Saturday, October 14, 2006

CFB Upset Saturday

Goodbye Iowa.

Smell ya later Georgia.

Some early upsets already today. More later?

I'll say this, as a UM fan, whenever they get upset they are never the biggest upset of the weekend. Not a good sign.

Adrian Peterson breaks his colarbone, done for the year. This guy is fragile. He might be a high NFL draft pick but he's brittle.


Isiah Thomas said...

Dan Fouts should be banned from calling Oregon games. This is at least the 3rd one I've heard him on this year. He's cheering like a fan. It's awful.

JFreak said...

Oh yeah!

Go IU!

First time IU's been mentioned in football since 2001 and Randle El.

JFreak said...

Florida loses, USC almost does.

Brings 1 loss teams back in focus.

Isiah Thomas said...

and brings back the SEC is overrated debate.

Keith S said...

How does 1 top ten SEC losing on the road to another top 10 SEC team make the SEC overrated?

JFreak said...

It just does.


whocares said...

So when OSU Michigan match up, whoever loses is overrated?

That makes sense.

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