Thursday, August 17, 2006

BB, The Golden Boy and Hypocrisy of justice.

There’s been a few events in the sports-world in the last few days which highlights the hypocrisy of sports and sports media. First, the Game of Shadow’s (GOS) author’s being ordered to reveal their sources of the grand jury testimony leaks, and second is the phone call that Tom Brady allegedly made to Barry Bond’s Trainer.

I’m not a lawyer (KC this would be a great time to jump in), but Grand Jury testimony is supposed to be sealed and not made to be public information. However, as we all know by now, the GOS authors got ahold of Barry Bond’s testimony and used it as a source for their book. Now they are being forced to reveal their sources. Should they? Are they protected under the first amendment? Well, they broke the law. Illegal is illegal right? They should reveal their source otherwise they should be prosecuted. My point here is that if this wasn’t in persecution of Barry Bond’s then the sports media wouldn’t care as much – see the Jason Grimsley saga for comparison. Why should these guys be immune from the law? I hate BB as much as the next guy but even he should be protected and enjoy the freedoms and rights our legal system gives us. I’m not even going to touch the race element to this but you’d be naïve to think it isn’t heavily involved. One Grand Jury has already said they won’t indict BB, how much farther will the prosecution in SF go to get Bonds? (Stepping off Scoop Jackson soap box) I think this could really be a huge story – not only for the sports world but for journalism as a whole.

Now for Brady – the NFL “Golden Boy”. The face of the NFL. 3 time Superbowl winner, 2 time SB MVP. Why is he calling Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds trainer? The same trainer that supplied all these ball players with performance enhancers? And don’t forget Brady missed a few days of training camp a few weeks back. Was he testifying before the newly convened grand jury in SF? 2+2=4? As of right now this isn’t even a story on the main page of the WWL. How can it not be? You’d have to be pretty naïve if you think he wasn’t calling about PED’s. Plus, Brady’s hometown is close to SF. The pieces are there, smoke is now there, is there fire? Yet the media isn’t playing this up, yet. If it was TO or Randy Moss? Shit, they’d be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion already.

And for good measure here’s my Chez Whitey All Star Hoops team:

PG : Jerry West
SG: Pistol Pete
SF: Grant Hill (I’m counting light-skinned brothers on my team, he’d be a 2nd round pick of white people in the race draft)
PF: Larry Bird (playing out of position but he’d get-r-done)
C: Bill Walton

Havlichek (sp)
Gheorge Muresan (he has to count as chez whitey)
Mark Madsen
George Mikan



Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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mound of venus said...

what happened to the greatest hybrid of all..."white chocolate a.k.a. jason williams, point guard of your world champion miami heat.

Spaceman Spiff said...

has anyone seen the movie whiteboy(s/z?). that movie was based on the life of Jason Williams.

Yes, illegal is illegal, I heard one of the authors on the radio yesterday, and some people are making it seem like they will be unjustly punished for revealing the truth. But the fact is a felony was committed. They shouldn't reveal their sources, but they should be punished.

The Rev said...

As much as I don't want to touch the race card with a ten foot pole, he has a point.

I'll be the first to admit that not only would the media treat it differently if it were TO or Randy Moss making the call to Greg Anderson instead of Tom Brady, it would be our entire society. We would be up in arms if TO or Moss were the ones. No question.

But let me put it this way. Both TO and Randy Moss have cultivated certain images of themselves by their own past actions. Say if someone with a big name without any kind of rep made that call who happened to be black like a Shaun Alexander or LaDanian Tomlinson? Which would be a bigger story then?

Would it be a bigger story if Tom Brady or Alexander or Tomlinson made the call? In my mind, actually, the story would be Brady. He is the bigger name.

As far as the revealing of sources, reporters often go to jail for contempt of court if they don't reveal their sources. So even if they are protected by first amendment, there is a hypocritical element at work that incarcerates them anyway. I'm not so sure the first amendment is very good at protecting them. Whether it should be protecting them is a case by case basis.

In this case, once you cross over into illegality, I think the first amendment gets lost. Yes, BB should be as protected as anyone. The writers who crossed the line may have given up that right when they did.

Spaceman Spiff said...

How is someone coming over from KC blog supposed to adjust to this site with so many new posts. That kid rock picture is burned into my mind.

mound of venus said...

and for the love of all that is right and just in the world--no way in hell mchale is a benchwarmer.

The Rev said...

I just posted that question about too many posts below this. I am wondering what everyone thinks.

Fellow contributors... we may have to do a one or two posting per day limit and self-police ourselves. We don't want to overwhelm everyone. It's all new and we are all excited to post something. 3 or 4 a day might be too much. Thoughts?

Martin VanNostrand said...

Lol Race Draft...Dave Chappelle is hilarious. Thought about putting Hondo on my roster as well but I couldn't leave off Rambis.

Good point on the Bonds joint. I'm not a fan either but he should be protected by the legal system just like everyone else.

You guys contributing should have a "Scoop Jackson Week" where you all attempt to write your posts in his style. That would be some great reading.

Isiah Thomas said...

Rev - I feel you. While I'm a fan of the "no-plan" plan, we'll need some sort of structure. One or two posts a day would suffice, or assigning days would work. Or you could make it first come first serve, since I'm on the West Coast that might hurt me, but that's ok. Or make it first come first serve and if you get a post up then you wait a day out of fairness to post the next day. If you post one day and no one posts by say noon the next then you can post again?

Some rules/Structure won't hurt. Let's just throw something out and if people don't object that will be the way it is, we can always tweak things if it doesn't work.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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anonymous said...

wow, my blood boils when i hear the name scoop jackson or jason whitlock. i'm definitely gonna have to write a hate post about them one day.

for the record though.. i dont think it's a big deal about Bonds' race. hank aaron broke the original record YEARS ago and american loves him. they love and respect jackie robinson too.

this is why i dont think race plays into this as much as people hope it does.. steve brought up the difference with LT/Alexander and Moss/TO.

it's not a matter of whether the guys are white or black, it's whether the person is a complete asshole or not.

there's not a black QB that has had as much recent success as Brady, so there's no real way to compare him to anyone.. but if McNabb was the 3-time champ and came out to be doing 'roids, then there would be just as much 'outrage' because he'd be THE face of the franchise.

TO and Moss are douche bags who people want to see fail. (i know i do). i dont care that theyre black.. i think theyre both complete ass ponies. (unless i have em in Fantasy, then im rootin' for em.)

ok.. if this was back when they were playing.... if Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith were found to have used illegals, they'd go after them too. cause they were both approaching the rushing records and people want to include them in "greatest ever" debates.. but everyone wants peace of mind, so we'd have to find out if they were on the take or not.

if Jordan took stuff, theyd be down his sack and back.. it wouldnt be because he was black, it'd be because he is in the discussion to be a "greatest ever", and we gotta know whether he cheated or not.

Bonds is regarded by some as the greatest hitter ever.. Jordan is the greatest baller ever. put Jordan under a drug scandal and it'd be the same situation (going after him this hard). it's more of (a) is the guy an ass-wad? and (2) is he a 'greatest ever'? or replace jordan with Larry Bird.. the great white hope.. they'd take him down too.

The Rev said...

Take this into account...

Between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who do we seem to be let down by more by roid accusations?

I think it's McGwire, and that is because he's the one who won their HR race and he is arguably the more popular of the two. Race doesn't even seem to apply there.

Sosa taking roids... meh. The country doesn't seem to care as much.

McGwire taking roids... ban him from the HOF, we all cry!

The Rev said...

I don't want to be lawmaker here. I'm not Wyatt Earp.

But I will lay it down here.

Two posts a day total starting tomorrow. First come first served. And if you post one day, step aside the next day for someone else to post and be a commenter only that day.

I think we all agree that even if we don't post on one day, we will still have more than our say on the comments board. It's not like we won't be heard.

Of course, if you step aside and no one posts that day, I say after 4pm Eastern time, 1pm Pacific, you can post again to get something up.

And Zeke... you being on the West Coast, you could post your stuff after 9pm your time and it will show up as the first post tomorrow on the East Coast. Or make sure to adjust the time on your posting to 12:01 AM the following day. Tht can be done. That way you could be the first posting of a day and we on the East Coast could wake up to you having the first word that day. You might even gain a slight West Coast advantage. How's that sound?

The Rev said...

So since Isiah, Mound, and I posted today, that means JFreak and Iamunstoppable, tomorrow is yours. Make us proud.

Monday, I won't be here. But that will become first come first served again. However, I would encourage Isiah and Mound get first crack Monday if they want it, and then JFreak or Iamunstoppable step up later if we need a post.

Martin VanNostrand said...

