Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good ol Rocky Top...

First of all, you know you're tired today when you write this entire post, go to post it, then realize you accidentally posted it to the wrong blog. Yep, I did that today. This post was on my other blog for about 5 seconds today. Maybe I should finish my coffee before posting from now on. Anyway, onto the news.

So if you would have told me in the beginning of the season that at the end of February one of the biggest stories in college basketball would be Pat Summitt dressing up in a cheerleader's outfit at a game, I'd probably say "Gee, must be a tough year for college hoops news."

I know the big topic is Florida getting routed in Tennessee last night. And it should be. That was an ass-kicking of epic proportions. And I know it hasn't exactly been an off year for college hoops news. Heck, the Greg Oden and Kevin Durant debate alone has been enough to fuel some national interest.

But I do think this season is coming into the stretch without a clear cut favorite right now. The past couple of weeks, it seems like a top team keeps getting beat, with the exception being Ohio State on Sunday. Some years, you get one dominant team at the top heading into March. And some years, you get about 8 teams jockeying for position.

And even though Ohio State is currently the consensus #1, raise your hand if you absolutely believe they have the equivalent to a free pass to the Final 4 this year. Anyone? Anyone?

Heck, if they get in a bracket with Kansas, all bets are off right there.

It just proves what I generally think about this time of year. Losses like the one last night that Florida took will make you question their overall ability to turn it on in March. And rightfully so.

But really, with a year like this, does a loss last night in Tennessee really matter much in the end for a team like Florida? I say no. It may ruin their chances at a 1 seed, but they will still get their high seed. And as long as they get a good run in mid-March they're right back in it.

Can they achieve that run? Well, that is now debatable. But can anyone really tell me that they truly know which team will turn it on in the postseason? I don't think so. For all we know, Duke could wake up and start running the table (yeesh).

And for the record, I think all of this is fantastic. I love going into March without a real top team truly dominating. I don't know about you. (Well, unless it's St Joe's going 27-0. I enjoyed that at the time... and look where it got them.)

Couple more things...

- Jeff Garcia's time is done with the Eagles. AJ Feeley got the contract, Jeff didn't. Jeff's insistence that he was going to test free agency is what ultimately did him in. The Eagles don't like getting into bidding wars over 37 year old QB's.

So Tampa Bay or Denver will probably have the lead in the Jeff Garcia race right now from what I hear. And yes, I can't believe I just treated a Jeff Garcia free agency run like it's a big deal. Wouldn't have seen that coming in the beginning of last season either.

I wonder how soon the Jeff Garcia Eagles jerseys will fly off the clearance racks around here. No, I'm not getting one.

- Another thing I'm having trouble believing... that the NHL trading deadline would be more interesting than the NBA trading deadline.

Well, maybe that's not so surprising. It's easier to make big deals in the NHL than the NBA. That's obvious. So having more big players flying around at the deadline isn't too unusual.

Then again, with the way the NHL grabs the national interest nowadays, you could have Wayne Gretzky come out of retirement and get traded to New York, and it probably wouldn't matter much to most sports fans.

That's all I got today. C+ stuff, fo sho!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Is it already time to start talking about Pro Football? In a word; hell yes. Umm, OK so that is two words, I think our math skillz around here are D- as well. The scouting combine is going on which means the WWL trots out some folks on Sportscenter that couldn't run a sub 5.5 second forty and probably never played football in their lives (see: Clayton, John). But these guys are the experts and they are throwing out every name they can think of so that when draft time rolls around they can say that they called that pick. I think I have heard at least 4, maybe 5, different names for the Browns pick(some lineman, Dr. Quinn, Peterson, Johnson, someone else). But I don't care about the Browns, I'm a Bucs fan and I will be pissed if we do not end up with Calvin Johnson. I'll be very pissed if we pass over him in the draft, and only slightly pissed if someone takes him before we can. And just so everyone knows, I can use "we" when talking about the Bucs because per Article 10, chapter 9, lines 10 through 15 of the Comprehensive Sports Constitution, "if you have rooted for the same team for longer than 15 years or the entire length of your life whichever is shorter, you may use "we" when talking about said team."

In other news; remember when 20 wins used to be a lock for the NCCA tourney? I do. Does that make me old? This year 20 wins is no lock. Not even close. It is fun to argue with old people about this. They are too stubborn to change their ways/opinions about pretty much anything, let alone this topic. They are steadfast in thinking that 20 wins is a lock for the big dance. If you think this way, you are old. The Big East alone has 8 teams with at least 19 wins right now (with 2 or 3 to play), I can't imagine all 8 making it to the Big Dance. The ACC has 9 teams with a good shot at 20 wins, if they aren't already there. No way 9 from the ACC make the Big Dance.

So when does the nip slip parade from the Oscars begin? I am actually quite disappointed that I have not seen anything yet. The media is useless. Although the morning radio DJs did say that Chritina Ricci supposedly goes topless and has a sex scene with Justin Timberlake in the new Black Snake Moan movie. Amazingly I did not make any of that last sentence up.

OK bee snatches, have at it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

You got a Benz....I got a busket....give me a dollar

And the Oscar goes to......

