Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hater Nation

As mandated: Jugdish Loves the Cock …….

I’ll use today’s post to change gears a bit and go in a different direction. This topic came to me after looking over at iamunstoppable’s blog.

I wanted to address rooting against teams, or hating.

Why is it wrong to hate against someone’s team? If anything, hating is UNDERRATED.

If you say something derogatory or negative about someone’s team you get “stop hating”. Well ya know what, enough of that….

A lot of people put up bio’s a few posts back, let me amend mines…

I hate…

Len Paquarelli - his constant mockery and back handed comments about the Skins means he is dead to me.
Chris Sheridan – obviously he is a Russian Spy.
John Hollister - the guy is a freak, plain and simple. His PER is useless to me. And he doesn’t support Steve Nash for MVP.
Duke Basketball – JJ Reddick is the best baybeee… - if that statement doesn’t make you hate Duke I don’t know what will.
Notre Dame Football – The Golden Dome is so 1946, get over it people.
New York Yankees – yuck.

These are just some of the individuals and sports teams I love to poop on.

One last thought, is it ever appropriate to use “me” or “us” or “we’re” when referring to your favorite teams? I say no.

Feel free to run with this or run away from it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

2nd guest column... El Padrino's College Football Preview

With college football just about here, I had to find a way to get this in this week.

Our friend from Brooklyn, El Padrino, put this top 25 together for us to enjoy. I'm sure it will start the ball rolling.

It's long, so I will stop writing now and let El Pad do his thing.


El Pad’s Top 25

1. USC- I’m going back to the well on this one. Leinart and Bush were all-timers.
They cannot be replaced but they are still loaded with talent that can be stretched throughout every position. Plus they return Steve Smith, Dwayne Jarret and have an NFL caliber WR named Vidal Hazelton. The defense is what will carry them at times. USC’s second stringers can start for at least 100 other programs. The only question mark is the QB position, I don’t know much about John David Booty or Mark Sanchez other than that Booty has a back problem and Sanchez keeps getting in trouble with the law.
Player to watch: Vidal Hazelton, WR

2. Ohio State- QB Troy Smith is a true playmaker and with Ted Ginn Jr they should make some beautiful music together. Plus their depth at the RB position could be as powerful as a daisy cutter. Pittman and the talented Chris Wells. The defense boasts some serious talent and are replacing every starter from last year. But they should fit right in as the buckeye’s will be stout against the run.
Player to watch: Ted Ginn Jr., WR/KR

3. Miami- The defense is incredible. I mean Brandon Meriweather is like whoa and Phillips garners some All-American considerations himself. They have size, speed and depth. If their offense can get down the field and score more often then they would be unstoppable. But I don’t think it can. The offensive line doesn’t appear to be any better than last year’s debacle.
Player’s to watch: Brandon Meriweather, FS

4. Texas- The national champs return some key starters from last year’s squad and boast a ridiculously deep running back chart. The defensive cupboard is hardly
bare with a very good DE tandem of Crowder and Robinson. QB is the issue. VY was a legend and won’t be replaced. Who will step up and deliver for the longhorns when the game is on the line? Jevan Snead or Colt McCoy?
Player to watch: Jamaal Charles, RB

5. Auburn- Should be better than last year with the talent they have now. QB Cox returns and gets to hand the rock off to Irons and throw to Courtney Taylor who should regain his 2004 form. Key match-up is LSU on Sept 16th. If they beat them in Auburn then they may be undeafeted.
Player to watch: Kenny Irons, RB

6. LSU- Things change if they lose vs. Auburn in the 16th. See above. They need to settle the QB situation. It’s a rough go when your starting QB has to look over his shoulder everytime he throws a pick or makes a bad pass. The RB situation is a bit iffy as both RB’s return after torn ACL’s. The defense will be as always, fucking good. Plus they will be able to focus a bit more on football as last year was a bad year off the field for the Tigers.
Player to watch: Laron Landry, FS

7. Cal - Looks like Nate Longshore will be the QB and this is important because they need a settled QB situation. The RB situation is a wrap because RB Marshawn Lynch is a Heisman candidate from jump street. O-line is their main issue as they lost two key starters last year. Plus the secondary is a bit in-experienced. Take the over when they play.
Player to watch: Marshawn Lynch, RB

8. Florida- You can thank the schedule for this ranking. With the talent they have all over the place they should be competing for a national championship. The D finished 9th last year and only gets better this year. Leak goes into his final year with the lingering question. Can he master the spread offense and take this team to a title game? We’ll see.
Players to watch: Brandon Siler, LB

9. West Virginia- RB Steve Slaton could be the next Heisman Trophy winner. This guy runs like the wind and I’m sure Rich Rodriguez knows it. QB Pat White is the second fastest guy on this WVU squad. The two together are going to get national attention by October.
Player to watch: Pat White, QB

10. Michigan- It’s all about Henne and Hart. Henne can take his team to the next level if he raises his completion % and Hart can also make a huge impact if he stays on the field. Injuries have plagued him and the knock is he can’t take the pounding. The maize and blue have a re-built defense and CB Leon Hall leads the secondary that can stop teams with their speed.
Player to watch: Steve Breaston, WR/KR

11. Florida State- Too much speed and talent on the offensive side to struggle like last year. The root problem was the O-line which looks to be fixed. Bobby Bowden knows hot to re-vitalize a program.
Player to watch: Lorenzo Booker, RB

12. Louisville- Cards are looking for their first BCS appearance this year and have the talent to grab it. Led by QB Brian Brohm and RB Mike Bush the offense is just as explosive as anyone else’s.
Player to watch: Mario Urrutia, WR

13. Oklahoma- I think they are a year away from being the monster that they were but this year’s Sooners are going to be very good. The QB situation is stable now with Paul Thompson and Adrian Peterson is healthy. The defense is just Gnarls Barkley and no one is going to want to play in Norman.
Player to watch: Rufus Alexander, LB

14. Georgia- The favorite to replace current Falcon DJ Shockley is tough as nails QB Joe Tereshinski. All depends on his arm and leadership. The Dawgs have a deep RB chart and a biting defense that coach Mark Richt refers to as “physicality at it’s peak”. Ok Mark, ok.
Player to watch: Quentin Moses, DE

15. Clemson- Real nice mix of players, a good coach and serious talent at various skill positions (MLB, WR) can equate to a nice season for the Tigers of Clemson.
Proctor has to prove himself right off the bat with games against BC and FSU.
Player to watch: James Davis, RB

16. Notre Dame- Not a top ten team. Simply not. The hype is astounding but the team doesn’t match the hype. The corners are average, limited pass rush, there is no depth at any important skill position. Other than Michigan this team beat no one with a pulse. 2008 is the Irish’s year. The talent coming in combined with this crop of freshman is enough to give Weis a boner.
Player to watch: Brady Quinn, QB

17. Penn State- Two guys coming back from devastating injuries (WR Derrick Williams & LB Paul Posluszny) are key to how far the Nittany Lions go. With a favorable schedule they can make some noise in the rankings.
Player to watch: Paul Posluszny, LB

18. Iowa- The talent is there but will take too long get going. Young and inexperienced at LB and CB the Hawkeyes may be practicing for a title shot next year.
Player to watch: Drew Tate, QB

19. Arizona State- D gave up 29.9 points a game last year and a whooping 468.8 yards per game. The offense can fly with anyone in the nation but won’t win jack without some defense.
Players to watch: Zach Miller, TE

20. Nebraska- Defensive front seven is as good as any and now that QB Zac Taylor has a clue this team could sneak up on some people. Certainly a 9-3 season is within reach.
Player to watch: Maurice Purify, WR

21. Tennessee- Speed, speed, speed. Few teams can match the speed and atheleticism of this year’s Vols but will that translate into wins? Maybe a year away from a top ten team.
Player to watch: Jayson Swaine, WR

22. Virginia Tech- It’s all about the D. The blitzing, attacking style of D Beamer runs should be enough to compete in the ultra competitive ACC.
Player to watch: Kam Chancellor, CB

23. Oregon- Waiting for sophomore Jonathan Stewart to emerge. If he does the Ducks could have a really good year. If he doesn’t for whatever reason it could go south quick. Although I do like the depth with Terrell Jackson and Jeremiah Johnson. But neither I don’t think are a feature back. It has to be Stewart. He can pound and is nimble enough to break free.
Player to watch: Patrick Chung, LB/DB

24. Georgia Tech- Few ACC teams can beat you with a passing game like these yellow jackets can. That’s rare for their league but a few holes in the secondary and no RB depth might hurt them down the stretch.
Player to watch: Calvin Johnson, WR

25. Colorado- Hawkins has this team maybe a year or two away from a top ten appearance. As of right now theyhave some holes on offense but the D is coming together nicely and will keep them in a lot games.
Player to watch: J.J Billingsley, DB

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First guest column

Since the rotation is a little off this week, and I am assuming a few of us are on vacation or going to be on vacation for the week leading up to Labor Day, I figured this would be as good a time as any to begin rolling out the guest columns.

I was going to roll the first one out tomorrow, but since we received two right away that were good for this week, I figured I'd roll one out today and perhaps roll the second one out tomorrow.

The first person to send me a column was a female. Ladies first, of course!

Yes, I am referring to our new friend Beth. She came up with the article below, and I think it's good enough to start the comments going.

Tomorrow, I have a college football preview waiting from one of our guests if everyone wants to see that. I can throw that one out tomorrow.

But today, I hope you will enjoy Beth's guest entry below. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, Beth.


A while back a local radio station was asking listeners to "call BS" on things they disagreed with that were normally accepted as true around Atlanta. Well, it gave me what I thought was the perfect opportunity to sound off on something I've been saying for a while now. The fact they never used my submission left me wondering if it was because it was too ridiculous or too obvious or for some other reason, but figured LOV would be a good place to set it out and see what people think. But I'm calling BS that Michael Vick is an all-pro quarterback (he's been to the Pro Bowl 3 times) or even a great quarterback. He's a great runner/scrambler but overall he's an average-at-best passer/quarterback.

As exciting as Vick can be to watch for certain plays, and his overtime TD run against the Vikings in 2002 was one of the more exciting and amazing plays I've ever seen, I really think the best move the Falcons could make would be to trade him for a shitload of good players, kinda like the Herschel Walker trade the Cowboys did so many years ago. Matt Schaub has shown he's a good quarterback (to the point where I hear he is the constant subject of trade feelers from other teams) and the Falcons could fill in a lot of holes in their team with all they'd probably get for Vick. The Falcons have so many holes in their team that have become even more obvious during pre-season that they've traded and signed 2 new players just in the last week. To me, Vick is VERY exciting to watch on maybe 5-10 plays a game, but that's more for his speed and elusiveness, not necessarily for the end result of the play. Overall he's just not getting it done. I mean how many years are we going to have to suffer thru a staff trying to figure out how best to use him?? And I'm not sure there's a good answer out there for that. If he plays to his maximum effectiveness with him passing some but running more, he gets hurt. And if he rarely runs and focuses more on passing, then he's not nearly as effective.

The sad truth though is that at least for the foreseeable future a trade will NEVER happen cause if it did Arthur Blank and Jim Mora would be run out of town. For whatever reason, the national media and the NFL seem to have a lot invested in singing Vick's praises, probably cause they realize he does sell tickets and get viewers who might not otherwise go to games or watch. So while he may be good for football as a whole, I don't think he is good for the Falcons.

(And just for the record, I really hope I'm wrong with my analysis and that he has an amazing year this year and the Falcons kick butt.)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap:

Biggest Story : Tiger wins his 52nd title at the Bridgestone Invitational. He beat Stewart Cink on the 4th playoff hole. Again, he pulled an Obi-Wan and mind fucked Cink into submission. The guy has won 4 straight and is now tied for 5th all time in career wins. Let’s see if he can rally a suspect US team at the upcoming Ryder Cup. That’s really the only place he’s somewhat unproven.

MLB : Tight like an 8 yr old. (joke)
The NL Wild Card race is heating up down the stretch with 8 teams with-in 5 games of the surprising Reds. The Yanks continue to roll and have a healthy lead over the Sawx, well Sux at this point. The Tigers continue to impress and have a 5 game lead in the AL Central. Philly pulled off a minor trade for Jeff Conine and they are one of the teams in WC contention only 1 game back. Could Conine push them over the top?

NFL : Preseason continues. The Skins are looking overrated (shedding tear), while the Pats look ready for another Title run. Reggie Fumbles, while Leinart and Cutler continue to impress. VY – well, good luck Tenn. With the 1st overall pick next year. TO receives his first public fine and reports are that he’s “faking” his hammy injury. This situation is about to combust. Whoever had Week 1 in the “TO will sabotage the Cowboys Season” might be a winner. More headlines about the Panthers players who received steroids are surfacing. I’m surprised this story hasn’t become a huge media storm, as I believe the Doctor who supplied the roids has already been convicted. Keep this on your radar. MNF tonight : Bengals vs Packers, Palmer is supposed to return, good chance for potential fantasy owners to get a look at him. Over/Under on Favre picks : 2.

Racing : Marco Andretti, all of 19 yrs old, wins in Sonoma thanks to great gas mileage and some lucky caution laps at the end. Looks like he’s over his last lap failure/heartbreak from the Indy 500. There’s only once race left for the IRL guys and check it out, if Franchiti is in contention the endless cut-a-ways to his wife, Ashley Judd, are worth it. NASCAR : Big win for Matt Kenseth at Bristol. The night race there is always special. Mark Martin and Tony Stewart struggle while Jr, Kyle Busch, Hamlin, Gordon, Burton and Jimmy Johnson all get top 10’s to help their Chase cause. Only 138 pts separate 4th through 11th with 2 races left till the Chase.

Andre Agassi returns to the US Open for the final tourney of his career. Will he have some Jimmy Connors type luck or will the run end quickly?

College Football returns this week and we def. need an indepth preview post.

Emmy’s – The Emmy’s were last night. Was forced to watch some red carpet stuff with the GF and caught a few awards. Honestly, another show devoted to giving Hollywood BJ’s is not high on my list of things to watch. Anyone with lucid comments here is welcome to add details.

For those interested Invincible led the box office with $17.0 Mil, Talladega Nights took second with $8.0 M, and Beerfest debuted in 4th with $6.5 M in sales. SOP fell to 6th with $6.4 M.

The season finale of Entourage was pretty solid. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes next season. No way they can get rid of Ari.

Who else is in the FFL? Last I checked we had 7 teams signed up, lets get that filled today so we can get a draft order then start the draft this week. Don’t be scurrred to sign up.

And don’t forget to comment on anything I missed.

-- Isiah

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Invincible" review

Someone requested a review. I figured I'd throw it up for the weekend.

I just got back from Invincible. Yes, it lived up to my high expectations.

I had a few chills during the movie, especially the very end when they showed actual footage of Vince Papale playing to end the movie. Great stuff there. That was my favorite part.

I had to get over the extreme creative license they took. First off, they set it directly in South Philly, and made him a resident of South Philly. No mention of Glenolden, PA at all. That was a disappointment. But I actually understand why they did it. People in areas of America that don't know Philly wouldn't relate to Glenolden. But they would relate to South Philly better. Though they did film part of it at Wiedner University which is down the street from me and is where the Eagles used to have camp. Nice touch there.

I also had to get over the computer generated Veterans Stadium, which looked nothing like the old Vet. I was in that old Vet as a kid. It didn't have metal bleachers. And it didn't have a running track around the field. But they had to mix Franklin Field footage with the computer Vet. It had to be tough to recreate. And... the outside of the Vet they used is actually the Vet from later in the 80's and 90's. I know this because in the 70's, the outside elevator for the luxury boxes did not exist. But in this movie, they put the elevator there. It all bothered me a bit. But I got over it. They did manage to recreate the fan frenzy of the Vet well with the fans. That I liked.

And I had to get over the ending.

** SPOILER ALERT** If you don't want to know this part, skip the next two paragraphs. I'll put them in italics so you know what not to read.

The ending has Papale causing a fumble on a punt return against the Giants in his second game and then picking up the ball to score a touchdown to win the game.

Yes, that play actually happened in Papale's second NFL game. They show it in the actual Papale footage at the very end. But two things are wrong. We all know that legally, you can't advance a muffed punt in the NFL. So the end result of the play is a big lie. In real life, Papale does cause the muff, pick up the ball, and run it into the end zone. But the result of that play was the Eagles wound up getting the ball at the 6 instead. So, the play could not have resulted in a touchdown and could not have won the game. But that's Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg was very good. He played Vince a little more low key. Vince today in real life is a bit louder and more gregarious, though not overly so. He certainly was when I met him. He may have been a little quieter back then, so perhaps it is realistic. Papale consulted on the movie, so I am sure he was instrumental in helping Wahlberg's performance.

Greg Kinnear is tremendous. He had me believing he was Dick Vermeil. He had all the mannerisms down and everything. No, he didn't cry. But he really captured him well.

The story in the movie is very good. Yes, it does have a lot of Rudy in it. But it plays very well as a story. And it's a different story than Rudy was, with some similarities. I think the story is what makes the movie, not necesarily the ending. Many parts of the story are very true despite the creative license. I picked up on many of them in the movie after reading the book.

I also thought the nice touch was that they told a side story with Vermeil. The movie told Vermeil's story coming to Philadelphia quite well, and many scenes concentrated on Vermeil's transition separate from Papale's story. Kinnear had more than one scene on his own without Wahlberg around, and he carried them. So it was like two stories coming together. Very good touch. I appreciated that part.

The actual football footage they recreate was excellent. That's very important and they got it right.

Is it Academy Award material? I don't think so. Unless they give a supporting nod to Kinnear. That's an outside possibility. But probably a long shot.

However, it is a high quality movie. Overall, definitely worth a return visit to see it twice for me. I will go back.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Enough is Enough is Enough

I am sick and tired of hearing about TO.

I don't care.

Stop talking to me about him.

Wednesday, I turn on the 6 PM Sportscenter, and what do I see? BREAKING NEWS!!! OH MY GOD, TERRELL OWENS IS OUT OF PRE-SEASON PRACTICE! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! Then "that guy" starts rambling on for 5 minutes, while I'm ramming my head into my TV screen. Honestly, it's just enough. No man on Earth deserves this kind of attention. At this point, it would be great if TO would just cease to exist.

Okay, so I just heard last night that Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. What the hell? Since forever there have been 9 planets. How do you just scratch one off? I'm really confused by this, and I'm sure it's going to negatively affect me. I mean, my life up until this point is a lie. How many conversations would this have changed? The ramifications of this are astronomical. Think about this, all those horoscopes that were based off of Pluto's placement are junk now. What will all those poor astrologers do?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

GOOAT, Herr Nolan and the Rat

I’ll just throw these out there, if you like it you can respond, if you don’t, send it right back….

1) Dan Snyder is the Greatest Owner of All Time, or GOOAT. Why? He hasn’t won anything yet, he’s seen as a petulant child, a wild spending ego maniac and he used to run his franchise like a fantasy team. Let me build my case….. When the team was sold from the previous owner’s, The Cookes, he wasn’t even the majority partner in his group. Yet the guy who was awarded the team either backed out or was denied ownership after the bidding was over. So Snyder stepped up – he’s got balls. Secondly, and more importantly, he’s got money. He’s got more money than thejaywhite has made up chick stories – and that’s a lot people. He made his money in communications – he sold a company that he started, Snyder Communications for a few bil and used that to finance his bid for the team. Lastly, he’s a fan. The Skins have been his team since he was a kid. He loves the Skins, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to put a winning product on the field. He doesn’t hoard his money – he doesn’t skimp out on anything, he re-invests everything into the franchise. Add it up, balls, money and rooting-interest and BAM – there you go, GOOAT. Since he’s brought back Gibbs he’s been hands off and relatively unseen in the media spotlight – which is a good thing – he’s getting it. Once everything falls into place the Skins will be winning Superbowls – that’s right plural. Snyder has also taken the Skins to the top of the NFL revenue food chain – he’s squeezed out every ounce of money he can for the team. He’s been rumored to be in the market to buy the Six Flags Theme Park corp. Brilliant, he can use that to subsidize the team! What sports fan wouldn’t want an owner who is willing to pull out all the stops to win? Don’t give me Rooney from Pitt or Cuban from Dallas, Dan Snyder your GOOAT! Fine Print : For the sake of jinxes and karma, I think the Skins will go 0-16 this season and never make the playoffs again.

2) Herr Kaiser Nolan? How in the hell does Kevan Barlow get away with comparing Mike Nolan to Hitler? I’m glad he was speaking his mind and not talking in clichés. But come on. If a white player made a derogatory comparison of a black head coach, shit, he’d be run out of the league – John Rocker anyone? You know what, I’m not even offended by what Barlow said – maybe this will result in a little less PC in the sports world.

3) F Coach K : I’ll preface this by making the disclaimer that yes, I am a Duke hater. But I’d like to rant about Coach K or Coach Rat as I call him, face it the guy looks like a rat. Yet the guy gets bj’s all the time from the sports media and I’m sick of it. Try watching a telecast of a Duke home game with Duke Vitale (yes Duke Vitale) and Mike Patrick calling it. It’ll make you want to off yourself. I digress…Coach R…First off; the guy is a great recruiter, not a great coach. He gets 4 McDonald’s All-Americans a year yet his teams never go deeper than a 6 man rotation. Also, how many times will his teams fold – like they did this past March to LSU? I bring this up because I’m hearing “Coach K is the perfect coach for Team USA”. Well, anyone besides Larry Brown and George Karl would be an upgrade. Toss in the fact that we sent a lot better team to this competition and we revamped our selection/tournament prep process and the improvements have less to do with Coach R and more to do with better logistics. I hope Team USA wins but more importantly I hope Coach R doesn’t get all the credit.

4) Mini College Football Preview: I’m more into the pro game but I am interested in the college game, being a Michigan fan and all. I don’t see Notre Dame winning it all. They’re getting wayyyy too much hype - I think they’ll lose at least 2 of their first 4. Also, their schedule is a joke; they play ALL THREE SERVICE ACADAMIES! This isn’t 1946, ND isn’t America’s University anymore and not everyone is enamored with their every move. I want to scratch my face off for saying this, but I think The Ohio State University is the team to beat. Tressel just gets it and his team is loaded.

--- Isiah.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gettin down to business...

Just getting this up and on the board the night before so it can be out there for Wednesday.

First of all, I just want to make this statement as to how our little blog/comments board/chatroom/lawless society is doing over here.

I judge by how many visits we get in a day. And according to the site meter, we got about 170 visits last Thursday, 180 last Friday, then 270 on Monday. At last check on Tuesday night, we were on our way to over 250 again for the day.

It's been a week since we started. Most blogs are lucky to get 10 visitors a day after their first week. We already get over 250 a day this week. That's stunning.

I thank you all, contributors, lurkers, and commenters. Your support here is overwhelming, and appreciated.

Now personally, I plan on making my postings more about you readers. I want my postings to be the day that we feature a guest columnist. I'm willing to give my space to some of you who didn't get the chance to be a contributor at first. So I'm going to encourage you to e-mail me if you are interested in doing guest columns. You would send it to me in an e-mail, then I will post it in my weekly entry with full credit to you of course.

My e-mail is if you are interested. I just want e-mails about whether you are interested or not. I don't want columns yet. I will see who is interested, then I will arrange the details.

I do reserve the right to not post a guest column if it isn't any good. But they will be judged individually. You would have to suck pretty bad to not be used. But there will be a standard or two to uphold in these entries. And once we figure out what the standards are, we'll let you know.

Really, I guess there is only one standard... don't suck.

And make at least 50% of it about sports. OK... two standards.

And don't talk about you-know-who... damn, that's three standards. I'll stop there.

Now really, I'm not trying to act like us 5 contributors are big time writers here or anything. Far from it. We're just a bunch of guys looking for a purpose in the blog world. The standards are not going to be that hard to meet.

Let's face it... if you submit an article to us on 10 reasons that you like cheese, we are not going to use it.

And I have some people in mind for the first guest column. Whoever steps up and takes it will get first crack.

One last thing before I get to topics... if anyone thinks a link should be on the right, e-mail me and let me know. I have some sites linked of people who post here. I'm happy to put up more. Just let me know that you want one.

That's all for that. Now I'll get to some topics to start the comments rolling for Wednesday...

- Well this one is quite simple really. I know some of you have already gone out and gotten Madden 07 and have spent the past 24 hours or so playing it. Me, I have played Madden in past years many times but I have never owned it personally. Tell us what you think. Are you into Madden or not? How is this year's version holding up to past years?

- Secondly, there's a sports related movie coming out this weekend called Invincible, which is the story of former Philadelphia Eagles player Vince Papale. I've been waiting over a year for this movie because Papale actually is from my hometown and came from my high school. My family has a connection with him. Mom has known him over the years, and my aunt even had him as a math teacher. I also interviewed him for a radio show I did 11 years ago. So I am jonesing to see it to see how they portray my area of the world and how they portray him. Any of you have plans to see it?

- So now we have a sprinter, Justin Gatlin, banned for 8 years for banned substances. And this statement from the news story on kills me...

His coach, Trevor Graham, who has been involved with at least a half-dozen athletes who have received drug suspensions, has contended Gatlin tested positive after a vengeful massage therapist used testosterone cream on the runner without his knowledge.

Yes... a vengeful massage therapist.

What the f**k is a vengeful massage therapist?

That has to rank up there with the all-time great excuses in sports history.

That's even better than Floyds Landis saying his abnormally high testosterone levels are natural.

Even better than Rafael Palmiero saying it was just B-12 vitamins he took.

Even better than Sammy Sosa saying he grabbed the wrong bat when it splintered and the cork went flying.

A vengeful massage therapist... I'd like to meet one of those. I bet that rubdown would be just full of energy.

Enjoy your Wednesday, or as thejaywhite affectionally knows it... Hump Day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Suppose I gave you a K-Fed album, is that something you might be interested in?

Ok, this is not a sports post. But I think everyone can make an exception for a great American, Kevin Federline. K-Fed would only be a colossal loser if he didn't take himself so seriously. Given that he does, words cannot do the man any justice. He is a cross-pollination of loserdom and finger-nails-down-the-chalkboard unbelievable. Please tell me some people caught the Teen Choice Awards performance on Sunday night. While we all are probably north of the target demographic for said show, entertainment is entertainment. I had the pleasure to be flipping channels just as his impending performance was being announced by Mrs. Spears. Needless to say, I had to not only stop changing channels but I also had to fire up the DVR. Further, I am saving that 5 min. of pure unadulterated comedy. Not only was he full on glaring in hip-hop repose, but you really could read his mind through his rhyme scheme. The man's rhymes were singularly focused on cars, clothes, and booze. If he was 50 Cent or someother hip-hop dolt, you might even find it in your heart to forgive him due to simply not knowing better, or just being a cog in the corporate music regime; but he is simply a man-whore of the highest order living off of his wife. All the while, you know he really tries to hide this reality from himself and fashions himself a true music impresario with true talent. Classic. Please if you have not seen his performance check it out on YouTube. You will not be disappointed. K-Fed should be the poster child of Lords of Vengeance. F Clarett. K-Fed is the man!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Just another manic Monday (woo-o-ooh)

Well, there's not a ton to report.. just a small recap of the weekend/last week, and we'll get one started for new comments.

-Tiger. Dominant. Dude just ran ovaaar people. Stomped em out. Then of course the instant overreaction is already in full swing, with the lead story on ESPN arguing that he is not only the greatest golfer ever (he will be by the end of his career at least), but the best individual athlete ever.

-Lefty. I think his right breast finished at -9 under, but he himself finished at -6 under, so he wasn't really in contention.

-Playoffs. The wild cards/division races are heating up. East coast bias tells me that the Red Sox got stomped out this past series.

-MNF. Our first look at Reggie Bush as a nation. Setting it off on Monday night. Bush, Kornheiser, no T.O. This is worth watching for the 1-2 series that Bush plays. I'm glad that we don't have to see TO come out tonight, although I'm sure the sideline cams will be in full effect. Hopefully he'll bring his bike to the sideline.

-August 22nd. Which leads me to the final warm up point for today.. Madden. Midnight sales, huge numbers.. people go insane over this game. They take their Maddenness very serious. (Cheapest price I saw was $37.99 at Circuit City). I'm not even a huge fan of the game (sorry), but even I'll be picking it up for that price.

-And who saw Snakes on a Plane?!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Thoughts for a Friday

I don't care what anyone else says, fights are fun in sports. If I had my way, all the leagues would be hockey style, and just let them fight till the helmet comes off. People were so up in arms about this Angels-Rangers thing, and it was fun. That's like only the second one I can remember this year (Cubs-White Sox being the other) and it's disappointing. I can remember years gone by that left me satisfied with 5 or 6 big fights. It's just not the same anymore.

I had my first FFL draft last night. For some reason, we were running the league through EA Sports this year. Apparently one of my friends got a coupon from NFL Head Coach (which is a rip-off because I bought it too, and didn't get anything). Now, normally, this league service is $50. Which is absurd. The interface they use is just atrocious. If you ever have a chance to play in an EA league, don't take's not worth it. I'll stick to ESPN and Yahoo, thank you very much.

Is there anything stranger than Maurice Clarett? This dude was the number one college player and now look where he is. His story gets stranger by the minute. Not only was he tasered and maced, but he has connections to the Israeli mob?!? It's really just amazing to see how far this man has fallen. He was the savior of an entire fan base, and now he's sitting in a jail cell. How sad.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just thought you would appreciate this...

There seems to be an inordinate interest in the NBA--Simmons might need to bump up his assertion that there are only 15 of us left--so I thought with my final blog for a little while that I would give you a great website that has compiled all the contracts of the genetically blessed. The woman who maintains it--Patricia--is really good at updating as soon as trades and new signings go down. Kind of like Cott--except the exact opposite. Enjoy the weekend fellas (and Beth)! thejaywhite get some more STD's to add to the repertoire.

BB, The Golden Boy and Hypocrisy of justice.

There’s been a few events in the sports-world in the last few days which highlights the hypocrisy of sports and sports media. First, the Game of Shadow’s (GOS) author’s being ordered to reveal their sources of the grand jury testimony leaks, and second is the phone call that Tom Brady allegedly made to Barry Bond’s Trainer.

I’m not a lawyer (KC this would be a great time to jump in), but Grand Jury testimony is supposed to be sealed and not made to be public information. However, as we all know by now, the GOS authors got ahold of Barry Bond’s testimony and used it as a source for their book. Now they are being forced to reveal their sources. Should they? Are they protected under the first amendment? Well, they broke the law. Illegal is illegal right? They should reveal their source otherwise they should be prosecuted. My point here is that if this wasn’t in persecution of Barry Bond’s then the sports media wouldn’t care as much – see the Jason Grimsley saga for comparison. Why should these guys be immune from the law? I hate BB as much as the next guy but even he should be protected and enjoy the freedoms and rights our legal system gives us. I’m not even going to touch the race element to this but you’d be naïve to think it isn’t heavily involved. One Grand Jury has already said they won’t indict BB, how much farther will the prosecution in SF go to get Bonds? (Stepping off Scoop Jackson soap box) I think this could really be a huge story – not only for the sports world but for journalism as a whole.

Now for Brady – the NFL “Golden Boy”. The face of the NFL. 3 time Superbowl winner, 2 time SB MVP. Why is he calling Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds trainer? The same trainer that supplied all these ball players with performance enhancers? And don’t forget Brady missed a few days of training camp a few weeks back. Was he testifying before the newly convened grand jury in SF? 2+2=4? As of right now this isn’t even a story on the main page of the WWL. How can it not be? You’d have to be pretty naïve if you think he wasn’t calling about PED’s. Plus, Brady’s hometown is close to SF. The pieces are there, smoke is now there, is there fire? Yet the media isn’t playing this up, yet. If it was TO or Randy Moss? Shit, they’d be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion already.

And for good measure here’s my Chez Whitey All Star Hoops team:

PG : Jerry West
SG: Pistol Pete
SF: Grant Hill (I’m counting light-skinned brothers on my team, he’d be a 2nd round pick of white people in the race draft)
PF: Larry Bird (playing out of position but he’d get-r-done)
C: Bill Walton

Havlichek (sp)
Gheorge Muresan (he has to count as chez whitey)
Mark Madsen
George Mikan


Questions to the group...

As quasi de-facto default interim blog administrator of this here lawless society, I figured I'd post a few questions to the group.

First of all, the only reason I am blog administrator is because I set it up first and the Blogger computer sees me that way. I do not see myself as being better than anyone. I see myself as just as equal here as anyone. But I do know how to work the Blogger setup, so I will handle that end of things for now unless anyone objects.

I do want to ask everyone how we should do this thing in the future. Because I have been asked some questions in the e-mail and I want them to be heard.

1. This question is better asked by copying it from the e-mail I got.

Why not do it in team format and assign a day to each person. Monday’s are one guys day (hopefully someone who can get the ball rolling on what happened during the weekend), etc. Friday’s are someone who can set us up for the weekend (funny predictions, over/unders, etc.)

I don’t get many hits on Saturday and Sunday, so I don’t know that anyone needs to post then. But if you got 4 guys who wanted to post Monday through Friday and left one day for guest post day, that might be away to keep it fresh.

I would hate to see more than one post a day, because you will lose the frat atmosphere of the comments…too many conversations to cover.

What does everyone think about that? Should we assign days to each person who contributes, or should we just let it be open to who wants to post when they feel like it? With 5 contributors, posting whenever we feel like it could get overwhelming, but maybe overwhelming isn't a bad thing. We've already had more than one posting a day, and I've been OK with it. And maybe we as the contributors to the front page can simply police ourselves and wait until the next day if a couple have been put up on one day. And perhaps if we assign the daily thing, we get a little too organized and we lose a bit of the lawlessness that made us interesting at first. Thoughts?

2. We now have 5 contributors. I do believe Zeke has accepted the 5th spot. I wanted to open it up to contributors so I didn't have to be the one who posted every day. And it was open to the first people who asked. Those guys you see listed were the ones who simply stepped up quicker. Now my question... do we want to open it up to anymore? Or should this be it? It's up to you guys. I'm happy to add more, but I understand where we might need a limit. And I know some of you might be happy just being commenters. Let me know.

3. I am getting requests for links from here. I have no problem with that. I can set those up for us. If you leave them in comments, I'm sure I will see them. And I will post a few from commenters that I know will be relevant. I will reserve the right to say no to links if they are not relevant. The blog doesn't have to be about sports, but it should be at least a little relevant to something, and it should belong to someone who comments over here (with the notable exception to KC and Simmons).

I'm going away this weekend to Boston, so I will be absent through Tuesday. But I am now sure you will carry this on without me over the weekend, and that is a good thing. This is more your blog than it is mine. And I want it that way. Besides, someone told me this in an e-mail, and I thought it was really funny...

No offense, but I’ve told tons of people how your blog is ok, BUT your commenting is legendary.

This is why you may see me more in comments than actual postings. And I'll let the other guys post more than me. But you never know when I may pop up.

Thank you all for contributing. This started as me responding to Zeke's comments as a joke, and it seems to have really turned into something. I'm impressed.

That is all for now. Carry on, and let's hope some babes show up and start commenting. What's a good lawless society without babes?

Where in the World will the US End Up?

I wonder if the upcoming FIBA World Championships are on anyone's radar? As for me, I remember watching that 1992 truly authentic "Dream Team" with such anticpation and awe that any and all future "Dream Team" assemblies were something to get excited about. Granted, "Dream Team" has now become a hollow and unfitting buzz word but I think this current collection could prove to redeem the franchise. The 1992 team was bascially all HOF'ers--notable exception being ambiguously gay Laettner--and this 2006 version does not rival that. But what this version does have is true competition, something '92 never had. Argentina, France, Spain, and whatever they are calling the team now from what used to be Yugoslavia (is P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puff/Daddy/Diddy in charge of demarcating/naming countries' over there?) are all legit competition. I for one am looking forward to the US blowing out some legit comp. and winning some tight games to retake our rightful place as the best basketball nation in the world. By the way, the tournament starts on Sat. morning and runs into early September. Check your local listings.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Defense of the Evil Empire

Let me preface this by saying that yes, I too detest the Yankees. However, I see something strangely and uniquely American about them. First off: Baseball is truly an American sport. Unlike basketball which was invented on American soil but by one of those contemptable Canadians, "America's Pastime" holds a special place at our cultural table. And what does this country of ours claim to hold so dear? Sure some of this might be debatable, but unquestionably capitalism and the free-market are concepts and realities firmly rooted in Americana. Baseball's financial structure reflects this. Instead of some Soviet-style hard salary cap like the NFL, baseball allows the market to dictate what teams will be financially able to field competitive squads. The Yankees by virtue of being financially viable thus produce good teams year after year, and squads like Kansas City do not.

Oh haaaaale no.

And yet one more example of why most people hate the Evil Empire (although that was a good RageATM CD). But by Empire, we mean the Yankees.

$1 BILLION new stadium.

Let the hating begin.

NFL vs. College

Okay, let's break it down by a few categories.

1. Gameplay

We all know there's a difference between a Saints-Niners game and a Colts-Pats game...or for that matter...a Florida Central-Ball State game and a Ohio State-Michigan game. But which game level, on average, has a better level of competition? Are rivalries more fierce in the college game? Are games relatively closer in the pros?

2. Playoff system

Pretty simple here...

3. Rules

Do you prefer college overtime? Do you prefer pro down by contact rules? Do you prefer college replay? One foot versus two feet? Clock stoppage after first downs? Wider hash marks?

4. Atmosphere

Do colleges have better fans? Do the pros have better stadiums? Does anyone care about the mascots?

Go. Discuss.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So...Floyd Landis

So...Floyd Landis.

I'll have to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of the Tour de France. I remember watching ESPN2's old 30 minute show about it in like 97/98...but I didn't really start watching it until 2000, the year after Lance won his first. I guess that makes me a quasi-bandwagoner, but not really, so I can still feel good about myself. Anyways, I watched it religiously, would wake up at 7 AM so I could watch the live coverage on OLN. Needless to say, I'm pretty invested in the sport.

So that's why I have a problem with the whole Floyd Landis situation. It just makes absolutely no sense to me. First off, he wasn't coming up with different excuses, he was trying to figure out what the hell happened to him. You go in, take a piss test for work, and it comes back positive, and you haven't had any drugs, what are you going to do. You're gonna keep racking your mind for different reasons that you failed the test that you shouldn't have. And to me, that's what Landis was doing. He was going through every single possible thing he could think of. Whiskey, thyroid meds, dying hip, blah blah blah blah. Second, testosterone just doesn't spike in one day. There has to be weeks of build-up to see any kind of noticeable change in performance or levels. He would have had dozens of failed tests. You just don't take testosterone for a day and have an effect. At least that's what that Wadler guy from WADA keeps saying. Which brings me to my next question. If he didn't test positive before and after this 'elevated ratio', that means he 'took' it for one day. Which has no effect. So if it has no effect, how exactly is it doping? I thought gaining a beneficial effect was the definition of doping. If it doesn't help, it's not doping. And I just can't see him, from the background he has, doing this. His mother would straight up whoop him. I know, because my mother comes from a similar religious background. If I get out of line, I know it. This whole thing just doesn't set well with me.

Then again, I could be entirely wrong. And Floyd could be another Tyler Hamilton. But I sure hope not.

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