Scoop is ok with me. I can't say I like his view all the time but I think his writing style is hilarious. It's hard for me to read it and take it seriously as sports journalism. It almost has an Onion quality at times. Anybody see that SNL where David Alan Greer did Maya Angelou doing Fruit Loops commercials? That's Scoops writing to me...attempting poetic half thoughts about sports with an urban edge. I have a degree in Broadcasting and just laugh when I think about what would have gone down had I turned in an assignment in Print Journalism class written in Scoop style. I know it wouldn't work in the academic arena but he's developed a niche and is making bank.

The Rev said...

For the record, I adjusted the time to make it East Coast time. Just because it makes the day turn over sooner and the West Coast representative can post later the night before and have it show up as the next day.


The Rev said...

On the other thread, one postng a day seems to be more preferred.

I'm cool with that too. I do think we could handle two on some days though.

And yes, I do like guest article ideas. I could repost an article from one of you commenters under my name for you and give you the full credit. I think that would be a great idea.

Isiah Thomas said...

Did you guys see Flandis' father-in-law committed suicide? Wow.

And Flandis is too close to Flanders in my book. Stupid Flanders.

We need to find a way to market this puppy. I'll do my best to try and get the url posted on a Sportsnation chat, I'm sure Buzz would hook me with a plug.

The Rev said...

Isiah... spread the word, man!

anonymous said...

and lets definitely try to not rehash articles as well.. as in, im so sick of barry bonds talk that we almost need to officially ban it. (although this was a good topic and conversation).

it's just becoming so cliche to hate on Bonds.. espn practically covers him and TO for entire 24 hr periods at a time.

my vote is for at least definitely one a day, if nothing else but to get a fresh board for comments. but overall, i think 2 will keep it interesting, cause if you dont care about one subject (like cycling or nascar or something), chances are youll be able to get involved with the next post.

just throwin it out there.. if you like it, take it.. if not, throw it right back.

i want to be on you.

anonymous said...

actually, one a day is solid.. for sanity in the comments section.

we just need to go on a rotation.. just whoever posts first gets it? so basically you get one a week, unless someone gives up their turn?

Isiah Thomas said...

I think all problems in the world could be solved with Anchorman quotes...

I've gone John Kerry and flip flopped on the 2 posts no 1 posts issue, well I'll go back to 2 I like the if you don't like yellow you can always eat blue (Vegas Vaction reference).

I feel you on the ubiquitous-ness of Bonds and TO. Better, more original topics will make for better comments. I was going more for the authors legality angle.

And anyway, with 2 posts, 60% of the time, they'll work everytime.

The Rev said...

I'll tie it all up here...

I've got three people who say one post a day so far.

One person who said one or two a day. Undecided there.

One person who said two a day.

And one person who just flip-flopped from one a day to two a day.

So three people are solidly in the one posting a day camp, two people in the two a day camp, and one undecided but no higher than two.

Any more thoughts?

anonymous said...

i will go with whatever is popular because i beg for friends and desperately want to be in with the cool kids.

i also have no backbone, so i need someone to stand up and then i can follow them.

anonymous said...

there is a pungent odor in here... it smells like pure gasoline.

Isiah Thomas said...

this place does sting the nostrils, but in a good way.

Spaceman Spiff said...

the 1 post a day works better for the discussion in the comments section, seems like people flock to the newest post naturally.

Spaceman Spiff said...
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Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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anonymous said...

i think i had a change of heart because i saw how quickly the USA basketball discussion has been dropped.. and i shed a small tear for it, as i was hoping for lengthy discussions about it.

however.. once the real games start im sure we'll get back to it.

oh, and as light skinned brothas go.. give me Fennis Dembo off the 89-90 pistons teams.


The Rev said...

Just thought of this...

If you took us 5 contributors and matched them up with an Anchorman character, how would it go?

I say...

Me... Ron Burgundy. Oh yeah, definitely.

Zeke... Brian Fantana.

Iamunstoppable... Champ Kind.

Which leaves JFreak or Mound as the weatherman. I'm not sure which one. I'll let them fight it out.

The Rev said...

Yes, with all the chaos of today, that US basketball discussion got buried. I feel bad about that.

I do hope whoever posts on Monday resurrects it somehow. It would still be relevant, especially after a game is played.

Isiah Thomas said...

Alright, final word then we can get back to business.

1 post a day, rotating between the 5 posters. If someone can't post on their day let the group know and someone will fill in for them.

If breaking news comes along, then someone can post as needed.

Guest columns are welcomed and encouraged.

So tomorrow lets start fresh with either JFreak or Iamunstoppable - 1st come 1st serve with whoever doesn't post tom on deck for the weekend or Monday.

