Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Invincible" review

Someone requested a review. I figured I'd throw it up for the weekend.

I just got back from Invincible. Yes, it lived up to my high expectations.

I had a few chills during the movie, especially the very end when they showed actual footage of Vince Papale playing to end the movie. Great stuff there. That was my favorite part.

I had to get over the extreme creative license they took. First off, they set it directly in South Philly, and made him a resident of South Philly. No mention of Glenolden, PA at all. That was a disappointment. But I actually understand why they did it. People in areas of America that don't know Philly wouldn't relate to Glenolden. But they would relate to South Philly better. Though they did film part of it at Wiedner University which is down the street from me and is where the Eagles used to have camp. Nice touch there.

I also had to get over the computer generated Veterans Stadium, which looked nothing like the old Vet. I was in that old Vet as a kid. It didn't have metal bleachers. And it didn't have a running track around the field. But they had to mix Franklin Field footage with the computer Vet. It had to be tough to recreate. And... the outside of the Vet they used is actually the Vet from later in the 80's and 90's. I know this because in the 70's, the outside elevator for the luxury boxes did not exist. But in this movie, they put the elevator there. It all bothered me a bit. But I got over it. They did manage to recreate the fan frenzy of the Vet well with the fans. That I liked.

And I had to get over the ending.

** SPOILER ALERT** If you don't want to know this part, skip the next two paragraphs. I'll put them in italics so you know what not to read.

The ending has Papale causing a fumble on a punt return against the Giants in his second game and then picking up the ball to score a touchdown to win the game.

Yes, that play actually happened in Papale's second NFL game. They show it in the actual Papale footage at the very end. But two things are wrong. We all know that legally, you can't advance a muffed punt in the NFL. So the end result of the play is a big lie. In real life, Papale does cause the muff, pick up the ball, and run it into the end zone. But the result of that play was the Eagles wound up getting the ball at the 6 instead. So, the play could not have resulted in a touchdown and could not have won the game. But that's Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg was very good. He played Vince a little more low key. Vince today in real life is a bit louder and more gregarious, though not overly so. He certainly was when I met him. He may have been a little quieter back then, so perhaps it is realistic. Papale consulted on the movie, so I am sure he was instrumental in helping Wahlberg's performance.

Greg Kinnear is tremendous. He had me believing he was Dick Vermeil. He had all the mannerisms down and everything. No, he didn't cry. But he really captured him well.

The story in the movie is very good. Yes, it does have a lot of Rudy in it. But it plays very well as a story. And it's a different story than Rudy was, with some similarities. I think the story is what makes the movie, not necesarily the ending. Many parts of the story are very true despite the creative license. I picked up on many of them in the movie after reading the book.

I also thought the nice touch was that they told a side story with Vermeil. The movie told Vermeil's story coming to Philadelphia quite well, and many scenes concentrated on Vermeil's transition separate from Papale's story. Kinnear had more than one scene on his own without Wahlberg around, and he carried them. So it was like two stories coming together. Very good touch. I appreciated that part.

The actual football footage they recreate was excellent. That's very important and they got it right.

Is it Academy Award material? I don't think so. Unless they give a supporting nod to Kinnear. That's an outside possibility. But probably a long shot.

However, it is a high quality movie. Overall, definitely worth a return visit to see it twice for me. I will go back.


Isiah Thomas said...

I (heart) Rev.

Well done Rev.

JFreak said...

Since when can't you return a muffed punt?

And for that matter, I always thought you could advance the ball on an onside kick recovery.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the review Rev. I'm going to see it for sure now...right up there with Beerfest!

My wife worked at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) while they were filming the movie and often saw Marky Mark out with the crew having fun. She even got to meet him the one day at a street vendor.

Keith S said...

I've found out many times on Madden that you can't advance a muffed punt or an onside kick recovery.

The Rev said...

From an article interviewing NFL ref Jerry Markbreit...

Most rules "make sense", but the rule I've never understood is the muff rule. What is the reasoning behind not allowing the kicking team to advance a muffed punt? --

The definition of a muff is as follows: touching of the ball prior to possessing the ball. The act of muffing the ball is not considered possession. In order to advance the ball, which the kicking team recovers, it has to be possessed by the receiving team first. But, the kicking team can also recover a muff, but it cannot be advanced. The people who wrote the rules of the game thought it was unfair to allow the kickers to recover a ball and advance it, unless the receiving team possessed it first

Isiah Thomas said...

In college you can return an on-sides kick, there was a guy last season who has 2 TD's on on-side kick returns in the same game.

Isiah Thomas said...

"I want to work with Pharrell (Williams), Timbaland, Snoop (Dogg), Kanye (West), Eminem and just see what happens. It may be a disaster, it could be fantastic, but you don't know until you try," he said. -- Elton John

Elton John repotedly wants to get into hip-hop. MC Penny Loafer? MC Lyte Weight? MC Rainbow?

GM-Carson said...

Elton John's rapper name- Sir Fudge Tunnel

Keith S said...

Zeke - You can return onsides kicks if you are the receiving team, NFL or college. But if the kicking team recovers an onside kick, they can't advance it. I think it was the UCLA/Northwestern bowl game that happened last year.

ebntx said...

tks rev for the review

i appoint you the resident movie critic on top of all the duties assigned to you by everyone

thejaywhite said...

IF anyone wants the UFC fights here they are.

GM-Carson said...

where the hell is everyone this weekend?

Los said...

I saw the movie on Friday at lunch (don't tell on me, please). It was excellent, even without and MacDade BLVD or Interboro High School scenes.

I have no problem seeing it a second time with my wife.

I think there is a chance at some Academy Awards, though.

Very cool that they displayed Yuengling beer prominently in the movie .... but they also displayed Schlitz...ugh!

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

I'm here. I thing it's just that nobody wants to seem like too much of a geek by being on on the weekend.

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

Its almost 5:30 my time on sunday and I'm kinda drunk. Just thought I would put that out there to break the ice with any other sunday drunks. I don't work till 10 on mondays.

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

10:15 sunday night. I'm hammered.

mound of venus said...

meiz--i am stone cold sober. and about to go to bed. see you all tomorrow mornin.

JFreak said...

Sober Sundays!


temwr said...

So it is monday. Work is already boring. Let's speed this thing up.

How about that TO fine?? Haha just kidding, I know we are all sick of him.

As far as the muff thing, yeah that doesn't make much sense to me.

Beth82678 said...

I have a suggestion to try to wake everyone up. How about a simple roll call type thing, just so we know the basics on anyone who cares to share that here. Feel free to give as much info as you want about your life, sports and favorite teams, etc. Up to you! Of course if you put out info in here I'd say you're opening yourself to questions if anyone (i.e. me!) has any for you. :-)

I'll even get us started - I'm 28 and live in an Atlanta suburb. I work as a waitress at a sports bar and my favorite teams are the Falcons, Braves, Thrashers and the Georgia Bulldogs (not necessarily in that order). I'm also a sucker for World Cup soccer and the 4 golf majors. And I'm single with no kids, but do have a steady bf (sorry jaywhite).

temwr said...

This reminds me of something from one of the AOL chat rooms when I was in high school, but what the heck.

Living in Columbus, OH
From West Virginia
Fav. Teams: Tampa Bay Bucs, WV Mountaineers, Pittsburgh Penguins.....Nets, White Sox

I also like NASCAR as required by the WV constitution.

temwr said...

It is also almost time for people to start throwing out NFL predictions.

Beth82678 said...

Yeah, I know, it's a little cheesy. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun to play along. :-)

thejaywhite said...


And Beth, just because theres a goalie in net...doesnt mean I cant score

thejaywhite said...


Isiah Thomas said...

Age: 28
Living: Scottsdale, AZ via Santa Barbara, CA via LA
Originally From: Norther VA.
Profession: Accountant

NFL : Redskins
NBA : Bullets
NHL : No thanks, but I do love playoff hockey.
MLB : Angels, but overall not a huge baseball fan, playoff MLB = good though.
Soccer : HUGE Liverpool fan (lived in Eng. for 3 years during their glory years)
College : Anything Maize and Blue.
NASCAR : #24 = #1
Golf : Tiger
Boxing : Chico Corrales & Vernon Forrest
Poker : Tight-Aggressive, I can take a bad beat but if I'm drunk and you donk out expect to be cussed out.

Isiah Thomas said...

Monday should just be a recap of the sports weekend and anything pop culture related.

Spaceman Spiff said...

22 years of age, from Downey, CA, live in Irvine, CA. Lakers, Redskins, Braves.

Isiah Thomas said...

big up to Meiz for the Sunday drunkenness.

The Rev said...

34 years old
I live in the Philadelphia area.
I love all Philadelphia teams and most Boston teams too.
I lived in Boston for 6 years from 97-03.
I'm getting married in May.
I enjoy scaring our cat with the vacuum cleaner.

Isiah Thomas said...

Movies like Invinceable never get any Oscar buzz no matter how good they are.

and who saw the Iceman knock the shit out of Babelou Sat night?

The Rev said...

I forgot... I work in radio (for now).

thejaywhite said...

Isiah..I posted links above to watch all the fights on the internet

temwr said...

How are the Red Sox fans taking their collapse? They are all but done for the playoffs. It's going to be DET, NYY, OAK(I guess), MIN/CHI.

And I hope CHI pulls that one out.

whocares said...

Age: 27
Height/ Weight: 6'4" 205 (Ding!)

Resident of Birmingham, Alabama.

Auburn Graduate.

College Football: The Tigers

NFL: No favorite team, but I do enjoy Fantasy football and gambling.

NBA: Ummm, what?

NHL: Drawing a blank.

MLB: The Braves, by default.

Soccer: For fags (just kidding).

And you should all feel honored, you are blogging with a future lottery winner. At least that's what I tell myself to get through the day...

Isiah Thomas said...

I'm putting together a weekend recap post, that can be my post for the week. If someone's getting ready to post let me know and I'll stop.

The Rev said...

Red sox fans are currently depressed and drinking heavily from what I was able to tell in my most recent visit there.

By the way... seeing a few of the ages listed so far made me wonder. Am I the oldest person here?

Spaceman Spiff said...


Isiah Thomas said...

I've posted a weekend recap.

So now its Old Man Rev?

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

Livin: 20 minutes north of Milwaukee

NBA: Bucks
MLB: Brewers
NFL: Da Raidahs-only 'cause that's where Moss plays. I don't like having to root for an NFL team.

Golf: Tiger, Long John. Hate Phat Phil
NASCAR: Matt Kenseth, T Stewart
College FB: Wisconsin Badgers
College BB: WI, Marquette, UWM

temwr said...

Old Man, Rev. Smokin Steve.

JFreak said...

Age: 19
Location: Indianapolis
Occupation: Quasi-Student

NFL: Colts
College Football: Notre Dame
MLB: Cubs
NASCAR: Jeff Gordon
College B-ball: Indiana
NBA: Pacers
Also, if the World Cup is on, I'm watching it.

jugdish said...

Age: 32
Living just south of Houston, TX
work for a NASA contractor
NFL: Da Bearsss
NBA: Da Bullsss
MLB: White Sox
NHL: Blackhawks
College football: Notre Dame
College Basketball: Duke

GM-Carson said...

Baseball- Phillies
Basketball- Sixers
Football- Eagles/Buccaneers...weird combo I know
Hockey- Flyers

basically keep it in Philly! I'll root for any PA team though.

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