Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm A degenerate

El Padrino's Weekly Betting Column


FLORIDA (-13.5) over Tuscaloosa
Coming off a great Victory on Sat. the Crimson Tide stroll into a Swamp that will be "out of control rabid like animals" loud. And for good reason. Last season when Bama beat down the Gators in Tuscaloosa they were seen on the sidelines making the throat cutting gestures and mocking the famed "Gator Chomp". Urban Meyer remembers this, vividly. I'm sure he'll remind all the players as well.

Rutgers (-4) over SOUTH FLORIDA (Friday Night)
Well, this is a pressure pick. I'm putting some pressure on the Scarlett Knights here. I thank they have a good football team and the AP ranked them for the first time in 3 or 4 presidents.
Now they have to go on the road and prove that they belong. I mean, USF is no slobberknocker but they are a tough out. Especially on the road. Rutgers have about 20 or so players from the Florida area so the home crowd may be a bit "Joisy". Smell me?

Ohio State (-6) over IOWA
Last time they were on the road they dismantled the National Champions. Troy Smith has been phenomenal. He'll continue his Heisman push.


PANTHERS (-7) over Saints
Since I'm chalking up that Monday night win as an aberration I do not think the Saints are a true 3-0 team. Prove it. Panthers need this game and Drew Brees jersey is still white. I smell some grass stains. ($50)

FALCONS (-7) over Cards
Again, since Monday night never really happened, I will dismiss the loss the Falcons suffered at the hands of the mighty Saints. Two more weeks til Leinart. ($100)

Jags (-3.5) over SKINS
Portis is the only shot Skins have at keeping this close. If they win or score, he'll have 42 carries. Not a good scenario for Washington. ($100)

BEARS (-3) over Seahawks
Seems like Bears are catching the Hawks at a good time. No Alexander, protection problems (Hasselback sacked 8 times so far), and after beating down the G-Men who knows what to expect (week 1 and 2, barely 25 points scored). Stevens is still out making them run 3 and 4 wideouts a set and Branch is the only one with balls. Darrell Jackson gets alligator arms against good defenses and Engram or Burleson are nothing speacial. If this were in December I would load up on this bet....($50)

Under 40.5 Dolphins/Texans
Fins will sack Carr like 88 times and Culpepper will turn the ball over in Houston territory. ($25)

Just Teasing:

Jets +21 (Mangini coached vs Peyton before)
Ravens + 14.5
Over Cheifs vs. Niners 28
Vikes +13

Home of Snarky Comments since 1932

Okay, so how exactly are the Astros making this comeback? They've pretty much sucked balls all year, and now all of the sudden, they go on a 8 game winning streak to pull within 1 1/2 games of the Cards. This is definitely in the pantheon of collapses, if it happens. They were something like 8 games back with 13 to go. That's absolutely freaking absurd. In other NL Central news, what happened to the Reds? Weren't they tied with the Cards back in August or something?

Who would have guessed that out of all the divisions in the NL, the West would be the one with two teams? Shocking. I still hope that Philly can mount a run, but I remain skeptical. They always seem to find a way to screw it up.

I'm not sure which team I want more in the Series, the Twins or the Tigers. Both are great cinderella-type stories. How often do you see a team go to dead last to first in just three years like the Tigers have done?

My hoped World Series: Phillies-Tigers


10 players left... make your picks here.

Here are your past picks for reference.

Cam - Eagles, Bengals, Bears
Eric - Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles
Iam - Eagles, Ravens, Chargers
Temwr87 - Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks
ElP - Ravens, Colts, Chargers
Bryan - Ravens, Bears, Chargers
Spaceman - Eagles, Colts, Patriots
Los - Colts, Ravens, Cardinals
Ebntx - Saints, Falcons, Colts
Jaywhite - Panthers, Colts, Cardinals

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Suicide pool results for week 3... and the news of the day

In the immortal words of Kramer, I slam my hand on the counter and exclaim, "I'M OUT!"

Cam - Eagles
Eric - Dolphins
Iam - Eagles
Temwr87 - Ravens
ElP - Ravens
Bryan - Ravens
Spaceman - Eagles
Los - Colts
Ebntx - Saints
Jaywhite - Panthers

The Rev - Patriots
Martin - Giants
Keith - Bills

Someone will win The Rev's Stuff... and I am now powerless to defend it!

This was a tough call. We had a lot of players who went out on limbs this week. Whenever you have two players taking 0-2 teams in a week, you have two very gutsy calls.

With all due respect to Thejaywhite who waited until the end for his pick and made it a point not to copy anyone (which I do respect), you could say that he took a Carolina team that was at least due for a win. Hell, it was like the football gods made sure Carolina won that game at the end just because they were due. So while it was a gutsy call, I think one was gutsier.

I give it to Eric who took the Dolphins, even though they had a bad opponent at home. I don't think you can ever expect the Dolphins to win any game, especially now with Daunte Culpepper looking so beatable. Even at home, it took the Dolphins until 3:39 left in the game to take the lead for good over the Titans. Anyone who takes Miami is a gutsy man. Right, Zeke?

This was SOOOOO close to being the Ravens. I'm guessing more than three people across all of America sweated that one out in their pools. Temwr87, ElP, and Bryan probably had more than one gasp of disbelief at that score.

This week, three different teams killed three different players. Of those three teams, I pick the one that I think more of America went with in their pools. I don't know if many people went with the Giants on the road in Seattle, and I don't think many people feel safe picking Buffalo anytime (which makes both of them gutsy calls as well). But I'm sure many people across this great land felt confident in the Patriots ability to defend home turf and get some revenge on a struggling Broncos team.

The Patriots killed me in Super Bowl XXXIX, and they killed me this week. And to think, I actually used to watch their games in Boston and root for them on a regular basis. This is how they thank me?

It's almost enough to make me give up my Adam Vinatieri throwback jersey.

Three players took the Eagles, three players took the Ravens.

But last week, so many took the Ravens that it carried over into this week, and the Ravens bandwagon is stronger.

Pretty soon, no one will be able to take the Ravens.


Alright, now that is out of the way.

And to think, I was going to spend at least a paragraph bitching about how the umpires blew a call last night against the Phillies that cost them a 3 run home run and the game.

Then I wake up this morning, and a call is already on my voicemail from my boy Matty in Boston saying, "Gee, this whole TO mess is something, eh? I guess he didn't want to play the Eagles after all."

I hadn't heard yet, so I make my way to the office and get on the net to see what's up. I didn't have to go any farther than my Yahoo home page. "Cowboys' Terrell Owens reportedly attempts suicide"

Now one thing I will try to do is be as to the point as possible. I know we will all be innundated with the news today and for the next couple of weeks at minimum. So going on a long diatribe here will only add to that. But I think the news must be acknowledged on the blog.

And one thing I will not do is minimize the effects of depression or treat suicide lightly. Let's just say those topics hit a little close to home for me. Though I'm sure many will make jokes about this news. I have no problem with that. If anything, TO deserves the treatment he gets from the public because his past actions have justified harsh treatment in some way.

I feel bad for people who are in desperate situations and feel there is no way out. But I'm having trouble feeling bad for TO because of the way he has acted in the past.

I was asked by Matt if I was really surprised. Matt has been anti-TO for years, and isn't surprised by anything he does anymore. Honestly, I am very shocked.

Has TO been an attention whore in the past? Of course. Could this be his biggest cry for attention yet? Of course it could be. Has he shown me signs of depression? Well, his constant acting out can be a sign.

But actually going to this level and doing this... nope, never saw that coming. Not in a million years.

Now, the publicist of TO has a different story than the police. Get ready for the posturing in the media and the denials. But once you have a police report saying you did, that's a hard thing to ignore. There's smoke, and there has to be fire.

Los said something in the comments that maybe he finally realized Drew Bledsoe is his quarterback. Definitely said in jest. However, it brings up a good point.

At least in the first two games, TO has not looked good. In fact, he has looked very ordinary. And one thing I have noticed in those two games, both of which I watched from beginning to end, is that Drew Bledsoe looked infinitely more comfortable throwing to Terry Glenn. Every deep ball Bledsoe was throwing seemed to be intended for Glenn. He was getting the home run balls, not TO.

You know, even in the worst of times between Donovan McNabb and TO, McNabb still went to TO for the big throw. In fact, I remember his last TD in an Eagles uniform was a 70 yard TD that TO got most of it on the ground. But Donovan still called his number for a big play.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I have a theory. Tell me if you agree.

I think TO knows something is wrong this year. He knows he doesn't have the rapport with Bledsoe. He knows this could be lining up to be a really bad year if he does not get that rapport. And he may have realized that he had better rapport with a QB he alienated last year.

If there's one thing TO can't handle, it is having a bad year that is not in his control. And based on the first two games, it looked bad. Throw in an injury, and that loses time for him to get that rapport he sorely needs with Bledsoe. Now he may have to sit on the sidelines to watch Terry Glenn get more deep throws for a week That has to kill him inside.

And throw in the most overhyped and most talked about game of his career looming two weeks away where he has a chance to look like a fool in it now, and that makes for a desperate man, doesn't it?

In TO's egocentric world, now it makes sense. He got really desperate this year, and only saw one way out.

It is flawed logic, yes. But it could be logic in his mind.

His own performance on the football field is the most important thing in the world to him. Take that away from him, and what do you have?

Like I said, it's just a theory. Honestly, I haven't ruled out the possibility that his publicist and him cooked up something to get a big story out there. Tell me you haven't ruled that out either.

One thing I know for sure... if the hype machine wasn't on full blast for October 8th before, it is on "ludicrous speed" now, even if TO does not play.

Continue to discuss.

Upon further review, Referee Ed Hoculi says its Tuesday

Some of us have pointed out some flaws in the feel good story of last night.

1) Obviously the Saints mean a lot to the city and their community. In respect to giving the city hope and maybe being a catalyst for rebirth. But I remember people wearing bags on their heads to Saints games and people calling them the Aint’s so I’ll take their importance for what its worth. Anyway, it was nice to see the Dome alive and rocking again. However, when they keep showing shots of the lower ninth ward and then the Dome then Bourbon Street it makes you get a little Scoop Jackson and Spike Lee and wonder why over a year later it still looks like a nuke hit the predominantly black parts of town.

