Saturday, September 23, 2006

CFB Saturday and More

Maybe this weekend doesn't have as many juicy matchups as last weekend, but there always seems to be upsets in these situations.

Its not good to wake up and see your team (Michigan) already losing.

And I see the US crapped the bed in the morning Ryder Cup matches and aren't doing well in the afternoon matches either.

Soriano is 40-40-40 and is getting zero pub.

Georgia clings to life......alright its BCS life, holding on and winning 14-13 over Colorado. I'm tempted to take a shot at SEC football, but after a big win last week I'll give UGA a pass.

UM turns up the D and beats Wisconsin.

VTech gets a scare from Cincy but wins.

Clemson DESTROYS UNC. (Good call EP)

Notre Irish eyes are smiling indeed. Impossible, no the improbable comeback. Somehow the Irish survive the Kansas City Shuffle. Great win for the Irish to save their season. I still say Chuck Weiss and Co. are vastly overrated. And hey John L. Smith, dust off that resume buddy, your job is as good as gone.

Paging Ben Crenshaw....USA down 10-6 in the Ryder Cup and basically need a miracle to win.

Big Up to EP going 2-0-1.


Isiah Thomas said...

and right as I post this UM gets stopped on 4th down in WI territory.

Isiah Thomas said...

that's #86..Mario MAN-ingham.

Isiah Thomas said...
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thejaywhite said...

40-40-40 deserves 0 pub why should we care about this? canseco went 40-40 in 86!!

20 year later this is not big news..and I dont care if you throw in a nother me thats just a weak attempt to get attention for can make up stats for anyone...

Wow somoene went 300, 40,40,120!!

wow simply amazing....see what i mean who cares..

its like trying to get people into the hall of fame cause theyre the only person with 400 homers, 300 avg, 1200 rbis, 200 sbs, 100 triples, a 950+ fielding %, and 1000 walks.

Isiah Thomas said...

Canseco was juiced up and played on a great team.

Soriano is a 150 soaking wet and plays on a trash team in a ball park not built for HR's....

Yeah I'd say its worthy of some pub.

Isiah Thomas said...

UM's offensive playcalling is making me ill.

mound of venus said...

i put $25 on this to win $250. let me know what you guys think....

Vikings(Minnesota) 09/24/06 (13:05 ET)
Vikings(Minnesota) +10.5 (+105)

49ers(SanFrancisco) 09/24/06 (16:20 ET)
Eagles(Philadelphia) +1 (-120)

Saints(NewOrleans) 09/25/06 (20:35 ET)
Saints(NewOrleans) +10.5 (-105)

Colts(Indianapolis) 09/24/06 (13:05 ET)
Jaguars(Jacksonville) +14 (-120)

Bills(Buffalo) 09/24/06 (13:05 ET)
Jets(NewYork) +12.5

Buccaneers(TampaBay) 09/24/06 (13:05 ET)
Panthers(Carolina) +4 (-130)

Cardinals(Arizona) 09/24/06 (16:20 ET)
Rams(StLouis) +11.5

Texans(Houston) 09/24/06 (13:05 ET)
Redskins(Washington) +3

Isiah Thomas said...

I love the Jags to win outright this week.

They play Indy tough and Viniateri, Sanders and I think Freeny are all out.

mound of venus said...

they have their own injury issues as well.

mound of venus said...

what is pathetic is that i am nervous about the skins covering +3 against the texans.

zeke--would you pull the trigger for favre?

Isiah Thomas said...

I'd put The Kid in and water the playbook down.

Isiah Thomas said...

Saints, Jets and Skins might trip you up.

mound of venus said...

not worried about the saints at +10.5. in fact, if i win this teaser i am throwing it all on the saints to win outright.

skins--no question, worrisome. jets the same

thejaywhite said...

zeke ur kidding urself if u think soriano is clean..weight has nothing to do with useage of steroids...Ive gone to commonwealth games for track you think all the sprinters weigh 220lbs? no they all weigh 155-170 and they are all on the gear, and they can all bench 300+ and squat 450+.

Soriano is just a tiny guy loaded with fasttwitch muscle and he is on juice just like the rest of them.

anonymous said...

hail to the victors, beyotches!

Jay Scott said...

Tennis is choking as well

Keith S said...

I can't wait for OSU/UM, November 18 in the Horseshoe.

temwr said...

Has it been called survival saturday already? I am sure it will be if it hasn't already.

temwr said...

And WVU's defense looked terrible. The coach's got out schemed big time by Skip Holtz.

And their offense didn't look too good either. At times it did, but all in all, not really.

Hopefully this is a good wake-up call.

And Lou Holtz needs to go, I am going to find him and put him out of his misery. I can not stand his slurry voice anymore. It is driving me nuts and forcing me to use words like slurry.

kodiac130 said...
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kodiac130 said...
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Keith S said...

As Herbstreit says... "That's why Michigan State is Michigan State."

Isiah Thomas said...

Lee Corso is on crack if he thinks Mrs. Brady Quinn, MD. is back in the Heisman race.

His crap the bed performance last week has PERMANENTLY disqualified him from that talk.

Isiah Thomas said...

alright, John L. Smith, your team is leading with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter facing 3rd and 3 and ND hasn't been able to stop your 260 lbs running back WHAT DO YOU DO?

Pass the ball and let ND get the go ahead pick 6? WTF?

Isiah Thomas said...

how sad was it to see Joe Pa running off the field with the "flu".

I really hope he doesn't get pneumonia and die from this game.

thejaywhite said...

I agree..Bquinn is out of the heismann race..the only way he has a remote chance is to put up 400+ and 4td + in the majority of the games left and go undefeated.

but i still dont see him getting it unless troy smith gets hurt and even then i dont think BQ is 2nd.

GM-Carson said...

now Sunday, and it's all good. my Phils in the Wild Card lead and my Buccaneers are gonna finally win (yeah right!).

The Rev said...

C & C...

Life is good today!

temwr said...

Go Bucs!

El Padrino said...

bow* bow*

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