Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where in the World will the US End Up?

I wonder if the upcoming FIBA World Championships are on anyone's radar? As for me, I remember watching that 1992 truly authentic "Dream Team" with such anticpation and awe that any and all future "Dream Team" assemblies were something to get excited about. Granted, "Dream Team" has now become a hollow and unfitting buzz word but I think this current collection could prove to redeem the franchise. The 1992 team was bascially all HOF'ers--notable exception being ambiguously gay Laettner--and this 2006 version does not rival that. But what this version does have is true competition, something '92 never had. Argentina, France, Spain, and whatever they are calling the team now from what used to be Yugoslavia (is P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puff/Daddy/Diddy in charge of demarcating/naming countries' over there?) are all legit competition. I for one am looking forward to the US blowing out some legit comp. and winning some tight games to retake our rightful place as the best basketball nation in the world. By the way, the tournament starts on Sat. morning and runs into early September. Check your local listings.


El Padrino said...

Nothing comes close to Dream Team 1992 but this team should come away with the gold in the WC's.
With that said, it won't be blowout city every game.

Isiah Thomas said...

Laettner was ambiguously gay? He was full fledged on fire gay if you ax me.

Isiah Thomas said...

This has been on my radar big time, even the warm-up games the last few weeks.

First, the US has the best hoop players hands down, HANDS DOWN. It's not even close. And don't spout of about Manu, Dirk, Yao, Parker, etc.

They are good players, top 20 NBA talent, but overall the USA rules.

The problem is that international hoops is quasi-real. They play on a weird court (mainly the lane and 3 pt line) with foreign rules (goaltending) and with rec level refs.

Also, other national teams have been playing together for years. Chemisty seems to count for quite a lot in international hoops.

We've seen the evolution of the foreign hoops players - they've closed the talent gap. BUT THERE IS STILL A GAP. Get these competitions on a regulation NBA court with NBA level refs and NBA rules and the US will win with ease.

I'm tired of people like Chris Sheridan at ESPN incessantly ripping Team USA. Even when they win he goes out of his way to drag down the positive vibe.

I'll be rooting for Team USA, they should win, but may not. Even if they don't I won't get too excited, they're still the best.

The Rev said...

I don't think winning this tournament proves anything. The Olympics are what matters.

The US could win every World Championship in off years and dominate by double digits in each game, but if they come away with another bronze in 2008 when it really counts they'll be chokers. That's just the way it is.

anonymous said...

im jazzed up like a schoolgirl to root for this collective group. seriously, look at our core for years to come... Chris Paul, Bron, Wade, Melo, Bosh.

it's an extra bonus to finally see some high profile olympic/world championship TEAMS be able to bond and have strong dedication. and since theyre so young (who's the oldest in that group, Wade at like 23 or something?), they seem to be actual friends off the court, and they're taking pride in the USA, it makes it extra fun to watch.

plus, as rivals (go Pistons), i cant really root for Bron or Wade other than in the allstar games. so now i can pledge my allegiance based on them playing for the flag.

while theyre not the Dream Team, i think theyre an exciting group that we'll be able to watch grow for years to come.

whocares said...

Can I make a suggestion to this blog? Is it possible to slow down on the postings? This is like the anti-Cott blog. There seems to be a new post every ten minutes.

As soon as a good debate gets going, there is a new post up on a whole new topic.

I hope I dont come off as complaining just for the sake of complaining, and I am open to suggestions. Is it okay to go back a few posts and post a comment? Will anyone read those? Is that how this is being handled? When I come here should I check the comments on every post?

Someone give me some direction.

I feel lost in this new world. But, for the record, I'd rather have too many topics than not enough...

Isiah Thomas said...

Whocares...I feel you buddy.

I'm going back and checking old posts and comments and adding to them if I have something to add.

Not sure how we'd go about limiting postings but maybe we should - the only problem being something may lose relevance if its not talked about in real time.

I don't mind checking different posts and adding comments even if the post is a few days old.

That's the beauty of the Revolution!

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Isiah Thomas said...

I'm still with this thread.

The US shot a good % from 3 pt land in their tune-ups, lets see if that will keep teams from going all out zone. If teams try and go man-to-man (raftery voice) then the US will get that edge back.

Isiah Thomas said...

I realize guys didn't want to committ or pulled out for various reasons but Shane Battier? Shane F'ing Battier? Shane "All I'm good for is taking a charge" Battier is one of our 12 best? Not sure about that selection.

The Rev said...

Yeah, Shane Battier is weak.

Martin VanNostrand said...

Battier clearly is not one of the top 12 NBA players but this is not the NBA. As Isiah pointed out you have to consider the wack international rules. So he is either:

1) one of the top 12 NBA players who can adjust to the international game or

2) on the team because he has a relationship with Coach K

anonymous said...

let's be real, team usa needs some homies that wanna take a charge.

know your role. youre not gonna ask lebron to step into one.

Isiah Thomas said...

FYI...Lebron, Mello, Wade just named captains for Team USA. Seems like the easy way out for coach K.

I hear you on Battier, you need scrappers, but is he the best we got?

Isiah Thomas said...

FYI...Lebron, Mello, Wade just named captains for Team USA. Seems like the easy way out for coach K.

I hear you on Battier, you need scrappers, but is he the best we got?

anonymous said...

well Bowen obviously couldnt bring it on both ends. but there is definitely a "friend of a friend" reason to why he's on the team.

same reasons anybody lands a good job.. not all hard work, it's mostly who you know.

Martin VanNostrand said...

To put it in the college intramural analogy - Battier is the tenacious guy from the soccer or lacrosse squad. He isn't the best scorer by any means but plays at mach 5 and ends up on the floor 10 times a game. You don't want him guarding you because you will have to play mach 5 as well. This dude usually ends up with 9 boards and 8 points on garbage buckets alone. Not to mention the steals and deflected passes. In retrospect I would rather have him than Bowen.

The Rev said...

OK, maybe weak is a bad word.

Anybody who is willing to step into one is OK by me.

But really, Team USA? Even with international rules it's a big stretch for him to be there.

anonymous said...

yeah, we'd definitely like to see a garnett/duncan/shaq in his place.. but i think he's a nice complimentary player for this roster.

would i trade him to my team in NBA Live? no... but i will take the hustle points and spazzy defensive pressure.

speaking of games.. anybody rock it on xbox live?

Isiah Thomas said...

used to with my xbox 360 but I sold it, I played the shit out of it when I first got it then it collected dust for 3 months...

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

A snippet from a post on my shitty blog. ...Think about it. Battier comes in as a box score filler. A mini Kirilenko with less health problems. He's a six foot eight shut down defender. Bucks shawl ain't got that. Shane-o knocks down open threes, takes charges and, rebounds. You never see him taking ill-advised shots or making bone-headed plays. I'd also like to add that he doesn't partake in any general thuggery off the court. Could you imagine throwing him in there with Bogut and having those two clowns flopping and taking charges? Oh man, it'd be beautiful. Mr. Battier could solve so many match up problems for the Bucks too. With all the big guards out there, he could just play D and let so much pressure off the rest of the team. He guards Bron Bron, Paul Pierce, the artist formerly known as T-Mac, VC, Rich Jefferson, Kobe, Matrix, Rip?, Dwyane?, Antawn Jamison, anybody the other team can throw out there. The list goes on. So, I ask you, "Who's your daddy?" Battier!!

Isiah Thomas said...

Battier def smoked the right pole to stay on Team USA.

Steve said...
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