Thursday, October 05, 2006


8 players left, and week 5 has some easy pickins.

Here's the list of past picks for each player.

Cam - Colts, Eagles, Bengals, Bears
ElP - Chiefs, Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Temwr87 - Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
Los - Cowboys, Colts, Ravens, Cardinals
Spaceman - Cowboys, Eagles, Colts, Patriots
Bryan - Browns, Ravens, Bears, Chargers
Eric - Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Thejaywhite - Eagles, Panthers, Colts, Cardinals

By the way... anyone who has the guts to pick an NFC East team this week gets something special. No, it won't be a prize. But you will get respect and admiration for having a set of big hairy brass ones.

Make your picks! And someone start a new thread on a new post, will ya?


Los said...

I'm taking the Patriots.

Cam said...

I'll go with the Panthers.

Eric said...

I'm taking the Bears. If I had a sac I go with the Redskins, but I don't.

El Padrino said...


thejaywhite said...
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temwr said...

crap just saw this thread.


Spaceman Spiff said...

ill take the Redskins

thejaywhite said...


THE CHAMP. said...


The Rev said...

Jaywhite flip flopping on the pick I see, eh?

I'll let it go. You got it in before the wire.

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