Thursday, November 30, 2006


Let's just say this...there ain't a whole lot happening in my head right now. I'm bringing nothing to the table.

Ohio State falls. Finally they lose this year. Dirty skank of a university, if you ask me.

Mavs win 11 straight. They started the year 0-4. I'm looking for a witty comment about them losing the last 4 games of last season, but I can't think of one. So I'll just say, "ha, you lost the finals."

Craig Counsell signed with Milwaukee. Only means something because a). he beat the Yankees and b). he's from Indiana.

Pujols thinks that only players on playoff teams should get the MVP. What he fails to realize is that Howard's team had two more wins during the season.

Nick Lachey buys Mariners Triple-A affiliate. What a weird move. Didn't I hear there was a sex tape coming out soon?

A few WTH's and one WTF

WTH: this, this and this.

WTF: How?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's like this and like that

-overpaying for japanese imports. who really thinks that Sooki Masiyoto, Ming Jong Datsun, or my boi Bruce Leeroy are gonna be MLB studs (or whatever their names are)? they might do decent.. maybe one dude will win rook of the year (probably solely based on him being in NY/Boston, and the inevitable hype and personal following that they will accrue.) remember Hideo Nomo? yeah.... now STFU.

-racist nba owners (slave traders?). scoop jackson had some great insight to how the REAL NBA works. darn those slave traders!!! forcing us to wear or not wear something.. who do they think they are? paying us MILLIONS to play a stupid game? what bastards. really though.. everything that these players are bitching about is just stuff that gets enforced in high schools in alot of places. wearing ties on gamedays? we did it all the time, every year of jhigh/hike school. being able to wear headphones or excessive arm bands that make you stand out? not a chance. hey scoop, maybe it's just the principle of having everyone look the same on the playing field. why dont u go be a beat writer for the NFL and bitch about their rules. if someone's socks arent right, they get fined. STFU. again.

-young QBs getting their chance (and stepping up). either cause the league is beginning to really suck, or the new crop of guys is really good. i think its a little bit of both. pretty talented guys, but overall, the league is slipping a little bit. becoming too much like the NHL where guys shift teams way too much and the casual fan cant name half of the "big time" receivers on the field. who is tom brady throwing to? vince young? drew brees (other than Cell-phone-Joe-Horn)? steve mcnair? unless youre in those cities, im betting you cant name too many..

-millionaires flipping the bird cause someone was mean to them. speaking of this.. it was mentioned yesterday in the comments, but fo' reelz.. you can see someone throwin' one up practically every day on the highway (if you drive in front of me you will). giving someone the finger is a meaningless action, why do people make such a big deal when it's caught on camera? get over it, news media. you guys curse in your newsroom like any average person does.. dont get too high on your horse, cause it'll hurt worse when u fall off.

-duke squeaking by. thats right bay-bee, you squeaked.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What about Brett Fav-r-uh?

I ain't got too much for you today. But I'll try to get something going for you. I haven't been feeling my best. It seems to be a really tough allergy season and it's kicking my ass. As a result, I'd much rather be sleeping right now than typing. But... maybe it will make me delirious and make for some entertaining rantings at the end.

There is one thing I want to put out there, and I'll make this a one topic posting today.

I didn't watch MNF last night. I was burnt out on football from watching Sunday night's debacle. So you tell me... how many times did the announcers make a big deal about Brett Favre possibly making his last MNF appearance?

I won't miss the slobbering over Brett Favre when he's gone, or should I say if he's gone.

Great QB, yes. Hall of Famer, yes. Do I respect him? Very much.

But I've never been a huge fan of his. That's just me.

How's this for an inflammatory comment? I'll even go as far as to say that the only real difference between Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe is that Bledsoe lost to Favre in the Super Bowl. Bledsoe picked that day to throw a bunch of interceptions where Favre didn't. (Desmond Howard also had a say in how the game ended up more than both of them.) If the roles were reversed and Bledsoe won that day, I think their careers might have taken different paths. Bledsoe might have gained some confidence and Favre might still be looking for his ring.

I don't know if I really truly believe that. And I'll admit I said that mostly for shock value. But really, everybody gets on Bledsoe for throwing dumb interceptions and rightfully so. But Favre has thrown more interceptions in his life. And we all know many of those INT's were of the dumb variety. So what's the difference? Why does Favre get off the hook while other QB's get villified for doing the same things? Favre plays in a town where they forgive him for everything because he won that Super Bowl, and Bledsoe played in places that were much less forgiving in the long run.

No, I'm not trying to say Bledsoe is as good as Favre. Favre has much more mobility and has many more TD passes. And I'd even say that Favre has a more fan-friendly attitude about the game with his gunslinger mentality while Bledsoe has taken on more of a grumpy persona lately. I'd take Favre in his prime over Bledsoe in his prime. However, if the roles had been reversed and Bledsoe had won that day, don't you think it would be a little different story now? Maybe Bledsoe still eventually falls apart, but maybe Favre isn't seen as a legend if that happened.

All of that is speculative, yes. But I will say this, and this I truly believe. Favre benefitted by spending his career in Green Bay where the fans saw him through Packer colored glasses. If he had been a QB in New York, they would have turned on him in recent years with all those bad interceptions, past Super Bowl win or no past Super Bowl win. In Green Bay, they forgave him for a lot, and maybe too much. And I think that forgiveness made him want to stay in Green Bay about two years too long.

You Packers fans can bash me all you want. But I say Favre should have retired two years ago and gotten out of the way. He cost Green Bay more than he helped them in recent years. And without Favre around to hold them down, the Packers could have rebuilt into a more solid contender because they would have been forced to do it. With Favre around, the team stays in a mode where they don't grow.

And if Favre even entertains any thought of coming back next year, the Packers fans ought to say a resounding "Oh hell naw!" But we all know they won't.

I read today that apparently the Packers would bring him back in 2007, and would bring him back as a starter if he wanted to.

And if they do, I will say that at least that's one team the rest of the NFC won't have to worry about contending.

Monday, November 27, 2006

.......Like you was Poindexter

Its too early on a Monday after a week off to be witty, clever or attempt to be funny.

The biggest stories to me are:

1) CFB - Still haven't heard a valid argument to prevent a rematch. And I haven't heard one talking head point out the fact that SC lost to a 4 loss Oregon St. team. SC is a good team so crown their ass if you want to, they are who we thought they were.

2) Haven't watched a ton of CBB but there seems to be a shit load of upsets in the Top 25. I'm talking about shit like Old Dominion over Georgetown type upsets. Should make for a wild season.

3) Bryant Gumble should not be anywhere near a NFL telecast. Unless its a cut-a-way into the stands and some announcer goes "there's Bryant Gumble".

4) This is really coming across like SP's "things I think I think". I hate myself.

5) NFL - Vince Young. FUUUUCCKKKKKKK. I hate that guy. I am dumbfounded he's had success at such an early stage in his career. I'm hoping its just teams getting adjusted to his game. If he's like this for the next 10 years I'll be unhappy.

Along this same lines, what happened to rookie or young QB's taking their licks? There are a ton of young QB's doing well. Tony Rhomo (silent r)?

I'll admit this. I don't hate Peyton Manning. I hope he wins it all this year.

And I appear to have made it through a few flights and a week in cold weather without getting sick. This is after sitting around the cougher, the sneezer and a kid who had a farting problem. Good for me.

Hi Bill.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday Picks

2-1 after yesterday, Cowboys ruined my Turley day Parlay.....
No NFL Network, no game last night for most of the country. That must have sucked.

51-56 going into this week....dismal but not terrible.


Texas -13 over A&M : The McCoy's want to finish strong here. Maybe get a bump in the BCS standings....maybe put some fear in whoever they will face. ($50)

Oklahoma -6 over OK State : Another in-state rivarly game as the Sooners smell a BCS berth and need to rout to get it. They have covered 5 straight since AP went down. Jus sayin'. ($50)

Nebraska -14 over Colorado : Hoping for the Cornhuskers to blow out here because they don't fare well when they keep things close. At home, they should. ($35)


Bengals -3 over BROWNS : Some see a trap, I see an opportunity. Must win game for Bungles as next week is their 2nd showdown with the Ravens. ($50)

FALCONS - 3 over Saints : The Bayou hit da wall. Falcs must win to stay in the wild card hunt. They will. Bank it. ($150)

Rams -5.5 over 49ERS : I'm doing this for your sake, SF fans. It's silly to think that the niners will make the playoffs so with a loss here, it'll be damn near impossible. ($50)

Giants -3 over TITANS : Normally I don't bet on the home team but take it from me. They will win this week and it'll be by more than 3. ($100)

Just Teasing:

Texans +18 (Jets don't blow teams out)
Colts +3 (They might win by two TD's)
Pats/Bears over 24
Panthers/Skins under 48

Bonus Bet : Lakers +5 over Utah Jazzzzzzzzzz
Still undeafeated at home, Lakers either give them a scare or beat them outright. Mamba time!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day before Thanksgiving... Guest Column!

The man they call Martin VanNostrand e-mailed me last week and submitted a guest column. I figured today would be a good day to roll it out.