My god they could break down the Academy Awards to no more than 30 minutes tops. Wayyyyy to many fluff awards. I don't care about costumes, songs, adapted screenplays, etc. Just tell me who the best supporting actors were, the best actors, best director and best picture. Bingo bango 30 mins. At least for once I've seen the best picture. And keep the dead people montage, as commented on last night, you have to love the disparity in applause between name actors and random writers, etc.

And damn, this Cirque de Soleil shit needs to stop. The shadow people bit was too much. First the Superbowl, then the ASG now this. Enough. And Al Gore, seriously, go live off the earth in a mud hut in Mozambique. Enough. Be gone.

What was up with Jack's head? Chemo? A movie role? Someone please advise.

And the American Idol reject, uh she still can't sing.

No way Clint Eastwood knows how to speak Italian, none. And they need to feed Clint more fetus blood before trotting him out in public. He's got that "lost old man in the mall" look going. Same for Peter O'Toole. Fucking saggy bag-o-bones. Queen Latifah - go with Al Gore, no more of you either.

Overall, too long and not enough boobage.

Other highlights include:

The stunning lack of American winners and presenters, broken english, Biel's shrinking bitties, some hot chick in a blue dress, George Lucas's jigglin neck meat, Marty Scorsese's eye brows and glasses, the Italian guys acceptance speech and Clint translating, Will Smith's kid being unable to read, Forrest Whitaker's lazy/small eye, the bad news bears kid's still small head, James Taylor/Dook Vitale, Jesus Camp, Quincy Jones Jacket, and PSH high as a kite. Hi Bill.

Alright - onto some sports.

Another Bronco dies. I'd say he lost his life but do you lose a life? You die or get kilt (sic). RIP. Terrible off-season for the Broncos.

Matt Kenseth wins the NASCAR race in Cali, won the Busch race also.

Tons of college hoops, whetting your appetite for Championship Week and the Tourney. FLA, UNC and UW all lose. Impressive win by the Terps.

And in golf....wait Tiger didn't play and I didn't watch, moving on.

MLB Spring Training is almost in full swing, stay tuned, I don't got much for MLB so fill in the blanks yourself.

The NFL combine also got started over the weekend, I'm not much into watching the coverage on NFL Network, I'll just read the recaps. Free Agency starts up here in a week, and there are a ton of teams with a shitload of cap space.

Oh, and Major Applewhite is now the OC at Alabama. That's the best Saban could find? Roll Tide?

Alright that's all you get.

Put the windex in the busket and give it to me.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Jimmy was the kind of guy that rooted for bad guys in the movies

Hockey is awesome for this reason.Sabres / Senators Battle Royal
If the coaches would have actually went at it I would have jizzed my boxers.
I bet those hillbillies went home fired up after that. Spike in domestic disputes in Buffalo fo sho.

I hate the Devils

ESPN some good stuff on DJ. The way he went, just collapsing and shit. Not cool.
I'm expecting a weary Simmons to write 8000 words on this. Hi Bill.

Bulter lost @ home to Loyola-IL. Yeah they'll be good in the tourney.

The CAVS really suck and you know what Lebron isn't speacial. Fuck him and his throne.
The definition of a great player is how good he makes his team or how good his makes his teamates. He let his team score 9 points in the second quarter. Good job Lebron.

Wade deciding between rehabilitaion or season ending surgery, apparentely he fucked up his shoulder big time.

Spring Training is in full swing. I'm excited. I mean Why Not Us?

Oscars, Sunday night. Root for Marty. And yes I'm betting on this.

Ok as you are aware, a free 12 pk of any beer from this brooklyn brewery is on the line.
First person to post a comment on this thread.......

There is a beer for everyone. It may take awhile for me to actually buy it, send it and what have you but I am not a welcher. Italians dont welch. So may the best man win. Unless your name is Stiggy or Beth (zeke thinks otherwise) or cumfast.

Speaking of beeer I am rocking a ridiculous hangover. I'll be in and out of consciouness all day.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jumping Duck Fetuses

Balut, the Filipino delicacy aka duck fetus. Much better than you would think. The yoke part tastes just like a hard boiled egg. The fetus part tastes like duck. Add a pinch of salt and you're golden. Just as long as you don't mind biting into the tiny duck bones.

I share that with you, well, just because. I went to the Philippines last summer, and was reminiscing last night. Good times all around. Hot and humid as hell. Got hit by a typhoon. Freaked out while snorkeling with sharks. Played basketball with the locals. Surprisingly, basketball is the national sport. They picked it up from GI's back in WWII times.

So while I was there, the Philippine Cup was happening. I was informed to root for the Red Bulls by my hosts. They won the game I watched, but eventually lost the series. Couple strange things about the broadcast I noticed. One, they kept switching between English and Tagalog (national language). Two, they were sponsor whores even more than NASCAR. They had sponsors for three-pointers, timeouts, fouls. Anything you could think of.

I just thought it was fascinating on how sports are played in different countries.

Only thing that surprised me about the Philippines as a sports nation was the lack of any soccer fans. The World Cup was happening, and they had less coverage than the US.

