Brown" in some capacity to get them back on track.

And... anything right now is better than Billy King driving this '78 Pinto of an organization alone.

- It's quite simple really... how do 8 baseball writers not vote for Cal Ripken Jr to be in the Hall of Fame? A little stupid, no?

How do 8 writers look at their ballot and say, "I'm not voting for him?" I don't get that.

Sure, it really doesn't matter in the end, but someone should deserve a unanimous vote into the HOF. At the very least, he should have gotten the highest percentage ever.

But no, 8 writers had better players to vote for apparently.

I guess someone had to vote for Jay Buhner, Tony Fernandez and Dante Bichette (8 votes combined).

- On the other end of the scale... Jose Canseco gets 6 votes.

I had no idea his family had any votes. When did Ozzie Canseco make it into the BBWAA?

- So the Dolphins courted Pete Carroll for a while. Unbelievable. You think they would have learned after Nick Saban.

Some NFL teams will never learn. Some coaches are just meant to stay in the college game. (Steve Spurrier, anyone?)

Pete Carroll does not belong in the NFL. I've actually watched the man coach at a training camp I visited of the Patriots in the late 90's. I can say it first hand. He's a bit of a dolt.

Now, my story of the day...

The two things I remember from that day are that first off, he seemed to have a hard-on for punishing Andy Katzenmoyer that day. You remember the Big Kat, don't you? Well, apparently he screwed something up on a play, so Carroll took him aside for two minutes, and made him do fumble drills on the sideline while the rest of the team continued on.

I remember Carroll swatting the ball on the ground, making Kat recover the ball, then throw it back to Carroll so he could swat the ball on the ground again, and Kat would dive back down for the ball, and they did that over and over again. All this while Carroll's assistants continued the practice without him. They must have done about 20 of them. He made a bit of a spectacle out of Kat.

Now while I am no big fan of the Big Kat, I remember thinking to myself, "Does Carroll think he's coaching a high school team here?"

I don't know why, but I thought it was silly that a head coach in the NFL would make it a point to do that. Usually, you delegate an assistant to handle that. Am I right? It just seemed hinky to me.

Yes, I said "hinky" again. When you are talking about Pete Carroll, I think that word fits better. He is a walking definition of "hinky".

The second thing... I remember after Bledsoe completed a nice pass on a play, Carroll comes walking on the field and yells "That's doggone excitin'!"


There should be a rule. Anyone who uses the term "doggone" on a regular basis should not be allowed to coach in the NFL.

In college, yes. Use the word "doggone" all you want. You can win a bunch of doggone championships that way. But in the NFL, you gotta come out a little stronger than that. Again, am I right?

Storytime with The Rev is over for the day. Join me next week when I discuss the time I saw Peter Forsberg talking to two very hot blondes at the same time in a Boston nightclub after a game.

Thank you all for joining us today. Bill Simmons will be entertaining you in the ESPN lounge at noon. Two drink minimum. Be sure to try the veal. Tip your waitresses.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Father Hate

BCS Monday

The BCS Title Game is finally here. Ohio State vs Florida for all the marbles.

What I Know

Both teams are good. OSU ran the table and are the Big 10 Champions. Florida only had one slip up on their way to capturing the SEC Championship. Speed and talent abound and both teams are led by Senior QBs.

The last game for each team was many moons ago, 7 weeks for OSU, 5 weeks for the Gators. I don’t see this being a factor for either team. It kinda sucks because these obviously won’t be the same teams playing at the same level they were at the end of the regular season. If they did play a week after the SEC title game I’d say OSU would win by 3 TD’s.

What I Can Prove

The Big 10 has by many accounts had a “down” year and not been as strong a conference “top to bottom” than the SEC. Yet the Big 10 is 2-0 vs SEC teams in this bowl season. This stat has zero bearing on the game tonight but its worth keeping in the back of your mind.

Ohio State really hasn’t been challenged this season with the exception of their finale with Michigan and even then it took some OSU screw ups to tighten the game up. Jim Tressell led teams rarely beat themselves. Overall they played like the #1 team all season and that shouldn’t change tonight.

Florida has looked impressive at times and erratic at others. You can’t deny their overall team speed and athleticism, and those two factors will keep you in any game. Is this team “battle tested” after a tough SEC schedule or fortunate not to have 2 or 3 L’s?

What I think

Overall, skill and speed seems to be fairly equal. Neither team separates itself in that department. And Wisconsin proved that the slow footed Big 10 isn’t at a disadvantage playing a SEC team of burners. Both offenses and defenses are evenly matched. The biggest advantage OSU has in personell is Heisman Trophy winning QB Troy Smith. A threat to run or pass, Smith has played and won nearly every big game he’s played in. Chris Leak on the other hand is a wild card. If he makes bonehead plays like he did in his last game Florida has zero, repeat ZERO chance. OSU’s D is opportunistic and will turn mistakes into points, they’ve done it all season.

I won’t sit here and tell you OSU will win by 3 TD’s, I think this will be a close game. To me the two biggest factors are Leak and Myer. Leak must play well, or not be the reason FLA looses, and Myer must coach em up. If FLA’s trickeration fails, so will FLA.