If I don't get a chance to say it later, Happy Thanksgiving, and be sure to get a hold of that leg. Turkey leg, that is.

The following words are Martin's. They were written a few days ago, so a couple of words might be outdated, but it is still very relevant. Enjoy!


Hoop Hop Hooray!

Thanksgiving is just a few days off. I know football has long been associated with turkey day. Amongst other things many people give thanks for the NFL on that Thursday in late November. But this year fans of another sport will be offering up thanks across the nation as well. Hoops fans. Particularly those who enjoy NCAA hoops as much as a fat plate of butterball and pumpkin pie.

Every year around this time the collegiate hardwood explodes with the start of the basketball season. There are shootouts in Alaska and invites to Maui and New York offering a usually tasty spread of basketball action (although Alaska looks pretty weak this year). Thanksgiving Day does not have any games scheduled itself but the rest of the week around it is filled with quality hardwood battles. This year is different though. This year isn’t the same old turkey. This year is the fried turkey with the Cajun rub and hot sauce. Not because of these early tournaments are so special but the entire season. This is the first year when prep phenoms can’t make the jump straight to the pro’s. The new NBA rule says a player must be 19 and his graduating class out of high school for a year prior to entering the draft. This rule flooded some teams and conferences with new, raw talent that might otherwise have passed them by. As a result there will be more than one college coaching staff and fan base thanking David Stern this year and for many years to come. The world of college hoops has been changed as we know it.

One thing that has made NCAA basketball both interesting and a gamble over the last few years is parity. Traditional powerhouses like Kentucky, and Kansas have had an off year (by their standards) or early exits from March Madness. UNC had some rough years not long ago despite their National Championship in 2004. The absence of a roster filled with McDonald’s All Americans brought the level of play in storied programs down and evened the playing field to a degree. Teams like West Virginia and UAB emerged to make runs into the tournament knocking out conventional favorites by using decent players, fundamentals, hustle and good coaching. Now with the high school highlight film cast back in the college game I see the level of parity dropping a notch.

With the blue chip underclassmen bringing more talent and hype back into the collegiate realm it will still be a different game than the 80’s and early 90’s. Even though they will be in school chances are most of these players will only stick around a year or two. Especially if they have a dominant first year and don’t care about a NCAA ring, then why stay away from the millions? Coaches know this better than anyone. They will want to get the most they can from these players before they bounce to the NBA. It won’t be a surprise to see offenses run through freshman and those same guys getting the ball with the game on the line if there’s not a proven upperclassman on the squad. Expect to see a harder work ethic and desire from some of these young guys too. Now they have to prove themselves on a greater stage and against better competition with more than their hometown and a few NBA scouts watching. They have to. Guys like Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and Spencer Hawes can’t afford to have a weak showing like Randolph Morris did his freshman year at Kentucky. It could cost them a guaranteed contract or worst case scenario a spot in the draft at all. Many of these players are here for one reason only… the NBA says they have to wait. They will do whatever they can to ensure that they get to the next level. That said we can expect some good things from NCAA hoops as individuals and teams embrace their windows of opportunity as small or as big as they may be.

Other notes:
I also love the NBA around this time of the year. They have been playing for almost a month at this point with most (well coached) teams starting to hit form and get into a rhythm as the early season kinks are worked out. Good time for hoops on all levels.

Anyone dare partake of the day after Thanksgiving shopping madness? I stay away from it myself. Usually I refuse to do any Christmas shopping or decorating until the first week of December. I need some space between Thanksgiving and Christmas even it’s only a week. Retail America has pushed the Christmas season to before Halloween it seems. Wack if you ask me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Go Pack Go!

Warning: This is very long, if you just want to read about Lambeau scroll down to "Lambeau". I felt like the total experience started the minute we landed so I really didn't spare any details.

Lambeau Field. What a place. I don't even know where to begin. First the stats:

4 planes, 4 airports, over 2000 miles logged, one gray Impala, 42 beers, one resident Green Bay crack whore, 58 cows, 73,000 Packer fans, one old perverted host at Titletown Brewery, one sprinting waitress (at the same establishment), one gay Chinese gas attendant, two black people in the entire stadium, one three fingered brat server, and one really fucked up room that the cleaning lady may still be cleaning now.


We left early Saturday from Newark, NJ airport. With a stopover in Chicago we were a little sleepy so as we settled in for the 2hr flight we all agreed that a morning cocktail was in order. You know, just to perk up a bit. Nothing like a good screwdriver on a early morning flight.
After landing in Chicago (tremendous airport) it was on to Wausau, Wisconsin. 30 minutes later we were in Wausau. Time to get the rental car and drive the 90 miles to Green Bay.

Now as you may imagine there isn't much going on in Wausau. In fact when the guy in front of me asked the rental car clerk where the nearest drug store was she laughed. Of course I chimed in with a "well, if you travel 50 miles south there is a general store on the right" joke. She seemed semi-amused. This may be a good time to mention that she didn't wash her face with soap in about 2 months. The drive there was fun, we stumbled out of the gate by making one bad right turn but thank god for Chinese people. What the fuck are they everywhere or what? Coming to an intersection straight out of Cast Away (right, left, straight, go back) we asked where we can find the route we needed and sure enough my man Don Ho knew the way to go!

We got to Green Bay in under two hours. The drive was cool. Bunch of farms, tiny restaurants, lots of cows and horses. Pulling into Green Bay and immediately you see the impact the Packers have on this town of 102,000 people. Packers signs, flags and apparel covered most of the town. As we get to the "downtown" area there were some shops and restaurants. After checking into our hotel we headed to TitleTown Brewery . The food was pretty good and the beer was fresh homemade shit. Pretty good. Plus alot of Packer Memorabilia and shit. After that we wanted to find a liquor store to load our room with beer. The plan was to watch the OSU-MICH game and other games while getting loaded. We found the only liquor store there and I decided that we were only to drink shit made in Wisconsin. So this meant, Miller brands, Old Style, Pabst, Milwaukee's Best and a few other one's that started with an L and ended with an U. But first we had to ask the resident Green Bay crack whore which was better. Olde Style or Pabst. Bitch smiled with some fucked up tufts and was in the most country ass accent you know said "member when I used to drank Olde Style? (country laugh). Um, I don't know which is better. I LIKE BUUUDWEEISER!" Ok then, settled. Ring up the Pabst and let's get the f out of here (we had a running joke all weekend about that country skank, one of them was me saying that she ate Dick and Balls for breakfast every morning).

So we had 42 beers to plow through. One of my boys really wasn't feeling the beer so it was more like 3 of us on that 42. Long story short there were only 5 left when we checked out. Basically we drank them all and had the balls to head down to the hotel Pub and shoot some darts and play some video blackjack. The hotel housed mostly people in town for the Packer game. So the atmosphere was real cool. There were even some Pat fans roaming around to make fun of. We ended up drinking a few more beers down at the Pub which wasn't a good idea considering we already went through about 30 cans of Miller High Life and Pabst. After the Pub my cousin was hungry so we headed over to a sports bar that was serving food til 2am. I had on a yellow Farve jersey with nothing under that and no sneakers on. Just socks. P.S it was 30 degrees that night. Basically I was walking around downtown Green Bay with no sneakers on at 1:30am. After shoving a few pies of pizza down our throats we all crashed.


Waking up the next morning never felt so bad. After my boy Drock started the heave-ho conga line we laid down, cleaned up and headed to Lambeau with the rest of what seemed like the whole town. It was great. Driving in towards the stadium all you saw was Packer fans. Along the tree-laden blocks were signs saying "No Parking on Day of Packer Games". Starting 10 blocks from the Stadium were signs for parking. But not like municipal parking. People would charge to park on their lawns, driveways or on their front curbs. It was crazy. I chose a nice little modest house to donate my $15 for parking. But when I pulled in, the whole backyard is open and packed with cars. They must make $10,000 a year during the Packer season. And from the guy's backyard you saw the top two points of oasis of history in the middle of one of the smallest cities in America.

The walk from the car to Lambeau.......
The closer we got the better it looked. Big and green. Sounds simple right? The Lambeau Atrium was sort of centered in the middle of the stadium. Throngs of people draped in green and yellow. I felt the mystique. It was imposing....almost like a big bully. I could see why teams (mostly in the past) were intimidated by Lambeau.

Inside Lambeau.......
It was like a mini glasshouse with the Packers Pro Shop, Curly's Pub, Hall of Fame Grill and Frozen In Time Ice Cream Shop. The entrances to the actual Stadium part were to the right and left. Once you went in the cold slapped you in the face. Every 12 feet was a food stand or a beer stop. Brat's, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, chili's, etc. My first order was a bowl of Chili and a Miller Lite in a souvenir cup. Later we had some brat's of course, delicious stuff.

Sitting down.........
Once we found our seats I realized that there wasn't a bad seat in the house. It's a stadium that holds 70,000+ and there were no real seats. The stadium was filled with bleachers. Metal bleachers each marked with a number. The crowd was close to the action too, like on top of the Pats bench and the Pack's bench. It was old school at it's finest. We settled in right when the Packers were being introduced. I looked around, took a deep breath and took in the atmosphere. It was clean, crisp air, sun was shining brightly, fans were cheering the intro's and I was in Lambeau. I looked at the crew, told em to suck it all in. I was sitting next to an old couple that had been season ticket holder for 31 years. Packer country indeed.