Now that I've written about nothing for long enough...I'll quick hit you with actual sports news.

Now, as per my contract...Your video of the week. And you have to watch it. Blast it from the desk.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today, on a very special edition of LOV...

Oh who am I kidding. There ain't much happening this time of year.

Spring training is just starting, which means there aren't even exhibition games to watch yet. March Madness isn't here yet. We're still more than a couple of months from NBA and NHL playoffs. You have to search for stuff to talk about.

You see, it's this time of year when stories like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter's relationship become bigger stories. There's not muich happening in sports to overshadow it. So it becomes a bigger deal. Personally, I would like to submit the A-Rod and Jeter thing as perhaps the most overblown story in history. But I don't want to get all Shanoffy on you.

By the way... DJ Gallo has a funny article on the Jeter A-Rod fiasco. If you haven't read it, check it out here. I found it entertaining.

I mean, even the celebrity stuff is out of date. Britney's story is so three days ago. There's nothing that new about Anna Nicole anymore. Just a blah mid week right now.

Well, the Britney story isn't as old as Anna Nicole, so I'll share one thing I found just because... Britney's last few hours before rehab.

There's another article up on Tom Brady today speculation that Bridget may have gotten pregnant on purpose without Tom's blessing. I have to admit... there's a part of me enjoying the fact that Tom Brady is getting some unwanted attention here. The golden boy image is getting knocked down a peg or two. I like Tom, but it was boring seeing him with the perfect world for so long. Now he's lost a playoff game to Peyton and has baby mama drama. Now he is more interesting to me.

I've just noticed all I've done today is link to stories about gossip, but at least two of them had sports connections. So I guess it's not too bad.

In the sports world, I'm sure some are excited about Michigan St knocking off Wisconsin in college hoops. But that won't really matter for another month.

Locally, Phillies tix go on sale today. And Jimmy Rollins is on the front pages of the papers in Philly talking about his recent statements. I'll say this... it is fun to at least hear a Phillies team that believes they can win. I'd rather hear that than hear the same old crap every year.

That's all I got for now. I gotta go online and see if I can get a few games. Why not us?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marching Along

Headline that cracks me up the most "Tattoo Witness: "Spears on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" ". Umm no shit Sherlock. Who couldn't tell this? And why isn't the story more about the fact that she is seemingly never being a mom to her 2 kids? I hate the media. Except I am starting to like morning DJs a little more; at least they know they are stupid. Today they told the "hot" chick on the show that she had to shave her head a la Britney. The "hot" chick cried. Good radio. It also helps that the hot chick is seemingly hot, I might put her on the unspeakable list. That actuallly would boost her national exposure. Maybe I should contact her agent and see if I can get a fee for placing her on the unspeakable list.

So the Rivera guy lands on his feet as LB coach for the Chargers. I fail to see how this is a step in the right direction. The WWL is putting that spin on it. That is complete bull sheet. This is a step in the wrong direction. He has to be pissed and he can't be happy. Well maybe he is happy he has a job, but it ain't the job he wanted. This is a step in the wrong direction.

I am getting really excited for the end of the college basketball season. I love championship week, I love the selection show, I love the tourney. Also arena football starts right at the same time. For me personally it might be the best month of the year (the end of college football bowl season / NFL playoffs might beat it out as a better month). Anyway, it is just a lot of solid days of watching sports. I know arena ball, isn't high on many people's lists, but it is fun to watch in person. You get great seats for decent prices and the food and booze is all about $1-$2 less than at an Ohio State game or NHL game. Of course I can't stand to watch it on TV. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this. I guess I'm saying that I highly recommend the arena game if you can get some good lower level seats. It is surprisingly awesome to see someone run into a wall right in front of you while you are drinking a beer and eating a jumbo pretzel.

Oh, in case you haven't figured it out not much happened in the sports world yesterday. People here in Columbus aren't the least bit upset that Wisconsin jumped them in the AP poll. Of course if the teams didn't play each other this week the folks here might be singing a different tune. One thing that has started around here is that people are starting to grumble about how Ohio State deserves a number 1 seed and how ridiculous it is that the people projecting this shit don't have them there. It will be interesting to see how that ends up.

Hmm, OK I pretty much exhausted my "write about stuff nobody cares about" energy for the day, so have at it.

Monday, February 19, 2007

AS Weekend, Daytona and Fatty Phil

I thought All Star Weekend went off pretty well.

Started off with the Sophs putting it on the Rooks on Friday. Saturday was eventful as well. I have no idea about the 2ball or whatever they call it - didn't watch it. The Skills comp was alright - not sure why they half ass it until the Finals. You don't have to go out Rudy style but give a little effort LBJ. I was mildly surprised by the Barkley/Bavetta race. I really thought Bavetta would beat Chuck. Pre-race Dick looked focused, lean and ready to pounce, yet Chuck won from start to finish. I'm not sure what prompted Dick to leap towards the finish, how he didn't break a hip or dislocate a knee is an act of God. The post race kiss was possibly the highlight of the entire weekend.

