Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A History Lesson

As rejected by Wiki (they're racist)..

The Lordz of Vengeance (LOV) is an interactive sports community which was started in August of 2006. It is run by the users, for the users and of the users. It is the web's premier location for sports discussion, team hating, and random sarcastic flavor and finding SFW soft-porn links.

The LOV was born after a mutiny and defection of readers from Kevin Cott's own "sports" blog. Cott reached internet faux-fame due to his internship for ESPN's Bill Simmons, aka, The Sports Guy (SG). SG had an online contest, voted on by his readers, as to which contestant would win the competition. His duties under Simmons entailed creating a page of "daily links" and funny stories and he also was given the opportunity to post a couple columns on ESPN's Page 2. Following his internship, Cott, a law student, was still bitten by the sports journalism bug and decided to continute his writing endeavors on Blogspot.com/Blogger.com.

His fanbase was used to having daily posts, although it was clear from the beginning that he was only continuing this as a part time gig. Still, Cott garnered enough hits and had an amount of built-in readership that made others question his squandering of said fanbase. His infrequent posting and lack of attention to the blog led to his comments section being overrun by his readers. An online version of "Lord of the Flies"-style behavior ensued, and the blog was basically taken over by the bored, starved masses. Sports or no sports, discussions raged on.

While Cott toiled with the labors of school and the "real world", some of the weary readers started to rumble about making their own blog. At first the idea was scoffed at by some on the boards, but others were quite serious. As the cries of "Viva La Revolution!" rose, so did the pioneers. The venerable '''Reverend Smokin Steve''' acted as founding father for the cause and, at the request of the willing, was encouraged to set up the new site. He then put out an open invite to the community and fellow sports bloggers to join. There were questions of whether the idea would work, or if they would even draw enough readers, but fighting for "The Cause" takes time, even with contributors signing up instantly. Slowly but surely the site found its groove, and "organized chaos" began.

The site was originally set up as Sons of KC, (www.sonsofkc.blogspot.com), an ode to Kevin Cott's failed blog. The cast of willing contributors included Rev. Smokin Steve, isiah thomas, JFreak (who penned the groundbreaking first post in LOV history), mound of venus, and iamunstoppable. El Padrino, who contributed guest columns at first, was later added as a full time member. After awhile, the commenters agreed on a name change, abandoning the Sons of KC moniker, and going for the Lordz of Vengeance title. "Vengeance" was to be served by Cott, who promised a newfound dedication to his own blog, but that never surfaced. The sarcastic nature of the LOV faithful took this as a cue for their new title. Sarcasm, witty banter, and an eye for calling out sports columnists' inaccuracies are what makes the LOV blog one of the go-to places for getting your sports opinion heard.

The members rotate daily posting duties, which consist of recapping the current hot topics, season previews, betting columns, and also original sports columns. Readership grew substantially, and the daily banter and posted links resulted into an alternate gaming site, www.lordzofgamez.com, courtesy of steve.

Hol-i-day, far away.. lets go today, in a heartbeat!

hope everybody has a hateful halloween.. hopefully somebody here likes Weezer (the title). if not, screw ya.

so tuesday, as of now, is acting as the cockblock of the week. basketball starts tonight and i just want tuesday ov'a. (hova!) gimme some new hoops action. Meiz is dropping an NBA preview tomorrow, so tune in a get prepared before watching The Lebron's rematch with Gilbert imcrazylikeamug,butichokedlastyearintheplayoffs Arenas on wednesday night. you just know he's gonna take this game as his personal vendetta game.. although Bron knows regular season stuff doesnt matter. the Pistons know this too.. damn, is it bad to want the playoffs to start now instead? screw the reg. season..

also, we'll finally get to see the new ball in action. yes it's been out there during preseason, but nobody watches, so this is the real coming out party. mark cuban had some University testing the ball.. seriously, how about we spend our time on more absolutely worthless shit than that? is there anything more of a waste of time? oh yes, larry brown's contract.. thats a waste of time, but thankfully the drama is over. except, wait.. is it? they arent releasing the details. wait 3 weeks and larry will pop. that bitch cant keep his mouth shut. so basically its just a delay of information, rather than flat out not releasing the deets. "give me tiiiiiiiime..."

but speaking of teams that play for the playoffs.. Mr. Brady was like a freaking surgeon last night.. "Nurse, scalpel!" absolutely sliced up a mediocre Viking team. very Peyton-esque (speaking of another Only Playoffs Guy).

sticking to the foosball, something that rolled out last night.. Curtis Martin's season is shut down before it even began. logical thinking seems to be that his career is over as well. so time for the pundits to aruge of C-Mart being Hall worthy.. it's been brought up over Terrell Davis and now Tiki, so you know somebody will at least make the case.

alrighty, this is your halloween tuesday... dress up, get drunk, steal candy from kids.. all the usual.

hi bill..

oh, and WhAts yOUr fAVoRitE cOStuMe eVAr??? let me know in the comments section!!!111

Monday, October 30, 2006


Alright its time for the weekend recap.

First, AZ "observes" DST. Yet we don't adjust our clocks. Go figure. So now I'm only 2 hours behind EST. Weird.

Also, I received another phone book over the weekend. I've lived here a little over a year and now have 9 phone books. Yes you heard a niner.

Saw "The Departed" on Saturday. As I was watching it I was thinking how good it was. When it was over I felt a little unfulfilled and/or cheated. I'm not sure if Marty S was mocking the audience. I'll leave it at that.

Onto the sports recap...

Perhaps the biggest stories....RIP

Joe Niekro (brain aneurysm)
Trevor Berbick (187)
Red Auerbach (old)

If you’re a hoops fan of any kind you know who Red is. I won’t rehash his greatness here nor rip Phil Jackson in a Red testimonial like Chris Sheridan. If nothing else, Red taught us that copious amounts of cigar smoking is good for the body as he was 89 and loved to light up stogies. RIP.


STL wins the World Series. Detroit can’t execute Little League plays. W-T-F. Also, Brandon Inge, yikes. Some of those throws to 3rd were horrible but he was constantly falling all over the place.


Tony Stewart wins yesterday in ATL. 3 races left in the Chase and its still pretty tight. Stewarts go-to move after winning is scaling the fence by the starters stand. #20 is not a small man. One day he is going to bite it. I hope I’m watching.


Yeah I logged some time with the PBA yesterday. Doug Kent captured the USBC Masters. He won in a “roll-off” in his first match.


Seriously, WTF is 60 Minutes doing giving ND a free recruiting advertisement? Repeat, WTF.

I won’t call this a shocker as they’ve played like shit for the last month but SC losing to Oregon St. Poo.

UM won as did OSU so they’re still on course for the greatest hype of all time.


Bill Cowher needs to make Big Ben sleep with the fishes. How many more INTs does the guy have to throw yet you still trot him out there. Getting an L hung on you by Oak? WTF.

Say what you want about Peyton but he’s playing some damn good football. His team’s D sucks as it gave up 30+ to a team that could barely score but Manning was damn near perfect.

And Bears fans, yes your team is rolling. But come on, that is a CFB I-AA schedule you’re playing.

The NBA starts this week, I still need to order the league pass.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Oakland just beat the Pittsburgh Steelers despite the Raiders not being able to even gain 100 total yards on offense.

Combine that with the Giants win over the Tampa Bay Bucs today, and I am happy to announce that Bryan2857 is now the winner of the first ever LOV Suicide Pool for 2006.

Congratulations, Bryan. E-mail me your mailing address to mybigfatf_kinhead@yahoo.com and I will send out your prize.

Thank you to all who played. I hope it was fun for you too.

Friday, October 27, 2006

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column

I've decided that I will write a forward to each betting column from here on out. Something usually small but not limited and most of the time it will be about sports. All kind of sports. Even Pro Wrestling.

Whoa. A team that won 83 regular season games might win the show.
3-1--- not for nothing but now is not the time to play shoddy defense Detroit.
As far as Zumaya goes, the harder he throws the farther the ball will go.
I'm convinced if that was a 95 instead of 100, Monroe catches that ball.
Here's to hoping Detroit gets it back to Comerica for at least game 6.

