Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh haaaaale no.

And yet one more example of why most people hate the Evil Empire (although that was a good RageATM CD). But by Empire, we mean the Yankees.

$1 BILLION new stadium.

Let the hating begin.


JFreak said...

I'm kinda surprised...I mean...I hate the Yankees just as much as the next guy...but I never thought they would get rid of The House that Ruth Built. Even I consider that a piece of history.

The Rev said...

The old stadium is kind of overrated in my book. I went there two years ago and although you can see the history, I was not that impressed.

You get the feeling Steinbrenner at some point during that speech put his pinky up to his lip ala Dr. Evil? ONE BILLLLLLION DOLLARS!

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Isiah Thomas said...

Seriously, I HATE the Yankees, how can you not?

Their run started with Jeffrey Maeir. I was an O's fan and was watching the game. From then on they got all the breaks.

$teinbrenner cares about winning and he can but more players with a billion dollar stadium that rakes in the cash money. Not taking advantage of that rich NYC market would have been a mistake. George may be getting old but he's still pretty savvy.

In closing, F the Yankees.

Spaceman Spiff said...

Despise the yanks as well, so I was hoping they would stay in that old stadium forever, because they were missing out. But now, soon they will be able to enjoy more comfortable seating, more food options, better view, better restrooms just like the rest of us.

Isiah Thomas said...

I think the biggest problem with the Yankees is the fact that they skew any "baseball has parity" argument.

When a team has players - plural, that make more than an entire team's payroll (Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, etc - vs the Devil Rays) then there is a SERIOUS problem with balance in your sport.

In baseball its the same 6 teams year in and year out that compete with one or two teams making a leap or playing out of their mind that make a playoff push. That leaves what 20 some teams with no chance every year?

All sports need a salary cap. You can't argue that it won't work. The Yankees just epitomize what is wrong with baseball. And the smugness of their fans and the media's obsession with them doesn't help either.

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