Thursday, September 28, 2006


10 players left... make your picks here.

Here are your past picks for reference.

Cam - Eagles, Bengals, Bears
Eric - Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Iam - Eagles, Ravens, Chargers
Temwr87 - Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
ElP - Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Bryan - Ravens, Bears, Chargers
Spaceman - Eagles, Colts, Patriots
Los - Colts, Ravens, Cardinals
Ebntx - Saints, Falcons, Colts
Jaywhite - Panthers, Colts, Cardinals

Good luck!


The Rev said...

Cam has a pick in my e-mail for the Colts for week 4.

El Padrino said...
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El Padrino said...

I'm taking the Trent Green-less CHEIFS at home against the Niners.

ebntx said...

jax for me

temwr said...

Atlanta for me

anonymous said...

i'll be out after this pick, but im taking Minnesota.

Los said...

I take the Cowboys ... unfortunately.

Spaceman Spiff said...

ill take DALLAS, because if they lose ill be really happy.

Isiah Thomas said...
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Isiah Thomas said...

I take it this post is just for the pool? Someone else put something up for the rest of us losers.

I'll be in yesterday's post if anyone needs me.

The Rev said...

Yes, this is for the pool. It's easier to find the picks if I don't have 200 comments to sort through.

I encourage Jfreak or Mound to step up today. Especailly Mound... he's been quiet.

JFreak said...

okay...give me 5 minutes.

THE CHAMP. said...


Stop laughing.

Eric said...

I'm going with Dallas

thejaywhite said...

Philly on Monday night for Jay White eh

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