It's not too early to talk NFL draft is it? What do you think?


This is my day dammit.

I think Marshawn Lynch will be the best back available. I've watched most of Cal's games and even though there are other backs who are better statistically, we all know that doesn't always transpire into being a good pro (see Ron Dayne). He has power and speed. Reminds me of Stephen Jackson.

NBA talk for a minute....If you think the Knicks are going to be terrible again, your half right. They may be, but they may be a surprise in the EAST and may even challenge for a 7 or 8 seed in the playoffs. That's if Zeke runs the team the way he should. Fast, up-tempo basketball similar to the way the Suns play. They have shooters, slashers, and passers. Only Eddy Curry and Jerome James slow them down. Think about it. Yes I'm a Knick fan but I'm being real here. That's all I got on the NBA cuz I know we got a guest spot coming up with a preview and I don't want to take anything away from it.

Does Ed Werder sleep?
Is it me or does John Clayton pop a boner everytime he talks football? I bet he's a virgin.

Holyfield fights Nov 11 against a big spanish dude. Why? And it's pay-per-view.
Is anyone ordering this?

Jobing.com? WTF? Way to go Arizona. Imagine the Coyotes have a real good year and make it to the NHL finals........
THE NHL FINALS ON ABC!!!! (cue John Mellencamp crapola).
What a disaster.
Jobing.Com Stadium

Ok I'm done for now, onto the picks.

OREGON St. (+12) over Usc
Usc is abysmal against the spread this year. This means either one of two things. Either play in the Pac10 has improved or USC is overated. I choose the latter. They have not dominated lately. In fact, they are college football's New England Patriots. Just winning. Which is ironic cuz Pete Carroll coached NE years back (Hi Bill) ($25)

WISCONSIN (-21) over Illini
48-17 final. I have nothing else to add here. ($100)

Florida (-14) over Georgia
Two weeks to prepare for a not so good Georgia team and coming off a loss to Auburn....
Florida might whip up on these dawgs pretty bad. I expect to see alot of Timmy Tebow.


PANTHERS (-5) over The Romo's
Two words for you. Romo time! A short week of preperation for Julius Peppers and co. Granted they are not the best defense but they are pretty damn good at sacking the QB. and I don't think John Fox is going to get out-foxed by an undrafted shitstain from Eastern Carolina, Div II ball. ($50)

TITANS (-3) over Texans
Vince Young with two weeks of prep work. Texans happy that they won last week. This is like the first time in a long time that the Titans are home favorites. Let's see if they come through. ($25)

Colts (+2) over BRONCOS
Colts are getting points for the first time since 2003. Only other time they have gotten points have been when they have already clinched and Jim Sorgi was the 2nd half QB. You want to know what happen when they got points back in 03'? They won outright both times. Let's see how good that Bronco defense is. ($50)

Rams (+9) over CHARGERS
Rams, feisty, playing well under first year coach, two weeks to prepare a gameplan for Tomlinson and Bulger playing real well. 9 points is too much. I'll gladly be a sucker and take them. ($40)

Packers/Cardinals over 44 ($35)

Just Teasing

Rams +21
Jets +14
Colts +14
Bears +3

El Padrino's record is knotted at 34-34-1.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Suicide Pool... Week 8 for the record

Just putting this up for the record now that Blogger has it's act together for now.

The remaining three players picks from past weeks...

Temwr - Broncos, Bears, Colts, Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
Eric - Patriots, Chargers, Bears, Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Bryan - Patriots, Broncos, Panthers, Browns, Ravens, Bears, Chargers

This week's picks are...

Temwr - Steelers
Eric - Steelers
Bryan - Giants

The Steelers go to Oakland, and the Giants host Tampa Bay this week.

Good luck!

Another Boring Thursday

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Another rainout. This has got to be some record for a postseason. Screw you Mother Nature. People have been talking about who this will help the most, and honestly, I don't care.

I don't care about the World Series.

Seems hard to say, but I know it's true.

I guess I'm passively rooting for the Tigers, but I just had this feeling before the Series started that the Cardinals would win. Way too many people were picking the Tigers. Like 80% of polls on espn.com.

Bledsoe no mo'

Dolphin safe Tuna names Romo starter. Honestly, who cares? Somewhere along the line the Cowboys named themselves "America's team". This falls along the lines of giving yourself a nickname, and is therefore unacceptable. I propose hate rains down upon Dallas and "Valley Ranch". I'm actually upset that I know where the 'Boys practice. I don't even know where my team practices. (I could drive there, but it doesn't have a name) Seriously though, do we need Ed Werder out there with hourly reports? I guess I can take some solace that they aren't talking about TO. Not much, but some.


I feel very slighted. I traded for Shawne Merriman in Madden. And then he comes out and does this? This is not good for my team morale. Bottom line, if you are getting tested for steriods, you damn well better make sure the supplements you are taking don't make the test be positive. He really needs to get more flak for this. Maybe a new nickname will do. We need to brainstorm.

Flipping crash

Weirdest news of the week for me. Montae Reagor flipped his SUV. Strangest thing was I was driving past there about 1:20. Glad I was speeding so I made it through there quicker. Coulda been in a crash with my freaking awesome car. Wouldn't want that thing to get smashed.

And, as always

Hi Bill.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting this out of the way early

Just figured I'd write this early so everyone would have it in the morning.

First of all, the suicide pool is now close to crunch time.

Temwr87 - Broncos
Eric - Patriots
Bryan - Patriots

Cam - Jaguars
ElP - Eagles
Jaywhite - Jaguars

With three players left, it really gets interesting.

Now we have a shot at possibly having a winner this week if two guys get knocked out and one survives.

And, now the possibility exists that you could be saved for another week if all three of you lose. You would all carry over to the next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

A few thoughts...

- As I'm watching Game 3 of the Series, my fiancee catches a view of the TV, and Yadier Molina is up. She remarks to me, "That guy looks like a girl."

Gee, I never thought of that until now. I guess it has something to do with his facial features. I don't know.

All I know is that I can't look at Yadier Molina anymore without thinking about that comment.

Some guys just need to have a goatee at all times to erase all doubt.

- Charlie Weis is wondering why Notre Dame is slipping to 11th in the polls.

Well, for years we've always wondered why Notre Dame rose in the polls so many times when they shouldn't have. There is a slight bit of karma in South Bend after all.

But I think they will get their top 10 ranking back witht he cakewalk they have coming up.

ND's schedule coming up... all three service academies and North Carolina before finally going to USC.

The combined record of the next 4 opponents before USC... 12-15.

Well, to be honest, North Carolina's 1-6 record alone really drags that number down.

But it's still a cakewalk.

- Allen Iverson and Chris Webber... pumping gas?


- And one last article to link.

There's an unnamed bullpen coach acting like Deep Throat did in the Watergate era, ratting out pitchers across the majors and talking about how widespread the cheating tactics are.

Check it out here.

It might explain why LaRussa was so silent.

That's all I got today. Enjoy your hump day. And... if Bill Simmons makes any jokes today about Yadier Molina looking like a girl, just remember you read it here first.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The turn of the tide..


(Ba-bum ba-bum!)

da-da-da da-daaaaaaaa!

TO = MNF = Dropped passes = not mouthing off = 1st time ever = beautiful thing!

We witnessed TO relegated to sitting down and being quiet because he finally couldn't yell at anyone.. he only could blame himself for The Drop. Chomp a chode, TO. We hate you.

it's tuesday morning hack time! everybody bitch about Bledsoe and his suckiness! yay! keep up that chant for Romo.. oh wait.. same end result!

Yes, it was a small surprise that the Little D actually made the change, if only because it was a MNF game. Obviously the change was going to be made, but against the Giants? Hmm. Tuna of the Sea meet the Titanic, cause your shiat is goin down. This ship can't be righted at this point.. you need a massive overhaul on the gals on the O-line. You can't keep a QB upright, no matter who it is. Bledsoe is not the problem. Oh, dont get me wrong, Bledsoe *is* a problem. He's just not their biggest problem right now.

But you're not really gonna go anywhere with Bledsoe anyways, just in general, so might as well start the Romo era. That's what you get though.. Dallas knew they were pinning their hopes to a 2nd string/veteran backup guy. He is what he is, and you get what you get.

Also this weekend, we had a number of QBs get banged up. Hasselnutsack, Little Ben, and even Peyton got pulled like taffy.. so to the 'Jaws' and the Mike Irvins of the world.. yeah, they are definitely 'protecting' the QBs too much. Will anyone be fined for these hits? Probably not, because they werent really blatant & deserving.. but usually it calls for a 2nd look when a Q' gets hurt.

Back to speaking of football teams that self-destruct... (well, this is at least their city).. this guy from Philly kept it real.

And a 'sucks to be you' moment for the Gints.. Arrington is out. For awhile.

World Series stuff for a second, other than tonight being a key momentum game.. as a follow up, I'm going to go on record that the media is such a fat sack of crap and I hate them.. ESPN is officially making a living off of making up stories. Kenny Rogers and "I broke paper"-gate. If he would've had this on his hand for more than 1 inning, it would've been a story. He had it on for ONE inning, which wasn't even his strongest inning, and then pitched 7 more scoreless. The man is on fire. A second reason as to why this probably was a setup (by Kenny).. Tony (Daniel-san) Larussa made a comment about "not letting someone intimidate you". Coupled with how Rogers was waving his hand around excessively in that first, touching his hat (front to back) numerous times, I think it was more to get in the head of the batters. I'm sure all of the pitchers on both sides used a little something in that cold weather. That's not really up for debate, because why wouldn't Larussa check him? Cause his own guys would be checked, that's why. But Kenny definitely put it out there in plain view, I think to screw with the Card's batters.. and it worked.

Following my ADD train of thought... seriously, this Merriman with steriods thing is getting swept under the rug like you wouldnt believe. We go from his retarded 'machine gun arms' celebration and being The Next, to him being pumped up because he's on greenies.. yet hardly anyone cares. Good timing buddy.

You want a WTF? In West Philadelphia, born and raised...

Hoopsketball is coming soon.. didnt take too long after Jay-Z entered the NBA realm to get rappers and ballers involved in shootings. But I think the main story here is one that is being completely overlooked. The rapper Fabolous' real name is "Skylar John Jackson". Skylar.

Once had a waiter at Red Lobster named Sky, and he was awful. Skylar aint much better. If youre a 6 yr old girl, we're cool, if not.. the name has got to go. Thanks "Fabolous".

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Hi Bill!

Monday, October 23, 2006

New Classics

“New Classics” – I saw this on a menu this weekend at a restaurant. Didn’t get it, but I think it applies somewhat to what I’d like to open with…..

Which is…….Tiki Barber is NOT a HOF’er.

First, he’s doesn’t pass the initial “Tiki Barber HOF” test. You say it out loud and it doesn’t sound right. Say “Barry Sanders HOF” then “Tiki Barber HOF” back-to-back, you’ll get my point.

Second, take a closer look at his stats. By the time he’s done he’ll have over 10,000 yds rushing, which is good. In his 10 seasons, he’s gone over a 1000 yds 5 times with this year probably being sixth, again not too shabby. Yet let’s look deeper. To me a 1000 yd season isn’t a big deal anymore – that is only 63 yds per game. To me a good/great season by a RB is 1300+ yds. Of those, he’s only got 3 with this year potentially being his 4th. His receiving #’s are pretty good but not eye popping. So he’d have 4 really good years. If 4 really good years and 2 Superbowls isn’t good enough for Terrell Davis, it’s not good enough for Tiki. And in NYG’s SB run he wasn’t even the main back, he split time with Ron Dayne. Ron….Dayne.

Lastly, why is it when someone like Skunkpatch says “Tiki is a HOF”er” then everyone takes note like he’s Moses with the Commandments? Skunkpatch is obviously biased to NY players so I’m not listening to him on this debate. Tiki Barber, if he retires after this season, is not a HOFer.

He’d be competing with Faulk and Curtis Martin in his first year of eligibility and would be a year behind Bettis. Barber is not in their league. Sorry.

Now, weekend re-cap.


Detroit evens the WS at 1 game a piece. A story starting to garner some pub is the poo/dirt/pine tar on Kenny Rodgers hand in the first inning. I think the bigger story is why they don’t give the guy an immediate drug test. 1000% chance he’d fail it. He’s on something. First, he’s pitching like Cy Young. They kept flashing stats how Rodgers sucked in his previous post seasons, now he’s having one of the greatest post season runs in MLB history. And he’s jumping around, and ticking like he has terrets. But he’s clean? Riiiiiight. Game 3 on Tuesday. And Pujols herpes seems to be in remission.


Alright, enough with “And the legend of Brady Quinn grows” – that’s a direct quote from a NDC announcer. Sure, good comeback, but come on UCLA GACKKKKKKKKED it up. After they stopped ND on that 4th down play, UCLA was hamming it up on the sideline like the game was over; there was over 2 mins left. You knew UCLA would play prevent offense giving the ball back to ND. But 3 plays 80+ yds in 30 seconds. God damn. And whoever drafts Szmardia and Quinn will regret it. Quinn is still not a Heisman candidate and ND is not a good team. They should have 3 losses. I hope they get to a BCS game bc they will get destroyed. No one is bring up Chuck Weiss is overrated? Barely beating MSU and UCLA is not good.

UM jumps to #2 in the BCS. That’s 1 and 2 for the Big Ten for those scoring at home.


Then points leader Jeff Burton goes out in 42nd and #48 wins. Big points shake-up with #17 taking the lead. Nearly everyone is back in it. It will be a wild last 4 races.


Wild day. Lots of last second game winning FG’s, highlighted by a 62 yd prayer from Matt Bryant in Tampa. Keep giving me shots of McNabb after the game in stunned disbelief, I love it.

Shawn Merriman out 4 games for roids. Really? Another wild, crazed, hulking specimen of a man is dirty?

And RIP Nelson de la Rosa Pour out some liquor

New Classic Monday.

Hi Bill.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

NFL Sunday Stuff

Hello? 911?

I'd like to report an attempted murder!

The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to kill me!

62 fucking yard field goal from a guy who was 0-3 before this game from 40 yards or more... are you shitting me?

Oh by the way... the Philadelphia Eagles have not been behind in any football game with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter this season. Each of their three losses have come on the final play of the game.


By the way, these were the official suicide pool picks this week just for the record...

Temwr87 - Denver
Cam - Jaguars
ElP - Eagles
Eric - Patriots
Jaywhite - Jaguars
Bryan - New England

And ladies and gentlemen... three players are already knocked out with the Jaguars gacking it up big. Two players are safe for next week with the third one (Temwr and Denver) just getting underway as of this writing.

But really... I'm dead inside today when it comes to the NFL.

Matt Bryant... nice kick and all, but you can go fuck yourself!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column

I don't care about baseball anymore. Beltran your dead to me.

This is going to be quick, I have a serious test to take in about 6 hours that I am sure I will fail. And I already wasted half the night on the pathetic Mets who made Jeff Suppan look like Warren Spahn. Go fuck yourself St. Louis.

PENN STATE -18 over Illini ($50)
UCF -5.5 over Rice ($25)
Rutgers +6.5 over PITT ($25)

Eagles -5 over Bucs ($50)- Iggles better than Bungles

SEAHAWKS -6.5 over Vikes ($50)- Tough place to play

San Diego -5.5 over KC ($25)- Fuck Arrowhead, SD is real good

CLEVELAND +5 over Broncos ($25)- trap game for Broncs

MIAMI/Packers under 40 ($25)- real barnburner here folks

Just Teasing
Browns +17
Hawk/Vike game over 29
Pack +17
Pitts +10

Long weekend, after test going to the Pocono house. Have a good one.

Hi Bill.


Short and sweet... make em here!

The previous picks for the record...