In the end I have OSU pulling away late and burying the Gators. This game will be close early, FLA may even take a lead into halftime. But by the time the 4th quarter rolls around OSU will separate, take the lead and never look back. Making the Big 10 3-0 vs the SEC a stat that even die hard fog horn leghorns can’t dispute.

31-20 OSU.

Friday, January 05, 2007

4 for yo money

I know our resident wire watcher Spiff broke this news yesterday but since I live over here I might as well tell you that this trade was welcomed in Yankee land. Randy was a bust in NY depsite a overall winning record. He was brought here to win playoff games and he failed. Typical year was last, where he went 17-11 with an ERA a smidge over 5.00. Then lost his playoff start against Kenny Rogers. See ya later birdman. Yankee faithful are now clamoring for Roger Clemens, again. *Yawn*

So Cowher bounces. It seemed as if that was the case all year. Truth be told he was a very good coach. When he jumps back into this thing he may well be the highest paid. I hear that Dolphin job is his if he wants it. But it sounds like he wants to take it easy for at least a year.

Shell is gone. Gamblers around the world, put yo lighters up. You'll miss him.

Nothing much on the hardwood last night, cept for College and that doesn't get interesting til February.

For some reason there are two Bowl games on that have no business being played this late into the bowl season. Cincy vs. Western Mich & So.Miss vs Ohio. WTF? I'm 16-12-1 heading into these two bowl games.

Rough year. I'm a fraud. Even John Anthony from Two for the Money would have sucked this year. Dogs were a ridiculous 70-something% this year. Most winning outright. No excuse though, any good handicapper would have noticed the trend and adjusted accordingly. Luckily I don't own a house. Otherwise it'd be gone and some guy named Vinny would be living in it.
Let me see if I can redeem myself with a 4-0 Wild Card Weekend.

SEATTLE -3 over Cowboys :
Who could figure out either of these teams? This has to be a total 50-50 call. I mean Dallas reels off a few wins in a row, look like world-beaters, then get bitch-smacked at home by the Saints, Eagles and Lions. Seattle loses to Arizona and San Fran but showed some fight in losing to San Diego. Then in a tune-up game last week they handidly beat a bad Tampa team. It seems as if they are starting to come along. Remember, Hasselback and Alexander both missed significant time with injuries this year. The thing that scares me a bit is the cornerback position for the Hawks. Kelly Jennings on one side and who knows on the other. 3 top CB's are out. However I still think Hasselback passes all over the field on Saturday and takes Seattle to the second round.

Cheifs +7.5 over COLTS :
Do you think Larry Johnson will get some carries this weekend? I say Cheifs lose but lose close. This has the makings of a Vinateri game. Cheif D ain't all that good but they'll be jacked up after seeing LJ carry the ball 40 times. Colts offense has to be patient and not fall in love with the big play. If they do that they should be in position to win the game late.

Jets +9 over New England :
In the year of the underdog this spread is pretty high. Maybe NE is getting that respect because of their past performances in the playoffs but shit, 9 points? Mangini has impressed everyone around the league with his ability to motivate and gameplan. I would think he's got another good one left, espeacially against the man who raised him (in football). Brady played last game against the Jets on his back, as Mangini blitzed an astounding 36 out of 44 times last meeting. It will be interesting to see what Belichek has learned from that game. I say Jets lose by 4.

Giants +7 over EAGLES :
I can't figure out this Giant team. So much is on the shoulders of Eli Manning and most of the time he's come up short. But for a defensive unit that should be on of the best to end up being ranked 25th in the league is a bit more disturbing to me. A part of me thinks Jeff Garcia is going to come down to Earth but he's been real solid for a month now. Westbrook finally has showed that, at times, he can carry this offense. Tiki has done that for 5 years now. This could be it now. He is due to retire and we all know it's not beacuse he is not capable. I expect 9 men in the box to try and stop him. And for once, I finally feel like Eli will take that as an opportunity to make a few plays. Step up young man. Make a damn play.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Incredible Edible Egg

Notre Dame lays an egg in a big game. What else is new?

Pat Riley's taking a leave of absence. I know it's for surgery, but it feels like abandonment to me. Seems like he just can't handle the losing record. We'll see if the interim coach can garner respect from Shaq. If he can't, I doubt Diesel will do any work.

More information coming out about the Tank Johnson arrest from a few weeks back. Dude was packing 550 rounds of ammunition. You could fight a war with an island nation with all that.

Vince Young won Offensive ROY. Coltson second, Jones-Drew third, some OL from San Diego fourth, and Bush fifth. Not too surprising. I probably would have had Addai in there at 5, move Bush to four, and get rid of the OL.

Demeco Ryans won Defensive ROY. Apparently, he's a tackling machine. Was the Texans' second round draft pick. Did exponentially better than their first round pick.

And...because there's nothing else in my get this:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We talkin about practice, man! Practice!

I think AI needed some practice last night. It's a shame George Karl cancelled practice the day before.

I chose to watch some of the Sixers-Nuggets game last night to see AI play against the Sixers for the first time ever. I had to. It was my duty as a Philly fan.

Was it a big deal in Philly? It wasn't talked about much in the news leading up to it yesterday, but the aftermath today was big enough to knock the Eagles off the front page during a playoff week against the Giants. That's saying something.

Honestly, the game put me to sleep. Literally. I nodded off just before 10 pm. I wasn't feeling too good to begin with. I was dead to the world for some reason. But the game didn't make me want to stay awake.

I caught enough of AI's performance to know that he didn't have it last night. You could tell that in the first quarter. He was losing the ball way too easily and throwing up air balls from three point land. If he tells you he wasn't nervous about that game, he was lying. He was not the AI last night that I watched all those years. And the end result with him getting tossed simply confirmed that. His head was not there.

And after the game, he unloaded on the Sixers organization.

I love AI. I always will. And I will always love the Sixers even though they currently excite me as much as root canal. But I'll say 4 things now...

1. AI needs to save his comments for a time when he didn't just get ball dipped by the organization he is bashing. I mean, that was a dip for the ages on his new home court. You shut your mouth after that for at least a day.

2. I agree the Sixers did give him a raw deal leaving town. Sitting him on the bench while shopping him around was silly.

3. As much as I love the Sixers, it hurts to watch them when they have guys like Joe Smith in the starting lineup.

4. I'm afraid that the Sixers are going to do just enough winning to not get Greg Oden. Unless David Stern weighs the ping pong balls down in the Sixers' favor as a thank you for trading Iverson to the West.

That's all I'm saying on the Sixers. I know you all care as much as you do about the Atlanta Hawks, and I don't want to go all DB on your ass today. You're all lucky I scrapped my idea of the running diary of the game, which would have gone something like this...

9:40 - AI with another airball. Wow, he sucks tonight.


A few more sports thoughts...

- Nick Saban gets $32 million to leave the Miami Dolphins and go to Alabama after lying to the Dolphins fans and saying he's not going anywhere. After a 15-17 record in two years and no playoff appearances, if I'm a Dolphins fan I'm not so sure I am unhappy about this. Some guys just are better suited for the college game (Pete Carroll).

- For both of you that still care about hockey. The Kansas City Penguins???

- This might be a WTF around level 2.

This guy is trying to raise money to buy an ad in the Super Bowl so he can propose to his lady. And he is asking us to send him money to do so. And apparently he is succeeding to some extent. Maybe not enough to get the ad, but someone sent his ass some money.

Suddenly, the people who send money to televangelists don't seem as stupid to me anymore.

- Sugar Bowl tonight... and ND tries to stop the bowl skid and win their first bowl game in 13 years. And someone on said that if Brady Quinn wins tonight, it would secure his place among the greatest ND players ever.

Anyone else wanna barf after reading that?

That's all I got. You stay classy, Planet Earth!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Fucking New Year

Bob Knight is a dickhead.

Games galore today.

So far SEC/Big 10 games look pretty evenly matched.

SEC/Big 10 challenge

1) Penn St. 20 Tenn 10.

2) Wisconsi 17 Ark 14

2-0. SEC fans pray FLA wins. Pray.


After our "slapfight" comments mysteriously were "disabled" for me, yet I can update this.

1) Yes, UM got DIPPPPPPED. Yet I don't think this "exposes" UM. The body of work speaks for itself. I've made enough excuses in the comments section as to why UM wasn't "up" for the game.

2) Yes, the SEC did get exposed as overrated. And the above argument is exclusive to this one. UM/SC isn't related to two SEC teams getting dipped by two Big 10 teams. Whocares - you argued how tough the SEC is and how they had five or six "elite" teams. Well - two of those "elite" teams, and Arkansas was a conference finalist so they are elite right, they got dipped by Big 10 teams. And Wisconsin is a team widely considered to have played an easy schedule and have no good wins. And they dipped your squad.

If the SEC goes 0-3 against the Big 10 I'm not sure what SEC fans arguments will be. Their conference will be proved to be overrated.

And Meiz - that was your right to take the bottle.

****Update again....still have comments blocked...

Please tell me someone is watching the BSU/OU game, unreal ending. And unreal OT so far. Boise State BALL DIPS fourth down.

And jfreak one thing I truly DGAF about is you or your opinion.


HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Never seen a game end like this. OU scores a TD with less than 2 mins, down 2 - going for 2 to tie. Pass Int. Retry. 2nd try is good, penalty OU, 3rd try, good. Tie game. Boise St. (BSU) pick 6, OU up 7, 1 min left. BSU gets to midfield. 4th and 18 or so, HOOK AND LATERAL for the game tying TD with 7 seconds left. OT. OU scores on 1st play - AD run. Boise gets to OU 4 on their possession. 4th down. RB option for the tying TD. Then they go for 2 and run the old statue of liberty for the game winning 2. Fucking crazy.

Post Script:

There were way too many cut a ways to marching bands in today's games. And Chris Myers interviews the BSU RB who's standing with his chick and goes and you wanted to propose to your girl.....way to go Chris Myers.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino