Friday, July 25, 2014

Steak is delicious

whats the wildest game you've eaten?  Bison over rice doesn't count H

I had goat it was good.  Elk was super lean but tasty.  Rabbit I guess was the gamiest.  I liked it though.

Thought The Internship was pretty funny.  People gon hate.

My two cents on Lebron.
The backlash from the Decision is the reason why he is going back.  The sentiment of returning home is 2nd.  You all know that right.  He was trying to right a wrong.  The media and most of the fans ate it up.  Scar tissue remains.  Time will heal the wound and if he wins a ship in Clev all will be forgotten but if he doesn't -- the scar will last forever.


Bach party AC Aug 2nd I planned it.  I'm the best man.  Shit is gonna be HDH.  Old Homestead at 10pm.  Some group gambling.  Got a rate for bottle service (which I detest) that wasn't bad at the Gypsy Bar then more group gambling.  Midgets are scheduled for 2am.  Then back down for gambling, individual I imagine.  Gonna need like 2 g's.

Boys will be boys.

Not sure you heard me, perhaps there is a baseball game in the background that is distracting you but


Seinfeld fans - It's coming to Netflix.

Imaginext Toys have taken over my living room.

Fucking Brew Crew huh Meiz?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday, July 04, 2014

Vacation America

I can remember every vacation I've gone on. By vacation I mean more than 2 hours from the house. We didn't go on any until I was 10 which ain't bad.

Wildwood, NJ
Orlando, FL (Disney)
Wildwood, NJ
Tampa, FL (Busch Gardens)
West Palm Beacn/Boynton Beach, FL
Wildwood NJ
Orlando Fl
Ocean City MD
Ocean City MD
Las Vegas, NV
Ocean City MD
Turks and Caicos
Ocean City MD
Palm Beach FL
Ocean City MD
Ocean City MD
Ocean City MD

and I'm going to Ocean City MD Sunday

The only thing I'm using my phone for is to google why are crabs so fucking delicious

Leopards are beautiful.

I dare Melo to go to LA. Fucking dare you.

When is baseball over already jesus enough.

Can't believe Batman Begins was out in 2005. Sick I'm old.

Fuck pop tarts.

AMERICA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I love you. You're the best.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

There's Only So Much Time Left In This Crazy World, I'm Just Crumblin' Erb

Concert is this Sunday. CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Been trying to push some of the guys to not be trashed for it, to no avail. Fuck them. I'm going to remember the most important concert of my life. They're not on my level.

I wish my one cousin was at my little cousin's grad party on Sunday. She's the director of marketing for Summerfest. I wanted to get a word in with her for maybe some VIP or backstage tickets. I hate getting big-timed by family. That shit is foul. Regardless, it's going to be a great time. I refuse to let anybody ruin my day on Sunday.

Brewers Talk
Still in first place. This season has been amazeballs so far. Best start in club history, and national media is still not talking about the team. I love it. Have you guys seen the Lucroy All-Star ad? It's pretty damn funny from our perspective. The Cards did not react well, and that makes it even funnier.

That's good stuff right there. Fuck the Cardinals.  Because MLB is a shitshow of an organization, I can't embed the video on blogger. Fuck them.

Work Talk
New supervisor is coming around. She still can't do a lot of stuff the rest of us can do. I wish she'd ask for help with learning how to do things instead of just leaving it for somebody else. That kills us on Wednesdays and Thursdays. My opinion is that the supervisor needs to know how to proficiently do EVERYTHING. She's on board with us as far as realizing and communicating that the sales force expects us to do too much. It's been awful lately. Formerly good salespeople have turned into absolute trainwrecks.

Bron Opts Out!
No big deal.  Yet.

The Bron/Kobe/Melo nonsense is just that. Nonsense. A worn-down 30 year old LBJ ain't going to the Lakers or the Western Conference.  He's coming to the Bucks. S.

Music Video Time
I'm listening to Southernplayalisticadillacmusic, so we get the title track. Good times.

