Sunday, October 22, 2006

NFL Sunday Stuff

Hello? 911?

I'd like to report an attempted murder!

The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to kill me!

62 fucking yard field goal from a guy who was 0-3 before this game from 40 yards or more... are you shitting me?

Oh by the way... the Philadelphia Eagles have not been behind in any football game with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter this season. Each of their three losses have come on the final play of the game.


By the way, these were the official suicide pool picks this week just for the record...

Temwr87 - Denver
Cam - Jaguars
ElP - Eagles
Eric - Patriots
Jaywhite - Jaguars
Bryan - New England

And ladies and gentlemen... three players are already knocked out with the Jaguars gacking it up big. Two players are safe for next week with the third one (Temwr and Denver) just getting underway as of this writing.

But really... I'm dead inside today when it comes to the NFL.

Matt Bryant... nice kick and all, but you can go fuck yourself!


Isiah Thomas said...

Updates after the early games :

Mama L : 61 (3)
Skins : 31 (6)

Freaks : 23 (5)
Eb : 3 (5)

The Eagles : 72 (3)
Miners : 59 (2)

Hick Hops : 26 (6)
Donkey Dogs : 51 (2)

Ballers : 51 (2)
Pea Pods : 44 (3)

Isiah Thomas said...

in that one Chevy commercial with John Cougar Melloncamp....when it " the west coast" - they show pictures of a forest

JFreak said...

I picked Philly to win in my suicide league.

Stupid Matt Bryant.

Cost me the league title.

JFreak said...

in the same commercial they say "down in dixie" and they show katrina aftermath.

so whatever they were going for, they did it twice.

temwr said...

umm go bucs. i don't care bout any of my fantasy teams, the bucs kicked a 62 yder to win...

temwr said...

Can anyone explain J. Harringtons QB sneak with 15 seconds or so left? Did he think the other team was offisides or something?

The Rev said...

Screw Joey Harrington!

How do you explain a bad kicker suddenly finding the gumption to win a game from 62 yards out?

Philadelphia is a depressed town today. Our hockey team just canned it's coach and GM today, and now this.

Fuckin Tampa... even the Lightning kicked the Flyers ass three days ago. The Bucs get to celebrate a win over us, and it's 90 degrees and sunny there all the time. And, they've won two titles in this century.

Why us?

The Rev said...

Anybody hanging out during the WS tonight?

kodiac130 said...

Boo-fucking-hoo Philly fans

Hick-Hops said...

You are damn right we kicked a 62 yarder to win. We already lost two games that we should have won. But don't fucking believe for a minute that you want it 90 degrees in October in Philly. Did you see McNabb puke during the game. That is what my fat ass looks like getting the paper in the morning. Fuck the Eagles.

kodiac130 said...

at least you didn't get beat down by the Raiders

ToddPacker said...

62 yarder...couldn't have happened to a better team. I loved when Fox was showing all of the Tampa-resident-Philly fans celebrate after the Westbrook TD, only to have their heart ripped by a 62 yarder....Sorry rev and other eagle fans but it's great to see philly lose. (on the football field or on the ice)

kodiac130 said...

must be like getting smacked down by your little sister

The Rev said...

"I loved when Fox was showing all of the Tampa-resident-Philly fans celebrate after the Westbrook TD"

That's been my point for years about Tampa.

Why does a city with a bunch of fans from other cities and a bunch of bandwagon hopping local fans get to enjoy championships while real fans who root for teams with real history behind them get to suffer?

It ain't right, damn it!

you're right... maybe I don't want it to be 90 degrees in October. But I wouldn't mind 75-80 degrees in December.

The Rev said...

"at least you didn't get beat down by the Raiders"

Good point!

The Rev said...

And don't get me wrong... I love Tampa. Great weather, good restaurants, and fine naked women in the strip joints... but those championships piss me off.

kodiac130 said...

well, I disagree about the Flyers. It must have been fun watching them lose back in the early 80's....nowdays, taking pleasure in the Flyers' demise is like kicking a puppy, beating a hobo, or rooting for the Patriots

The Rev said...

The Flyers are a team in serious trouble right now. No doubt!

JFreak said...

Shawne Merriman suspended for violating the steroids abuse policy.

Big news.

The Rev said...

That is big.

Even bigger news...

ElPadrino... 1-2 college, 0-5 pros this week.

But he hit his tease.

The Rev said...

By the way...

Kenny rogers looks like he wants to kill a man!

temwr said...

Merriman is a cheater.

temwr said...

And now my Bruce Gradkowski jersey is paying big dividends. I bet he averages at least 4.5 yards per attempt! lol He hasn't mastered the deep ball yet, but he is 2-1 as a starter!

temwr said...

McNabb puking was awesome. I was watching the game at BW3s and saw it. Then saw the replay at least 3 or 4 more times on other TVs.

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

My Fantasy Hoops Team:

S. Marion
J. Richardson
J. Johnson
Z. Ilgauskas
David West
Z. Randolph
C. Maggette
Stro Swift
Tyrus Thomas
Rajon Rondo
Andrew Bynum
???- I think I got skipped earlier.

Los said...

Great day all around for Philadelphia sports - Eagles lose yet another heartbreaker, AND the Flyers imploded.

El Padrino said...

tough weak to pick games
did anyone make $$ this week?
dont lie to the El Pad!!

Matt Bryant and Ronde Barber made sure I didnt win the LOV suicide pool.

REV AND LOS MUST HATE RONDE BARBER WITH A PASSION...member the NFC championship game 4 years ago?

temwr said...

I think SG and SH are both at 5-7 going into tonights game.

SH has fallen off the last two weeks. I think she is throwing the picks so Bill doesn't cry.

temwr said...

So K. Rogers had dirt on his hand??

I would have paid to see the media's reaction if he said it was poop.

ToddPacker said...

What's the deal with the Gambler's "dirty hand"? Is he cheating? Whatever it takes as long as they beat St Loo. Kenny Rogers looked like a nut case in dugout during the 9th inning last night. I think if someone would have put a camera in his face he would have started biting the heads off small children.

Isiah Thomas said...

I'll get a new post up shortly.

El Padrino said...

does anyone remember when Kenny Rogers sucked balls?

I remember him walking in the winning run against Atlanta in 1999 LCS and also remember him playing for NY and getting rocked multiple times.

temwr said...

The gambler gets better with age.

Or gets better when he uses pine tar or whatever his gooey hand really was.

I don't know anyone who believes that he had dirt on his hand.

THE CHAMP. said...

Buck and McCarver need to die. Did anyone else hear them trying to hand the conspiracy off to LaRusa? "our cameras caught somethign on kenny rogers hand, we did the analysis and he's cheating tony, we know it, we know the cardinals can win this series because my dad and I both used to announce for the cardinals and my buddy mccarver here used to play for them. so anything we cand do to help."

Isiah Thomas said...

Weekend recap has been posted.

The Rev said...

Ronde Barber is kryptonite to Donovan McNabb. I'm convinced now.

Ronde Barber is a hated man in Philly. No question!

But he makes great plays. I have to respect that.

Los said...

I think Andy Reid is trying to work a trade for Barber - the Eagles need a No. 1 receiver, and McNabb seems to love throwing the ball to him. They have some sort of unnatural chemistry ...

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