You have to think Jason Kapono's record tieing 24 in the final round of the 3 pt contest will be the highlight of his feable career. Dirk and Arenas crumbled under the pressure. The clock is at 14:59 Jason, live it up buddy.

The Dunk contest wasn't too stale. Gerald Green has nice hops and had brought some original stuff. Unfortunately Nate Robinson didn't tear either of his ACL's. Watching dunks in slo mo is fucking awesome, they should let the judges see the replay before scoring. One side note - why do judges give 10's right off the bat? As MJ said in defense of his early low scores - you gotta leave room for improvement. And I think D Howard was robbed somewhat - he damn near touched the top of the backboard. If you're going to have 6'11'' guys in the contest and penalize them for their height, then let them have the chance to raise the rim. Overall though a solid NBA AS Saturday night.

As for the actual game, I watched about 2 and a half quarters of a West blowout. I don't get people who criticize the game itself. What would you rather see, a lock down drag out defensive battle that ends 75-70 or a free flowing, sometimes sloppy, shot fest? I'll take the latter and like it. It would have been nice if Nash and Kidd played as I'm sure the oops would have been that much better. Kobe gets the MVP and continues to rehab his image. He's coming to a town near you white women, watch out.

Daytona Five Hunnit

I was looking forward to this all week and it did not dissapoint. The first 150 laps were status quo, plenty of give and take and generally benign. Watching Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch crash each other out while running first and second was awesome. Dumbassses. The finish was one for the ages as a late race wreck, one that collected fan fav Dale Jr, prompted the race to go into "Overtime". Mark Martin, winless for his career at Daytona, was leading up until the final turn. Funny that as much as Martin is "respected" a former teammate (Kenseth)gave the eventual winner, Kevin Harvick, the push he needed to win the race. The final margin was somewhere around 2 one hundreths of a second. I defy non NASCAR fans to watch the final 20 laps and not be entertained.

Fatty Phil

The end of the Nissan Open coincided with the ending of the five-hunnit. Fatty Phil was up 1 stroke with one to play and of course bogeyed the final hole, leaving him in a playoff with Charles Howell III. I lost track of the playoff but tuned back in to see Chuck win the thing. I'll lay off Fatty Phil for choking as he won last week but damn for all the "he lost weight, he's in shape" commentary he still has a B cup and you have to think that doesn't help him coming down the stretch.

Keep on rocking on this President's Day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday and I got nothing clever for the title

What's going on with Nascar? Is it like Questec? Why, all of the sudden, are they really clamping down on these guys? I don't care but there are alot of people that do. Just trying to gauge the interest. On the way in I was listening to Waltrip's brother on the Imus radio show and he said that there have been some rule changes and in the old days they would just tell you not to do it again but now, you get fined and sent to the back of the start line.
It's funny how some sports don't interest people until there is a controversy.

America loves controversy. The only time I watched figure skating was after Tonya Harding took to Kerrigan's leg like Paulie Walnuts.

Anyway the All Star break is here. And if you haven't heard it's in Vegas.

Last night Dallas won to improve thier best league record to 42-9. We all think Dirk deserves this years MVP, unless Nash comes back and Phoenix goes on another winning tear.

Cavs smash Lakers who needed this break in the worst way.

As for the festivities I hope Nate Robinson blows a kneecap in the dunk contest. Then while he's hurt the Knicks trade him to the Rockets. That way we would have another "choking" incident except it will be the coach who chokes the player.

My money is on (no, I'm not actually betting this):

Slam Dunk - Gerald Green (he's got wingspan)

3PT Contest - Jason Terry

Rooks vs. Sophs - Sophs (I might bet this)

2ball - don't care

For the actual game, you have to go WEST. And hope no one gets hurt.....unless....forget it.

In other news, still no coach in SD....I say they should hire Ryan Leaf

Forsberg is a Predator, Arnie Swchwarzzz says :"Get tooo da choppperr"!!!!

Sakic scores 600th, impressive but I bet his apartment doesn't have many leather bound books.

Pitchers and Catchers are in the building, and that gives me wood.

Solid game on for Satruday College ball

Florida @ Vandy - Vandy gave them a heart murmur last time

UCLA @ Arizona - AZ needs this for Pac-10 play

UNC is @ BC....Skinner has big teeth

Saluki's @ the Butler Bulldog's !!!! Hey both are ranked..........
Hi Bill.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What the hell is going on out there?

I have no clue. I'm not sure there are any sports going on right now.

So the Celtics finally won. Shocking. I wonder how many Boston fans actually thought they would end the streak. Less than 5%?

The Colts are your Super Bowl Champions.

Mariano Rivera joins Big Z saying that if he isn't signed before the season, he's gone. As much as I hate anything Yankees, Rivera is a damn good closer.

Michael Waltrip got a huge penalty handed down. He's -100 points going into the season. He lost his crew chief and vice president for a long time. Things get better for the crew chief...he's getting fired as well. I have to assume that means he was responsible. I kept hearing different sources saying the "mystery substance" that was found was jet fuel. Yes, jet fuel. Where do you get the idea that jet fuel would help the performance of the car? Does that really work?

I spent all of yesterday being snowed in. So I decided to make a snow ramp off of my deck. It's about six feet high and totally sweet.

The Yahoo site is doing matainance, so the Fantasy Baseball League doesn't open until tomorrow. I'm suggesting using ESPN instead, because ESPN's live-scoring updater is free, as opposed to 10 bucks for Yahoo. We'll put it to a vote.

Last, but most importantly, the video of the week. It's long, but certainly worth it.

PETA sucks.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I get the V-Day post.

Yes, I, the one and only Reverend of Love, gets to post on Valentine's Day. Aren't you all lucky?

OK, enough of that crap. I promise this posting will not be on Valentine's Day at all. Let's get into business.

- I'll get to sports in a little bit. Allow me to first report that the Philly area is a flat out mess. The ice that came after the storm has made everything pretty much useless on the roads. If it wasn't for a guy who gave me a push out of the snow my car was stuck in today, I might still be stuck right now.

While we are at it, you would think the plow guys would be a little more helpful in my apartment complex. You see, my parking lot is attached to a small side street which empties out onto Route 420. You have to use the side street to get into the parking lot. Of course, technically the street is the town's jurisdiction. The plow guys from the apartment complex gave the parking lot the once over today. But when they get to the side street that we have to use to get out of the parking lot, they lift the plow and don't do a damn thing. The town hasn't plowed the side street yet, so there's a few inches of snow on it. And this side street is maybe the size of a Devin Hester touchdown return. Would it have killed the plow guys to hit the street with the plow as they left?

Well, take a wild guess where I got stuck. Right as I leave the parking lot and get on the street, I can't move for about 5 minutes until I got the push out.

Thanks, plow guys. You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie!

- So someone thought I would give the old 5 scroller on The Departed DVD release. I'll keep it to about 2 scrolls.

Right after the movie, I was blown away by it all. It is a tremendous movie. Today, as I look back on it, I do have a critique or two.

Let's just say there were times I thought the movie was a little difficult to follow. But, you do catch up to the action if you stick with it. So that isn't too bad.

I heard a lot about how they supposedly had the Boston accent down pat. Well, most of them did. Alec Baldwin struggled with it. So did Martin Sheen. But hey, for the most part it was probably some of the most authentic Massachusetts acting I have ever seen. That is not an easy accent to portray. It helps when Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are locals.

I thought Jack was very good. I thought Leo DiCaprio had some solid acting. And the story is based on a real life character who I have heard a lot about, a guy named Whitey Bulger. If you ever get a chance and want to know a little more background on the movie, read up on Whitey.

This movie needs a second watching for me to pick up on things I may have missed. I'm sure that will take place soon.

All in all, I give it 4 out of 5 chills.

- Now onto sports topics...

Well, I haven't heard word one yet about Jimmy Johnson having interest in the Chargers job which became a rumor yesterday. But on the way in this morning, I heard the names Ron Rivera, Rex Ryan, and Mike Singletary in the mix. Now I see Norv Turner is on the list.

Rex Ryan... Buddy's son. Now that would be interesting. I wonder if he would coach like the old man. And that is, not have any offensive playbook or offensive line to speak of, and do everything with his defense. And would Rex Ryan come into the first press conference with a cowboy hat on and declare "You have a winner in town!" I'd like to see that.

And as far as Marty talking about what the Chargers did to him in an interview yesterday, IDGAF. Marty has to be the most overrated coach in the modern era, period! It would be so much easier if he only sucked. But no, Marty teases you with a great run into the playoffs, then lets the wheels come off. That's the worst in my mind.

And even worse... I'm betting he gets another job, probably in 2008.

- I think I will like Tiki Barber as a commentator.

You gotta love how he waited until he got that cushy media job in hand, and then came out blasting on Tom Coughlin. Don't bash your former employer during the interview process. I learned that a while ago.

Then, once it's settled... BOOM!

- It's about to become an interesting time in the NBA with the All-Star game and the trade deadline looming. Which of course means the Tyler Bat Signal will be on constant standby.

I'll admit the NBA has been hard for me to follow this year. The Sixers are just too tough for me to watch right now. And worse, they're playing just well enough to get the 3rd or 4th best lottery ball amount.

But can I get an LOV ruling on one thing? I just found out about this.

The new Sixers road red jerseys

Really, this is the most interesting thing I have in Philly.

That's all I got for now. NBL!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It is not 60 degrees here

Another cold and crappy day in Columbus. The schools are closed again. Last week they closed because it was too cold, this week the roads are too bad. I am going to be laughing my ass off when the kids are still going to school in July.

It has probably been said before but Britney is shaping up to be Anna Nicole the sequel. Except this time she has more money and amazingly more trailer trash ability. I am positive this will not end well either, but it will keep the folks at E! employed for quite some time. If I worked at E! I would be sending Britney a Christmas basket every year. Just as a way to say thanks for keeping me employed.

Oh yeah, this is a sports blog, better talk about that stuff. It's not news anymore, but Marty got himself fired. There are only a select few who can routinely fight with their boss and keep their jobs. A coach who loses in the playoffs isn't one of them. Either Marty is a dipshit or just applying something he learned from Larry Brown. I'm not sure how many years the Bolts are on the hook for Marty, but I suspect he will be chilling with Tiki on NBC this season. Of course now the Bolts need a new coach. My guess, hell I don't know, let's go with Rivera.

So Kris Benson is out for a year, does this decrease the chances of seeing his wife in the news? If so, I think that it is a good thing. I'm pretty sure I've already seen her nekkid so there is nothing else left. I'd say sex tape, but 1) that probably already is out there and 2) Kris might be in it, which is a bad thing.

Finally random sports shit: Nash is hurt, sucks for the Suns. The Braves are for sale/sold, save that tip money Beth, maybe you can put a late offer in. WVU crapped the bed against G'Town, figures. Bill Cosby's dog won something, who cares. Ohio State is number 2 in the AP and coach's poll...does anyone really think they are the 2nd best team in the nation? Nobody in Columbus even thinks that. I am so happy they have a playoff.

OK that's enough, have at it.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


A slow sports weekend.

I rocked the Suns on Friday and Sunday, both L's. Without MV3 they are a different team. I know there are a ton of interpretations of what a MVP is, but without Nash the Suns suck; That in and of itself gives Nash a checkmark in the MVP race to me.

Sugar Shane vs Collazo Sat night. Not a bad fight. Impressive that Sugar Shane can bounce around weight classes like that and still be dominant. Although he's getting up there so it will be interesting to see what's up next for him. He's fought a ton of big names in his last 10 or so bouts. If Oscar wins in May I don't think they'd fight again as they are in biz-ness together.

I also watched the Bud Shootout. Not a good start for #24. It was good to have some NASCAR back on. Eat it all non-NASCAR fans. The update will always have a NASCAR recap.

And that Brees injury looked pretty gruesome. Luckily its on his non-throwing arm.

Sunday I rocked the PBA in the morning. I've been watching that lately. Can't say I'm a big bowling fan nor do I bowl regularly but its a good hour and a half or two hour time waster. Didn't watch much of the two Niba games on ABC.

Also on Sunday I watched some of the Grammy's. My girl loves that red carpet garbage but I can't watch more than 5 mins of that nonsense. As a rule I don't like celeb award shows as if we needed another outlet to celebrate them. I guess my 8 bucks for a show or 15 for a CD isn't enough. At least the Grammy's had a ton of performances which makes it more palatable. And Shakira with them hips. Those is baby making hips....

That's all I got.

For those who live in a sheltered world, who ain't bringing much, I'll leave you with this:

Son, they shook...
'cause ain't no such things
as halfway crooks
scared to death, scared to look
they shook
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death, scared to look
livin' the live that of diamonds and guns
there's numerous ways you can choose to earn funds...earn
some of 'em get shot, locked down and turn
cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones...
shook ones

he ain't a crook son, he's just a shook
one...shook one

Hallelujah Holla Back.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The more I see the less I know, The more I like to let it go - hey oh, woah...

I'm fucking sick. Got some flu like shit going on. Best thing bout being home sick, is The Price Is Right. Come on down.
A day filled with movies, xbox360, music videos, and porn.
I'll check in throughout the day to see what's going on in the comments.

On the sports front, nothing really going on. Cowboys hire Wade Phillips, so the real question is does Martyball take a hit? His offensive genius is in Miami and his 3-4 def coord. is in Small D.

Pistons nutclap the Lakers, I didn't make the +5 bet thank god. They played like horseshit.

Probowl this weekend and yes I'm a degenerate. Take the under. It's 65. Last year's score I believe was 23-17.

Action in NBA tonight, it's early but so far I'm looking into these :
Spurs smash Orlando in Florida, -6
Dallas @home taking care of bizness, -7
In Charlotte I trust, +4 over the Jailblazers who have yet to win a game in Feb.

NCAA saturday I like Georgetown over Marquette (no line yet)
NC to balldip Wake @ home & the Zags over St. Mary's

Now I'll switch it up and predict some Grammy winners. Since I have over 8000 songs on my IPOD I feel like I'm qualified to do so.

Album of the Year: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium
Record of the Year: "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley
That's all I care about.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

I ain't got much

I've been out of the loop for the past 18 hours or so. Last night, we were meeting with the mortgage guy. This morning, we had the home inspection for the new house. So all I've been thinking about last night and today are interest rates and whether or not I have radon or termites in the new house.

So let me quickly regurgitate some headlines and see if I can grab at least a D+ today.

- Pro Bowl this weekend... BFD!

You know you're a degenerate if you bet that game.

If you bet the coin toss of the Pro Bowl, then you need to be stopped. Quickly!

- In probably the least surprising quote I have ever read from a celebrity in a story today about Mike Tyson entering rehab...

"Police said Tyson told officers he uses cocaine 'any time he can get his hands on it.'"

Nooooooooo, really? You don't say.

Next thing you tell me is that Paris Hilton might have herpes.

- So now AI might skip the All-Star Game to rest his ankle and to let Carmelo get in.

First chance to get to see Iverson play for the West, and it gets shot down.

The game just became less interesting to me because of that. I don't know about you.