Let's keep it simple and as DD says "keep rockin and rollin."

These can be fluid rules with changes as needed.

mound of venus said... as the weatherman? c'mon, son. i gave you some quality posts today. i will be steve carell but no weatherman am I.

The Rev said...

Since Isiah just flipped back to one, I think that makes it a win for one post a day.

It's official. One post a day. Occasionally two if something special merits.

Tomorrow, either Iamunstoppable or Jfreak gets it. Whoever doesn't post tomorrow gets the next one, then we start the rotation again.

I think we just became a pitching staff.

The Rev said...


OK. Fine. You can be Veronica Corningstone.

Dude... you totally walked into that one, my man. POW!

mound of venus said...

veronica can be saved for beth--provided she resurfaces and provides a picture. in the meanwhile i can be ben stiller from the hispanic broadcasting company..."hola bitchez!!"

mound of venus said...

by the way, how completely creepy looking is that scumbag that was arrested for the murder of jonbenet? how could you not see "child molester" when just looking at him?

Isiah Thomas said...

well Jazz or Yazz flute is for little fairy boys, fitting the Rev picked Ron in this case.

Rev - had to throw this out since its been a love fest in here. Not enough lawlessness.

Isiah Thomas said...

the first thing I thought of inthe Jean Bennet news is that the Father must really feel vindicated. He and the mom got crucified for this. You have to think maybe the stress from this somehow contributed to the mom getting lukemia. What a shame she never saw justice.

The guy def. looked like a weirdo. And why do these types retreat to Southeast Asia. First Gary Glitter now this guy.

whocares said...

Creepy pictures and all, I'm still not sold on this dude as being guilty.

I mean, give me a f'n break. The media pounds the Ramsay's guilt into our heads for ten years, TEN YEARS!!! and then today they are basicall saying, "Ummmm, nevermind".

Sorry if that sounds jaded, but The Reverends colleagues in the media are to blame for my pessimism.

JFreak said...

We need a system for the weekend posts. Maybe one per weekend...and rotate weekends between the five. Like a special article to wrap up the week or something...And you only get to do it like once a month, so it's special and all that crap.

And I'll go with the one per day idea, but be flexible if a new topic comes up that has to be talked about.

The Rev said...

Mound... Stiller it is. POLIZIA!

Zeke... I was getting worried too. Thanks for reassuring me, you dick!

Whocares... My colleagues are far from perfect, no doubt.

Jfreak... I believe we will be flexible if a second post is needed. Weekends are not my biggest concern. Less comments happen on weekends as a general rule. Monday thru Friday is the game.

temwr said...

If light skinned boys count shouldn't we use Tim Duncan over both hill and Pippen?

temwr said...

Oh and Rev. wouldn't you be Ed Harken?

JFreak said...

Oh...and I'll take the role of Brick Tamland...he was my favorite character anyway.

THE CHAMP. said...

if light skinned brothas are allowed what about jason kidd? i'll take him over white chocolate.

anonymous said...

as long as JKidd will give up the kiss-blowing thing he does at the free throw line, i'll accept him onto our team.

THE CHAMP. said...

How many jew basketball players can you name?

Just wondered.

GM-Carson said...

I feel like I've commited a moral sin in not watching the movie Anchorman...will you guys ever talk to me again?

Guess I need to see it huh?

Isiah Thomas said...

Kobe Bryant and...oh wait...

Jordan Farmar! That's one.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
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temwr said...

You need to see it. Yes. Go now.

The Rev said...

One of the most historic basketball teams of all time happens to be an all Jewish team.

I submit this link...

This team gave us Red Klotz, the man who player-coached the Washington Generals in most of those games against the Harlem Globetrotters.

I know it's a stretch, but it's real hoops history.

Jay Scott said...

seriously, what jobs do yall have that yall can post so much, i need a career change

The Rev said...

I manage a radio station where nothing really happens. It's a small AM station.

If I ever get a new job, I will post a lot less for sure. But for now, I admit I am bored.

temwr said...

I am a financial analyst.
I will probably get fired for posting so much.

Spaceman Spiff said...

I am a technician, which means work comes to me randomly, and i am free to patrol the blogs at will. This also means I have no writing skills, and will never be able to contribute to the actual blog

Isiah Thomas said...

I'm an accountant, I do a good 3 hours of work a month.

Martin VanNostrand said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
THE CHAMP. said...

I'm an assistant to the VP at a large electronic security firm. My day consists of making travel arrangements and answering phone calls. and my boss is constantly out of town so i have no supervision.

The Rev said...

I'll tell you, I never imagined jobs where you get paid to sit and wait for something to happen. I have one. Others have one.

In some ways it's sweet. But man, I get bored off my ass. I don't know about you all.

Tyler said...

First time comment, long time reader, so I already know all about the "not paying my dues" backlash that's coming. Or whatever.

If you're including "light-skinned brothers" then where's Jason Kidd? That dude is whiter than white. I think someone mentioned this while I was typing.

How about expanding the roster to 15 guys, because they're making the change to playoff rosters for next year so all season long teams will carry 15 guys. That way, J-Kidd, Ramis and Jason Williams could be on the team so Muresan, Rambis and Kerr could sit at the end of the bench and decide where they're going to go eat after the game. That would free up Madsen to stay busy dancing everytime Bird and Pistol score alternating baskets on their way to both scoring 50+ in the same game to finally decide once and for all who is the best white gunner of all time.

I would also think about adding Matt Bullard somehow (maybe dropping J-Will because you're already loaded at PG) for more depth at the SF so he could sub in for a two and a half minutes, go 1-for-3 while only shooting threes, get burned on defense and then come back to the bench to continue bragging about his two championship rings that he basically had no hand in winning. Just a suggestion.

The Rev said...


There's only one way to get past the "not paying your dues" backlash, and that is to pay your dues and post. That's all it takes. Welcome.

By the way... I'm seeing more than one person who never posted over at KC's blog who started posting over here instead. That says something.

I encourage more. Please, do not be afraid. Just step up and take it like a man... or a woman.

temwr said...

"so Muresan, Rambis and Kerr could sit at the end of the bench and decide where they're going to go eat after the game."

lol, awesome. Just picture those 3 debating Resevior Dogs style about tipping.

And Tyler is free from backlash for now because he already mentioned that someone else mentioned J-Kidd.

Also, R-Jeff and V-Carter might (it's a stretch, not a homerun like JKidd) qualify. Which makes the Nets something, but I am not sure what.

Martin VanNostrand said...

Preach it Rev. Boredom can set in...actually became an insider last month due it. They monitor the phone calls here but our internet is wide open. Unless you have charges against you in HR or do curls in your office shirtless they have no reason to pull your internet report. Plus that would require them to do some work and that would get in the way of office gossip.

Martin VanNostrand said...

Maybe we need roster of guys we could actually put on the floor today along with the all time list. Is Craig Foster still in the league? Van Horn from his first two seasons when he was The Pale Rider or something like that. A front court of Van Horn, Kamen and Miller with J. Will and Kyle Korver at 1 and 2. I've got to make this happen on EA Sports tonight.

Martin VanNostrand said...

I predict a 20 point first quarter deficit and 30%fgp with that squad.

Spaceman Spiff said...

Where is Brent Barry on this team? the man won the slam dunk contest for xenu's sake! and no matter what Michael Finley does, he'll never be able to change that.

Isiah Thomas said...

I will not allow Rix Fox on my team no matter what.

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Rev said...


And with Korver on your team, you will get no defense whatsoever.

The first quarter deficit might be 30.

Jay Scott said...

this whole paying your dues thing is kind of like getting jumped into a gang... i like it

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA. How on earth can you have a Chez Whitey team and include light-skin-ded brothers AND leave off Chris Mullin? He should be a HOFer. And yes the proper pronunciation is skin-ded

Tyler said...

Stepping up with my current player all whitewash roster:

PG - Steve Nash
SG - Brent Barry
SF - Korver
PF - Kamen
C - Miller

Van Horn
Brian Scalabrine
Raef LaFrentz
Luke Walton
Mark Madsen
Jon Berry

Permanent Injured Reserve:
Bob Sura
Dan Diogu

I don't know if including Nash is cheating or not, but I would love to see him run a fast break with Scalabrine, LaFrentz and Korver on the wings. I guarantee he would lead the league in turnovers because he would dribble the ball off his foot in shock everytime he looked downcourt and saw those three guys waiting for a pass. Plus a Nash-to-LaFrentz alley oop attempt would make the "Not Top Ten" every time. As a concession, you could get rid of Nash, start J-Will and add Bostjan Nachbar for high comedy. Everytime I hear the name Bostjan Nachbar on the TV, I laugh out loud. I also like the idea of Jon Berry coming out of retirement to play with his bro and to continue to talk the most amount of trash while possessing the least amount of talent/hair.

Yeah, Korver plays no D, but neither does Miller, J-Will or Van Horn (Van Horn especially, unless you call fouling a guy as a form of defense)

Zeke Fucks My Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Rev said...

Yeah, that was a good line.

By the way... I hope you all like the new statement in the title of the blog. I think it is more fitting.

Vengeance said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Isiah Thomas said...

Dan Diogu - is that a love child between Dan Dickau and Ike Diogu?

Dickau should be on the team just for his last name alone.

I don't believe I forgot Chris Mullins. Unforgivable. But I want drunk, shaggy haired Mullins over GI Joe Crew Cut Mullins.

GM-Carson said...

since everyone is telling what they are...I'm (Carson) a teacher (summer's off). Corey is a doctor. all these comments astound me, i'm jealous! you guys f'n rock!

Isiah Thomas said...

How come when I google "white NBA players" the first link is :

"The 25 Worst NBA Players" LOL

The Rev said...

Dude... I thought that was just a joke you wrote about Google.

Then I googled the same thing. Damn! It really does come up.

That's too friggin funny!

The Rev said...

Corey and Carson...

Just keep coming over here and promoting yourselves, and those comments will filter your way too. We're all here to share the wealth.

I am amazed too. This has surpassed anything I expected.

Isiah Thomas said...

a teacher and a doctor, wow, good stuff. That almost gives us the appearance of being legit. Welcome and well done.

Tyler said...

Yeah, I meant Dickau. His name is awesome but difficult to spell. I think Dan Dickau and Ike Diogu already had a love child. His name's Dan Gadzuric.

Isiah Thomas said...

Dan Gadzuric, that made me laugh out loud.

Dikembe Meiztombo said...

There will be NO disrespecting of Danny Gadzuric. I won't allow for it. DG is an awesome force. It just so happens that Stotts cant figure out that he should play 30 minutes a game. Stotts is a friggin moron.

Isiah Thomas said...

Is there anyway we can get Gadzuric to wear old school James Worthy type rec specs? That would put him (further) over the top.

temwr said...

Mullin...unforgivable ommission.

In other news Isiah just signed Dan Diogu to play the 2.

He heard his name mentioned on a blog and had to sign him. His quote was "I've never heard of him, some people say he doesn't even exist, but I am stockpiling talent."

GM-Carson said...

Smokin- I feel bad shamelessly plugging my blog, but I feel it's come a long way since we started in March. I work hard at making stuff funny,poignant, and irreverent...ha! But seriously, I welcome anybody on here to come check us out.

I will be coming to this site daily, because I love how everyone can express what they feel without fear of ridicule...well ridicule should be expected but in a friendly manner.

Sports rule! You guys rock!


Tyler said...

If the Bucks trainer could somehow rig together a James Worthy Goggles/Bill Laimbeer Face Mask contraption for Gadzuric to wear, that would be great. All they need to do is trade Ruben Patterson for cash to pay for the R&D and a team of engineers to make it happen.

temwr87 - A coworker fifteen feet away from me just asked why I was laughing so hard after I read your comment with Isiah's quote. Nice job.

Martin VanNostrand said...

Tyler - Can we get Danny Ferry to coach this squad?

You guys ever see Training camp footage where they have the O and D Lines try to catch punts? I think the side that fields the most gets to leave practice first or something but it's hilarious stuff. I wondered if this ever crossed over in the NBA. Can you imagine Mark Eaton pushing the ball up court on a fast break drill during a Jazz camp in the mid '90's?

anonymous said...

i just realized that the original list has george mikan on it.. and that is just hilarious to me. i think i was distracted by seeing mark madsen, and bill walton starting.

i see red when i hear the words "bill walton".

Tyler said...

Ok, I was going to bring up coaches, but then I thought this thread kind of died. So for the front office of the all-time team, I would suggest;

Head Coach:
Paul Westphal (for some reason he seems like the perfect guy to coach this team to the finals and then lose to the Bulls)

Assistant Coaches:
Del Harris
Mike Fratello
Doug Moe (contractually obligated to wear those awesome sports jacket, tie, shirt and plaid pants combos he wore in the 70s)

Vice President of Basketball Operations (whatever the hell that means):
Danny Ainge

General Manager:
Don Nelson

Asst. General Manager:
Danny Ferry

Special Timeout Consultant:
Hubie Brown

Martin VanNostrand said...

This just went from a team to an organization. Now we need a computer simulation game against the And-1 crew.

Steve said...
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"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino