Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So...Floyd Landis

So...Floyd Landis.

I'll have to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of the Tour de France. I remember watching ESPN2's old 30 minute show about it in like 97/98...but I didn't really start watching it until 2000, the year after Lance won his first. I guess that makes me a quasi-bandwagoner, but not really, so I can still feel good about myself. Anyways, I watched it religiously, would wake up at 7 AM so I could watch the live coverage on OLN. Needless to say, I'm pretty invested in the sport.

So that's why I have a problem with the whole Floyd Landis situation. It just makes absolutely no sense to me. First off, he wasn't coming up with different excuses, he was trying to figure out what the hell happened to him. You go in, take a piss test for work, and it comes back positive, and you haven't had any drugs, what are you going to do. You're gonna keep racking your mind for different reasons that you failed the test that you shouldn't have. And to me, that's what Landis was doing. He was going through every single possible thing he could think of. Whiskey, thyroid meds, dying hip, blah blah blah blah. Second, testosterone just doesn't spike in one day. There has to be weeks of build-up to see any kind of noticeable change in performance or levels. He would have had dozens of failed tests. You just don't take testosterone for a day and have an effect. At least that's what that Wadler guy from WADA keeps saying. Which brings me to my next question. If he didn't test positive before and after this 'elevated ratio', that means he 'took' it for one day. Which has no effect. So if it has no effect, how exactly is it doping? I thought gaining a beneficial effect was the definition of doping. If it doesn't help, it's not doping. And I just can't see him, from the background he has, doing this. His mother would straight up whoop him. I know, because my mother comes from a similar religious background. If I get out of line, I know it. This whole thing just doesn't set well with me.

Then again, I could be entirely wrong. And Floyd could be another Tyler Hamilton. But I sure hope not.


The Rev said...

Jfreak stepping up!

I say let them all dope. Make drugs legal in cycling. That would be a lot of fun to watch.

Isiah Thomas said...

I'm with Jfreak....the pieces don't add up. To top it off he's a Mennonite (sp) - he had to learn to ride a mountain bike at nighttime.

I don't think the guy is savvy enough to pull it off.

But -

He tests positive the day after having the greatest leg in TDF history.

And -

Everyone thinks its a dirty sport to begin with.

I still think the French are trying to fuck him over though.

JFreak said...
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Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Damn straight.

New government intelligence reports shows France's complicity with the Al-Qaida terrorists who framed Floyd Landis in order to embarrass America.

Read about the terrorist plot to frame landis here: http://richardquick.blogspot.com/2006/08/tour-de-america-tribute-to-patriot.html

I implore you all to show your support for American hero Floyd Landis by holding up signs everywhere you go. Any of the following are acceptable: "Bomb France!" "Landis was Framed!" "Al-Qaida Framed Landis!" "Tour de America 2007!" "Seize the Tour de Farce!" or "Osama Don't Bike!"

The Yellow-Flag Decals for your SUVs will be available shortly. Check my website for availability and bulk order instructions: Get Rich Quick! http://richardquick.blogspot.com



mound of venus said...

rev--hit me up son. i will do some postings.

Jay Scott said...

I think he's innocent. Just a gut feeling, no relevant supporting arguments

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Martin VanNostrand said...

I think it was a British rider I saw interviewed on this whole thing. He said no drug in the world could give someone enough edge to make up an 8 minute time difference. The only defense of the French is the French kiss. They got that right.

ToddPacker said...

Sons of KC....Awesome!!!

Who would of thought that Zeke & the Rev. could have pulled it off. You guys are like a bad sitcom waiting to happen......

"One's a a hard core right winger and the other is a crafty lefty...together they rule the world of blogging......"

You guys are great. I've been reading KC since he left BS and I have to agree he has dropped the ball...

Sons of KC has just been added to my favorites list.

temwr said...

Indeed none of the pieces add up. Although I do remember some news reports saying the testosterone was synthetic. So that is odd.

Maybe he was seduced by some french chick and she injected him with some testosterone...Like in that X-Men movie, but with testosterone instead of metal. And with a french chick instead of a mutant lady.

Also, you know it has to grind the french's gears that americans have won the last 8 or whatever TDFs.

In the end though, Floyd is screwed. He won't get his 15 minutes of fame that winning the TDF earns you.

anonymous said...

damn, this multiplied like effin Gremlins! one day, and i got little white-mohawked lizards runnin all around.

havent even read the posts, but im checking in with the concierge just to let you know im here.


Isiah Thomas said...

"Bomb France" - classic. I need to get that on a bumpersticker.

anonymous said...

and in other news..

lets bring an espn discussion over here to get real opinions rather than seeing poll numbers.

their latest "debate" is over whether college or pro football is better. someone needs to make a new topic for this though.. and exactly what are the parameters?

are we talking each game, at their best? like if you could choose only the national championship game or the super bowl.. or are we saying college/pro as a whole? like taking a whole season as a lump? like overall, what's more exciting, or individually, which is more exciting? eh?

im sure im not making any sense.. but youll like it and deal with it.

Martin VanNostrand said...

temwr87 brought up that scene in X-men which I randomly thought of while getting a filling two months ago. My filling led me to this thought. I have not seen X-Men 3 yet but in 2 when Magneito was in that plastic prison did all his guards have to have perfect teeth? If they had any fillings Magenito should have been able to pull them out of their mouths and use them as little bullets to free himself. Maybe he can't control precious metals. Maybe he is limited by the periodic table. Maybe the novicane affected my thinking.

Isiah Thomas said...

I'm in the NFL camp in this debate, lets get a new post for this. I think the NFL is better by a country mile.

Martin VanNostrand said...

I say NFL is WAY better on almost every level and I live in SEC territory. Maybe it would be different if my fam was from a college football hotbed and it was bred into me but I watched 7 minutes of the Texas/USC game so that should express my thoughts. College football does make a nice Saturday activity though. Certain teams/matchups can edge an NFL game. Notre Dame/Michigan gets my vote over Saints/Browns but those type college matchups are in the minority. One per weekend at most? Where as the NFL usually has 4 or 5 games I would like to watch on a Sunday/Monday combo.

jg lenhart said...

First off, congrats to the leaders of la revolucion...

I've been a lurker and know I have to pay my dues, but my specialty is problem solving.

I have two thoughts on the Landis deal IF HE IS CHEATING...

1. He may have not taken enough of a masking agent so the level looked higher for a day.

2. Whatever he may have taken to give him a one day boost could have interacted with the other chemicals in his blood to show a higher level.

viva la revolucion

Martin VanNostrand said...

I just answered the poll over at the World Wide Leader and it seems NCAA is heavily favored at the moment. Not sure about the football reasons but I know a few people who prefer NCAA to NBA based on the idea the "NBA players are too good and all at such a high level the game is too close and not entertaining" which is completely crazy if you ask me and I love college b-ball as well. Maybe the argument is the same with football.

JayWhite got me thinking yesterday...who would be on my all white-wash team for the World Championships? Have not made my roster yet so any thoughts?

Isiah Thomas said...

All White-Out team, I love it.

Larry Bird is my captain, and John Stockton is his assistant. I'll have to think about the rest. John Koncak anyone?

Isiah Thomas said...

Do Europeans count? I guess if it was for the world championships they wouldn't, but I'd die if Gheorge Muresan wasn't on my Chez Whitey team.

anonymous said...

give me Scott Hastings and Brian Scalabrine.

add Paul Shirley in there too, we'll give him wireless on the bench and he can blog about it while the game goes on.

Isiah Thomas said...

For some reason I see Paul Shirley having an Australian accent.

Isiah Thomas said...

We need to get this Chez Whitey debate up as a new thread. It's pure brilliance.

The Rev said...

All-white team...

Guards... John Stockton and Bob Cousy (they can divide time as to who brings the ball up).

Forwards... Larry Bird and Tom Heinsohn

Center... Bill Walton

6th man... Bobby Jones

Martin VanNostrand said...

Ok I thought about it and here is my All Whitebread roster -

Stockton at the 1
Jerry West the 2
Larry Bird the 3
Kevin McHale the 4
Bill Walton the 5

Pistol Pete
Bill Laimbeer
Thunder Dan
Bob Cousy
Tom Chambers
Jeff Hornacek
and you gotta have...
Kurt Rambis

THE CHAMP. said...

I'll go with Marin's team, except bench stockton and put on Pistol Pete.

anonymous said...

yeah, my first reaction seeing the Pistol on the bench... if he's on my team, his cracker ass is starting.

temwr said...

I'd put Steve Kerr on there, just for the simple fact that the team he is on always seem to win...

At first glance he seemingly didn't have a whole lot to do with it, other than 1 big shot or 2...but I wouldn't take that chance. It could be that he just sits on the bench and wills his team to victory.

Danny Ainge probably deserves some mentioning too, but he'd be that guy you cut right before you headed out to the Olympics/World's.

The Rev said...

I should have put West on my team.

But I had dinner once with Heinsohn and a group of people. He's a nice guy. And he likes his Budweiser. Therefore I had to find a spot for him.

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