The game........the crowd......more Lambeau
Everyone knows they didn't win. But that doesn't mean the game wasn't exciting. The fans are great. No matter what the situation they cheered and tried to will their team to do well. Every 10 minutes or so the chant "Go Pack Go"! would ring throughout the stadium. Even on bad plays the groaning was to a minimum. Farve looked putrid but was never booed. At one point a man to my left was clamoring for Aaron Rodgers and just about everyone in my section who heard him, scolded him like a dog who just shit on the rug. Never talk bad about Farve. You want to talk about legend. Shit. The minute this man retires a statue is going right outside next to Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi statues. When he got taken off the field holding his arm I thought the lady in front of me was going to cry. They were devastated, you must of heard the OHHHH! all the way to Cali. But as Aaron came onto the field everyone applauded and rooted for the young man. It didn't matter if Satan was QB' long as he had a Packer jersey on they were rooting for him. Best hometown crowd/team I've been around. After the game we went down to the endzone where players would have leaped into the crowd had the Packers score. Took some pics and took it all in once again before leaving.

For the good times the crowd was more than electric. Loud and armed with white towels they made sure they were heard all the way in Dorchester, MA. Unbelievable experience. Every man that loves football or sports in general should make the pilgrimage to Lambeau Field. And to sum up the crowd, it's the 4th quarter, about 3 minutes left andit's 35-0 New England. Most of the crowd was still in attendance. Most of the crowd was CHEERING the Packers on. CHEERING Aaron Rodgers to make a play, CHEERING the defense to force a turnover. After the game we went down to the endzone where players would have leaped into the crowd had the Packers score. Took some pics and took it all in once again before leaving. What a place. Make the pilgramage. Go to Lambeau.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I love the smell of Haterade in the morning

So naturally, being a Michigan fan, I'm supposed to be hateful and whiny this morning. I'm supposed to be spiteful and complain about calls and that we got jipped or something.. but really, I'm not even that sad about the loss. First of all, I didn't expect UM to beat OSU. I said it a few weeks back, but UM is not a GREAT team. They are really, really solid, but they are by no means absolutely dominant, or deserving of a number 1 seed. OSU is the only team this year that can claim that. UM is a solid number 2. They are definitely second best to that OSU team. But does that mean they deserve an automatic rematch? I say not if USC runs the table. I think they're the only team that can try to claim the runner-up spot besides Michigan. And yes, we're talking about a team that already lost to OSU. Wait, "they didn't play OSU yet", you say. No, USC lost to *Oregon State*. If you're gonna knock UM, the least you can say about that team is that they lost by a FIELD GOAL to the number one team in the nation. On both sides there were bad plays, the penalty on 4th down against UM (which was a insanely dumb hit), the fumbles/bad snaps for OSU.. neither team played a perfect game. But you look at what we thought a week ago (OSU 1, UM 2) and you realize that this time, the polls are dead correct. Michigan showed that they are definitely a number 2, and yet they are close enough to be considered the main threat to the number 1 spot.

So propers are dealt to OSU for a great game, and having a great team. Add in that UM looked slightly under-prepared and ill-managed, and you see why OSU won. But there are no excuses in the book that can take away the fact that OSU is just a great team, and simply ended up with the ball last, so they won. This game was similiar to the USC/Texas matchup last year. You felt as if whichever team scored last would win. If they played a fifth quarter, we would've just kept on scoring back and forth. One team didn't really lose this game, it was more like time just ran out. Classic matchup, good rivalry, lots of quality players making quality plays.. it really was a good effort, even though my team lost. I am content to say that UM, for the most part, played as good as they could've. They left it on the field and made the fans proud. Like I mentioned though, as far as from my side, I think the coaches helped lose this as much as the players did. Some questionable calls by Lloyd and the staff. Why so conservative on O? How long do you stick with a zone D before you realize "hey, you're playing against the Heisman winner here". But, overall, they showed up, and I'm content with that. Do I wanna see another crack at them? Yes. But will that really show who's best, after a 50 day layoff? I think the bowl stuff sucks. It's alot of pomp and circumstance just for show and money. This illusion of a football championship is busted. You can't have that much of a layoff and then try to crown a champ. Kind of a disservice to the players and fans, but that's how it's been, and that's how it'll be for the foreseeable future.

Nextly, I do have to say that I think the OSU was also a disgrace. I realize that circumstances are out of their control, as they said the field was replaced due to all the rain and bad weather that has been in that region. But the one reason I would blindly vote for a rematch was because I think they totally jipped the fans and the players themselves by making them play on a dumpy field. I'm not saying that either team won or lost because of the bad field, but you cannot sit there and believe that the game wasn't affected by it. I just think it sucks that a game means that much to the standings, to the 2 teams rivalry, to fans everywhere... and you come up with a shitty field that interrupts what really matters. The players. I was getting pissed off watching a championship caliber game being played on a less-than-high-school-quality field. Seeing people slip and fall numerous times sucks. Seeing people slip and fall and have it directly affect the play, that's embarrassing. I'm not saying that either team had the advantage cause they were both obviously on the same field, but damnit, I wanna see a game that is decided by great players making great plays. This is the equivalent of a hoops game being decided by the refs. Nobody wants to see that crap. I don't wanna see super-quick Steve Breaston absolutely lose his footing 2 yards from a first down. I wanna see someone make a play on him.

So if USC runs the table, I say give 'em a crack. Final games are Cal (won), ND, UCLA. That's a stretch of quality opponents. Although they lost to a weak team (oregon st), and even Florida's loss came against a decent team (a continually sketchy Auburn team), I would say FL is about out of it at this point. If FSU was a worthy opponent, like any other year, then the Gators would've had a chance. But that, combined with scheduling cream puff, 1-AA teams at the end of the year will prove to hurt their chances. Sweet, 62-0. Nice warmup for the division/bowl season. And ND has no chance. Pack your bags for another bowl, you have zero chance of the NC game.

Either way, there's a high probability of seeing OSU hold up the crystal ball. They are clearly the best overall team. If one team plays perfect, and OSU plays only average, then they can be beat. Other than that, please make sure the addresses are correct on the labels, cause they're gonna be shipping the Heisman AND the NC trophy to Columbus.

Friday, November 17, 2006

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column

Good Friday.

So as you all may already know, me and three of my homeslice's are going to Green Bay this weekend for the second annual "32 Stadiums" Tour. Last year we hit up ATL, fo sho.
The Patriots will be in town so it should be either a good game or since they lost two in a row it could get ugly. We'll see. I just wanted to see Farve in the cold, at Lambeau before I died.
My time is now. I will definitely post about my experience, perhaps on Tuesday if that's ok with IAM (you can take my Friday spot that week if you want and I'll just post picks w/o analysis, up to you) and might have some pics to share as well.

Onto some sports news:

Why cover Slaton with a safety? Guy runs like a 4.2 flat.

We'll miss you George

Obviously the biggest story is the Mich-OState game tomorrow. I really think Michigan is going to win. Could be cuz that's the team I root for but if you look at the skill positions I think Michigan has the upper hand. Henne has to mistake free and the front four has to get pressure without the blitz, something they have done all year. Go Blue.

Another huge match up is the Pac-10 tilt between Southern Cal and Cal. With last weekend upsets all over, Carroll has his team believing that they can go the the national title game for the third year in a row.

Mavs -4 tonight over the stumbling Grizz..... Lock it up!

College Picks

Michigan (+7) over O.STATE
Any close Big Ten game you go with the points. And yes this is breaking my rules about betting on teams you root for but Michigan's D is so nasty that I have no choice. Henne will be key and I have a felling he'll make some great plays with his arm. ($50)

USC (-5.5) over Cal
Yup. I've been riding Cal all year. Even said at one point that they could beat USC. But now with what transpired last week (upsets all over) and Pete Carrol pushing the "control your own destiny" bit. USC is now super-motivated to win out and make the BCS NT game for the third year in a row. ($50)

Kansas St. (-2) over KANSAS
Big 12 action! I can't see K.State losing this game, espeacially coming off a big win vs. Texas. ($25)

Pros Picks

PACKERS (+6) over Patriots
Unless I'm traveling to a stadium to see the Giants play, I root for the home team. Might as well throw $50 on the game too, make it more exciting. I'm going to be real drunk.($50)

Steelers (-3) over BROWNS
This game might start out slow for the Steelers but eventually they will end up winning this game because they absolutely have to. Falcons should be ashamed of themselves. ($50)

Redskins (+1) over TAMPA BAY
Someone said this in yesterday's comments.....I think this is accurate, not looking it up but Ronde Barber is second on the team in TD's. Couple that with the Redskins having a habit of winning games when the chips are against them and you'll be ($50) richer.

Colts (-1) over COWBOYS
Listen folks, the Eagles and the Jags are the only two teams who now have a shot at beating the Colts. The cowboys don't. ($50)

St Loo @ Carolina (OVER 44)
Bulger to Holt, Delhomme to Smith. Neither can be stopped. Neither will. ($50)

Just Teasing

Colts +11
Bengals +15
St.Loo +19
Pack +18

A rough 46-49-1 after last weekend's debacle but the forecast for this weekend is sunny and bright. Bet on.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The look

Top three things to watch this weekend

3. San Diego at Denver
LaDainian Tomlinson. He alone is worth the price of any admission. The man simply knows how to play football. He is by far the best back I have ever seen. That's why it still shocks me that he went to TCU and not some big renowned football school. Besides him, you have up and coming Philip Rivers who has been a very nice waiver pickup for many a fantasy team. I, for one, was writing him off at the beginning of the season. And that brings me to the most intriguing part of this matchup which is the Denver defense. Only allowed 3 TDs in their first 7 games, but have allowed 7 TDs in their last 3. Granted, four of those TDs were by the Colts, but still. I'm seeing another huge game for LT, with the Chargers winning 35-28.

2. Ford 400
The final race of the Nextel Cup season. This is an h, u, g, e, deal (say the letters individually, it helps). This thing is Jimmie Johnson's to lose. Ginormous 68 point lead going into the last race. Just has to finish 12th or better. JJ is in line to become the first person ever to win the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400 and the championship in the same year. Even my man Jeff hasn't done that. Predictions are far too hazy in NASCAR, so I won't make any pertaining to the race, but I am 98% sure Jimmie wins the Cup.

1. Michigan at Ohio State
Two programs I have much disdain for. But there's no chance I'm missing this. Title hopes across the nation depend on this. If Michigan wins, everyone is back in the race. OSU's strength of schedule is not so hot, with only one win over a top 15 team. Michigan, however, has beating 2 top 10 teams. But, if OSU wins, look for Michigan to fall no further than 4 or 5. And I haven't even gotten to the game yet. A big, dominant running back on the Michigan side, and a very tantalizing passing offense for OSU. But I'm just not sure this is going to live up to the hype. Especially considering everyone's been hearing about it ad nauseum for the past month. Even with that said, I still see it being a close game. My prediction: 23-21 Michigan, with a lackey OSU kicker missing a winning FG.

Quick hits

Keyon Martin is out for the season. Big ouch. He was on one of my fantasy teams, and now I actually have to pay attention to early season NBA to try to find a good PF replacement. Really pisses me off. Plus, this doesn't bode well for the real team he plays on.

Frank Thomas close to signing with the Blue Jays. Frank is old. I know he hits the ball a ton. But he's old. And he's not Jaime Moyer old, because Jaime looks like he could be 36 or so. Frank looks about 48 (he's really 38). Just don't see a 2 year deal being a good investment.

Floyd Landis looking to be cleared because of a clerical error. I know you haven't heard this name in a while, and most of you don't even care about cycling, but in my head, this is huge. While Landis' B sample was being processed, the number for his urine sample was transposed incorrectly. Because of the number error, there is no way to know if they tested the correct sample. So there is a huge likelihood that he is going to be reinstated as the Tour de France champion. And the best part about this is that I called it. Way back in the first post. I rule.

Oh, and Emmitt Smith apparently can dance. Good for him.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Post #100... I promise it ain't political.

For the historic 100th post here at LOV, I sat down to think of what I could say.

I thought I might get a little sappy on you. You know, thank you all for your support and stuff like that. Get all mushy like it's an Academy Awards speech. But I didn't want to be accused of having no balls yet again.

I thought I would look back on previous posts and ask you what your favorite one was. But my last name isn't Shanoff, so that's out.

I even thought I would make fun of you-know-who about how his blog posts only get 8 comments on them now, and they're all about the Atlanta Hawks and lame stuff like that, but that's definitely getting old.

So how do we commemorate what this blog means to us?

I think the best way to sum up what this blog means to all of us is how we refer to our past events. I can tell you about certain things that have happened within our lawless society, and you all will go "Oh yeah, I remember that!"

It's how someone recently referred to a past comment about how Poindexter has a say in your national championship game, and we all knew what they were talking about and who originally said that comment.

It's remembering who it was that was punished for posting at you-know-who's blog by being referred to as "loving moose cock".

It's remembering who lost the bet at you-know-who's blog and had to write 25 times "I love donkey dick".

It's knowing what the term "ball dip" means, and who the man in charge is of administering said "punishment".

It's dismissing another person's gaming accomplishments by calling out "poop hands".

It's knowing the difference between a "WTH" and a "WTF".

It's knowing who is famous for leaving a woman in a 7-11 parking lot (or so they claim).

It's knowing what happens around here after 4pm ET on a Friday, and why we all suddenly start naming off rap songs.

It's waiting for the next day's postings to see if so-and-so will report in on whether or not they did anything with that office chick, or how it was going to the NLCS game the night before.

It's being OK with the fact that about 25 guys comment here regularly, and only two women do (and what lovely women they are).

It's how we can blast each other and argue about topics with each other, but if an outsider comes in and bashes us we suddenly unite and shoot back at that guy.

It's how one commenter can change the mood of many different guys simply by changing his profile pic.

It's knowing who the Bears fans are here, who the Falcons fans are, who likes the Colts or the Cowboys, etc.

I think you know what I mean by now.

We have a language and an attitude all our own. Many blogs never get that kind of identity. They may be bigger than us, or more visited, but I can guarantee that they don't have our unique identity. And that comes from all of you who comment regularly. I said it before, and I'll say it now... this blog is nothing without all of you.

For me personally, I think it means that whenever I am away from the blog, and I hear some sports news about the Mets, I start to wonder what ElP thinks. Or if I hear a Tigers tidbit, I wonder what Iam's take on it will be. Or if something happens with the Redskins, I wonder what Zeke will say. It's things like that. I am interested to hear what each and every one of you will say about the events in the sports world, and the world in general each and every time. And if an event happens, I am always anxious to see what all of you will say. Even if I don't agree with your take, I always want to read it.

And if any of you have ever thought to yourself after seeing a news tidbit about Philly sports "What does the Rev think about this," then I appreciate that thought.

And one of these days, maybe some of us will meet in person. Maybe we won't ever meet. Who knows? But if we do, I'm sure we will immediately get into a good beer discussion.

So to close this off, I think there really is one thing left to say...

Hi Bill.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

look away, i'm hideous.

so this past weekend was Veteran's Day. Let's tie this into sports quickly... Pat Tillman was the lead story last week and it got me to thinking. i'm not trying to slander a dead guy, especially one who was fighting for our country (because even if you dont care for the exact fight theyre in, there's no reason to dog on our guys in service).

but the WWL had stories about whether there was a cover up, apparently it was friendly fire and all this.. yada yada it sounds like a mini-jfk episode. whodunit? so they think he was killed by someone in his own group (i believe).

so were the members of his squad Super Haters? did they kill him due to spite? did they try to shoot at him to really "show him". show him what? i dont know. maybe they didnt like big money football players, and they were jealous. seriously, the ultimate haterism right there. of all 'little football guys' to hate, you'd think that once Tillman showed up at training and went through all the stuff with the troops, they would see that he was serious about it. werent he and his brother trying to be like Rangers or something? i mean, he sure didnt seem like he was in it for a 3 month vacation, or just doing it for publicity.. so i dont really get the jealous angle. unless youre were simply more of a hater than Satan himself, i dont get why you would hate that much on someone.

although maybe he thought he was hot shit and his fellow soldiers thought he was getting special attention.. we'll never know. but just cause he looked like he was fighting for The Right Cause doesnt mean that he couldnt have been a total prick and that people didnt like him. im not saying that he was, cause obviously i never knew him whatsoever, but im just throwing all sides of the story out.

and this might be kinda rough to say, but the only reason any of us even know his name is because of him leaving the NFL to go to the army (and dying). i'd never heard of him before, and probably never would've. he wasnt an outstanding nfl player, he was basically a no name. but now AZ is gonna put up a bronze statue of him, and gonna list him in their "Ring of Honor", whatever that is, and have all this pomp and circumstance.

i dont know, im kinda on the fence here. it's seems kind of show-boaty to me. i mean, yes, give the guy his due.. but at the same time, there's thousands of soldiers that have died in previous wars and this war combined that have never received this treatment. just because he was a football player, and the teams have the ideas and funds to make things like this happen.. simply because of that, this one person was picked out to be the face of the "american hero".

seems like they should do more of a general memorial rather than like a statue of him and put his name on a wall. respect one, respect em all, ya know? not to be nitpicky, but the media loves to have one "face" to get people unified, and it seems like his death is being used that way.

tacky or not, it is.


other stuff... 1 vs 2, you can practically drink the hype. i'm sure espn will sell it by the 20oz can this weekend. anything to make a buck off of THE SINGLE GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME EVAR!!!11

Gradkowski is gonna be a solid QB, but damn if tampa bay doesnt just suck. too bad my (like 80 yr old) aunt has a Bucs tat. this aint the Warren Sapp teams anymore.

i could cover some other stuff, but i'm not gonna.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Recap


See Jfreaks post for a recap of Saturday’s action. All I’ll add is play the games out. Every week there is someone yelling about “why isn’t so and so ranked higher” – evidenced by last weekend, just play everything out then bitch.

And get ready for the ESPN hype machine. OSU/UM coming up this weekend, hopefully the game will live up to the hype.


I give up trying to pick games. NY Jets, Houston, Miami, Cleveland, Green Bay - you got me. Shit even Buffalo, Tenn and Oakland put up a fight.

I’d like to personally thank the Eagles. I hope after yesterday’s performance the Mark Brunell era is over. Put The Kid in Joe, it’s over.

Alright, alright, Chicago is pretty good, I’ll admit it. Note to NFL, when you attempt a long low % FG against the Bears you might wanna pay attention to the whole play.

And Bill, NE sucks, f u.


Wlad Klitchsko knocked Calvin Brock the fuck out. If Wlad has fixed his glass jaw, which looked good in this bout, with his devastating punches he could unify the belts. Big up to Manny Steward for resuscitating Wlad’s career.


1 race left after yesterday’s tilt in PHX. #48 increases his lead and looks like he’ll take the Chase. However, with only 4 other drivers mathematically alive, a 12th or better finish gets him the title. I say he gets it.


Sosa didn’t use PEDs. He just used a corked bat and went to bed at 9 PM every night. Riiiiiiiiight


Yeah I said MLS. Houston wins the MLS Cup in PK’s. I mention this only because their captain, Wade Barrett, is a fellow W&M alum. He was a year or two ahead but I lived with soccer players and partied with him sometimes. Wade was a cool guy, and he’s from Va Beach. I have a small amount of man love for him. Congrats.

That’s all I got this Monday morning.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Big, Huge, Monumental


That's the number of the Top 8 in the BCS that lost this weekend.

Everyone, let's have a moment of silence for the collective title hopes of Louisville, Texas, Auburn and California.

Moving on.

Florida looks to jump to third. Won a game they shouldn't have. Ol' Ball Coach was let down by his kicker. And a good one at that. Succop was 12 for 14 with a long of 55 before that blocked kick at the end of the game. Florida has a pretty easy road ahead, with West Carolina and Florida State coming before the SEC Championship, likely against Arkansas.

USC up to fourth. Convincing win against Oregon. After being shocked last week, they kept their name in the ring. But with Cal and Notre Dame left, it's either feast or famine. With the strength of sked points they would earn with those two wins, they would certainly jump over Florida and most likely the OSU-UM loser. This is the team to watch.

And the Irish most likely will jump to fifth. Talk about overrated all you want, but as long as they keep winning the games they are supposed to, they will get to a BCS bowl. They need the most help to get in the national championship game. They need a blowout in the OSU-UM game, and it would help if UM won. Plus, they need Florida to lose one of their last 3. They do at least play USC. That matchup, for the second straight year, will have NC implications.

Who's next?

Does Louisville stay up this high? You have to think that Rutgers goes here, but Arkansas, West Virginia, LSU and Boise State were all in front of New Jersey's state uni before this weekend. And all of those teams won. BSU won a squeaker, the rest had easy games. I say 6 Arkansas, 7 Rutgers, 8 LSU, 9 WVU, 10 Louisville, 11 BSU, 12 Wisconsin. Keep an eye on Wisconsin. They only have one loss, and that was to Michigan.

WTH of the day: Brandon Cox, QB of Auburn, had four completions, four incompletions, and four interceptions.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scarlett Knight's, Holy Knight's

Rutgers! Gator fans rejoice! USC fans go crazy! Cal fans jump up! Auburn fans go nuts!

All Rutgers did was ensure that a one loss team will be in the national title game.
Even if Rutgers beats WVU (tough) in three weeks does not cement their chance at a national title shot. It does give them a BCS bowl (which is tremendous for them $$) but no way do they play opposite O. State or Michigan. Those 4 teams I mentioned above have the best shot at it. All they have to do is win out. USC is my front runner if they win out because they got 4 pretty tough games left including a tilt with Cal. Florida is my close second choice. Also don't forget the Boise St. Broncos are also undeafeated. BCS officials I am sure are squirming.

In other news Craig Biggio has signed a one year deal with the Astros. His only clause was that they keep Geritol on tap in the clubhouse.

Suns are 1-5, I am sure the city of Phoenix is thinking, "NO, NOOOOO, please God don't take our basketball team away too!!!"

As for my WTF, with a toungue in cheek I say At Least They Can't Pro-Create

El Pad is 45-41-1 heading into week 9......


AUBURN (-12.5) over Georgia
Georgia stinks this year. Let's call a spade a spade. If there is any arguement at all at whether or not the SEC is overrated (for the record it is, slightly) it could be that every year there is one team in the SEC that is overrated. And that team this year is Georgia. ($50)

Vols (+5.5) over ARKANSAS
Who knows which Vol team will show up? This team has looked great and has looked bad at times. But after last week's loss to LSU I think they will put a nice game together and prevent Arkansas from going to the Georgia Dome to face those Gators in the chmpionship game. ($25)

LSU (-18) over Alabama
After that great road win the fans will be treating these Tigers mighty well. I expect LSU to cruise here. ($50)


BENGALS (+1) over Whale's Vagina
This bet might shock you but the Bengals at 4-4 are in "must start winning" territory here.
Also, Marty is bound to blow at least one game on the road this year. You know, he's got to warm up for the playoffs. ($50)

DETROIT (-5) over San Fran
I rode San Fran last week because I am a smart bettor. It's the same reason that I'm going against them this week. San Fran hasn't played two bad games in a row and they haven't played two good games in a row. Detroit's O is finally taking some shape. ($100)

NEW ENGLAND (-10.5) over Jets
Poor Jets. They get a angry Patriot team that hasn't lost two games in a row dating back to like 1999 or something like that. Brady is coming off one of his worse performances too. 10 points is alot in the NFL but the Jets are really up against it this week.

Baltimore (-7) over TITANS
I don't think Billick is Lombardi but his team is playing very well right now and McNair back in Tennessee is the storyline. I'm sure he is yearning to show what they are missing. Next week he'll go back to sucking though so don't worry. ($50)

OVER 39 - Green Bay At Minnesota
I don't really have much of an explanation to this so just roll with it. ($35)

Just Teasing (9-1 so far on these)

COLTS (pick em') over Bills
K.C (+11) over MIAMI
Saints (+16.5) over Pittsburgh
JAX (+2) over Texans

Stepping up twice...

So I'm just gonna post again and throw a few more things out there for us. Hope you don't mind.

- What is it about Thursdays here at LOV? It seems to be the pot luck day. We never know if anyone is going to step up and post. Perhaps we need a new contributor. Perhaps we need to open it up to another person. And perhaps someone who has disappeared needs to be taken off the contributor list. I'll let the debate continue in the comments. What say you?

- What is it about the Bay Area that they can't keep their teams in the Oakland or San Francisco city limits anymore?

Maybe I'm old school about this, but I like it when teams actually play their games in the actual city they represent. I know it doesn't happen as much as they used to. Then again, I'm just used to this idea being from Philly and the teams here haven't left the city limits ever.

But I understand the 49ers plght. I visited Candlestick Park in 1983 (and I refuse to call it anything but Candlestick). Back then, it really wasn't any great thing. I can only imagine how it is now.

- How about a WTH instead of a WTF today? Then again, it might be WTF status. You decide.

I saw on Yahoo today that a Brooklyn pizza place called Atlantic ChipShop has introduced a menu item called Deep Fried Pizza. It was started in Scotland, and brought over here. They take a slice of pizza already made, cover it in batter, then drop it in the fryer. Someone described it as a "taste like a combination of a pizza roll and a mozzarella stick". See for yourself.

And somewhere in Manhattan, I'm betting ElPadrino just made new plans for dinner tonight.

In fact, I am assigning a task to ElPadrino. Someone has to make their way over to this place soon and give us a report on this. Considering you are the Brooklyn rep, ElP, it falls to you. we are counting on you to go to this place, eat a slice, and report back. I expect a report within a week.

I'd go up there and do it, but I've already been to the ER once this past month.

However, I must say that this idea is not that original. Here in the Philadelphia area, we have a food known as the panzarotti. It can be found here. A New jersey restaurant perfected it, and it is also sold at a couple of places near where I grew up. Locals often call it an Inside Out Pizza. It is basically a deep fried piece of dough with cheese, sauce, and whatever topping you like stuffed inside.

I think my cholesterol just went up 25 points thnking about it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find a turkey on wheat sandwich.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Am I estatic today?

Someone asked that in the comments today. And as a stinkin bleedin heart liberal, yeah I'm happy with the way things turned out yesterday.

But let me be non-partisan here. I don't look at the election results as the nation suddenly turning Democrat. I see it more as a nation fed up with the current people in power. I've spoken to more than one Republican out there that is just as upset with GW Bush as anyone. Judging by how big the #3 Republican in the senate and one of GW's strongest supporters, Rick Santorum of PA, got spanked 60%-40%, that's the big statement. I'm certain that number represented many Republicans turning on one of their own.

Just for the record... I've been waiting for Rick Santorum to get kicked out of office for years here in PA. It's almost impossible for me to say this, but I have disliked Rick Santorum even more than I dislike GW Bush over the years. I'm really happy that man is unemployed today.

I will be curious to see how those remaining two senate races that are still undecided will shake out. The balance of the senate is at stake, and that's more important than the majority of the house. It should be a long week in Virginia and Montana.

I promised myself I'd keep the political stuff down to three paragraphs today. And I promised I wouldn't gloat. I am technically a registered independent, so a Democrat win is not really a win for "my party".


Today, I'm going to keep it political, but sports realted from here on out. The two worlds crossed in many ways yesterday.

- Heath Shuler is a congressman now. And my question is... will it finally make his rookie card worth anything? I hoarded a bunch of Heath rookie cards that year, and they eventually were worth enough collectively to sell them for a pack of gum. And I mean a very small pack of gum. Not even one of those Juicy Fruit super packs of gum with 17 sticks in it. No, I'm talking 5 sticks for 25 cents. I'd like to be able to get something for those puppies eventually.

One other note... I hope Congressman Shuler is more successful at helping to run the government in Washington than he was running the Redskins offense in Washington. I also wonder if he will occasionally take a walk down to ol' RFK Stadium down the street, sneak onto the field, and throw some passes to nobody for old times sake.

- Lynn Swann got ball dipped by Fast Eddie Rendell in PA. This of course means that Eagles fans finally won something. Eddie is one of us. Lynn Swann of course represented the Steelers fans in PA. I'm sure he got many of his votes from the Western part of the state. But it wasn't enough. We may not win a Super Bowl, but dammit one of our fans is still governor. (Hollow victory, I know.)

Those of you who don't know, Eddie Rendell is known as the guy who started the snowball fight at old Veterans Stadium when the Eagles played the Jimmy Johnson era Cowboys. Rendell, who was the DA in Philly at the time, bet a fan in the 700 level that he couldn't reach the field with a snowball. Eddie lost that bet, and the snowball that made the field started the riot that ultimately ended with Jimmy Johnson running off the field surrounded by security ducking ice balls. Perhaps you've seen that footage.

The man who started that chain of events runs our state. Gotta love PA!

- This warranted my WTF of the day from

The mother of Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints lost her bid for a spot for a place on a Texas appeals court. The quarterback had asked Mina Brees to stop using his picture in her TV ads, and even threatened to sue her.

Yes, Drew Brees threatened to sue his own mother. Now that's some balls. Running the Saints offense is child's play to someone who would sue their mother. And that goes double when your mother works in the court system for cryin out loud.

That's all I got. Enjoy your new Democratic majority. And before you accuse me of being too liberal... I'm sure they'll find a way to screw it up the majority in a few years just like the Republicans did.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Come up in the spot looking extra fly, til the day i die, gotta testify

how about the world's worst monday night game? seattle minus any sort of star versus oakland who has randy moss' afro as their star. freakin waste of time if there ever was one. can we please contract the Oakland franchise? we were discussing stars who never lived up to the potential and the names of like Derrick Coleman and Shawn Kemp came up, people that were pretty much total busts. but i nominate Randy Moss for biggest waste of potential by a pro athlete. really, i cant think of another guy that on any given night could be HOF or could be 3nd string. it's all in his head, just a matter of how hard he tries. but on a scale of 1 to 10, i think the max hes ever put in is like a 6. and that was back in MN. i think he gets to about a 3 now, and if it will take the extra effort to get the DB's off him, then he doesnt fight any more. just give it that minimal effort and move on. although i guess i understand it, because really, it's just a game. and you've made your millions, why would you want to go out there and get yourself hurt to some major extent? i see both sides. what motivation does someone of Moss' stature have on a team like the Raiders? but then again, why would you go there in the first place? did he expect them to turn it around and be a contender, starting with him as the first piece? Sapp's aging arse came along and he thought the D was gonna make them a super bowl contender? randy moss.. huge career, but couldve been infinitely bigger. thank you for being a waste, when so many other players out there just wish they had the chances you have. see guys playing with bone-on-bone knee conditions and then you see Moss worried if his braids iz tight. where's my blunt and my 40, bitchez?!?

college foosball, as i commented yesterday, i think this year's crop of teams is pretty even. but even because everybody is equally mediocre. theres no real, true stars. i mean theres partial stars, but when brady quinn gets thrown back into the mix of heisman potentials, then you KNOW its a down year. that said, i believe Ohio State is the only team that has the chance to be a clear cut champ, but even they are looking ripe for the picking. and while i bleed Maize and Blue, my boys at MI are not all that unbeatable. the D can be as potent as a team could be.. or they can be soft. its like a Jekyll and Hyde thing with them. although im not basing this opinion off of the Ball State game, because they literally ran the same play about 80% of the game. so theyre definitely not practicing anything new on game day. they are absolutley not tipping their hand, but still.. even when theyre playing full out, there are times where they just look confused and panicky (knowhatimsayin).

Mike Strahan might be out for a while. serves his dumb ass right for "shooting jump shots". have you seen what they look like when "shooting"? i dont know a damn soul that shoots like that. if you shot a basketball like that you'd be laughed off the court. go away and die. and Merriman and his "lights out" thing too. seriously people, be creative. at least TO had a funny celebration. (even with the ref just DYING to throw that flag.. did you see his arm twitch as he got ready to throw it? oh, i betcha his mouth watered.) deity bless the people we hate.

there is "still a crack there". words from shaun alexander. i am officially a cursed fan. anybody that i pick, they end up sucking. evidenced by me taking SA with the first pick, then he gets hurt. i figured if everybody else went with LJ, i'd be different and go with Shaun. im like my own Madden curse.

go see Borat.

tuesday.. go vote even though your shit doesnt count. although in honor of voting day, anybody today gets "chad-dipped" instead of other punishment. i'll slap my hanging chad across your face, and youll like it.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Recap

Its that time again.

By now everyone knows most of the top teams squeaked by. The bottom line, just win. Maybe this weekend's games highlighted some problems with CFB. If you don't win with style you get penalized. Then you have to try and compare opponents, etc. Just win and move on. The BCS #1 and 2 didn't change with Louisville moving up to 3. Just win.

Also - Joe Pa, come on guy. If he returns this week he's just axing for trouble. And if he comes back on the sidelines with a cane or wheelchair that has got to be demoralizing for his team. You can say maybe it will fire his team up but I don't think it will. This latest episode just points out his frailty. And he doesn't wear a headset. He has no clue what's going on, he's a glorified spectator. Retire buddy, catch the early bird special at Nibblers.

Pretty Boy Floyd puts an end to Baldomirs recent run of success with a dominating performance. Pretty much shut the guy out. For $50 I was hoping for a knockout. His post fight interview with Larry Merchant was probably the highlight of the evening. He basically ball dipped LM and LM, acting like his drunk self, didn't seem to notice nor fight back. And I don't for a second believe PBF will actually retire now.

Also, Shannon Briggs won one of the heavyweight belts back from Sergi Liakovich. I mention this only because the fight was in Phoenix and Briggs knocked the guy through the ropes with 1 second remaining in the final round.

Tony Stewart wins again. #48 takes the lead overall. This season has been going on forever, only 2 weeks left and its still up for grabs. Post race highlights include members of Scott Riggs crew knocking over Kevin Harvick, his wife and a NASCAR official. You stay class crewmember. One note : if you're fighting cancer and look like uncle fester don't try and be an announcer. Take the rest of the season off BP.


Detroit? Miami? WTH?

The Bears got completely ball dipped by Miami, AT HOME. Pressure Rex GROSSman and he wilts. Keep throwing like you're playing Vanderbilt asshole.

Incredible ending in Washington. I had already started the bitter beer face before the Vandershank's attempt. To win the game like that was incredible, never seen anything like it. Shortly after they won though - I realized they were 7 seconds away from the end of Old Man Brunell. They pretty much need to run the table to have any chance of the playoffs. Don't tickle my balls Skins. TO - his celebration penalty didn't hurt the Cowboys - shut up about it media. Now his drops - that is a problem.

Indy - ball dips the Patriots. Say what you want about their D but with Manning at QB you'll win a lot of games only giving up 20 on the road. Can't wait to see what SG cries about now. Maybe some of the pass interfence penalties called against the Pats, maybe Vinatieri missing 2 FG's, most of Brady's 4 picks being off tipped passes. Eat a dick SG.

Lance Armstrong runs the NYC Marathon in less than 3 hours. I saw a quote from him saying he's never run more than 16 or 20 miles, I think he said 16. Saying he'd rely on his competitive spirit or experience to get him over the hump. That and/or some PEDs. Lance - seriously get a fucking hobby. Chill the fuck out and relax.

Alright that's all I got.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

When the East is in the house, Omigod..DANGER!

Lousiville / Rutgers is now the focus after the Cards beat WVU last night. Steve Slaton withdrew his name from Heisman candidacy by putting the ball on the ground twice. One costing them an immediate 6 points. It'll be interesting to see if either team gets to play for a national title if they run the table. Locally this game is like the biggest game of the year. Even if Rutgers wins they have to go to Morgantown on Dec 2nd. I can't see them beating both teams. If they do, hell, they'll earn that national title spot (but will go down in flames against either O.State or UM).

BORAT. Today. Pre-order tix if you plan on going. Not me, I'll wait. I hate crowds.

Bunch of games tonight in the Nuba, my remote will be putting in some overtime.

News is a little slow this am so my WTF is this.
Fitty & DeNiro?

Ok, 39-38-1.... Let's see if I can shake that .500 shit.


Pitt (-5) over S. FLORIDA
If this game were in Panther country I'd have to think the spread would be 10. S.Florida doesn't have a game-changing home crowd. Pitt is the better team. ($50)

NEBRASKA (-6) over Missouri
Misery stinks. Cornhuskers break out the wood-shed spanking. I feel it. ($50)

CAL (-16) over Ucla
I continue riding the Cal bandwagon. Love, love, love this team. ($75)


Colts (+3) over PATS
C'mon, did they not prove themselves last week? I can't believe they are getting points again. I'm taking them on the money line. They are winning out-right. While your at it make this my over/under pick too. Over 48. ($100 for the game, $50 for the over)

Broncos (+2) over STEELERS
Another confusing line. I know Heinz Field is tough but damn. I might forfeit the line here too and go moneyline. I smell a nice parlay brewing. ($50)

JAGS (-9) over Titans
Jags crush Titans at home....this is money. Fred Taylor and Jones-Drew are a two headed monster. It don't matter who the QB is. ($150)

NINERS (+5) over Vikes
Niners always play well after getting raped the week before. This game will be scary close for the Vikes. Hence the bet on them +5. Alex Smith is not Tom Brady but it seems like that Vike D is suspect. ($50)

Just Teasing (I'm like 8-1 on these)

Broncos +14
Colts +15
Chargers @ pickem'
Cowboys +9

Hi Bill.

Throwing away my crutches...

OK, I'll bring a few things to the table today.

I must admit that I'll be doing less blogging in the next couple of months. Work is getting crazy on me lately. I haven't been around much this week as a result. I've decided to put my regular blog on hold until I get some stuff done. But, I believe I can still contribute here once a week.

By the way... I've also offered up some administrative control here on the blog. If any of our contributors feel the need to make an update on a link or the top of the page and I'm not around, one of you can do it in my absence. But I have to give you control. I gave Zeke some control. All I had to do was check his name on the box. I can give it to a few more of us too. Let me know.

I'll throw up a few things to get the ball rolling today...

- Saw the NBA opening night last night for a while. I did catch some of the Sixers and Hawks game. I'm pretty sure this will be the best the Sixers will look all season.

After last night, I can confidently say that the Sixers are better than the Atlanta Hawks.

But after that, it's a wash.

- So I'm cruising, and I come across this artcle. Keith Van Horn turns down $5 million dollars this season to spend more time with his family.

Despite the fact that I own a Keith Van Horn Sixers jersey, I have never been a huge fan. I only bought the jersey because it was an authentic and very cheap on the clearance rack. I always viewed him as someone who could have been so much better in this game, but was content to be a marginal star.

However, I find this story interesting. It's one of those things you can look at two ways. He decided not to take a position wth an NBA team for the midlevel exception in order to spend time with his family instead of playing ball. This can be viewed as either...

A. He's a family man who is more concerned about quality time with his family than money.

B. It's an example of why he never became great in this game... no competitive fire.

Probably some of both, in my mind.

Shanoff would say.... "So who is your favorite NBA Star who should have been better than he was and why?"

- Patriots and Colts this weekend... I'm going on record as saying I think Peyton get's ball dipped by Tom Brady this weekend. I think someone else earlier in the blog said that too, so I know I'm not the first. But I'm just adding my opinion.

When I lived in Boston, watching Patriots games with my friends was a weekly ritual during football season. Patriots and Colts games were more fun because it was an excuse for us to just rag on Peyton Manning. He never has good games in Foxboro.

After Peyton's dad Archie influenced Eli's career by advocating that he get the hell out of San Diego, we used to make jokes about Peyton calling his dad on the phone, saying "DAAAADDDD, they're making me play in Foxboro again! Please do something!"

By the way... my friend's names were not J-Bug and House. I just realized those last two paragraphs were very SG of me. So sorry.

- Speaking of SG, I believe he was the one who wrote about the Celtics having dancing girls at their games for the first time this season, and how Auerbach said it would only happen "over my dead body". Then Auerbach dies right before the home opener where the Celtics were about to debut their new dance team for the first time.

I just thought I'd submit the link for all of you to enjoy.

This is what Red missed out on.

By the way... I recommend Danielle for your viewing pleasure, especially for her favorite movie.

And Alexis, who I linked to, her lifetime goal is absolutely freaking hilarious!

That's all I got today. I miss my crutch.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mr. Meiz's NBA Preview for 2006-07

As e-mailed to me, The Rev, and reposted word for word here in this forum. The opinions below are that of one Mr. Meiz straight out of Milwaukee. And the words below are his.

Hope you all enjoy this. Now, I will turn it over to Mr. Meiz. Thank you, Meiz!



This NBA preview contains no actual statistical analysis and, was written by a drunken buffoon. Send your complaints to suckabloodytampon@gmail.cum

Eastern Conference

1. New Jersey Nets
I just have a feeling about this team. They get to beat up on the worst division in the league night in and night out. VC’s playing for a contract, Kristic is coming into his own and, Ason Kidd will be Ason Kidd. It just seems like these guys love to play for Larry Frank. He’s the little guy that nobody respected and they’re full of vets that have a sense of pride in overachieving. This brings me to the next team.

2. Miami Heat
I suppose they can’t be written off as not being contenders although they have made no changes or improvements this year. Shaq is a year older, GP is a year older, J-Will is a year older… Sure they have Wade but I’m not completely sold on him just quite yet. Does he really deserve to get calls that Money didn’t even get? You’re a fool to think that the NBA isn’t rigged and that the Miami Heat won’t be in the Eastern Conference Finals. I almost forgot to add that Udonis Haslem has a “Diesel” tattoo. How gay is that? You couldn’t get your own nickname? Yes, I’m a hater.

3. Chicago Bulls
How on earth is this happening? The Bulls are making a return to glory. The Wallace signing was key, obviously, but he’s getting older. PJ Brown shouldn’t see a whole lot of action, but he will be instrumental in how far this team will go. Yes, guard play dominates this team and that’s how Paxson and Skiles built it. The guards are defensively sound and pretty lanky with my man Luol Deng wreaking havoc on the perimeter. They’ll get it done running and throwing plenty of lobs. Just an electric team if they don’t get bogged down or tired. I don’t think they will.

4. Deeeetroit Pistons
I get the feeling that the Pistons are certainly flying under the radar this year. Everyone thinks they’ll be decent but not great. I think we’ll get to see them run a LOT more this year than in the past. Hashweed will continue to be a MAJOR threat all over the court even though he’s starting to age. You’ll see, Iam will tell you so. Tayshaun’ll get more buckets with the smaller lineup, Chauncey will continue to prove that he’s a premiere player in the league even though he seems to get nothing from the media. I think he feels sleighted. I’d be surprised if the Pistons don’t win 50 games this year.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers
They haven’t improved and LeBron continues to be the premiere player in the league. What more is there to this team? Am I missing something? Larry Hughes! Whoop-dee-fucking-doo! Bron doesn’t defer to him, he defers to Big Z. I really have nothing to say about the Cavs. LeBron will carry them to third in the Central. That’s it. Who cares? Does anyone think this is really a potentially GOOD team? I want to know. How old is Eric Snow? 45? Shit, he looks like it. I could ramble on and on about how un-special this team is and how the national media thinks they’ll be special, but I won’t. I just don’t get it.

6. Washington Wizards
A team that will reach its apex this season, and that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot. Sorry Zeke. I thought they had more in them than what they look like. THEY ARE WHO WE THINK THEY ARE! I just don’t think that there are enough basketballs for this team. 0 will get his 27-30, Jamison will get whatever the hell it is he gets and Caron Butler will get frustrated. Who plays defense for them? Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas? No thanks.

7. Milwaukee Bucks
(Homer Alert!)
Now here’s a team that’s going places! Potential for having a premiere frontcourt? Check. Top level shooting guard? Check. Shitty coach who’s gonna get canned for a proven name? Check. Sports Guy’s brother Bobby? Check. Smells like a winner to me. Then again I’m probably completely wrong. Bogut could prove to be fragile and, completely ruin the franchise. I’m already preparing for that. Either way, there’s always a pleasant surprise and I think this is the Bucks team that could do it. I even think they may be able to run Miami out of the first round. You can’t possibly think Father Time can get up and down with Bogut and Gadzuric, do you? I just pray to God that Terry Stotts gets fired soon. He has no clue how to run this team. Yes, I AM available, Senator Kohl. Gimme a call.

8. Indiana Pacers
I know, they should be higher but, someone always slips and, someone always gets left out. The Pacers have the most potential to self-destruct simply because Stephen Jackson has already fired his pistol multiple times this season. JO has proven to be a consummate pro throughout his NBA career. I really like him. Balls hard every night and, keeps his bitching to a minimum. Ah but, re-enter Al Harrington. I loved him for Fantasy #s in the ATL but, now he comes back to Indy as a complimentary player. Do you think HE knows that? I don’t. This team is about O’Neal inside and Steve Jackson outside. Al’s the third option. We’ll see how he handles that.

9. Boston Celtics
Do I really need to address this team? Won’t we get enough from Simmons? Auerbach died, yadda, yadda. Paul Pierce is the man and Telfair is not the point that they wanted. Al Jefferson continues to not develop into a real pro and they continue to run circles around themselves. If I knew how to type a fart noise, this is where it would debut.

10.Orlando Magic
This is my choice for the team to be left out. I know, Boston’s ahead of them, but someone is bound to fall. I really do like this Magic team with the core that they have. Major youth movement happening and potential for three double-double guys. ( Jameer, Howard and, yes, Darko). I just don’t see them getting over the hump this year, maybe next. I’m running out of gas at this point as I don’t really care about these teams that much. It’s gonna get brief.

11.Toronto Raptors
Not even close yet. They lack talent and may have made a terrible trade for TJ Ford. Basically it’s Chris Bosh and nothing else. They’ll try to run and, won’t get it done. Bryan Colangelo is a proven basketball mind and will probably turn it around eventually.

12.Charlotte Bobcats
Lots of youth and oodles of talent. They probably should be number 11 but again I don’t really care. Can Gerald Wallace stay healthy? Can the ‘stache play D and shoot in NBA traffic? I don’t know. I think they’ll be fine in the future. This franchise seems like it’s being built properly. They could get 30 wins.

13.New York Knicks
Isiah Thomas. You sleep in the bed you make. Sorry El Pad, I have nothing to add about this circle jerk that has become the New York Knicks. Who’ll be traded first? Will Isiah quit? Will David Stern have him killed? Will the Sports Guy and Hench beat his ass when he confronts him? Anything can happen at this point.

14.Philadelphia 76ers
Don’t fool yourselves, Rev and Los. This team will stink like 3 Mile Island. I give lots of credit to Alley I for being a true warrior through out his career, but this is damn near the end of the line. He needed out and didn’t get it. Iverson won’t allow them to be the worst and, will do that on his own. I just don’t think they have the coaching or the drive. Younger teammates seeing AI physically and mentally downtrodden will affect them. Maybe they could be better than the Knicks, but I don’t think they have the talent.

15.Atlanta Hawks
Finally! This shit is over for now! I’m waiting to see where DB has these guys ranked. Not that he’ll actually do a full preview. The Hawks are young and talented and full of guys waiting to get noticed by the other teams so they can get the hell out. What kind of NBA franchise draws…wh…what?!? Okay, I just looked it up and, there is NO WAY Atlanta gets 15,000 fans per game. NONE. Not a fucking chance! Once again, the NBA is rigged.

Western Conference

1. Dallas Mavericks
What to say about the likely NBA champs… Dirk continues to be the best big in the Association and, the rest of the team continues to play team ball and believe in Avery Johnson’s system and theories. Devin Harris, I believe, will show that he’s more than capable of running a championship team. Jason Terry needs to figure out that he needs to play more D and, take less ill-advised shots. I think he can improve his efficiency this year if he tones it down a touch. Josh Howard has his ultimate opportunity to really show if he has game for real. I really think this team is the class of the NBA.

2.Phoenix Suns
Nothing really new here but, that’s not a bad thing. Nash will continue to run the most exciting team in the NBA to a “T” and, Amare is back this year. If Stoudemire is healthy, they WILL challenge Dallas for the West crown. I wish I could come up with more to say about them but, what more can I say? Everybody expects lots out of them and that’s probably what we’ll get. I don’t buy into the pundits picking them to win it all. Sexy picks almost never live up to the hype. Nonetheless, the Suns will be a tip-top team this year. No Surprises here.

3.Denver Nuggets
Not much new here either. I think they’ll miss Reuben Patterson on defense but, if Nene and K-Mart can stay healthy, it won’t be a big deal. Carmelo is most likely looking to get nearly 30 a game this year. If he could figure out how to rebound and be tough, he could finally make that push into the Wade-LeBron class that he so much desires. #3 seems a little high for them, but I just don’t think Utah can take this division.

4.LA Clippers
The big test year for them. I think they can go pretty deep this season on the shoulders of Elton Brand and behind the leadership of coach Cassell. Shaun Livingston seems to be the real deal and, being sided up with Corey Maggette and Cat Mobley really brings big-time depth to this backcourt. The big question this season is if Mike Dunleavy can keep Daniel Ewing off the court. Oh, living up to expectations and hype might end up being trying too.

5.San Antonio Spurs
As I said, there’s always a team that slips and, I think the Spurs are it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your team be the underachievers at the 5 spot? I think Timmay returns to his old self this year. He just didn’t seem right last season, no? Manu’s big expectations and then his pressing to fill them was a problem for the team last year, in my opinion. I’m not sure where he finished but, Tony Parker lead the league in points in the paint for most of the season, if not all year. How wild is that? The Spurs are still in good shape but the wild, wild west is just that. Wild.

6.Utah Jazz
Not really a surprise with putting them here, seeing that a lot of people expect a lot out of them this year. They have two box score fillers in AK-47 and Okur. Both are legit double-double threats every night. Kirilenko could even be close to a triple-double every time he takes the court. Deron Williams seems to be adjusting well to the pro game with his thick frame and penetration ability. Can Jerry Sloan bring this team back to prominence? I think so. They may not be quite ready but, I think this core is really nice.

7.LA Mambas
Three words: Ko-be, Ko-be, Ko-be. Okay, that’s not all that this team is now. Lamar Odom may be more comfortable with Bryant this season and, the young guys know how to defer to those two. Defense might be an issue, but Philly Jack can reel anybody in. There ain’t much more to this team other than seeing if Andrew Bynum can develop into a true pro and if Big Red’s kid can continue his growth. I like this squad even if you don’t. Suck it.

I just like typing that. Not a real shocker if they make the post-season. Good talent and a real good point guard in Chris Paul. Look for David West to improve on his sneaky numbers from last year. He’s good. No lie. I don’t think they’ll be anything special, but they’ll make the playoffs. This is the West’s “They are who we think they are” team.

9.Houston Rockets
WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO!?!?!? Not the playoffs, unfortunately. I think T-Mac could be traded this year if, they’re bad enough. They should make the playoffs, but I just have a feeling they’ll miss out. Battier is a nice addition. They just haven’t done anything else. Can you really trust your franchise to Rafer Alston? I didn’t think so. The And1 guys don’t even respect him anymore. Juwan will probably be gone by the deadline also. I think this could be a train-wreck in the making. Add- They also have Yahoo!’s lowest ranked fantasy player in John Lucas. Never a good sign.

10.Memphis Express
That’s what their name was gonna be if FedEx had their way. I think this is just going to be a down year for the Grizz. Just a team stuck in a conference that is ultra-competitive. I really have no dukes on them since they don’t actually have any fans. On a bright note, you can get your “Gay” jerseys in teal. This franchise is in major need of a hurricane.

11.Sacramento Kangs
Okay, maybe they should be ahead of Memphis, but I don’t really care. Who does? Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Shareef. Too much talent to suck, but it will happen. I hate the West. This shit gives me a headache. There simply isn’t enough playoff spots for all the West teams. I’m basing this ranking partly on their horrendous alternate unis. The Maloofs have too much money to look so bad. It’s 10:30. I’m officially drunk.

12.Golden State Warriors
I gotta give the Warriors some due only because my all-time favorite player is Chris Mullin. Yes, I just openly admitted that and, I’m damn proud of it. Unfortunately the man is a shitty GM/Head of Basketball Operations or whatever he is. Hopefully he’s just drunk again. Look for Baron Davis and Jason Richardson to openly have a contest to see who can be traded first, while Dunleavy hangs out and collects his GIANT paycheck. Nice job Mully. Oh, Troy Murphy is a nice player too. Double-double machine. He should try to get traded also.

13.Minnesota Timberwolves
I honestly almost forgot their name as I was typing it. I nearly put TimberRattlers, a Mariners minor league team. KG’s gonna kill someone or quit. They’re fucked. 25&12 for Garnett and that’ll be it. Mike James is NOT the answer. Is Ricky Davis still on this team? Does it even matter? McHale should trade KG. This franchise needs to rebuild. They had a shot 2-3 years ago and, missed their chance. Fold your hand, Kevin.

14.Seattle Sonics
Look for Rashard Lewis to blow up this season because ownership is looking to move him and the team. I heard that the coach was told to give him more touches to up his trade value. NEVER a good sign. I don’t even have anything about Shuttlesworth. He’s been the same guy for the last decade. The Sonics just can’t compete.

15. Portland Bengals
Oops. Was that a typo? Zach Randolph will still be greedy and not give the young guys their touches. Is there really anything else to this team? I really think this is the team that should be moved, not the Sonics. No way Bill Gates would have let this happen. The Portland Trailblazers need to be tampon dipped.

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"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

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