2) The pregame concert : U2 and Green Day. Alright cool, a little pregame entertainment. Laissez les bon temps roule. But when a horde or preppy white kids are rushing the field to get close to the stage…..Also, when they’d pan the crowd I saw a ton more white faces sitting in the lower levels. I just found it odd that amongst all the feel good story lines the same old black and white divide was smacking us square in the face and narry a peep was made about it. Alright I’ll put down my Jason Whitlock hoagie now.

Other story lines….

Atlanta shaved points and/or threw the game, plain and simple. Dropped passes, no blocking, etc. Mora coming out in his post-game press conference and saying a very small part of him was happy that NO won. I wonder if Arthur Blank will write another letter apologizing for his teams shitty play. I don’t put all the blame on Mike Vick for that loss either, even with his crappy stat line. I counted a shit load of passes that hit receivers in the hands and were flat dropped.

Joey T / TC – This combo will just not work. I don’t think Joey T will take too kindly to TC calling out his stupid comments anymore. I can see Joey T either saying with a tearful voice “stop making fun of me” or shanking TC. One or the other. A few more “they have to run with their weight over their feet” comments and that booth will combust.

Coaching – why the fuck do you run Reggie Bush up the middle, two consecutive plays from 3 yards out? There are a million ways to run plays for him but running him up the middle would be the last one I’d think of. Dumb.

Other random football thoughts…..

Matt Leinart will take over for Old Man Warner this Sunday. Interesting after 3 games the “New Era of Cardinal Football” is restarting again. Glad I’m not a Cards fan. Also they finally sold the naming rights to their new stadium, instead of calling it Pink Taco Stadium; they agreed to call it The University of Phoenix Stadium. Boo.

And the Madden jinx is alive and well, Shaun Alexander has a broken bone in his foot. Any thoughts on Mo Morris?

Apparently they are still playing baseball - who knew.

The White Sox are finito while the Angels remain pesky. That’s quite a comeback for the Twins who are still alive for the Central title. STL is crapping the bed and giving new life to Houston who is now only 2.5 games back. Too little too late? LA and Philly tied for the NL wildcard. I’m ready for playoff MLB. I think they need to shorten the season personally.

Let’s do this on a Tuesday.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Look, the most glorious rainbow ever. Oh, do me on it!

Ok fine, i'll take it up the keister and get the monday recap rolling. i'll blow my wad in the most worthless way. i am officially the clean up guy in this rotation. clean up guy in thejaywhite's sense of the word though. i get leftovers. my friends get the hot chicks (decent topics to cover) and i get the fatties (recaps and posting bc no one else is). so, yes, i will take one for the team, and get the new topic rolling on this glorious monday.

Ah, yes. first... the Rev and the podcast (you can find it on the link to his page on the right). Propers go out to Los and Smoke for their very first podcast. a job well done. funny and entertaining enough for a first time shot. gotta say, it was more worthwhile than any radio show on in the morning around here. that's both a good and bad thing. good because im sure we're all interested in hearing more, and bad because that means "real" shows are getting shown up by a couple of first timers on the 'net. so.. here's to more shows and please, for the love of all that's good and pure, keep the laundry running. i think that should be a continuing "thing" on the show. i thought hearing it kick into the rinse cycle was darn funny. it added its own pizazz to the show. keep washing baby!

anyways... i'm a homer, and the DETROIT TIGERS after nearly 20 years, are officially back in the postseason. boom pow surprise.

a handful of good foosball matchups over the weekend.. or matchups that you had hoped would be good. at least teams that were competitive were playing, whether they sucked hard or not. (ie, packers/lions or seahawks/giants for example). too bad the Giants didnt think so. the time change must've got em. i'm pretty sure they all dressed out for the game, but didnt really feel like playing. (actually, this game looked similiar to the ND/Mich blowout) or maybe it's just this.. Eli Manning isnt as good as people want him to be. have u noticed how Eli makes his name for himself.. coming back. GREAT, you can kick ass when a team drops back and plays prevent defense! that's awesome! yes he can continually bring his team back in the last quarter (which takes a solid guy, no doubt).. but he's doing it when teams are just playing "'dont give up the big play' defense". and then Shockey. the quinntessential teammate....

"We got outplayed and outcoached. Write that down."
-- Jeremy Shockey

thanks buddy. always nice to know that a player is this willing to kick people under the bus as quickly as possible. shouldnt this whining wait until at least more than 3 games? like halfway in the season at least? i dont know.. i just dont think you air it out like that this early. he was all fired up after they didnt convert the 2-point late in the game, but after his weak ass route that he ran on that play, i think he should be mad at himself too. shudda'yo mouf'.

can we, the USA, stop saying that we have the best athletes in the world, and then continually lose world competitions? thank you Ryder Cup for proving us wrong in yet another display of sports incompetence.

ok, and finally, Chris Simms got lit up so bad that he had to get his spleen removed maaaaan! bruised ribs, check. dehydration, check. blood transfusion? check. shattered confidence and equally shitty team, double check. SPLATTERED SPLEEN, check!

sucks to be you, buddy. big time.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Suicide pool picks for Week 3

Yes, this is the holiest of days. Sunday is here, and it's week 3. Let us all worship at the altar of professional football.

As I said earlier this week, most of the games seemed like harder picks to me as more evenly matched teams are going at it this week. In my mind, this is the week where the betting cream rises to the top.

And before I almost forget, these are the suicide pool picks...

The Rev - Patriots
Cam - Eagles
Eric - Dolphins
Iam - Eagles
Martin - Giants
Temwr87 - Ravens
ElP - Ravens
Bryan - Ravens
Spaceman - Eagles
Los - Colts
Ebntx - Saints
Keith - Bills
Jaywhite - Panthers

With 7 players standing on islands, this ought to be a fun week.

Start discussing here! Hopefully I'll see some more people around here tonight for the night game, along with the usual suspects.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

CFB Saturday and More

Maybe this weekend doesn't have as many juicy matchups as last weekend, but there always seems to be upsets in these situations.

Its not good to wake up and see your team (Michigan) already losing.

And I see the US crapped the bed in the morning Ryder Cup matches and aren't doing well in the afternoon matches either.

Soriano is 40-40-40 and is getting zero pub.

Georgia clings to life......alright its BCS life, holding on and winning 14-13 over Colorado. I'm tempted to take a shot at SEC football, but after a big win last week I'll give UGA a pass.

UM turns up the D and beats Wisconsin.

VTech gets a scare from Cincy but wins.

Clemson DESTROYS UNC. (Good call EP)

Notre Irish eyes are smiling indeed. Impossible, no the improbable comeback. Somehow the Irish survive the Kansas City Shuffle. Great win for the Irish to save their season. I still say Chuck Weiss and Co. are vastly overrated. And hey John L. Smith, dust off that resume buddy, your job is as good as gone.

Paging Ben Crenshaw....USA down 10-6 in the Ryder Cup and basically need a miracle to win.

Big Up to EP going 2-0-1.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm A Degenrate

El Padrino's Weekly Football Betting Column


Cal -7 over ASU
No 21. vs No 22. Coach Dirk of ASU is a stellar 0-10 in Pac-10 games played in the state of California. I really like Marshawn Lynch. If they can protect the QB (Cal, Longshore) they will knock ASU out of the top 25. ($25)

CLEMSON -16 over N. Carolina
Clemson beat a good team last week. And I had them dead in the water after that BC loss.
I smell a rout. It's either that or cookies. ($25)

MICHIGAN ST. +3 over Notre Dame
Like I've mentioned, ND has lost seven out of nine vs the Spartans and are 2-5 in games after playing the Wolverines. Who might I add totally exposed that putrid defense that Charlie Weis neglects because he's an offensive whiz who thinks outscoring opponents will win him college football games. Not if your opponent can score too fatboy. ($25)


STEELERS -2 over Bengals
Steelers remember last year when the Bengals came in to Heinz field and grabbed the AFC North division from them. Also, let's not forget that the Steelers have a hell of a defense. Led by Porter and Polamalu they will be able to put pressue on Palmer and contain Rudi Johnson.
Bengals have several key injuries that will hurt them and Rothlisberger got that bad game out of his system. That's why he HAD to play last week. Granted the Jags D is for real but he was really bad and the Bengals D does not scream world-beaters. ($50)

Eagles -6 over NINERS
After a deflating loss the Eagles look to take it all out on the Niners. It doesn't matter that the game is in SF. It could be in Bill Walsh's backyard for all I care. The Eagles are pissed. That won't happen again. And the Westbrook not practicing crap, don't worry. That's every week. Him and Fred Taylor are the Steve McNair's of running backs. ($100)

Ravens -6.5 over BROWNS
Keep cashing in on them. Until Vegas notices and doles out real lines, keep taking the easy money. No brainer here. Browns are putrid on O, Ravens are exceptional on D. ($100)

Panthers -3 over BUCS
Question is, who is the worse 0-2 team? Simms has no confidence right now and another bad game accompanied by rounding boos won't make him feel any better. But forgetting that Simms is crapping the bed, where did Simeon Rice go? Or Cadillac Williams? Brooks and Ronde? Where have they all gone? I know one thing. Julius Peppers will make Simms's job alot harder than the kid is making it on himself. I can't see Carolina going 0-3. ($50)

Colts/Jags UNDER 44.5
Jags haven't shown much of an offense lately, besides the running game so, I anticipate a score in the hood of 26-13. Did I mention the Jags can play D? ($50)

Just Teasing (+or- 12 points, my site changed it)
Jags +19
Jets +17
Packers +18.5
Bears +9


The Rev's Sermon

OK, fine. You talked me into posting.

Usually, I get to hide behind a guest column, or behind a gimmick like a suicide pool as my contributions here. It works for me, and makes the blog better as a whole. And it gives me something built in to write about.

But it's been a little while since I put my sports opinions on the front page. So here goes. For the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to not suck or be lame.

And if this doesn't work, eventually I will convince my fiancee to write two paragraphs of my columns for me, give her a name like "Sports Lady", and get into a game picking contest with her, probably for NHL games. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

- First of all, just to get my Philly stuff out of the way, I'm still amazed that there are 10 games left in the season and the Phillies are actually tied for the wild card lead. Really, this team was dead two months ago. Even the GM was saying publicly wait until 2008 for them to contend. The fire sale before the trade deadline was up there with what the Marlins used to do. And now, they are this close to postseason baseball where we all know anything can happen.

Yes, I realize that the NL belongs to the Mets and is theirs to lose right now. I am not crazy. But here are my NL related questions. Of the three teams battling for the Wild Card and the NL West title, those being the Padres, Dodgers, and Phillies, who will get in the playoffs? And... is the fact that a team like the Phillies is in real contention right now a testament to how well they have played since the deadline, or is it an indictment on the rest of the NL for sucking?

The interesting note... in the AL, 4 teams that probably will not make the playoffs would be the Wild Card leader if they were in the NL. And I would get into the AL races, but it's looking more and more like the 4 teams are decided now that the Tigers woke up and put some distance between them and the White Sox.

- Speaking of the division races, one quick note. The only reason I'm hoping for the Phillies to win the Wild Card is that I am a hat collector, and I want to buy one of those official locker room hats that the Phillies would wear during a champagne celebration. I like that stuff, and I know there's a few of you hat collectors out there.

But now, I'm seeing what the hat might look like on the front page of today on A-Rod's melon from last night and I'm wondering... when did The Gap get the contract to make MLB championship hats?

Really, the hats this year look to me like they should be worn with a $58 pair of jeans that are pre-faded to give that already-worn look.

I don't know if this is a good thing.

- Hey, did anybody realize that some preseason NHL games were played this week?

No? You don't give a rat's ass?

Quickly, move on!

- Somehow, through a stroke of dumb luck, I have tickets to this Monday's make up game between the Phillies and Astros. It just so happens that Roger Clemens is scheduled to pitch for Houston. Some are saying it could be one of his last starts.

Well, we've heard that before when it comes to him.

What do you think? Is Rocket finally done?

- Just wanted to say that it's now been just over 5 weeks since we started this here lawless society. And I've enjoyed how the conversation has kept going almost constantly. We're even getting activity on weekends. Thanks again to all of you for keeping the blog strong.

And one reminder to all... if any of you are around on Sunday nights, we usually get a good chat going during the Sunday night NFL game here. I'm stuck working a radio shift on Sunday nights, and I usually have time to comment in between my reports after 8PM. I'd like to see a few more of you around. Join in the discussion if you can.


It's time. To the players below, please submit your picks on this page.

Here's a reminder of who has picked what so far for reference.

The Rev - Ravens, Eagles
Cam - Bengals, Bears
Thejaywhite - Colts, Cardinals
Ebntx - Falcons, Colts
Eric - Ravens, Eagles
Temwr87 - Bengals, Seahawks
Los - Ravens, Cardinals
ElPadrino - Colts, Chargers
Iamunstopable - Ravens, Chargers
Martin Vannostrand - Chargers, Bengals
Spaceman Spiff - Colts, Patriots
Keith S - Colts, Patriots
Bryan2857 - Bears, Chargers

As always, please limit this page to picks only to make it easy for me. If no one steps up in an hour, I will do a real posting around 11:30ET for today's discussion.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday – it’s better than Monday.

I’m looking fwd to the Ryder Cup, lets see if Team USA can rally on foreign soil and win this thing. Some of the guys on our team include : J.J. Henry, Zach Johnson, Vaughn Taylor, and Brett Wetterich. I know zero about any of these guys except I think a few have won smaller PGA tour events this year. It should be interesting. I wonder if Tiger will play out of his mind, this seems like the last frontier for him. He’s dominated all aspects of golf except the RC. His record in this event is less than stellar.

On to the brew-ha-ha about Tiger’s Wife. Here’s the main gist of the article about his wife being linked to risqué pics. The tabloid also takes some shots at other players wives.

"My wife, yes, she has been a model prior, and she did do some bikini photos," Woods said. "But to link her to porn Web sites and such is unacceptable, and I no not accept that at all. Neither does our team."

"Most American golfers are married to women who cannot keep their clothes on in public," the magazine wrote. "Is it too much to ask that they leave them at home for the Ryder Cup? Consider the evidence. Tiger Woods' wife can be found in a variety of sweaty poses on porn sites."

Inside the tabloid, it reprinted photos of Nordegren in a bikini, along with a nude photo of a woman purported to be Nordegren. Woods vehemently denied it was his wife when it first came out three years ago.

"It's ridiculous," Steinberg said from IMG headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. "I can't say much now because of prejudice, because I'm not sure what we'll do in the future. Everyone knew [the nude photo] wasn't her. It's plain as day. You can see it's not factual. It's kind of ironic they bring it up this week."

"You do things for the people you love and you care about," Woods said. "My father got ridiculed for years, and I always felt for my father and my mother the same way. My wife, we're in it together. We're a team, and we do things as a team. And I care about her with all my heart."

In an unrelated note:

Just to pile on, I heard this on the radio the other day: Charlie Weiss has never beaten a team that has finished in the year end rankings while he’s been at ND. You stay classy ND.

Feel free to discuss anything else.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Morning Quarterhack

Monday Night Foosball was a a good contest between a couple of evenly matched squads. Lowest scoring Monday night ever, so they say. Theissman and Kornheiser, aka TC, inched ever closer to a potential death match. Super Blow Champs? How do you goose-egg it, seriously? I know the Jags D is supposed to be solid and all.. but damn man, zilch? I'm thinkin Big Ben and his stitched-up side needed to sit. He looked to be bailing out of every possible hit (which I'm sure I would've too). But bottom line is, he was not 100%, and I think in this case they should've plopped him on the bench. The whole "fighting through injury/recovery" thing is played out. At certain points you're hurting the team, and I think this might've been one of those times. Dude has had a really rough last few months.. slow it down fella, you've got a whole career to go.

Whack-10 admitted that the refs blew the calls in the OU/Ducks game. Is that consolation for Bob and his Sooners? Obviously they're still fired up. And they've said they're not gonna take the game off the books, but maybe the rankings should reflect the "non-win". Maybe we'll see the coaches give some love to OU. But probably not.

We've been talking football for days, so let's pass some love to the NY Mets, who popped the playoff cherry first. Also, the Dodgers jacked 4 homers in the 9th en route to a comeback win. The playoff battle continues...

And lastly on this mini-cap morning, on a non-hater note, I see that Peter Gammons is due back on-air this week. Good times. Not to be mean, but hopefully this won't be a Dick Clark thing. No need to make him suffer through that. But it sounds like it won't be..


Alright, so a topic was brought to my attention by blogger Bryan2857...

There's only 5 out of 32 starting QB's that have won a superbowl
Favre, Brady, Warner, and Rothlesburgeshacagher, B. Johnson and Bledsoe*.

So, why do we hype QB's so much when they haven't proved anything yet? The mannings, vick, culpepper, palmer, mcnabb, hasselback. All big names, all have done shit. When people talk about certain QB's it's like they've won everything possible. The Manning's story last week was nice, brother v. brother and all, but neither of them has really won much of anything.


(And I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but Notre Dame got boned.)


Secondary topic, which I forgot to throw in. This stems from a topic from out of our femine side. Beth's question about the best and worst teams after week 2.

Here's the change to that question... How about the WORST 2-0 team, and the BEST 0-2 team. So much was made of the Redskins, Miami, Carolina.. all 0-2. Will they bounce back? Are the Falcons for real, can Minnesota continue to win ugly, can Reggie and Drew carry the Saints?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Suicide pool results for Week 2

The Rev - Ravens
Cam - Bengals
Thejaywhite - Colts
Ebntx - Falcons
Eric - Ravens
Temwr87 - Bengals
Los - Ravens
ElPadrino - Colts
Iamunstopable - Ravens
Martin Vannostrand - Chargers
Spaceman Spiff - Colts
Keith S - Colts
Bryan2857 - Bears

Isiah Thomas - Dolphins

I'll give it to Zeke. He waited until all the other picks were in. He could have gone with any one of the easy games. There were more than one shoo-in picks this week. But he stood on the island and took the Dolphins at home against a Bills team that had played New England tough the week before. It takes brass ones to make that call. It wasn't a dumb call either. You would expect the Dolphins to man up at home against a division rival.

But the call led to the...

Being that Zeke is the only man who was eliminated this week, the Dolphins killed him and probably a few more people across America. However, I'm guessing that with a lot of easy games on the board in week 2, this was not the week across America where a lot of people got knocked out.

4 people picked the Ravens this week. 4 people picked the Colts. It was the perfect week to pick either team. But I give this title to the folks like me who picked the Ravens for two reasons. First off, I don't think the Ravens will be this solid a pick for the rest of the season, so I think you use a team like that now. Secondly, I can save the Colts for a pick later this year if I need. I think the Colts have another week in them where they will be a gimmie. In fact, week 5 for them looks like a gimmie now.

On top of all of that, the bandwagon is forming where you pick every team the Raiders are playing for as long as you can. They do have a fighting chance to go 0-16. But you can't do it in week 3 since it is their bye. No one will have the Raiders' opponent to fall back on this week. This week might weed a few people out.

And looking ahead at week 3... I don't see a clear cut gimmie this week. I don't even think picking against the Texans is a gimmie since they get to host a reeling Washington team.

Yep, I have a feeling week 3 is going to be the week where we get some knockouts. With a lucky number of 13 players left... it's on!

Monday Morning Quarterback

Kind of a wacky weekend in the NFL huh? Out of the 5 teams that were 10 point or more favorites all but one covered, easily. El Pad had a rough betting experience going a gnarly 0-3 in college (although I hit the USC bet, the line dropped to 17) and a respectable 4-2 in the pros. After going 7-2 last week that brings the overall stand at 11-7. Not bad. Let's get into some of the events that was a great football weekend.

GIANTS! Unbelievable comeback win on the road. Just gutted out a rough 3 quarters and took it to Philly in the fourth to tie the game and force overtime. Eli was unspectacular for 3 quarters mostly due to "protection problems" but really turned it on when it mattered. Driving down the field to set-up a tying FG he then went unconscious in the OT period and went 8-8, 82 yards and a TD. Now they head to Seattle to face the Hawks who sit at 2-0 but it's a different 2-0 as yesterday they had a under-whelming victory over the Cards. That's two under-whelming performances against two mediocre teams. The Giants are not a mediocre team.

Gamble is his name and gamble he did. A lateral pass that went bad the Panthers blew thier game in Minny and now sit 2 behind the flying Falcons. Vick and Co. set a record by rushing for over 300 yards with him and Dunn doing most of the work. Needless to say the Falcons look good, the Bucs and the Panthers don't.

Speaking of the Bucs, Simms needs to sit. I guess he ain't ready. And the cover is still on the Cadillac, cuz we haven't seen that fool yet.

Pats still own Jets. Ravens squash Raiders has predicted.

Are the Saints for real? Well you know what....with Brees you have to respect them now.
This Colston kid is becoming a threat in an offense that can score.

Niners with a big home win against a pretty good Ram team still finding themselves. I called Frank Gore a year ago and now he's emerging as a top back. Did anyone see the throw Alex Smith made to Bryant for the go-ahead TD? Wow.

Colts did what they do against bad teams and Manning passes Unitas on the all-time Colts list.

Broncos struggled again and the Chargers look like the team to beat out west.

Redskins offense makes me want to puke when I watch it. It's awful. I though Al Saunders was a genius? Brunell has to go. I'm surprised that situation doesn't get more press. What do fans in DC want?

T.O busted his finger and is out 2-4 weeks. Culpepper layed a home-opening egg.

Bills looked pretty good again, should we watch out?

Bengals took care of business over the Browns but did anyone see the lick Chad Johnson took?
Let's see him do the chicken dance after that?

Da Bears.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

NFL Week 2

There are some good matchups, but also 5 spreads over 10.

Who's gonna end up 0-2, Dallas or Washington?

Can Green Bay and Oakland collectively score 10 points?

Will New England finally be affected by all the free agent losses?


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Separation Saturday......

This deserves its own thread.


Louisville whoops Miami.

OREGON! 2 TD's in the final 22 seconds to beat Okla. Including Oregon blocking an Okla kick at the gun. Wow. Some funny officiating at the end though.

Auburn over LSU in a close, close game.

TCU tames T Tech.

The Good Son Bowl : Clemson over FSU (uh way to give up that big run with a minute left FSU)

FLA gets it done on the road vs Tenn (but doesn't cover)

SC rallies from early trouble to beat a fiesty Nebraska (and COVERS)

Overall a GREAT day for CFB.

Friday, September 15, 2006

This week's suicide pool picks... and the prize unveiling!

The Rev - Ravens
Cam - Bengals
Thejaywhite - Colts
Ebntx - Falcons
Eric - Ravens
Temwr87 - Bengals
Los - Ravens
ElPadrino - Colts
Iamunstopable - Ravens
Martin Vannostrand - Chargers
Spaceman Spiff - Colts
Keith S - Colts
Bryan2857 - Bears
Isiah Thomas - Dolphins

Good luck to all this week.

Now, I will reveal the prize. As I said before, this will involve three items of sports memorabilia from my personal collection. I hope you will enjoy them.

For the record, no the TO autographed book will not be involved. Sorry to tease you, but I never actually promised it. I was considering it, but then I realized that I actually paid $40 for the thig at one time. I''m not giving up anything I paid $40 for, even if it is a wide reciever I truly despise now. Yes, I spent $40 on an item from a guy whom I eventually came to hate. To blatantly steal a line... the lesson is as always, I'm an idiot.

However, all of these items are items that I have gotten signed by the player in person, and they are all items that I have obtained more than one of. In fact, many of my autographs were obtained at sports card shows which were held at the shopping mall outside of Philadelphia that my mother manages. Being the manager's son, and with all of these card shows involving a player signing autographs, I had a great connection to get as many things as I wanted signed by players from all 4 major sports. So my collection is huge. And that allows me to share in my wealth. And we had players who were pretty well known in there too.

Yes, each of these players has a Philly connection. But, I was careful to choose three players from my collection that have national fame in some way, and have played for more than one team. In fact, the prize package includes...

Two Heisman Trophy winners
A two-time NFL pro bowl player
A MLB all-star relief pitcher

Not too shabby, eh?

But there is also one other thing. I picked three players that are infamous for something other than sports greatness. Although each player had some success, they are each known for things that we in this forum would make fun of. Yes, each player has something infamous attached to them that is worthy of mocking. I tried to be as creative as possible. I hope you like it.

And if you don't like it... hey, it's free! What the hell do you want from me anyway? I don't have to do this. In fact, I'm the only player that if I win, I don't get a damn thing except bragging rights. So get over it.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the three players. You will receive one authentic autographed sports card from each of these three players.

1. Herschel Walker

1982 Heisman Trophy winner, USFL rushing champion in 1983 and 1985, NFL pro bowler in 1987 and 1988, 12 NFL seasons, 8,225 rushing yards, 4,859 receiving yards, and 5,084 kickoff-return yards, 61 rushing touchdowns and 21 receiving touchdowns... that is a career that many players would love to have.

Yet what is he really known for?

He single-handedly made the Dallas Cowboys into a Super Bowl champion... by being traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a total of five players and six draft picks (which led to Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith, and Darren Woodson).

We all know he never lived that trade down.

2. Mitch Williams

All-star reliever in 1989, 192 career saves in 11 seasons, three seasons with over 30 saves and a high of 43 in 1993, two postseason appearances, saved the clinching game in the 1993 NLCS for the Phillies, and a great nickname in "Wild Thing"... yet another career that many would love to have.

Yet what is he really known for?

Do I really have to tell you?

I mean, are you going to make me relive the moment that made me throw things against a wall in 1993?

One bad slider to Joe Carter that didn't slide... and the man is known for giving up one of the top three most important home runs in Major League history in my view.

Must move on... the memory is too intense.

3. Ty Detmer

1990 Heisman Trophy winner, 1,530 pass attempts with 958 completions in college, 15,031 passing yards, 121 touchdown passes and 14,665 yards of total offense with all of these totals shattering NCAA records, 7-4 as a starter with the 1995 Eagles with a playoff appearance, 14 total seasons in the NFL with 6 different teams.

Yet what is he really known for?

Well, not much actually. That is the whole point.

I wanted a representative of the Heisman Trophy winners who did almost nothing in the NFL. And since I never got Andre Ware's autograph, Ty Detmer had to do.

Besides, any chance to include a really white guy and a Mormon in this collection, well you gotta take that opportunity.

That is the prize. Good luck to all!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm A Degenrate

El Padrino's Weekly Football Betting Column


Florida -3.5 over TENNESSEE
Vols squeaked one out last week against Air Force after an impressive beating of Cal a week prior. Which Vol team will show up? I'm guessing somewhere in between which tells me they ain't ready to beat a talented team like Florida. Too many weapons for Chris Leak who finally looks comfortable behind center. ($50)

USC -19 over Nebraska
No doubt Bill Callahan has done a great job in rebuilding that Nebraska program but Pete Carrol with two weeks to work with Booty and that offense will overwhelm him this week. And it's SoCal's first home game of the 2006 year so that merits a few td's alone. ($50)

FLORIDA STATE -3.5 over Clemson
Clemson comes in limping after that brutal loss to BC on Chestnut Hill last Saturday. Overtime thriller in which the Clemson kicker missed an extra point in OT to pretty much lose the game.
Father Bowden will have no mercy on his son after this week's practices made him look like the coach of Hoover High on that Two-A-Days show. FSU needs to send a message here. ($75)

Disclaimer: Because IAM requested and because I am (no pun intended) a nice guy I put in parenthesis how much I anticiapate putting on each game. Also tonight I mentioned WVU-17 over Maryland, that's worth ($100). Good Luck.


Lot's of big spreads this week.. Beware of the Back door covers!

Bucs +5.5 over HOTLANTA
King got one thing right in his picks for this week, nobody rallies a team to scrape a win out better than Jon "Chucky" Gruden. Plus Abraham is hobbled and last year I was at this game and the Bucs pulled it out in OT. That was a great game, Cadillac ran for like 130 and Vick fumbles in OT to set-up the game-winning FG. ($50)

SEAHAWKS -7 over Cards
Hawks rebound nicely at home and trounce the Cards. Niners put up points against these Cards so that tells me the Hawks will put up some points. Either that or the Madden curse will rear it's ugly head and Alexander will snap his fibula in the first quarter. ($100)

RAVENS -11 over Raiders
I can't help myself, this is too easy. Ray Lewis might actually eat Aaron Brooks. ($150)

Titans +12 over CHARGERS
Surprised? Smells like a back-door cover to me. I ain't sayin the Titans are going to win but the Chargers played the equivalent of a college team on Monday night. Titans came back and played good defense when it mattered on Sunday. They lost but they are a young team who can learn from that second half. Plus the Chargers ran the ball like 48 times or something like that. That smells like the O.Coordinator doesn't trust young Rivers yet. Look for Fisher to blitz his ass off Sunday. ($25)

Over/Under bet: Dolphins/Bills under 37
Saban has had since last Thursday night to prepare for the Bills. I don't expect them to score more than 10 in this AFC east match-up. ($25)

Exotic Bet: 4 game teaser
This allows me to add/subtract 13 points to each spread.

COLTS (Pk'em) over Texans
BEARS +5 over Detroit
BENGALS +2.5 over Browns
RAVENS +2 over Raiders

Easy enough, I'd say that warrants ($150).

Good Luck.


For the 14 players still in, post your picks for this weekend here.

You can refer to the previous list to see who picked what last week. As always, don't pick who you picked last week.

Please limit this particular comments section to suicide picks only. It's easier for me to find the picks if I don't have to sort through 147 comments. I encourage you to add all other comments to Zeke's post below and make that thread nice and long.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I agree with the SG that one of the things broke in sports is MVP voting. Is the MVP the best player on the best team, best player in the league, player that if you took him off his team the team would suck? Do they have to play on a winning team? Is it the high scorer/stat leader? MVP voting rules are too ambiguous and far too often you have bias and agenda driven motives involved.

Two years ago I was living in CA and thought that Shaq was by far the league MVP over Steve Nash. Now that I’ve lived in PHX for over a year I’ve done a 180. Steve Nash, to me is truly a deserving 2 time MVP. Sure the only other 2 time NBA MVP’s are some of the all time greats and seeing Nash’s name included in that list looks out of place. But to me, the MVP is someone who plays on a winning team and if you took him off the team or replaced him in the lineup how would the team fare. IMO if you took Nash off the Suns they’d still be good but he is the engine that runs that team. Great passing, great hustle, great teammate. Sure his D is suspect but he’s so integral to what they do that without him the team wouldn’t be the same. Preseason they weren’t even picked to be an 8th seed and look where they ended up.

What I’m trying to do is lay the groundwork for is my case for Frank Thomas as the AL MVP. Billy Beane took a flier on Thomas before the season and most people didn’t really give the move too much of a chance to work out; especially given Thomas’ proclivity for injury the last few seasons. Yet Thomas has produced well this season, he’s on pace to hit 40 hrs and have 100+ RBI. Not too bad for a 38 yr old who has moderate protection in that lineup. I think the MVP should come from a winning team and the A’s are in 1st in the AL West, have been for quite some time. Take Thomas off this team and they’d still probably be pretty good, but there would be a big void in the middle of that lineup. Chavez and Crosby have been inconsistent and part of Swishers success is due to Thomas’ bat.

Here’s the case against the other candidates :

Jeter : Gimme a break. I think Jeter is a good player just not the MVP. And don’t give me the “Yankees have been injured all year”. Bullshit. When you’re still trotting out A-Rod, Giambi, Damon, Posada, etc and have Rivera and Co. on your team you better win, even with a few injuries. I agree with Papi. Put Jeter on the Royals and he ain’t carrying them to shit.

Ortiz : Great player, likeable guy, unbelievably clutch. Team is fading though. Gotta be on a contender to be MVP. I don’t mind him being a DH, that doesn’t affect his candidacy in my book.

Johan Santana
: Probably #2 on my ballot but the MVP award for a pitcher is called the Cy Young. Also, Liriano was better than him at the start of the year.

Jermaine Dye : Tough to overlook him as he’s having a great season. His team is fighting for their playoff lives and they are in a tough division. But he’s got a lot of protection around him. Plus this is a career year and with HGH/steriods leaving a cloud over sudden feats of power....

Morneau/Mauer : Both having great seasons on a scrappy team that has rallied from a horrific start to contend for a playoff berth. Neither say MVP to me though. They get overshadowed by Liriano and Santana.

I’m not the biggest MLB fan so I’m probably full of shit. But to me The Big Hurt looks like the MVP.

"man i aints evens payin no attention to dem game" - J.Porter

Is it worse to root against the team that is currently paying you, or just not care at all about them? i'd saying rooting, easily. but if you really think about it.. how do these pro teams put up with so much shiat from players? you sign this contract, then you bitch about it. hey buddy, you signed it, youre stuck with it. get your ass on the field and get to crackin. if you whined at your own job as bad as pro athletes do at theirs, you'd be fired. what does that tell you?

Learn to run a 4.4/40, that's what.

So a mini mid-week recap..

Let's see, Lance had some old teammates come out and say they were 'users'. Good thing Mr. Bass is out of racing, cause he'd be catchin hades over this stuff. He'd be a second Bonds. Retired = Forgotten About. You retire from a sport, all of a sudden you can talk crap and drudge up rumors and nobody really cares all that much (Canseco, Caminiti pre-death). How soon we forget. Just don't be around when they're head hunting, and youre safe. Hide and be quiet and your legacy wont get all that tarnished. Nice.

Britney Spears popped out another kid? She was pregnant? I wasnt looking at here stomach. Enjoy here.....

Baseball.. Yankees are getting reloaded for their annual pennant run. Divisions and Wild Cards are squeezing tighter and tighter each day.. (My Tigers won on a walk-off homer). Mets clinched. The NL has like 18 teams within a shot.

I think the biggest debate so far into our young little NFL season is not who's gonna win it this year, or who is the best, or even what teams are potential contenders.. I think the item garnering the most discussion is which team is the WORST. And the Pack and the Raiders are definitely fighting for first place. I'm sure San Fran will be welcomed back into the fold at some point, but hey, at least they have a young QB that at least makes tuning into the games potentially worthwhile. With the other 2, you really have nothing. Zero.

Alright.. let the bickering commence..

EDIT -- Detroit.. even our homeless will f*ck you up.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Suicide Pool - Who's in and who's out Week 1


The Rev - Eagles
Spaceman Spiff - Patriots
Cam - Bears
Temwr87 - Seahawks
Isiah Thomas - Cardinals
Ebntx - Colts
ElPadrino - Chargers
Iamunstopable - Chargers
Thejaywhite - Cardinals
Bryan2857 - Chargers
Los - Cardinals
Keith S - Patriots
Eric - Eagles
Martin Vannostrand - Bengals


Steve - Panthers
Mound of Venus - Cowboys
Beth82678 - Cowboys
Mr Meiz - Dolphins
Whocares - Buccaneers
Bob Kaelin - Redskins
Hick-Hops - Titans
Jfreak - Browns

I say it's Ebntx taking the Colts. That was far from a gimmie against the Giants going in. Standing with a tough game in Week 1 takes cajones the size of avocados. Mr. Meiz gets honorable mention for taking the Dolphins in a losing effort. It also takes guts to pick against the defending Super Bowl champs.

Every year in Week 1 of the suicide pools across America, there's the team that everyone picked only to be undone by a shocking upset, and it usually eliminates 50% of the pool. This year, it's not as clear cut. The Cowboys in our pool are the only team that knocked out two players, and I have a feeling many people across America suffered with that. However, how many people do you think got blasted when Carolina lost? I think that was the stunner this year.

3 people rode both the Cardinals and Chargers bandwagons this week, so it is a tie. But I give the edge to the Cardinals because it was not as much of a gimmie. I think we all expected the Chargers to dominate. But if anytime was a time to use the Cardinals, it was Week 1. I don' t think the Cardinals will be a sure thing the rest of the way.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Weekend. Reviewed.


So we need to start where the weekend started for me. Thursday, in Chicago. A day game at Wrigley field. First time I was there since I was a little kid. Just absolutely amazing. The game was decent, Cubs lost, but the whole atmosphere was great. Ended up going to a Wrigley area bar. Just awesome. It's a must for a baseball fan. And, I almost forgot the best part. I caught a foul ball. It was in BP, but it still counts.

The Steelers seemed decent. It looked much more like Miami lost the game. The only thing that really jumped out at me during that game was that when a man kisses another man he's either European or a flamer. And I'm pretty sure Joey Porter isn't European.


Nothing happened on Friday. I'm positive of this.


Notre Dame looked good. Offense was in sync, and the defense was opportunistic with turnovers. But I think the big question to ask is was it Notre Dame proving they were that good, or was it Penn State proving they were that bad?

What in the world happened to Florida State? Troy? Seriously? That was horrendous. I've heard of overlooking an opponent, but that was crazy. Troy gained more yards then Miami against that D. FSU is lucky to have made it through the weekend.

Two different 2OT games. Iowa looked horrible against a really bad Syracuse team. I didn't hear why Drew Tate didn't play, but that almost ruined their season, and lots of people picked them to run the table. Boston College turned in the only Top 25 upset of the week, knocking off Clemson with a blocked PAT.

I'm a little shocked by the OSU-UT result. I just didn't think OSU was that good. They pretty much dominated on both sides of the ball. Although, I will say, if that Texas reciever doesn't fumble at the 2 during the first quarter, this is a different game. And what was with Texas' running game? I don't think they did a straight handoff the entire game. It was draw left, draw right. It seemed to work, but it was so odd.

Maria Sharapova won the U.S. Open. She's hot. And a good player. Good combo. And she feels pretty. Which is always good for one's self-esteem.


The day we've all been waiting for. NFL Kickoff weekend. And it feels good.

I think this week definitively proves that Brett Farve should have retired. A telling sign: Farve overthrew a WR, directly into Vasher's hands, and Vasher dropped it. Very next play...Farve overthrows it into another DB's hands.

Seattle just looked bad. Nothing much else to say about that. Maybe the Super Bowl loser curse has weight to it.

What happened to Carolina being the best overall team (per hoardes of media-types). They sucked it up on both sides of the ball. Only 65 yards on the ground, why didn't DeAngelo Williams get any carries?

Stallworth looks like he might finally be the answer for Philly at WR. They did play a bad team, but they still looked nice. This has been said a thousand times, but Houston fans have to be sick seeing what they could have had in Reggie Bush. Especially with Davis down, it just magnifies things so much more.

Colts eek it out over the Giants. Big problems for the Colts with the run on both sides. Over 7 yards a carry on defense, and near 2 on offense. Eli wins per the stats, but Peyton pulls the win out. The Vinatieri pick-up looks real big now. Vanderjagt probably could have made those 4 FGs, but it looks much better to say that he wouldn't.

Oh yeah, and Federer is amazing, and wins another major. Roddick chokes again.

Looking Ahead

And the biggest thing for this Monday, remembering the lives we lost on this day 5 years ago. A horrible tragedy, and something that can never be forgotten.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Officially Unofficial LOV Suicide Pool Rules

Just posting these for the record...

Each week, all picks must be in by 5pm ET Friday. A page will be posted to post your picks here on Thursday. I will post it, or one of our fellow contributors can post it as well. But it will be marked as the official picks page. You may post your picks on the comments section of that page for them to be official.

In a week where there is an early Thursday game, all picks must be in by the time of kickoff of that game. The time of your pick will be posted automatically in the comments, and that will be the time we judge by.

If anyone needs to put in their picks in advance, they may e-mail them to and they will be included. This will also be allowed for several weeks picks in advance if special circumstances warrant.

However, everyone is strongly encouraged to post as many picks as they can publicly on the comments board. It is easier on me, and it gives us all a public record of who picked what. The e-mail will only be allowed for special cases, such as being away from a computer for several days or weeks. Besides, if you have to pick weeks in advance, it does put you at a disadvantage. So being on schedule week to week with your picks on the board is better for you anyway.

After all picks are in, they will be reposted on the blog as a list for easy reference.

If you don't get your pick in on time, you're out. Simple enough.

After the week's games, we will post an update as to who is in or who is out. And those people will continue.

Rules of a suicide pool are simple if you don't know already. You pick one NFL team a week to win their game. All games will be straight up, which means you are not picking against the spread. Your team either wins the game or loses outright. If you win, you move on to next week. If you lose, you are out for good. You may not pick the same team twice in a season, which means if you pick a team one week, you are forbidden from using them again. Last one standing wins.

If we get down to two players, and it happens that in that week both players pick losing teams, it will be considered a push and both players will pick again the following week to decide a winner. If this somehow happens with three players or more left (which would be really tough to do), same thing applies. We go until there is a clear cut winner.

The winner will recieve a prize package. And I am here to announce that the prize package will include three items of sports memorabilia from my personal collection of my choosing. They will be announced later on, once I decide what they are. The winner can e-mail me their address at the end for receipt of the package.

In essence, we can rename this game to Win The Rev's Stuff. (It's just like Win Ben Stein's Money, except different.)

Any questions? Post them here.

And if you break any of the rules, you know what happens then...

Iamunstoppable will visit you, and deez nutz are deez nutz!

Enjoy the season!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Suicide pool official picks...

These are the players...

The Rev - Eagles
Spaceman Spiff - Patriots
Cam - Bears
Temwr87 - Seahawks
Steve - Panthers
Isiah Thomas - Cardinals
Ebntx - Colts
ElPadrino - Chargers
Iamunstopable - Chargers
Thejaywhite - Cardinals
Bryan2857 - Chargers
Los - Cardinals
Keith S - Patriots
Mound of Venus - Cowboys
Eric - Eagles
Beth82678 - Cowboys
Martin Vannostrand - Bengals
Mr Meiz - Dolphins
Whocares - Buccaneers
Bob Kaelin - Redskins
Hick-Hops - Titans
Jfreak - Browns

This list is now final. Good luck!

Suicide Pool

Sorry to butt in here, but I'll make this quick.

I officially propose we start the LOV suicide pool here.

You all know the rules of a suicide pool. Pick one team a week to win straight up. You can't pick the same team twice in a year. You lose, you're out. You win, you keep picking. Last one standing wins.

Post your official picks in this comments section and we'll go week to week. Get them in by 6pm ET, 3pm PT today. And I'll post the list of who picked what later.

This is really for bragging rights only. though I may give up my Terrell Owens autographed book to the winner. We shall see.

Get it started!

My pick for week 1... Philadelphia Eagles.

And of course, feel free to keep commenting on Zeke's post below. It's a good thread.

UPDATE - We will take picks until kickoff of the first game tonight at 8:30ET. But once the ball is kicked, no more players allowed. So you have a couple more hours to get in on it.

Roid Rage, The Return of the King and a No-No

Roid Rage

A story I saw late last night got me to thinking, which can be a very dangerous thing. News that Marion Jones “B” sample was clear of any PED’s broke late last night. So while I guess that clears her name there is enough smoke there that you’d have to be pretty naïve to think she is clean. Evidence shows that her ex-husband and baby daddy both used PED’s and her trainer has deep roots in them as well. And we all know her ties to BALCO. Combine her initial positive test with Floyd Landis’s test and the NFL/MLB player de jour who tests positive and it makes you think how clean are sports really? Are the people we cheer and boo clean at all? Is it all a huge travishamockery? Nearly every major sport has had some sort of brush with PED’s in the last few years. Bonds, Mcquire, Sosa, Palmeiro in MLB, the Carolina Panthers (a story that has flown under the radar) in the NFL, Justin Gatlin and Marion Jones in T&F, Floyd Landis in cycling and Amelie Mauresmo in tennis. Alright, maybe Mauresmo isn’t on roids but she definitely has a set if you know what I mean.

Being a fan in this “steroid” era is pretty sad. You can’t watch a great performance without thinking that the athletes are clean. Will this skepticism hurt sports? Doubtful as media outlets like ESPN and the like will always find something sports related to shove down our throats and tell us what to like and what to watch and cheer for. I think in this day and age there shouldn’t be any reason that we can’t come up with comprehensive testing and ways to clean things up. I don’t think we’re far away from adopting a zero tolerance policy for all sports. While I love my middle linebackers big and fast so they can decleat someone and want to see Ryan Howard crush another HR, I’d like to be able to sit back and watch and know I’m watching God given talent and not something that has been injected into their heinies. Or maybe just legalize everything and just tell us the truth.

The King is Back

Ah yes, the NFL regular season starts today. The King of all sports is finally back. Miami is at Pittsburgh today in the first game of what is sure to be an exciting season. I put some cashe money on the Stillers seeing that they are a 1 point dog at home. Even without Big Ben I think they will win, we’ll see. Its just good to have an old friend back. Let the meat head announcing begin.

Dirty Sanchez No Hitter

Anibal Sanchez pitched a no-hitter for the Marlins last night against the D-Backs. I watched the replay here and he had some good stuff and benefited from great defense. By the fourth inning you got the sense something special was happening. Sawx fans must be cringing from seeing this. Way to go Theo. Is the honeymoon over for him, his moves the last two seasons have really, really, really sucked.

-- Isiah Thomas

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Rev and the NFL... 2006 preview

The first thing I will admit is that these picks aren't really anything more than the gut feeling of a guy who loves football just as much as you do.

No, I did not do heavy research on this. No, I never played the game at a higher level than rough touch football in grade school. No, I never even scored in high school with the babes. I am the anti-jaywhite in every aspect.

However, I am a guy who has spent many Sundays with his butt firmly attached to a bar stool watching football and eating nachos. I thik that qualifies me to write an NFL preview on this blog at the very least.

Allow me to say that I fully realize some of these picks might be full of crap. Feel free to tell me what is full of crap or not. I did make a few of these picks simply for shock value and simply to have the balls to make the pick. But I didn't go too crazy. In my twisted mind, I did have logic for each pick.

This is going to be long. Feel free to print it out and take it to the can with you today. My predictions are first with quick capsules on each team.

NFC East
1st - Eagles
2nd - Cowboys
3rd - Giants
4th - Redskins

First thing I know you're going to say... he's biased for the Eagles. Guess what? You're right. I am biased. I fully admit it. But I will be as honest as I can. First of all, I'm not 100% sold on this pick. I think the Cowboys can easily take this division as well. I think it might come down to a tie-breaker. But this is what I see on the Eagles this season. I see a defense that fixed a major hole when they picked up Darren Howard for the d-line. That will be an impact more than you know. The Eagles defense was having major trouble last year geting QB pressure. Not only will Howard improve that, his presence will get the pressure of the rest of the line, which will make Jevon Kearse happier. Offensively, McNabb is healthy and that has to be a good thing. Donte Stallworth was an important pickup. Brian Westbrook is extremely dangerous. But... McNabb has to prove something to everyone this season, Stallworth couldn't even be #1 in New Orleans, and Westbrook has trouble getting through the season. Every team has question marks and the Eagles have their share. And yes, I really do know more about the Eagles than any other NFL team. This will be my longest team capsule, I assure you.

You don't talk about Dallas without talking about TO. So let's just get it over with. I dislike TO as much as anyone here, probably more. After all, he burned me as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. But allow me to say this... if his Dallas career goes like his Eagles career, that means he will have a monster year this year and save the major disruption for next season. So I think we are going to see the TO that puts up 1600 yards and about 15 TD's this season. We also could see the first ever bench clearing brawl in the NFL with only one bench involved. Anything is possible really.

The Giants... I like their skill players a lot. I would go to war right now with Eli, Tiki, and Plaxico. But the pundits keep talking about their schedule being the toughest in the NFL. That combined with getting beat up in the NFC East will be formidable. But they are a playoff team.

The Redskins, well I honestly don't know what to make of them. They could just as easily be a 6 win team or a 10 win team. Zeke will kill me for saying this, but I'm rooting for 6. If Clinton Portis has health problems all year, it will be 6.

NFC North
1st - Vikings
2nd - Bears
3rd - Lions
4th - Packers

The Vikings are the smart team in this division. They have a smart coach. They have a smart QB. They will have a smart offense. But it's smart like the girl in high school who was the brain who would be really cute if she didn't wear those damn glasses all the time. But that's usually the girl who goes to college and gets laid constantly after not touching a man in high school, isn't it? Anyway, I digress. I don't think the Vikings will be exciting, but they will be smart. I think they win this division more by default.

The Bears... million dollar defense, 5 cent offense. They are the Nuke LaLoosh of the NFL.

The Lions... I love Kevin Jones. He's a local Philly area product. Not much else to say after that.

The Packers... Not only should Brett Favre retire after this season, I thought he should have retired two years ago. I have a feeling this season is going to make football fans really sad to watch him.

NFC South
1st - Panthers
2nd - Buccaneers
3rd - Falcons
4th - Saints

The Panthers are everyone's "it" team this season. It's their division to lose. I could give all the reasons why they will win and have a great list. But let me give you a couple of reasons they might not win it all. First off, can you swear on a bible that you believe DeShaun Foster can be the man for 16 games this season? Neither can I. While everyone is questioning whether TO will be healthy or not, no one seems to be doing the same with Steve Smith, yet Smith is sitting out practice in preseason for the same reason TO has. He may be fine, but there is a question mark. If Steve Smith is not healthy and DeShaun Foster does not come up big, there could be a problem in Carolina. If they do come up big, Carolina could get deep in the playoffs.

The Bucs are relying heavily on Chris Simms to be the man. If he is the man, they will contend. If not, they will falter. They are one of those teams relying on a young QB to take the next step. There's more than one of those teams this year in the NFL.

The Falcons... I know there's some love on the blog for them. I love Warrick Dunn. That guy just goes out and does the job every year. But I'm in the Michael Vick hater camp. He's in love with his own ideas on how to play the game, and that won't be good.

The Saints... I love the fact that they got Reggie Bush. I like Drew Brees a lot. But their front office let too many important players get away. And take it from me... if your defense is relying on Mark Simoneau to start, you have major problems. Just trust me on that.

NFC West
1st - Seahawks
2nd - Cardinals
3rd - Rams
4th - 49ers

Last year, the defending NFC Champs got bit by two curses. The Eagles suffered the fate of many teams in recent years of losing the Super Bowl, then not making the playoffs the following year. That combined with the dreaded Madden jinx on McNabb was a deadly combination. Guess what? The Seahawks are facing the same combined curse this year. And guess what? I think they break both of them. In a weak division, they might sweep the 6 division games and put up big numbers in the win column.

The Cardinals... their wideouts will make Kurt Warner look good. They needed a guy like Edge James in a big way. But everyone is telling me their o-line is terrible, and I'll take their word for that. But I will say that in a close game with the Cardinals having the ball, I would not want to defend against James, Fitzgerald, and Boldin.

The Rams... fantasy team owners love Stephen Jackson this season. And he will get a ton of carries. But the Rams are a far cry from the Greatest Show on Earth they were a few years ago.

The 49ers... Alex Smith won't turn them around this season. Maybe in 2008.

Playoff seedings
1st - Seahawks
2nd - Panthers
3rd - Eagles
4th - Vikings
5th - Cowboys
6th - Giants

Wild Card - Eagles beat the Giants, Cowboys beat the Vikings
Division Round - Eagles beat the Panthers, Seahawks beat the Cowboys
NFC Championship - Seahawks beat the Eagles

I honestly think the Eagles can make some noise in the playoffs (though the pick over Carolina is really a crapshoot... Carolina could just as easily take that game). They rebuilt well and fixed some glaring weaknesses. A healthy McNabb will make a difference. But in the end, the Seahawks are too good. And I really hope I am wrong about my pick, but I had a feeling if I picked the Eagles to win the NFC on this blog, you all would call me a big homer.

AFC East
1st - Patriots
2nd - Dolphins
3rd - Bills
4th - Jets

The Patriots are the type of team that can let a guy like Deion Branch go, and act like they don't miss him. I like Deion Branch as a player. I always have. But I don't think the Pats will miss him. Tom Brady and their system always made him better. I think that same combo will make a guy like Doug Gabriel better. And I do believe reports of Corey Dillon's demise might be premature. The defense... Bill Belichick, nuff said!

I like what the Dolphins did this season. Culpepper may have lost a step, but he's a major upgrade at QB for them. Ronnie Brown looks like the real deal. But with so many teams in the AFC that can contend, they will be in the group of teams fighting for the wild card.

The Bills... I have a problem with Willis McGahee. I swear, if I ever meet him, him and I will have words. He put up the goose egg that killed me in my fantasy football playoff last year. I will step up to him and say a few things. Of course, that might get me pummeled as a result, but it will be worth it.

The Jets... I could play for the Jets right now. Honestly, I think I could make the team as a long snapper or something. That's pretty sad.

AFC North
1st - Bengals
2nd - Steelers
3rd - Browns
4th - Ravens

Is Carson Palmer healthy? It looks like it so far. Is he going to stay healthy for the season? I don't know. If he stays healthy, are the Bengals going to take this divison? You'd better believe it!

Maybe the Steelers get into the playoffs this season on the sheer fact that they are the Steelers and they are tough. Maybe they get in based on the strength of Bill Cowher's chin alone. I think they will get in. But Big Ben can't catch a health break. As good as Willie Parker is, they will miss Bettis. It will be a struggle for them this season.

I think the Browns could scare some people. I'm a Reuben Droughns fan. If Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow stay off the IR, they have two young weapons. Romeo Crannel is building that defense into his mold. This may be the team fo the future at some point. But this isn't the future yet.

The Ravens... Steve McNair was a good pickup. He would have been a better pickup 5 years ago. He will sell some tickets and jerseys in Baltimore, but wins will be tough.

AFC South
1st - Jaguars
2nd - Colts
3rd - Titans
4th - Texans

The Jaguars came on strong last season with a weaker schedule. This season the schedule gets tougher. But I think they can overcome it. And really, the only reason I have them winning the division is because I want to be the one with the balls to call the upset of the Colts.

The Colts are still really good without Edge James. But if Jacksonville does overtake them, that puts them into the mix of teams fighting for the wild card, which in the AFC includes some really good teams. If they slip up in a couple of big games, it could be the difference.

The Titans... will be good in a couple of years. Kerry Collins is a good seat warmer for Vince Young. Just making that move might be the difference for the Titans getting some more wins. But they are not a playoff team this year.

The Texans... I'll be the 3,254,765th person online to say that they are going to regret not getting Reggie Bush. Sure, Mario Williams may be great. In fact, I think he may be a star. But they needed Reggie Bush. They really need him now with Davis on the shelf.

AFC West
1st - Chargers
2nd - Broncos
3rd - Chiefs
4th - Raiders

This was the toughest division for me to call. For the Chargers, they are another team that is relying heavily on their young QB to be the man. For the Chargers to give up Drew Brees who is pretty good in his own right tells me something. Of course, it could also tell me that it is a dumb move from an organization that relied so heavily on Ryan Leaf at one time. But if we can give them a benefit of the doubt, how can you ignore a team with LaDanian Tomlinson and a pretty good D? I'll show some guts and pick them first. But I fully admit that it could go wrong.

The Broncos make fantasy team owners mad on a regular basis. But they win on a regular basis. I think of all the teams I have fighting it out for the wild card, they might be the best. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they took this division. I really wouldn't.

The Chiefs... Larry Johnson is awesome. But Trent Green is getting old. And if he's not healthy, you get Damon Huard. There will be a lot of praying done in KC for Trent Green's health this season.

The Raiders actually attempted to sign Jeff George this year. What does that tell you?

Playoff seedings
1st - Patriots
2nd - Bengals
3rd - Jaguars
4th - Chargers
5th - Broncos
6th - Steelers

Wild Card - Jaguars beat the Steelers, Broncos beat the Chargers
Division Round - Patriots beat the Broncos, Bengals beat the Jaguars
AFC Championship - Patriots beat the Bengals

Honestly, picking the Patriots to return in this AFC was a tough one. But I think two things will happen. First off, I think the Pats will have that good of a regular season record to get that #1 seed, and I also think that the AFC West is going to beat each other up keeping at least one playoff worthy team out of it (in this case, the Chiefs). Then, I think the playoff schedule will be favorable for the Pats if they get the #1 seed. I think the Broncos are good enough to get into the second round to face them in Foxboro, and I think the Pats take out the Broncos in a revenge game for last year's beating. The Pats and the Bengals looks to me like it would be a classic game. But you don't beat the Patriots in an AFC Championship game in Foxboro. I don't care who you are.

However, if somehow the Pats blow a couple of games in the regular season (always a possibility) and get a two or a three seed instead, all bets are off. They're a great team, but I think they need that home field advantage this year.

Then, we come to the big game...

Super Bowl - Seahawks beat the Patriots

The Patriots do have some weaknesses after all. Though the Pats are the premier Super Bowl tested team, I think the Seahawks get redemption for last year. I just think they are that good.

But really, this is all one big gut reaction. I think this season is one of the biggest crapshoots in recent memory. I see 4 teams in the NFC with realistic shots at the Super Bowl, and really I could see anyone of my 6 playoff picks in the AFC doing it too. In fact, I think two of the teams that might not make the playoffs in the AFC are really good too, those being the Chiefs and Colts. Either of those two teams could get in the playoffs and I wouldn't be surprised. I just think that in both of their cases, they have weaknesses that will keep them out and that combined with the overall strength of the conference will seal their fate.

6 teams make the playoffs, not 8. But there are 8 really good teams in the AFC. In the NFC, yes the Bears or the Bucs could get in the playoffs, but I think three teams will actually go from the NFC East. It's a great division this year. It would be tough to really accomplish having three teams from one division, but it could happen. If any division would pull it off, it's the NFC East.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make my reservations at the sports bar for my usual barstool this weekend.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LOV FFL Draft Results

Round 1
1. Larry Johnson - Isiah
2. LaDainian Tomlinson - yeti ninja ballers
3. Shaun Alexander - JFreak
4. Tiki Barber - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Rudi Johnson - jugdish
6. Peyton Manning - spiff
7. Terrell Owens - ebntx
8. Ronnie Brown - Meiz
9. Edgerrin James - temwr87
10. Clinton Portis - Hick-Hops

Round 2
1. Steve Smith - Hick-Hops
2. Chad Johnson - temwr87
3. Lamont Jordan - Meiz
4. Dallas - ebntx
5. Stephen Jackson - Spiff
6. Caddilac Williams - jugdish
7. Brian Westbrook - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Larry Fitzgerald - JFreak
9. Willie Parker - yeti ninja ballers
10. Willis McGahee - Isiah

Round 3
1. Torry Holt - Isiah
2. Marvin Harrison - yeti ninja ballers
3. Julius Jones - JFreak
4. Randy Moss - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Carson Palmer - jugdish
6. Anquan Boldin - Spiff
7. Tom Brady - ebntx
8. Antonio Gates - Meiz
9. Chris Chambers - temwr87
10. Hines Ward - Hick-Hops

Round 4
1. Rueben Droughns - Hick-Hops
2. Warrick Dunn - temwr87
3. Matt Hasselbeck - Meiz
4. Jason Witten - ebntx
5. Santana Moss - Spiff
6. Roy Williams - jugdish
7. Donovan McNabb -Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Reggie Wayne - JFreak
9. Chris Simms - yeti ninja ballers
10. Kevin Jones - Isiah

Round 5
1. Jeremy Shockey - Isiah
2. Plaxico Burress - yeti ninja ballers
3. Eli Manning - JFreak
4. Darrell Jackson - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Donald Driver - jugdish
6. Reggie Bush - Spiff
7. Joey Galloway - ebntx
8. Andre Johnson - Meiz
9. Marc Bulger - temwr87
10. Tony Gonzalez - Hick-Hops

Round 6
1. Javon Walker - Hick-Hops
2. Todd Heap - temwr87
3. T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Meiz
4. Jerry Porter - ebntx
5. Alge Crumpler - Spiff
6. Joe Horn - jugdish
7. Rod Smith - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Donte Stallworth - JFreak
9. Drew Brees - yeti ninja ballers
10. Derrick Mason - Isiah

Round 7
1. Jamal Lewis - Isiah
2. Ben Watson - yeti ninja ballers
3. Chester Taylor - JFreak
4. Corey Dillon - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. DeShaun Foster - jugdish
6. Deion Branch - Spiff
7. Mike Vanderjagt - ebntx
8. Dante Culpepper - Meiz
9. Lee Evans - temwr87
10. Trent Green - Hick-Hops

Round 8
1. Chicago - Hick-Hops
2. New York - temwr87
3. Nate Burleson - Meiz
4. Cedric Benson - ebntx
5. Neil Rackers - Spiff
6. Terry Glenn - jugdish
7. Randy McMichael - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Heath Miller - JFreak
9. Keyshawn Johnson - yeti ninja ballers
10. Jake Delhomme - Isiah

Round 9
1. Matt Jones - Isiah
2. Ben Troupe - yeti ninja ballers
3. Mike Bell - JFreak
4. Carolina - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Shayne Graham - jugdish
6. Pittsburgh - Spiff
7. Deuce McAllister - ebntx
8. Adam Vinatieri - Meiz
9. Jay Feely - temwr87
10. Tatum Bell - Hick-Hops

Round 10
1. Drew Bledsoe - Hick-Hops
2. Fred Taylor - temwr87
3. Seattle - Meiz
4. Vince Young - ebntx
5. Joseph Addai - Spiff
6. Vernon Davis - jugdish
7. Reggie Brown - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Indianapolis - JFreak
9. Dallas Clark - yeti ninja ballers
10. Eddie Kennison - Isiah

Round 11
1. Michael Clayton - Isiah
2. Muhsin Muhammad - yeti ninja ballers
3. Braylon Edwards - JFreak
4. Jake Plummer - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Atlanta - jugdish
6. Kurt Warner - Spiff
7. Antwan Randle El - ebntx
8. Thomas Jones - Meiz
9. Chris Cooley - temwr87
10. Wali Lundy - Hick-Hops

Round 12
1. Amani Toomer - Hick-Hops
2. Keenan McCardell - temwr87
3. Laveranues Coles - Meiz
4. Billy Cundiff - ebntx
5. Drew Bennett - Spiff
6. Frank Gore - jugdish
7. Lamar Smith - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Jason Elam - JFreak
9. Tampa Bay - yeti ninja ballers
10. Mick Vick - Isiah

Round 13
1. Laurence Maroney - Isiah
2. New England - yeti ninja ballers
3. Issac Bruce - JFreak
4. Chris Brown - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Jacksonville - jugdish
6. Kevin Curtis - Spif
7. Dominic Rhodes - ebntx
8. Brandon Lloyd - Meiz
9. Ben Roethlisberger - temwr87
10. Eric Moulds - Hick-Hops

Round 14
1. Ahman Green - Hick-Hops
2. Joe Jurevicius - temwr87
3. Jerramy Stevens - Meiz
4. Ernest Wilford - ebntx
5. Baltimore - Spiff
6. Cincinnati - jugdish
7. David Akers - Rev. Smokin Steve
8. Kevan Barlow - JFreak
9. Stephen Gostkowski - yeti ninja ballers
10. Jeff Wilkins - Isiah

Round 15
1. Miami - Isiah
2. Marcus Vick - yeti ninja ballers
3. Steve McNair - JFreak
4. David Givens - Rev. Smokin Steve
5. Brett Favre - jugdish
6. Josh Brown - Spiff
7. Denver - ebntx
8. John Kasay - Meiz
9. Nate Kaeding - temwr87
10. Mike Nugent - Hick-Hops

I think the consensus worst team is ebntx...but who do you guys think has the best team?

Rambling (and Gambling) Thoughts

Ok. Want to get a few things clear. Usually, people explicitly state that they do "not condone" gambling and are not "promoting" it in any shape, form or fashion. Those people are not me. I think since most of us have an above average sports intelliegence quotient, that you all should take advantage of your knowledge and put it to good use. Make some money off of it. You don't have to go crazy or lose your home doing it--basically, if you have some disposable income and would like to make a few bucks every weekend then you should open an online account. Stay away from bookies since online accounts cannot break your legs. To further give you impetus, make sure you do it soon before Congress outlaws it. In the hallowed tradition of Bill Simmons, I plan on giving you some sage NFL picks each week. Except unlike him I have a record that is better then his 45%-50% accuracy. BTW, I fully intended on posting last night to tell you all to take FSU +145 but I was not so sure about it. Thankfully, I sacked up and put something on that moneyline. I have not fully delved in to all of the lines for Week 1 so I will just give you the 2 games that jumped out to me. Rev. Steve if you could somehow keep track of my record I think we would all enjoy that; also, a man of the cloth is a good source for accuracy in these sorts of things. So, my two picks as of Tuesday (with more to follow):

Dallas +2.5 vs. Jacksonville--Take Dallas. No way the Jags DB's keep up with T.O/Glenn/Witten et. al. Mike Peterson is probably not going to play and the Dallas D is going to be one of the top units this season. This is as close to a lock as there can be. Dallas wins this game so if there is a moneyline take that.

Giants +3.5 vs. Colts--I always like home underdogs. Especially early in the season when teams are simutaneously overrated and underrated. The Colts are the former and the Giants are the latter. You also have to love the extra .5 so as to make sure there is no push. I dont know if the Giants will win but they will cover. Take this bet.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

E-mail from thejaywhite

So over the weekend, I get an e-mail from thejaywhite. This isn't a guest column per say, but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

For the record, I am not posting this for any pro or con Notre Dame bias. I am a Penn State fan, so I will admit that Notre Dame is not one of my favorite teams. But I found the e-mail below interesting.

First of all, I found it interesting that thejaywhite still talks in the third person in his e-mails, at least in the first sentence. .

Secondly, it is an interesting look at a conversation between father and son, especially when the father played for ND.

Thirdly, I knew it would stir up a few weekend comments.

Happy Labor Day!


Below an email conversation from my dad and Jaywhite, Dad is a former notre dame all american DB. You can see my email to him after the big win at G tech, and his response above. Just thought I would share the excitement from the ND family.

Hey! These Notre Damers--including freshmen( 18 ..19..years old!)-- had to 'secure' a victory away from home.Now,watch them!!!! But maybe even one or two games at home playing conservativelywill help.I do believe they'll start to "show" their collective talents by October !!!!

From: "Jay White
To: "dad"
Subject: what a scare
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 05:29:31 +0000

that was a big scare..hopefully our boys in south bend wake up and learn something from this..i know GT has a great D but if brady wants to bring heisman home to momma then hes gonna have to play better than that.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Now I know how my parents feel on a daily basis.

Failure. You can't say it any other way than that. Americans, you gotta love us. We will swagger and carry ourselves like we're the shiat.. but bottomline, it comes down to playing the game. You have to have seen the highlights of LeBron dunking and standing with his chest out looking up into the stands triumphantly. Every time they showed a USA highlight clip, it was there. Us and our big, swinging sacks. We are too bad for you. Or maybe it should be '2 bad 4 u', since we're apparently just *that* cool. Ah yes, but America.. Baseball.. no longer "our" sport (welcome to many, many years ago). Basketball.. this was supposed to be the reawakening. Now all we have left is time to waste before the tourney to qualify for the Olympics (can u believe the gall to make US qualify for the Olympics?? Pleeze!)

So in recap, basically if we keep our sports in-house, then we'll be fine. Just hope that the world doesn't take a liking to football and we're all set. Give em 10 years and Somalia will string together a crew that'll whip our ass.

Maybe Sheridan was telling us the troof? Maybe he was helping us see the light. I, for one, was blinded, and would still like to be though. ah.....

But irregardlessnessly, TO played last night. I got force-fed this info by ESPN, of course. But since we do not talk about this topic, I will not discuss him. Rather the question is this.. Does ESPN cover him to MAKE us care about his story, or do people at large love TO so much that they ASK for the info? Is there a part of our population that loves this stuff? Is that why they cover it like bees to honey, or is it another case of gagging the public with crap they don't want? Obviously in most of our eyes, it's gagging.. but think outside yourself for this one. Why is that Git'er'Done Guy so popular, when he is obviously the comedic equivalent of rotten food in my fridge?

But I digress. So college football is back in action. A couple games last night for the national audiences. Spurrier-blowing began. Granted they actually won, but still.. this SC team does NOT require this amount of attention. Let it go. Oh, and if anybody picked Boston College to win anything this year.. you might want to take it easy on that pick. Central Michigan gave em a run for their money as well. So, lots of good college football this weekend. Watch Notre Dame do ok against GT, watch USC not live up to their number 6 ranking. Watch Ohio State go out there and BATTLE in a great matchup with... Northern Illinois. This is opening weekend, get excited, get your skeet on, watch your favorite team and then cry when they lose (I hate you U of Michigan, but yet I can't look away. You complete me). See how many FSU/Miami players get arrested/served papers/arrained for child support by the end of the game.

ND plays at Saturday night, then Monday night is said ACC matchup. Which makes me think.. I like the change that they've done this year with regards to night college games. Day games are great, but watching a big matchup under the lights gives it the feeling of a bowl game. And bowl games give me a chubby. Wait, I probably shouldn't have said that. But it's true.

In the meantime, Jugdish loves the moosecock. Just sayin.

Alright, and let it be know that the "List of sports things you hate" can still continue on in this thread. Hate is always welcome.

Posse out, have a good weekend.. and if you're not enjoying college foosball this weekend, then enjoy your day at Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot, and enjoy no longer being attached to your scrotum.

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"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino