Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NFL vs. College

Okay, let's break it down by a few categories.

1. Gameplay

We all know there's a difference between a Saints-Niners game and a Colts-Pats game...or for that matter...a Florida Central-Ball State game and a Ohio State-Michigan game. But which game level, on average, has a better level of competition? Are rivalries more fierce in the college game? Are games relatively closer in the pros?

2. Playoff system

Pretty simple here...

3. Rules

Do you prefer college overtime? Do you prefer pro down by contact rules? Do you prefer college replay? One foot versus two feet? Clock stoppage after first downs? Wider hash marks?

4. Atmosphere

Do colleges have better fans? Do the pros have better stadiums? Does anyone care about the mascots?

Go. Discuss.


The Rev said...

That's what I'm talking about!

1. I believe games are closer and more entertaining in the pros, but the college game lives on it's rivalries.

2. College needs a playoff system. No doubt!

3. I actually like the pro version of overtime. If you think that one team not getting the ball isn't fair, I counter with the fact that the other team should have taken the ball away with it's defense. In college, you give the offense 4/5 of the field. You don't get that in the pros. You earn every yard in overtime. And if the offense drives to your 40 and boots a long field goal to win it, it's just as much the defenses fault for not stopping them from doing it.

I like the pros rules across the board actually.

4. The pros have some better stadiums. But in college, you can't beat Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, and stadiums of that ilk. Screw the mascots. Fans are equal in both sports.

temwr said...

I truly believe that even the worst NFL team would hand it to the College National Champion. So I've gotta go with the NFL on gameplay. It isn't close really. The plays are all crisper, the mistakes are not as glaring. It's the best of the best doing what they do.

Even the parity is better. Upsets are much more common in the NFL because the spread from worst to best is not as wide as it is in college. Colts to Saints is not as wide as a gap as Ohio State to Duke.

Of course, this does make it all the more amazing when a super upset happens in college. I would concede that I would rather watch Duke beat Ohio State than I would watch the Saints beat the Colts. (NOTE: If you want to change the teams around to ones you consider the best/worst go for it).

EDGE: Pros

No brainer, pro. Playoffs are awesome, even if the "best" team doesn't end up winning.

EDGE: Pros

College overtime is great, pro down by contact is better, pro replay is a bit better, 2 feet over 1 foot, pro has better timing issues, wider has marks are stupid if you aren't going to widen the goal post. It should never be the case that a 20yd field goal from one of those damn college hash's is harder than a 40yd field goal.

EDGE: Call it a push.

I must say I like the college atmosphere better. More people paint their faces/bodies. More girls go to the games (This is a major reason college atmosphere is better). More people support their team through the thick and thin, i.e. there are less fair weather fans.

Also in a lot of cases the stadiums are just bigger. I think Michigan and Ohio State pack in over 100K per game. Most NFL stadiums top out at what? 65K??

EDGE: College


Pro wins 2-1-1

Isiah Thomas said...

I think its the Pro game hands down and I am a DIE HARD Michigan fan.

Pros have better athletes, coaches, gameplay, rules, etc.

College teams have at most 5 pro-level players (some schools excluded, but on avg). The gameplay can be sloppy.

There is too much subjectivity in the college rankings. The rankings come out usually late Saturday/early Sunday.

You really think coaches take the time to digest 60 games and rank teams accordingly?

Also the BCS - when Poindexter has a say in your title contestants, well that is just un-American.

Also, the "every game is a playoff" in college is ass backwards. You're telling me if a team loses a game in September they shouldn't get a shot at the title four months later?

A team with a creampuff schedule has a huge advantage over a team in say the SEC.

And don't get me started on Notre Dame. They're playing ALL THREE SERVICE ACADAMIES!

Overall I'll watch the college games and enjoy them, but the Pro game is where its at.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Cupla thoughts...

NFL/College...I like 'em both..but if Texas iz in the mix I lean to college...When the Texan's start bein' competitive (this year) I'll get into it..

Playoffs in college? No question.

Overtime in college? Not the silly way they do it now...that's outrageous.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Isiah Thomas said...

In the NFL if you don't make adjustments at the half you're done. I'd counter the strategizing in the NFL is far superior than college.

Look at Mike Vick, he's not a West Coast QB, but his coaches don't get it - poor strategizing.

Look at Texas, they won last year plain and simple because Vince Young out-athleted people. Yes they had good components but VY single handedly beat people - see that last run on 4th down as an example.

Athleticism in the pro's is levelled out, but in college that's what in my mind separates the bad teams from good teams and the good teams from great teams.

Isiah Thomas said...

For the love of god someone please use "strategery" in one of your posts. And use it properly in context.

anonymous said...

im gonna go with something that hasnt really been compared too much.. most are talking gameplay differences, quality in skill, etc..

but in a scenario where i turn on a game and it's 2 teams i dont care about at all (either pro or college), the chance that the game will be more exciting goes to college. for "tv excitement" i gotta go with college. honestly, i've found myself watching schools from the MAC conference play and being semi-entertained. (michigan represent)

i can watch Marshall vs Akron over something like Tampa Bay vs Cleveland purely on entertainment value. if it's not a big matchup, pros seem to dog it. kinda like in every sport.. they get up for the good games, slag off for shitty games.

this is purely based on "a game HAS to be left on in the background, which would you watch (there's a gun to your head)" logic.

temwr said...

I was just thinking about that last post deciding which you would watch, Tampa vs Cle or Marshall vs Akron. I need to change the teams around though because I am a big Tampa fan.

So let's say Akron vs Toledo or Bills vs Saints (and R. Bush is not playing).

Well, I thought about it a min and decided I'd listen to which ever one had the better announcers.

Sooo...the question then became which sport has better announcers? The local college guys vs the pro guys?

If I had to choose I'd go college there, but damn, I am not sure.

Jay Scott said...
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Jay Scott said...

1. I prefer the college gameplay. I mean, nobody's getting paid (unless you play for Oklahoma or Ohio St), and it seems like there's more loyalty to the team. More than likely this star player isn't going to transfer to his team's biggest rival and start for them next year. Because of this, I think the rivalaries are better.

2. Playoff system. With the exception of Texas winning the championship last year, I hate the BCS. But it more than likely helped Texas win it all, so I am thankful.

3. I prefer college overtime, it puts the pressure equally on offense and defense for a team. And I hate the new rule how the clock starts on the kickoff. Mostly because in NCAA 07 it keeps you from getting one last hail mary attempt in before halftime.

4, I haven't had the luxury of seeing an NFL game live, so I'm going college, because where else do you get to watch football and "sober" college students act like idiots. It's just not as funny when the crazies are old.

and yes, i deleted the previous post because i have horrible grammer, spelling, and typing skills.

The Rev said...

If there's a gun to my head, I watch pros.

I simply have more invested as a fan in the pro game. And through fantasy football, I can always watch a game to see how a particular player does. Even if they are not on my team they are on someone else's in my league.

Marshall and Akron may be a great game, but I simply don't care about those teams at all. As a pro fan, I actually care a little bit about how all of the teams do. I like getting into a discussion about the Arizona Cardinals, even though I am not even a little bit of a fan. But I like talking about Larry Fitzgerald and whether Matt Leinart will be anything.

The Rev said...

Better announcers... that's a tough one. I love talking announcers because I grew up wanting to be one.

I think the pro announcers on the "C" or "D" games on tv can be insufferable. But the pros do have some great ones at the top. And I can always turn down the sound locally and listen to the radio for my local game and have Merrill Reese calling the Eagles. Merrill Reese is one of the best ever.

College-wise, there's good and bad. I will always have mad respect for Keith Jackson.

Martin VanNostrand said...

LOL Zeke this killed me "when Poindexter has a say in your title contestants, well that is just un-American." That's the type of comment I will randomly remember while dropping a deuce at home and start laughing out loud. Which will prompt the Mrs. to knock on the door and ask me what's going on in there.

Some good arguments made for college I had not thought about. Chick factor is a definite edge and a good case made for rivalries. As for sportscasters it's a draw in my book. For me NFL still wins but college gets their name in the box score.

The Rev said...

I have decided that the poindexter comment needs to be at the top of the page.

Jay Scott said...

So the unthinkable has been done: cheating in fantasy football. There was a guy (person A) who couldn't make the live draft, had his roster picked out and all. We mangaged, it was no big deal. All of a sudden, he starts making trades, his money players for another guy's (person B) crap players. It turns out that Person A didn't even know about the league, but Person B had created a second team so he could make underhand trades to stack his team. We can't kick them out, everyone is already drafted, and we've outlawed trades between them, but what is an appropiate punishment?

The Rev said...

An appropriate punishment?

One kick in the nuts from every other player ought to suffice.

JFreak said...

You could drop the players from both teams and let people fight for them on waivers.

anonymous said...

i say one swift kick per person, per trade.

is there money involved in your league though? if it's a freebie league, there's no justification on his part. if cash is at stake, that's still reaaaal ghetto to do, but understandable at worst.

let me change my example team from Tampa Bay to Buffalo. At least the Bucs have Cadillac. The Bills.. i mean, absolutely no redeeming qualities/players. Just contract them already. close em down.

speaking of which.. which is the LEAST cared about sports team/city. i gotta vote for Buffalo simply because Montana doesnt have sports teams.

The Rev said...

Come on... Buffalo?

Columbus, Ohio by far is the least cared about city with any of the 4 major sports teams. I still have no idea why they got the NHL franchise.

anonymous said...

see, i TOTALLY forgot that buffalo even had the Bills. Columbus, they have Rick Nash, and the Red Wings play them like 30 times a year.. so unfortunately, they are not totally forgotten in my mind.

i chose based on (a) can i name a star player and (2) can i even remember that the city exists.

how did phoenix get a hockey team again?

temwr said...

I live in Columbus. The ranking around here go.

Ohio State
Ohio State
Blue Jackets (NHL)
Destroyers (AFL)
Clippers (Yankees AAA team)
Crew (Soccer)

Ohio State sells out every game, the Blue Jackets and Destroyers probably sell 85%+ every game. I have no clue about the Crew.

The arena district where they built the arena for the Blue Jackets is where everyone goes to hang out.

So anyway, nobody outside of the city cares, but there is more than enough people and businesses (Chase HQ, Big Budweiser plant, 5/3rd Bank, Nationwide Insurance, etc) here (read more than enough $$$ to pay for all those luxury boxes, this point can't be emphasied enough.) to support and NHL team. If Cleveland and Cinci didn't beat Columbus to the punch on baseball and football I'd bet that Columbus would have those teams as well.

Los said...

I love both of these, so this will be tough.

1. Rivalries are much more prevalent in college football, without a doubt.

2. College football does need a playoff system. There are too many teams that get screwed by the BCS.

3. I think the college overtime system is kind of stupid. They should have the teams, at the very least, start at the 50, not the 25.

4. College stadiums, are without a doubt, more lively, and better all around.

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

That football stuff's total BS. I'd totally fuck that dude up. I would be totally relentless. Chide him every chance you get. I mean it. Make that dude feel like an absolute shit eater. and slap him if you ever see him. He's got HIS hand in Your cookie jar. I'm seriously riled up about this.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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THE CHAMP. said...

I think the whole argument is ridiculous. This is the kind of crap ESPN comes up with when there is nothing to talk about.

You can't compare the two. It's similar to when sports writers try to compare teams from different eras (i.e. Jordan's Bulls to Wilt's Lakers). Or when they compare two different college football conferences. How can you when they don't play each other, there's different rules, colleges have no chance to have a true "franchise player" because those guys are only around for 3-4 years max.

On the basis of how many fans watch it's not question that more people watch/attend college games. That's because there's 119 D1A college football programs, there's only 32 NFL teams. Plus add on the D2 and D3 teams. I played for a crappy D3 school for one year and we'd have 2000-3000 people show up for our games....and we sucked bad.

1. Nothing beats the college rivalries. Even the pros talk about them durring the week. One thing I loved about how ABC did Monday Night Football was allowing the players to do their own intros. It was great when there were players from THE Ohio State University or The "U".

2. College needs a playoff system, if they are going to crown an official national champion. I like the argument that the regular season is one big playoff system, but again they don't all play each other and there's no way to determine who is better than who. Teams are opening with South Valdosta St. and crap teams like that. Of course they win. They need to put more emphasis on Conference Championships.

3. College OT is better. Each team gets a chance to score. Each defense has to make a stop. They need to move the ball back to the 50 YD. line at least. But the idea is better than the NFL.

4. Outside of Lambeau I can't think of and NFL stadium that I would want to watch a game in. Too expensive and no atmosphere.

THE CHAMP. said...

what about Portland, OR as a crappy sports city?

anonymous said...

i'm a South Valdosta St alumni, and i am going to wait until you clarify yourself before i become offended by that comment.

The Rev said...

I'm an Emerson College alum in Boston.

We didn't even have football. Our basketball team barely won any games.

That sucked.

THE CHAMP. said...

no need for clarification.

be offended.

anonymous said...

i hate you.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martin VanNostrand said...

My White-out roster is up on the Landis thread for the few discussing that topic.

The Rev said...

Nice ball-busting Steve.

Those guys choose to write their names that way. I am a very proper Reverend. How they write their name is not my concern.

I am guessing that my name is first because technically I am blog administrator. That's the way the computer sees it anyway. But I do certainly consider us all equal partners.

I consider the commenters to be as equal as the contributors.

Wait a minute... this could very well be Socialism at work here.

Hey gang, we're an ism. How cool is that?

The Rev said...


I'm sure that once Isiah Thomas accepts his invite to be a contributor, he will definitely get that topic going.

Yes, Isiah has been invited to be the 5th contributor. He wanted it, he got it.

I'm sure I could fit one or two more contributors in. It goes to whomever wants it first.

whocares said...

Being a grad of an SEC school, and currently residing in a town where there is no pro team, it is hands down college for me.

1.) The lack of a playoff ABSOLUTELY BLOWS as I am a graduate of a particular school who was undefeated and "left in the lurch" two years ago. I'm sure the die hards can figure that one out. Playoffs are a must but will ultimatley never happen.

2.) Of f'n course the gameplay is worse in college. You cant compare college athletes to professional athletes!! That's not even a fair comparison. But there is something to be said for following a guy through his red-shirt year. Watching him struggle beinug away from home, new surroundings, away from Mommy, etc. The he has a breakout year and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF.

3.) Pros can't even touch the rivalries. Can't touch em. The only pro rivalry that comes to mind is Dallas/ Washington(?). Two teams that are half a continent apart.

I happen to work in an office next to a guy who went to my rival school. Nice enough guy, we play golf together occasionally, but just this morning I walked in and punched him square in the face. He didnt mind. That was the official "as of today I will not associate myself with you until after January 8th" moment.

You dont get that in the pros...

Martin VanNostrand said...

I read something within the past couple days where somebody used this (probably in a comment section) but the Rev left the door wide open...

Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in The Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus but it still wouldn't change the fact that I don't own a car! - Ferris Bueller

The Rev said...

It was on KC's comments board, and I was thinking of that comment when I wrote the ism statement.

Yes, I opened that door wide.

The Rev said...

And the end of the quote was...

I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off of people.

whocares said...

Yes, that was my quote thankyouverymuch.

And Reverend, the quote you are referring to is below:

I'm not European. I don't plan on being European. So who cares if they're socialists? They could be fascist anarchists. It still doesn't change the fact that I don't own a car.

Isiah Thomas said...

I've been in a meeting all day, I'll come up with a Chez Whitey team and get it up, I like the rosters I've seen.

I'll try my hand at a blurb later on too!


The Rev said...

But the second half of that soliloquy was the John Lennon Walrus reference. I just watched it from my DVD collection last week.

Isiah Thomas said...

That guy with the fantom team in the fantasy league is dispicable. A swift kick in the nuts is def. the answer.

JFreak said...

Maybe I should have clarified the gameplay to bottom is the disparity higher in the pros or in college. Like how often does a Navy beat a Notre Dame comapared to how often a San Francisco beats a New England.

Jay Scott said...

the rest of the league voted, and we decided that we liked the kick in the nuts. along with him answering to Brokeback for the remainder of the season

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Overtime in College Football...?

Full quarters..jus' like the pros...period.

Ifya disagree...well...ya jus' gotyer head up yer ass and if ya don't like me cuz I said that..I don't give a shit cuz if we don't agree on THAT...I got no use ferya.

But... God Bless you and all yer families...

jugdish said...

1. Two words...fantasy football. Pro wins hands down.

2. I enjoy college football, but I can't take it too seriously until they develop some type of playoff format.

3. College players don't get paid? I'd be willing to bet that a good majority of the college players in the top ranked DI schools are getting something beyond the free eduation and dorms they already receive. A buddy of mine wrestled at Nebraska, and he barely received a partial scholarship, but those atheletes are so catered to its amazing. They have everything they need at their disposal. I don't buy the arogument that they are not getting paid, unless we are talking about the DIII schools...but who watches that?

anonymous said...

ball dip on all y'all.

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"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

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