- So if I discussed anything here that is already being discussed in the comments, forgive me. I have not caught up today. I got to work and got swamped. Now I will catch up.

Short and sweet today. Only a 2 scroller if that.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We've got problems

Photobucket is down. And I really don't feel like trying to find another site to upload my photos too. You'll just have to wait for another time. I know, I know, this pains me too.

I'm not sure if you've heard, but the Colts are Super Bowl Champions.

Has that classy ring of beautifulness.

I'm distancing this glorious topic above from my next one. Because no one really wants to hear about the next topic.

A-Rod was apparently on Martha Stewart's show. The only reason I know this is because, completely inexplicably, it was one of Sportscenter's top plays. Truely mind boggling. El P, I'm sure you know some people that accept contracts. We need you to use some of those connections. This man has to be taken down.

I know none of you saw this coming, but NASCAR season officially starts this weekend with the Bud Shootout. I was thinking about this the other night...there is not one week in the year that it isn't the NASCAR or NFL season.

Some interesting stats on the horrendousness that is the Boston Celtics. Since January 5th, when they last won the Suns (2), Mavs (2), Raptors (4), and Spurs (5) have combined for 13 losses. Boston has 15. Also, the entire NFL postseason has started and finished. Absolutely epic failure.

For your viewing pleasure:

Monday, February 05, 2007

All through the forest

So there is not much to talk about on the sports front. The Super Bowl is over, baseball hasn't started, the NCAA tourney is still a month away and the NBA is still in its first half. Some interesting Super Bowl aftermath is the whole "is Dungy returning" crap. I swear the media does this every year after a "older" coach wins. They did it last year with Cowher, of course he only lasted another year so maybe they are onto something. I never heard a peep about Dungy leaving until after the SB was over so until further notice I am not considering this news. Screw you media, quit making up news.

This deserves one sentence; congrats to Butler for cracking the men's college basketball top 10.

On other fronts LOV has had a few good days in a row. The good days have shortened the work day, which is what this blog is all about. It makes the proverbial 9 to 5er go by a little faster and it is a place to drop some knowledge if you have some, spread some BS if you want to, rip on some people, and of course get ripped on. The other day I told the girl we were talking about taxes in here and she asked why in the hell we were talking about taxes on a sports blog. I told her its not just a sports blog, pretty much anything is an available topic, it's awesome. That's when I realized I sounded like a douchebag and stopped talking.

Anyway, it's all about having fun, nobody here claims to be an expert on anything (well some people do, but they are probably full of shit and they certainly get told that) and nobody here has any delusional dreams that this blog is going to get them a job on AOL sports. New stuff gets posted every weekday and then the comments take a life of their own. That's how we roll here, the comments are where the fun is, certainly not our D- (sometimes C+) posts. If you read something in a post/comment that deserves to be called out, then fire away. The person who wrote the post/comment is going to respond in some way or another. The key to the whole damn thing is to remember to take nothing personal, it's all in good fun, so roll with it and hopefully at the end of the day some of those slow minutes at the 9 to 5er will have gone by a little quicker. Hell, maybe at the end of the day you'll have even learned something. Probably a new way to insult someone, but that's something.

So have at it you bastards...

The Morning After

It’s a sad day, no more football for a while. While the game wasn’t an epic it was at least close and competitive, albeit sloppy, till the 4th Q.

I was watching the game with my girl, her mom and her Gran-ma-ma. FMZ was born in Indy and all her fam is from Indiana. Pregame I got “I’m not that interested in the game really” – then she proceeded to yell during the entire thing. After the opening kick all 3 decided the game was over. I was asked some interesting questions during the course of the game, including my girl thinking that if a team had the ball when time ran out of the quarter then they lost possession. When they announced the pick six had been challenged they all roared with approval – I was a little perplexed as it was a pivotal play; they thought the announcement meant they weren’t reviewing it.

I haven’t checked too many news places to see if Indianpolis-uns (joke) set the place on fire celebrating. However, I suspect there are more than a few cows tipped over this morning.

One good thing about football being over is that there will be no more of the MMQB guy around the office. I don’t like that guy. There was a guy here who last week was wearing a Bears hat all last week, who I just saw rocking an Indy hat. WTF. And he just used the word “toes-ezz”. Not a promising start to the day.

Other than the SB the only other sports I watched this weekend were the Suns on Saturday night losing to the Jazz at home. I was impressed with the Jazz as a team, although it took Okur and Williams pulling some shots out of their asses to win. I’m really looking fwd to the NBA ASG and the 2nd half of the season.

I did buy the UFC PPV, haven’t watched all of it yet. Nothing like watching people get knocked the fuck out.

Alright I’m reaching now so time to wrap this up. Oh yeah Dook got beat again at home, I saw the highlights of the final few seconds, the refs are doing their part to hand Dook games but Dook isn’t taking advantage of it. HHAHAHAHAHAH FUCK DOOK. Burn in hell Coach K.

Good thing I’m not a MLB fan otherwise I’d be excited for bay-z-ball.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


It's here, finally. Put up or shut up. I won't break down x's and o's or give you my take. Sit back, eat some good grub, enjoy some nice drinks. It's an unofficial holiday. As a non-fan of either team, I just want the last football game of the year to be half way close and entertaining.

And a tip of the hat to all LOV contributors for a memorable Friday. A day that will live forever in LOV history.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gambling, Wings, Beer & Gambling

Super Bowl Sunday. What's better? Some say March Madness, some say Bowl season....I say nonsense. Nothing is better than Super Bowl Sunday. Most of our sports memories involve the day Elway ran and hellicoptered for a first down in the 4th quarter of his first super bowl win. Others remember the 85' Bears. Some remember the Joe Montana/Jerry Rice combo or the Young/Rice combo. Who could forget the finish the Titans and Rams gave us in 1999? What about the Pats major upset of the Rams in 2001? Remember the Dirty Bird? Yeah I know they got smashed by Denver but the Dirty Bird was fun.

My point is young or old, Super Bowl memories are forever enshrined in a man's head. It's the biggest spectacle, it's the biggest stage, and it's the biggest game.

Enjoy fellow LOV members. Make me proud. Get a keg. A couple of cases. Eat some wings, sausage & peppers, cheesesteaks, kielbasa, brats, burgers, dogs, anything fried and anything else that is bad for you. Tell the lady to move out the way and leave you alone, it's your day. Act like it. Walk around in your draws until the last minute, don't pick up the toilet seat, fart loud and often. Have fun!

El Pad's pick.
Bears (+6.5 ) over Colts :
Relax Jfreak, I think the Colts win. But by a touchdown, no. When you have a good kicker, a good defense, a good punter, a good kick returner and two #1 RB's you shouldn't be getting seven points by anyone. Because you can control the clock, you can limit possessions and you can actually have a shot in the 4th quarter. Keeping it close is what the Bears want to do, what they want most is a lead, but if they can't get that lead they will be in the ballpark.

Bears have covered 9 out of 13 on grass, 3 out of 4 vs AFC and 5 out of 6 vs winning teams.
Also, Indy hasn't won by more than seven points on the road during the regular season.
I also would have to say that some analysts say the game gets won or lost in the trenches....Well that bodes well for the Bears who are more physical at the point of the attack.

Still, when you have a great all-time type QB (not yet but surely he's top 2) you have to expect some plays to be made. Peyton makes a throw to Wayne or Harrison that makes the world say WHAT??? and that play fuels a drive to put the Colts ahead for good.
Colts win, 26-22.

Onto the prop bets.......

MVP : For this type of bet you go with somewhat of a longshot. So I'm going with Colts TE/H-Back, Dallas Clark who is +2000. If he scores twice or has 10 catches for a TD and 70-100 yards it's very possible he will win. Espeacially if that TD is in crunch time. I'll take that for $5.
That means for $5, if Clark wins the MVP I get $100. Ridunk-o-lous.

Devin Hester is +2500, so I threw $10 on that. Brings back $250!!!!
Remember Desmond Howard?

Total Number of FG's attempted by either team : (Over 4 FG's)
Give me the over on this fo sho! More than 4 FG attempts from either team? Sounds good.
Odds are +145 so for $50 so it brings back $79.50

Will Indy score in all quarters, YES +160 :
I can't remember a game in which the Colts didn't score at least a FG in any given quarter. So for $25 you win $40.

The first punt by Indy will net result within 48-55 yards (+400) :
So if Hunter Smith booms one, for $20 I win $80. If it net yards anywhere between 48-55 yards. I'm in on that.

Of course, Tails never fails. I got TAILS for fitty ($50).
Yes i bet the coin toss, and what?

Peyton Manning was +2200 if he scores the first TD of the game :
So I took that for $2.50 - it brings back $55. Why not. QB sneak???

Original Works from Japan

I've watched at least 12 Sportscenters in the past 3 days. One would think this would leave me prepared for a posting, but I've realized very quickly that I have very little to say as usual.

Watched IU beat a real good Wisconsin team last night. I was a little bit worried when Sampson was hired, but he really looks like he knows what he is doing. I still would have liked Knight to come back, but that was never going to happen. Only thing that pissed me off about the game was the end when the stupid kids stormed the court. IU is a top 25 team, at home, during the middle of the regular season. There is no reason to be celebrating out on the court. Despite that, if you have a chance to, go see a game at Assembly Hall, just a great atmosphere.

I've decided the Super Bowl will come down to which returner fumbles more. Neither Terrence Wilkins nor Devin Hester are particularly good ball handlers. Hester definitely has the advantadge in the being good department. But, he also leads Wilkins in fumbles, 7 to 5. If they tie in fumbles, I say the Colts win. If Wilkins beats Hester in fumbles, the Bears make this really, really close. If Hester leads Wilkins, Colts win in a blowout. (I really want to thank for not helping find the fumble stats for these two players. Both of these players' prime position is KR/PR, and one of the more important stats as a KR/PR is whether or not you hold onto the ball. Morons.)

Okay, I got a some links to throw at you today.


What a great marketing scheme.

And, just because I'm feeling nice...(and I feel as though I may have posted one of these vids before) you get two, that's right TWO, videos today.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino