Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A History Lesson

As rejected by Wiki (they're racist)..

The Lordz of Vengeance (LOV) is an interactive sports community which was started in August of 2006. It is run by the users, for the users and of the users. It is the web's premier location for sports discussion, team hating, and random sarcastic flavor and finding SFW soft-porn links.

The LOV was born after a mutiny and defection of readers from Kevin Cott's own "sports" blog. Cott reached internet faux-fame due to his internship for ESPN's Bill Simmons, aka, The Sports Guy (SG). SG had an online contest, voted on by his readers, as to which contestant would win the competition. His duties under Simmons entailed creating a page of "daily links" and funny stories and he also was given the opportunity to post a couple columns on ESPN's Page 2. Following his internship, Cott, a law student, was still bitten by the sports journalism bug and decided to continute his writing endeavors on Blogspot.com/Blogger.com.

His fanbase was used to having daily posts, although it was clear from the beginning that he was only continuing this as a part time gig. Still, Cott garnered enough hits and had an amount of built-in readership that made others question his squandering of said fanbase. His infrequent posting and lack of attention to the blog led to his comments section being overrun by his readers. An online version of "Lord of the Flies"-style behavior ensued, and the blog was basically taken over by the bored, starved masses. Sports or no sports, discussions raged on.

While Cott toiled with the labors of school and the "real world", some of the weary readers started to rumble about making their own blog. At first the idea was scoffed at by some on the boards, but others were quite serious. As the cries of "Viva La Revolution!" rose, so did the pioneers. The venerable '''Reverend Smokin Steve''' acted as founding father for the cause and, at the request of the willing, was encouraged to set up the new site. He then put out an open invite to the community and fellow sports bloggers to join. There were questions of whether the idea would work, or if they would even draw enough readers, but fighting for "The Cause" takes time, even with contributors signing up instantly. Slowly but surely the site found its groove, and "organized chaos" began.

The site was originally set up as Sons of KC, (www.sonsofkc.blogspot.com), an ode to Kevin Cott's failed blog. The cast of willing contributors included Rev. Smokin Steve, isiah thomas, JFreak (who penned the groundbreaking first post in LOV history), mound of venus, and iamunstoppable. El Padrino, who contributed guest columns at first, was later added as a full time member. After awhile, the commenters agreed on a name change, abandoning the Sons of KC moniker, and going for the Lordz of Vengeance title. "Vengeance" was to be served by Cott, who promised a newfound dedication to his own blog, but that never surfaced. The sarcastic nature of the LOV faithful took this as a cue for their new title. Sarcasm, witty banter, and an eye for calling out sports columnists' inaccuracies are what makes the LOV blog one of the go-to places for getting your sports opinion heard.

The members rotate daily posting duties, which consist of recapping the current hot topics, season previews, betting columns, and also original sports columns. Readership grew substantially, and the daily banter and posted links resulted into an alternate gaming site, www.lordzofgamez.com, courtesy of steve.


Stiggy said...

I can't believe that was rejected by Wiki.

And I made the front page. Thanks, whoever put the link to my blog up there. I saw it on the LOG page, but to make the front page...I guess that means I'm going to have to write more.

Jay Scott said...

good stuff regardless

Eric said...

If Wikipedia ever wants any respect as a legitimate source of knowledge and information than they are going to have to accept the cultural phenomenon that is Lordz of Vengeance. Until then they are simply a joke.

anonymous said...

and they get a ball dip from my journalizm skillz.

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