Thursday, September 21, 2006


It's time. To the players below, please submit your picks on this page.

Here's a reminder of who has picked what so far for reference.

The Rev - Ravens, Eagles
Cam - Bengals, Bears
Thejaywhite - Colts, Cardinals
Ebntx - Falcons, Colts
Eric - Ravens, Eagles
Temwr87 - Bengals, Seahawks
Los - Ravens, Cardinals
ElPadrino - Colts, Chargers
Iamunstopable - Ravens, Chargers
Martin Vannostrand - Chargers, Bengals
Spaceman Spiff - Colts, Patriots
Keith S - Colts, Patriots
Bryan2857 - Bears, Chargers

As always, please limit this page to picks only to make it easy for me. If no one steps up in an hour, I will do a real posting around 11:30ET for today's discussion.


The Rev said...

And I pick the New England Patriots.

The Rev said...

And Cam, via e-mail, picks Philadelphia.

Eric said...

I'm going with Miami. Unfortunately.

anonymous said...

gimme the philadelphia phillies.

Martin VanNostrand said...

sign me up for the Giants.

temwr said...

I am going with the Ravens this week.

El Padrino said...

I too will pick the Ravens

THE CHAMP. said...

i'll ride the bandwagon this week


Spaceman Spiff said...


Los said...

I'll take the Colts.

ebntx said...

saints in the return to the superdome.

wow...did i just say that out loud?

Keith S said...

I thought about the Ravens, but it's too popular this week. I'm going to go with the Buffalo Bills.

thejaywhite said...

Jay White picks the Carolina Panthers

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