That's all I've got today, kids.  Have a good rest of the week.  I know I'll have a bomb weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer time

today I will talk about Iraq and food allergies so skip to comments if you've had enough now

I predict a major war (perhaps called WWIII) within the next ten years between western civilazation countries and their allies vs. radical islam militants and various terrorists groups and I think it's unavoidable.

Only way to beat this ISIS and Al Qaeda groups like them all over the middle east and within Russia's borders is to just kill them, just kill them all. Eventually I suppose they will come back through another root of evil somewhere but I have to think this will buy us (by us I mean the world) some time before that happens. Sort of like killing off the Nazi's history does really repeat itself.

If you are asking yourself why do we need to go to war or why do we have to get involved the answer is relatively simple. Money. Most of it in the form of oil. But really economics is the bottom line answer. And fucking democracy of course. We figured out how to operate a country 238 years ago - we have the blueprint yet we still have to force our plan unto the world and to countries that were born hundres and hundreds of years before us. We can't ignore this stuff.

Besides if given the opportunity these groups would wipe the earth clean of us. They think we are the devil. They actually say that and the style of warfare they practice is not traditional, they resort to killing children and women and random innocent civilians. They don't attack army bases or police forces. They just run through villages killing people that work and live. Average joes. Or Average Mohammeds in Iraq's case. They won't stop. They won't ever stop. At some point as a super power we have to get together with our allies and exterminate them.

Where the fuck did all these food allergies come from? First of all if someone tells you they are allergic to gluten just punch them in the face. Because chances are they are not. It's not even officially listed as an allergy, more like an intolerance like lactaid or in Meiz's case pussy. Only people suffering from Celiac disease need to be on gluten free diets.

Only 1% of America's population (that are actually here legally) have a bad reaction to gluten. Most people don't even know what gluten is. It's a proten in grains and wheat - it's a natural food organism.

I'd be pissed running a restuarant and having to cater to all these allergies like nut allergy and tree-nut allergy and oil allergy, seed allergy, god this country is a bunch of hipster pussies I swear.

We're gonna get rolled in WW III. S.

Late on this but have always thought those limo buses were death traps.

Officially summer this weekend so eat ice cream, bring summery beer to every party you get invited too and work the tan. Except for you freaks who live in Arizona/Florida. Been doing that since February I imagine. Pshychos.

Friday, June 13, 2014

BOO! It's Friday the 13th. Gay.

World Cup this world cup that. Everyone is a fan. I ain't gonna front and pretend I like soccer. Will I watch it? Probably not. But if I do I wont go all rah rah on and on about it. With that said go Italy! S.

Speaking of bandwagon. It's like all the Ranger fans came out of the woodwork last week. When there were down 3-0 the other day they all went back home, then today they were back out. Man those people are the worst.

On Fathers day I think about my dad of course but lately I've been thinking about my grandfather. He was so old school I think he might have built the school. Just remember all the time we used to spend together and smile. I hope I make it on this earth long enough to fool around with grandkids. I aint rushing life, just saying. Happy fathers day to you guys.

CMEP asking what I want to do I'm like I just want to relax. Really what I want is a BJ and a steak. Hook it up.

12 weeks until real football

Veep is the funniest show going right now. Just LOL'ing everywhere when its on.

She's a Bernard but Doris Burke does a fine job on ABC. Better than most men.

Patty Mills has a lot of energy

3 more weeks then vacation and boy do I need it

Friday, June 06, 2014

A nickel bag gets sold in a park in Brooklyn I WANT IN

I make the best potato and eggs.

I'm pretty much full time at the catering hall now. It's the Matre'd then me as far as an org chart goes. It's actually fun at times. I like the business. I also applied for the sales job which is what it sounds like. Commission based, you book a wedding you get a flat fee $300. Waiting to hear back. Gonna write a book, a self-help motivational book. "From Bus Boy to Matre'D : How to climb the ranks of a wedding factory"

Wife not a fan I'm rarely home but it's a sacrifice I make to make sure her and the kids have all they ever wanted. She wants to move to NJ. Sometimes she is the worse.

I just don't get the big deal with grass. Grass makes me sneeze*. "But the kids would like a backyard."
But then I have to clean it and make it look nice. I'd like to see how she cleans this house too, this imaginary house in NJ.
And me getting home at 8pm every night because the commute sucks left nuts.
And we'd need to buy another car which is the worst asset to own ever.
Fuck houses and fuck NJ.

If you don't think what just happened with the prisoner swap between US and Taliban was fucked up you belong in psych ward. Or you don't care. Which is fine too.
Like was there no one in Bams corner that knew this guy may have been not so noble? A deserter in the armed forces is like child rape. It's pretty much the worse thing you can do. Let alone the exchange itself. IT was a Bill Simmons pu-pu platter NBA 25 cents on the dollar trade. Also I thought we don't negotiate with terrorists? And who the fuck decided it was okay for the Taliban DAD to go on TV? Jesus Christ what a clusterfuck.

I have a 2nd generation IPOD that still goes strong but only when it's charged overnight. So weird. It needs like 8 hours of sleep or something.

I'm such a pussy when it comes to the dentist that I've dealt with a toothache that occasionally becomes infected for a little over a year now. NS.
What makes this decision easier is when they pull the tooth I will need an implant which is not covered and costs $2100-$3000 depending.....

Stocks and Sports LLC still a dream of mine along with a restaurant bar and grill called Cheeks.

Aren't kids hilarious? Can't wait for Tem and Jug to have talking kids. Lil miniature comics.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Don't Want No AIDS, No Clap, Or No Rabies

Work Talk(kind of)
 New supervisor is cool enough.  She's the same age as me.  She sat in with me on this past Sunday, we had some conversation, had some laughs, yadda yadda yadda.  I'm not about to be referring to her as "my boss" or "bosslady" when I'm out here in these streets teaching & showing her how to do her job, though.  Nope, nuh uh.  The main things she lacks so far are the willingness to take control, and leading by example.  Rolls in at five after 8, and jets at five to 5.  No bueno, not cool, especially when the others are in early and leave late.  Poor example to set.

New supe asked me about the music I listen to,(OXFORD COMMA, KEITH) on Sunday.  Told her all kinds, but mainly rap.  The Sirius is off during the weekend, so she pulled up some "rap" shit on Pandora on her phone.  Had to quickly make it known I don't listen to THAT rap.  Jesus, so much new rap is awful.  (Paging Dr. Padrino)  These kids have nothing good or new to rap about, and that all seem to have the same cadence.  Get you r own fucking flow, boys.

As mentioned yesterday, it appears my existing co-workers just don't listen to bosslady or new supe when we have our weekly department meeting.  This is incredibly frustrating.  I can't stand poor listeners.  I don't know when this shift happened.  I think my feelings on this harkens back to my days in school.  I was the no homework, no notes, but great test-taker.  I'm very particular and specific when it comes to things people say.  My Dad is a cop.  I have to be that way, because that's how he essentially trained me.  Growing up, I got a lot of "That's not what you said" business.  Now, he's getting older, and I get to flip that game on him, and he knows I'm right when I do it.  An eye for an eye.

NBA Talk
I'm pumped for the Heat/Spurs Finals rematch.  As usual, I'm rooting for Bron & them boys.  I love the twitter meme of Big Shot Bosh.  It works both ways, and is always hilarious.  Bosh hits a big shot?  #BigShotBosh.  Bosh clangs a big shot?  #BigShotBosh.  Heat in six. 

Me & a couple of buddies have been spending the last month or so figuring out our NBA player equivalents from back in the day.  It's pretty fun.  Last week Deluxe nominated me for Boris Diaw.  I was fake pissed at first, but then he broke it down.  "Big man, handles, range, blocks shots, rebounds, bangs inside".  When he put it that way, I was okay with it.

Brewers Talk
I should have made a hat bet.
Honestly, the Brewers are pretty fucking good, save for Lyle Overbay.  I wish to hell they would have kept Juan Francisco for the lefty part of the 1B platoon.  Mark Reynolds has been a joy so far.  Get up there and hit a bunch of dingers.  To hell with the Ks.  Ks are wildly overrated in regards to hurting an offense.  A K with a runner on 1st isn't a double play ball.

Ron figured our the batting order, too.  Granted he had help from The Deputy.  They're also now exploring the possibility of moving the pitcher to the 8 hole.  I hope they do that.

Fuck the Cardinals.

26 days!  So pumped.

On Saturday I fashioned myself a bee trap out of a two liter bottle for the balcony.  I hate bees more than I hate the Cubs.  That's a lot of hatred.  They tend to build hives under the overhangs and eaves of my building.  I am the bee slayer.

ATLiens is over.  On to Ready To Die.  All time GREAT album.  Stand up, Brooklyn.

Neighbor Watch!
A new family moved in across the street last week.  They're Flatlanders.  Fucking Flatlanders.  The garage is still loaded with stuff.  They seem nice enough.  I'll have to hip them to Summer Sounds.  Best way for noobs to get in with the community, IMO.

I'm gassed, I think.  I'll let this night ride out.

Word to Big Bird.

Late add:  Big eyeglasses make every chick look like Shock G in the Humpty video.  TERRIBLE look.


Friday, May 30, 2014

El Padrider

You know hoe musicisans and other entertainers (once they are popular enough) always travel with a "rider" which is like a laundry list of crap they need or want on hand at a facility or on a tour bus? Well here is mine. Just because.

Wi-Fi (porn)
Mallomars (when in season)
Oreos (all the time)
Green M&M's (duh they make you horny, will have groupies)
A bowl of lemons
Every phone charger ever made
Magnum condoms (not XXL ones just regular magnums)
a felt pen
A case of Altoids
Jack Daniels
Cocktail shaker
Makers Mark
A bowl of oranges
Marschiano cherries
A lot of ice cubes
Latest edition of Playboy
Bubble Tape Bubble gum or Big League Chew
Fresh Mozzarella (still in the water)
Russian Standard Vodka
Simple Syrup
Angoustura Bitters
Case of Corona
A bowl of limes
one chefs knife
one bamboo cutting board
Thin and Crispy Corn Tortilla chips
A legal pad
Ice cold Pellegrino
Quaker chocolate chip granola bars
Breakstones Whipped Butter
Chapstik (sealed)
Box of glazed donuts from either local bakery or krispy kreme/tim hortons/dunkin donuts
A tank of Lobsters
One plush relcining chair
A Lionel train set
Bowl of peanuts (shelled)
Bowl of pistachios (shell on)
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge
Large container of vanilla ice cream
New bath robe
Ssips iced tea juice boxes
Box of Life cereal
Baby Powder
New pack of white athletic socks
Array of cookbooks
A bean bag

think that covers it

What would yours look like? let me guess the basics

broken cell phones
walls must be colored to baby diarrhea
frozen cheese
cases of canned tuna
dog shit
pool cleaning equipment
green shirts
asu gear
isurance beer cuzzi


clam chowdah
pedroia jersey
new day rising tshirt
hot wheels limo
whalberg poster
bruins hat
whiskey i would assume (jameson probably)

frozen pizza
canned chilli
a foreman grill
a fishing pole
a boning knife
tank of lake fish
a large stereo system
Brewer mascot costume
corn hole bag toss game thing
pack of brats

gold toilet
gold on tap
gold tulo jersey
gold weed bong
uncooked tri-color pasta in glass (for decor)
beard trimmer
19 tv's
catered og just soup and breadsticks though

Pearl Jam man cave
sinkhole in middle of room
SNY feed on tv

catered bw2 platter
rich rod dartboard
wava state flag
mario lemiux figurines
pfeffier poster
big bang theory dvd all seasons

Da Bears gear
big ass american flag
every episode of seinfeld
Vacation dvd
a treadmill
deep dish casseroles
brad paisley loaded music device

Friday, May 23, 2014

Nothing to see here keep moving along

I think there are a lot of great horse names in movie titles. Such as.

Unforgiven, Jerry Maguire, Old School, Frozen, Despicable Me, Black Swan, Kick-Ass, Indiana Jones, Dark Knight, Top Gun

The Mets suck. Sandy Alderson sucks.

I'm feeling old lately. I think I'm out of shape. Got to get back to 100 pushups a day regimen.

I fucking hate play-doh.

We aint grown enough to talk real about race. IT will always be contentious just like the middle east

I always have a good idea for a post on like Tuesday then never remember it. I should post whenever the fuck I get the idea right? Like it matters. This place is on life support. Let's attack the intern Kevin Cott. Spiff let's catfish that fucker.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kate Upton Sobe Staring Contest.....Go.

The More You Know section.

Canola oil is made from rapeseeds.

This Really Chaps My Ass section

Fucking people.


Lana Del Ray > Lordes
Burn on that Meiz.


Hopefully that is the last of Garnett. I know Pierce will stick around which is unfortunate.


Just let her yell and move on. Woman need to yell to release some anger like men need to cum into a sock.


Still no plane.


Zeppole, Donut, Churro - WHO YA GOT?


My favorite thing to buy from the grocery store is waffles. So convienent. Fuck making fresh waffles.


Lot's of comic book talk lately with all the movie crap. Why don't they make movies about Family Circus or Archie? Or a Far Side movie starring a weird Billy Bob Thornton.

TV Shows

Fargo. Louie. Archer. FX Network is fire.

Common Sense

You shouldn't say guarantee unless you can actually guarantee.


Where does all the Easter candy go, do the candy companies ship it all to stores ro do they themselves have overhead they cannot get rid of? I need to know.

Goodbye section


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hallelujah, hallelujah, ya know I do some things more different than I used ta

Brewers are off tonight. Lame.

I'm eating peperoncini.  I love these things.  Holy shit, I just watched Andrew Zimmern drink pureed frogs.  That dude's the man.


New supervisor started today.  She's not ugly.  Tem would hate her nose.  Hard to tell how old she is though.  And yes, I'm bitter I didn't even get a fucking interview.  She better be damn good at her new job.

I have a $50 gift card to The Cheesecake Factory.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with that.  Thanks though, CCF Corporate.

I think I mentioned it, but goddamn, I had a perfect fucking steak dinner on Saturday night.  Couldn't believe it was so perfectly done.  Waubee Lodge has to have made some changes, because the quality of the food has vastly improved over the past few years.  Hell, even the owner was there on Saturday.  I've never seen him before.  They need a menu on the website, though.  How the hell are you a restaurant, have a website, and not have a PDF of your menu on said site?  I should check & see how much and what they're buying from us.

Love the Birdman, hate his terrible beard.  I pretty much hate all beards.  Whenever I see somebody with a nasty beard, my brain drops their IQ potential by a lot.  Stop growing stupid nasty beards, America.  Have some self-respect, for fuck's sake.


This is my cut.  More love for Lorde.  She's awkward den a bitch doe.  I can't figure out why this hasn't been dropped as a single.  Sounds like a monster smash hit, to me.  Yes, I'm still listening to this album almost daily.  It's so good.

Methinks I'm about to fire up the stereo.  I had this bad boy knockin' last night.  Forgot how crisp and loud it is.  I love that I have no neighbors.

Not wearing your seat belt is so fucking stupid.  I can't believe people still do that.  Put your fuckin' seat belt on.  Dumbest ticket to get ever.  You know what else is common as fuck?  People driving around without their driver's license.  Holy shit, how lazy and dumb are you?  We started requiring a state issued ID to pick up product at will call on April 1, and fuck it all if we don't have a smooth 3+ people show up each day with no license.  We even have one guy WHO DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A LICENSE BECAUSE HE WAS TOO FUCKING LAZY TO RENEW IT.  Seriously, I fucking hate people.  And then they get all pissed at us because they think we're going to do some NSA spying, identity theft shit with their fucking driver's license number.  There's literally nothing I can do with your driver's license number, lady.  We take this shit down to fucking protect the owner of the shit bar you work at, so you can't get away with ordering & picking up product on your boss's account when your petty ass gets fired and thinks you're going to get revenge on him or her.

I seriously want to be 100% honest with customers all the time.  I hate that I have to lie and tell half-truths to protect their fragile egos.  You know why your order isn't ready?  Because you're on credit hold since you haven't paid a bill in nine fucking weeks.  Pay your fucking bills, and it wouldn't be a problem.  Oh, you didn't think you had to pay for this will call?  Bullshit.  I was sitting here when your M.A. told you you needed to pay for this order because you can't pay your fucking bills.  Get out of the restaurant business.  Wait, no.  Stay in it.  You're only making us MORE money.  You wanna go to court to fight "The Man"?  Cool.  We got lots of lawyers for that.  My boss will see you there.

Neice Talk - Eyemuffs, Meiz
It's cool now, I've chilled the hell out.  She turned six months yesterday, and dammit if she's not a ginger pudge.  My sister seems to be doing a decent enough job.  I'm not about to be babysitting that kid, though.  Fucking gingers. 

You know how I say my Dad's side of the family is awful?  My cousin told me she has 2 black goldfish, and their names are Fried Chicken and Kool-Aid.  Fucking awful people.

Heatles need to revamp their roster this offseason.  Good god, they're old, and the majority of that team isn't under contract next season.  New blood is needed in Miami.  It's amazing how much better the Spurs are at basketball than the Blazers.  I've been pleasantly surprised by Wes Matthews' career so far.  That's tough for me to admit because he's a Marquette guy, and it's fuck Marquette over here all day.

Fuck Lyle Overbay.  I wanted Juan Francisco to be the lefty half of the First Base Platoon.  Not to mention, Fat Juan's hitting in T.O.  71ABs, and a slash line of .268/.361/.535 going into last night.  Fucking Doug Melvin.  WE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO PRODUCE THIS YEAR.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, SSS.  What the fuck ever.  We wanted and need those Fat Juan bombs.  I mean, look at this Vine.  Best batflip to date.  (Warning: it's loud)

I think this is enough for today.


Friday, May 09, 2014

Live from El Pad's couch

Gonna live blog some of this......

Still rock ESPN, just better coverage I think than NFL Network....wait Ray Lewis.  Cmon MAN,  I want TJ or even Key.  Fuck Ray Lewis.  I think it's Berman.  Don't get the hate on him he is head and shoulders better than Eisen.  Also I can't stand Irvin.  Also Gruden.  MIC DROP.

Why do people hate Goodell again?  Concussion thing?  Lockout?  People are the worse.  Booing him is so dumb.

Honestly after Russell Wilson I don't know why any GM would not want Manziel.  My official position is he will be great. 

I hate Sherman.  And his nostrils.

Fucking Radio City looking small man the draft is just cashed out.

Texans are on the clock.

8:05 - Niggas waiting for phone calls they don't want to pick #1.
8:08 - Clowney seems like he's disinterested already
8:10 - Mort looks sickly and that is a lot of makeup
8:13 - Gruden already going rogue, looking to punch Kiper in the throat
8:15 - Watt is pumped.  Clowney.....
8:16 - Hope that boy can play 3 down football though because #1 picks should
8:18 - The Goodell hugs cometh.
8:18 - SOOOUUZZZ - I'd give it to suzy all over the place.
8:19 - My sister lives in Rock Hill.  It's actually an ok place.
8:25 - Slap in the face to the great Bruce Matthews by Fisher.  S.
8:26 - Jax has to take Manziel right?  I mean they need a QB in the worse way, a guy that can fill a stadium too don't forget.
8:28 - LaConfora on twitter says Bortles.  Wow.  WOW.
8:30 - Twitter ruining the draft have to come off it now.  I want my picks live not High Frequency Live.
8:30 - Jesus Jacksonville.
8:31 - Wherever Manziel goes he will destroy Jacksonville every single time.
8:33 - Raiders will get a sure thing now.  Mack, Matthews or Watkins.
8:34 - TRADE - BILLS
8:35 - I love this shit.
8:34 - Has to be for Watkins
8:35 - or MACK staying in Buffarro.
8:38 - WATKINS- good pick kid a beast.
8:38 - Similar to the Julio Jones pick - Berman nailed that.
8:40 - Man just realized the Falcons are going to get a stud too.
8:42 - Long way from Buffalo.  Don't worry though Raiderettes are hawt.
8:43 - If Falcons don't go Matthews I'd be shocked.  Or Lewan.
8:51 - Bruce's boy.
8:52 - Seriously Mike Glennon?  Stop it.  McNown?  Stop. Take Manziel.
8:52 - All Jake Matthew highlights get jacked by Manziel highlights.
8:54 - The Matthews can ball.  Damn.
8:55 - LaConfora is amazing.  I have to quit twitter.  He said Evans.  Whoa.  Manziel gonna free fall now.  Tell you what if he is there at 12 Giants might do it.  They make a board, if he's #1 he's the pick no matter what.  DRAMA.
8:56 - Is Mike Evans Deron Williams?
8:57 - Cleveland could get another shot at Johnny.  #9.  And he has 8 chips on his shoulder.
8:59 - Get your shit together young man.  Crying is for pussies.
9:00 - Browns right?  And they traded up a spot but why afraid minny was taking manziel?
9:05 - Justin Gilbert?  They traded up a spot for a corner?  What the fuck.
9:06 - Was that Kevin Costners call?
9:06 - Clev sucks chant is A+ effort.  Good job.
9:07 - I mean yeah Hayden and Gilbert is a nice tandem.  But QB.
9:08 - Vikes do your thing.  Norv Turner is the OC.  Manziel do it do it.
9:10 - Anthony Barr.  Drafting for need is so stupid why franchises like the Vikings never win anything.  There are STUDS in front of you.  One of them is a QB one of them is a ten year tackle.  Crazy.
9:11  - Sorry Kod.  Goodness gracious that is officially the worst pick in the draft.
9:12 - Detroit has to take Lewan or Odell the WR.
9:13 - Man the Giants are going to get a hell of a player. 
9:13 - Ebron.  Good pick.  Forgot about him.  He is Aaron Hernandez minus the murder.
9:14 - The world will explode if the Giants take Manziel.
9:15 - Titans take him.  Cmon Whizzy.
9:21 - Oh my god my anxiety is like whoa with Manziel on the board.  So many players they can grab.
9:29 - Nice.  Love it.  Bend it like Beckham.

Stopping here this is tiring.  Some thoughts as the night goes on............

Good job by Saints jumping in front of Philly for Cooks.
Pryor is a hammer.  Dernard is better though, dumb Jets.
Who told Bridgewater to come to the draft.  He has 2nd round pick written all over him.
Third crack at Manziel and the Browns nail it.  Finally.  FINALLY.
Love it.  Fuck Hoyer.  Two number one's next year too don't forget.  Like Rams this year.
Too bad Shanahan is coaching him though.  Fucking Kyle is a bum.
Also too bad, you know, Cleveland.
Wife just said Manziel looks like a little person.  LOL
What the fuck did Kansas City just do?  Marqise Lee is staring them in the face they were ranked 24th in the passing game. 
Nice pick for Bengals.  Value is unreal.  He should have been long gone.
Arizona should have taken a QB? No?  Unless they want one of the 2nd round guys Garapolo or McCarron. Anyway the safety they got is a thumper.
I actually like the Eagles pick.  High motor kid.  The way they play offense people forget their defense are on the field a lot because they score quick.  Plus they are 3-4.  They needed rushers.  Ends.
The Carr family looks lovely.
Belle Glade, Florida is an awful place.
Ray Lewis just said Chiahlls.  (chills). Ebonics I guess.
Congrats to all the brothers getting straight paid today.  America is amazing.
Drinking an old fashioned.  Second one.  It's my favorite.
Belichick loves gators.
Niners falling into Marqise Lee but not picking him makes me happy.  I did like Jimmy Ward as a prospect though.  Versatile defensive back.  Tackler. 
I feel like Caliendo can do this draft by himself and be Kiper, Boom and Grudes.
Never been to a BW2 - dying to go.
Houston getting a QB at top of round 2 imagine if it's Carr?  HOLY SHIT.
20 piece chucken nugget would have been a suite move, In the mood for taco bell now.
Blake is such a Florida name.
Sharon Stone still doing it for me.
VIKING REDEMPTION! Nice ending to the draft.

Good talk guys.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Synthesizer, microwave me. Give me a drug so I can make seven babies.

New post time.  Don't know what I'm going to talk about in this post, if anything at all.

I can't come up with anything. Kinda watching the Brewers game, talking routers on the twitter, having cocktails.

I can tell you that I'm really looking forward to throwing horse shoes on the new pits next week.  I was on fire Sunday evening.  I think I figured out a new, more simple grip and technique to get the rotation I'm looking for.  That means nothing to you guys, but it makes sense like this; I throw a "turn" instead of a flip.  My shoes rotate horizontally instead of flipping end over end.  I can't figure out the flip.  So, me & my buddy were just getting some good practice time in on Sunday, and I figured out that I should grip the shoe along the left arm of it, and it gives me a damn near perfect one and a quarter turn with the shoe hitting the pit one the open side.  I was all over the stake.  Can't wait to keep working on it.

Got damn, the Brewers have absolutely tattooed some pitches from the DBacks.  GoGo leadoff bomb to dead center, Maldy goes no-doubter to left, and Jean decides to go upper-decking.  This game is due for a Mark Reynolds bomb.  Can't wait to get Brauny back on Monday. It's also become very clear that Jon Lucroy has been teaching Maldy how to frame pitches.  The two guys are just beasts behind the plate.  They don't do a whole lot in regards to throwing out base stealers, but the defense & the framing is ridiculous.  They both call really good games, too.  I'll also add that Maldonado is potentially one of our best relievers(S? NS? NOT SURE).

They still haven't found that damn plane.  I hope it's never found.  Ever.

These NBA Playoffs have been ridiculous this year, but I don't feel like talking hoop right now because it's been such a whirlwind and I don't have the words in these here fingers.  I'm just enjoying the games.

Eh, screw it.  I'm going to bed.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Are you mocking me?

I've decided that I would take Manziel. I think he's the real deal. Of course like Vick and like RGIII and like all these scramblers injuries are concern. The big boys in the NFL put hurt on people. But I think the kid is a winner. First time in a minute Giants have a top 12 pick (12th). The GM will take best available according to his board not Mel's. It will probably surprise people. And it won't be a need. If it happens to be a need. Suite.

My mock.  I think Cleveland trades down but will just put the player at 4 for them.  If I'm St. Louis I trade the 2 for someone jonesing for Manziel.  We'll see.

Texans - Greg Robinson
Rams - Clowney
Jags - Manziel (sucks for him dude)
Browns - Bortles
Raiders - Kahil Mack
Falcons - Sammy Watkins
Tampa - Jake Matthews
Vikes -  Lewan
Bills - Mike Evans
Lions -Morgan Moses
Titans -Aaron Donald
Giants-  Ha-Ha Clinton Dix
Rams- Zack Martin
Bears - Darqueze
Steelers - Eric Ebron
Cowboys - Justin Gilbert
Ravens - CJ Mosely
Jets - Ra'shed Hageman
Miami - Kyle Fuller
Arizona - Odell Beckham jr.
Packers - Calvin Pryor
Eagles - Brandin Cooks
Cheifs - Marqise Lee
Bengals - Stephon Tuitt
Cahrgers - Timmy Jernigan
Browns - Ryan Shazier
Saints - Kony Ealy
Carolina - Jason Verritt
Pats - Jeremiah Attachou
Niners - Louiz Nix III
Broncos - Anthony Barr
Seattle - Cody Lattimer


Have a lot of problems with the Superman movie Man of Steel.  Lots of ridculousness.  Good movie though, I know that sounds dumb.

I think sucks balls is my favorite way to describe a shitty situation.

Colon in Colorado is not a good idea.

I don't think Knox did it.

We have to pretend to love soccer soon.

Top Of The Page Material:

"Idiots with nothing better to do"

"Most Boston sports fans are just douchebags. Because most people from New England are douchebags." - tem

"Obama got elected because of the Rooney rule" - Jug

"you should never let debt stop you from pro-creating anyway" - El Padrino

"If you agree with EP, change your opinion." - H

"i'm dumb and sensitive. basically i'm a woman" - L Padrino

"I'm so horny this morning. If there wasn't this sex offender list going around id grope bitches on the train this morning" - L Padrino