ElP - Steelers, Jaguars, Chiefs, Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Cam - Broncos, Panthers, Colts, Eagles, Bengals, Bears
Eric - Chargers, Bears, Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Thejaywhite - Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Panthers, Colts, Cardinals
Temwr - Bears, Colts, Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
Bryan - Broncos, Panthers, Browns, Ravens, Bears, Chargers

Week 7, bitches!

25 million reasons to live

No, I don't have 25 million reasons to live, but today I have 136 reasons in my wallet.

First of all, here's the suicide pool update...

ElP - Steelers
Cam - Broncos
Eric - Chargers
Thejaywhite - Broncos
Temwr - Bears
Bryan - Broncos

Los - Redskins

Allow me to direct this next few sentences to my close personal friend Los, a man who I have known since we went to school together in second grade. I think I can say this to him without reservation since I know him so well... YOU DUMBASS!

I only say that for two reasons. First of all, you seemed like you regretted that pick the minute you made it. I could tell by the posting on the page right after I put it up. Secondly, everyone else this week picked teams and won with them that you could have used. You could have rode the Broncos bandwagon and lived another week.

But no, you had to hitch your wagon to Daniel Snyder and Tom Cruise. (It sounds so much worse when I word it like that, doesn't it?)

While it takes big hairy brass ones to do that which is commendable, and in a way I see why you did it because they were supposed to beat a team like Tennessee at home, I think we can classify this as an official suicide pool ball dip. Iam, please administer the punishment.

I would like to point out that Los has actually won money in a suicide pool in his past, so he is not an idiot when it comes to these things. And I love him in a very heterosexual way. So the dumbass comment should not be taken literally. However, I think this is the first week I was genuinely surprised by someone's pick. I just don't think you use a team like the Redskins under any circumstances unless you somehow have made it into week 15 and have much less options. Just my opinion. Anyone have a thought?

Onto other business...

- There's a game 7 in Major League Baseball tonight.

And as a Phillies fan it pains me to say this, but I find myself hoping the Mets win for one reason and one reason only... I want to see our boys ElP and Iam make a bet and have to follow through on it. It would make the blog so much fun to see those two go at it on the board throughout the World Series. And I know there are other Mets and Tigers fans who post here. So that would be classic. However, I don't know of any Cards fans who post here.

If the Cards win, we all would probably all hop on the Tigers bandwagon and it would be a lovefest on the blog. But if the Mets win, we then have legitimate tension between groups of fans. And of course, that makes this blog much more fun.

- You know, maybe I missed something. I was out of commission for a while on Tuesday. But did anyone post this video anywhere on the comments?

If not, then it simply must be posted here. If it was posted already, it definitely deserves a second look. But this video has all the words with no bleeps.

Dennis Green melts down after Monday night... UNCENSORED

Meltdowns... you gotta love 'em!

And just for fun, let's link a few classic sports meltdowns from Youtube for our enjoyment...

Various NFL coach meltdowns from PTI

Classic Mike Tyson

And from the world of comedy...

Andy Kaufman losing it on Jerry Lawler on David Letterman

Bill Hicks losing it on a heckler

The classics never get old!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday, Biatch

Kind of a slow day here midweek. Looking at the WWL.com’s main page there aren’t a lot of juicy headlines or stories. I could hear the virtual crickets as I was looking at their page. I’m sure this won’t stop Shanoff though.

I guess the biggest sports story is the NLCS, with STL taking game 5 from the Mets last night. Sorry EP, but I think the Mets are done unless they can pop off for 10 runs tonight. We’ll see.

A couple NFL players were suspended 4 games for banned substances. Shaun Rogers of the Lions and Matt Lehr of the Falcons. I bring this up bc Lehr is from my hometown. Ha.

Pro hoops are quickly creeping up on us. I’m ready. Haven’t ordered the NBA League Pass yet but I will. For any pro hoops fans out there that don’t have it, the League Pass is a must.

John Hollinger came out with his new player rankings for this season. Personally I don’t like the guy and could care less about his rankings, but ESPN was pimping them so I figured I’d mention it. The NBA doesn’t have the near the statistical analysis that MLB does and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m not trying to discredit Hollinger but I’m not quite sure what he brings to the table.

Since there isn’t a ton to recap I’ll give you a quick book review of Michael Lewis’ newest offering, The Blind Side (TBS).

I finished this over the weekend and was eager to read since I enjoyed Moneyball.

In TBS Lewis explores why offensive lineman, more specifically, the left tackle have become so highly paid. He mixes in NFL history with the story of Michael Oher. On the NFL side he explores how defensive players, such as LT and Chris Doleman reaked havoc on QB’s and offenses in general. Oher’s story is more along the lines of “kid from the wrong side of the tracks makes good”.

Lewis discusses how as NFL offenses evolved from mainly running attacks into more pass friendly attacks the need for better offensive lineman increased. Instead of being interchangeable pieces, the need arose for ath-a-leets who could keep crazed maniacs like LT off the QB. Lewis concentrates on Bill Walsh and how his “West Coast” passing attack, based on timing routes, placed a high emphasis on keeping the QB upright.

The NFL history/offensive evolution is the background of the book. In the foreground is the story of Michael Oher. Oher is a black kid from the west side of Memphis. He’s from a broken home and wasn’t amounting to much. He could barely read and write and was headed down the wrong path. Before his freshman year in high school an older friend takes him to the other side of Memphis to get a “Christian” education from an affluent, predominantly white school.

Oher is a huge kid around 6’6’’ 350 lbs. but had never played sports and for that matter rarely went to school. Not to give away the whole book but when the kid gets to this new school his life changes. A white family takes him in and nurtures him and his athletic ability. He becomes a left tackle and becomes a commodity. Lewis tells his tale quite well and it is somewhat compelling. The book ends with Oher as a sophomore at Ole Miss where he is the starting left tackle with aspirations of going to “the league”.

I recommend the book as it’s a quick read and tells a good story.

Best actors for me include : Denzel, Hanks and Cruise. Let’s continue to discuss this.

Wednesday, BIATCH.

Hi Bill.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok, I'll Talk Spot Start

On the College Football front, I think everyone is just holding out to see Michigan and Ohio State go at it while both are undeafeated.

O State: Indiana, Minnesota, at Illini, at Northwestern
Mich: Iowa, Northwestern, Ball State, at Indiana

Good chances of this happening, Go Blue.

Fassel got canned even though it first said he resigned. That's how it always goes. Anyway he was a good coach while in NY. He'll end up somewhere.

Good site. Hoops!
KG seemingly unhappy with his situation is Minnesota lashes out against Trenton Hassel.
Stephen Jackson was booed by Indy crowd everytime he touched the ball.
Read the site for more.

WTF of the day
Wesley Snipes hasn't filed a tax return in six years. Good job.

Hi Bill.

Monday, October 16, 2006


They can't explain. Tigers go from absolutely nobody caring, to everyone in their corner. Good calls by all the "analysts". You guys prove every single year that you really, truly, know your shit. Thanks for calling a Yanks-vs-whoever Series. (And here's a great read from the WWL)

This city is on fyyyyyre. And finally it's not from someone setting it in a car. It's emotional.

Anyways, not gonna write too much now cause I gotta hit the phones and internet to try to land tickets, cause I'm goin. Oh yes, I will be there. Guarantee it. I'll be standing outside at the very least.

Mets-Cards.... A dog fight. NY represented last night and showed that this should be a long series. The question is, who wants to lose to Detroit the most?

They should just suspend both U of Miami and Florida International for the rest of the season. Both schools. Get that shit out of sports. That was so intensely ghetto it wasnt even funny. Was that gang initiation time or what? I also loved the Miami player running at a FL player when his back was completely turned, then he ran right back to his crowd of teammates. Classy. And ballsy. This proves that UM has definitely not changed the type of person/player that it recruits. They basically hang out a juvey and see if any of the kids are athletic.

And there were some good games yesterday (from looking at the scores), but my ass sure didn't watch any of em... I was out with the masses scooping up Tigers memorabilia.

Ok, maybe I'll update later, but for now let's jump start the Monday..

"That's what i'm talkin about!"

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Suicide pool picks for week 6.. and general NFL musings

These are the picks...

Los - Redskins
ElP - Steelers
Cam - Broncos
Eric - Chargers
Thejaywhite - Broncos
Temwr - Bears
Bryan - Broncos

And as of this writing, one man is already down with Los falling. So the field is guaranteed to be smaller next week.

And for the first time in a while, we have three guys picking the same team in the Broncos. It looks like there is still room for the "Pick the team playing the Raiders" bandwagon.

And with so many teams getting their first win this week, we now turn our eyes to those Oakland Raiders as this year's 0-16 candidate.

Before anyone asks me... I give it up to the Saints this week. They are a damn good team. I am not upset with the Eagles' effort this week. In fact, I think there was a significant amount of time where the Eagles outplayed the Saints. But defensive mistakes on the Eagles end cost them. Those simply have to be fixed.
I'll be hanging around tonight for the night game in between work stuff. Feel free to chat it up.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

CFB Upset Saturday

Goodbye Iowa.

Smell ya later Georgia.

Some early upsets already today. More later?

I'll say this, as a UM fan, whenever they get upset they are never the biggest upset of the weekend. Not a good sign.

Adrian Peterson breaks his colarbone, done for the year. This guy is fragile. He might be a high NFL draft pick but he's brittle.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column

For the record my record is: 24-17-3
Not bad....onto the picks


Cal (-8) over WASH ST.
I've been riding Cal all year. Outside of the loss to the Vols they have been very, very good. I like the kid Lynch, I like Longshore and I like the coach. Wash St. to me don't match-up well with Cal. We'll see. ($50)

GEORGIA (-13) over Vandy
I guess cuz the Dawgs got smacked by Tennessee last week that this line is low. Should be giving 18 or so in my view.

Sure this has a little something to do with Mannigham being out but also the Wolverines haven't really struggled yet and as much as I hate to say it. They might be a little due. Happy Valley is not a fun place to play in so I expect the scoring to be limited. Michigan wins though, 18-13. ($25)


Bengals (-5.5) over BUCS
This seems like a sucker bet for some reason. But I'll step up and be the sucker if it is. Bengals off the bye week and thrashing by NE come in to Raymond James Stadium to a Gradowski (not a bd qb) led Buc team that is winless. It's been moslty winless because of the defense not the offense. Where is all pro Ronde Barber or Derrick Brooks? ($50)

BRONCOS (-15) over Raiders
Someone told me this week, "You can't take the Bronos giving 15 this week".
Um, yes you can. 35-6, final. ($100)

LIONS (+1) over Bills
Iam is going to berate me for this pick but they are due for a win. They blew two games already and the Bills are not exactly world beaters themselves. What a crappy game to bet though. ($25)

RAMS (4) over Hawks
Always a 3 point game when these teams get together. Rams are rejuvenated and Hawks seem to have some flaws. Alexander is still out and with Haslett calling the defense the Rams might have an upset in them. (Before the Sports Douche taouted the Rams, I was all over them for my surprise team as well, fucker.) $50)

FALCONS/Giants over 42
I'm feeling it. Feeling a see-saw battle, feeling a Vick run or two for scores, felling a Plax fad and a long Tiki run. Just feeling end zone. ($40)

Just Teasing

Giants +15
RAMS +15

Last night highlights:

Screaming "WEEEAAVVVEEERRR" pretty much all night
After the Beltran bomb it was over for him and the stadium KILLED him.

I'm sure if you wacthed the game on TV you knew it was super loud.
We made sure that the Cardinals felt as uncomfortable as a stick in your ass.

When Looper made his entrance he got the LOOPER SUCKS chant about 1000 times and almost gave up a few runs.

Pujols booed every at bat as if he were Barry Bonds.

"ENDY CHAVEZ" clap, clap, clapclapclap. After his web gem.


Stadium swayed from side to side after the Beltran HR.
And this was only game 1 of the NLCS.

METS / TIGERS, no doubt in my mind.


Let's roll for week 6!

Make your picks here. Previous picks by the remaining 7 players are as follows...

Los - Patriots, Cowboys, Colts, Ravens, Cardinals
Cam - Panthers, Colts, Eagles, Bengals, Bears
Eric - Bears, Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
ElP - Jaguars, Chiefs, Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Temwr87 - Colts, Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
Thejaywhite - Patriots, Eagles, Panthers, Colts, Cardinals
Bryan2857 - Panthers, Browns, Ravens, Bears, Chargers

Thursday Ramblings

Cory Lidle

Honestly, there's not much more to say here. He was an average Major League pitcher, which very few of us can say. Got a lot of grief for being a scab player back in the day. Staying up late, I just saw a Coast Guard video of the plane crash. Real blurry, and not conclusive in any way. A very tragic way to die, and I really feel for his family.

A-Rod to blame?

If not for the Yankees complete failure in the playoffs, Lidle would still be with the team. And the biggest reason for failure was A-Rod. Now not only has A-Rod destroyed a "dynasty" (and I use that term loosely) but he has killed a man.

Deeeeeetroit Tigers

Cruised through the A's last night. Up 2-0 and going back home. They look to be a lock to make it to the Series. Although, they have Neifi Perez on their team. And he's getting significant playing time. That is bad. Really bad. I had to endure him as a Cubs fan for way too long. Neifi Perez is the worst hitter in Major Leage history. 'Nuff said about that.

Mr. T

Mr. T has a new show on TV Land. The comedy is golden.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Wednesday Sermon

First off, let's do the necessary business for the pool.

Los - Patriots
Cam - Panthers
Eric - Bears
ElP - Jaguars
Temwr87 - Colts
Thejaywhite - Patriots
Bryan2857 - Panthers

Spaceman - Redskins

I hand it to Spaceman Spiff for definitely making it the gutsiest call of the week. It took big brass nuts to pick an NFC East team this past week. It especially took big ones to pick them on the road.

It killed him, yes. But at least he went down with big brass ones, didn't he?

Of course in the suicide pool, sometimes having big brass nuts doesn't help you.

This is the time of the season where in suicide pools, there are no more real bandwagon teams. The players that are left now get to make more strategical decisions rather than just riding a hot team. The decisions now are like this. If you haven't used a team like the Colts, do you use them now? Three of the players left have not used them yet.

Oh wait a minute... the Colts are on the bye. So are teams with decent records like New England and Jacksonville. There are less choices this coming week, but there are still some choices out there if you did not use the team already. And of course you can always pick whoever is playing the Raiders or Lions if you didn't use those opponents.

Let's get down to other business.

- Jayson Stark wrote a column on the WWL.com today about how messed up the Yankees are now. Highly recommend reading for the Yankee Hater.

But if you want to know how the Yankee "dynasty" has really changed? I'll tell you how.

It used to be that if a rumor came out that they Yankees manager was about to be fired, Steinbrenner actually followed through and fired him.

Well, what used to really happen is that there wouldn't even be time for a rumor to develop. He would just fire him before the papers had time to publish the rumor. Those were the good old days, eh?

Now, he doesn't even have the balls to fire his own manager anymore.

Steinbrenner has become an old softie, hasn't he?

- I would now like to officially say that my previous NFL preview was full of crap.

I am the first one to admit that I seriously underestimated the Bears. Granted, they have a soft schedule. But I never thought a 5-0 start for them was possible. The division is definitely theirs to lose. It's premature to put them in the Super Bowl. They have got to prove they can win in January. But they should at least get to celebrate with one of them Division Champions hats and t-shirts at the end of the season (as long as Banana Republic doesn't design them or something).

I also underestimated the Colts a bit. I knew they'd be good. But I thought they would lose a step and maybe fall out of the division lead. 5-0 means they really haven't. Jacksonville might be good enough to make one run at them. But that division is definitely the Colts' to lose.

However... if the Colts put out another showing like they did against Tennessee at home, a few losses might be coming their way.

And even Tony Dungy is saying his own defense has been soft. They got even softer with Corey Simon lost for the season.

There's a kink or two in the Colts' armour right now. This will be interesting to watch.

- Just so I got this straight... if you drive your car into a group of teenagers like Lawrence Phillips did last year, you face 20 years after being convicted of it.

I just like to know these things in case I ever feel the need to go apeshit and run down a bunch of teenagers with a car. I like to know what the penalties are ahead of time so I can make an informed decision.

I learned a lot of those types of lessons this past week. I now know that if you fire a gun in the air outside a strip club, you can get away with it as long as you get hit by a car and punched in the face while doing it. Handy info to keep in my brain for sure.

I also know that if you want to beat up your wife or girlfriend, make sure you do it in the city of Boston. Oh yeah, and make sure you're a #1 starting pitcher for a Major League Baseball team with an ERA under 4. It helps your cause.

For the record, I in no way endorse these behaviors nor do I practice them. No one should ever beat their woman, period. I believe that with all my heart.

Unless she's built like Earl Campbell and is coming at you with a knife. Then perhaps a straight arm to hold her off would be warranted so you can make your escape.

Though if you married a woman who looks like Earl Campbell, I think you have other issues.

The Rev has spoken on this holiest of hump days. Enjoy your humping.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it's like this, an'like that, and like this and uh....

i'm not even gonna hide it. i'm Tiger Thumping today. Nearly 20 years since D-twa has been near the playoffs.. this town is going crazy already, and it's gonna go through the roof if they do well in the ALCS. you know youve struck a nerve with the city folk when you have people who have never followed the sport in their lives tuning in and making it water cooler talk the next day. im amazed at the assortment of people that are now instantly following The Story around here. it's funny, but encouraging at the same time. but still, deep down inside me, i'd like to slap them in the face for being such obvious bandwagoners. whatdyado. but that celebration! wow.. i still have chills.. just "something special", that's all you can really say.

MNF - broncos and ravens. i think this battle was for "which team is a better middle of the pack team", or "who's gonna fight all year so they can get beat in the first round of the playoffs". even denver's lone touchdown was kinda ugly too... i liked the touch of bad weather though. that always helps to make a watchable game. too bad it didnt snow. at time it looked like it was ready to roll out the ice storm, but fell short. i'd like to see frost and ice on Plummer's porn 'stache, that'd be a nice touch. plus it would give you a reason to actually root for him to be out there instead of Cutler. i'm sure he'll at least see some garbage time and impress, if not end up starting a game or 2. let's see him, VY and Leinart are starting! (although on far shittier teams)

MNF continued.. seriously, this cant last any longer. JT and TC (Theismann and Kornheiser) seems to be warming up. and by warming up i mean you're about to see a fire in Joe's eyes and then see his head explode. this makes for an entertaining broadcast even when the game is stale. i dont know if you read Korn' at all, but he recently wrote an article bemoaning his own actions so far in the booth. he was mad at himself for essentially watering down his performance, and not going with his sarcastic, biting remarks. safe to say, i think he's trying to get back on track. i want to see blood. i think it's what we're all rooting for. will Kornheiser go for Joe's leg? will he try to break it in the same spot as before? we can only hope for these questions to be answered on live tv.

Torre is out. wait, i mean, Torre is in. really, is there any better example of the media TOTALLY making up a story where there wasnt one? Torre out? how about get his ass a pitching staff. and then how about.. you ran into a team that was ON FIRE and got beat. it's not a "Yankee Collapse", it was a Tigers beat-down. absolute ass kicking. your lineup WAS the best.. and you got shut down. you lost to a hotter/better team. accept it.

this is similiar to the USA "dream teams" that we always try to put together, and then try to pick apart and blame. "teams" win, teams full of stars lose. didnt the 2004 Pistons teach us anything? detroit is turning into the city of giant slayers. another "dynasty" down! yeehaw!

There's other topics and i'm gonna straight blow em off for today. we'll discuss em in the comments anyways...

but the push for The Series starts back up tonight and i am ready to go.

let's go Tigers!

(oh, and for the record, Reggie Miller doesnt like gun violence. good stance, thanks for stopping by.)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Recap


THE YANKEES ARE DEAD. Another post season collapse. As a Yankee hater its great to see them go down. Big up to Detroit. Great celebration. Watching the players celebrate with the fans was pretty sweet. A’s vs Detroit in the ALCS.

Joe Torre may be out, to be potentially replaced by Sweet Lou Pinella.

Cards/Mets in the NLCS. I got nothing here since I didn’t watch one out of either NLDS’s.


Brian Vickers crashes JJ and Lil’ E to take home his first victory. After #24 crashed out I took a nap.

Giant Nicoli Valuev beat down Monte Barret to retain his title. Dude is large. Big. But he doesn’t have a ton of power for a giant. Diego Corrales loses a split decision to Joel Casamayor. I'm a Chico fan, he didn't look all that good and hinted at retirement after the fight.


The biggest surprise is Auburn getting ball dipped at home by Arkansas. Take that Tommy Tuberville. Shut the hell up.

SC survives Washington, they’re not looking too good.

Tennessee beats the hell out of GA.

Florida takes out LSU.

Personally I think the SEC is overrated.


The Bears continue to roll. Look at their schedule, it is frighteningly weak. 16-0? You never know.

Indy is a shaky 5-0. Barely beating Tennessee. F U Peyton and Co.

Matt Leinart throws 2 early TD’s and overall played pretty well. A late pick didn’t help matters. Larry Johnson takes a screen pass a long ways then gets his head twisted around Exorcist style. I was watching the game and he went down in a heap and didn’t move. I thought he was dead.

Philly takes out Dallas. Must feel good for them. Personally, I had TO in a money FFL, other than that IDGAF really. I’m sure the good Rev has some opinions though.

I’m out.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Suicide pool picks for week 5

Los - Patriots
Cam - Panthers
Eric - Bears
ElP - Jaguars
Temwr87 - Colts
Spaceman - Redskins
Thejaywhite - Patriots
Bryan2857 - Panthers

Good luck!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm A Degenerate

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column


Oklahoma (+4) over Texas
Oklahoma showed a hell of alot in that controversial loss to Oregon. Texas did not in thier loss to Ohio State. Adrian Peterson vs. the Texas defense that has allowed 3.6 yards a carry will be the marquee matchup. This is going to be a slobberknocker. ($25)

S. Carolina (-6) over KENTUCKY
The offense is starting to click and Kentucky is no sec powerhouse. I really liked what SC showed me against Auburn last week. I anticipate this game being on of my best bets of the week. ($50)

WISCONSIN (-20) over Northwestern
Almost too easy, if they spread was a point higher I would not publish this bet. Northwestern stinks. ($50)


Rams (-3) over PACKERS
Spread's only three? I don't know why but the passing game is clearly the Achilles heel for the Pack and they go up against two of the best in Bulger and Holt. Will someone else be released from the Packers secondary this week after another coverage debacle? ($50)

Cowboys (+2) over EAGLES
I think the boys tuned themselves up against the Titans and are ready to play a real football team. The pressure in on the Eagle secondary not to let T.O run free and they have alot of injury problems back there. The key for Philly is front four pressure. Forgetting the blitzing cuz we know Jim Johnson can bring it but I mean regular front four pressure is key.

JAGS (-6.5) vs Jets
Jets were a handful against the Colts last week but ended up on the wrong side of the score anyway. Jags still don't know what happened last week. All they know is that they took a plane to D.C and came home 2-2. Things will go back to normal tomorrow.

Browns (+8) over PANTHERS
I like the Browns to keep it close. Romeo Crennel does not allow his teams to get dominated. Simple as that. Not when he was a coordinator and not now. And the Panthers are one muscle pull or strain away from a lost season because they cannot function without Smith. Even thought he is playing I hear he still not 100%.

BEARS/Bills under (34)

Just Teasing:
BEARS +2 over Bills
COLTS -6.5 over Titans
Rams +9 over PACKERS
Browns +20 over PANTHERS

That is all.

Thursday Crickets…..

Alright I don’t got much. The day’s already started, we just busted 400’s cherry on the other thread, let me find some left overs, throw ‘em in a pot and call it a new post.

I’ve John Kerry’d on this topic. I used to think Wednesday was the least worthwhile day of the week, but I think its now Thursday.

Monday’s suck but you at least you can reminisce about a good weekend or hate yourself for a bad weekend. In the fall you have MNF to look fwd to. Tuesday isn’t much better but you’re getting the ball rolling, you think hey after today its Wednesday then the week will be half over. Wednesday shows up and its “hump day”. Just get through the day and you’re almost home free. This is where I would hate on Wednesday. You’re still 2 full days from the weekend. Fuck Wednesday. *Lee Corso Mask* NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND.

Thursday – what good is it really? Wednesday at least gets you over the mental barrier of surviving another sucky work week. But Thursday. Ftttt. F U. You’re not Wednesday nor Friday. You get your hopes up for the weekend but realize you got to get through it first. It leaves you unfulfilled, kind of like a public school education.

Friday – yeah I can dig it. You can spend the first half of the day just wanting to get to lunch, then the last half pretending to be busy.

So Thursday – bring something more to the table please.

What else do I got – Halloween Costume ideas (as previously mentioned in today’s comments). I like my A-Rod and/or Dan Shanoff ideas. Croc Hunter would be my sadistic suggestion. Either that or throw on a diaper and get a pacifier and say you’re Tommy Tubberville.

Doesn’t “The Departed” come out tomorrow? I’ll prob wait at least one weekend to go see it. Opening weekends suck. You have to get to the theater way too early and some asshole always talks/laughs too loud or gives you a running commentary which makes you miss a quarter of the movie. And some fucktard who doesn’t want to admit they’re not 20 anymore always brings a baby which ends up crying then they try to pacify it but it won’t shut up then 5 minutes later they finally get the idea to take it outside. WTF is up with that?

That’s all I got. And of course, fuck the Yankees.


8 players left, and week 5 has some easy pickins.

Here's the list of past picks for each player.

Cam - Colts, Eagles, Bengals, Bears
ElP - Chiefs, Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Temwr87 - Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
Los - Cowboys, Colts, Ravens, Cardinals
Spaceman - Cowboys, Eagles, Colts, Patriots
Bryan - Browns, Ravens, Bears, Chargers
Eric - Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Thejaywhite - Eagles, Panthers, Colts, Cardinals

By the way... anyone who has the guts to pick an NFC East team this week gets something special. No, it won't be a prize. But you will get respect and admiration for having a set of big hairy brass ones.

Make your picks! And someone start a new thread on a new post, will ya?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Suicide Pool results and other business

First off, let's do what we gotta do.

Cam - Colts
ElP - Chiefs
Temwr87 - Falcons
Los - Cowboys
Spaceman - Cowboys
Bryan - Browns
Eric - Cowboys
Thejaywhite - Eagles

Ebntx - Jaguars
Iam - Vikings

You know what's interesting, or not too interesting in this case... I would write the little categories below about Gutsiest Call of the Week, etc. However, I didn't really view any of these picks as overly gutsy. The Colts should be a good pick any week now. The Chiefs had a staggering SF team to play. The Falcons were handed an Arizona team with a QB controversy stewing. The Cowboys, who were the biggest bandwagon, had a bad Tennessee team. The Browns had the team everyone loves to pick against. And the Eagles were at home against a bad Green Bay team.

Even the ones who lost... the Vikings should have handled the Bills, and it was right to think Jacksonville would whip Washington. In fact, I would name Jacksonville the Killer of the Week probably because I'm sure Ebntx wasn't alone in thinking Jax would roll.

So I shortened the whole post suicide pool categories thing this week. It was too easy. Maybe next week it gets interesting.

By the way... if anyone wants to show some week 5 guts, pick any NFC East team this week. I dare you, especially this week where 7 of the games might be considered easy pickings.

Seriously, this week coming up has too many games where there is a clear favorite going in. True, it's the NFL and anything can happen any given Sunday. But I don't think anyone is going to have a tough time finding a game to ride this week.

Onto more current news...

- You know, I dislike the Yankees as much as anyone here. There's no question. But last night as I was watching some of the game, they showed the Yankee lineup and next to each name they showed how many all-star games they had been named to for each player. Perhaps you saw it. And it didn't fail to impress me. I mean, we all know what the Yankees have, but to see it in plain black and white just struck me as amazing. I actually found myself shaking my head in some disbelief that a lineup could be put together like that for October. It is awesome.

With that being said... please, let them lose game 2 tonight and give the Tiger fans a chance to see their team at home with a 1-1 split. Really, that would make my night if that happened.

- While we are at it, I saw the highlights in a clip on the WWL's website, and one of the Sportscenter knobs, don't know who it was, caled Giambi's homer last night a "Yankee Crankee".

I vote that anyone who ever uses the term "Yankee Crankee" again gets a ball dip.

- So, with the season getting under way tonight, how would you like to see my NHL Preview for 2006-2007?

No? You still don't care?

OK, moving on....

- This is all I will say on the game this coming weekend between the Eagles and the Cowboys, and this is all I will say about TO...

As an Eagles fan, I'm worried about this game. And it has nothing to do with TO's presence on the field.

No, I'm worried because the Eagles are too beat up right now. A healthy Eagles team steamrolls the Cowboys at home. I believe that.

An Eagles team with this many injuries... I don't know.

But for the record, while many of you despise the Yankees as your most hated team, and I see why, let it be known that I consider the Dallas Cowboys the most despicable franchise on the face of the Earth. Really, I despise them with every bone in my body. I even think their cheerleaders are ugly. Seeing the star on the side of the helmet makes me throw up in my mouth.

No offense to the real Cowboy fans on this board, but your team can go die for all I care.

- While we are at it, this is what I would blow $3500 on this weekend, if I could afford to blow $3500.


And I would only do it just for the joy of kicking Jay Novacek and Tony Dorsett out of my house while letting Keith Byars and Seth Joyner stay for the game.

Well, OK. Dorsett can stay. He's at least a better autograph to have. Novacek would have to leave. Or at least go out and fetch pizza.

Enjoy your Hump Day.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Battle of the Backups and the Official Rules to "Paying" College Athletes

-What a tremendous game last night! Brett Favorite and the Pack held close for.. well, for a half. (Can you seriously go down on a player more than they do on BF? Maybe the Yankees as a team get more slobbing, but as a player.. BF is up there). And 'held close' was more like, 'got help' to hold it close. Were the Eagles just messing with them? Is McNabb just trying different things just to see what'll work? I think he was toying with em. But I think his RB wasn't. He was trying. However, try harder, cause my man fumbled a couple of important balls. This game was kinda painful to watch. Anytime BF looks GOOD, you know that's a bad game. He's still got skills, no doubt, but he seems to not care anymore, and that's hurting an already bad team. Donovan had to basically cut ties with his RB and take the rock himself. 2 TDs in the air, 2 on the floor.

-You've probably heard about Laettner & Davis (ex-ies from Duke) being in a group to buy the Memphis Grizz. You wanted it, and here it is. The catch.

He wants to play. Hmm.

Hello Mr. Jordan? Hi, this is Christian Laettner. Yeah, so how does that "being part of the team but forcing your way onto the court" thing work exactly?..

-And finally on the recap side of things, base-a-ball is starting up tonight. The real season. Will anyone defeat the Empire? Seems that everyone at the eastcoastbiasedbased WWL sure thinks the Yanks are gonna stomp their way through. We'll see. Doesn't it seem like there's a bunch of slumping teams going into the playoffs this year? The Yankmees seem like the one team hitting their stride. Here's to the Mets at least..

Ok, and this is the point at which you can tune out. Here's a quasi-article (And I believe a first for LOV). If you're bored, read it. If not, I'm sure you're not missing much. Topic is.. college athletes and money. All of us here are basically on a rotation posting-wise, so I've had to hold onto this for a little bit.. but it was relevant at one point in the recent past. Without further ado..

Why college athletes should be paid.

Now, before the bleeding hearts start screaming about payment 'to one athlete over another' being unfair, let me explain. Maybe the better word is "compensated".

Colleges get students to come to their school by providing free education. Your room and board is covered. Food is often taken care of as well (ie, vouchers/stamps). Most of the student's time is taken up practicing and training for their sport. The rest of the time is alloted for actual schoolwork (and at this point we will not bring up the sketchy situation that is 'college tutors'). But, the time that an average student athlete has is very limited. This is why we see kids with fake "front" jobs. Jobs that are fronts for them to make some cash. (ie, the recent OU kid who "worked" at a dealership, which basically consisted of him showing up and picking up his paycheck. Maybe he should've done Direct Deposit.)

But the previous statements are what is true for a normal athlete. Someone playing volleyball, girls softball, tennis, swimming or anything really. What hasn't been brought into play is the extra strain on the students that play in the large sports. Basketball, football, and even baseball and hockey to a lesser extent. Bottom line is that there are far more strains on the football/basketball kids than on some random swimmer. TV interviews, games halfway across the country, national TV games, etc. These athletes take on many extra requirements due to their sports being so highly publicized. Their awards and many of their games are nationally broadcast, so basically you have the whole country watching your every move.

The schools, in all of this, are collecting money hand over fist at the expense of these kids. They are putting them on display as an entertainment product, and are being reimbursed as such. Entertainment is where the dollars are, and everyone from the TV stations selling ads to the colleges gaining more exposure know this. It is your entertainment dollar that is going directly to these schools, which provides them with the opportunity to exploit these kids each and every year. Now maybe 'exploit' is a harsh term, because they are being semi-compensated, but that is basically what is happening.

What I propose is to provide all student athletes with the opportunity to obtain their own endorsement deals. Full disclosure. Bring things out in the open. No more sneaking around and paying people off behind the scenes. This would help to clear up the back-alley atmosphere that surrounds college athletics, but also it would provide students in "low profile" sports the opportunity to make legitimate profits off of their talents.

For example, let's take the example of a swimmer, and let's imagine this kid came from a relatively small town. He/she is not a high profile athlete, but maybe they have a decent local following. Big fish in a little pond, so to speak. These kids are not going pro in anything after college. Basically, their talents and publicity will wain once they graduate from school. This is their personal pinnacle. They won't have this opportunity ever again. This is in stark contrast to the Reggie Bushes of the world. He has thousands of other opportunities beyond his college days, they're practically endless.

But the swimmer is not big-time. Basically, they're nothing to the masses. They are way below the radar. However, they probably have some opportunities on a smaller scale to use their 'celebrity'. Local commercials or maybe trade magazines that deal with their sport would definitely be interested in securing a "mini-celeb" of their stature. They can't afford the local star quarterback, but they could definitely find money in their budget to pay Swimmer for a local commercial spot. They'd be a big enough name for the market that they're in.

Allowing 'Swimmer' to act on this offer would allow them the same basic opportunity that a "major name" athlete would get. They can use their athletic stature for profit. The difference would be that the actual player would be getting the compensation instead of the schools.

As previously stated, this may be the biggest and best thing that Swimmer will ever get the chance to do. Reggie and the Full Effect are going to have their shots at shoes, drinks, crack, whatever. They're gonna do ESPN Mobile (RIP). There are very few athletes *that* high profile coming out each year, so Reggie Bush is a special case. He probably could've attracted endorsement deals in high school if he was allowed.

The main argument against "paying" college athletes is because not all the athletes are going to get deals. Well, that's the way the world works, people. Not everyone lands a great job out of school either. Not everyone will secure the same opportunities. But I'm saying that if you open up to allow student athletes to essentially become small-time business people by securing their own opportunities, then you'll do away with back-room payments to families, and fake-front jobs where a kid doesn't work the hours. You shoot a commercial for a car dealership, then you pay the kid for a commercial.

Be up front about it. Let him or her get theirs. Don't pay them under the table for years and then try to blame the kid, parents or school.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Quick Hitters

Tiger : Wins his 6th straight event in England at the Am-Ex Championship. He continues to mind fuck the competition into submission.

Race for the Chase : Weird race. All hell breaks loose at the end. Engine failures and cars running out of gas. Tony Stewart literally coasts to a victory after running out of gas with half a lap left. Jeff Burton remains atop the standings with Jeff Gordon falling the most, losing 4 spots when his engine fails. Talladega is up next.

NBA : Training camps open this week. Sweet.

NHL : I don’t care….yet.


AL Division winners : NYY, Minn and Oak. DET stumbles into the wildcard. Oak/Minn and Det/NYY are your matchups.

NL Division winners: NY Mets, STL and SD. LA takes the wildcard. STL/SD and NY Mets/LA are your matchups.

A torn calf muscle turns into a torn rotator cuff for Pedro. Is he done? Out at least 8 months. Not good.

Frank Robinson bids adieu after 50+ years in the game.

Perhaps the biggest MLB story however is the news that names have been released from a federal affidavit from the Jason Grimsley investigation. Has the other shoe dropped? Is this the smoking gun? Clemens, Pettitte and Tejada are all named as having used PED’s. Let’s see if they have anything concrete, this could be HUGE. Stay tuned.


OSU romps on the road. Solidifies its claim to #1.

GA Tech pulls the upset of the weekend dropping VA Tech in Blacksburg. Fuck Mrs. Brady Quinn, MD. Give me Calvin Johnson as your #1 overall pick next year. I have man love for him.

GA struggles again and SC pulls out a squeaker at Wazzu.

MSU gacks it up to the Illini. Unemployment meet John L. Smith, enjoy yourselves.


TO returns in a ‘Boys romp over VY and the Titans. VY looked like your typical rook. You’ll always have the Rosebowl VY. An inglorious start to the VY era.

Indy wins a wild one in NY, barely beating the Jets. Indy scores the go ahead TD with 2+ left, only NY takes the ensuing kickoff back to the house, only to be outdone by Peyton and Co. NY is pesky. Indy’s D is suspect.

Houston/MIA : a game of firsts, Mario’s first sack, Kubiak’s first win. Last years wonder kid Nick Saban’s squad is reeling. It’s all been downhill since Daunte’s first game INT’s.

Baltimore/SD: Marty snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Alright, Steve McNair had more to do with it, but SD was pretty much in control the entire game.

Washington/Jax : As predicted by yours truly Washington fails to score a point against the Jags. Ok, just kidding. Santana Moss isn’t the God, but he is a god. 4 catches, 3 TD’s, including the game winner on the 3rd play of OT. Was at 2-2 is looking tasty.

NE/Cincy : NE shows people that you can’t count them out, taking Cincy behind the woodshed. Paging Chad Johnson….the season has started.

ATL/AZ : Complete ball dipping by ATL. Kurt Warner…out. Matt Leinart…in. Good luck Matt. That O-Line is putrid. The Leinart era has begun. This is the beginning of the end for Denny Green. Say hello to John L. Smith D Green.

CHI/Seattle : Madden Curse? Alright CHI, I’m starting to believe. Complete BEAT DOWN. As said here earlier, Madden has serious love for Favre.

Feel free to comment on these and the other games from a great Week 4.

In closing:

Our first WTF?

Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tenn stomping on Cowboy’s center Andre Gurode’s face, twice. I heard he needed 20 some stitches to close cuts over his eye. I haven’t heard what prompted this outburst but Al Haynesworth…WTF.

Discuss this on a Monday.

Week 4 in the NFL

First of all, the suicide picks are as follows...

Cam - Colts
ElP - Chiefs
Ebntx - Jaguars
Temwr87 - Falcons
Iam - Vikings
Los - Cowboys
Spaceman - Cowboys
Bryan - Browns
Eric - Cowboys
Thejaywhite - Eagles

Only one team is a bandwagon this week, and that is the Cowboys. Yes, they have the Titans, and that should be easy. But we will see if all the distractions are a factor today. And yes, Terrell Owens is starting.

Good luck, and discuss!

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